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banned by you a for falling out a geisha is of race chanting joining a champions league match a section of the hume chirino will be closed when the army men host by and munich on november the twenty seventh the decision came off to manchester city midfielder ja touré complained he was racially abused by some of the crowd to during city's two one win it says last month the ivory coast star also suggested black players should boycott the twenty eighteen world cup in russia but former liverpool and england star john barnes says fines and sanctions alone won't eradicate racism so there are ways to get rid of it is through education through explaining to people why it's wrong to feel the way they do why it's wrong to have that perspective on somebody else and no one ever done that all they're doing is saying when he said we're going to find you so is that going to get rid of racism that's going to get a very sense of what i'll do is maybe the courts could c.s.k. moscow i don't know maybe because they didn't but instead have a lot of racist that's not the way to get rid of it. oh meanwhile spartak moscow were given a too much domestic stadium ban after crowd trouble model last wednesday's one zero
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victory out second in the last thirty two of the cup riot police used water cannon before detaining thirty found the third place red and whites will host league a design eight behind closed doors next sunday. while ours where fi fair secretary general jerome valcke appraised russia's progress ahead of staging the world cup in twenty eighteen the top official visited seven hundred kilometers east of moscow to meet the local organizers and assess the cars out there in the first completed of twelve new stadiums which will host the flagship event and valka also congratulated russia on reaching next summer's world cup in brazil after winning group f ahead of christiane are now those portugal. by the way we see for. you that russia twenty five because it's important the russian would play brazil before leaving as it was that the twenty eight team from russia as i said before there are other projects ongoing projects in russia days. in this project that we have seen
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the first stadiums. and all those this years from an eventful week in russian football i raised with the man in charge of producing the twenty eighteen world cup as russia prepares to host the first such showpiece in eastern europe and while the organizers hope will leave i love sting legacy. twenty eight hundred feet for both of lego john the money will be organized man. december the second two thousand and ten football history was made for the first time in eighty eight years fisa will hold the world's biggest tournament in the world's biggest country as football's governing bodies aim to make the world's game a global festival can offer in the new territory can now offer a totally new world and a totally new market jade executive alexey said aachen is tasked with delivering eastern europe's first world cup poland and ukraine were
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a similar pioneers as hosts of euro two thousand and twelve while brazil is now braced for feet as top show for the first time since one thousand nine hundred fifty and russia will use the experiences of each to ensure the success of twenty eighteen year was. valuable for us because it's a country where actually there are two countries that are nearby that are the one country we share the mentality with another and to a certain extent also so some some pressures that were there with think are pertinent here as well but the very very essence of the world cup of course will be picked up in brazil russia's proximity to central europe cheap flights and visa free travel to fill a third of the stadiums in the eleven host cities with foreign fans while the countries also keen to show the recent furore iover anti-gay propaganda law and
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reports of alleged racism have been misrepresented we think part of the problem is that we are not. open enough we do not explain enough what is going on here particularly with the with the law that you're referred to there is a lack of proper journal knowledge of what the law is about and it's basically about. people not willing to allow certain materials to be. propagate at the moment youngsters that's what it's about it's not about fighting gay movement. it's pretty far from that actually sums are very says it's a difficult issue because. it's so universal saying it exists to a certain extent everywhere and so we together with the russian football union are doing the best we can to to off stand and to. to mitigate this but we cannot eradicate it overnight and it's not just about changing attitudes twenty billion
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dollars are being invested into overhauling related infrastructure while seven of the twelve mainly brand new arenas will become home to local t.v. has to be strikingly crowds and commercialism in russian football side of the economists claim host countries don't profit directly from big tournament's so rocking believes the in direct bonuses will benefit russia cheering twenty eighteen and beyond its material legacy and its so-called intangible legacy. material legacy as clear as the infrastructure of the new venues. for that venue is it's it's impossible to further develop but but intangible is no less important for people first of all fired up for the idea of not only football but sports and then . in the clear there are more people going for sports have to leave after competitions like the world cup in any country while brazil has been dogged by
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protests and delays russia remains on sched jewel with four stadia due to be finished by the end of this year and as the official logo rightly reminds us the country is all set and waiting for you to join the party. altie. now former england captain david beckham back his country to do well at what he says will be accepting a world cup in brazil the three lions most capped outfield player signed digital copies of his autobiography in london as the thirty eight year old also hopes to launch a major league soccer team in miami. it's going to be a tough woke up i think it's going to be a great world cup i think it will be one most successful ones because brazil is a country that loves football and i think the way though they'll go about this this walk off will be special. while brazil's world cup hero pele was also in london being on it as england manager roy hodgson handed the only three time winner the
