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five or six. and i were an issue. in our. brains or we had in california and i used to go down and shoot every day after school i started shooting not to know i was probably eighteen. with brain he would go to the shooting range and he took me with a few times and tell me how to should have been doing it ever since i think it's important that women know how to shoot that they can protect themselves. the weapon is heavy difficult for such a young child to handle gretchen doesn't intervene she wants her some to feel empowered. to teach that. we teach jack that guns are to kill in the right situation. he's learning as
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a target to just learn as a target shooter for hunting but if the situation should arise that it can be used . for. killing par is one thing it can do but it can also be used as many more things and it's important for him to know that that it needs to be used in different. situations and we'll teach him that of course it's not correct to kill unless somebody is attacking him. he's here sights and see a target. but i can't see. thank you need to go up higher. remember safety rules. ok if you're ready for one round in. the shoulder in. ok and then on the stock when you see your target.
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squeeze. what you like about shooting. it like learning how to do it so you can become good one day you could witnessing the surreal event it's hard not to wonder about the risk of accidents but for jack's parents it's not an issue. a car gives you a bunch of freedom to drive around to go to the stores to do whatever you want your gun gives you the freedom to protect yourself it's just as dangerous get into the store as it is to have somebody come in and break into your house or do a school shooting their car accidents happen every single second there's some somebody getting killed in a car in the world every second the gun accidents are the ones that make it on the
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news the car accident just happened so frequently nobody even bothers anymore whoever has the gun wins basically and it allows me to protect my freedom protect my family and it allows us to be free. arming yourself to defend your freedom is not a chewed firmly rooted in the american psyche in the bigger cities in america things are seen differently lows for carrying guns are stricter. san francisco is in one of the most oppressive states of the us california. to buy a gun there you've got to have a written allowance. the legislation is strict but it works in twenty years the level of gun related crime has dropped by forty percent.
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this afternoon we have a meeting in the center that is very active in the prevention of gun violence. thomas sheds light on accidents related to far on thousands of which occur each year. among the victims are children and teenagers fifteen hundred twenty in twenty ten alone the number of accidents could be reduced if mothers didn't allow firearms at home but messages from manufacturers and supporters make this difficult but i'm noticing more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their families so someone sent me this website which shows some of this marketing some of these propaganda type ads about this and the actual ad says around midnight she called nine one one by twelve o six the fighting was done no time to wait for help to arrive so she used her
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rifle to stay alive obviously what they're telling you here is as a woman you can't rely on law enforcement to help you if an intruder comes to your house you have to have a gun available and ready to defend yourself and that is really playing on people's fear it's insinuating that you are not safe in your home. here's another one which. i just thought was so interesting because the imagery is so evocative you know this image that here's the guy is coming after you he doesn't have a gun he only has some sort of stick it says shoot or call nine one one she has this gun she's not only has it loaded and ready to be nice and bright in this picture so obviously the idea is she would have any trouble shooting him with her giant gun. here's one that says once mature enough to be home alone and she's ready to have a gun of her own. to me this looks like a pretty young child the message is clear parents should be buying
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a gun for their young child so that they can defend themselves and again when we know we read articles about the number of accidental injuries you see when guns get into the hands of children how sort of ridiculous is it to think that a child is going to get this loaded weapon that's going to use it be effective with it and and what do you say to what are you saying about the experience of that child in both instances. playing on the fear of being attacked blaming mothers these posters or pro-gun propaganda. creating these seemingly plausible scenarios they play on the specific idea of another person invading one's home a widespread fear in the minds of many americans. however according to another group specializing in the prevention of violence associated with far over a gun in the house is twenty two times more likely to kill a family member them play a part in self defense. many studies published in two thousand and eleven
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indicate that twenty thousand to thirty thousand deaths caused by far arms each year were suicides or accidents ten thousand were murders. pro-gun citizens believe that being armed deters criminals who might threaten them . but in what situation is one deemed to be in serious danger. teenager to whom barack obama pays homage to is trayvon martin. on the twenty sixth of february two thousand and twelve this seventeen year old black american was shot in the middle of a street. trayvon was going to buy sweets and was supposed to meet up with his father to go to a basketball game the killer was george zimmerman he was voluntarily patrolling the neighborhood in his car as there had been a series of steps in recent months. in his defense zimmerman told police that he had doubts about the intentions of the teenager he therefore evoked the stand your
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ground law to justify his actions. at first the murder a skate without any charges but out for a public art ridge amongst the american population the jury changed its verdict. trayvon martin's parents have agreed to meet us according to them george zimmerman had no reason to feel threatened. that they knew the real decision came when he got out of his vehicle because that's when he stopped being a neighborhood watch a neighborhood watch would have remained in his vehicle and would have just taken the information down and given it to the police and remained there that's a neighborhood crime what was he got out of his vehicle then he became a police officer a security guard or something of this or he was no longer a neighborhood watch that pursued a key this was a key this was a teenager that was talking on the phone there was not do anything wrong they have
