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tv   Larry King Now  RT  November 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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turn world's attention to the police and then some gulag of our time. i suspect. they would like to do if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct all books. go on. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on when we go beyond identifying and probably trying to rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america about ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. but i'm tom hartman and washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. wiki leaks is released another bombshell this time publishing
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a portion of text from the secretly negotiated trans-pacific partnership to d p b that text is out in the open will lawmakers in washington finally realize how devastating the t.p.t. could be to the american economy also there's a block party in washington and republican senator lindsey graham is throwing it liar graham is a republican colleagues refusing to vote on nominees to the d.c. circuit court of appeals that and more into nights alone liberal rubble and should a company that makes dog food really be in the household cleaning products business is strange is a sow's that's reality in the american marketplace today so how do we change that or break up mega corporations that have a virtual stranglehold on american consumers i'll tell you in tonight's deleted.
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you need to know this the obama administration is preparing to sell america out to a handful of private corporations more than a handful but anyhow that's because right now president obama is preparing to push through the largest trade deal in human history the trans-pacific partnership of its or as it's more commonly known the t p p if approved the t p p would create a whole new set of rules regulating the economies of twelve countries the red countries seen here on four different continents border in the pacific ocean these rules cover everything from pharmaceuticals to digital copyright law and could permanently change the way everyday americans and people all over the world interact with the global economy so if you think the obama administration you you would think as a result of this that the obama administration would want to keep the public as up to date as possible on such a big trade deal right or wrong the united states is negotiating the almost entirely in secret with the help of about six hundred private corporations most of
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what we know about it actually comes from leaked documents and those documents paint a pretty scary picture now thanks to wiki leaks we have an even better idea of just how dangerous the tepee really is earlier today wiki leaks released a full draft of the treaties intellectual property rights chapter the ninety five page document proves what many people have long suspected that he isn't so much afraid of free trade deal as as it is a giant giveaway to monster transnational corporations according to wiki leaks the t p p would allow private foreign corporations to sue countries over regulations of those corporations don't like it would allow them to expand the monopoly powers of pharmaceutical patterns and it would also give corporations the go ahead to start blocking websites accused of violating copyright law the documents also show that the obama administration on behalf of the united states as good. pushing for some
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of the t.p.s. harshest intellectual property laws to put a block with the p.p. would sacrifice national sovereignty public health and internet freedom all in the name of helping private corporations keep their c.e.o.'s wallets fat and their shareholders happy that's why the t.p. is so much more dangerous than normal trade deals like nafta or caf to not only does it reward companies that send jobs overseas and got regulations a key big businesses unchecked it also increases corporate control over pretty much every part of how you and i interact with the world and makes it near impossible for countries to fight back against giant corporations as julian assange about the leaked documents if instituted the g p p's intellectual property regime would trample over individual rights and free expression as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons if you read write publish think listen dance
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sing or invent if you farm or consume food if you're ill now or one to one day might be ill it d.p.p. has you in its crosshairs in other words it puts the rights of profit driven businesses over the rights of human beings and the governments that we formed to protect ourselves no wonder then that the obama administration doesn't even want congress to take a closer look at the d.p.p. to push the us into the proposed treaty as soon as possible the president is trying to use a special legislative trick called fast tracking it would prevent lawmakers from making any amendments to the t.p. instead the treaty would be set right to the floor where it would only have to pass a simple majority vote. sounds like a done deal right. not so fast a growing number of bipartisan lawmakers including people as far away from each other of the political spectrum as michele bachmann and john lewis are banding together to fight back against the president's t p p plan calling for open debate on the treaty and as the obama administration will hold back on pushing for fast
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track powers so will they succeed and what's the deeper story here for more on this i'm joined now by mike papen tonio attorney and host a ring of fire radio ring of fire television pap welcome back. just great hey as i just mentioned there's growing congressional opposition to both the t.t.p. and president obama's decision to try to reauthorize fast track to pass this thing which is a power that he doesn't have right now it expired in two thousand and eight of the recall do you think today's wiki leaks revelations are going to help or hurt how it what effect they have enormous they are extremely important because what the american public sees now and this is this is going to be this is going to take the same shape that we saw with syria with larry summers with the pipeline xcel pipeline you're going to see so much anger about this once people understand what has been happening to them behind closed doors it's so secretive as