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legend of football award before the seventy two year old star made his predictions been mixed he is fine. if the possible the fire no resuming good to a thank you very much. now on to ice hockey and russia goaltender some jambalaya more made to twenty seven saves for the colorado avalanche just two days after spending a night in jail following charges of domestic violence the twenty five year old appeared in court in denver on thursday after his model girlfriend claimed a drunk attacked her before throwing her out of their apartment the goalie was released on bail but faces kidnapping and assault charges the twenty twelve world champion has since helped the n.h.l. lead an avalanche steal a three to overtime win at dallas but was on the bench for the four one home rat of the wrong trail canadians. while canadian goaltender jeff glass proved
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to be shots of proof after leading spartak moscow to a one zero home win over war as his side goes into the k h l z international break with three wins from three guns on him but reports. sports i haven't enjoyed much success recently they finished second more time in the western conference last season and have missed out on the play of spoil the boss two years ago it seems things are looking brighter for the moscow side with former player fielder canady can now in charge of the recent run of five zero matches our talk won the final week of last monday they snatched at five forwards we know were wrong was a myth. then on wednesday the red and whites edged inform c.b.s. gainey coolly committing a ball play when the second period but the first style the game was committing goaltender you have lost who wasn't spoiled for him between the wife's denying his former side twenty six shots you know what from here on out there's not going to be an easy games any pressure hallway now is going to be very tight but. i think our
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team like that and we play better in the big games so there's a big game today we want to. spar next roast is a new show if you thin the experience yet despite having two time stanley cup winning sandor of interest law last former n.h.l. forward to the written words are struggling to score goals in friday's rechy one will be more beat that model off we have to weakest in the way scramble the referees using t.v. replays to confirm the goal while twenty seven year old last week ordered his second straight shot out and fourth a look in pain equaling last season's personal best in the cage shall we get a new boy in this game is going to be a low scoring game and you know my job as a soft spot is i thought that our seems like a great defense and it's all blocking shots it's usually my job easier she said to make my saves when i got it and it's been a really tough serious of a whole matches i've just got my form back so i could do without major national breaks but the other guys really need some rest because after the break we have
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a crucial away run in siberia and the year olds and we need to be fully fit for that. more react to what sports such third in the world and so the. we're into june fourth of the fourteen teams in the west this season is approaching it's hope way more than disappoint the side's low scoring stats at least was remains unbreakable and manged to help his team to book a playoff sports. thank you thank you thank you thank you thanks for your barbara thank you thank you to the rest of the best now in ten years well number two novak djokovic joined the elite club of only fifteen players to have won forty a.t.p. titles the serbian battled back from a breakdown in both sets in paris to a close while number three and defending champion david ferrer of spain seven five seven five it was also a sixty s most us title for djokovic as the twenty six year old boosted his slim
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chances every time in the world top ranking from rafael nadal at the tour finals in london this week. while in the women's game in form simona halep of remaining i came from a set down to beat australia some studies at two six six two six two and the year ending tournament of champions in bold area it was a six w t a title for the twenty two year old with hallock tension all of them this season and rising to a career like eleventh in the world. while in formula one for a rebound can be right in and crashed out on the first lap of the abu dhabi grand prix after threatening a boycott earlier in the week the finn claiming his lotus two haven't paid him a single euro all year but it was seventh heaven for sebastian vettel as the newly crowned four time champion each to his seventh straight victory matching the record set by fellow german michael schumacher in two thousand and four. and a new n.b.a. season got underway on tuesday as to time rating champions the miami heat reach the
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chicago bulls one hundred seven points to ninety five one home court the two thousand and eleven most valuable player derrick rose played his first compared to . game in eighteen months for the bulls after a long term knee injury chicago's carlos boozer top score with thirty one points but the ground game sank seventeen with six more players finishing in double digits for miami to help them win the now. while russian general says that moscow suffered their worst euro league defeat in sixteen years and their first of the season with the army men lost eighty sixty sixty at fenerbahce in istanbul down the bitch posted a game high twenty three points to help the turkish outfit maintain top spot in group a. and there was also a first defeat for your early debutantes luck about teeth who lost seventy three fifty eight to mccabe in krasnodar as the israeli side went top of group d. jo inglis scored fourteen points for the visitors and grabs ten rebounds to secure
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his first year a league double double and that brings us to halftime in the sports show but we'll be back kicking and punching in the second half so don't go away. it took. over the place to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy check albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why a handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built up my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying
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to fix rational debate and a real discussion on the critical issues facing america to find a job ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. play . play. play. play. play
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play play play play clip. i believe. the deepest lake in the world. usually then no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five min. the. spirits and buddhist gods live in. the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i try to see by cal in its entirety. it's not that i have
