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tv   Headline News  RT  November 5, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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the world's faceless march protest movement anonymous spread dizzy or message across the globe with crowds railing against online snooping and government corruption. war spy revelations with britain reportedly running a secret listening post in the heart of berlin right on the roof of the u.k. embassy. and eastern libya swears in its own government as the oil rich region tries to break away from tripoli blaming authorities for failing to maintain peace and security in the country.
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this is r.t. coming to live from moscow i'm marina josh welcome to the program people and hundreds of cities across the world are expected to take part a mass rallies planned by the global protest group and on a as the day of action is called a million mask march it's uniting those protesting against a violation of online privacy as well as corporate greed and corrupt governments for testers wearing guy fawkes masks are demonstrating legions with the anonymous hacktivist group infamous for its online anti-government actions american activist grad who says the group hopes the global demonstration will encourage people to stand up for what they believe. one of my big pushes with all of the kind of real world stuff we've been doing not the online stuff for me has been to get more people or i like to call activated get more people out there just doing something you know i don't even care what you believe i want you on the streets telling people about it in getting things done so i think this type of event is going to just help to get more people active in the system and i have
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a feeling that more people active in the system can only be better for the people and one of the biggest rallies expected and washington d.c. where thousands are planning to show up for the march count met with some of the activist in the u.s. capitol to find out what's behind their protest. the anonymous are calling for hacktivists activist and ordinary citizens to stand up against what they see is a police state if you have not yet been up to new reality. morning. so that was a bit of their call and now i'm joined by the organizer of the upcoming rally here in washington the million mask march john anthony fer hurst thank you so much for joining me thanks for coming down you know all right john you say a police state they say secure state what do you think about that dilemma. i think it's kind of like
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a lot of crime you know that you can't give up your freedom just to be safe you know the main criticism is that such a decentralized force will die down like the occupy movement has the many ways i'm going to explain what i mean i mean did they did they stop the overtake the corporate overtake no they did not will you stop the n.s.a. what is your answer to that like to you know but you know. i think we're not we're not slowing down we're speeding up i mean this started this with one a vent here in washington d.c. and as of the last i looked last night we had over four hundred marches on november fifth in over one hundred fifty different countries and that doesn't look like it's worse no not at all just i looked at the agenda of the rally it's very diverse it's against the persecution of whistleblowers it's against monsanto the biggest producer of genetically modified seeds tell me about the agenda what are you trying to change or trying to change a lot of stuff that's going on in this world like i said as far as like the food
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that we police state farm was like they're spending money in other countries and all these all this stuff that's going on in the night he is spending it here you know i was just talking to my friends you want to wear these for michigan you know and they're talking about like all these abandoned buildings i can you can you fix somebody else's house before you fix your own you know you've got a you know there's people all over the world that need some serious change and that's what we're doing here. well here on r t we're closely following the marches as more and more countries join the day of global action demonstrations have already taken place in cities across australia southeast asia and africa with several european countries joining in as well i can also had a line to r.t. dot com for the very latest updates and images from the rallies. today was in the four hundred cities around the world goes to mass rallies for fairness justice and three.
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million mask march on r.g.p. and or t.v. dot com now syria says it's not going to the long awaited peace summit to hand over power or form a transitional government the statement from the country's information minister has sparked fears the plan geneva conference will be called off while we now have an exclusive opportunity to discuss this viable issue directly with an advisor to president dr of a tiny a shabat she joins us now live for more from damascus thank you so much for joining us to discuss the doctor shop on so as we know you know many afterwards to hold this a review he's conference have failed so far how different can we expect things to be this time around i mean will the syrian government attend the geneva peace conference. i'm not sure of that. but by a couple of good asking me about the government position door neighbor to go to.