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a matter of fact that even the people working on it had the funding had to had to sign a classified information non-disclosure agreement and that's how he's kept it secret but real problematic is why would a president that runs on the idea of being the people's candidate want to keep this so quiet when it puts so many people out of jobs into such a huge threat to every facet of the american public why would he want to keep that secret that's the big question i think i know the answer yeah i was going to say i'm guessing for us not a rhetorical question what you think the answer is well i think it all comes down to the fact that we saw the same thing happen with bill clinton bill clinton was surrounded by the robert rubin types by the penny pritzker types. all street types that's where bill clinton's money came from we have ignored the fact that obama came up the same way it's simply a continuation of what we saw with the bill clinton administration with nafta in
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caffe to now he has made promises there's nothing else you can read into this he's made promises he had to make promises in order to get elected to get all that money from wall street and now it's payback time wall street had the good sense to understand there's no way that anybody with a brain in a gag reflex could ever put up with this type of legislation or this type of treaty so we kept it quiet intentionally tried to hide it from the american public and the press i think one of the most interesting parts of this is well actually the only part that we really know right now is this intellectual property part but that's you know both damning and fascinating i'm curious your thoughts about the revelation probably the biggest revelation this was that it's the united states is pushing hardest for this it seems to me like i'm seen the hand of microsoft and disney and sony and whatnot behind this but maybe the pharmaceutical companies i mean that's an area that big super specialize in your thoughts big what has
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happened is exxon dupont dow chemical eli lilly merck all the big companies have already had great success just gaming the system in taking away sovereignty by way of nafta nafta is very weak where it comes to foreign entities right to come in and change a sovereign law t p p puts nafta on steroids but already we've seen the oil companies force people in canada that said you know we don't want you drilling in our backyard they've been forced they've been sued in the legislation that prevents that that drilling has been thrown to the side same way with fracking same way with pricing of pharmaceuticals. this is a complete takeover of what we hold so dearly and that's the right for us to be able to govern ourselves tom and it really this is the last stage if this were to
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succeed this is the last stage of making the united states in a something akin to sy pan in this sense it creates what we call jobs scarcity if you have twenty people that are applying for the same job the employers able to say no we're not going to honor osho we're not going to we're not going to honor regulations we're not going to pay a minimum wage we're not going to allow for unionization and all of a sudden that the person right behind that guy plan for the job says well i'll take the job look when you take regulations away when you let corporations get involved in interfering with sovereign regulations in sovereign laws it always works to the benefit of the corporation that's the that's the gotcha that's the gotcha part of this whole thing that's where it's headed obama knows that he's not an idiot he simply is owned and operated by wall street and it's hard to admit it but that's
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the guy we elected and now we're seeing it this is a tell tale of what this man really is all about why else would he keep it a secret what's the word on when this thing is going to drop. well i think what at this point it's going to be slowed down dramatically that what's going to happen is they have to get this through with obama he has to be the guy because there's a good there's a good possibility that hillary won't be able to do it hillary's going to be running for cover as she sees this pendulum swing and progressive get more and more involved with saying you know damn it we're tired of centrist politics we're tired of democrats acting like they are republicans and hillary you better not stand behind this so obama is the last chance they have they're going to put full tilt full speed behind this thing every way they can in the only thing that's going to stop it sam the only one's going to stop this is is tom is people like you and me and sam who i was talking about his radio show with me and and bobby kennedy and
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the people that are out in the media that is not mainstream media but the citizens media they're going to stop this this is where the anger this is where the real anger is going to come in thirty seconds pat there's absolute radio silence in the corporate media on this why oh they wanted list this is great for corporate media it sells more it sells more goods any time you sell more goods advertisers are happy and the guys on the fiftieth floor with that m.b.a. that could care could not care less about the future of this country they make more bonus money credible papen tonio thanks so much for being with us thank you and i think your and your analysis is spot on thing coming up republicans say they have a plan that will let you keep your health insurance plan even if it doesn't meet obamacare standards but are they trying to save health care reform or sabotage it more on that in tonight's long liberal rumble right after the break.
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we're not saying to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced to in the aftermath of our strike never turned the world's attention to the police and then some time to go a lot of hard times. and . i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. wealthy
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british. time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. it's wednesday you ready to rumble join me for tonight's low level rubble auroras cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research and jesse jane duff retired gunnery sergeant the u.s.
