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tv   Headline News  RT  November 9, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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world's attention to the place that some. of our time. is in the sky the already space of america is preparing for an incursion of thousands of new drones sparking widespread fears of possible air accidents. folks over a possible nuclear deal with iran a rise in geneva despite israel trying to throw a spanner in the cement claims it's a lack mailing of the leaders. daylight robbery a daring hack raids a fledgling online bank making off with more than a million dollars worth of bitcoin. and how much fuel cost we look at the cia's evaluation as reports emerge of the agency buying up from an american giant.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at our. world headlines america's buzzing space is bracing itself for a new invasion of thousands of drone although they are expected to be used for peaceful purposes such as firefighting and weather tracking it is causing rather a lot of concern here's why you'll never notice it from the ground up but currently the skies above the u.s. so crowded with roughly five thousand planes at any given moment while the daily total of movements is up to a whopping ninety thousand you can only imagine what will happen if the aircraft joined this traffic and dangerous incidents involving drones have already taken place as. investigates. according to the u.s. federal aviation administration by two thousand and twenty there will be up to
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thirty thousand drones flying in the u.s. airspace not just by law enforcement and other government agencies but also by private firms for all kinds of purposes so the f.a.a. game itself two years to come up with ideas on how to regulate that brave new world where everybody can fly their throw their designating six test sites across the country to see how it goes aside from very serious might we see concerns there's a danger of media air collisions even now as the government has not yet allowed the commercial use of drones the f.a.a. is getting a rising number of safety complaints from pilots in march of this year and all the tali airliner made national news headlines when the pilot reported spotting a drone as he was trying to land at new york's j.f.k. airport back then the f.a.a. and the f.b.i. have to use the nation's into finding the drone the plane was flying over densely populated area when he brushed shoulders with a jolt to the horror of the pilots of course during a separate incident in the indianapolis five hundred feet. below him in the
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opposite direction at a high speed. just to give you an idea of how concerned pilots are one pilot said we're concerned about birds who are concerned about other airplanes and now we're throwing in something totally uncontrolled when they suck one of those drones into the engine of an airplane he said then it will get everybody's attention and one of the challenges is that drones occasionally loose connection with the operator on the ground it's a well reported problem but apart from accidental collisions there is another challenge drones can be hijacked by someone with very bad intentions so the brave new world of drones can also turn out to be a very dangerous one in washington i'm going to r.t. and hear about see we spoke to former american airlines pilot mark weiss he believes it's a tough task a complex fear is a softening after washington's controversial use of drones worldwide. where the
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united states has most of its background it's in controlled airspace in a war zone in a civilian arena this has to command a much greater controls it's going to be scrutinized and believe me as a professional pilot i have my doubts but i believe this is year. and i think what we'll see is there are certain airspeeds in certain areas opened up to unmanned aerial systems you'll see that happening and you'll see pockets and we're in grow. it watching our team in the one man's loss is another man's gain or in the case of the arab spring an opportunity for china. we report on beijing's economic charge into the middle east and north africa region left for the taking by crisis and violence and head of the olympic torch space walk we've managed to speak to the
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cosmonauts participating in this very unique part of the relay that's still ahead for you. but for now on the program on our potentially groundbreaking nuclear talks with iran event of beth day this following a mammoth discussion on friday that ended long after sunset under the deal currently gaining momentum tehran could freeze its atomic expansion for a partial easing of sanctions hooshang amirahmadi who actually ran in this year's presidential election in iran if things tehran has done his best to appease the international community. this that make it public as we know it at this point how back sept the basic requirements to buy the last one on this point it on is doing what it was expected to do i think the real issue is what don gets in return i think that's where the problem really is stands now the fact the problem is this the problem is that mr kerry is going to come back to
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washington d.c. is not going to do it live in geneva when he comes back to washington and he's going to to the he's going to see that crowd around him the the. congress and the on are those very american right beings the publican party all of them are going to have to give him my dear real hard on what the potential agreement is not exactly pleasing iran's longtime enemy of israel prime minister netanyahu calling it a mistake of historic proportions the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal president obama even called the israeli leader in a bid to reduce tensions in television but apparently his reasonings were not enough we can tell just by looking at netanyahu is official twitter page and moreover even with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry being generally positive about the course of the
