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tv   Sport  RT  October 7, 2013 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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in a season of contrasts for the two teams. but first to a big night of boxing here in moscow where bloody mia klitschko beat russian alexander pivot can by a unanimous decision to retain his undisputed world heavyweight crown record not on young reports. as an exam to come yet no. i see. still the champ down still a gentle man. named he's sixty first professional win the state double the heavyweight division and retain five of the sport's major belts russian contender xander bullock given suffered his first ever defeat but despite poor knock downs was keen to stand his feet on a slow us thing about finishing up the fight around some great round and i could feel i could feel that. made calling connection and impact of the punches got
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affected by it and got affected by the impact of the punches and but surprisingly there are still on his feet and not just on his feet heels he was moving forward to the punch so he was really really tremendous heart and until the very last second of the fight he was trying to to make this final one lucky function nothing else unfortunately little was really all the russian had to go for films of heart and he's indomitable fighting spirit push pull that can forward towards the bigger man logically was smarter more accurate blending one big shot after another and exhausting the white lion into clean every time preventing got inside. i could see that at times klitschko felt uncomfortable he didn't expect the victim to put that amount of pressure on him there are some positive things for alexander he could improve on and capitalise on in
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a possible rematch limited didn't look invincible at all with such a proposal would usually put can showed more than we expected in terms of conditioning personal added mayer is probably one of the world's biggest punters that can manage to take it all and stay on his feet he lost the fight but he won millions of hearts around the globe fans loved. and i think vladimir and alexander may face each other again some time in the future where the point is rematch never happens but that it will desperately need to back up his spirit with a much better game plan the russian stunned the world with his heart although the ultimate goal of becoming the world's best to wait takes a challenge or you can stand the chance down with a punch never mind the marquee moscow. now after years of planning the longest torch relay in the history of the winter olympics finally got on the way on sunday following a lavish ceremony in red square and the top of. it
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week after being limited to only near the birthplace of the ancient games alan declaim ended its greegor to seen evidence of where it was handed over to the host of the twenty fourteen winter games talking russian then to travel by plane to moscow and then on motorbikes to red square where president vladimir putin lived for storage i wish a successful journey to the flag see you in shock she thought you fell into claim has finally come to moscow and the longest torch relay in the history of the winter games kicked off on red square as the flame is set to arrive in such a on february the seventh after a one hundred twenty three day trip across the country during those four months the torch will pass through all wood two thousand nine hundred in all eighty three of russia's regions on a route of what was sixty five thousand kilometers however the most notable places the flame will visit include the north ball with the torch traveling there on
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a nuclear powered ice breaker then it will be taken to the depths of flake by calling siberia a sand europe's highest big mound old bruce before being taken on a space walk at the international space station the mastic door surely this is a unique opportunity to unite the nation and a great way to explore russians themselves and because that torch will come with the flame to every single c.d.'s and for that moment this particular city will be the capital of the olympic games this such organizing committee have planned the route so that ninety percent of russians for over one hundred thirty million people will be no more than one hour from there really giving every member of the world's biggest country the chance to take part in their maiden games in the feel good factor of sochi twenty fourteen constant in
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our team. and five time olympic champion anastasio develop was the first person to carry the flame on russian soil but before that the former synchronized swimmer also helped unveil some new merchandise as the flagship store in red square launched there such a gloves. the white gloves have fingers the same colors as the five olympic rings and on the palms also one of the eighty five flags for each participating country so fans can wave on that and. well meanwhile staci organizing committee achieved to me to jenna shankar presented the official motorcade that will carry the athletes and torch bearers more than twenty thousand kilometers across the country as the flame travels on planes trains and automobiles and with dogs reindeer skiis and skaters before arriving in sochi to kick start the twenty second winter olympics. and the organizers also promise security
