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the child in distress but i'm still a director i can't be a father to seventy children just like i can't be a husband to twelve mothers. here. or there or there are. you know. at the beach this is peroxide. you'll live. on i'm bringing my you know i would want for you i think an s.o.s. father is probably a man. who was with her she must be even tempered and have the patience of the saint. if i was in the evening when children come from school kindergartens and extra lessons they gather roan to me and start growing mom help me help me he's taking my pen it becomes a currys the house. why you all shall sing also did you join the drama club
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and shout there why your nails dirty and wash your hands clean my nails are clean. what do you do. and they also go to syria. for you i do know is sergey is the true father for the whole village for mothers and children alike he is the boss with a capital b. . history of being going to argue she would have made a wonderful father because he's very firm level headed confident and competent she knows how to treat children. my sister and her husband still try to convince me that i should have a child of my own they tell me not to worry that i don't have a husband and promise to support me after they keep saying that it's not a real family because their children are not my own but i think it's stupid idea i
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hope i will fall in love with a man who will force me to choose between him and the kids got about i hope i'll never face such a choice. the pressure ridges on with which i want to marry a man who will take responsibility for me and the children but i haven't met such a man yet. but i've regained an appetite for life and that's what happened to me this place lives at its own pace you feel as though you're doing something useful. young what does worry of a lot of us i've been divorced for quite a while and lived alone for more than nine years now. have a sixteen year old daughter who is in the tenth grade and an elderly mother there back in perm and cindy said the class another was that my daughter may be jealous but only of the youngest kid six year old korea. she's a very tenacious child you know if you don't let me go no i won't root those the
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three out of this list quite a difficult child to very opinionated and sometimes my daughter says now i know i hate children if i reply to you before but it will pass in time and there's no reason for you to love kids at the age of sixteen. until now dahlia is kind of she helps me with my homework and cooking and teaches me to be healthy and brave. bull a kid at first i took four children in january two more joined our family. i came back from vacation to discover that i had six children not four and it's six children that i need to look after you. hello sweetheart how are you to get up. fine so what do you have any free
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time. on a toll on one of my dear what's new let us know everything's all right around the time we learn brings home good marks three or four days every day. because i got good marks for general conduct which especially pleased me. hello hello. wedding hallmark he's helping me with physics well make sure your boyfriend doesn't distract you from your studies when need to talk. well let's talk about ten pm when i put the kids to bed wasn't. that all that stuff but i don't want her to think i've left her. that's why i would regularly talk online that's why i always send money back home. if i put aside very little barely enough for a modest life it would be great to have the support of the man i love. i hope i
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won't have to choose between. work i had already face a choice once. i left work and my husband served in the military but i would choose a man this time. had better be prepared to accept me with the work i have and the life i. think there probably no such man. they're all villages like this in russia where every mother's bring their own children and raise them all together. but it's not the same. even if a mother does care for everyone equally all the children start complaining would she loves one more than the other of course there is a distinction here my daughter is my own daughter. i'm not the kind of person who can raise and log and adopt a child i'm not jealous i may want to know. even
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when a mother calls him at eleven or twelve. even if she's young and attractive i say absolutely call. new mothers with a younger and younger kid a for example i was going to wait and met my has been in the company of a pretty young woman. your husband in the company of your. with a young mother. i may ask for an s.o.s. dat you have to go through the whole country with a fine tooth comb to find a couple like vastly difficult for. women s.o.'s mom falls in love with a man it's different. mother but he's not an asset. instead she's my junior but what about him my his boss to the world and doing in a sense from three of my rival as we speak in korea.
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it was a moment very hard to make out. once again on here was a plan of mine had never had sex with that her there was. one. of those but let's. just say. if. one of the five.
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of. playwright promising to play first strike. and i think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. could be in the know. unlocked. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred top ten cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in
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a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a leg or tree left. on r t r g dot com thanks to. play. it. took. place. play. play play. play
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. it is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them. this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear of. women definitely the target of the gun lovers one need only kill them not want to kill me money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i know to say more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if
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being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. place to be with these economic ups and downs in the final months days belong to the old saying i and the rest because i meet k.c.
