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tv   Larry King Now  RT  November 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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mary-kate now to him boxing is great it's iron mike tyson an event of the real deal holyfield life is difficult for me and i pay the pain people i get high rating for living life pretty hard why did you buy a fifth already have a wall why does your by the end it turned out to be bigger than life where it's coming every well when people write things in our house are great they made you more famous and you gave a sort of didn't even the five times you. plus how do you think they would have come out had you continued to fight or hope i would have won and i hope i want to party with a bit of me again. it's all next on larry king now. we
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welcome what a show we've got coming for you today larry king now mike tyson his one man show mike tyson undisputed truth will air as a t.v. special on h.b.o. on november sixteenth and tour internationally in two thousand and fourteen his memoir also title undisputed truth comes out on november twelfth you can catch the finale of his docu series being mike tyson on fox sports one this coming tuesday october twenty second at ten thirty pm later we'll be joined by a vendor of the real deal holyfield who we knows pretty well and hank barry the founder of global village champions i know you're leaping out of the klansmen leads me into the clancy who is kings what came from the game your sat. plans with police over your coming. to supposed to be with us at the end of august and you came out that night admitted that you had gone back on how's everything no i'm fine the day
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of two month no drinking no we know why is that so hard to get off why is this on if there's a neophyte why i don't know if i would differ from the live in life life is difficult for me you know i could do a lot i can't attain people. so play through that i get a high rating but living life is pretty hard you live in but when you have those moments when you do fall off and go but is it usually an event to something happening here you know on the everything's going great very rarely when things are going bad i really with yeah they're going great and you do yeah that count. going to. get back on the web for all of a double of our floor lot i'd. always so honest about you know you're always open about what the hell with theming you know now and over him and we're animals learn to be human beings really recently we had cameras in the ally for a docu series being mike tyson on fox sports why and i was in truth why did you let
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that happen well first i had no money larry ray and then. i need the extra bucks and. i wish i didn't do the truth of underwood and them are you embarrassed by any of that kind of really and sorry that it. i thought the gone at the rex and sometimes i think we should and do this do you sober during the filming pretty much yeah i mean when you watch the show i watched a few episodes and when you look there's yourself in reality terms how did you feel . i don't know i think. if i was. and i didn't like the way my voice sound i would leave i would the smoke in my voice when the been so hot wrath he who critical steely critical you also created a one man show based on your life mike tyson undisputed truth that was vs still doing that right yeah i just finished i had a show and oakland california and three weeks i'm going to buy them take internet
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to go to the west then spike lee directed and yes how'd that come about well i tyson doing theater well. you know me i'm a wife with driving them fifteen and the three of them with chav parliamentarian bronx to want to state so we went we saw a man it was yes i'm a thing maisie i was just totally captivated by the whole dynamics of his performance and i was explaining to my way the baby i believe i could do something . to that degree because i mean you have been asia most days talking about my life but the only thing that's different than taking answer the question from the crown and it just took on a life of the soldier enjoy it i really did you know i do the same thing every night going out and doing and i like entertaining people even if it's. ten thousand people or one person i'd like to and i think you also have the biography coming out right also to add to what you really boil your your everywhere might have been be
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a no where. you've got a point where anything in the book shop this. i don't know. i don't know we'll be surprise with you always surprised. i like that i look at is normally you may think of no movie you're from brownville you know that no maybe i think you feel wow wow that is why he'd be glad to say neighborhood you also started iron mike productions what is. the fight promotion company and i was very fortunate to find. the film open to sensational young amateur for it is and i'm just very grateful that i'm able to do something like that to give back to the sport they gave me so much so you're looking for young fighters and here they want to be the beth you know they all have to be the greatest lied in the world but they want to be the best way if the answer is to don king teach you anything about promoting well he taught me what not to do. and i would not ever hear from him no
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not much i think in a family around but i don't see him around is he in florida he comes out every now and. the olympics are a little angry right they thought that you were taking these amateurs and making professional too early i can't believe that because they were in the and i'm just there when i when i was you know you have to talk to the young fighter than their parents because they made the choice to turn professional and i was just to sign them it was enough that i would and if you come with me and i'll make you the capital will i give you all the money in the world would be rich with me they are we met them we spoke with them and. my partner. gary was just. i guess he fascinated them and they wanted to come with us you also want to train fighters i would love to do that but you know it's very difficult so maybe you think it would be you think you'd be
