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the points they needed to finish one player of portugal book their place in brazil . so disappointment for man as portugal were left to the perils of the playoffs despite winning three no let home to rock bottom luxembourg the host mr spending rael madrid packed cristiana rinaldo and pepe but the visitors had out early and joachim sent off after twenty eight minutes and so vest swiftly fired home nannying quickly doubled portugal's lead and with ten minutes to go well their push to get deathly ramped up the three nil win. while bosnia and herzegovina one group g. on goal difference from greece to reach their first ever world cup finals as an independent nation with a tough one zero victory in this new idea the visitors have finally opened after sixty eight minutes edin jack-o. finding very bad you piece of it and held on for the vital win the greeks are in the playoffs despite winning two nil at home to liechtenstein.
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so after all that the nine teams that are qualified for the twenty fourteen world cup finals in brazil are russia and bosnia herzegovina along with four time winners italy three time runners up the netherlands belgium and switzerland plus three time winners germany as well as england and defending world and european champions spain while the eight teams in the playoffs are croatia under new management nico kovacs so either skipper buys latin ybor him of each remaining edged out turkey iceland yet to reach any major finals cristiana are now those portugal former european champions greece ukraine and one nine hundred ninety eight when this france the two legged play offs will take place on the vendor the fifteenth and nineteenth. the world cup host brazil wrapped up their asian tour with a two no win over african champion zambia in beijing to second half strike in seven
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minutes secured a victory oscar opened on the hour and then the day headed home to name a. freekick the five time world champions have now won ten of the last eleven games in all competitions including a three no when i've a ten man spain in the confederations cup final. however russia is under twenty one suffered their first defeat in five qualifiers by the european championship after losing to nail a time to denmark who overtook the russians to go top of group two got set in but apple for sports group leaders of russia came into the match against denmark with their confidence slightly danton after three straight wins so late three oldroyd against third blaze bulgarian severe man be susan man we're going to underestimate the second plays dance and the visitors turned out to be a tough not to crack keeping the hosts away from their box in the opening minutes and counter-attack at the end of the first half that remained goalless but for it's just up to the restart so denmark stormed to
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a two goal lead young's young son broke the deadlock heading home from a throw in and nikolai broke minutes and doubled their advantage after fifty two minutes when he found himself on marked in front of him them to net taking his daily to three goals from five matches russia tried to get back into it but the danes didn't leave any margin for error oh to nail it finished but leaving both teams with a strong chance of being one of the seven who will join the czech hosts at the finals. we're really disappointed with the result i'm not satisfied with the way some of my players perform tonight in the second half the danes took their chances and we didn't we've got some food for thought we haven't really heard our chances of qualifying but we can't afford to drop any more points. i can't explain what happened at the start of the second half we lost the one on one battles in every part of the field then after conceding twice we were very close to pulling at least one go back but unfortunately we just couldn't so russia suffered their first
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defeat of the can beno be sort of the man fell to denmark to nail on home soil and the danish go one point clear at the top of group two while the russians slipped a second goes on in by the r t moscow region one of the means on russian champions tesco slumped to their fourth defeat in five matches after losing to know at premier league eight at sydney's home friday not the rest preparation for wednesday's champions league group much of time to manchester city and as richard poor feet discovered all is not well in the army man's count. statistics don't make good reading for serious seven hours and forty nine minutes revives domestic goal one league point from a possible fifteen and eleven off the top spots well it's been nine hours since strike. last goal winner against some car at the end of august amidst the autumn are gonzales says staff must take their share of the blame and they have a very strange system here the coaches they they have blake they believe in
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one thing and they were day with their thinking you know our say or maybe everybody has a player maybe we need to do some changes or maybe you have to do some other thing trying new things but they would just do the same thing always i think they're not working now you know or maybe it can work for the russian league at the time to play champions league when you play big teams you know. the results not the same since cars only victories since mid september was a free to champions league win and home to check side victoria puton three weeks ago. the army men need to get back to winning ways fast if they want to resurrect very domestic season progress in europe last month or so has been difficult. victories and scoring goals difficult to come by our third the army men face two very important encounters against manchester city the results from those two games
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will go a long way to deciding whether say a skier can make it out of the champions league group stages. might see a scar city have three points from their first two matches van last time it was a comprehensive free one to feed one champions by munich a vietti out despite this manager manuel pellegrini still has world class stars like sergio agüero and david silver at his disposal but gonzalez believes russian champions must concentrate on their own game you know obviously they have big quality and they're very skilful individual e.u. know they're very skilful too so you can't just. go for them you have to maybe think twice what you have to do and just maybe plan a very good tactic to play that there is some good news for leonid slutsky side seeded don't be on his back in contention after a hamstring injury the ivory coast striker came over benj to play thirty seven minutes of the to no last zients bartz midfielder islands are gorier remains and
