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tv   Boom Bust  RT  November 11, 2013 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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well go back to the night's big picture rubble joining me same sex chris solomon and neil as very let's get back to it a train carrying millions of gallons of crude oil derailed in alabama on friday setting off a massive and fiery explosion the accident could be the most severe of its kind in the united states since transportation of crude oil by train increase three years ago with the rise of fracking but the media hasn't said a word about the explosion which isn't surprising grade of the a piece some seven hundred fifty oil field incidents or spills have occurred just since january two thousand and twelve all without public knowledge there have been three hundred on reported spills in north dakota alone so millions of gallons of oil are already leaking into and damaging the environment each year without being reported do we really need another giant oil pipeline the keystone x.l. pipeline running right through the middle of the country and pose even more dangers to the environment and to our health and by the way you know
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a giant target giant bowls to any terrorist who you know wants to do something to us. no we don't and you know no we don't we don't need a pipeline and it's here we are in the twenty first century still trying to cling to nineteenth century forms of forms of energy here and it just shows look this is going to be a massive cleanup this latest news happens on a month month week to week basis month to month basis we have these environmental spills and it shows that there's a price to to burning fossil fuels there's a price of the sort of energy and it's a price that's not borne by carbon producers it's borne by we've the taxpayers it shows that capitalism can't fix this problem there's no market incentive to get the fossil fuel industry to start using renewable energy this is going to take action it's going to take regulations to ultimately make that transition and if it is it's going to it's going to boil down to the consumers being forced to accept by
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government mandates on on what they can and can't use you know you talk about doing all of us the that would lead to terry when this is following the paper today how many people today die in auto accidents how many people died in this train derailment in the erroneous amount of going to regulate that go down to people who died going around the beltway in the last month i mean come on the bottom line is this the reason chris really well be that as a result of these oil spills lots and lots of people are going to die they're going to die of cancers they tom tom i have a novel idea let's pass to keystone pipeline the keystone pipeline will solve all these problems do you know that the stock still railroad companies now are going through the roof in the carbon footprint tell the of a railroad line is far much greater than that of the pipeline so why are not the liberals out there marching for the keystone pipeline right now so they're going to deal are you going to try and all two thousand miles of that pipeline where you put
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a guard every hundred feet or something what happens when someone can do that what about the d.l.l. right way glazer. terrorist or whether it's some you know. middle eastern terrorists decides that they're going to put joe all we take is a half a dozen sticks of dynamite well i mean why is it happened why isn't happened in alaska look come on you could you could make up anything you want but the fact is that the pipeline would officially in with so much less carbon emissions transport this oil in the cost of doing so is about seven dollars a barrel compared to thirty five dollars by the rail lines which is being passed on to the consumer the poor the the poor see to the people that you know all everything you're saying everything that you and chris are saying is predicated on the assumption that we should be having an economy running on oil at evolution if we simply put a carbon tax of twenty five dollars a ton in the being on carbon which is seen as we had a good hour of honest already done that is going to hurry up in horror and what
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you've seen in ireland now i do know it because the money one hundred percent of the money is returned to the people you return the money to the people you put the carbon tax on the carbon and then what you discover is the reason why twenty one percent of electricity iowa the reason why twenty three percent electricity in texas is now being produced by wind power is because it's actually cheaper than oil it is also this argument that we need the pipeline is predicated on the idea that we're paying for oil what the price of oil should actually be we're not we're paying a much cheaper price for fossil fuels than they actually cost but even the externalities here if we paid the correct yes because they're not that. we're not paying for their way nobody's paying for the cost of it but even more importantly the keystone x.l. pipeline is you know trans canada and it's on their website you can read it trans canada said that if they complete that keystone x.l. pipeline the price of gasoline in the united states and diesel fuel in the midwest is going to go up not down because they are not trying to get that oil to the gulf
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coast because all of a sudden there's a lot of cars driving around in southern louisiana they're trying to get that oil. from canada all the way to out of the gulf coast so that the koch brothers can make a hundred billion dollar profit refined into gasoline and diesel fuel and put it on ships and shipping it to china to mexico to to england to brazil i mean they're ready have the customers lined up this is not oil for the united states all we get is the smokestack crud we get the poison we get the cancers we get that we we're the sacrifice zone for the koch brothers profit if you're going to true tom that's just not true come on it's our industry that's going to benefit from this because it is a whole website isn't affordable energy supply in this country and think of all the thousands and thousands of jobs are going to this energy is the keystone pipeline is not go into the united states it's going to refineries on the gulf coast and
