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tax revolt austerity riots capture the public's imagination in secret back rooms in europe america trade deals are currently being negotiated which will impose a so-called investor state upon us all divorced and immune to the once the needs the demands of these pesky mud pie eating boat loving citizen peasants the new investor state is technically infallible for a few you their ego mud pie right now feels the investor state has done anything wrong your quaint little nation state gets sued and tried in a tribunals in which the investor state always wins you've got a problem with that. like you can make a complaint to the listed customer service line of this investor state it sounds
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like pay pal yes or google ever have a problem with google there is no phone number or email address to contact them well that's this new investor state before that though we're going to look at some of the dregs of the whole nation state and the benefits they often handed out before we all went bankrupt but we see in france over the past few weeks there's been lots of riots and revolts and all sorts of protests going on and this is over the last of that mud pie situation portal set on fire traffic blocked as french eco tax protests continues there's been an eco tax which is actually passed under nicolas sarkozy and is supposed to be imposed from january twenty fourth teen but over the past few weeks have been huge protests mostly down in brittany by farmers and lorry drivers who don't have to pay this eco tax on their you know heavy vehicles so francois hollande has backed down of course and he's deferred and suspended the eco tax until the summer of two thousand and fourteen well
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a group of employees of eco move the company that won the contract to collect the tax have written an open letter complaining that the taxes suspension has left them without work they say that fifty nine trainees who have been promised full time contracts have been laid off and about twenty have not had their short term contracts renewed and accuse the government of quote giving in to people who threaten to smash up official buildings well of course in france they don't call them do they call them. to diminish. from. the phone. you know what. here's a situation we should on the show many times at the bull market and bonds. as been going on for thirty years it ended you know within the last twelve months for thirty years every time that there was a problem like one group was fighting another group. you know subsidized government
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groups versus some other subsidized farming group the world banking system or government can simply. more bombs and there was a all there was always a buyer for those bonds of sovereign wealth funds or some market always buy these bonds fixed at some fixed income instruments but starting about it with the last six to twelve months the thirty year bull market in bonds is ended interest rates are creeping up no matter how much quantitative easing going on interest rates are creeping up so now we're seeing all of these interesting in wars break out for real and then as you point out there is only so many monthlies to go around the corporations are at each other's throat corporations are for the government the governments are fighting governments the people are fighting themselves people from the government if this new war world war three is everybody against everybody yes and now we're going to go deeper into this mud pie war going on in france because here the farmers were behind
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a lot of the protests going on about this eco tax now the tax is expected to collect one point five billion euros well come back to october france pledges extra e.u. subsidies to revive livestock farms france will shift almost one billion euros of mainly e.u. subsidies towards livestock farmers struggling with low incomes and away from better off crop growers president francois hollande said so now this has caused tension between the livestock farmers and the grain stock far. this is what happens in the unwind a ponzi scheme when the when the bond market runs out of steam and the unwinding as you hear about people describe it or the deal leveraging or the tapering that these are coming or not coming this is the kind of battles that emerge and it's interesting because you see how the overlapping reselling of the same assets over and over again so you have the common agricultural policy or cap in in france of
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course is a huge government subsidy but now that subsidies being challenge while at the same time workers who are being hired to help others to collect taxes for that subsidy are being challenged by. by the previous subsidy so you get three subsidies all battling each other the three way subsidy battle none of those subsidies are sustainable they're all going to be removed because france is bankrupt the e.c.b. is branco the i.m.f. is bankrupt the global economy is bankrupt and the bond market bull is dead there's no way to float this ponzi scheme any more and that's why things like bitcoin are trading at astronomically high prices according to some but i think it's not even approaches from market value korean meat because people want real real purchasing power preservation and they're turning to things like big going well of course those agricultural subsidies are transferred from e.u. taxpayers to france so now the other thing to note about that was of course these farmers are protesting the eco tax i didn't see any protest from them regarding the
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agricultural subsidies they receive the additional once they received they weren't against the this is the same debt pile by the way exactly because they don't know exactly there are so many subsidies on top of subsidies the banks get a subsidy from the state and the banks get the subsidies from the regulators the regulators are subsidized by some other corporation or subsidised by some other government in the case of the money printing by the fed for example most of the quantitative easing the trillions of quantitative easing is going to bail out foreign banks because those foreign banks own bonds and u.s. banks and then those u.s. banks own buns in the bank of england or the bank of canada or the european central bank it's all is over lobbying ponzi scheme which is now coming unglued and we see evidence of and people say them point to specific parts of that and say you see that particular incident is an example of why government subsidies are bad however they will miss the point that we're at the end of a major thirty year bull market in bonds and that the escalation of tension between
