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i turned towards the two story bridge and the car exploded my neighbor admitted killing me was a direct order he received the number of deaths from terror attacks in iraq steered towards new tragic records documents the surge of civilian casualties with an in depth database on the growing terror. what we're looking at now are deaths specifically from terror attacks this year all lone and the figures well the figures speak for themselves. also as world powers move closer to a breakthrough deal with iran over its nuclear program israel voices its concerns. the international community got a deal this is
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a very bad deal. and britain declared a global hub of financial secrecy is banks responsible for putting a huge share of the world's unties cash traced to the country's offshore deserves it independent report. that even just passed a pm here in moscow my name is kevin now and this is our international our top story iraq suffers the worst surge of violence in years with the number of those killed rising almost every day this of alien casualties not even making it to the mainstream media headlines artie's therefore decided to launch a special online project to keep track of them. and at least thirty seven more people were killed on friday in suicide bombings
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across the country is going off there are reports on how the spike in terror attacks is destroying any hopes the iraqis might have had for peace. a journalist from baghdad abdul razzaq has grown used to being in the center of events but never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly. i turned towards the two storey bridge and the car exploded and i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was amputated. he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand and seven he said killing it was a direct order he received that. this issue we should in iraq has long gone beyond six months. it has become clear iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists targeting all spheres of life. last week mr maliki
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met with president obama and the two leaders agreed iraq was in urgent need of help would be signs general statements nothing concrete came out like how to save people's lives on the ground. anyone who walks in the streets at any moment may face a car bomb a motorcycle bomb or an explosive belt and any moment anyone may be killed and. it's ten or eleven years now that they're talking about the new security plan but nothing changes in the situation is only getting worse. and neither new checkpoints arrests and more constant operations seem to be enough to gain control it's nearly impossible to establish exactly how many civilians were killed in iraq since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three many became casualties during military operations including shootouts and a shelling some died due to a lack of healthcare and ruined infrastructure but what we're looking at now are deaths specifically from terror attacks this year alone and the figures well the
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figures speak for themselves you've got this kind of r.t. moscow. well there's been the deadliest month so far with more than twelve hundred lives lost then according to the widely quoted audit iraq body count all adding them to the total of over one hundred thousand violent civilian deaths that iraq's witness since the start of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three many military experts say it's the armed intervention that's led to al qaeda is rapid rise in the country with around four thousand suicide bombers having blow themselves up in the past decade alone well figures showing that it's becoming deadlier by the month come from iraq body count as i said the world's largest public database of violence of million deaths in iraq since the us invasion it's in cooperation with their website that we've launched the online project iraq twenty thirteen a year of carnage laura smith spoke to one of the iraq body count co-founders about what's driving the work and they find accurate data. a prominent u.s.
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general said of the war in afghanistan we don't do body counts it's too hard they said to get accurate information out of such chaos so others stepped in believing the human cost of war must be counted the iraq body count was born and according to the website's figures this year has been the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight. co-found how many why this upsurge in violence more than seven thousand people have been killed this year well there's a variety of factors but one of the factors that we tend to focus on because we are looking at the rise and the statistical rise and this is the cycle of violence one of the things that we've observed is that as the violence rises you get more reason for the lines to rise red yet again on the same day as the boston bombing there were fifty five lives lost in iraq and three hundred people injured but we didn't hear anything about that because it's just accepted as normal for iraq is this is
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that's what iraqis do indeed this new form of freedom the government here and in iraq seem very reluctant to publish any kind of civilian death toll it's embarrassing and it's obvious it doesn't paint a very good picture of iraq or their. handling of management of the violence in the country the government say it's just too difficult to get the figure but you seem to manage how do you do it will most of the information we get is from these sort of small news wire type reports in iraq and media reports and so on the really make the news that nor the news consumer would see in other words it takes a research effort to pull together all these small reports that come from different parts of the country and that list what you would think of a small events a year of carnage then in iraq and if you want accurate information about what's going on just go to our website parties during a special project with iraq body count go and take a look from friday. with some experts familiar with the situation in iraq claim the
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blame for the surge of violence lies with the iraqi government of the international community for not putting enough pressure on it. why the government is failing because the politics that is being played by the prime minister mr maliki at the moment it's feeding into the various sectarian fighting it's feeding into the terrorists. here that somehow everybody keeps on blaming al qaeda i think it's really this is really wrong to do so because it's diverting the actual attention devoting the attention from the actual problem the failure of the government. the police authorities to the sectarian based rather than national one they don't exchange information but i think the problem at the present moment is that most of the governments in the world treating the current regime in iraq as if it's a normal regime it only concentrates on the regimes they don't like whether it's miley or syria or sudan or whatever but everybody seems to be quite happy to deal