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it's here gonzales has been a peripheral figure it says congress season blues one two a playmaker zuki honda is the team's key player he can play in the whatever really he wants because he's very he's very. skilful strong he's intelligent to know he knows how to play football he understands four billion dollars are not the same thing to say he's a good player but this guy he's he knows how to play football he reads the game you know he's is i really admire him as a player serious campbell have a bonus of playing in city in moscow of the very last clanchy would victoria was moved to some petersburg due to the poor state of pictures in the russian capital but the pressure is on the argument to regain their championship winning form and trying to keep their season alive richard dancey moscow. now on to tennis and boosted his bid to qualify for the a.t.p. tour finals in duncan after taking his third title of the year at the kremlin cup
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the twenty seven year old rallied to beat kazakstan. four six six four six four and has overtaken fellow frenchman drove a fleet saw him go into the ninth and last qualifying place in the race to the year ending tournament while on the women's side simona halep beat former u.s. open champion son stories of australia as the fast rising remain ian secured her fist title of the season with only world number one serena williams winning more. basketball and russian champions desk a moscow fought back to beat debutants montor in paris and claim an opening victory in the year only the french champions led by twelve points in the second quarter but in the third test terms the game around sixty two fifty nine ahead as the buzzer approached the hosts had a last second chance to tie it but missed as a tory messina's meant grab a gritty victory such account at school the sixteen point stands that my thirty
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group a. while russians lied about one their first ever yearly match eighty seven point two eighty four that serbian side red star the game was neck and neck until the last quarter when looking at it sank thirteen points to the host one however the belgrade team rallied to eighty two eighty with thirteen seconds left but then they fouled top scorer marcus williams three times he sank five six shots into twenty three points good luck r.t. an historic victory that seized the lead group de. mer just bored emerge a g.p. champion jorge lorenzo i won the australian grand prix to keep his title hopes alive after leader mark market was disqualified due to concerns over tire safety the riders were required to change bikes midway through the short race. that market failed to do so and scored no points as the runs i want ahead of dani pedrosa and
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valentino rossi that's where enzo still trails rocky market by eighteen points with a possible fifty available in the two remaining races. in spain already crowned supersport champion sam lowe is from the russian team yet mitchell wrapped up his season in style by edging rival to none suffer while you to claim victory in the season finale at her death the twenty three year old briton secured his grant to weeks ago with a second place finish it might make or in france but sadly is also a first for he acknowledged sure such to move up to the superbike series one this season by englishman tom sykes those will leave yet niche for another team out into next year but will keep in touch with resulting. is a big step in my life and now that i'm more jumpy and stays with me forever so it's such a big emotion and i can't describe in one word the feeling but it's great for me to the goal in the not no here in the future is to arrive in g.p. and to do this with the rules and supercargo more like
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a superstar so the difference is a little bit bigger so for me now to arrive there which has to be my personal goal i have to take a this direction so is a shame in some ways but it's good because we can still work together are still controversial different things but it seems that for me this is but as well as overbought one but staging for a trip to start change and a different take on terran tino's film reservoir dogs using. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tiering conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while mayor yeah the prosecutors say he funneled millions of dollars
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to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge you convicted him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days . through two hundred towns and cities of russia. really by fourteen
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thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t v dot com. speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks to vo ip interviewers intrigued. or you. see arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v. dot com. welcome back to the sports show now this saturday the capital will host the reservoir dogs fight night in mixed martial arts and robert wagner and caught up
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with promote that camille god you have to take a closer look at the big bat. strike while they are in stock. with the increasing popularity of mixed martial arts around the globe white knights is one of russia's biggest promotions as well advanced in the russian capital over the last three years blocks where some of the old scream of the crop along with home grown up and comers managed to flush action in the ring and in the cage. and are always happy to see our fighters break into the m.m.a. elite promotions like you have see or bela tour that also builds up our own image of a good team of professionals overseas the likes of vitali mean a cough who won the heavyweight grand prix and. who made his debut in the u.f.c. in style those are fighters who grew up within our promotion and there are a lot of talented guys both inside and outside russia would like to follow in their footsteps and sign a contract with the team like knights showdown labeled brazil dogs will hate