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not committed any crime. florida passed the stand your ground law in two thousand and five and since then the number of justifiable deaths has tripled to around thirty five a year and three hundred twenty across the nation in two thousand and ten. freedom to bear arms comes at a price and america is. frequently paying for it with even more drama in mass shootings in these events there is no case for self defense only madness going back to the twentieth of april one thousand nine hundred nine in a big gun show like the one in thomasville the columbine murderers were able to buy the weapons they used to kill their classmates. twelve were killed and twenty five seriously injured the perpetrators were two fourteen year old teenagers eric harris and dylan clear. at the time the actions of the two students were attributed to violence in films and video games. in the political debates that ensued nobody
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questioned the ease with which these youngsters were able to purchase a shotgun and rifle. tall mouser lost his son in the columbine massacre daniel was fifteen a model student i'm very involved in school life despite his shyness. my son daniel was in the library at columbine and the two killers. were trying to get away from the police who were outside they came into the library. they ask everybody to stand up but they didn't the student stayed under tables and then they began go walk around the library. and shout insults at the students and selected certain ones to be shot. and my son was one of them he was first insulted by one of the killers shot in the hand he pushed his chair up
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against against the killer i think he was resisting and for that he p paid with his life with a second shot to his head that killed him since the tragedy of daniel's mother has been devastated and refuses all requests for interviews but for tom his son's death has become something to fight for. he advocates that gun show should have controls in place to check buyers he wants the laws changed. to me it made absolutely no sense to allow a teenager or a criminal to walk into a gun show like the teenagers who were the columbine killers did and not have to go through a background check. so we took the issue to our state legislature asked them to close that loophole so that everybody everybody who goes to a gun show and tries to buy a gun has to pass a background check they refused to close that loophole so we took it to a vote of the people we petition to put it on the ballot in colorado and the people
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of colorado closed that gun show loophole by a vote of seventy percent to thirty percent. because i'm buying tragedy hasn't served as a valid example. of the five thousand gun shows taking place each year only a small amount no house fire controls in place. i think that so many americans think that they need to arm themselves because they're very fearful and their first reaction is well if i'm in danger then i should be our myself and what i say to people is if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth because we are the most heavily armed free world nation and we're clearly not the safest clearly not the safest.
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lentil . lives. rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. a little. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. a one hundred twenty three days. through to. the cities of russia. relayed by
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fourteen thousand people for sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com. ali. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today.
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since the one nine hundred seventy s. the frequency of murders in the streets or public places has only increased each year there are around twenty mass shootings. one recent tragedy was in the or a cinema in colorado in summer of two thousand and twelve. that day a twenty four year old man burst into the movie theater during a screening of the latest batman film he opened fire at random killing twelve of the audience. the murderer was james holmes he wore a kevlar vest gas mask and was armed with an assault rifle. we visited the site of the tragedy twenty days later to meet a survivor of the shooting. emma a nineteen. student was in the cinema that day. she managed to flee the cinema before being hit by a bullet. she threw the
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can over over our heads and my best my other best friend hannah screamed get down and she she got down on the floor and i was like no it's ok and i was looking at the shooter and he was holding the gun. tilted up and he started firing really rhythmically shots bang bang bang bang probably six or seven he crawled along the floor i got up and i kept my head down and i looked to my left. and i saw down the aisle that the shooter was shooting up into the. section sections. so i just ran straight out and i remember thinking i really hope there aren't any more shooters because i don't know what i'll do it i know i don't know if this is really happening this has to be a joke this is a joke this is a joke. once again the shooting brought up the debate surrounding bearing arms in the us. in particular in public areas like cinemas or moles where weapons are
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prohibited. at the aurora movie theaters the police station was only a mile away and amazingly they actually got there very quickly compared to other response times and yet still twelve people died because there was no one there i mean there was even retired military and police officers there in the auditorium who had been disarmed because of the regulations and they could not protect themselves or anybody else that's wrong as explained by erik prince if the victims like emma have the right to bear arms in the cinema there might have been fewer victims mass shooting such as a columbine traumatized america a worrying trend can be seen after each episode a sharp rise. gun sales some citizens seek protection others fear tougher laws coming into actions so they run to stock up these men and women are convinced there is only one solution an opinion not shared by george because the oldest my brother
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shot himself and that. he had weapons he didn't need weapons he needed a doctor medicine. should have never had anyone. but he did and i only think that he didn't hurt anybody else because he could that's how angry and how much he was the problem is not. the problem or guns we put guns in prison. we need to really find ourselves we need to find. a new system of values why is it that people who are detected. not taken care of until till they do something are absolutely. outrageous and. there's not going to be any country to control tomorrow so we are you know we have to find another solution. one hundred kilometers from thomasville in south florida we need to reason adams a mother who we met at
