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i turned towards the two storey bridge and the car exploded my neighbor admitted killing me was a direct order he received as the number of deaths from terror attacks in iraq still is towards new tragic records documents the surge in civilian casualties with an in-depth data base on the growing tara what we're looking at now our desk specifically from terror attacks this year or longer and the figures while the figures speak for themselves. also this hour spirits are high in geneva as a long awaited breakthrough in nuclear talks with iran seems closer than ever but israel's far from happy about the impending agreement the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal. also to come to britain is to clear the global hub of
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financial secrecy is banks responsible. and traced to the country's offshore zones an independent report. on a very good even if you're just joining us is kevin owen here this hour just after midnight now here in moscow in iraq suffer the worst surge of violence in years with the number of those killed rising almost every day with civilian casualties often not even making it known to the mainstream media headlines with r.t. have decided to launch a special online project to keep track. well at least thirty seven more people were killed on friday and suicide bombers across
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the country next to corpus cut off reports on how the spike in terror attacks is destroying any hopes the iraqis might have had for peace a journalist from baghdad abdul razzaq has grown used to being in the center of events but never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly. i turned towards the two story bridge and the car exploded and i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was amputated. he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand and seven he said killing it was a direct order he received that. this issue we should iraq has long gone beyond sixty. as it has become clear iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life. last week mr
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leakey met with president obama and the two leaders agreed iraq was in urgent need of help would be signs general statements nothing concrete came out how deceived people's lives on the ground. anyone who walks in the streets at any moment may face a car bomb hit with a motorcycle bomb or an explosive belt and any moment anyone may be killed. it's ten or eleven years now that they're talking about the new security plan but nothing changes in the situation is only getting worse. and neither new checkpoints arrests and more constant operations seem to be enough to gain control it's nearly impossible to establish exactly how many civilians were killed in iraq since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three and many became casualties during military operations including shootouts and shelling some died due to a lack of healthcare and ruined infrastructure but what we're looking at now are deaths specifically from terror attacks this year alone and the figures while the
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figures speak for themselves you've got this kind of r t moscow they do indeed will september was the deadliest month so far with more than twelve hundred lives lost according to the widely quoted audit iraq body count which is one the world's largest public databases of civilian deaths in iraq it shows a total of over one hundred thousand civilians died a violent death in the country since the start of the u.s. led invasion by can two thousand and three many military experts say is that very armed intervention has led to our code is rapid rise in the country too with around four thousand suicide bombers blown blowing themselves up in the past decade and there are figures to show that it's becoming deadlier by the month artie's cooperated with the rag body count has launched an online project iraq twenty thirteen a year of carnage nora smith spoke to one of the site's co-founders about what's driving their work and how they find their accurate data. prominent u.s. general said of the war in afghanistan we don't do body counts it's too hard they
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said to get accurate information out of such chaos so others stepped in believing the human cost of war must be counted iraq body count was born and according to the website's figures this year has been the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight have a dog to co-found how many why this upsurge in violence more than seven thousand people have been killed this year well there's a variety of factors but one of the thoughts is that we tend to focus on because we are looking at the rise and the statistical rise and this is the cycle of violence one of the things that we've observed is that as the violence rises and more reason for the alliance to rise ready yet again on the same day as the boston bombing there were fifty five lives lost in iraq and three hundred people injured but we didn't hear anything about that because it's just accepted as normal for iraq is this is that's what iraqis do into this new form of freedom the government here and
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in iraq seem very reluctant to publish any kind of civilian death toll it's embarrassing and it's obvious it doesn't paint a very good picture of iraq or their. handling of management of the violence in the country the government say it's just too difficult to get the figures but you seem to manage how do you do it will most of the information we get is from these sort of small news wire type reports in iraq a media reports and so on the really make the news that the norden news consumer would see in other words it takes a research effort to pull together all these small reports that come from different parts of the country and list what you would think of a small events a year of carnage then in iraq and if you want accurate information about what's going on just go to our website artie's during a special project with iraq body count going take a look from friday. there was some experts familiar with the situation in iraq play
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the blame for the surge of violence lies with iraqi government and the international community for not putting enough pressure on it. why the government is failing because the politics that is being played by the prime minister mr maliki at the moment it's feeding into the various sectarian fighting it's feeding into the terrorists. here that somehow everybody keeps on blaming al qaida i think it's really this is really wrong to do so because it's diverting the actual attention never think the attention from the actual problem the failure of the government. the police authorities to the sectarian based rather than national one they don't exchange information but i think the problem at the present moment is that most of the governments in the world treating the current regime in iraq as if it's a normal regime it only concentrates on the regimes they don't like whether it's money or syria or sudan or whatever but everybody seems to be quite happy to deal