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marine corps thank you both for joining me and great to have you back with us both thank you you the obama administration released initial obamacare enrollment numbers today one hundred six thousand one hundred eighty five people have signed up for insurance under the law as a whole about twenty seven thousand twenty six thousand seven hundred ninety four exactly as side of through the federal exchange seventy nine thousand three hundred ninety want to eighty thousand side of your state based exchanges and related obamacare news yesterday i was on c.n.n.'s crossfire to discuss health care reform during a debate the weekly standard's bill kristol asked me if i supported republican congressman fred upton keep your health care plan bill i said no i had read the bill here's a clip of our exchange. and those are the ad product recalls we're going right here or against cars that suddenly they discover discover the master cylinder doesn't work being recalled and replaced you seriously believe that all those plants have been canceled as many people really have the vast majority like there are there
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there are teams that are is outdated insurance commissioners in california and new york to build attic states if it was lands in the. wasn't fred upton if it was if it was coming out of a democrat and they were saying you know let's tweak this bill i would say go for it times out of my outlook and i'm immediately well there's a many democrats are going to vote for this bill and all if i do it if they do then it'll be up to your standard is a democrat says it it's good enough republican said as long as the republicans are on record as saying we're totally opposed that part of the meanest. is not quite the right club but basically what bill kristol said was fred upton got this bill and if you like your health insurance you get to keep it and i was saying and you know it fred upton put it forward it's probably a poison pill and bill and new are both saying it's not a poison pill and we're going to work this out in fact we had the show by saying hey if we work it out but then today i read the bill and it's a poison pill it's it's it's you know on the other hand you've got democrats who are now spreading scare you know they're there because they all the publicity on
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this thing the news cycle has really turned against president obama especially since he apologized some of that he never should have done. so i'm not sure this is a debate of more than more than a discussion at least on this topic what part of the problem is i see if you see any do you see any possibility that the democrats and the republicans might come to some agreement on something that might modify obamacare in a way that doesn't kill it or the republicans so committed to killing it that every time they offer something it's going to be like fred upton the poison pill a fred upton bill is not a poison pill unless of course it's your vision that government knows best is the only mantra to operate under but b. so that's a there are two thirds majority in both houses we're not going to see any significant legislative change happen to this bill that's just a reality the white house is immune of two thirds in the sun fifty one percent.
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no no no you have a over right to override a veto over right you need to two thirds and you're not going to get that. level of support on this bill there are enough senate democrats who are committed to obamacare or be simply not up for the cycle so are you suggesting and i want to get jessie on your thoughts on this too are you suggesting that fred upton spiller a mary landrieu apparently has bill in the senate but hers is quite different it's not a poison pill that will pass of the senate and the house the road limited to one pass in the senate and if threads were to pass if it were to pass it's going to be vetoed and there are no two thirds support in the congress for either of these two measures so all of this is posturing for twenty fourteen just and nothing's going to change because i don't think that president obama is going to sign off with anything that's going to change his his landmark legislation the biggest thing that i'm finding out though is that it's now in the fine print that even though those
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that are with big companies insurance they're looking at cancellations up to about sixty seven percent of those so those because that's a highly regulated market and because it's now being modified it is now come out even within the legislation that stated about sixty seven percent they expect were not grandfathered in and now the company health care not the individual health care that people were purchasing up there on the private market is also going to cancel so we've had one hundred thousand people signed up and we've already have size six to seven percent of companies have changed their health care providers and you have like you go to the next january two thousand and fourteen this is another one a comment down by our mandate in the back or your mandate ayers i understand others but seem to also hear hands over for free in either case whether it's individual or or ploy or for a policy to no longer qualify in other words for it to be to go away at the end of the year to be canceled it would have to if it was issued before twenty or
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twenty loven actually if it was a sure if it was issued before twenty five twenty seven you can keep it right but obama was saying well let me just finish this obama. right about that you can keep their policy if it's one of the old policies if the policy was rewritten or changed by the insurance company after two thousand and eleven for yourself or yourself but say you don't write the policy is the interim let me just finish this thought if i may please the insurance companies when they change these policies they knew that these policies would no longer qualify in two thousand and thirteen why didn't they tell this was carefully is the oldest fair on the part of the no you're right it's a bilious because she's the one that changed the grandfather law the original obamacare to support that you would not you would get to keep your policy it was kathleen sebelius that changes the grandfathering the grandfathering is when she said if there were any modifications or any changes you would not fall within the grandfathering that was kathleen sebelius and saturn was always a part of the founder and c.e.o. fought the senate and let it riot if you had
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a junk plan as you describe it you're exempt and grandfathered if you got married after during this happened and you and your spouse to the junk plan that's considered a change under the regulatory changes but sebelius made not under the legal changes that the law contemplated the less without it's got to be very small stab in the middle east seven percent they wrote it is why has a video said it would be in their impact if they said sixty seven percent of the change on a regular basis and ok this will go to use the politically i want to talk about this politically this goes to this point cash for clunkers said to you it was a bad idea but it said to you we will write you a check and take this terrible thing away from you this plan doesn't do that if you want to turn this into paul ryan's version for medicare which is about your eyes and i don't i'm telling you what would have worked politically if you had said