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with the with the iraqi regime. i just remind you get to see the timeline of rampant violence racks suffered this year you can check our t. special online project the link is there on the screen for you right now. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. iran and six world powers are moving closer to striking a deal which will free some of terrans atomic production in return for easing sanctions the emerging agreement caused outrage though in israel with mr describing
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it as a mistake of historic proportions. the international community got a deal this is a very. do the u.s. however seems much more enthusiastic about the agreement secretary of state john kerry stopped his tour of the middle east and flew to geneva to take part in the go see oceans several of his european counterparts will also join him earlier my colleague josh we talked about it with alex else he's a former spokesman for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are you perhaps upset that you're losing an ally in all of this i mean by al i mean the united states talks seem to be progressing and you know maybe that's why israel is so upset well israel is upset because israel does lose understanding here among the best allies yes and we really hope that you know the superpowers and the united states and europe will not see the mistake when it will be too late we hope that
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there will be smart enough to see it now as you know we have already many unfortunate experience in the twentieth century and we jews exactly remember the history and we don't want it again mistakes as we remember were very very very bad for us and the whole world still ahead of the program diffusing the reactor engineers who fukushima are of braced for the removal of those fuel rods from the complex the most dangerous yet we examine the risk surely. but they yet britain's spy agencies will talk about that first they've been questioned in public for the first time it wasn't the grilling many had hoped for the following revelations that the u.k.'s involvement in u.s. led global surveillance and the scale of it the intelligence bosses used the chance to defend their work and criticize the source of the n.s.a. leaks edward snowden. our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee al-qaeda is
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laughing it up while the head of m i six also blamed journalist for the guardian newspaper in the garden used by rather for publishing the n.s.a. leaks calling it irresponsible that view is backed up by the. law but as well in sisted it is agency isn't monitoring most of the british population but is focused on combating terrorism we are former m i five agent at a mash on whether she thinks snowden's files of actually given terrorists any information they didn't already have all the terrorist groups the last four decades have known that they could be under surveillance and they take very good and it's techniques in order to make sure they're not surveyed many degrees will are ready to get in the one thousand nine hundred ninety ninety three so the idea that they're using that as an excuse to dragnet all our personal details and turn it into a police state is just not feasible as a form of fire i would say that the best way to protect your country is actually targeting investigations but then we have this dragnets an impact we probably use more information through that endemic surveillance and we probably put ourselves at
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greater risk by doing so and also by doing that as well we turn the country into a failed state where. is the passwords and log ins of his colleagues at a spy base in hawaii to get his hands on the classified data very very leaked to the media reports suggest he used his position a system administrator to persuade his coworkers to hand over their credentials and that those who were did agree were later identified fired by the n.s.a. investigative journalist duncan campbell believes even though snowden cheated his coworkers it was done for the right cause. i can't believe that anyone saying gratz a serious accusation you're talking about revealing the fact that these agencies are stealing the entire world's address books out of american companies files you know who are marked that stop them bugging the european union the brazilian president the mexican present them with german chancellor that they committed illegal crimes in belgium against the european telecommunications company they have
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the nerve to complain that mr snowden to somebody else is. just ridiculous. snowden's disclosures raise new doubts over internet privacy a boost to demand for encrypted e-mail services the provider indeed used by snowden himself lavabit was forced to shut down in august but he spoke to a man now who is defying government pressure and says he's created an online oasis secure from prying eyes. we decided to open a data center and here we're taking an exclusive tour through one of the few data companies standing up to the u.s. government in the name of privacy i think we do residential are very well pete ashdown is the owner of x. mission and independent internet service provider based in salt lake city utah this tower here handles most of our unlike most power players in silicon valley x. mission refuses to give the n.s.a. backdoor access to its networks since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight x. mission has rejected a judge in the u.s.
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government for some more information stored on private servers like these we don't share our information about our customers if you don't have a warrant the majority of law enforcement requests ashdown says he's received and refused have been subpoenaed is lacking accountability and necessary approval by a judge this is actually an amiga since launching his company in one thousand nine hundred three ashdown says he's filled no more than two customer data requests from the federal government your. money the current climate of america's unrestrained surveillance matrix has been facilitated by a corporations who have spent years secretly working with the n.s.a. regulation government contracts and. monetary. compensation are in my opinion the three reasons why they're cooperating ironically utah is probably the most unlikely home for a privacy champion roughly twenty seven miles away from x.
