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those. are the. little little the a little little the little fellow. like that. nearly two years ago a fourteen year old cheerleader named daisy coleman was allegedly raped by seventeen year old matthew barnett and left to freeze to death outside of her house and married phil missouri it's a tale we've heard far too often star football player rapes young student in the town ends up blaming the victim resulting in no consequences for the perpetrator oh and did i mention that the alleged rapist is also the grandson of a missouri congressman but this story gets even more dark. after being ridiculed
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suspended from the chair of the squad and forced out of town daisy came home to her house suspiciously burned to the ground so why are we hearing about this tragedy now two years later well after prosecutors dropped the charges against barnett the hacktivist group anonymous revived the case and started online campaign to put pressure on marriage bills government and just today hundreds of residents gathered to show solidarity and demand justice for daisy so to talk more about anonymous is role in all of this i was joined earlier by our producer and your blake and i first asked him why anonymous chose to get involved now. this case i mean are the aftermath of it really shows that it's not as much about having a collective organized group like we saw with anonymous in this case but also having a really powerful media report yes it took almost two years for the story to actually pick up and get people to pay attention but there was an amazing report in the
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kansas city star i believe around two or three weeks ago and that report itself was around four thousand words and pretty much clonic hold everything going back to when the colemans first moved to the town in missouri to that the allegations the night itself there are a lot of witness interviews and it was an absolutely fantastic report and that itself kind of really got people to pay attention when you when you have something that something so it was socially charged and relatable you know what a helpless teenage girl you can really get a lot of people involved and that's when anonymous came in and they really helped spearhead a campaign which is humiliated in a lot of things happening in just the course of two or three weeks on all started with one article and it catching the attention of enough people who were committed to pursuing some sort of change and we actually have seen a change already and i read that article and it's really powerful and everyone should read it really chronicles the story well what has anonymous done and what change have we seen do to their pressure will be seen within with other operation.
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in the past. i think it's really important to really talk about the group itself for a second because a lot of people including the media often portrayed on this as a loose knit collective just very ambiguous very shady we shadowy these are all words are used to describe non-mystical so called nons but even as loose and as they really are if you have a common bond you know for example commitment to pursuing a case such as this people can really get together and do the unthinkable in a case like here we had almost two years of of the just long gone people were no longer caring people were talking about it anonymous took the kansas city star article it with the help of other online activists they just propelled it to such a point that it was being shared around the world and as more of like minded individuals who share a common bond who are all computer savvy who are all know how to communicate successfully over the internet and can get opinions across can can share points
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with other people and can make things stay just a bull anonymous was able to take this story and use it to propel this campaign to kind of collect everyone's attention and you know obviously other people didn't hurt because you know on this coleman herself appeared on c.n.n. many times that number of people involved in the case have actually been stepping up into the spotlight but anonymous actually helped organize rallies and raise awareness for these rallies that they did twitter storms they circulated e-mails they pretty much took the internet and in every single corner of the internet tried to make it possible for someone to find information about the d.c. coleman case and as that information became more and more just all encompassing and just because able to just smother people it got people to talk so much so that the prosecutor in the case had to actually reopen it and that's the latest developments we've seen incredible i mean it's great that anonymous is filling the void where the prosecutors obviously dropped the ball for the last two years i mean completely no attention it's just one of those other stories of these star football players
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who do. kind of get off scot free with really agree just crimes and you mentioned in mind is one of the out there is has tags justice for daisy and daisy if people want to follow those let's talk about steubenville this is another rape case that anonymous got involved and actually we saw on a lead and on get attacked the f.b.i. raided his home whatever happened to perpetrators in that case and talk about derek lost was that a chilling effect meant to send a kind of other and and that's i mean i don't think so personally to back up the two perpetrators were convicted and are serving i believe roughly around a year in a juvenile facility and derek the. alleged anon who helped move this campaign along is in the middle of all whole legal snafu himself and could essentially face several years in prison for if he is found guilty of supposed computer crimes but what we saw in missouri just recently was very very similar and more than just star athlete sexually assaulting a young girl it was it took
