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and we admitted him into the society and and that's a group of people who are primarily defense oriented you know representing filmmakers defending against these kind of claims so. david ginsburg provided a declaration in which he basically summarizes the film and sort of agrees with dole's characterizations of certain aspects of the film being false there is a paragraph in here that is for starting point where he compares. to a world war two era propaganda film a classic example i will give here with relevance to the film dramatically and he's talking about your film goes back decades to the nazi era anti-semitic film. the eternal jew so what he's doing here is he's equating your film to a propaganda piece that was trying to essentially justify the massacre of jews to go out and a list somebody and say we'll give you
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a script of what to say and will pay you to say it and we want to pay you in particular because you might be somebody known to be on the side of filmmakers so it'll be meaningful that you're turning against one of your own you know is is is really disappointing. money talks. the internet it seems. i found out the dole had both my name on google whenever you googled my name. would follow. even our own movie trailer would have a doling. aggressive comments appeared in a commentary tract after online articles can you also falls grassroots on the internet. there is no question it's cool that people at the moment in strategic communications are using false identities in the virtual space to raise awareness
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of the shoes. if you put thirty people in a room who are paid to pretend to be brenda because now that's essentially what will people are talking about with this kind of false grassroots campaigning which is abstract and that's illegal. yeah of course they are. no question strategic communications have a stream of people they're hiring who want from traditional p.r. backgrounds and that includes former members of the security services for members of psychological operations former members of essential behavioral change industries that clearly up until recently were fairly covert as a consequence now the lines of service offering are getting a bit blurred because these people coming in with nontraditional approaches.
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so for example you might look at someone you're trying to suppose we take down smear whatever and maybe by looking at the way in which you could put fishes between themselves and their support structure. one of the ways they may have assessed your battle worthiness your your ability to sustain the fight would be to look at your finances another one would be to look. where you are with your life for the moment i mean are you an alcoholic are you suffering from stress. you've got to look at the individual that's coming against you are there masses of skeletons in the closet have you done this before with that involve perhaps the services of a private investigator something phone hacking e-mail reading it happens people buy and sell those kind of services all over the world when you've got hundreds of
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million dollar industry that needs to protect its reputation. a few million being spent on a a on. campaign to do just that is probably good good money well spent. and you could say that was based on facts is further proof that i understand your pharmacist. just for. i think you being a little bit naive if you think that you can take a poll at a big multinational. and expect to walk away with some sort of funny. i want to say i'm not credited with doling anywhere but i do object to that antics of publicity filmmakers my girl they spend millions on their brand every year and you're going to come in and start selling their brand and start attacking their brand what did you think was going to happen to you as a producer have
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a duty to the troops. the letter was addressed to me but that mean that i get the tragic news than in the horrid asked for the hatred was aimed at him. while i was mainly to be. obviously was misguided it too. late if you stop working with him everything will work out well for you. frederick urged me to pull out said he would weather this on his own not on my. stoop still photo could look myself in there i did that him but i just couldn't do it we made this film together and will see it through this together at some. lincoln is there something in it that you would think looks really dangerous or something you didn't expect though so no no
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in fact if you read out really just a rehash by really not much more. we decided to fight back we counter sue dole and file a motion arguing that dole and used the weight of a lawsuit to suppress our freedom of speech. and now we want the judge to rule in our favor as soon as possible. just a few days later i found a blog on the internet and it was a local blogger who had followed our case and he was writing about what happened when he ordered food cited at a hamburger restaurant. around a blog not for profit i don't have any commercial sponsors. i'm interested in politics that's all. about the time when there was such
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a hopeless about bananas this friend and i were out shopping like the nerds we are if we went to all these electronics in computer stores then we decided to go get something to eat. and settled on a max. swedish in the neighborhood is a good to. i went for fruit salad instead of fries. and when they handed it to me i noticed the dome logo. and my gut reaction was what the hell. i told the girl at the counter i don't know what this. took a picture of it to them when i got back home i wrote to max hamburgers. asking them why with a clear cut grain profile. something that was at that point in time as controversial as dull products. he made reference to the film in the lawsuits
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i wasn't aware of any controversy so i looked into it only internet. and then told my marketing staff to investigate the matter. i actually received emails from other guests while i was doing my search people who had the same opinion. we studied the matter and it made us feel uncomfortable. we asked for an explanation but the swedish office referred to the us office and they never got back to us so we decided to stop selling the product effective immediately. i got an answer from the public relations manager at max he told me they had spoken to dole. and had decided to discontinue. their reply on my blog along with an image and. all hell broke loose.
