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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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yes. this is my life whenever. little is i still can't believe it. my first. try to be good for. the fortune maybe the help of the. media i'm very proud of. these awards and my time. in the body or. i feel i've left them are. welcome here take my take live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two o two nine zero four twenty one thirty four add a one for the number if you're calling from outside the united states but first we go to our video comments our first video comment of the night is from mark from wyoming. i want to talk to you about china no new the trade
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with china is not good and you know we can bring jobs back but also they also employed in the us and it's hard to regulate china with all the other what they're putting in our products and also they are they also it's they also steal our products and then sell them their own country and that's a big problem and i would like you know you think of that as marc from wyoming thank you mark this is not unique to china this is first of all every country in the world. advantage going and what the chinese have done that's really smart is they protected their domestic markets. if you try to export an american product into china odds are you're going to encounter a tariff or some sort of barrier to that trade to that export some regulation or something like that that makes it more difficult for you to export into try. again
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you know this is not unique to china south korea for example sold us millions and millions of cars last year we sold them a couple thousand a couple hundred thousand why because it's harder to sell cars into south korea than it is to buy them from we used to have those kinds of barriers to trade the pretty much every other country in the world has made it easier for americans to buy american made products it's why back in the day when wal-mart first started out sam walton slogan was made in america because we made things in america you know back before the reagan administration but since we have gone into this insane free trade thing where we just said well we'll let the transnational corporations in the other countries write our trade laws basically nafta calf to shaft to get the whole thing. we have this problem and so frankly mark i mean you can complain about china all day long but it's not china that has created the situation it's us so you need to take your concern to your politicians and tell them let's go
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back to a protective trade policy a protectionist trade policy like we had from the george washington a ministration to the ronald reagan administration. next up a message we received on our rant line from a viewer in illinois. i just want to say it isn't funny that sirius has dropped off the political map. obama got the job done without foreign one shot sending over one soldier or spending one damn dollar and doesn't get any credit no the republicans would have us on a damn war once again it's a republican or it's democratic policies get the job done actual and point at some point that can't be made frequently enough and because there's no drama around it it doesn't get made very often excellent point thanks for calling assuring the cynthia from portland. this isn't the end from portland just want to let you know
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that i made a contribution to the hunter school in memorial for pickens and also from my cat ollie who died of stomach cancer almost identical to make and i'm sorry for your loss. thank you that's very kind of you for people who don't know our cat higgins who has been a member of our family for fifteen years and really a member of our family our cat higgins died last thursday he used to try to take on the goose. recall that. he did take him out i don't think so. here's another message we received on our ram line from a viewer in illinois. while i was calling is the republicans need to pay for showing the president of the united states so little respect. it's staggering there are just. just total lack of respect for the presidency. it goes beyond that there's
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open racism being displayed as well it's. you know i've been around a lot of years and i'm just i'm never seen it like this in my life and you talk to people who've been around politics for a long time and they're just. this is incredible i'm with jeff in san fernando valley california hey jeff thanks for calling i want to talk about sickly. he had a job for thirty years i worked choose to you don't even know in california in you work in construction or something like i did you didn't get tickets right if you showed up to pay to ensure security did not affect if you didn't show up he had a column the next day to see if still had a job so when this guy says that nobody shows up sick i had to prove a pin that he was put through four years ago and i'm going to work and i was on top of a twelve foot ladder and i had a stroke. that's you know that's the only way that i ended up getting paid and i
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was taken up for social security. i'm sorry to hear that story but it's i think that and thanks for the call i think it's just so typical of what we're hearing all across the united states from people you know the consequence of not having sickly is not just a you know the kind of selfish perspective that i was putting out which is sick people can make me sick but it's sick people can do damage to themselves because of their sickness as well richard in los angeles say richard thanks for watching once . it's on he just got done showing the record on chris christie's anti women's rights anti-union anti teachers police firemen. how does average joe six-pack american house wife vote for this pompous ass. it's a good question richard. barbara buono i believe her name is barbara was a mary. barbara barbara who ran against him. in her.