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discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything but this place offers . the spirit of. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today. welcome back to the sports show and let's resume with our regular look at mixed martial arts to you have see heavyweight star alastair overweening recently held in
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last acoss in moscow and talk to robert thought on about his ultimate. the one and only often there's just a one out cliche but in a fire out still worse case it's an undisputed definition the only man in the history of gone with sports to hold jam bands bells in mixed martial arts and kick boxing at the same time to form a strikeforce dream and one heavyweight champ and one of the most feared strikers in m.m.a. the demolition man whose full potential is still unknown. i find m.m.a. more hard because there's more displeasure to. get more factors the rest are just too striking there's more surprise element in there. but can also of course as i like strike until christmas like i would if i have to make a choice is the movie ever made and of course i have
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a free champ ships built for me only one remains and i was the you should go see this my my goal with a total of fifty and made belts on he says he there is six so which is one the english born dutchman lost his last two fights in the u.f.c. and his next bout against which i have been friends near new jersey on february the first is set to become a do or die match up for them both nevertheless the remain beliefs will be back stronger i think my career is like everybody's life in life you have ups and downs in the careers the same your faults nonsmokers in every works all the periods not everything works and you have setbacks for me it's about two things it's probable ways of developing yourself always. messy optimistic and look for solutions does this attitude really helps me. man then it's also about the journey and the journey
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is new when we move to travel and move people. are you making. living. life is lived as jury led the thirty three year old to moscow to one of the capital's best games where he shared some of his skills and tips with russian fans and built the only regret he has about his life in a sports. drink fight against now retired star the man many still consider the greatest of all time looking back there's one fight i really want to make happen and i did my best and i was defied your champion for. the fight unfortunate did not happen but that was one fight that i was. over in the still in the waiter's all to build the u.f.c. champions belt it would take a brave man to say if you want wear it some day robert for our team. now top olympic officials visited such
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a last week one hundred days to go before hosting their first ever winter games next february president vladimir putin welcomed president thomas bach as the german travel to the black sea resort for the first time since being elected head of the international olympic committee two months ago the two presidents then took a ride on a train as they inspected the new ad load railway station the transit hub is set to link the coastal cluster with the mountain venues during the games. and to mark the one hundred days to go milestone large olympic winners will put out that such as right way station the symbol represents all the flag colors from the original competing nations of the first modern games all the united in one take movement a similar set of rings was also installed near such as a record earlier this year. while i.o.c. boss bach was also on hand to help unveil the official outfits to be worn by volunteers and organizers during the olympic and paralympic games because it has
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the trademark patent of a patchwork quilt with traditional motifs from across russia twenty five thousand volunteers are due to work in sochi in february and march says the final run up to the games is always the most challenging part of the time it's the stuff of the organizing committee the wall in two years and many of the people there know about this and they're very dedicated and committed so braze stormwater has been achieved already in the last couple of years we can be very confident that also the last lap these last one hundred will be successful. while the american ellen pick committee also celebrated one hundred days to go until such by taking over new york's time square with him think sports were on display at the world famous crossroads with a mini ski slope and an ice rink providing winter fun for the crowd in return man happened while a couple of american and then pick champions outline sketch lindsey vonn and figure
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skater evan lysacek oppose looking to shine in such a i'm really hoping i can defend my olympic title from vancouver you know obviously this is been the toughest journey for me so far coming back from this injury but i've worked extremely hard for me i'm chasing a very lofty goal of trying to repeat as olympic champion dick button was the last in the only american to ever do that in one nine hundred fifty two which is proof that quite a feat to accomplish. and russia will also host a maiden winter paralympics at such a next moment aiming to finish one better than the second overall place. in two thousand and ten and some potential medal winners were among those on it at last friday's annual sporting awards as michael i reports with less than one hundred days to go until russia's maiden winter olympics get underway in sochi the paralympic community came together to mark another event the eighth annual awards
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ceremony to honor support and recognize a year's achievements from the country's top athletes and trainers. we created these awards to help make the olympics of course one of the popular we don't have athletes or trainer of the year awards at the each nominee has their own background story on them and we think the athletes not only with the best results but also the scarf stories are the most testing of thousands of kids who are maybe unaware of their own potential but can see just what can be achieved. there are ten awards and in addition to highlighting sporting excellence they also acknowledge personal challenges and overcoming adversity with titles such as love of life and twist of fate giving an insight into how these awards are uniquely tailored to the athletes experiences. i think this is a great event and i think these kinds of events are good for a national it not only with. taking part so a big thank you to the organizers and the paralympic and olympic committees for
