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or you. see our teeth dot com. coming up on our t.v. new developments in the expansion of the n.s.a. global survey lence spanish citizens are the latest targets of bold data collection now world leaders are turning to the u.n. for help the latest just ahead over the weekend thousands gathered in d.c. to protest in a say spine they want transparency accountability and action the sights and sounds of the stop watching the rally coming up and picture a list los angeles police are cracking down on photographers we'll tell you why one photographer was added to the f.b.i. database simply for snapping a few pictures that's coming up later in tonight's show.
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it's monday october twenty eighth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm maggie lopez and you are watching r.t. well spain has joined a growing list of u.s. allies demanding answers from the obama administration when it comes to spying today the spanish government summoned american ambassador james costello's to address allegations that the national security agency collected meditate on sixty million spanish telephones over the course of a month this past december using information leaked by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden in spanish newspaper el mundo reports that the n.s.a. collected numbers and locations of the phone calls but not the actual content this outer warning that the n.s.a. has also been tuning into the communications of thirty five world leaders senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein offered her her two cents today about the surveillance of world leaders saying quote with respect to n.s.a. collection of intelligence on leaders of us. allies including france spain and
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mexico and germany let me state unequivocally i am totally opposed now the european union parliamentary delegation is preparing for a visit to the u.s. to express concerns over n.s.a. surveillance tactics political commentator sam sachs brings us more. in the coming days german intelligence officials will come to washington d.c. to demand answers from the white house about surveillance on chancellor angela merkel but the anger coming from germany and the rest of europe today is a marked departure from just a few months ago when germany was defending its close cooperation with the n.s.a. that was after an edward snowden leak in june revealed that the n.s.a. was collecting a half billion german telephone and internet communications every month with the assistance of german intelligence chancellor angela merkel was quick to defend her government's cooperation with the n.s.a. saying it prevented terrorist attacks in the fight against terrorist threats we can only protect the population if we cooperate with others her office said in an
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interview at their spiegel edward snowden described the cozy relationship between german spies and the n.s.a. we're in bed together with the germans the same as with most other western countries he said they don't ask to justify how we know something and vice versa to insulate their political leaders from the backlash of knowing how grievously they're violating global privacy the united states has an agreement with four other countries to share intelligence those countries include canada the u.k. australia and new zealand i reach countries spying agency is directed at the certain region of the world and together these five countries are known as the five guys and they also share intelligence with roughly thirty other nations including germany and these nations are known as third party partners edward snowden's leaks have shown the five eyes in their partners have their surveillance tools trained on each other or to use the parlance of globalisation they've outsourced their spying activities their spiegel reports it appears that the principle that foreign
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intelligence agencies do not monitor the citizens of their own country is obsolete in this world of globalize communication in surveillance britain's g.c. h.q. intelligence agency can spy on anyone but british nationals say can conduct surveillance on anyone but. americans and germany's b.m.d. foreign intelligence agency can spy on anyone but germans that's how a matrix is created of boundless surveillance in which each partner aids in a division of roles plus there's a whole new level of cooperation the industry has boasted it has alliances with eighty transnational corporations to assist in global data sharing so what we've learned is spying on each other citizens is just the way it works in this new globalized surveillance game but the game stops when the political class is swept up into it too as we now see from main are coming from across the atlantic upon where that on globe merkel and thirty five world leaders had their communications intercepted as well so when it comes to the unspoken rules of surveillance in