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a really powerful piece in the media in order to catch people's attention and then it took really really captivating smart nuns to grab it and say we need to make people read this we need to make people be aware of what is happening now when derrick was raided that the f.b.i. or the law enforcement agency obviously was looking to get someone for computer crimes not for spreading information about alleged rape they wanted to find someone who was actually breaking the law now will that actually hinder stuff like this from happening yes but you can only silence so many people when you're talking about a movement this large computer laws are constantly being brought up in congress and there's spent so many attempts in last couple years to reform the computer fraud and abuse act which to see if they it's a lot they used to go after a lot of so-called hacktivists who you know take down websites or deface websites and you know that can have a chilling effect on people because it will take away that motivation people be
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less driven is to to try. make it internet campaign if they know that they're facing five ten fifteen years in shell but it's really going to silence people when you're bringing such a powerful case to the public's eye and you're doing so in such a way that you can captivate everyone's attention and actually like we saw in steubenville and like we're seeing him actually make a change make a legal change the anonymous has been so successful in raising concerns that people have gone to jail so i think is there a chilling effect really depends on how motivated you are and how serious you are about your commitment about social justice absolutely amazing they get so much for breaking down this really incredible story that the local government drops the ball and anonymous comes and brings attention the story and actually boeing is not the first time but it's starting and it's generating a lot of attention and a lot of activism in that regard thank you so much andrew blake i really appreciate it excited. still ahead documentary filmmaker dennis della straka explains why
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our addiction to sand can come back to haunt and. deliberate torch use on a big journey construction. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities are. really the origins of the people who are sixty plus those coming. in a record setting trip. numbers made. a list of the torch relay. on our t.v. dot com. interview.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations or the day. but.
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you know. we all know that we're living in a corporatocracy just look at ten major corporations our control most everything we buy at the grocery store and when you realize it's a small unelected group of people are in charge of so many of the decisions that affect our lives it might make you feel about helpless and what if i told you that it's not impossible to fight back and win because the people i'm about to highlight don't care how powerful these industries are they just know that they have to risk everything in order to keep these pillaging corporations out of their cities and start the philippines the people of the southern island. have been battling multinationals like dole monsanto and mining companies for years with dole the company started planting its banana crops on top of already existing rice plantations up along the local farmers and as the corporation bought up the land it forced the farmers to work for dole leaving them with less pay and what's
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considered a living wage those takeover of the island directly correlates with the rise of poverty there but the people learn from those banana republic and started organizing five native tribes founded a community organization called the posse to and set up a school that teaches people how to farm in an environmentally friendly way and i don't organize effective resistance despite several attempts by the corporation to shut down the school but paulson has remained resilient and has even fend it off vulture mining corporations itching to exploit their land the slogan for. the answer. let me just say he thinks it. will be. the slogan for these workers
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i'd rather die from bullets than from hunger a noble effort but they're not the only ones that ship here to be you west specifically barnstead new hampshire just a few years back the water mining corporation usa springs had its heart set on extracting three hundred thousand gallons of water from the town's natural prefer but the community fought back to preserve its water supply the people of barnstead passed a law banning corporations from mining and selling water declaring water is a human right that everyone depends on and is not for sale their ordinance has never been challenged by the water corporation and the aqua for remains tapped to this day next let's go down under tacoma whose fight revolves around keeping a twenty four hour mcdonald's out of their community the town says that this corporate monolith would have detrimental effects on local restaurants and its proximity to an elementary school would only add to australia's growing obesity epidemic and fun in fact one activist said that we've knocked on the door of every
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house in tacoma and we've discovered that nine out of ten people don't want this. even though the town hasn't officially stopped the project it's been the lead already for two and a half years it's an ongoing battle in the small town of two thousand people but its cause has become viral and petitioners have already gathered ninety four thousand signatures and forty thousand dollars in donations. perhaps this town can be inspired by the resulting success that bolivia saw in two thousand and two when the fast food giant was forced to shut its doors after operate in the country for fourteen years how well the most simple form of protest of all bolivians hit the yellow arches where it hurt the most the pocketbook they simply didn't buy the junk food and moving on to just this past week in canada and romania where we've seen two communities fighting the fracking industry and the rexton in canada hundreds of protesters put up barriers to protect the land from fracking that belongs to