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the capital on the deal with a twenty six with the main event saying russia's heavyweight prospect was. taken. down. because of in terms of skill of course tim sylvia used to be a much tougher fighter five to seven years ago but this could also give him an edge at the age of thirty seven he might be underestimated by madoff in particular but he's got plenty of experience a good chin and he's still a very big and dangerous guy staying with a heavyweights one moment in the spotlight constantini it all him the thirty year old puncher will be out for his fourth professional when following a debbie a defeat on the road to some bigger challenges in the future they were allowed to walk sourced. in as a solid professional boxing background and natural heavyweight with great knockout
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power that he's proved plenty of times in eastern. true on his ground game and what's even more important to develop his takedown defense to feel more confident and win is about tactically given all that he can go very far in the business this week japanese welterweight used to being a model he's arguably one of the most effective why there is ever to have brought he said all skills to russia the twenty nine year old was crowned and one google jumped down in two thousand and eleven after joking out rush's show. in the rematch and last june the two met for the third time at the politeness twelve tournament and then the model was big tourist again like a unanimous decision. from the body it's. a motto was a very gifted fighter we've always liked him i'm glad he settled the score with inside the fight nights cage and his attitude on the whole showed we can count on
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this fighter he is definitely going to be one of our top dogs for the next year and then you know malta wants to make it to the u.f.c. and we'll do our best to help him make it happen to those who are just some of the next set of a stop as the countdown zone for ministers red green the yellow brown and violet a big party and i'm a going to ice hockey where croatian rookies led to shaq last full three in the dying seconds of a thriller at champions did imo sky and as richard discovered it's all part of a memorable debut season in the k h l. my life is never dull following that beat shack from eight thousand kilometer trips to russia's far east just to play one game to get into groups of playing in a new league the cage shell rookies from a creation capital of zagreb a certainly making a good fist of life in europe's top ice hockey league i think coming into the start of the year we want to be competitive and even through those losses they are
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competitive games other than probably one game and. in the middle of a road trip where we lost six to all the other games were up for grabs so we knew we were far off getting a result we wanted in the process was good so. but we knew we knew we needed some confidence and we got that in the same peers were going so we got home but frilling for free shootout win against scott a team whose budget is seven times be given it by chants was certainly one of the highlights along with opening day seven one demolition of sasco moscow on home ice under fence been cut is foster who played for the philadelphia flyers last season says things have got easier as the campaign's gone home when we bring a team together they know we've played together before you know we're told a brand new we're just get used to each other and i think that most of guys almost all the everybody has bought into the system the coaches put in place and i feel that the last you know ten games so we've done a good job of playing that system and are showing that we can put any team in
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league there's a decidedly north american style to make big checks play and with good reason the roster is dominated by players from canada and the usa well head coach mark french used to be an assistant trainer of a washington capitals farm club the hershey baz there are a few homegrown players a misquote as ice hockey is still a minority sport in croatia something french wants to help change i think we've seen a model in some other places where maybe the advent of a real strong professional hockey team in creating excitement around the sport of hockey has created some grassroots level. arky itself and i think that's the idea is give them and let them experience a very high level cage jockey and create that excitement and hopefully build from the grassroots level the club's home arena of adama's sport has one of the best atmospheres in the league as it seems the public are really taking to the new kids on the ice block of a start of a season the cage held debits and suzanne bread couldn't even of dreamed of trying
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to make the playoffs however as the season's progress made a big chunk of grown instantiate another postseason seems like a distinct possibility first credentials were given a stern test against reigning guarin cup holders to now moscow but the new comers gave a great account of themselves taking the lead three times and were free to up with just ninety seconds to go but a mixture of naivety and fatigue sent in as the normal level i was only four seconds on the clock and it's not oxide snatched a full forty victory from the jaws of defeat so we were really happy that we could play with them and we play on the same level most we had to leave so we go we really have we did but we have to bring this game home and that's why we disappointed and we want to win always bitter disappointment of the cage all rookies yet they're still well in the playoffs and a proving they can mix it with the very best in the league rich of unbelievably
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donati moscow. now there's just over one hundred days to go before russia's maiden winter olympics in sochi and local athletes have been using home advantage as they competed at some of the venues well snow is scarce at this time of year but this didn't stop the ski jumpers doing battle for the national titles as they landed on a plastic now at a better center the russian team also plan to hold a training camp that before setting out for next month's opening world cup event germany. well nearby olympic silver medalist albert deng jenkins talked to the time sheets and praised the track after russia's top lucia's had. the training camp at this time he's lighting center then trying to also claim to still visit last year's world championships and is looking to hold germany's domination at an eight stop world cup which begins next month and also at the olympics. i'm pleased with our training session because we gave it our role as we've been testing out the new equipment and the results are much better than they were last year