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a globalized world rules just recently uncovered by edward snowden appears the us may have only broken one rule it's ok to spy on average citizens of the world just don't spy on the elites in washington sam socks are to. white house spokesman jay carney told reporters today that owns though the n.s.a. surveillance program was made legal by the patriot act greater oversight transparency and constraints might be necessary now he went on to say that president obama has ordered his administration to conduct a review of those n.s.a. surveillance programs but that response is not acceptable for world leaders who have been monitored to other countries that have also fallen under the watchful eye of the n.s.a. are now in the process of drafting a u.n. general assembly resolution that lays out the rules of road moving forward speaking to the huffington post latin american and european diplomats said that brazil and
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germany are leading an effort to guarantee online privacy to civilians around the world are to correspondent on a stasia chuckin to join me earlier and i asked her which of the countries were involved in the u.n. g.a. draft resolution while me again not germany and brazil are certainly spearheading this whole operation of the united nations. understandably so with these latest revelations around tapping the phone of german chancellor angela merkel as well as the recent cancellation of the planned trip to washington of the brazilian president who also made a very fiery speech at the united nations addressed at the united states earlier a couple of months ago in september where she basically said that whatever the u.s. is under way basically is via violation of international rights so that laws so basically we have germany and brazil as well as nineteen other countries which include austria hungary liechtenstein norway sweden switzerland cuba argentina bolivia ecuador india indonesia south africa and several others are basically
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saying look it's now time to put pen to paper and vote on the text to address this issue on an international level and certainly this does come up several months after the whole n.s.a. scandal broke but these leaders are saying the time is now and this will be as it is the first big international effort to address this particular issue and i don't associate let me ask you why now it's been months since the scandal broke so why only now are they considering this type of action. well you know we just heard a good point in sam's report that when it comes to the elites the rules kind of change so we have considering you have thirty five world leaders whose phone calls have allegedly been monitored it's reason enough for the countries around the world to come together and say wait a minute this really should not be going on the question here the curious question to me seems to be why is it only twenty one countries at this point because the united nations general assembly is made up of over one hundred ninety countries so
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far we have twenty one pushing for this tax although we have to say this is just the first stages of this particular project because the committee is going to vote on it by the end of the year and then this text will be taken to the general assembly so we'll see it's likely that more countries will follow and let's go ahead and pull up that map showing some of the countries that you were talking about earlier you had mentioned that there was twenty one of them so you've got a owner argentina south africa indonesia india and others now do we know any of the specifics yet when it comes to this draft resolution. well the specifics that we know actually have the text here it's very brief only two and a half pages and we have to say that interesting really it does not mention the united states it basically does not have a direct mention of the us or the n.s.c. uses very very glad i have to say and really what it does is using the existence major of multilateral international treaties on human rights that were you know
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signed. stablished and taken into account by countries decades ago such as for example the international covenant on political and civil rights which is a major human rights document but it was something that was signed into international law decades ago before the internet existed so what this document will do is try to include the more realities of the modern world and modern technology and use of the internet and basically what it says is that illegal surveillance of any private communications is a violation and intrusive of human rights and it basically says that this is something that needs to be monitored and watched closely the problem here is is really the amount of power the united nations general assembly or its taxes have over other countries which unfortunately is not big at all that's a very good point that you bring up right there honest and see if he has understand it the general assembly resolution would be nonbinding so how effective will it really be. that's to make and that's the biggest problem really because the u.n.