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a first nations tribal gas an oil company and resources has been exploring the land to see if it's right for mining but members of this tribe have been fighting s.w. and protests came to a head last thursday when cars were torched snipers were unleashed and at least forty were arrested hopefully this ongoing fight will end in the same way as romania where chevron was actually forced to suspend its fracking operation because romanian villagers staged the re day occupation on the land designated for the first drill. i know not all of these stories have a fairy tale ending but this is a battle worth fighting and these communities are deep in the trenches the corporatocracy cannot be easily dismantled in fact every great moment of change has cost great sacrifice success doesn't happen overnight and revolution is not a moment it's a process
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a process that serves to remind us that corporations are not people and people won't sit idly by while their dignity is stripped and land destroyed so let these stories serve as a call to action for us and as a warning sign for the corporate oligarchy of the world. it's well known that the world is running out of resources such as water oil natural gas and coal but there's another vital natural element in a rapidly depleted by humans that you've probably never considered san i know it sounds crazy but this unregulated resource is used in everything from fiber glass to cement to computer screens and one a film called sand wars is exploring how humanity's addiction of sand is having disastrous consequences. removed from the lives everything that depends on the
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senate and the world would look very different we would go on. to the chips. who would just not aware of no importance and that is to our daily laws. sound as a massively underestimated resource you can't build a house or a building without some of this sun has to come. from fortune we call it use it does it say about the sun or any of the construct. you hear people talk about the end of oil but nobody's talking about the end of sand. so what would a world without sand look like and who's waging the sand wars or earlier i was joined by the film's director dennis della stracke and i first asked him where he got the idea for the documentary. i was just finishing another film and you know i spent most of my time in both of us spain and saw him on
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a sunday morning i went for a walk on the beach and the beach and usually very wild side one hundred feet you know and that winter sunday morning the beach was almost had the whole dispute there was like maybe ten feet of sand on the beach and just an idea across my minus anywhere where the sand go. to where you don't go through the internet than surgeon google and i have words that never connected to me before and i send them out. over exploitation or i'm some sort of sand beaches disappearing and so that's where the whole story of santa morris started and who's waging the war. well the san is. all of us whether it's what are basically because we all use a lot of sand we all take samples there is. a whole industry
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a very big industry you know and that it's a resource we dig where it is we took it in the rivers we could you know inquiries now all these sources are going empty and we have to go in to see it. on the sea for hours and on the beach that's where we'll be sad and we have to understand that if you look if you are if you look around you this camera this computer. call it soul mate sends all sad they. very important role in all of these objects. and more than anything you know building no buildings no roads and bridges no it's everything that is i think that's what was so shocking to me is that it really is how much sand played a role and to everything that we see and utilize on
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a daily basis to most people sense seems like one of the most abundant resources on earth that covers twenty percent of the earth's deserts naturally created yet sand wars argues that we're consuming sand far faster than it can be created why. well you know we all take for granted and we all think that you know we've been we're going to find it whenever we go back to the beach in the summer it's going to be there we're going to put a towel on it we're going to sun base but sat is not is you know it's not a sustainable resource. it's rigid rates of course but just like oil or gas basically oil and you consume all oil as fast as we do it so it's a natural resource a resource that is going to keep you know keep growing up but we go very fast are you are saying these consume these the resources very very fast and said is that different it takes like twenty something like twenty five thousand years to create
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sand that comes from the mountain chains goes down the river little streams down the river and eventually gets to the coals and then he's moved by the streams in the waves if we go in something like fifty years we've used them. now we can see the consequences on the beaches three quarters of the world's beaches are retreating meaning is appearing and three in one of the big emergency in this you know you know. why can't desert sand from places like this for horrible years for industrial purposes. oh there would be there would be a great bargain right or. it's just out there or they didn't use it but irony of nature this sand grains barrier around us and they don't aggregate they don't stick together so if you want to build something with sad it's just not going to work it's not going to be in concrete ned recommendation this sand is not going to stick
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together and it's not going works well for us basically and you mentioned sand mining really briefly what are the effects of this process. but a semi and if you if your mind is sand on this before and one thing that we all thing. that i thought so when i started researching this film i saw that the sea for scripts and color of the sand is not that the sea floor is is covered with a very thin layer sand and it's mostly rope right. so if you take sand many consequences on the. ecology go biological level. sand is the first live all of life. of the the ground live in all of the sea all the microorganisms that leave their feed the little fish that if you to be your fish the end of the chain feed us right so if you take sand