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yes i'm wondering about the participation of this year in government as we heard or earlier that it might not go to geneva this time around so what will be happening how do you expect things to be different this time and what needs to be to happen in order for the government to attend this peace effort. well the government has announced money at times that this is that i did the offender nevel without precondition the problem is with the others host big money different languages that different places and who keep putting conditions we've just learned that russia and then the americans have agree that your neighbor too should be convened without any preconditions from arness side so that's fine with us. but what about the opposition now in syria i mean who are you ready to sit down to talk with is there any part i know that the opposition is becoming radicalized but you
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know could you name perhaps one group that you're ready to negotiate with at this point. well that out of many groves ople position the problem is that. in some countries calling. the group positions or are members the night is over a done deal but the month of positions i think what we need to do is do. the people who put it that political positions and whole care about the interest of sit on the seat and people if you hurt so that a place yes that they the foreign minister of syria that. you would immediately realize that the coalition and that sold the place out of prison is made by parties who have nothing to do with the syrian people that question we would like to do i ask is who do these people do president on the ground who would like to
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know the date if it is under foot the methodology of guard there a little bit of resentment that a lot made in syria that they do not put a prison in the city and people at this point the u.n. arab league and avoid arbor he's meeting the delegates from a russia and the u.s. and other permanent u.n. members by you know at this gathering we don't have any representatives from the syrian government or the opposition present so how can we expect any progress there then. well. government is supposed. to know about do enough to date they are meeting in order to put the invitation letter that it's that i would then tough to that day but with the syrian government will be at that. without precondition i think that this should be made by the theory of before the problem that we had harding now is that. is life so if you add it beyond the u.s.
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assumed themselves to be presenting the syrian people and so they take their liberties to speak in the name of this it and people i think they should honor their word that the syrian people are the ones who should decide their future and who should engine have a duel and who should preach this is about the future of their country and about what better country would look like in the future well dr shabani just said that syrian government will attend the geneva peace conference where we're hearing that the leading western backed opposition group has refused to attend peace talks in geneva unless president to step down so what's your take on the situation. this are not a position of good old this are the good old us that are made by so that faced. by other parties the word good day tell us who are these people who prevent the dollar and you know like the coalition who did it appears to know many groups on
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the ground have a few of the coalition many nationalist opposition harbored a few of the coalition so good that tell us who do this people to prevent and as for us going for the best not to step down i think i would go in secretary cutting to speak the same language if it were are not to change is not according to the path in which he speaks he speaks one thing in title something inserted at a via some the been put on something good lovable i think the simplest thing is that if that picture of the united states should are not his words speak the same language everywhere and make the same stunt so that people would understand what is best done of the united states they should respect the intelligence of people well you know there is also another player in all of this and it's iran russia insists that iran must be invited to the peace conference the peace summit by the
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opposition is saying that if iran is in zero out so will the diplomats somehow manage to meet each other halfway on this one. or come to an agreement for that matter i think you'll have to differentiate i think you have to differentiate between good and stuck to it but there's a whole one solution to that crisis and between other thoughts there's so had been for doing years putting all this stuff on the way of solving this it in a crisis it has shrunk it on top there's a lot of constructive who want to solve the crisis in syria either there's who said we would not that then that unless something is done we were not that then defeated on guns we would not do this those are the people who have been put there because they have five of them the good ol and who are killing the syrian people who are this really city and set this whole our whole have a clear head that this is a problem for syria so we have to differentiate between bit those sides are no hold
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birth prevented prison. well as we know the first geneva conference has yielded a road map on how to go about solving some of the problems and how to solve the conflict in general but so far things haven't gone exactly to plan how do you expect geneva two to be different and to be more effective in that sense. if i may speak in the name of the city and people who live in syria whole harbin some putting in syria i would like to say that the fed is saying that the syrian people want is photo violence to stop which is by the way the fairest in geneva the one that was at it then on the thirtieth of june two thousand and twelve to stop violence by old plot there's the stop the groves. dolar peace and safety into that country and then it is up to the syrian people to rethink their own method to
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put the mechanism put a political approach says for syria it's not up to this people who say you know who invented the story of every day in order to obstruct a solution what we want is to produce store peace and security and then start a political process but speaking to one language with one no objective which is to solve the crisis in syria and to take care of this city had people not to create a crisis a bad experience and that could be a problem for them at the moment syria is in the process of destroying its chemical stockpiles in your opinion but very briefly if you could how realistic is the deadline by the middle of next year for security complete you would get rid of its chemical stockpiles very briefly if you could please. you know you know what if there is a political will to end this it could asses everything becomes realistic the issue is not that the issue is not the day it's weeks the issue is the political will