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mission. is the n.s.a.'s newly constructed one point five billion dollar data center i think it's a stain on the tech industry of utah all the n.s.a. activities are a stain on american internet businesses ashdown has vowed to face jail time if that's what's needed to protect his customers from being monitored what surprises this fourth amendment advocate is that big data companies like google won't promise to do the same marina port r.t. utah. thanks for with us tonight coming up shortly we'll look into why britain's overseas territories have become favorite destinations for tax dodges. so we believe that maybe. push to secure. your part of the physical. issues that no one is that skin with to get that you deserve answers from. politics
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again britain speaking declared the leading hub of global tax evasion a pressure group report says along with his overseas tow trees the u.k. controls much of the world's unaccounted cashier some of their findings as take a look at a news wall the super rich could be hiding up we think up to thirty two trillion dollars in eighty two countries considered to be tax savings a quarter of those have strong links with the u.k. the british overseas territories like the cayman islands or the british virgin islands crown dependencies and some commonwealth stakes campaign is say when it suits britain it intervenes in its territories pollard's policies take for instance back in two thousand and nine the u.k. imposed direct rule over the turks and cake or silence some of the cash estimated to be about three hundred thirty billion dollars could be traced all the way back to london that is polyploid to report so why the secrecy is hard to resist. the u.k. government has been bashing tax avoidance for months in fact prime minister david cameron made increasing tax transparency
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a key issue at the g eight summit that he hosted earlier this year but despite all the effets according to a group called the tax justice network britain is the world's worst offender for financial secrecy twelve of its island dependencies where the queen is the head of state by the way ranked among the top fifty most secretive tax jurisdictions in the world the laws relating to these island dependencies such as the cayman islands them you. they have to be approved in london so campaigners say that the onus is on westminster to clean up their act what to talk about the issue i'm joined by salmond shaheen who's the editor of the international tax review magazine simon thank you for joining us well the people that deposit their money in these tax havens do it through entirely legal schemes so what's the fuss about anyway but i think it's a misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal it's just not illegal and the
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reason for that government has been unable to anticipate the. the national corporations and their highly paid armies of accountants and lawyers that they've sent across the world to root out the best tax deals clients that britain has made a lot of steps to improve transparency especially over recent months they've set in spoken a lot about it are you surprised by these negative rankings i'm not surprised but no i mean the crown dependencies in overseas territories of have long been considered among the worst offenders of all of the world tax haven read what is surprising is that the british government not doing very much about it it really needs to get its network of tax havens offshore in the in order some machine thank you very much for joining us well reports that large corporations and super rich individuals have been dodging billions of pounds in taxes through entirely legal loopholes have caused public outrage here so the news that britain has been labeled
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the world ruler of tax havens is unlikely to be met by cheers of approval here. r.t. london online if you are to deal colma virtual currently currency that can't be held can be stolen into a big corner for the whole story continues in a bank heist of bitcoins they've been stolen police in the dark the who's actually behind the robbery of water that was coming out of the party dot com you can find out more plus the u.k. and russian secret services resume corp severed after the death of the former russian spy learn the security for the winter olympics bring you into communities back together again. tensions are running high between russia and the netherlands would choose green sparring over the arrest of those thirty greenpeace activists who attempted to board an hour to go rogue criticize the dutch government for failing to prevent the protest i must say as the details. the russian ministry spokesman has said that the netherlands is to blame for how the situation has
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unfolded at the moment russia did say that released a statement saying that they actually had ours the netherlands to hold of the ship the arctic sea which was approaching a russian arctic waters the dutch did not do anything the russians decided to take matters in their own hands are resting those are twenty eight activists as well as those two journalists who were aboard that arctic sea vessel they are waiting trial of course and have been charged now with hooliganism which carries a maximum sentence of fifteen years tensions have been running high between the two countries russia and the netherlands birtha diplomats in their respective countries have been tagged day going back and forth in terms of the tensions running high in terms of what is going on right now with the greenpeace activists we know that the dutch king is in a moscow to have talks or with the russian president president putin so we'll have
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to see how it all plays out in the next couple of days if indeed they will be released or if they will stand trial. or say the clashes in libya have left at least two people dead and around thirty others wounded it's after a militia stormed the capital tripoli to avenge the death of their leader just a couple of days before people activist earlier cash he says such lawlessness was impossible during the times of colonel gadhafi. well the existence of the militias i don't see a bright future those who are out of power if. they can get away with the crimes that libya so any crime committed to libya is either forgotten or even to just to get it now what we see in libya is more crimes committed than their lives his regime their previous regime was a lot better compared to what's going on now in libya we had security we had independence. lots of libyans now even those who. contributed