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general assembly does not have this kind of power to be binding on any kind of document that we see come out of it and so yes critics of this step are seeing this is pointless because it's not really going to affect the u.s. but it is also a strong message it seems because first of all like we said this is the first time many countries in the international community come together to voice their outrage this is also a big body and certainly of this is there could be further steps where this could be taken if this document is eventually passed to the general assembly this could be there could be certain pushes to update the international legislation for example that all of these countries are signed up to and that is something that would certainly have some kind of impact on the u.s. if it chooses to follow its own international treaties and honest also we have just about thirty seconds left but do you know what the next step in this process would be. well the next step is this committee is going to put this text together and then they're promising that by the end of the year they will presented to the
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united nations general assembly and then a vote will take the curious thing that will see is exactly how many countries and up supporting this what has been dubbed these so-called anti anas a resolution r t correspondent an associate you're going to bring us the latest from the u.n. thank you but it isn't only the international community that is fed up with n.s.a. spying over the weekend thousands descended on washington d.c. to participate in the stop watching us rally organizers deemed it the largest ever protest against mass surveillance and as a whistleblower thomas drake former presidential candidate gary johnson former congressman dennis kucinich and u.s. representative justin and mosh were some of the people who spoke at the rally. and was there and brings us some of the sights and sounds from the event. thousands of people gathered on capitol lawn on saturday demanding congress pass meaningful reforms to rein in the n.s.a. and stop this mass surveillance as it is. delivered
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a petition to congress signed by more than five hundred thousand people demanding congress investigate the n.s.a.'s mass spying programs the senate judiciary and intelligence committees hearings on those programs congress is divided into those who want to address the overhaul of the programs and those who suggest a bit more oversight but as certain members of congress believe oversight can very well turning to overlook those are congressman alan grayson's words he actually came out and said congressional oversight of the n.s.a. is a joke he's learned far more about government spying on citizens from the media he has from official intelligence briefings so have many other members of congress great care. i don't convert anyone one of the main messages of this rally has been watch the watchers but many are wondering whether it's even possible realistically so far any light that's been shed on the watchers was through whistleblowers and people who gathered on saturday were the whistleblowers first
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and foremost edward snowden of course things to whom this protest was happening things to whom you have all these initiatives debated now in congress is now holed up in russia because here in the states he would sure be now. so i was on saturday october twenty sixth and that was the anniversary of the signing of the patriot act twelve years ago people who came out on saturday believe that was the day when in the name of fighting terror their rights were taken away from them against the tradeoff between security and privacy to believe it's a false trade in washington i'm going to. in somalia a suspected u.s. drone strike this afternoon killed at least two members of the islamist group al shabaab the two men who died were both of somali descent according to witnesses at the scene they had been driving near the southern city. of all julie when a missile hit their car one of the men was the top explosives expert for also a bomb and that's according to another member of the group who spoke to the
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associated press earlier this month u.s. navy seals attempted to raid a somali somalia compound in pursuit of another all shabaab operative seals alternately aborted the raid without capturing the intended target also claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the westgate mall in kenya this september which killed sixty seven people now while the united states does not disclose its drone strikes in somalia the bureau for investigative journalism reports that the strikes in the country have happened from three to nine times in the past six years along with anywhere from eight to fourteen additional covert actions. the mother's unconditional love for her child motivates her to provide and to sacrifice for her offspring but how far are you willing to go to protect your children for some women in syria takes them all the way to the front lines of the civil war policy or introduces us to one woman who has put down the baby bottles and picked up a gun to defend her country and her family. is getting ready for work like women
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around the world she enjoys putting on makeup before heading to the office but miriam's job is a little different to most between two three year old is heading to the frontline it gives me great satisfaction being able to defend my country against terrorists who want to destroy. its streets to find women here in the line of fire even more so because miriam is a mother whose sons are just four and six years old. i signed up because of them i'm not afraid any move because i've stopped worrying we are in a state of war. but every day miriam sees the reality of war more than one hundred thousand people most of them civilians killed the people who lived in these homes were her friends and family all of them have fled most of them will never return i . am most afraid when the letter bombs fall in our posts and there is shrapnel if