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concession speech really took a shot at the democratic establishment saying that they basically abandon her i think that chris christie is record had been made more clear and even though his record on sandy i mean he did a lousy job with sandy. that he probably wouldn't have won is because he did i think the media really really dropped the ball you get these politicians that the media just kind of logs and they develop the symbiotic relationship same thing happen when john mccain back six eight ten years ago when he was the maverick and now he's a right wing crank he's he's the guy yells get off my lawn as john mccain and. victor in atlanta hey victor you on talk about foreclosures. first of all i'm a very big fan of you thank you. and you're not a. paralegal who keep up the great work. what i've been doing with a book
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a year in the court system to. you know they illegally foreclosed on people about what they're using it bogus court stand up for murder what they do with the. state rebels and of stewards the signature of the notary may be in the you intelligence material court you know in the caribbean. and beyond it's how do you fall clothes on people out of habit legally and carefully and rob them to clear the fury of court she allowed to go home and even allow them to go. to the quote pain so not only are they rob people but they are also robbing detector oh yeah victor i you know we're starting to get into the names of bureaucrats and people i'd rather not do that but. you are you know i don't know by your particular situation but what i do know is that millions of americans were
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lied to millions of americans are victims of robo signing robo signing should be considered a crime i mean it's it's like for is it's like forgery if you go if you to if you write a check for it for fifty bucks on somebody else's check and take that to the bank in cash it expends five ten years in prison depending on the state you're in forgery is a crime. and and these banks there's who did this i mean jamie diamond now we just got busted for this among other things he's walking around with millions of dollars in income every day every week every month. and comes to washington d.c. and everybody's balios jimmy don't lloyd blankfein only know. it just blows my mind we have been and this is what happened tony was talking about earlier we both
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both democrats republicans have been covering up for and protecting these banks tours for years and they should be in jail and the reason why they were going to jail during the reagan administration when the s. and l. mess went down and the reason why they were going to jail through the forty's and fifty's and sixty's and seventy's when they did commit crimes occasionally not massive systemic failures was because the influence of money in politics was not as great but now with citizens united after central bank versus bloddy and and buckley versus philae have the supreme court decisions going back to the eighty's that said that money is speech these bankers have become the kings of the universe they own our political process that's why you need to go to move to amend or get active create a local group to amend the constitution to say money is not speech adam in alexandria virginia you want to talk about anonymous. i just want to know what your opinion of you know what they're doing is and if you think that could and if so or if not if
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it's the proper way to start a world movement because honestly something needs to be done we have lobbyists that are it's a blatant form of corruption then we have all this stuff going on with corporations like wal-mart and all that and just it's pretty much because if you don't have a million plus in your bank you're second class citizen anonymous has its excellent point and animists has been gauging. in what you could call kind of guerrilla warfare or social guerrilla warfare techniques you know around the edges around the fringes the kind of stuff the british complained about. the americans doing back in the seventeenth seventy's and. you know while i don't condone the breaking or hacking or any kind of illegal activity i do think that highlighting some of the things like. the this was a steubenville rape case it was either that or was a city where there was
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a very similar situation involved in anonymous was involved in outing the rapists things like that. you know there's there's a there's a. a lone ranger sense to it or something like that you know there's the it's like the hero with the with the black cap is still a hero to it that i think has really caught the imagination the american people i don't know what anonymous is up to right now though so i can't really comment on that so thanks so much for that's it for your take my take it live thanks for all your calls if we didn't get your call tonight try us back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone or turn on your computer pointed at your own face and record your question or comment try to get it i level it looks better than you know no zero level and e-mail it to us at your take my take it g. mail dot com. going up republicans in washington say they're pro-life and pro-gun but don't be fooled there is really only one thing the republican party is brawl
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i'll tell you what that is in tonight's daily to. dramas that's trying to be ignored. stories of others who refuse to notice. places change the world writes no. it will take your post to days. from rhodes to the. i suspect. they would like to do if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which threaten all voters. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was proud to sit like we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers what once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world and we go beyond identifying the problem to try to fix a rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by never go ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. thursday