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this part is how politically to put it and then the fed it and sell through this fear that because there's they've got no it within weeks because they can only just built the financing they ahd meaning muddling better is a gross the board the problem dedicate fifty percent of the syrian crisis would be solved in two weeks' time you know but all the bugs in the political to it is not the issue is neither the time nor do they have been lifting of this but there is an end to the suffering of the sudan people thank you very much dr patani a siobhan a political and media advisor to syria's president bush on the loss of now to other stories here on our team the u.k. is operating a secret listening station within a stone's throw of the german parliament and that's what the british newspaper is in a patent has revealed siding leaked documents from adult snowden equipment housed on
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the u.k. embassy roof to be intercepting phone calls and long distance communications across berlin artist peter all over has war on the latest spy exposure. it's a case of another day another case of spying on each other this time it's the turn of the british it seems these allegations in documents leaked by edward snowden suggest that on the roof of the british embassy here in berlin just a short way away from where we are here at the ripley studios there was a online listed on the roof listening post now if that's the case it comes just a week after the united states of supposedly removed a listening post of their own on the roof of their embassy which is just next door to the british embassy here in the german capital now there is the argument that this is what they do however there is certainly going to be repercussions from this if it turns out that it is true that the british had this. this this what's being
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called an intercept nest on the roof of the embassy it's certainly going to be toxic for relations between germany and britain to close allies within europe and it also comes at a time where german if issues are in washington to try and get some kind of agreement on not spying on each other so all of this information coming out it seems in a relentless fashion showing that all of these people who held hands as friends around the world wall secretly listening in to what each other were doing now it's been said that the e.u. have asked david cameron's british government for for answers on this the british government have said well it's a matter of security and they don't comment on matters of security it all seems like a very easy and city give but this to be repercussions from this and it does seem that just because you're a little paranoid doesn't mean that everybody isn't spying on. my travels and job
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losses are pushing europeans to the far right and that's what the latest opinion polls show months ahead of e.u. parliamentary elections mainstream politicians an analyst saying. it's too early to predict just how many seats the euro skeptic and nationalist parties could win and i'm a twenty fourteen but broadcast image suggest anti e.u. parties could score from twenty to thirty percent of the vote this year in austria the far right secured one fifth of the ballot the movement for a better hungary made big inroads at the national assembly in two thousand and ten the same here in the national alliance came in fourth and twenty you haven't the true fans party quadrupled its share of national vote artie's tests are still your reports from france were the nationalist movement as one of the strongest in europe . the minced no words the doctors will be hundred european people are realizing that the use in them parts of the soviet union in fact is this
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doing their freedom. for you authorisation of islamic mass immigration to europe has been one of the greatest mistakes of recent decades without me and the role fired up to continue. this is shake the system. there are two increasingly popular figureheads riding a wave of nationalist movements across europe not quite in the mainstream but no longer on the fringes either germany france the netherlands belgium austria greece italy and the u.k. all seeing the success of political parties which in varying degrees are anti e.u. in its current form anti euro and anti immigration. day europe doesn't have economy growth nor does it really have the right and the left did not manage to resolve the problems under far right feeds off of. a new pool of voting intentions show that nearly a quarter of french voters would vote for france's national front in the may twenty
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four thousand european parliament elections that's ahead of the country's two leading parties and the swing to the right could very well sweep across europe as well in the pens national front and the dutch and islam politician have to builders party for freedom plan their move that's despite reports that builders in the past disapproved of and to submit it remarks by lipans father while a pen reportedly described the dutch as more radical than she was when it came to islam it was in this restaurant the two of the most confrontational politicians in europe had sat down over a meal and got to know each other and then the end they realized that they had more in common that they might have initially thought so much so that full political parties that claimed patriotism they decided to put their differences aside and pursue an ambitious goal changing europe's grand plan. that europeans and the french have understood that the political structure of the defense people of the best sort of the nation he said but today the decisions are made in brussels early
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in washington reprise they're not made in france and this cannot go on while a potential alliance between far right parties is already stoking fear into some in the e.u. italian premier enrico letta called the growing popularity of euro skeptics and the far right as the most dangerous phenomenon facing the european union that could lead to the most and to european parliament in history in the end it's a numbers game as far as that's concerned the rise of the right is not quite just a blip on europe's radar tests are still the r.t.t. paris meanwhile on the other side of the atlantic some rural communities are pushing for the creation of a new state. as american voters head to the polls on election day hundreds of thousands of citizens in colorado are voting on a ballot initiative to establish the fifty first us states details straight ahead.