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talks not everyone in washington is satisfied with the diplomacy so far. i doubt very much that diplomacy will be affective if there is not the prospect that if diplomacy fails that we will in fact resort military force or however as a professor of political communication at the university of tehran he feels that washington is drifting away from the israeli imposed hawkish stance on iran i think . the closest friend. the united states is moving from the hawkish policies of the party he has worked for the last many years to manufacture a crisis with regard to. peaceful nuclear program and he's seeing all his efforts. and he's obviously upset he should be upset. and the main reason for such a change of heart in both america and europe is that israel's policy of blackmail
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is now losing its effectiveness that's according to the professor. he's basically saying that israel has an option to attack you learn militarily that talking point that israeli officials have been using for the last many years telling europeans that if you don't pressure you on the comically attack iran militarily obviously given the fact that israel has attacked its neighbors every few years for the last many decades you always have to worry about an israeli prime minister making threats like that but overall i think that type of threat is losing its. effectiveness and i think europeans are realizing that if you can i do stay with our extensive coverage of the ongoing iranian nuclear talks of course they all go in geneva. well israel and maybe losing another level of international pressure. this creates
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a vacuum that is much more perilous for israel's kind of global legitimacy the country's been stripped of unesco voting rights along with the u.s. for failing to pay to use that's coming your way a bit later in the program here on are. just turning ten minutes past the hour here in moscow online thieves have carried out a daring bank heist and making off with more than a million u.s. dollars worth of currency only this is a robbery with a difference because it's not dollars that have been swiped but rather a bit coin and more than four thousand of them and they've been stolen online from a virtual buying that was set up only four months ago bitcoin is a crypto currency that's on regulated and not backed by any government or stored on computers and virtual wallets and in this daring robbery hackers broke into one of these supposedly secure wallets held by an unofficial bank and made off with a million dollar hole. william moki says the bitcoin security actually does measure
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up well compared to that of traditional currencies. it's same for the federal reserve notes the f.b.i. reports that are thirty eight million dollars stolen from them of traditional banks last year only eight million dollars this recover of the forty one hundred clients the owner of the web hosting service has taken sixteen hundred of his own good clients and used to give some people hundred percent of that money. let's give some details here help it going actually works it is a crypto currency and it can pay for products or services bitcoins held in online wallets which are kept on computers that does make them vulnerable to hacking or they can be sent online from computer to computer without going through a financial institution and then can be exchanged for dollars or euros and just like gold a bit coins can be mined although the pick in this case is
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a computer generated and the more power you use the greater the chance you could lead yourself on a virtual coin their value has soared just three years ago ten thousand of them could buy you a pizza right now one can get you a top notch smartphone is william oke once again. what we see today in the world was a lie or crisis in greece and the failure of cyprus is regulation doesn't work. you have regulatory capture you just have system failure and the thing that makes a big point exciting for people who believe a bit point is the fact that it's an emergent system if it does require regulation just by it really wasn't as good as we. are always a plenty more for you one line up for this hour including when the will to make yourself heard is actually stronger than any obstacle agreed channel moves from the studio to the streets all in a bid to keep cool costing live to its viewers you can find out how they lost their
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regular home via a website. and scientists call make heads or tails of this brand new space discovery but nobody knows what it is a six tailed object spotted by nasa but it's in our solar system those details that alter dot com. for now on the program in a fresh twist into the global spying scandal now reported the cia is paying the american telecom giant a t n t millions every year it's in exchange for accessing its database of all coal records once and that's as germany and brazil submitted a draft resolution to the u.n. on safeguarding internet privacy and restricting mass surveillance journalist david seaman says when a government starts paying for private phone records citizens have a very good reason to be afraid. it's a huge company that has its footprint all over the globe and they're just being
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paid to hand out this customer information is a clear violation of the fourth amendment and customers have nowhere to go because i'm sure he is not alone in this sort of practice why are they tracking the communications of private citizens who have no connection to crime or terrorism what is their real goal here if this is a form of i think a light form of terrorism where people are becoming afraid to use their own technology on their own devices it's really it's kind of orwellian and the explanation they gave for it doesn't make a lot of sense to me well thanks for sharing your stuff today with us here with just around the corner our exclusive chat with crew thirty eight of the international space station that's after a short break. the .
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problem it was a. very. long. letter that would make her look. look. look. look. look look. look look. look look. over.