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to people who like their plan i will write you a chair. to buy you out of your plan you would not see these protests now you guys are correct there is not everybody will be unhappy to move from a bad jump plan as you describe it to a better one but what you're not correct about is it's not about a one to one relationship or five the right relationship if it turns out that only ten percent of americans sit back and say they are bitterly angry about this and ninety percent are fine you democrats have a huge problem on your hand that's the nature of the political right so i mean i agree with that analysis and that's what i mean i don't i don't agree with the predicates but i agree with the big companies their insurance rates are going to go up fifteen to twenty percent who are impacted by that because they're already highly regulated so they won't be impacted quite as much as those on the private system they are going to go up one hundred one hundred nine hundred eighty percent
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human to say they're great lawyers and a good place to stay in paid employers like if you get your health care plan through your big employer they will be impacted it's still going to go up so we're looking at one hundred twenty five million people whose rates are going to probably potentially increase and you've already looked at one hundred million cancellations on million were canceled in california alone so between those that have canceled have to go into the private exchanges and rates are going up this is political suicide on every possible out of all and the democrat senators are running to the white house and saying help us help us help us because we are not when elections and will turn out according to politico both white house is calling senate democrats and saying to them berate us put out statements and show us your anger because this will help you get through the two thousand and fourteen elections because that because they're quite sure that the just like with medicare just like with social security just like with medicare part d. that when these programs initially roll out there are problems people are upset
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a year two years three years down the road things have settled out the bugs have been worked out and people actually like them and so i would as the white house is you have you know that white house. for reelection twenty white house of them up for reelection if you can get that number down to one and a half percent or so you can force the american people to accept it you're not going to get that i think that the funny or no not this in a horizontal you know a little coolly i don't disagree with us a billion thinking that when she did this grandfathering law i mean that was political suicide because that is the collapse of this size the website i can't speak irish i don't i have never heard president obama fired her but i have never heard that and i'm not sure that that's not something that's going right now lazio right wing it's a good relationship model all of us and i think that's of alias model modified and i just i don't each as issued the regulations that interpreted the grandfather clause so that any kind of change and junk plan as they define the woman changes regulations tomorrow rai say don't require congress to do and they don't and the
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question is will i hasn't the president says that that's been canceled you can't get it back well now to all of this all of these policies canceled on december thirty first so why hasn't the white house said we're thinking about making these changes and the reason is because they believe that those changes are critical to transforming america's health care system ok let's talk about the second or the d.c. circuit court the d.c. circuit court is probably the probably it is second only supreme court the most important court united states and so most important court because any federal regulation which includes all oversight from labor law to pollution laws to everything else all of it gets litigated in the d.c. court because these are all federal laws they come out of washington d.c. this so the d.c. circuit court is like the court. up until. it was put on this
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chord there was a forty three republican majority and has been for a long long time their politics want to keep it this way and they have now filibustered to demo. pratik appointees they're about to filibuster a third. this you know for obvious reasons they don't they don't want democrats making regulatory decisions do you think that this is going to provoke harry reid to bring about the nuclear option so i absolutely hope so because those who live by the sword die by the sword and republicans are going to get a majority and they're going to be able to run theirs through what i think are listen to what i would have done then talk about. the nominees that were under the bush administration to the d.c. circuit court that schumer and the rest of the democrats filibustered was very huge and yet what you asked for but the nominees that bush appointed actually made it no no no no i'm going to think it was a little it was one one reason attorney general a test here was a candidate that was filibustered and i can't think of a you know exactly that in both cases they were filibustered for reasons that had
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to do with their qualifications nobody has objected no republicans have objected the qualifications these three people but they're simply saying for politics we're doing our best interest because for example senator lindsey graham said he's not going to vote on anything until they get answers on gaza which i think is actually a very good statement at the end of a sixty minutes i said you know this whole thing that lindsey graham has been noting is all b.s. i don't think it's b.s. and then senator cormann has already stated that there's twenty seven percent less cases now than they've had in the past and that's not needed there and it's a highly regulatory was short he put a republican and by the way in the two filibusters in the name i hope pops in my head in the both of the filibusters of the republicans the a.b.a. gave them their highest rating rating warrants a nice long liberal rubble after the break. people are interested but he has something to say everybody has a story on the potomac person want to sit next to one in the airport. i mean
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there's always in the waters and. that's whether it's a ballet dancer a ballplayer president. things that are curious to me as it is things i think about . them were not a. lot of fun your whole life should be. a pleasure to have you with us here today.
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plus time of the new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy and a great thing that had the ad ran dark and a court of law found online is a story made for the movies playing out in real life. on the back those rides alone liberal rumble with me tonight horace cooper and jessie jane duff let's get back to it i'm curious horse we we were talking off
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camera about this whole contentious political mcgillis trauma and and i said you know when did this start this this basically doing judicial nominations over politics arguably it went back to george marr john marshall i mean you know john adams put him on the court just just to thomas jefferson but in the modern era the first bush administration yes ok so under the reagan administration bork was filibustered i mean there were good reasons there were prominent arguments that could go forward to explain why he was filibustered i think it was a distortion but under the bush administration we went from a we're no longer going to make a principled argument about policy and we're going to go for gutter ball and that's what was done in the clarence thomas confirmation process both so that are both.


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