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i think. it's. because i'm going to be. coming up on r t more and more n.s.a. leaks journalism glenn greenwald gives us a preview of the next big revelation find out what country is helping the u.s. in its spying escapades. and the core battles for stop and frisk won't be stopping anytime soon we'll take a look at the latest regarding this n.y.p.d. pat down and how the new mayor might be shaking things up for the better more details coming up. and if you're short on cash why not sell your body bodily products that is believe it or not more and more americans are cashing in on everything from blood to hair to fertile legs we'll give you the numbers on what sells later in the show.
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it's tuesday november twelfth four pm in washington d.c. i'm lynn neary david and you're watching our t.v. well edward snowden's bountiful n.s.a. leaks are far from over at least according to glenn greenwald greenwald is the former guardian journalist responsible for breaking the n.s.a. surveillance story and he says there are indeed more damning documents to be released only this time it will be about our neighbor to the north canada recently greenwald spoke to the canadian broadcasting corporation's radio station take a listen to what he said the documents are quite complex there are a lot of the there is an enormous amount of reporting to do in canada one of the most active surveillance agency countries in the world because of how closely they work with the n.s.a. greenwald also took the opportunity to respond to claims that publishing the classified government documents harms people. i think not publishing the leaks puts
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people in danger because when you have a system of government in which people can exercise great power in the dark that's what is dangerous i was joined earlier by steve anderson executive director of open media to talk about just how that power in canada is being exercised and what we can expect out of these leaks i first asked him to tell us about how the canadian and american security agencies share that information with one another you know we can in the us are part of what's called the five network and it's a very secretive but what we do know is that several countries this buy into several countries including australia the u.k. new zealand canada and the u.s. they all share data and information with each other and we know that for example australia has been used by the n.s.a. to to do certain spying on certain individuals and we know that there's a lot of other cooperation there between canada and the u.s.
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and the other countries absolutely and of course the information that's collected is then shared with other agencies like the cia do the two countries work together and actually detaining us or canadian citizen citizens abroad. well i mean that's sort of the issue i think but both with the n.s.a. and with the candidates. both these agencies are really they're secretive they're expensive and from what we're hearing with all the leaks from from snowden they're really at a control and we have every reason to suspect that they do cooperate in that way in terms of apprehending people we know that they're definitely sharing data but how deep that cooperation goes we don't know but i'm hoping that the new revelations coming from glenn greenwald will shine some light on that a committee because i think canadians americans people really around the world have a right to know what the spy agencies are doing and if they're violating
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a right to privacy in her basic freedoms sure and in the united states of course there are the house and senate intelligence committees that are supposed to oversee this kind of activity what kind of oversight is there in the canadian government and do you think it's effective. it's definitely not effective there is a watchdog but at the very small office and this government watchdog has basically said that they don't know if canadians are being targeted or how many canadians are being swept up in the secretive expensive spying and in fact that you opposition party have called for more oversight by the liberal party here in canada has just put forward a bill asking for parliamentary over say because really it's really small office and they have been so complain that they don't have an anough access to
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information and they have all of the government's own commissioner has called for more safeguards and more oversight of government spying activities and see how long to say canadian citizens per see the threat to their privacy you know how do you think they're really going to react to these upcoming linux. well just just recently we put up a petition on our website at media dot ca and what we saw is thousands of canadians across the country in just a matter of days speaking you know calling on the government to create more oversight mechanisms to protect their privacy so i think canadians are various and similar to the u.s. no in the u.s. there is this really big kind of cross partisan coalition called stop watching us. and in canada we have a similar coalition the groups from the array the left you know labor groups right leaning groups you know g g p groups. speaking in on this issue and
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joining with canadian so i think that as more revelations more and more canadians will be demanding answers and you know i'm really i hope that rather nicholson who's the minister responsible for this is even harder really come clean with canadians and let us know how many meetings are being swept up in this dragnet surveillance what information is being stored in giant databases and how secure is that information sure and it does seem to be a very bipartisan issue unlike many others you know you mentioned this that pool the data are held by the five eyes which just so people know in the u.s. canada u.k. australia and new zealand do canadian feel in some way that their relationship to means other countries is beneficial to them and their security. i think from what i'm hearing today is that really worries that we're seeing you know our spy agency . being used but that is. to collect information
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and share information with u.s. officials so you know i think that we don't the issue is we don't know how these organizations are operating we don't know how much of our information is being shared across borders and different databases and i think canadians are mostly just concerned and want answers on the shore and lastly steve i wanted to go back to something glenn greenwald talked about in his c.b.c. interview and response to the claim that these revelations would expose state secrets to those involved the terrorism and therefore it would do more harm to national security then than good take a lesson of the terrorist have long ago known that the u.s. and u.k. governments do everything possible to monitor their communications that's why it's all been modern used human couriers we didn't tell the terror as anything they didn't already know we polled people that they didn't already know or ordinary citizens around the world that this spying system is directed not at the terrorists