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you days ago the terrorists launched rocket to town checkpoint their rockets are not accurate sadly they had a civilian building and many people died were rescued a few and carried them to hospital this used to be a school playground but children's laughter has long been drowned out by the whistling of bullets. and i was kidnapped twice over the last time for two months they arrested me when i was in civilian clothes this is back to doug was cooperating with the army i did i did and luckily they eventually let me go but the risks facing a woman in uniform are often far greater than for a male counterparts several of miriam's female colleagues have been killed while held hostage often it's nothing more than luck that separates the living from the did. my family one is unknown but nothing is more precious than our country only homeland where i was raised to my children i'm very precious very prudent to do what my country is a move. and despite the price it's
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a job she's proud to wake up to each day on the grounds women have been in the syrian army since the seventy's there's even a special military college for them but usually they have jobs are administrative and the just stick this but times however cord for desperate measures point to. damascus. still ahead here on r t n l a law enforcement takes camera shine to another level the los angeles sheriff's department had a photographer added to an f.b.i. database even though he didn't talbott criminal record more intriguing photographers like terrorists after the break. and. we're not like to adopt a camp at guantanamo where patients are forced by the moment you're a man the first right never turn world's attention to the way that some. of our
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guards. welcome back well last month we brought you the story of a los angeles photographer who has been arrested at multiple times for taking pictures one instance included a confrontation with a california officer at a metro station that he was photographing freelance photographer sean they was detained. and searched on hala lean of two thousand and nine for a filming images of the newly installed turnstiles on the metro lines hollywood and western station me was arrested on another instance for taking photographs of
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a crime scene from over one hundred feet away under the auspice that he was interfering with police work however he was eventually let go and was never charged with a crime and me isn't alone so our photographer is being targeted by the l.a.p.d. while i was joined earlier by paul dietrich he's a reporter for reason t.v. and i asked him if he was alone in the fact that police are targeting photojournalists no he's not alone there are a lot of photographers across los angeles and across really america that are feeling this pressure right now there's these officers submit the submit these reports the spacious activity reports to fusion centers and the a.c.l.u. of northern california recently released over one hundred specifically from the l.a. sheriff's department that have to do with cameras or or photography is there any kind of specifications on what kind of cameras we're talking about or photography. i mean there are cameras that range from cell phone cameras to point and shoot
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cameras up to professional grade cameras this effects anybody who takes a picture in public space and i want to say that is especially in a place like hollywood where sean is from that's it's very troubling because that's what hollywood is for there is there is paparazzi the take pictures there there are tourists that take pictures there there are pictures taken in hollywood absolutely all the time now reason t.v. got its hands on a copy of the internal investigation into a formal complaint that shiny filed against the l.a.p.d. sheriff's department he sent his first and fourth amendment rights were violated when he was stopped while taking pictures at an l.a. stop a subway stop that we showed you that video of what do these documents reveal. well it shows that the las d. is defending its officers and they are saying that they're saying that what the behavior of one of the officers deputy guilty his his behavior was laudable and that more officers out there should be investigating incidents of suspicious
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activity although the department calls a potential homeland security activity just like mr just like deputy guilty and threatens to put this guy's name of the f.b.i. is hit list he asks if it's going to sell these photos to al qaeda it's sort of a precarious weird situation and i do want to read part of that document that you had just referenced it says the visual in stone and deputy by deputy guilty in detecting suspicious activity is logical and we are encouraging others to be as proactive so should we expect more of this in the future well this happened five years ago in two thousand and nine and it's the suspicious activity reports released by the a.c.l.u. have gone all the way up to two thousand and twelve you should expect this in the future unless something changes unless the policy changes where where the sheriff's department is not going to be submitting it naki was moments of people using phone people using cameras to fusion centers so what kind of advice you have for people
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that are trying to take pictures in public locations like a metro or something similar in order to avoid police stopping them. well you want to you always want to be you always want to be up front with the police but you don't have to give them your name you don't have to give them your identification you can say you can say i don't need to do that and you can walk away under the constitution you can do that but you know you should always be careful when when you're dealing with law enforcement they have an important job to do as well and i think in this situation that their their goals are very noble they're trying to stop terrorism and everybody wants to stop terrorism but the devil's in the details they need to stop terrorism and protect their first amendment rights and our fourth member rights of privacy rights and that seems to be the common theme coming throughout this past year really what the n.s.a. surveillance and what not this battle between security and privacy and also free speech however it's common knowledge that certain circularly measures are put in