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then the and then the stuff is being exported if it wasn't for export they'd end up in the middle of texas. if your statistics are true. i mean here you are comparing us to ireland i mean our country and ireland are two vastly different in size that make up energy use our country runs on oil and if if your statistics are true about wind power and everything then then i guess the market is going to show that that is going to be much more advantageous it just has it will it succeed it will hurt if we disparage charging for the cost of carbon it will let you know if we got rid of me what i would like to talk to you i'd like to get your take on elizabeth warren your corner article in the new republic when asked whether she was considering running for president senator elizabeth warren refused to say either yes or no so some mainstream democrats are beginning to see warren as a threat and according to a recent gallup poll the democratic party is becoming more of elizabeth warren's party according to gallup the percentage of democrats with very negative views of
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the banking industry increased more than five fold since two thousand and seven between two thousand and one two thousand and eleven the percentage of democrats who are dissatisfied with quote the size and influence of major corporations and quote rose from fifty one to seventy nine percent so could elizabeth warren make a run for president two thousand and sixteen and pose a real threat to hillary clinton and her support base could she even win the democratic nomination is the democratic party undergoing a progressive transformation sam your thoughts on i think perhaps i mean yes there's a kind of a mainstream coalescing around hillary clinton who hasn't even decided whether she's going to run or not but there's an enormous amount of progress is out there who are disappointed with the obama administration disappointed with how the president handled wall street and was handled our wars drone surveillance all these things who see hillary clinton as an extension of that who would are not ready to get behind hillary clinton and more never be ready to get behind hillary clinton
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and see the more tim geithner lawrence summers approach to wall street look there's no bigger hero to per. politically than elizabeth warren she talks she's a candidate born out of the occupy movement basically and look she might have some she might have to dust up her foreign policy we've she's been quiet on important issues whether it's syria us intervention in the middle east stuff like that but she's going to be in the senate for a few more years she can take a position all these issues and she's to should take a position from ron paul here he comes out he's gotten tons of popularity that populous outrage in america isn't just directed at wall street it's directed at our foreign wars too and she can capitalize on both of those. i think it would be audio and chris i'm curious your take i think before i think it would be great if elizabeth warren ran for president because i think what we would see as a definite distinction between the two candidates and one thing that a lot of independents complain about is that they see the two parties as nominating
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people that really there are no real differences well if elizabeth warren is nominated by the democrats we will see a stark difference between the two parties and i look forward to that i really think that that would be a good choice for americans to make to really see what progressives and liberals stand for and she is an excellent example of that where you see that bit where the middle class against the against go to hooters the republicans. oh i don't know scott walker i mean we've got we've got quite a large number of people who would jump in here for a second and you know i jump in here for a second here you know you know that it was de luna fricke the lunatic fringe of the democrat party that beat hillary elected obama and that's right is the limit got a lot obama elected there is no such thing as a democrat in our war in a limit setting live in elizabeth warren speaks to that part of the party so i think that hillary's got a real problem here in the uk and i'm in florida and i got to tell you i think this
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country knows that we don't need another bush and we don't eat another clinton so i think this thing is wide open and i think that hillary's got a problem i think that we have fatigue right now we have clinton fatigue we have bush fatigue i think this party is ready to move on to something else. which direction which direction do you think the republican party is going to move i mean you chris just mentioned it's fascinating i think he did i don't you know neil bush . no i don't i don't think that we know yeah you know i think that this thing is wide open i don't think that hillary's got a locked up and i don't think that anyone in the republican party is going to wrap up but i do like governor christie i think he brings a lot to the table but we have a lot of candidates on the conservative side right now it's going to be a very fascinating nominating process on the conservative side we have a very deep bench we have many people that can step up right now to be president of this country and to create jobs and get this country back on its feet. i agree neal we have an extent. go ahead. to what extent chris do you think that the elections
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in two thousand and fourteen are going to be a referendum on this so they're going to be setting up twenty sixteen zero is not at all i think we need to step back and see who is really out there but on both sides and you know what we saw in virginia i live in virginia was once obamacare became the main message ken cuccinelli went down twelve fifteen points to finishing up you know really really close because people are tired of the government telling them what to do so whoever the republicans nominate i just hope that somebody who is clearly articulate so the conservative base there for america says it is the decider going to have decide which is they're in trouble oh it's not a web site it's later republicans are going to run on a platform of with health care for nobody chris neil and sam thank you so much for being with us tonight but they say thanks for have a point there but book to our. thank you thank you i appreciate it.
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coming up.