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to the so-called the revolution. they really contributed. for the big stories making headlines around the world right now a british military court found the rule marie guilty of murdering an afghan prisoner of war two co-defendants were acquitted but the shooter faces life in prison instead which took place two years ago was captured on the soldier's helmet the insurgent was found by three marines after being injured in a helicopter attack and was executed on the strongest typhoon so far this year with wind speeds of more than three hundred kilometers an hour battering the philippines at least four feet and tens of thousands of feet evacuation centers have storms caused power outages and flooding and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. france's credit rating cut by one grade to double a by starving paws exploding high unemployment which is preventing the government implementing reforms that could boost growth it's the second time in two years the country's credit rating has been dropped after previously been stripped of its coveted top rated aaa
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status. a former news anchor from the group. that was shut down in june has performed an open air show in front of the organizations headquarters some five hundred people run the event the company was closed in june over budget cuts and first place affected dozens of former employees. s. who had occupied the building for months in protest the closure. engineers at the fukushima nuclear plant in japan are about to start that most hazardous undertaking to date that we've been talking about twenty four hours huge cranes are set to be lowered into the reactor of reactor number four that survived the meltdown in twenty eleven to start pulling out thousands of fuel rods a process that will take at least a year at his lecture is jeff ski visited the exclusion zone. extracting these rods from the pools is a really hard task because each one of them called weighs more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even hit each other that's what caused
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a nuclear chain reaction not only these pools are crippled but the machinery the automated machinery doesn't work as well so every rod has to be extracted from the pool manually the chemical company running the fukushima clear up process and the japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand they need to remove these fuel rods they are contaminated the water as has been reported in the waters of the fukushima nuclear power plant and on the other hand of course this is a very risky venture because they have to literally extract every rod and there's more than a thousand of them and each drop has to be extracted manually we also managed to take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas and you know what what shocked me the most and surprised me the most and i'm saying that by my experiences of travelling to the explosion zone in chernobyl that in the fukushima area the towns which are just close to the station ten fifteen kilometers away from the station they have been reopened for residents were literally saw people rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happened these people would have to be relieved
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evacuated again and or putting themselves under very serious risk well in fact in the fukushima region itself there are several n.g.o.s who are did not believe the government and the tepco organization in their measurement of the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked with them yesterday the movement called the mothers of fukushima these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children both radiation meters which the cheapest of them cost around a thousand u.s. dollars and they are just patrolling the area staking their own measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing is not considering the radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry there's a peek at there's a protest happening for already eight hundred days with the people there protesting against nuclear energy and. the actions of the government and the tepco so you can see how serious the rhetoric of the anti-nuclear movement is now in japan even though they say that their voices being often silenced by those that our
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correspondent is keeping a close eye clean up at fukushima and posing questions to the company challenge the process as well you get up to the minute reports from him on the operation checking his twitter account. this is an international thank you for your company larry king is in the us republicans how the party can recover from a drubbing in this week's local elections. illegal immigration is a hot topic and everyone always says that immigrants do the work that no one wants to do well let me explain why that is i want to kurdistan vacation got into a taxi driver by a former migrant worker who used to make
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a living in moscow he told me that he really worked hard driving unloading trucks after five years he came back home and bought a house yes from the seller that russians can't even survive and he was able to buy a house employers and russian america say that locals don't want to work are demotivated well want to margaret work or on a salary that could build a bright future one compared to a local who can't even make ends meet while you could see why the migrant workers are a lot more motivated let me put it to you this way if you knew that you had to work five hard years of some awful labor under awful conditions somewhere far away like brazil or germany what would be able to pay off a house would you do it i think you would let's not buy into this myth that locals and country x. don't want to work they just don't want to work in complete futility for table scraps but that's just my opinion. what's happened is law enforcement and the national security agency has gone behind our collective backs and tried to accomplish this using the courts in secret and
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that's truly what the issue is a broken whatever trust and violated whatever trust we may have had and that's the real issue and they're going to have to earn that back the hard way. election two thousand and thirteen while chris christie wins big in jersey the rest of the g.o.p. falls short what are republicans need to do to fix the party before twenty sixteen will be conservative radio talk show host dana loesch the root of the roebourne and former george w. bush spokesperson reed dickens helping us figure it all out coming up next on politicking with larry king.


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