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with the with the iraqi regime and to remind you to see the timeline of rampant violence in iraq so far this year you can check out these special online project. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. next this morning germany and brazil have submitted a draft resolution to the united nations general assembly about safeguarding internet privacy and restricting mass surveillance it follows those revelations that u.s. intelligence has been monitoring the leaders of both countries and conducting large
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scale spying on their territories as opposed to journalists and political analysts my noxon writer though he says the movie thinks it's just a political stunt it's a political guest or it's a sort of symbolic measure our government or german government is doing now to please. me and if we remember back in june two thousand and thirteen this year when it came out that the us americans were spying on masses of german citizens our government by anglo american told the german that all things are not is your summary is all of partners and friends is so now when it came out on merkel its mobile phone even americans mobile phone the us americans brought our chancellor in a very embarrassing situation because she must feel a trait that of course by washington and i think for her this is enough and now she is under pressure to act because in public she cannot accept that a foreign power is spying on our mobile phone especially when this foreign power
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claims to be our partner when it was no disclosures raise new doubts over internet privacy and boosted demand for encrypted e-mail services the provider used by snowden himself instantly love the bit was forced to shut down in august but r.t. spoke to one man who's defying government pressure and says he's created an online oasis secure from prying eyes. inside it over the data center and here we're taking an exclusive tour through one of the few data companies standing up to the u.s. government in the name of privacy i think we do presidential access very well pete ashdown is the owner of x. mission and independent internet service provider based in salt lake city utah this tower here handles most of our e-mail unlike most power players in silicon valley x. mission refuses to give the n.s.a. backdoor access to its networks since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight its mission has rejected a judge in the u.s. government for more information stored on private servers like these we don't
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share our information about our customers if you don't have a warrant the majority of law enforcement requests ashdown says he's received and refused have been subpoenaed is lacking accountability and necessary approval by a judge this is actually an amiga since launching his company in one thousand nine hundred three ashdown says he's filled no more than two customer data requests from the federal government make sure. the current climate of america's unrestrained surveillance matrix has been facilitated by corporations who have spent years secretly working with the n.s.a. regulation government contracts and. monetary. compensation are in my opinion the three reasons why they're cooperating ironically utah is probably the most unlikely home for a privacy champion roughly twenty seven miles away from x. mission. is the n.s.a.'s newly constructed one point five billion dollar data
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center i think it's a stain on the tech industry of utah all the n.s.a. activities are a stain on american internet businesses ashdown has vowed to face jail time if that's what's needed to protect his customers from being monitored what surprises this fourth amendment advocate is that big data companies like google won't promise to do the same marina port r.t. utah. come a bit later this hour twisted tensions now russia is criticizing the netherlands for failing to stop greenpeace activists on the dutch may just ship from trying to scale that up to go away which resulted in their arrest you got the latest twists and turns of that and less than a day left now until the olympic torch involves his first ever space will probably assess r.t. went to mission control to show called can also be carried out. iran and six world powers moving closer to striking
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a deal which will freeze some of the rounds atomic production in return for easing sanctions the merging agreements cause outrage in israel though with probably describing it as a mistake of historic proportions the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal the u.s. so ever seems much more enthusiastic about the agreement secretary of state john kerry stopped his to the middle east and flew to geneva to take part in the cosi a sions for desired is a professor of political communication into ronnie told me israel is upset because it feels it's losing its closest ally i think mr netanyahu is isolated. closer friend that the united states is moving away from the hawkish policies of the party and the fact that five plus one countries are trying to reach a deal with iran is making him upset he has worked for the last many years to
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manufacture a crisis with regard to iran's peaceful nuclear program and he's seeing all his efforts going away and he's obviously upset he should be. but you also said that israel will not be obliged by the pending agreement of the country will do everything to defend its security first result he believes the problem is to engage in some profile saber rattling. basically saying that has an option to attack iran militarily that's talking point that. have been using for the last many years telling europeans that if you don't pressure to. attack iran militarily obviously given the fact that israel has attacked its neighbors every few years for the last many decades you always have to worry about an israeli prime minister making threats like that but overall i think that type of
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threat is losing its. effectiveness and i think europeans are realizing that after the break we'll look into why britain's overseas territories have become favored destinations for tax dodges. so we leave the. bush and secure. is that the. issues that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. the consumer. choose to.