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and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for. plus there was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little league there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news leaks. alexander's family cry tears
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of the wind and in great things rather that there has to be adequate regard in a court of law found alive is a story made sort of movies playing out in real life. the older girl you are hearing all right. it's six things that you're. really seeing you know is wrong. i want to update you on a story we covered last week last week i spoke with cameron stoff author of the new book in the name of god the true story of the fight to save children from faith healing homicide in our discussion we talked about faith healing homicide it's an interesting concept an element of some fundamentalist christian movements where modern day mo that medical care is denied to the sick and vulnerable in favor
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prayer take a look. let's start with the title of your book what is faith healing. by think it's the dirtiest darkest secret of american fundamentalism and what it means is killing people through medical neglect it's usually the most intolerable people it's it's kids it's women giving birth and it's else only elderly people and if it's not their choice it's forced on how big a problem is this. it's huge it's been going on for ever been going on since the pilgrims it's largely legal there are probably about one hundred radical faith healing churches in america thousands are out the world estimate of five american kids die every month even more fatalities among adults even more people are crippled disfigured blinded year after year and it mostly just stays it. we then talked about the followers of christ church which is one of the leading
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churches in the faith healing homicide debate. what is the followers of christ church and how are they at the forefront of this problem that's the deadliest church in america is right here just outside of portland where i live in oh in oregon city. about half of the graves in their symmetry are kids graves their fatality rate among kids is twenty six times the norm fatality rate amongst women home versus nine hundred times the norm in oregon city oregon and died from an infection that know what is died from my conversation with cameron so interesting that he came on my radio show at the end of last week and broke some incredible news. you have investigated one of the largest of the cults of this type in the united states it's right there outside portland oregon and made a startling discovery just in the last few days here yes actually
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a colleague of mine dan until kind of can't eat can't a.t.u. a t.v. at the a.b.c. affiliate here in portland and he is going to announce in four hours that in one of the affiliates of the church of the followers of christ this one in idaho just across the border that for the last two years there have been more and more kids dying that it has not been reported there will be no prosecutions because i don't how is one of the many states in which faith based abuse and homicide is legal. no. that's incredible i understand that there are one hundred thirty three children's graves out of a total of three hundred that's exactly right i watched one of them being dug and it's just sickening. these people they love their kids they honestly do now
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one glimmer of hope is that they are not your average perp they will respond to the system if the system responds to them by making this illegal they're not homicidal maniacs they're not drug abusers they they can be reasoned with. this is really astonishing stuff hundreds of children and adults are dying each year from illnesses that could otherwise be prevented or treated with a quick trip to the doctor and those that cause these completely preventable deaths escape punishment all the in the name of religious freedom fortunately is cameron said the majority of members of the followers of christ church and other faith healing homicide groups all the way are rational and reasonable people with the single exception they will stop these horrific practices and killings if the system changes and if their actions are no longer considered legal in the eyes of the law
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that means it's up to you and me to call our lawmakers and urge them to prevent hundreds of senseless and needless deaths each year it's time to end the horrific practice of faith healing homicide once and for all. by a new book the crash of twenty sixteen is out now so i'm on the road here doing this road doing the book tour and in it you'll find out how a small group of super wealthy citizens of co-opted our country and our government for their own personal gain to find out about eighty year generational cycles of economic prosperity and severe crashes which coincide with the citizenry's ability to forget the lessons from our own past he'll learn how we can work to mitigate the
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effects of the forthcoming crash of twenty sixteen and you'll learn the history of the koch family and how they work with think tanks and media groups to destabilize our economy earlier today i had the opportunity to appear on m.s.n. b c's the cycle to talk about the book. new york times best seller tom hartman warns twenty sixteen could make the great depression look like child's play his new book is the. crash of twenty sixteen the plot to destroy america and what we can do to stop it tom thanks so much for joining us how do you see as getting to this breaking point where we actually have sort of a calamitous crisis we've been here before we saw the sack same thing happen in the one nine hundred twenty s. we saw the exact same thing happen in the eight hundred fifty s. we saw something very very similar happen in the late seventy's sixty's and early seventy's seventy's each time it led to a massive crash which led to a massive political and economic rebuilding of our country. so the crash of two thousand and sixteen is a coming economic political and social crisis that could be worse than any previous
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crisis our nation has ever faced like all previous great crashes this one going to be triggered and in fact is being triggered by an economic disaster caused by many of the same forces that led to the crash of two thousand and eight which was really the beginning of this and the crash of one nine hundred twenty nine which also went on for years it's going to happen because the fundamentals of the keep an economy strong and stable have not been restored since they started being deconstructed during the reagan administration the so-called reagan revolution and were totally ripped apart at the end of the clinton administration the crash of two thousand and eight was an early warning sign but our response to it has not been adequate why twenty sixteen well it actually could happen sooner could be next week but i'm proposing two thousand and sixteen for the same reason the two thousand and eight happened crash in two thousand a really began in two thousand and six that summer when housing starts dropped thirty four percent began to really seriously unravel it probably should have