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all right so good to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm rule re sushi in moscow in just a few hours the olympic torch of the twenty fourteen winter games will be taken on a space walk for the first time in history and we've had an exclusive chance to talk to the cosmonauts who will carry it into open space. was it mission control for us. for the first time in history the torch of the olympic games will be taken on a spacewalk aboard the international space station we got a chance to speak with the crew up there today so we asked the cause minot's who will take the torch on that space walk how they intend to mark this momentous occasion hi my name is lindsey friends from russia today and my question is for a leg cut off and survey results came the phrases that darren armstrong said on their pioneering space endeavors became historic the famous. let's go back. and
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the one small step by armstrong have you ever maybe thought of a catch phrase you will use when you take the olympic torch out on its first ever spacewalk. it's true that many if the most memorable moments amount to certain phrases i didn't think would be too original here and any words that will accompany a spacewalk with the torch will aim to promote movement and healthy lifestyle and sports will move into world now you don't have to be in office space to feel the spirit of the games you can follow the coverage of the unique olympic torch from space walk do it live at fourteen forty g.m.t. that's here on our online talk. and for now on the program on t.v. it may have caused ruin for some of the arab spring has turned out to be
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a godsend fathers that being glued china beijing is for diplomats taking the middle east by economic storm filling a vacuum created by a partial u.s. withdrawal and saudis bell true reports even in crisis wracked egypt the chinese there have managed to find opportunity. this is north cairo where egypt's burgeoning chinatown has now planted its roots restaurant owner. says the chinese community here is thriving despite the political turmoil. most chinese come here for study were to call the muslim chinese minorities i opened my restaurant recently i know the political situation here is difficult but it doesn't affect chinese businesses it's a good place to live as u.s. egypt relations soured after american officials with help keep the military and economic assistance in october egypt has hinted at cozying up to other super powers like china analysts say china it's more about its political expansion gaining clout
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with one of the region's main players rather than finance we have sixty three agreements i mean different kinds of cultural political egypt is a country in the arab region and it's very useful to have good relations developing relations with us because we have a say in the region merging turn of the chinese embassy in cairo says although two thousand and thirteen was a turbulent year for egypt the country's exports to china increased by a staggering one hundred thirteen percent we were happy to see this figure we tried to make more efforts. to reach the. one billion very small egypt's economy which had heavily relied on its terrorism market has taken a pounding after two and a half years of revolution and regime change and with cairo and washington and not
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the heads it looks like egypt might keep looking eastwards. boccieri r.t. kind. of my colleague kevin allen had a chance to speak about china's resource hunger with author and investor jim rogers he told us a beijing's appetite is nothing regional it's full on worldwide. china is trying to secure natural resources all over the world africa south america central asia jim yourself said the beijing success is build on washington's failures what do you think. well certainly if you look around the world you will certainly see there's a lot of truth to that the chinese have more or less. they're all over africa they're buying mines plantations and everything else america's got very little presence in africa now and is making inroads in the middle east china is going to get a lot of oil from iran going forward it looks as though china may even start getting oil from iraq you know america says that they were
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a liberated iraq in the end it may be the chinese who get the oil tiny's look around the world they see what's happening over the next few decades they're going to be big shortages of oil and many other things developing the chinese like capitalists are trying to secure future supplies while they can get them in there cheap and when other people are not rushing in to buy them. the west's exit out of the middle east has not only been political hundreds of companies including the big energy ones they've abandoned their business there as well and that of course has led to a rise in power prices certainly for consumers in europe today's kaiser report exploring the so-called ballooning energy costs. demonstrators staged a bonfire a burning of energy bills to voice their opposition to rising cost of fuel burning their energy bill is like burning your draft card you know during the vietnam war they heard there are their draft cards burning your energy bill is similar in that
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you don't want to join up forces with the corrupt the big six energy companies in the u.k. that are their financial terrorism so if you don't want to support financial terrorism of the big six energy companies here in the u.k. you would burn your energy bill i suggest get a thousand people on the millennium bridge here in london to get together and burn their energy bill in unison. i will get to the world update soon for now though britain along with territories linked to it actually leads the world when it comes to tax avoidance that's according to tax experts on campaign this let's bring you some details here a very report on see how the super rich could be hiding up to thirty two trillion dollars in eighty two countries considered to be tax havens a quarter of those have strong links with the u.k. their british overseas territories are crown dependencies and some commonwealth states as well some of the cash estimated at about three hundred and thirty billion