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measures one down from the festivities for either the locals all visitors to the black sea resort next february checkpoints will be in place at the main venues and major transport hubs but all that's needed to gain access is to produce your ticket and spectators pass bases which will be available on line. city life outside the security zones won't change at all the only thing you'll notice is more police patrolling the streets to help maintain order security zones are common practice during big international events including the olympics and as a rule they don't cause any inconvenience whatsoever. now let's move on to football where there was some turkish delight for former manchester city manager roberto mancini the forty eight year old guided his new side gala tasa right away to all draw at home to you ventas as the istanbul team sealed their first point in champions league group b. mancini was unveiled last monday after the italian signed
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a three year deal to take over from factory terry who is now coach of turkey. while chelsea manager josie marino lost his temper and walked out of a pretty much press conference off the journalist once again questioned his squad selection the portuguese coach had left out belgium when it having the growing up for the trip to south bucharest but to remember is struck twice to help the blues triumph or nil on record their first points in groupie. but you have this tendency you only ask about the good of the not so good to see the world. well meanwhile majesty united midfielder ryan giggs overtook rao's record of champions league appearances by choking up game number one hundred forty five at ukrainian signed shut down to nets united have to settle for a point after danny welbeck first opener was counseled by vyacheslav shift looks like leveler to leave both sides joint top of group a and manager david moyes was
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once again backed by his legendary predecessor as sir alex ferguson spoke for the first time since retiring once a year we've united i was never going to think of me that although i don't decision i was just a bit we're going forward i'm not interested in manager and i'm not interested and get myself worked over be nature's results not in good times david moyes will do a good job. now moving on to the europa league where english hi fi is top know when top of group k. with a two you know when it's struggling andre and michael craft looks at the contrasting fortunes of the two sides who found very different starts to their campaigns. after finishing last season the best ever third in the russian top flight and claiming a second successive spot in the europa league. wasn't caused to feeling owner silliman can remember dream of becoming a powerhouse in european football then the billionaire had financial problems slash
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the budget and the plummeted right now our focus is on the russian primarily of course we will continue to play in europa league to the best we can we will use the first team and won't be blink with just a reserve team but if a situation arises where we'd have to choose we will choose the premier league twelve top players such as samuel alito was sold and after eleven league games there were winless and bottom harsh reality had really hit the dagestani club hard with remaining players finding it difficult to placate their fans and themselves we really did have a star studded team but then they left and the level of stardom within the team obviously dropped but the current squad is a group of fighters and i don't think we've become a much weaker team i've been here for three years and have another year left on my contract and i want to stay and help angie until the end. if life's rough at the bottom in russia it's terrific at the top in england spurs travel to a chilly moscow third in the premier league after four wins one draw on
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a narrow defeat to ask as well as a three zero romp over tromso in europe but despite the stark contrast between the two teams manage andre villa wasn't taking anything for granted the changes are so radicals and so dramatic that you find it hard to recognize the team and a project that they set out to do in the beginning. at the moment you know it looks apparent that. the league has become their priority for salvation. i mean just started the competition anyway. they've got one point of their game against sheriff so it's going to be. expect a difficult game difficult. unlike gonzi spurs don't seem to be missing style when gareth bale after selling him to real madrid for a world record one hundred thirty five million dollars seven new players are now just playing for places but i would have also changed dramatically from one year to another because of the. the amount of trance of business that we did just that we
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lost one player that last season was decisive and was was involved in solving the games for us through great individual moments this is and we are a bit different it is it has given the opportunity to other people to step up their game so we look much more collective then and into season before so at the moment we are also in a phase of change will see. one player hoping to impress me. who scored a seventh goal in europe after thirty four minutes while new boyd massa chadli swiftly out of the decisive second one on g.'s remaining big stars ivorian strike. from injury to add some second class to his side but tottenham hung on for a comfortable two no victory to go top of the group while angie can now refocus on premier league survival of genco. and that brings us to the end of part one but
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don't go away as we'll have more football action after the break as petty as buying manic in germany. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the huge you're covered. is on its journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through some one hundred two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by. air sea space.
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torch relay. m r t r c dot com. it's ok it's a lot to service to expect some of the toughest training. for the press but it's the come up to please. the. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. financial headline news joining to watch.