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a good trainer i believe. in retrospect was going to meet vander in a minute. as that how as you assess yourself agree to fight a war you know i was ok just ok you know and. look at myself being why the mon i you know that's if the people make that. you know i just perform and then he whales can give me their you know their appreciation and if they don't like me we have been on like most of the fight and people like boxing from people like slug and i like to be exciting fighter because you like to hit people well sometimes sometimes when we get going to hit you. i'm not going to do it ok not going to not get attention and the only thought i have time heavyweight champion of the world event of the real deal holyfield now joins us with mike tyson we will discuss their campaign to fight world hunger
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they're doing a great job we'll discuss that in a little while but we have to go back to june twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred ninety seven the fight both of you will remember what is your memory of that fight where a bit here and then lost a lot of money and been there for law and calm down went to the psych ward for a few you had visited the psych will you get all with the fact where we could bite somebody you know well i've won a million i mean to people like oh why did you but i thought what why did you buy it because i had to i wanted to be the i didn't mean it by the ability i didn't really mean it was a good all right event all let's get it from your standpoint what happened. is i just know i got bit. with. what did what we were shocked of course when you judge. me you know if you get your pretty high really you know and where in the fight was this what room was around
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the room where you willing. was he winning yeah ok did you say i was coming now and. did you what were you going to clinch was your memory what what it was when he clinched me on the mavs. and i took my hearing you know because usually you. get like this and but when you look at the tape it's like i put my ear in his mouth when i did like this you see like err the income they go over here what i did is. your manager now and i had to jump twice to get on out of it did it hurt oh of course it is good to base wouldn't they do then what happened in the fight or try to remember this stop the fight not right now whether it's what happened. the commissioner down to god and he looked at his. door and called millennial get ready to
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get rid of cancer and miller has and his oh he's good he can go but is there a piece of year all year where was the peace. i don't know one thing about that is this is it you live on the floor yeah i believe. you must in retrospect might wonder why you did it why did you do it and crave the a little bit and i was you know i was bleeding all over the place and frustrated and i you did you say in the ring that you were sorry idea were you sorry and that moment for you and. what happened the rest of the fight. well you know you know after that gap got pushed in they then said when he says fight back might we do it like this come on and so of course you know i was angry
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and you know i'm given to run again and my one of my corn again in tim hallmarks. keep your mind on low and close this path ahead told me that something bad going to happen like that and so it kind of made me mad cause i'll give it up by him but also so that we don't i mean yeah yeah i'll get my check back fast i'll go by and by then began said again and i realize. they always get the person who come in and try to get back they get you worse so you know i held up then i come in there i hit my two shot he bag that year and i skip back and i get ready to kick him and the guy sounded again keep him out moon i get to be around you know and i go back to the corner and you know. his is this is is this you know now i become to a point i don't really know who i am now because i'm just me and so me elaine stop
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the fight you just stop the fight and what was it what was it what was it called who was one of the if this quote you were disqualified did you accept that no way you thought they shouldn't have disqualified at the time by the no. how do you think you would have come out had you continued to fight with hope i would have won i hope i went to one party with a bit of again. to get out really angry you must've did you after the fight did you just speak to him do what happened after well you know we had three four wow you know read then and then and it was like when if i was over at that time i had already pray and as and ask what this is all about he said forgiven and i was like forgiven i guess and i met and he gave me the answer i mean around you go i said three. how long you been sandwich or for
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twitter year i'm going to get paid for three round nothing is how much you get paid this time. and i said thirty five million dollars that i realized he said. so in a point to where the point of the given the end it turned out to be bigger than lived in a way that he has got everywhere i went people are things that are now so great things so it everything started in the end it made you more famous than you gave it could have been even a five time champion this way i think so and he made thirty five maybe yeah but we'll be back with my good event to discuss the current state of boxing. it was a very very hard to take. to get. that
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back with the earthquake here. but. the people. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy and great things out there that had been rendered in a court of law. online is a story made for the movies playing out in real life. and you didn't get to get it till twelve years later on oprah's show right through what happened that's not true i've seen them before then and what i have to forgive each other before that you know it was an eye out first encounter that we was at madison square garden at all-star game and i hear people holler and say look out look out and i wonder what it was and look out and i looked up my it was all my hair and he