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happened in two thousand and seven but the wouldn't wish it ministration saw it coming and they threw everything they had in to keeping it from happening before the november two thousand and eight elections so that bush wouldn't take the blame for it they were unsuccessful but for lack of trying the crash happened a half year before the elections and help determine their outcome there's every reason to believe that the obama administration is doing the same thing right now and will get even more aggressive about trying to hold things together with baling wire and bubblegum all the way up until november of two thousand and sixteen but there's another force at work here two cycles every eighty years or so roughly four generations the united states encounters a major crisis the revolutionary war the civil war and about eighty years ago the great depression and world war two so this is a time when that cycle comes back around because the people who remember the mistakes and to warn us about them are pretty much all dead. so what is this
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economic royalists conspiracy it's all about lee a plot to destroy the foundations of the american middle class economy that were built there in the new deal with the roots farther back than that and this plot as modern day plot was hatched by new names and faces but by the same ideology and the same kind of people who have run counter to american progress since the founding of our nation the forces of greed aggregate wealth and rule by the rich. franklin delano roosevelt explicitly called them economic royalists and i think it's an entirely appropriate term his memo paralyzed paralleled the rise of his now being lewis powell lewis paul wrote a memo that that brought that brought us to where we are now and that memo paralleled the rise of a new anti-government theology expressed most vividly in the libertarian and objectivist movements inspired by chicago school economics and now would shrug author and rand ronald reagan played the role of the useful idiot by dropping the
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top marginal tax rate below fifty percent or reducing corporate taxes by changing our trade laws and changing the rules governing c.e.o. compensation perhaps most importantly reagan effectively stopped in for some of the sherman antitrust act transforming america's cities and shopping malls from havens for small family owned businesses to a nationwide homogenous array of outlets owned by a small and full of corporations the reality is just like in nature broad and diverse is strong huge and top heavy is fragile and that's where our economy is now our supreme court then helpfully added the royalists a series of decisions from buckley versus vallejo to first national bank to citizens united that led predator billionaires and large corporations essentially by the political process and walk in their profits and their power so over the last thirty plus years you see this concerted effort this political economic and intellectual conspiracy toward remaking the united states in the image of the
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economic royalists and they've been very successful which is what has led us to the doorstep of the crash of two thousand and sixteen is there any we can do about it now to stop it almost certainly not particular with all this republican obstruction but we can mitigate just how bad it gets there are generational forces beyond our control at work here that historically force the nation to change in a profound way jefferson wrote extensively about generational revolutions so something is going to happen and history to. this that this change can proceed peacefully or it could be impeded or hijacked for other purposes which tends to proceed rather violently which way it goes depends on our social movements our politicians and what's happening elsewhere around the world especially in the eurozone and in asia we must undo the damage done by the royalists over the last three decades and build new stronger defenses to protect the american middle class otherwise we're screwed unfortunately because of the supreme court decision citizens united and the institutional and political power that has been given by
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that to the royalists it's pretty unlikely that anything is going to happen until there's a crash so big that the american citizenry demands like we did nine hundred thirty s. real genuine and significant change so what happens to the united states after the crash we'll have to wait and see but ideally we come through this great crash a more secure a more just and more equal nation previous crashes every single one has given the united states enormous opportunity to progress the revolutionary war gave us democratic self-government the civil war put an end to slavery the great depression a war to give we gave rise to the american middle class so the good news is that we don't need to look to any other country for our solution we've done this before right here in the united states and we can and almost certainly will do it again. and that's the way it is tonight monday nov eleventh two thousand and thirteen and a special note i'm on the road for my book tour here in new york city and louise's
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home in d.c. today is our anniversary we've been together since we were teenagers and she not only runs the show it helps you write books but it's also my best friend always i love and miss you and happy anniversary and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag your it. will do the. science technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've gone to the future covered. wealthy british style.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. the problem is terrible they are led very hard to take on to let once again the among their suppliers that never had sex with the target their lives let's play. lists and le
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may. live. a.
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or not so i go to an octave camp had one time in the room where patients are for spending the money around here and now hunger strike never turned the world's attention to the point that somehow gulag of our time. larry king now one of the most recognizable faces in m.m.a. tito ortiz to me this is competition this is to compete against another man we are the modern day gladiators i want to make sure i dare take advantage of this life as much as possibly could and never look back thinking that i wish i would get a public break up with jenna jameson house allusion to choose among my children of the day and i pray and i wish the she would get help because you had a rocky relationship with them over a very rocky relationship by tarsem duncan i think talking actually made tyson a lot more money but it's all bad stuff on larry king now.


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