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and more on the story after a short break. there's a media lead us so we leave the media. by the seat cushions secure the play your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. are today. if you. could you take three. three.
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three. three. three. three blog video for your media project free media r.t. dot com. welcome back you're watching r.t. now eastern libya has sworn in a breakaway government's dealing a new blow to the embattled central authority in tripoli named sarah nika by local militias the area is home to a large share of the country's oil reserves it's also been the birthplace of the revolution that overthrew mama khadafi the rebels led by a powerful libyan warlord blocked oil flows in the province the summer leading to fifty percent drop in exports prime minister all these adonis said he won't order
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a military campaign to oust armed forces from the oil terminals because there's no organized nasa. to take on such a task the government's been losing popularity over its failure to do with corruption and rising instability since the fall of gadhafi and some analysts say foreign mally is only making matters worse. the central government in tripoli is not strong enough by itself to impose its rule all over the country so the reality on the ground is that there are more than one libya today and we have to see if the men that they find in agreement to maintain the composition of the body of. a common libya or if the very way hold together the old four forces that are intervening from outside of libya so i wouldn't be surprised if the area would start looking east and southeast that are about two hundred forty tribes in the bia and tribes are very important for the running of the territory so it's not just
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a sort of. reminded of like we can imagine from the west i mean the tribes there they count they control people in the territory it depends how much they bargain among themselves but it may also end up that they fight each other i mean this is very difficult to predict it depends also by which support from outside this new independent unit who would. acquire and out of breakaway movements gathering steam in this town in the u.s. state of colorado people in several counties are about to cast their vote on whether to form their own independent state parties reimport nial looks into what set them on this path. in a state of five point one million people democracy is failing in the minority and a battle to break away has begun or trying to address a kind of systemic issue within the country which is this rural versus urban divide
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eleven colorado counties approximately four hundred thousand citizens are voting on a ballot initiative that would pave the way for creating the fifty first us state the urban areas can assert their well against the rural communities and it is like taxation without representation and that the rural communities don't have a voice to block the things that are being forced upon them earlier this year colorado's democratically controlled legislature exerted its power by passing laws fiercely unpopular in the northeastern parts of the state among them. historic gun control laws and mandating only rural areas to produce twenty percent of their energy from renewable sources a move officials say will crush farmers and ranchers while also raising the cost of electricity urban legislators imposed one standard on rural colorado and exempted themselves out of that same standard for their urban constituents one
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might call that tyranny in my thirteen years plus of being a county commissioner i have never seen folks this frustrated this discontent this feeling of this disenfranchised in addition to sending a message to lawmakers here in denver supporters of the fifty first state say their ballot initiative also serves as inspiration for the many other u.s. cities and states with their own secession movements i get fold calls on a regular basis. at least once a week from citizens in other states saying hey what are you guys doing out there how you doing this from vermont and north carolina to texas and california the u.s. has seen a rapid spy. movements blazing across the nation in the past decade as the united states has grown extremely divided i hope that there's a recognition that a disconnect exists not just here in colorado but in other states and that we need
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to begin to address that problem the problem of america's partisan politics extends all the way up to the top last month's dysfunctional stalemate in washington caused a sixteen day government shutdown the next step beyond this is going to be more than likely a twenty four to know statewide ballot initiative which everybody in the state would be able to vote about point which would redraw the boundaries of the state of colorado however this coveted swing state can only be torn in two with the approval of u.s. congress a powerful legislative body known best for its own failure at reaching compromise merino port r.t. colorado. and other stories from around the world now thousands of garbage collectors and street cleaners have been gathering in madrid to protest against mass layoffs due to government cuts around one thousand staff stand to lose their jobs adding to the hundreds who were laid off in august workers burned trash cans and chanda calls for the mayor to resign. police say
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a gunman who opened fire in a shopping mall in new jersey has been found dead the man let off several rounds seemingly at random without injuring anyone before shooting himself in the head his body was found in a back room after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers both inside and outside the building where this is say the shooter repeatedly fired at security cameras. up or had the beauty of russia's lead by call gets a biological biography. the problem is terrible they come up very hard to make other plots against the money or the club life has never had sex with the perfect there's
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no lens lets them up a little blood. tests . lifts the i'm subluxation place. mother. of the. dramas the chance to be ignored to. the top stories others refused to notice.


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