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a gun show. she is invited us to come and see her gun collection weapons to protect themselves from intruders but not just for about our family is convinced that the world will end on the twenty first december two thousand and twelve. they are part of an apocalyptic movement which has a strong presence in the united states of america i welcome. we didn't necessarily build it so much for the protective factor but it's indestructible. the front wall a solid concrete block filled with poured full of concrete it's if there were to be a need for defense the house is designed for that. in fact to reason her husband live in a bunker with her two sons who are twelve and fourteen years old. you know a lot of that ever happen but if you were ever in
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a situation or god forbid anything happened with to go and they lost control if the economy goes south. there you go to believe that the stability of been able to buy food could go whoa i don't necessarily see it all rustling ever happened under the tree but it's one of those things if you're prepared for there's really no downside if the worst thing that you're prepared for a natural catastrophe. in preparation for the worst the family has taken every precaution starting with guns to protect themselves from atomic they're found in every room even the children. these are just in jacob's frames. this is jacob freeman here they have. their plastic toy guns but they've always been taught the difference in a toy gun in
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a robe and this is a real gun and this is his ten twenty two that he shoots we purchased yesterday a tactical package to put on it it had just a regular wooden stock and so he saw this and wanted it. was a present. here this is just. and he also has his toys but then he has his shotgun and his rifle that he uses for hunting will have any problems with the boys have and their guns in their room there or. they're loaded but not in the actual chamber invasion world war three natural disasters have thought of everything. is our utility room and pantry and it's just keeps we keep food stores and we talked about earlier in case for some reason we had to stay here for an extended period of time we try to keep a stock of food. primarily about three to four weeks mark so that in family thing were to happen we wouldn't have to leave. but the family
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treasure is found in this room where a dozen weapons are kept in the cabinet. even an assault rifle that twenty this. and this is a. i r fifteen x. and k. package but it's some assault rifle. in the kitchen on the table where they eat every evening to reason their husbands are proud to show off the majority of their collection. this afternoon the family has another surprise for us a shooting session on the grounds behind the house. we want to come out at least once or twice a week. the weather really hot as ice will probably going to spend a lot of time here in the fall and it will be ninety eight degrees here today and
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we are usually come out shoot together are occasionally some of us will come out together for fun but most of time we do it as a family so it was kind of a site that so i even do it together ok usually i say it's not really that was so with the bar sale. here as a family they shoot soda cans. guests invited to the house aren't offered coffee but instead shooting practice. and it's hard to refuse for fear of causing offense . thing i was. just in and jacob have been shooting their parents' guns since they were four years old they are the pride and joy of their mother to reason. how do you feel when you
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watch your kid shoot as a mom i'm excited and proud to watch him she now in that. they know how to do it that they enjoy doing it that we're spending our time together as a family i love it. you know. how do you feel when you shoot. it we're going to go forward. i mean it's kind of it's kind of i mean it's. the only thing where you're. what about you jake up what do you feel when you're shooting a man wait just bundle my. kid in. you know kind of thing.
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oh you know. it really. and i you know. that's a violent sport i mean it's something that you feel in your whole body and how can you get pleasure from that. it's. the excitement of it is kind of ike having that power and energy is just the strength behind it. it's hard to explain the feeling behind it it's just fun. for these women and
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families that we've met the individuals interests prevailed over the society. just . a few weeks before the presidential elections a survivor of the aurora shooting released a video which went viral on the internet i was shot in the next four years forty eight thousand americans won't be so lucky because they'll be murdered with guns in the next president's term enough to fill over two hundred theaters so when you watch the presidential debates ask yourself who has a plan the stock on the times let's demand a plan. and. during
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the presidential campaign neither of the two candidates touched on the subject of guns and barack obama the elected president of the united states of america has no intention to revise the second amendment that america and its citizens hold so dear the most recent attempt by the obama administration to revise gun laws failed to pass a us congressional approval on able eighteenth two thousand and thirteen since then no new initiatives have been presented to the public. they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations as i have read the reports so unlike the players no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month so to secure
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a car is on the docket else i. think you know more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you have to punch be ready for a battle for the speech and little down the freedom to cost. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often
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they could get what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. in. the future with the economic ups and downs in the final months they did learn to deal sang i and the rest because i take it will be every week on all things.
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archie dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. what's outside to an octave camp on a road where patients are forced by the mouth or i'm out of the first right never turn world's attention to the place that something gulag of arts minds.
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recently restored diplomatic ties with iran despite world power struggle to reach a nuclear agreement with tehran israel and france a proposed deal doesn't cut it also. you could go to jail because i find you annoying new legislation in the u.k. could impose hefty fines or even a jail sentence for simply being in your sense. also this hour adoption to kids adopted in the u.k. are being we honed online by an underground market. there are no who's going to. be out there with you for kids and there's the people out there everywhere which talk to a young man who narrative escaped tragedy up to his online we have the option.


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