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put his hand down there and you know and i shook his hand and i realized. everything's good but everybody thought i would get ready clocks but he did stood in the head on a bare big coat and reach no shirt my hand and in a about a come my look at this was before oh yeah how come here is a perfect now it's not just a little deal this is going to live. i want to assess each other how good a fight it was he had very great fighter what made him great pacific and competitiveness and with the way. well made him a good and very competitive most competitive thing really yeah very competitive order but what was his special thing you know in counterpoint you two great counterpuncher well we're with mike i've seen my. in the amateur he was he out
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worked there about and i'm saying he has in his bag a step and i'll come back later and try to hit it like that couldn't do it and so you know and so people you know people it's why you always get in my credit because i realise that his arm shorter than mine as a one as when somebody hit some not a six three six four i says on asses on short asking for him to do that i said make sure to ask that's amazing i say you know what i believe i will be hit with temper worldcom i came as a result the fact that he was small guy i would not as who have big they were trying to save my. trying wouldn't understand he bust them up so you know laugh it is mike you know you do hit well i didn't i came really hard here because he didn't really catch me with the good ones you never hit him good you know how hard he hit. the field of political i was so black that i could
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never feel a feeling back or hear him you hear pap pap. how do you think it would your upbringing lead to your boxing career do you think the way you grew up. do yes we poor what yes where my mum was and she says she was and she say you know but if you make the same mistake you won't be poor and so when i was young i was young. and you know i got to about here about my first go with the brother my brothers and sister got it beat me and everything so you know you know i had them by me because i had to dies them back and my mama always through and i had to get them hands. you grew up a lot. how would you describe your neighborhood is really on drug offense the violence and. crime is just. a big cesspool most of the time when did you want to be a fighter i never thought about being afraid that i would and. i would in
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a detention school and then abunimah bobbies to a box with the kids if they behaved well again the level and they could blow from steam in the study show me how to box i never had a pair of boxing gloves on in my life for probably twelve thirteen and never had a pair of boxing gloves one of my life and. he said you can do this if you train with him and then he took me the custom out of the knee said if you could change your life and i did go back the year and that was really that he lived your life would have been better. if my life is really cool now but you know things happen for reading you can never think what this guy then you doubting god could everything that that happened baikal is here believe in. you believe in god i believe in god i want to the guy believe in me but i've always believed where yes did you like hitting people like winning and if that came to hitting people knocking them out yeah i love that did you like your opponents. know
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they didn't exist in my mind their feelings and stuff then the in my mind the living for i was over but other than that. ali told me that despite all his poems and everything that guy want to hit him and he is not afraid he was concerned were you concerned about getting hit well i knew how good i was in a good defense. but i realize he had a back you concerned about getting hit not really i think you have much in fighting you know if you really if you can i think it. as much is most of you can of all the heavy weights they have a foot i probably have left even though you are straight walk in pretty deep in the friend. might even get that much i was sure guy was going to have the punch down
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so i did pretty i was pretty good in that the partment you call him a counter-puncher. well the other biter well my my mind was like when like a rattlesnake a rattlesnake like he had a dissolute like he couldn't get any get like that and so that was always you. free to get out of here is boxing no one is for it mayweather boxing. yeah you have faith in what's happened to the game. the game has changed the game it's changed for the not exciting they used to be fighting the best fight of the now fight in the best fight of everybody avoiding one another floyd mayweather the fighting businessman he picks a fight which is a smart thing to do and i respect him well i think his training the way he training they take at the body just leave it in
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a bad take everybody go have a long go what have a bit of heavyweight division. i'm not in it and there's no great heavyweights right now well the clips go the pretty good they're winning the fights we have to like them could in an american who if they don't fail it will cause them to you know take chances but they're winning five close to the close to mary holmes and to lose the fourth title different to confirm but they if not will we see the heavyweight guys and that in this long with taking chance to make an exciting fight you agree well i just think they. get boxes so that every so often it does lead the way the boys have a way in these little guys always tired of being no one as lovely it come back to my right what do you make of these kickboxing fighters yemen what do you make of that hey listen. that's good stuff too and there's enough room for boxing then i'm
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in may you know it's just the buffet right now not. stepping up to the plate and it made green so much the many other dynamics to to the table bring in entertainment factor there with boxer the hapless that we are now joined by the philanthropist to tie a nobel prize nominee and founder of global village champions yang barry you might also know him from the popular sixty's band the king's men and their hit louis louis how did you go over of louie louie the global village champion in in the sixty's and seventy's i was in the music business i went to sports management in the eighty's and got involved in a we were the world project on the philanthropic side and it became really really good that they're feeding kids in ethiopia and one of my best friends was ahmed ali told ali one day we're going to feed kids together i ended up in the food business in one thousand nine hundred and got muhammad as my spokesperson and we started feeding kids and i told mohammad that in twenty years we're going to feed one