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the big newspapers hated that and suddenly we went from the cultural pages of the newspaper to the business pages and that's what a power it's. done in my local cheese shop i bumped into lucy on us to do you and member of parliament he had read about our struggle i mean if you could help me i said yes it would be great if we could show this film into parliament. will show no it's a social democrat so i decided to also called an m.p. from the conservative government party and i asked him the same question. the film was taken out of competition when it all threatened to sue the film festival the film was screened anyway and in july he and his company were served with
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a lawsuit. now the film has come to the attention of the swedish parliament. to do you know why screen this film in the parliament is fundamentally it's about the right of filmmakers to describe events. this is a means of showing our support of these rights so it's about freedom of speech exactly as finance and politics go global freedom of speech means to follow suit the right to express your beliefs and to describe the course of events just picture if they are successful. what a devastating impact it would have on our future if filmmakers or journalists are no longer able to document events what about accountability in society. i mean this was when my social democrat coley stu doolittle and i was looking at options one same very obvious to us a film that risk distribution bad must be shown in parliament i think the it was
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a critical i appreciate your coming. from frederick. so we meet again this is margaret the producer she's being sued to. me there's a saying movies are better at the movies but screening our film for parliament is certainly fantastic. and i'm incredibly proud. i sincerely hope this signal will make its way from sweden to drive in westlake los angeles but one. of the thing about freedom of speech is that blood is to everyone even the bad guy. even the people who want to abolish it. do you think your argument about turn came bang that credential example of
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a muslim democracy that was able to separate the it's really engine from its economy still can be applied to these day that's a serious point when i spoke about in the book was how ways gokey had done something being a complete basket case and make it go away with hyper inflation and very valid diagonal with the tide so it seems so much economic success and i think that was great but the problem there is of course they do want the needed aid his attitude has changed he now has become much more to talk to. any criticism and more bad annoyed. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to see. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by
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fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air and sea another's face. olympic torch relay. on march the march to dot com the for. the media leave us so we leave the media. by the same motion security for your party there's a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . her. face it leaves the. economic ups and downs in the fine at long stakes the london deal sank night and the rest of the life during the making
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of a everything on flamebird. and. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refused to notice. food since changing the world's lights now. so picture of today's leaves my own demand from around the globe. local. t.v. . and we'll keep on slashing at them with our machetes because we've had been hard and they're bleeding. i'm preparing the next machete which will be sharper and bigger.
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i hope that a great deal of people will join our appeal today. we have a petition that we intend to send to. requesting them to withdraw. when we screened the film into parliament with support from every party. every parliamentarian signed a petition to request gold lawsuit. the worst case scenario is that this is on the rise worldwide. that governments companies and individuals taking their critics to course we don't want to see that in sweden p.r. people in washington d.c. even more active and began writing letters and e-mails and calling every swedish journalist that interviewed me and now also letters to the m.p.'s they said.
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i would have been more impressed if that taken a real stand. by actually discussing the issues at hand feeling. at first people got scared and provoked by these letters but when they realised that many of their colleagues had received the same treatment the atmosphere changed. it was becoming. that letter may i have a copy. of who wrote it michael. and for that came with a few days ago they write that they're very pro free speech and the rest of the letter is a defamation of frederick gas and. then our body there is an early spring i think now the fellow finally opened it.