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but. so what do you make of the argument that the leak of this information could actually aid terrorists like do you agree with greenwald and what he said on that. no i think yeah i think the most absolutely correct i mean. from what i've read in . you know terrorists and criminals have for quite some time known that they've been targeted surveillance they use a christian and or technology carriers and whatever they can to get around it so i don't think it's new to those both i think it's like remote that it's new to you know law abiding canadian letting americans know that their government agency that is collecting their sensitive private information you know we're talking about things like your prescriptions your phone records where you are where you're going to be your friends the fact that that information is being collected and stored in giant unsecured databases i think that is what is news to americans and canadians and what is dangerous i mean if you look at canada we've had over three thousand
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breaches of sensitive citizen information in recent years affecting seven hundred twenty five thousand canadians and the fact that we're now having an agency collect even more information on us. i think it makes us less secure and i think it makes us more exposed to cyber criminals to have this information collected and really at the end of the day we have the right to know which of probation how many of us are being swept up in this giant dragnet surveillance farewell it'll be very very interesting to see what these upcoming weeks during the all about canada i do appreciate you coming on and breaking down some of that for us steve anderson executive director of open media entrapment and it looks like stocks that the cyber weapon allegedly developed by the u.s. and israel to disrupt iran's nuclear program have had even further reaching consequences than previously known eugene kasper skeen runs one of the world's most
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renowned online security firms he spoke at australia's national press club on the issues of cyber security and cyber espionage take a listen to what he said. how many computers come when the enterprises were huge waste x. that united states to no i don't know but the way last year for example chevron the agree that the with the infected buy stocks. a friend of mine. broke in the russian nuclear probably and once during these stocks and then sent a message that their nuclear plants network which is just coming from the internet in russia this oldest. weapon in the region. so the men send a message that their enjoyable network is badly infected by stuxnet that's right if casper ski is to be believed the stocks not a virus infected
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a russian nuclear plant that wasn't even connected to the internet and damage the plants ability to function to infect a non connected computer or person person would have to either physically install the bios or trick someone else into doing so and if you thought nuclear plants were bad places to get infected by viruses get this casper he also mentioned that computer viruses are even an issue on the international space station where malware on a u.s.b. stick once infected the station with a virus. and now to new york city where the policing policy of stop and frisk continues to snake its way through the court system outgoing mayor michael bloomberg has become synonymous with the program he and police commissioner ray kelly have issued their full support for the practice by which police officers are able to stop people walking down city streets question them and pat them down to further in trying the practice the bloomberg administration has appealed
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a federal court decision from august that ruled the stop and frisk program violated the constitutional rights of minority citizens the judge called for an independent monitor which bloomberg is challenging civil rights advocates have long questioned the constitutionality of stop and frisk is specially because eighty seven percent of those stopped and frisked are black or latino and these stops resulted in our arrest of only about six percent of people this from an analysis of police data from the center for constitutional rights now mayor elect bill de blasio made his opposition to the current use of stop and frisk a huge part of his campaign but now that he's elected what powers does he have to change the policy r t correspondent ana stasia churkin reports. twelve years under mayor michael bloomberg has left
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a legacy of the controversial stop and frisk policy six hundred thousand stop and frisks in one year which is more than the black male population of the whole city. the policy allows the n.y.p.d. to stop interrogate and search new yorkers on the streets without a warrant overwhelmingly in communities of color it became a huge issue in the city's most recent vote it is racist immoral and illegitimate it treats black and latino people especially. young people like criminals now new york has elected a new mayor and let me say it all of you from the bottom of my heart thank you one of mayor elect bill de blasio is distinctive positions in the campaign a stance against the police policy as it's currently used in a legal back and forth most recently city lawyers had a federal appeals court overturned the appointment of an official to monitor the use of stop and frisk as well as several other new rules suggested by
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a top judge stalled this court ruling you know shows not that it's a more complicated issue and maybe there are different degrees of of constitutionally but it shows that this courts are more than fine with violating the rights of blacks and latinos. well officials claim stop and frisk helps prevent crime in the city activists and victims disagree it amounts to police stalking intimidating sometimes jailing and even as much as killing people in the name of security. we're going to do that because stopping first don't damn good protesters against this practice have been taking to the streets of new york for years calling for it and i would say it does make us feel safe area it certainly makes us feel like we're in more more in jane share of a fascist say we're going to jail for the for. the rest of the now and we're going to wrestle but you know what is there really