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more news today. the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today please please. welcome back and let's kick off want to with footballers last season's trouble winners buy in munich have taken the outright lead in the bundesliga and the bavarians remain the only unbeaten side despite being held to a one one draw at third place while a because of that claudio his men went ahead after twenty nine minutes to time the cruise but the hosts were level within a minute after my mono at perry last bend
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a shot to an unmarked sydney sound the visitors then dominated but was able to find a winner one won. ten man brasier dog men slipped to second and lost their own unbeaten record after a late to no defeat at burruss even to glad back the turning point came with ten minutes to go when the visitors had mats hummels sent off for falling mortified and max cruisers brought the resulting penalty and five minutes later one had on call set up rafael to complete a surprise to no wind and see the home side go forward. however football's governing body was hit by a protest in zurich as around a hundred swiss trade unionist chanted red card to fee for after reports that cats are used slave like leg of that to build in areas which will host the twenty twenty two world cup but fifa president sepp blatter confirmed the tournament will stay in the gulf nation and any decision about moving it to winter to avoid the hot summer temperatures may not come until twenty fifteen there was some good to see pedia to
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play in this heat the qatari organization still. have you the nice jordan says that they could play in two thousand and twenty two in june july. before that too but this is a decision of the future. now moving on to ice hockey work had chilled champions to mamma enjoyed a mixed week losing their top scorer to a bad injury then suffering their fifth defeat of the season before bouncing back to beat city rival spots like. a reports the first big blow for dinner and top scorer. came on tuesday the champions did beat sevastopol three one but it proved to be a pyrrhic victory best to score had to be helped off the ice and was later diagnosed with concussion a broken nose and jaw after seven defender of the ford in the face and was later
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given a ten match ban. will be out for at least eight weeks the twenty eight year old adding another name to the nominees long injury list. without their top scorer denominate struggled to score in the game against lokomotiv two days later after stalemate first period nominees weakness allowed to take control of the game who scored two unanswered goals in the process and the irish lofting rub salt in the denominator with a chill a third in the last period before the depleted dinar most was grabbing a late consolation i. but the reigning champions pulled themselves together for the game at home to local rival spot hack racing into a one million early on in the first period to no more than camped around spot hearts goal and could have added more before the break however the second period sore spot to call their way back into the game and after a brawl between phillip no back and the door by brawl of the last return from his five minute penalty to tie the game at one apiece but the nama forward constantine
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glad that you have settled the fed midway through the slide in the park between the goaltenders legs to lift the home crowd woman and i'm grateful to my players big themselves up after a difficult game against look much steve i thought they did what was asked of them because of course mistakes can always happen but on the hopeful am happy with the volman i'd also like to thank the fans who are tremendous today so gentle scoble behind them the disappointing defeat against look much evil with a hard fought you want to win over local rivals spot at moscow the reigning champions will now be going on the road and will be facing a long god almost on the eighth of october much of the chunk of moscow. now let's take a look at the rest of the week's news from around the world of sport. french and u.s. open tennis champion rafael nadal has a c.t. done that joke of it at the top of the world rankings even though the serbian won the beijing open final six three six four this was only nidal fourth defeat of the season which also includes
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a shock first round exit at wimbledon in june the spaniard still reclaims the number one spot for the first time in just over two years something he didn't dare to dream about to his lengthy mean join layoff. will be by the number one at that although it's physical i had this just amazing for me as i did that day i never thought that. i will will have the chance to be like that ever. and on the women's side top seed serena williams overcame back pain to secure her tenth title of the season with a six two six two victory over delaying yankovic's serbia the american reeled off the last five games to prevail in an hour and a half it was serenus fifty six career crown placing her seventh on the all time list of most titles the thirty two year old also won this year's french and us open this. motor sport and sebastian vettel is on the verge of his fourth straight for me the one crowd after the german won the korean grand prix to clinch his fourth
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straight victory but force india's pulled arrested failed to finish yet again as more drivers struggled with the tires the red bull car of vettel teammate mark webber again caught fire just as it did previous race in singapore however vettel steered clear of any trouble to hold on to me right in a moment groeschel to take the checkered flag with five races to go the twenty six year old now leads by seventy seven points from ferrari's fernando alonso you could only manage six place. basketball and with three weeks to go until the new n.b.a. season opener home a city thunder claimed a ninety five points to eighty two wins in a preseason that should turkish side for the boucherie the home team made a positive start sinking for three point attempts to take a twenty eight to twenty first quarter lead yet kevin durant inspired to the thunder to rally and take control from the beginning of the second finishing with twenty four points as oklahoma city cruised to victory their first game of the new campaign will be at utah jazz on october thirty first. while american base
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jumper jeb corliss pulled off his best stunt to get after the thirty seven year old flew through a narrow crack in a chinese mountain the daredevil wearing a wing suit elect from a helicopter and was flying at around one hundred sixty kilometers per hour when he entered the valley which is only twenty meters wide this. flying doug a junkie kept his previous fates which included jumping from the eiffel tower in paris and the china's twin towers in kuala lumpur. was staying with extreme sports and a story that's both tragic and inspiring mcconkey is a documentary about the life and deeds of supreme daredevil shane mcconkey which is set to be released later this year and considering but top of went to see it. the takei has captured his first ever professional ball the title the late great shane mcconkey his heart and personality were as big as his stellar they did their own