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for being a documentary there are lots of copies being distributed so it has the potential to reach a wide audience. it's like a hollywood furler worth all the lawyers like philadelphia before but for some it's a brilliant fail. one week after the screening to parliament we opened in theaters all over sweden and the support is amazing we have no idea how dole will react but this is really our moment and we are enjoying it. the most frequent text message sent here tonight says. congratulations keep on fighting one color car and asked if your film will be shown in the us the very thing that we don't know we do know that we will not allow to intimidate us what's the worst case
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scenario. i decided early on to not waste too much energy dwelling on the bad things that could happen i think that's exactly what they want it's better to show the film get out and meet all of you. that will send a message from all of us what the hell are you doing. suddenly a lot of people were talking. about how the banana workers were treated and about freedom of speech. in supermarkets all over the country people started to tell the managers we don't want. in the supermarkets on the most sold and most profitable line. so the big supermarket
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chains health crisis meat they could feel the heat. if about that we keep up with the latest discussions with about and the debate reached a higher level due to the lawsuit in july. so europe to come and see us so we can tell them about the massive wave of public opinion in sweden and that we cannot tolerate legal action like this. finally the pressure was on gold not on me. and together with my new political friends we had invited the biggest supermarket chains in the country to meeting in the parliament . two hours before the meeting journalists started to call don't act withdrawn the lawsuit in the mail the rather surprisingly doll announced today that they will withdraw their lawsuit against frederick guaranty get
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a little debacle is fantastic news. even though where a small company in sweden and dole is a us based multinational corporation. we have been able to stand up for what is right and obviously it's great if they withdraw the lawsuit but we haven't heard from our lawyers yet it's a press release we don't know what this means in court so had met the night when we called joel this is what we heard. more. reactions and the strong concerns in sweden really moved us so it was important for us to to let people understand that we also respect freedom of speech and that's a way for us to show it. it's pretty inspiring to see the. support i mean i really doubt it would happen in canada it was heartening to see
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that happen from afar and frustrating to know that if we can only make that happen here maybe something would change. much better to be film director. that sparkles on the red carpet. the festival focuses on the. people in germany should ask.
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the banana company try to stop a story that should leave consumers shaken up. we were celebrated as winners but it felt wrong. even if the film. it was still blocked in the us. before a definitive ruling. taking plea it meant they could sue us again. this threat meant that no insurance company would cover the us distribution. only to get the film out in the us to win over in court. and this morning. was
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a disappointment sensually continued hearing. until twenty four what this really is accomplishing the objective. speech even winning in this case would not be over very very long. our legal system. today. recorded in june good counsel two and we have no been in this for more than a year. late august i received a new letter from michael contra a dog asking us to draw up a record. he's ready to come to sweden negotiate
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a settlement if i only make some cuts to the movie these guys never stop even if they know they're wrong they never stop. two months later i'm on my way to film festival. later today. in court in los angeles. this is the moment we've been waiting for. i was very excited i was i was i was very very. exacting the way i wanted it to read it was it was right on me there's a line in this tentative ruling. everything a perfect way to face the. wants. or. let's face it they are human which. there are
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a couple of times in the area where it was kind of questionings. like what we're talking about anyway so i don't want. her. i didn't think i would be able to read a legal document with a smile. but this is a total win for us. big boy schools. now our film is free also in the u.s. . but you never know with these kinds.
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i would turn to nicaragua to show the film to the workers. told invested millions in lawyers and media spin to suppress the story. stories like this one about poverty and injustice need to be told over and over again. and they say it was great i really liked it do you know why because the film shows the truth and the truth will never be silenced.
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on november the fifth more than four hundred cities around the globe are hosting mass rallies for fairness justice and freedom. follow million mask march on r t and r t v dot com. the deepest lake in the world. usually they're no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five. spirits and buddhist gods live in.
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the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i tried to see by kal in its entirety. it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything but this place offers . the spirit of. the been my dream for. he couldn't hold on to there is such a thing as a teacher now she runs her own factory. smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth. will he be able to win
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a. man versus woman. so the bank of england if you open it up the walls you won't see gold you won't see silver you want to even see bitcoin what you'll see are mouth and mountains and mountains of garbage and trashing gutter oil and dead bodies and dresses that he's aware when he was not seen governing the bank of england before and old guys from the old victorian. stacked up like firewood rotting and that's the collateral that is the doctor saying the speculation was have only one. conclusion and. last but the question of. good leverage sure. to build a new. mission
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to teach me why you should care about. this is why you should care only. more news today. these are the images seeing from the streets of canada. today. we're not psyched to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are worse than this after a massacre on our strike never turn world's attention to the place that some. of
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our. charity the partner of the n.s.a. leaks reporter accused of espionage and terrorism in britain for trying to carry documents from edward snowden with him through the airport. digital discontent a big money n.s.a. facility that said to open in utah drawing the anger of privacy activists the new data center will reportedly be able to store vast amounts of personal information. in iraq october is record high death toll over the last five years causes baghdad to ask the u.s. for additional aid to combat insurgent violence. and peace in the ruins pakistan summons the u.s. ambassador accusing washington of scuttling attempts to get islamist militants to the negotiating table after a u.s. drone strike kills off a leader in.


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