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let's get geeky on getting in a good workout most athletes runners and gym rats know about it in the wall is the point to which your body is so exhausted that you can't continue to function whether you're out the field or in the gym but new research suggests that hitting the wall may be the perfect example of mind over matter and that exhaustion may be all in your head researchers at the university of kent in england wanted to figure out if mentally pumping yourself up and encouraging yourself during a workout could help fight off the effects of exhaustion so they turn to a group of twenty four healthy and physically active men and women and ask them to
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ride on the stationary bike until they just couldn't ride anymore the researchers took physical measurements of the study members before asking each one to ride on the stationary bike and and until they hit the wall as the study members rode on the bike researchers memory measured their heart rates their pedal power their overall pace and the researchers kept track of their facial muscle movement and grimaces which are signs of physical exhaustion and they repeatedly asked the bikers how hard the exercise was on a scale of one to ten after each bikers measurements and initial reaction size was recorded the group was divided into two one group of bikers was told to continue their normal exercise routine for the next two weeks while the other group was coached in using self talk during exercise learning how to positively talk to yourself about your workout during your workout it's positive talking clear phrases like you know well keep up the good work i'm feeling good this is making me feel better i can get through this after two weeks both groups returned to the lab to
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take another round of exercise tests and the bikers who had learned self talk used it during their tests while those who hadn't did. researchers found that the group of bikers who had talked of themselves pedaled much longer before becoming tired that in their first rides and reported that the exercise felt easier even though the objective measurements their heart rates their facial expressions they remain the same from the first exercise test meaning that the second biking exercise has was actually just as hard as the first one it just didn't seem that way to them sam well mark ora senior author of the study said that the results indicated that quote motivational small talk improves in durance performance compared to not using he went on to say that it's very possible that physical exhaustion develops primarily in the head so next time you head to the gym or go for a run think some happy thoughts and you may run right past that wall this applies
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in the real world by the way to this whole idea of coming up with affirmations is one time tested back in the eighteen under it's there was a frenchwoman. a really courageous something that had a long name at the end who came up with this what became an international fad where people would say to themselves five ten fifteen twenty times a day every day in every way i am getting better and better and better and it works if you can to actually talk yourself into things called bristol wrote a brilliant book called the magic of believing and he told the story about a fellow that he knew who was had more to drink the need actually intended to who stood and looked him self in the mirror and said i am sober you are sober enough you are so and actually did how people can talk themselves into being successful and magical believe me but quite bristol checa will be repaired.
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crazy alert big box for big balls. pictured here is really cheap so cheap in fact that he regularly participates in dangerous clinical trials to make fast cash as two years ago for example to receive voluntarily contract to be a bowl of virus in exchange for five thousand dollars he was also going to have doctors temporarily stop his heart beat for a cool twenty five grand before the f.d.a. put the kibosh on that experiment now he's on to his balls is to experiment yet for easy appeared on t.l.c.'s extreme tightwads program to talk about his plan check it out. the second one that i'm really anxious and really excited and waiting to do is this testicular study what you do is you go and you donate one which i suppose they
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replace it with an artificial on and when you check out up to fourteen days you get a check the thirty five thousand dollars. while mark person goes through those tests to killer removal trial he might lack some equipment but it will definitely have a good chunk of money. it's the good the bad in the very very purple racially ugly good the u.s. department of energy on wednesday the department announced its new initiative the rooftop solar challenge over the cost of solar panels themselves is dropped sharply over the past few decades administrative costs the cost for example of installation permits still remains high that's where the rooftop solar challenge comes in the energy department is investing twelve million dollars in a competition. pits eight teams from places like the city university of new york at
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the clean energy states alliance against each other to try to find the most efficient ways to reduce the cost of solar installations solar is the future of the future of power good on the department of energy for helping us toward the future the bad guns and ammo magazine the popular firearm magazine created an uproar among conservatives this week when a published an article by contributing editor dick metcalf that embraced gun control any good will with gun control advocates the gun an animated walk itself has now expired that's because the magazine fired did. earlier today and ammos chief editor jim the cat announced the move on line saying that his publications committee member on one of those on wavering. let's be honest though that aspiring to has probably little to do with ideology and everything to do with the pressure guns and ammo faces on the gun industry advertisers and the very very ugly
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pocatello high school i don't high school fired its girls basketball coach lorraine cooke late last month when he discovered that she had posted to facebook a suggestive picture of her fiance paris and grabbing her breast a teacher getting fired over a racy photo isn't really news but makes the case so screwed up is that her fiance is also an employee of pocatello high school just like she is and he's keeping his job is the school's football coach for what that's what this is a case of gender double standards at their worst and it's a very very little. the . you think that republicans really care about every embryo turn into