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which means the track is in good shape. we're feeling while here in moscow former world champion alyona and then pick a silver medalist you cannot help unveil russia's new snowboarding outfit for the upcoming season and sochi games and you cannot claim to russia's only snowboarding medal so far in vancouver four years ago after losing in the final of the parallel giant slalom the national team have since gone to germany and then italy for training camps and don't know yet if they'll go to sochi before the olympics but have fun of memories of its extreme park. i did like you know i think the slope is really nice it's very light good flowing and has nice really are. the only thing that i'm hoping for is good snow so i think. going to keep my fingers crossed so the snow is going to be good. i can promise any of us will claim gold in sochi but we all set the bar is high is possible only time will tell how we fare in the
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competitions but we do give our role when we're preparing all of our resources and time and we'll try to peak at the olympics. and russia's freestyle skiing is going he's also gearing up for the olympics and hoping the saatchi showcase will propel the spectacular sport to new highs across the country michael grafting has more. freestyle skiing consists of five disciplines moguls ariel's ski cross half pipe and slope style moguls all raised bumps on a track can trace its competitive roots back to the nine hundred sixty s. but it has only been an olympic event since albertville in one thousand nine hundred two since then popularity in the various disciplines has steadily grown and all five will be included at sochi in twenty fourteen with half pipe making its debut russia is relatively new on the freestyle scene and yet to win an olympic gold by the country's head coach is optimistic this will soon change freestyle for
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russia is still quite a young sport and there has been a little in terms of infrastructure to support it in the past foreseeable parents there is also been a lack of competition in a country where still quite a way off from the levels of the u.s. or canada but no doubt we'll try our best to bridge that gap at saatchi and. ski cross only made its maiden olympic appearance at the two thousand and ten games in vancouver it's a race where the goal is to finish first after skiing down an optical course russia did compete in both the initial men's and women's events but finished just twentieth and thirty second in their respective qualifying rounds one of the main reasons why russia's national freestyle teams amongst other teams are playing catch up on the global scene is because of the lack of apparent infrastructure with russia winning the olympic berth they have been pumping money into new infrastructure including the winter sports base just outside of moscow and russia's
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freestyle squad has been using the new national team based to prepare for the next winter season even though there's no snow yet to be seen. of course if you want to do sports based on snow especially freestyle across you have to be physically prepared it's not good enough to simply practice in snow he also needs to be in the gym outside and make sure you're physically ready which. what we're doing here deep into one has only been doing ski cross for two years and took bronze at the twenty thirteen russian freestyle championships boosting a national team which includes you got caught of course and we're even ska the experience jewel who competed at those first ski cross events in vancouver. i can safely say we're not pinning our hopes only on you go and you learn for instance money you can decide about one silver two years ago at the world championships so she also has a serious chance of winning something and among the guys there are also a few young lads who are one top prizes at youth level so i'm sure they will all
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give everyone a run for their money so the pressure will be on the whole nation regardless of experience to produce their best results but russia's ski cross coach says there's nothing better for the freestyle team which games to add to the country's overall tally of three medals so far coming closer and closer look at the pressure why up but of course. always we have a chance to make something we are the underdogs of course we have three podiums to one year before everything is possible marcus schrenker r.t. moscow region. and as the olympic torch relay continues across russia the flame was also taken on board an icebreaker on a return journey to the north pole the arctic adventure is just one of several special projects with the play also set to touch the bottom of russia's biggest lake baikal and reach the summit of europe's highest mountain l bruce also breaking the record for the longest ever relate before
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a winter games. and that's all the sport i can. live. live live. live live. live
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. we're not psyched to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced to in the aftermath of our strike never turn the world's attention to the place that something gulag of our times. wealthy british style holds sometimes the title. of the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on.
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this immediately below so we leave that maybe. by the same potion security for your party there's a good. thing for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our tea. cup. yeah i mean if we're looking at the situation right now where we have a crackdown almost on a daily basis where we have people getting arbitrarily arrested from their homes
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during night trades where we have children being picked off the streets where we have people attacked with homes where torture is rampant is that not in itself as a form of anarchy. from the u.s. . over the latest revelations of n.s.a. spying just as the e.u. plans huge fines to stop illegal transfers of personal data. germany's green dream morphs into a nightmare for the consumer as. energy. bills also. remember the wiser would be the crisis of confidence a series of scandals leaves the reputation of u.k. politicians at rock bottom the british public saying they can't be trusted particularly when they are.


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