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choose the stories they didn't. choose. to. logan price of britain next to the probably doesn't want to be declared the leading hub of global tax evasion a pressure group report says along with its overseas territories the u.k. controls much of the world's unaccounted cash here are some of the findings of the news wall that the super rich says could be hotting up to thirty two trillion
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dollars in eighty two tax savings and countries a quarter of those have strong links with the u.k. apparently their british show overseas territories crown dependencies and some commonwealth states some of the cash estimated to be about three hundred thirty billion dollars is no allegedly in the hands of london's bankers as well party's polyploid reports on why the secrecy so hard to resist. the u.k. government has been bashing tax avoidance for months in fact prime minister david cameron made increasing tax transparency a key issue at the g eight summit that he hosted earlier this year but despite all the efforts according to a group called to see the tax justice network britain is the world's worst offender for financial secrecy twelve of its island dependencies where the queen is the head of state by the way ranked among the top fifty most secretive tax jurisdictions in the world the laws relating to these island dependencies such as the cayman islands
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bemused jersey and guns they have to be approved in london so campaigners say that the onus is on westminster to clean up their act what to talk about the issue i'm joined by salmond shaheen who's the editor of the international tax review magazine simon thank you for joining us well the people that deposit their money in these tax havens do it through entirely legal schemes so what's the fuss about anyway but i think it's a misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal it's just not illegal and the reason for that governments have been unable to anticipate the feed schemes employed by multinational corporations and their highly paid accountants and lawyers to dave they've sent across the world to reach out to the best tax feels their claims that britain has made a lot of steps to improve transparency especially over recent months they've certainly spoken a lot about it are you surprised by these negative rankings i'm not surprised but no i mean the crown dependencies in overseas territories of have long been
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considered among the worst offenders of of the world tax haven read what is surprising is that the british government not doing very much about it really needs to get its network of tax havens offshore in the in order some machine thank you very much for joining us well reports that large corporations and super rich individuals have been dodging billion. of pounds in taxes three entirely legal loopholes have caused public outrage here so the news that britain has been labeled the world's ruler of tax havens is unlikely to be met by cheers of approval here. r.t. london or talking of disappearing money online a virtual currency that can't be held but can be stolen pirating we've got a story of a big calling bank heist there for those left police in the dark over who is actually behind the robbery the mystery deepens we try and unravel it online and the u.k. and russian secret services have resumed aeration seven after the death of
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a former russian spy in london but with security forces now talking again because security for the saatchi winter olympics lympics bringing those intelligence communities back together again we've got the story online. tensions are running high between russia or the netherlands these days which have been sparring over the arrest of those thirty greenpeace activists who turned to board an article will rig moscow's no criticizing the dutch government for failing to prevent the protests say the latest. the russian ministry spokesman has said that the netherlands is to blame for how the situation has unfolded at the moment russia did say that released a statement saying that they actually had ours the netherlands to hold of the ship which was approaching a russian arctic waters the dutch did not do anything the russians decided to take matters in their own hands are arresting those twenty eight activists as well as those two journalists who were aboard that vessel they are awaiting trial of course
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and have been charged now with hooliganism which carries a maximum sentence of fifteen years tensions have been running high between the two countries russia and the netherlands birtha diplomats in their respective countries have been tagged day going back and forth in terms of the tensions running high in terms of what is going on right now with the greenpeace activists we know that the dutch have to also with the russian president president putin so we'll have to see how it all plays out in the next couple of days if indeed they will be released or if they will stand trial. or do some brief british military courts find a role marine guilty of murdering an afghan prisoner of war two co-defendants were acquitted but the shooter faces life in prison the other still wish took place two years ago was captured on these soldiers helmets cound the insurgent was apparently found both in the weeds after being injured in a helicopter attack and was then execute people tracking the strongest typhoon so
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far this year with women speeds of more than three hundred kilometers an hour while it's battering the philippines is the real biggie this one at least four people have died tens of thousands of other flee to evacuation centers almost of the storms cause power outages and flooding and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. and they're talking of a real mess the train carrying crude oil sparkly to rail and exploded in the u.s. state of alabama thankfully no reports of injuries some although has leaked from those rail cars over emergency services say nearby areas are out of danger the rail transport of crude is increased over the past three years with growth in the controversial production of shale oil clashes in libya have left at least two people dead and around thirty others wounded that's after armed militias stormed the capital tripoli to avenge the death of their leader just days before political activist earlier classes says such lawlessness would have been possible during the times of colonel gadhafi. well the existence of the militias i don't see