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dollars is now reportedly in the hands of london bankers. who has more and why the secrecy is so hard to resist. the u.k. government has been bashing tax avoidance for months in fact prime minister david cameron made increasing tax transparency a key issue at the g eight summit that he hosted earlier this year but despite all the efforts according to a group called the save the tax justice network britain is the world's worst offender for financial secrecy twelve of its island dependencies where the queen is the head of state by the way ranked among the top fifty most secretive tax jurisdictions in the world the laws relating to these island dependencies such as the cayman islands been muted jersey and guns they have to be approved in london so campaigners say that the onus is on westminster to clean up their act what to talk about the issue i'm joined by salmond shaheen who's the editor of the international
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tax review magazine simon thank you for joining us well the people that deposit their money in these tax havens do it through entirely legal schemes so what's the fuss about anyway but i think it's a misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal it's just not illegal and the reason for that use government has been unable to anticipate the the schemes employed by multinational corporations and their highly paid accountants and lawyers that they've been they've sent across the world to reach out to the best tax feels their claims that britain has made a lot of steps to improve transparency especially over recent months they've certainly spoken a lot about it are you surprised by these negative rankings i'm not surprised but no i mean the crown dependencies in overseas territories of i've long been considered among the worst offenders of of world tax haven read what is surprising is that the british government not doing very much about it really needs to get its
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network of tax havens offshore in the in order some machine thank you very much for joining us well reports that large corporations and super rich individuals have been dodging billion. of pounds in taxes three entirely legal loopholes have caused public outrage here so these that britain has been labelled the world's ruler of tax havens is unlikely to be met by cheers of approval ahead. r.t. . in the. news for the philippines typhoon haiyan it's killed at least one hundred people in the city of tacloban according to local officials the superstorm has reportedly leveled most of the houses there rescuers a struggling because roads are blocked and phone lines are down the typhoon is the strongest to ever hit the philippines almost reaching the world record speed of three hundred twenty kilometers per hour still twelve million people are at risk.
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i can see there is the people in the pakistani city of peshawar they've taken to the streets for a protest and i mean to block a nato military supply route in the area the protesters outraged by a recent u.s. drone strike on a taliban commander the country's government says now the attack is cutting short the peace talks as the militants new leader is already calling for revenge. and the u.s. along with his chief ally israel have lost voting rights at the u.n. cultural agency unesco both countries missed a deadline for paying their dues to the organization they had said that they would stop contributions off to unesco gave membership to palestine in twenty eleven across the agency about eighty million bucks a year for the last though still mostly washington's in tel aviv according to some international analysts. well there's no doubt that when the united states steps
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back from any global agency american influence in the perception of american moral authority and its political credibility. takes a hit. image one other consideration by the way is what happens with israel because israel also followed the u.s. in suspending its payment of dues and for israel this creates a vacuum that is much more perilous for israel's kind of global legitimacy. than it is for the united states. ok i'll be martin breaking the set that's coming your way in just a moment here on a c. remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could be
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printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already busted in the legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the internet so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients can start making guns in their basement which means the gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to catch all the people doing it no one will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but i shushed my opinion.
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how do you folks welcome to breaking the law and you know i was going to fork over half a million dollars to obama in the last election just for the hell of it and then i did it because i'm not bill maher but now i'm full of regrets because you see if i did donate a large sum of money to the drone king i could have been in the past that her have a fairly obama's thank this campaign finance errors by awarding them with highly coveted embassador ships expect those chosen for these important positions are. qualified and have some expertise in international relations or at the very least while traveled and flew into the language about respective state but in the us it looks like it's become a position free for all for the president's big spending friends see a woman named coleen bradley bell was just appointed be embassador for hungry her
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qualifications for the job include being the producer for a soap opera company called belle philip television her husband bradley is the head writer for the critically acclaimed soap opera the bold in the beautiful the bells hosted obama at their mansion last year for giant fund raising event with coleen personally raising more than two point one million dollars for the president according to the new york times as you can see she's calling the appropriate for the job after all the prime minister's twin brother sleeps with his wife and has an illegitimate son who turns out to be a transsexual serial killer who better to solve the snafu than a soap opera producer but of course this is just the latest in a string of absurd appointments under obama previous underqualified choices including bassett or to germany john emerson who's the former president the capital group private client services to spain james cost as a former h.b.o. executive james brewster ambassador to the minute.


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