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will be every week on stage. with. me speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. from the will talks posts of a p.r. piece interviews intriguing story. has been trying. because it. gives the appearance the consents to. choose to get to. choose the stories that impact the. chance to access to.
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secret laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot. about anything mission to teach me the creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only. this immediately so we leave that maybe. by the same motion security. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our team.
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when western politicians and media invoke the phrase international community it almost always reflects the thinking and agenda of washington and its closest allies around the world used in this matter the international community is in fact a very small minority. who can keep right on the street. first street.
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and i think the church. doors. can still. be. the same the old. bull i was surprised when alexander the oldest of the kids called me mom she was the first to do it like she was too early and i jumped at that moment because i wasn't ready yet it's like if a man proposes to you and you answer oh i need time to think so when she called me mom i needed time to think about to get used to the idea or i spent
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a couple of days sorting out my feelings. that well my mom died. and another woman. i didn't understand it when i first saw her. i know lisa into her and called her names and said there's two things to her just now it's only until i don't know that they call mom. because stanley used to her. she has sky and not tender and caring with mommy is you could say. the most important person in your lie. to me out of the way my big conflict if i tell a child to do something more example kids often want to play instead of doing their homework one of my girls takes these situations very close to heart and cool owes
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us herself. and because of these strong emotions she might start calling me auntie a little not again. no i even feel slightly offended and i go like why are you calling me that i mean mother how can you say that. question was are on t.v. and then she became a mom just grind except when it's clean and yeah. that's . just the our own parents didn't want us there so when i came to the children's village just because i understood for the first time some of them was what it meant to be needed to be cared for would you name a few. winter are playing us the regular schedule to bring you visit momentous occasion in history we're now seeing live pictures
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from the international space station two russian cosmonauts and said again it was on ski taking the olympic torch for the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi for a space walk now this is the first time this has ever happened and you're there watching that to torch. on your screen right now astronauts be trying to get it out of out of the iowa says into outer space for the first time in history. let's just take a little listen there were obviously these are live pictures coming through so. it's all happening at this very moment. now because we know that the olympic torch has been on quite a journey safe odds already made it to the north pole it's going to make it to all
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of our russia's eighty three settlements and cities it'll go to mt elbrus and now it's taking its first steps out of the into outer space courtesy of the russian cosmonauts throughout the. process this is not so simple and it looks like it isn't as simple as a nationwide survey it is as you can see the astronauts trying to figure out how they came to new. day into outer space so we're just watching. and listen in to what they say. this. yes it's on we're going to go in the red lead so on ok now turn on the second camera. a second camera.
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ok so. you're right your cameras are all on. one minute we can start photographing the surrogate. look out the window of their karma boxes make sure frame counters are working. ok. but next excuse record here because it's flu so. roger. so i just sat listening in to that the control room into what's happening right now it's going to take them about a minute to get the olympic torch out into outer space we're watching very closely
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bring you this a live here on our team. ok how attached both spring folks. to the box are. judging by the camera you know already rolling counters on the capsule and sergei. let's start the olympic torch relay. kind of speech or your book. just a second here with the lower. can't see. so let's. take it out of this symbol off the friendship partnership and competition let's take it outside.