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bright future live here those who are in power if. they can get away with crimes in libya so any crime committed to libya is either forgotten or not even a just a good now what we see in libya is more crimes committed than their lives his regime the previous regime was a lot better compared to what's going on now in libya we had security we had independence. lots of libyans now even those who. contributed to the so-called revolution have. really contributed. to the record breaking journey of the twenty fourteen olympic torch is nearing its most unique leg in less than a day the iconic symbol of the games is set to embark on its first of a space walk take a read chance to speak with cosmonauts on board the i assess we're going to be carrying it is on his in the front said mission control. for the first time in
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history the torch of the olympic games will be taken on a spacewalk aboard the international space station we got a chance to speak with the crew up there today so we asked the cause minot's who will take the torch on that space walk how they intend to mark this momentous occasion hi my name's lindsey friends from russia today and my question is for all the cutoff and survey results. the phrases that garren armstrong said on their pioneering space endeavors became historic the famous play the whole way or let's go back a garden and the one small step by armstrong have you ever maybe thought of a catch phrase you will use when you take the olympic torch out on its first ever spacewalk. it's true that many of the most memorable moments a marked in certain phrases i don't think will be too original here and any words that will accompany our space walk with the torch will aim to promote the movement healthy lifestyle and sports all over the world well talking of
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a healthy lifestyle cosmonaut the only ones promoting a healthy life ahead of the olympics old mill the moscow metro seems offering a free ride for anyone who could manage thirty squats a special machines but installed an underground station in russian capital it barely counts each would you do each one equaling a rouble and rewards anyone who strives to keep themselves as fit the cost of a free ticket very nice to. and a few not to want to miss our live coverage of the olympic torch being taken or much space walkers of fourteen forty g.m.t. here on air and online of course. we appreciate your company or moscow and kevin how about the next news update just
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over the next hour larry king is here asking tonight u.s. republicans how their party can recover from the drubbing in this week's local elections. remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could be printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already busted in the legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the air at so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients could start making guns in their basement which means the
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gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to catch all the people doing it nor will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but fascist my opinion. election two thousand and thirteen chris christie wins big in jersey the rest of the g.o.p. falls short what are republicans need to do to fix the party before twenty sixteen conservative radio talk show host dana loesch they root for former george w. bush. spores and read dickens helping us figure it all out coming up next on politicking with larry king.
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i. call the ticking of larry king was tuesday's election a sign of what's to come in two thousand and sixteen joining us from washington is political senior washington correspondent and aplomb of ana was it a sign of what's going to happen in twenty sixteen plagiary get call it a valid there if. you're going to be interesting to. you're going to change your. writing to the right and you are to take it all is there you are democratic candidate now the governor of virginia and then in new jersey and yet there really governor's race that you are watching closely related to sarah he certainly is wearing the same phrase that hearing your trying to appeal to democrats republicans to are you want to ensure that our the national republican party kind of deal with our economy is. obamacare became an issue in the virginia race do that hope the president do you think that result. is going to be something
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to talk box today we were talking to republicans all day long and they say actually quite easy obama here in our area of the able to really tighten the race in the last couple of weeks and he may be hammering on obamacare as well as what was wrong and certainly when you talk to operatives is that indeed plan on continuing to hammer house well at the site at levels that it's not mean they're going to turn away from at all what do you make of that that result in alabama's first district where bradley birth thought that he was going to lose to the conservative establishment. established republican candidate dean young was challenging him and he got beat by five percent what do you make of that. i think when you look at that race it is something that we've been focusing a lot about right this division within the republican party you have the tea party wing and you have the business or the establishment republicans this was that first test case scenario where you had mr.


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