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billion children and today it read nine hundred fifty six million documents of mills without donations and have you enlisted these two evander became our goodwill ambassador mohammed tell started failing that you know larry and two years ago we took asia off the map for him and appointed manny pacquiao as a raging goodwill ambassador and last year all the and i had a meeting and had to pick a new good woman bassett and. it was a band that you got there brother mike when you brought him in. so what did you think what a vendor called you and said i want you to get involved in this project one of my like i was doing anything course you know i know yeah ok you got to feed them people and the bad i'm doing now you know i may be everything. but it's food if you give it away to a vegetarian get tell me about it work how does the how does it work are that what works is is i'm canadian i became an officer a resident of the bahamas and i made
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a deal with the big guy that whatever i would pay in tax were very successful company worth fifty seven countries i said i would get the children so i've been the i've been write the checks for life how does it go how does it is that we have we have champions in every country it started with mohamad gary us bonds the rock n roll center my wife even then still in the on came in the other another montrealer and champion started coming in from everywhere offering their services to distribute food and then in one thousand nine hundred three we went to the ivory coast we got a call from jimmy carter that a catholic nun by the name of sister beltran from conyers georgia was stranded in the ivory coast with four hundred eighty amputee children could help her she had no food i called ali we flew over and all the press were there. and we'd already said maybe ten or fifteen million kids below the radar and they said what's the name of your organization we even have a bank account we have no name i said global village and only went champions and
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that's that's how it started in one thousand nine hundred three you must be very proud to be a member of the go to guy. event you just came back from he just got over one point two million homeless in england for thirty three days and he was in the philippines with myself manny pacquiao with a two and a half million there and he's going to bulgaria with me to release another eighteen billion eighteen refugee families from the camps is a great reward to help people it is i guess the main part. as a kid if i didn't get it they have i would be who i am so it's easy for me to get back to people help. how they can help you for was this is volunteers and then now we're going into unchartered waters larry where we're we're we're in the freeing refugee business which is a tough business it's never been done i've managed to convince the country of bulgaria to allow us to have refugees brought out of the camps after they're screened and become residents of the you were paying the entire tab it's the first
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time we're asking people to go to our web site and make a contribution we have never is that it's go g b c dot com or global global village champions dot org the b w the what is going to start going mike's mike's doing a thing for us in we have a thing that we started last year called the christmas in january we started in phoenix arizona with muhammad ali and mike's going to head up our christmas in january in las vegas with the boxing hall of fame and then hopefully whenever he's available it will be a phenomenal asked that the come on some of the trips with us especially i've just been invited to see mr assad since the noise we've been making in syria garia and we'd love to have mike on the trip i mean. if it would be a neat trick with a. get me down there what i don't know that's pretty scary down there might want to find you like i said. i'm just here they have them to be at third with anything and life you know i mean is this is my person i don't have much and that's life
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a little whether the life i have left to live i want to be of service. what do you make of him. he's incredible i met by several times but when they did a show in atlanta i think it was the person with a view series or the second segment i saw mike with evander son as a corner man and it was almost like it was his kid mike would run over in between rounds and get evan give them advice and i think he was more nervous than evander was and i saw i saw the man's guy the goodness and that he really felt like a business and a lot of business and money you don't be humble you. play the violin and i also really believe that michael helped make a difference it's at a point now where we have worldwide recognition we've been the best nonprofit two years in a row now at one point three million so obviously we're doing the right thing event approves the idea of forgiveness yes and you have
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a personal forgiveness right that have you forgiven all those people who did you wrong. half a game are because the common denominator is that i was a dear you know and i don't have nobody basically that if am i forgive them can i was the guy that was wrong most of the time and for had to forgive myself before i could even accept any forgiveness for anybody else and on my part that's way off of all my problems everything starts for me. it was all me pretty much so i sold all of you you're doing a great job thank you ben thank you like. kissing you kissed and made up for that stuff be sure to pick up my jaw memoir undisputed truth on the air and you're going to get a nomination for being private there is going to be a charm and what's the value of being mike tyson on tuesday night at the. very last one of the you the final word games then we see don't let's get me to see an extra
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