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a way to make it more constitutional as mayor elect blasio wants without getting rid of it altogether the only thing the party will be ok would all be a victim of the stop of a family been victimized by it will be totally the new leader of new york will appoint his own commissioner and run the police force enough power to change stop and frisk but it will be an uphill battle to improve a policy that the n.y.p.d. has been using for decades losing the trust of many new yorkers in the process as they see it sure can. r.t. . and to the philippines where residents are still reeling from a typhoon that struck the eastern part of the country this past friday since the disaster only a small amount of assistance has arrived that includes two marine cargo planes that have unloaded an array of food and medical supplies at the top will be on airport filipinos crowd at the airport manning begging for attention to their elements of
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course that shipment barely scratches the surface of the resources that will be required to accommodate the tens of millions of people who've been affected while local authorities struggle to deal with the enormity of the disaster many local groups are taking it upon themselves to provide support archie spoke earlier to jesse edward we who lives in say boo philippines he described a storm that passed through the central islands and the efforts of alumni from the university of san carlos now nearing group to help their neighboring island which was hit worst by the storm. it was quiet though the nice. wing is very strong this. our house not just the sort of nice. but trees are being. lying all over the area that nobody outside because they might see that shaking that shading like. that we are going to really good for is we are saying those ones who.
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are these they're really. good in the global. and a plane transporting his group's volunteers and supplies has arrived in tacloban and they have begun to provide medical assistance but even as some of the largest organizations are having trouble providing support the united nations says it's released twenty five million in emergency funds and was launching an emergency appeal for money however government officials and police have been caught up in the disaster themselves and many say that has hampered the coordination to deliver such resources today the official death toll from the disaster climbed to one thousand seven hundred and seventy four though authorities say they expect that number to rise significantly now projecting a death count of more than ten thousand this is likely to be the deadliest natural disaster to hit the impoverished southeast asian nation. and still ahead here on
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our team looking at sell some stuff to make some extra cash a lot of people are trying to sell body parts and fluids we'll take a look at that trend next. body has something to show everybody. i'm not the kind of person want to sit next to one and airport. i mean there's always in the waters but. that's whether it's a ballet dancer a ballplayer. has things that are curious to me it's just things i think about. that we're not.
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and i'm sure you never thought of it this way but your body is a cash machine. this is all according to a recent bloomberg report showing that products like hair breast milk and eggs are doubling as hot commodities on the market for some cash strapped americans industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids tissues and other parts all of course for the right price take a look at what the going rate is for some of this stuff for blood plasma donors can charge anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars for a shot of sperm you're looking at about one hundred dollars for a beautiful long hair ponytail you could expect two hundred dollars for a fertile egg that's the big money maker there's a potential to rake in approximately seven thousand dollars clearly this is not chump change so here to talk about this very nice market and the potential for its
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growth going forward i'm joined by robin hanson associate professor of economics at george mason university robin thank you so much for joining me i want to take a look at some nor more numbers so visits to blood bank or dot com which is a cash for plasma website are up by fifty percent this fall the hair trader dot com has seen about a twenty percent growth in traffic and shady grove fertility center where women are donating eggs has seen a thirteen percent increase in applicants just since last year. why are people turning to this as a viable form of income right now people want and need money people are hurting sometimes and these markets are getting easier it's getting more flexible easier to trade these things and people get value out of the other end of the deal so some people want to buy other people want to sell so do you think this expansion could be attributed to more than just a bleak economy could it be that people are just feeling a little bit more altruistic these days could it be that there's just way more
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websites and businesses that offer these kinds of services i don't know but i guess that over the long run it's just going to get easier to do these things the more flexible markets we make the more different ways that where you can go to a website and arrange for it it'll just get easier to do it and without going through all the trouble now if the this market does expand with more and more people wanting to sell their bodily products do you expect that we'll see a decrease in the prices of these of these you know bottling products and do you think that could be a good thing or a bad thing or what are your thoughts on that well whether we the price goes up or down depends on whether there's a bigger increase in demand receives an increase in supply i would love to see a big increase in supply to get the price down but if the demand goes up to then the price could go up as well. and should we be worried that this could possibly further stratify the economy you know considering we'll see more low income donors