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a living and breathing baby nine months later and you've been fooled by the republican party the investigations by the website our reality check and politico have found that the koch there puss aka charles and david koch have spent tens of millions of dollars from their personal fortune to fund the anti choicer forced birth movement according to our age reality checks adele's stan tax documents show that the koch to puss directed pro-business groups have spent millions to fund legislative initiatives across america that are designed to shut her women's health clinics deny women access to contraception reproductive health services and of course abortions despite the millions that the koch proposes spent on the anti choice movement make no mistake about it they like the rest of the republican party in all probability don't care about making sure that all pregnancies are brought to
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full term instead they care about protecting the republican brand and the interests of big business and the only way to protect the republican brand keep republicans in power and to further the interests of big business is to keep getting republicans elected and you do that by bringing together a whole bunch of small sliver size single interest groups like the pro-life movement under one big umbrella in this case one big elephant and convince them that the republicans care about their issues. republicans have to build a coalition this way because if they were honest about their governing philosophy they would lose every single election. democrats have a pretty clear governing philosophy and that's to do whatever it takes to protect average hardworking everyday americans and we've been watching that philosophy play out with democrats supported for one hundred years support the labor movement the environment medicare food stamps unemployment insurance social security health care the list goes on and on but i'm like democrats republicans have a macho or
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a narrow governing philosophy the only thing republicans care about is protecting big business and the multi millionaires and billionaires and wealthy elite and when that's your governing philosophy it's hard to get average people to vote for you and thus hard to win elections so republicans have to create a coalition of supporters by bringing together people in groups who may not necessarily agree with helping corporations and rich people but are so concerned about their own little narrow area of passion abortion guns god gays that they'll get into bed with the billionaires to advance their own personal agenda republicans go out and find these passionate single interest slices pulling together into the big g.o.p. elephant. to go to the pro-life movement and say if you believe the life begins or contra conception then you might be a republican you go to the gun lovers and say if you think everyone has the right
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to carry out assault rifles to protect themselves from hordes of angry black people marching down main street then you might be a republican go to climate change deniers and say do you think a scientist or self-serving in the global warming is perfectly normal and you might be a republican go to homophobes and say if you hate gay people then you might be a republican and finally republicans go to overworked and underpaid white people working poor in the middle class and say that if you think that poor people are just lazy bums who don't deserve your help and most of them are african-american then you're definitely a republican. this is how we're this is how republicans win elections it's how they hold power they just bring in enough useful idiots to get themselves elected most of those positions don't advance the major principle of the republican party which is protecting the billionaires and protecting big business but others do when
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republicans reach out to the climate change the dyers they're actually also helping to protect the bottom lines of big oil corporations are in republican's bring gun lubbers under their umbrella they're really protecting the profits of americans out of control military industrial complex so when you see news stories about how billionaires and business groups are supporting things like forced ultrasounds or opposing gay marriage it sure remind you that they're just calling out the useful idiots that they need to win elections they already have the rich people like koch brothers and the corporations in their back pockets and that's the way it is tonight thursday ever seven twenty thirteen by the way my latest book the crash two thousand and sixteen is a book stores this week and available for purchase at amazon dot com and on all all the online retailers at your local bookstore or library and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag.
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or not psych too active camps at guantanamo where patients are forced that is on the outer and on our strike never turn world's attention to the place that some. of our time.
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it's a problem it was a problem very hard to take on a problem to get along here a lot of them are saddled with the. place let. alone. well i'm living. well i'm. a.
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coming up on r t in geneva negotiators discuss iran's nuclear program right as u.s. iranian relations seem to be warming but what does that israel have to say about all of this a look at the nuclear implications of these negotiations ahead and be wear a t. and t. customers a new report shows that the company is voluntarily ending over phone records to cia plus we'll take a closer look at how mainstream impression is becoming in the wake of in a say revelations that's all new in tonight's tech before plus president mates cheating the system for millions of taxpayer dollars we'll tell you how unemployment money meant to help those in need is actually going to have people who are locked up.


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