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skill live to make people laugh and inspire everyone he met he took his sport to a new level becoming one of the trailblazers of free ski for him it was impossible to imagine living life at less than one hundred percent. with such a phenomenal movement it shows what it. like if you want to do something you love it really is something that if you walk away with it very message and knew what it looked like let's just. leave it's a huge city to hear it he said laughing that he does it. but no shit sherlock time i've been filming so they tonight thought. it was for them to. military to sell it and get rid of his life to. the movie in the big screen. mcconkey story was always was he of
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a movie son of a alpine specialist in extreme skiing pointed jeem change on from competitive race it to movie stars combining base jumping and wing suits with skiing skills he was never afraid of them he was more afraid of not living to the full he was so real there was nothing that he may have a pretty. he's just who he was in me as kind of a dork kind of embarrassing sometimes but he didn't care and so i think that he's everyone felt so comfortable around him say you are drawn to that kind of personality when you can just be yourself. yet sometimes things go wrong you think the rhetoric is a thousand and nine mcconkey was a little too for me to strays much double back when he tended to glide away in his ways to this peace deal to release in time his parachute was never deployed and he died at the same age just thirty nine living behind
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a wife and daughter. as well as countless fans she. told for whom his positive energy was irresistible. during. counseling and by the fire chief. and let's end with such a where russia are expected to produce a range of medalists at the maiden winter olympics yet outplaying skating is unlikely to break with tradition and deliver any podium finishes and richard pulled it went to find out why. despite being when the school bus coming up nation of a one hundred million people success in alpine skiing this morning new to russia under the soviet union the country one just one and libya rome's last moment might be should the silver a little harm in my judgment is russia's only podium finish underlain because for
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alexander when a shiver leaves a mark in the interest and funding the stunted baseball development across the country. harkin football have always been the number one sports in russia and alpine skiing just can't compete it doesn't have the popularity of rugby in new zealand for example take liechtenstein the tiny alpine principality has a population of around thirty five thousand full five thousand times smaller than back to russia however since one thousand nine hundred six in one thousand in big medals including two golds russia has nine mountain ranges the majority are in the southeast of the country the true biggest cities are in the west and russia is coach someone for who comes from the east now behind countries slovenia says accessibility to the slopes is key in trying to develop future champions i think as
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well as kind of a national sport that's actually rang the for football and therefore best of. all they are. lots of young people these delegates joined. with because of this chap us from there also we had the. ok we have competition and the reverse from austria switzerland very close so we can compare so that's probably one of the reason that our skin grow up a little bit however the situation in russia is in reading city my talk of hails from the region of camera and he's in siberia which has become the country's new hotbed for outlined skiing along with two time world snow ball. champion you can do you know do it again show on my talk about dispose of the up and coming results are sitting here to show which is all he really russia's largest ski complex with dozens of different runs and much of similar i started skiing when i was seven when i went into first grade at school we would study in the classroom until lunch and
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then we would hit the slopes thank you such opportunities remain a rarity in russia with the majority of school kids still taking up either ice skating or cross-country skiing yes is more top class the cities are being built around the country fun skiing and snowboarding are becoming more popular and it's hoped next year's function impedes will help boost this in france and turn a long time off help our soul into a new russian. richard pombo from the galaxy mall sky. and that's it from sports i found. after decades of prosecuting a coburg in proxy war against iran can watch them change its behavior many in washington have dismissed obama's all branch out of hand many in a red car just as mistrustful is this quest for peace a fool's errand. choose your language. call
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it we can without any financial literacy skills and the. truth is that the consents to. choose the opinions that you think are great to. choose the stories that impact your life. choose the access to your. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each day. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge only in the cherry sub take in the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetic anymore the right products are priest to tool there is no. evidence for this any problem with
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genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't believe that i destroyed four and then three. then a primary market is profit. not for dusty's golden rice barkeep. real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p.
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and their oil this is a huge step backwards for democracy it's a step forward for oligarchy carex it is toxic as it looked like spraying in vietnam it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. of this bill's.
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dozens killed and hundreds are left injured as a national holiday in egypt turns into violent clashes between supporters and rivals of the country's ousted president. was a elimination of syria's chemical arsenal under way russia and the u.s. braze the move as the country's diplomats hold talks on the margins of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit. and the russian leg of the olympic torch relay kicks off in moscow setting the flame on its journey across the world's biggest nation.


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