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i would. say cheese. public card if you're. under one hundred. four right as you to current day from other cars may not be a censorship partnership and like my composition that households have been carried out the space the knowledge a little momentous pictures to remember this moment in history the first time ever the olympic torch has ever stepped out of that i ask let's see how truth they've created a new life because yeah honored to be as good. now we're going to close a lot of presidents want to do this epic moment from admission. live if you can hear of. joy of seeing that olympic torch. what's what's what's going on where you are looking you. well there's
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a lot of excitement here when that when the hatches opened up on the torch finally made its exit from the sets where it's been for a couple of days and made its first appearance out in space and only a cult told has that torch secured to his arm because obviously we don't want to be losing the torch to outer space right now it's called fourth space walk and he took it out of the hatch then there sergey reason for his first space walk and of course he gets to share the honors with his colleagues in taking it out into space and they're going to take photographs of themselves with the torch out in space that are going to take turns with the camera and then mount the camera on something on the i assess and then take a picture with the torch and then of course you've got to carry on with their cosmonauts duties out there repairing things on the i s s so it's a huge huge day
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a lot of people here feel very relieved that it finally made its of parents out in space torch has been in space before once in one thousand nine hundred six and then in two thousand but never out on a space walk and it represents so macho as we spoke to the. cosmonauts just yesterday it represents so much about the the spirit of the games to be out in space with this multinational crew of nine people on board right now with six soyuz spacecraft docked there right now it's very crowded but as the team told us themselves there's a great spirit of unity on board right now in the special having the olympic torch and getting to take it on the space walk it means a lot and especially as the olympic games are. coming up and this torch is going to be representing so many countries and so many athletes hopes and these very lucky people get to get to make history with it so a lot of excitement here now just to give you an idea the torch took off baikonur
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cosmodrome on thursday travel about five thousand kilometers per hour if you can imagine took about a five hour trip to reach the eye assess and then cosmonauts. carried the torch on to. of course there's a lot of excitement here to see that now on the eleventh of november is when the torch will return back to earth where it's got to of course take up its duties continuing on this historic relay to saatchi in february so that will happen on thursday a member three member crew will take it back down to earth has got a little more time in space but of course we'll be bringing you all of this as it happens right here on r.t. follow us on twitter on television on your devices you name it this is where you can see the olympic torch making history you know the i love what i've said it is a symbol of friendship and partnership and. really continues now taking its place there with. the center now this very top.
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but before that it will continue its marathon relay which has already taken it to the north pole on an ice rink the symbol of the olympics will also reach. long to plunge to the bottom of the world's deepest. area because we know that two russian cosmonauts what they are. are. the ones who are taking that a live picture. from of the international space station. oh wait all of them that are taking the olympic torch for the for the fourteen winter games in sochi fourth spacewalk all the very first time in history now the torch was reword to to take it into open space the gats claim has been
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replaced and engineers equipped the torch. so that it doesn't look like we're going to the torch was delivered to us on russian soil in rock kids which blasted off just by cosmodrome today. and its design was changed for the olympics it has a sochi twenty fourteen logo and a blue and white snowflake patton the rocket to. the tune platform just six hours later and it takes a couple of days to do that and it delivered three new crew men to the station from russia the u.s. and japan bringing the total number of people there to nine they see those pictures they're still out there with. us when we failed to really was the one to carry the torch from the soyuz rocket on board the i assess now for this isn't the first time the symbol of the human pigs has traveled our interests based been there twice to ninety six and. it has now been taken outside
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a spacecraft. will be brought back to earth try russian. you know astronauts in the ice on your levon you know that. those pictures they still bring you in live and there's a torch you can see them outside of the says taking that space walk out of space now those very tortured will light the limping fire next few february and but before that it will continue its marathon relay which has already taken it to the north pole on an atomic powered icebreaker the sim. all of the olympics will also reach europe's highest peak mount elbrus and plunged to the bottom of the world's deepest lake lake baikal in siberia it has this will be the longest relay. any history of russia's eighty three settlements and cities and territories an all
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time zones will be able to get to see a glimpse of the olympic torch forty thousand torch barrels set to take the torch around russia and as we're watching right now live here on our team that torch of the lympics twenty four team is out into out of space there with cosmonauts are like qatar and said resign ski. none of. them are. good.
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or. could. turn turn left or. even a little bit more in. the wrong tree or how much. you . know it's still there but. it's be find your head and. you're gone. or you can. be able to lift your head it's. stronger your. heart you never have to move your head left the world of. no. moral ok. ok good you're going to be moving up in the magma notice are you ready to do you need us to remind you to chandos to go to your.
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i don't think so. and so on. let me see your. speed of the afforded. by those whom saw a breakthrough on they want a nuclear issue in geneva where diplomats from six world powers look to a deal after decades of negotiating on our headline. crowded skies without. thousands of drawings of such a launch into american air space and this some concern that the huge amount of plane traffic could be put in danger. and breaking the boundaries we bring you live pictures of from all those ways that they have the twenty fourteen olympic torch relay reaches out to space the symbol of the games has been taken for a space walk for the very first time in human history.


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