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place in locations like airports and train stations when it comes to photography for instance the documents say that these pictures looked almost identical to photos taken by al qaeda operatives in the lead up to the london tube bombings so do you think that those are legitimate concerns well of course they are concerns that law enforcement does. have concerns that are very real for for photographs being taken of public places or of subway stops but they can't be hypersensitive to what goes on on the street and that's another word that the document the internal investigation document says that these officers were hypersensitive they can't be hyper sensitive these things especially in hollywood that's what hollywood is for so what do you think fair rules should be when it comes to photography in places like metros. well with photography we generally have a right to take pictures in public places whether the if they're in a subway stop that's
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a public place and if you can see it and you can then you can take a picture of it sure and it's up to them to see really how far they're willing to take it and just to see some of the possible negative consequences of that as as you say and as we have seen with the shiny case but who should enforce those rules should it be the metro police should it be regular police to have any idea. well these are these are real police officers that are a part of the subway system here and here in los angeles the los angeles sheriff's department is responsible for a transit hub so bus terminals also subway stops they are they are policing those areas and they're doing it for a very good reason. they are they are looking for these incidences but they can't be recording all of these incidences because they fill up these fusion centers with as they are as suspicious activity reports that are completely innocuous there there are there are instances of people using cell phone cameras people using. taking pictures of the l.a. skyline and you miss the needle in the haystack the needle being the terrorists
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very interesting politicians reporter had reason t.v. thank you so much thank you make me f.b.i. is investigating the death of a thirteen year old boy from northern california after officers from santa rosa police department shot and killed him police say andy lopez was carrying a pellet gun that looked like an a k forty seven assault rifle and was wearing a hoodie on tuesday when they confronted him when he says told police that they heard the two sheriff's deputies ordered the boy to put the gun down twice one sheriff's deputy opened fire when he thought lopez was aiming the gun at him family and friends gather today to say their final goodbyes to the middle school student more than one thousand people showed up according to local news stations. a number of andy's young supporters also held a protest over the weekend to call for the officers actions into question and to have an investigation the sheriff's deputy who opened fire on the boy is
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a twenty year veteran of the santa rosa police department police offered their condolences to the family of andy lopez during a press conference but also gave a physical demonstration of where the confusion came from now the picture that you're looking at the gun on the left is the fake one that andy lopez was carrying the one on the right is. a real a k forty seven the two sheriff's deputies involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave pending an official investigation. well are we as americans becoming too coddled or are we too spoiled by our parents are we becoming too bratty and tonight's resident laurie harshness poses the question are we becoming a nation of brats. in
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today's society parents coddle their kids they teach their kids that they are winners at everything even if they're not and they never want their kids to lose gracefully or otherwise the case in point a dad in texas filed a complaint with the school district when his son sports ball team lost ninety one to zero in a gave the victory was alito high school and undefeated team but coach benched his starters after only twenty one played kept a conservative ground game and even allowed the clock to run on the interrupted to speed up the game so he wasn't trying to slaughter the other team and he's gone on record stating he did everything it good to keep the scoring down and witnesses say it's certainly didn't seem like they were trying to run up a score the team was placed in
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a new district that isn't as into football as their old one was so they keep massively beating new teams their average victory margin in four games has been seventy seven point but still a dad from the losing team was so angry that his kid had to lose so badly that he filed an official complaint for bullying under state law the school must investigate and file of official reports on any complaints. so instead of teaching his kid about losing and maybe district zoning and staying positive he chose to make a state about his son losing as source a lot of p.c. paperwork to go down and that's where our culture is at today the new york times just ran a piece and how parents make sure their kids always win. to invent the trophy culture is explored as an example the article discusses how in june and oklahoma little league cancelled participation trophies because of budget shortfalls a theory is the parent complains that her children look forward to the trophies as
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much as playing the dave and that's exactly the point as jean twenge author of generation me quite fit in life you're going to lose more often than you win even if you're good at something you've got to get used to that to keep going but that is not what we are teaching our kids today instead of teaching them how to lose gracefully we're teaching them that winning is the only thing that matters and that is a loser mentality tonight let's talk about that five following me on twitter at the risk of an. alright well that does it for me for tonight before more of the stories be covered go to youtube dot com r t america and don't forget to check out our website it's r t dot com slash usa and also follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez tune
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in larry king now is coming up at the top of the hour. we're not psyched to an active campaign had one time where patients are forced back in the aftermath of our strike never turned the world's attention to the police and that summed up job gulag of our times. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead.


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