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making sure paralympic sport is not seen as second best to olympic sport russia has one hundred seven candidates for the final team of sixty four who will be taking part in sochi expelled be wary and they'll be followed by over six hundred paralympians all vying for one of the record seventy two medals to be won. slowly but surely getting ready for the paralympics have an extra month as well as start in march but everything is going according to plan at vancouver and twenty ten russia's paralympians finished second overall with one less goal than germany but more medals than any other country and this time at their home event russia aim to go one better with the state pumping millions of rubles into the nationwide development of all access multi-functional sport complexes a growth of the paralympic movement in russia wouldn't have been possible without the proper infrastructure and that's why we set out to invest further in new facilities that can accommodate both olympic and paralympic athletes i'm happy to
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say that regions all across russia are now opening great venues that are for weeks i will tour powell and pick out. so well staging the first of the winter olympics has long been expected to make the nation proud the hosting and achievements of the paralympics could leave a lasting impression awards recognizing athletes achievements throughout the year always important for russia's paralympic athletes it's also the final time they can get together and head of the upcoming winter season and with this season's big prize being sought she there may well be a paralympic champions among them come next year's awards like of think of moscow region. now for every sporting champion there are many who will never have the chance to fulfil their potential so the laureus world sports academy along with stars like tennis legend boris becker have set out to help disadvantaged kids get involved in sport but your reports. thank the royal academy has chosen
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jessica and us the laureus world sports of the world and i'm globally honoring the best sportsmen and women in pink sprint champion saying bolt is a pretty time when our old old world record holder yelena isinbayeva has won two awards the organization isn't just about rewarding superstars but lloris sports academy was set up in two thousand to harness for power sport to promote social change and celebrate sporting excellence its members include some of the biggest names such as six time tennis grand slam winner boris becker who frilled the children with his table tennis and badminton skills and recent attendance here in the capital one of the founding members forty three of us. will. honorary president. to put on the tank for the doctor who brought the take a little hotter than politics. fifty countries russia one of them
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that they only put together moscow number one part of. this program was also because held in the russian capital and possible winding scalable sports academies activities which especially help young athletes with disabilities rugby union legend and former overexpansion sean fitzpatrick was also a guest of honor and only too happy to pass on his knowledge that we were very fortunate sport changed our lives were given an opportunity and that's what we're trying to do globally with this forty six of us and we're trying to give children that opportunity and sport and have a motto is a sport has had to change the world and we believe that as well as the cause the organization has reached sixteen million euros for good causes all full time in gymnastics champion omics a man most became a member in two thousand and ten the. the russian on the panel and he's helping to
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raise the bridge profile across home country for its special effects program with activities in sixty two regions involving one hundred ten thousand children. it is got a sword you know it goes without saying but the sportsman who gave the master class today are famous around the world is one thing to watch them on television it is something completely different when you are able to see them in the flesh and ask them questions or take a picture with them or ask for their autograph this is something that the children who took part in the event will remember for the rest of their lives the three years that. you know marcos of a gali evening to round up the day's events which will hopefully become a regular fixture on moscow's sporting calendar as well as encourage a new generation of sports lovers as russia prepares to host the winter games and the paralympics which mum told me tassie moscow. and that's all the support i can.
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what you're dealing with here is that you did a few years tell your. children to just be. on the internet try to mediate that that's the future if you don't have a safe environment. we're going to face big problems. shifting sands and alliances advances and reversals outside military interventions in stalemate these are among some of the descriptions that apply to the middle east since the start of the arab spring what are we experiencing in this church region the end of the way it's real cool or merely instability and violence with no end in sight. remember remember it's yet again the fifth of november and banks there's a con man still rule has been for under a year that rebelling stand for a rope
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a rope was the last never held and for this reason treasonous blood still bans indeed it was blankfein and diamond who did these schemes called ponzi contrived to blow the global economy sky high with three quadrillion derivatives laid deep in dark pools that did prove the markets overthrow. the markets go boom what the economy went down well. please speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks books fifty yard p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in troy. visit our big.
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coming up on r t in the nation's capital efforts are being made to make changes to expanding u.s. surveillance and protect your online privacy the new oversight board met today to discuss possible changes to the patriot act as well as to pfizer but does this board actually have the power to change and it's a policy details on that ahead. and a german news magazine has published a manifesto written by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the former contractor is pleading for clemency from the u.s. government but white house officials have scoffed at the request for more on that coming up. and in iran thousands gathered outside the former u.s. embassy the anti-american protest marks the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine seizure of that former embassy in tehran more on the troubled past between the two nations.


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