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you basically kill everything that's in the sand and you have live on the geology totally well now if you remove sand you're going to affect the whole dynamic whole dynamics. just try and you can try that you know a little beach if you're you near near a beach go to the beach day grab a good bit of sad where the waves come and after that one of the waves the sand the whole we have the spirit set is them all day and i make resources matter on earth what would a world look like without sam i mean how would it impact our day to day lives well you know it in sand where as we you know we went for example in indonesia in the mound leaves most of the violence when you remove santa where we have to understand the sand is our natural barrier. central texas protects the earth and the land if you remove her right if you remove the sand from the beach the waves and and the
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currents and the storm is intervening are going to be going to the land and the erosion is going to be more dramatic that's what's happening in indonesia for example where twenty five i don't have already disappeared to go to send money and . because ups and mining i'm so intimately use many many islands are disappearing and. these placement of pollution of course as you were just talking we just saw an article pop up about south florida in eastern australia have already reported that they're running out of sand we have about a minute left but what are some concrete steps that people can take to reverse this trend and where can people save the film. well the film is going to be in the u.s. we're going to speak years out in charge of distributing the film so we're aware i'm very happy it's we're yes i'm doing great job it's going to be in washington d.c. in the and brian on golf ball that's in march i think i'll be there to talk about
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the fell. steps we can take crazy. you know use this in construction and support us all of all of us you know of on the. wall we build with many many materials we can use you know the what comes out when you destroy a building or bridge or roll you can crash that and use that as an aggregate you can use glass one of the glass that we were cycle is actually never recycle so we can crush it and make sense because that is made of glass and desk and go back to sand and the aesthetic of sad sad and e.'s exactly the same you know you know you're going to if you look going to send in feet at all it's just that there's many many resources that can be recycle and i think the best way to send is
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to be on the beach all right well thank you so much it's great to hear that there are alternatives that people can use in construction and elsewhere thank you so much that as dell's attractive director at stanmore is amazing to have you on. thank you. and if you like what you see so far ahead you are here to challenge you to dot com breaking into that and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode or segment we have every single second we've done tabbed out cycle if you want to catch that was i encourage i want to check out my interview with my prisoner about national police brutality day in a rampant abuse being committed by law enforcement across the nation you know also look at every other segment we've done separately under the taboo section on the top of the page from big brother watch to weapons of mass destruction check out all that and more on the playlist dot com plus breaking a sat and that's it for our show tonight you guys thanks to everyone at home for tuning and i'll see you right back here tomorrow to break the fat.
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so your foreign countries and their state building companies their nationalized companies who are buying into britain who is in the process of privatizing these assets they're making the most vailable so foreigners just so they've convinced britain's they should sell the edges sell the energy companies sell the rail system sell the education system so leverage that so little the president will keep racking up debt just keep selling all these assets to the wealthier states of other countries who will then use that to give their citizens a nice juicy annual income based on this recurring revenue stream forked over by
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these hapless brits. who would turn i save money to hire a hitman to shoot me dead from the next building work through the open window. i searched through the internet typing things like i'm looking for you i'm waiting for you i wrote i'm waiting for you i'm looking for you i didn't care at all what this man would be like deprived disabled. with you know you want. the battery is ruined. i love everything about him i have grown to love every hair every want to strangle him actually be healthier and other guys who drink beer in a bench i've always promised that if she ever realizes it's too much for her and she decides to leave me i will accept her decision without criticism because it's her choice.
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to be. known for her current. response to release. everyone in my life that i cared about their goal much when that happened i came to skin well. i was a national champion in track and field and also was able to go and qualify for the olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with that the drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market kids. great. street kids.
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delivered torch is on its epic journey to such. a one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limbic torch relay. on r t r c dot com.
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the dockside of wall blackout in syria after a terror attack on a key gas pipeline are the latest hardship to hit a population gripped by conflict the price of scouts acute and we have exclusive footage from the city of an everyday battlefield for families to refuse. every bit as secret as you thought. crude. showing off. on a concrete floor you're seeing what there is to see you know and i'll report. the u.s. military is coming your way in just a couple of minutes. also a new door new apologies for one.


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