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selling these products i mean obviously selling to wealthier people wealthier buyers do you see any problems in this at all or why i would see this mostly as a response to poverty or a way to deal and help you out so if you were a poor person and you had a gold watch and we said you're not allowed to sell the gold watch sorry it has to remain a family heirloom that would hurt you that you could be limited in what you're allowed to sell so really if you want to sell your hair then it will help you to be able to sell your house it's it's not causing the poverty to let yourself something it's helping you out. your situation of poverty if you've got something valuable that you can sell that will help help you in your situation who do you think are the majority of the people that are going to be looking to put their bodily products out there what kinds of people would you say it would be demographic wise or whatever well the will be a certain just convenience if you happen to need money and you happen to have a nice head of hair then you might sell your hair if you happen to need money and there's a convenient way to sell some blood that you might do that too so the more easy we
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make this the more it will be a matter that somebody will just do it at the last moment so and you imagine it might actually be difficult you know not everybody and there might be a limited amount of people that can do this because maybe as it becomes more competitive they're only going to want people with the best care or the best ags the best everything. possible that could happen eventually but in terms of the short run we have this huge need for organs that inter blocks of kidneys and eyes and other things like lungs and so we have a huge need for those people to have those things that a lot of people die of because there aren't enough organised like that available so if we could increase the supply of things like that that would save a lot of lives out there and that would be great and you think we should you know continue this debate about whether organs should really you know be available for sale if you look at google if you type in cell my blank one of the first things that comes up is sell my organs sell my kidney so do you think we should perhaps open the conversation to selling something like that but the question is why don't
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you want somebody to sell things so one story could be it's a bad deal right sometimes we want to prevent sales of things if it would just be a bad idea to sell it to you or you know you just shouldn't sell it but if these things are actually helping people then the shame is that they're poor enough to even consider it and obviously poverty is a bad thing we would like to get rid of poverty but again keeping poor people from selling things to help themselves doesn't prevent poverty it makes it worse. very interesting points well it is a pretty crazy topic i've pretty you coming on and breaking some of that down for us robin hanson associate professor of economics at george mason university thank you. what would happen if you crossbred of fish a bird and a mountain goat well according to sandia national laboratories it might look a little something like this you're looking at the concept for what's called the mole time modal vehicle it can fly swim and traverse land even with the ability to
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dodge obstacles and climb while on land plus it does all of this covertly and is operated remotely sandia is funded by the government which has a strong interest in developing on manned vehicles that can do a whole lot more than just fly and shoot missiles the multi-modal vehicle is still in the testing phase but it may not be long before you see it in an ocean or sky near you. on the dating matchmaking site ashley madison is now being sued by one of its former employees ashley madison is a web site geared to married women or men who are seeking relationships with other married or single individuals the employee is dorie on a silver and she blames the company for her development of carpel tunnel after being asked to type up hundreds of fake profiles of sexy women silva is seeking twenty million dollars from the company for what she is calling on just enrichment
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at her expense plus another one million in general damages silva says she was asked to create these female profiles to entice heterosexual male members to join and spend money on the website and she was pressured to do all of that in a three week time period according to silva creating those profiles pope required an enormous amount of keyboarding and that led to this a fear pain in her wrists and forearms now in a statement ashley madison has responded by saying quote this still those allegations are without merit and we consider this to be a frivolous claim brought by an opportunistic plaintive it went on to say that in several postings on social media ms silva can be seen clearly enjoying herself on a jet ski an unlikely activity for someone who has allegedly suffered serious injury. and that does it for now for more on the stories we cover today you can go to youtube dot com slash r t america you can check out our website r t dot com
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slash usa and follow me on twitter at amir david boom bust is next. it was a. very hard take. to get. happy that i had sex with rick perry. with.
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the. us. government has been sending letters to the young unemployed citizens of suggesting that they leave town to go overseas scat scran pounces get out of our statistical sites get down get out of here joy good don't want to see your poor boat reflation are. no mo. oh bugger because we've traded you for some ghost ships of death fraud and the collateral call is called. on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had
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a graduation party at school and the war broke. out. always full of good. will in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went to sort out all the shows were empty. in november the bulk of the dive ski warehouses we use it was the main storage place for all the food in the city people would be eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. bear to look at the list incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct hit on that very shelter and everyone was buried under me. all of them would.
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go there i marinated this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. chat room hours will be closed from nine to five at least if you're employed by a big bank that's right banks that may start disabling electronic chat rooms following regulators screw you over what exactly goes on in this chat room we'll tell you all about it coming right up and is there nowhere safe to keep your frequent nowadays sadly about actually might be the case now some big coin found it made off with over one million worth of electronic booty we'll tell you how they did it and finally best selling author jenna richards joins me in studio today to discuss all things monetary i'm talking currency wars it's all coming up and now let's get to the show.


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