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all these groups is only going to go up or what as they come this magazine would call the cohesion index is going to skyrocket as more p. . people start fighting over the remaining mud pies well of course in the us you've seen the rollback of some of the food stamps the six percent cut in food stamps that's in the agricultural subsidy bill of course which has been around since the great depression and those guys are mostly corporations who received those subsidies those have remained intact now we're going to go on to this next story though while everybody is fighting over the last remnants of this moldy mud pie treaty deal would elevate corporations to equal status with nation states the united states and european union are in closed door negotiations to establish a transatlantic free trade agreement that would elevate individual corporations to equal status with nation states seriously the pact is slated to include a foreign investor privileges scheme which would allow them to basically have an
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investor state and fauresmith system which are these tribunals max which you of course know from wall street they're very similar to that there are three lawyers that have absolute rule you cannot fight any of their rulings working on wall street as a broker the client signs a binding arbitration agreement whenever they open a new account so if they have any problems with the broker or the firm they have to go to arbitration your protection panel stacked with brokers and bankers and ninety nine percent of those cases lose but this is remarkable because again building on this theme of the end of the bull market in bonds and the emergence of a scrambling for the remaining mud pies corporations are now going to be in a position in the case of let's say chevron in ecuador chevron in ecuador they committed an environmental disaster slash holocaust not only will they not be prosecuted not only will they not to pay a penny in damages but they are now thanks to this new agreement in a position to the ecuadorian government to get them to read to collect money from
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their citizens to give chevron another huge bonus because shown wrong is built on debt the debt is failing chevrons debt is collapse. just like all the fortune five hundred companies debts are collapsing the banks debts are collapsing they're all zombies and their bull market is over so they pass a law to give chevron the ability to go down to the amazonian jungle go to a country like ecuador who they've committed a ecological hole of cost and committed wholesale murder is like we haven't seen in fifty or sixty years and then go to the victim's families and say we know we killed your mom we know we killed your son but you always fifty thousand dollars or because you got to pick your bones and we don't bare bones charge little guy who's going to collapse well it's already collapsed it's even worse than that because they don't even have to present themselves to a court or to the families that have to pay this is an extrajudicial tribunals
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which they could take back or they could take the e.u. and the u.s. as well to court the they cannot fight and the ruling of these tribunals now in a wall street there's only ever one case one was a victim one and i think that involved morgan stanley and the person who voted to pay this victim they got fired immediately after now that these rulings that they are authorized to do as they're authorized to order unlimited taxpayer compensation for domestic health financial and environmental and other public interest policies the corporations kind undermine their quote expected future profits and there would be no outside appeal so if they expected to earn some profits but whatever it like the domestic people the pie eating peasants vote for some policy say to restore a glass steagall well if that impacts profits for deutsche bank they don't even have to prove it impacted profits they just have to say they expected to have more
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profits well they could then sue the united states for whatever amount they thought that they should have made so in other words in canada is another example because corporations that are now being victims. the court of the corporations because in canada people have gone around the copyright and patent law to bring lifesaving drugs to canadians so this gives these drug companies in the u.s. the ability to sue the canadian government who then has to go to their citizens to pay off that fine to satisfy these corporations based on this theory of expected returns expected returns they would have made money and they're going to it's like if i say that i am going to knock over a liquor store you prevent me from loch knocking off that liquor store so i'm going to sue you for that ten thousand dollars i would have made had i knocked over that liquor store year you've created a barrier to my criminal activity so i'm going to sue you for that and you've got to pay me for my expected return and basically the only recourse we'll ever have is to call some sort of google help line or customer service line which of course you
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can never fight we don't even know who these people are there are six hundred corporate lobbyists who are working on the other deal the t.p. the trans-pacific partnership deal we don't know who they are congress doesn't know who they are nobody is allowed to know who these people are exactly you call customer service and this is just one big doll town with some music playing for eternity that's the way civilization ends muzak from here to a charity on hold waiting for somebody to answer the phone. and outer space nobody can hear you complain. ok max have fun in the second half done the way you got much more coming your way stay right there. and. we will move the to the bold world there is a great deal of. international communications
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a lot of who's directed to stop we're going to start to produce but i think that is the gist of it some people people support it. the trouble is that it's the protect you who's. run the political control exercised over it if the technology permits you to do something then on the whole people will do it specifically told not to do it and it's quite good we have perhaps got stuck to be almost is necessary for dealing with international terrorism and international crime areas where it is a question of. people's privacy that is a problem we have admitted it to be dealt with a video from. a
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special project to mark the appalling scale of violence. you know. nine hundred forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war. always full of good. in september. was plucked. all the. houses it was the main
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storage place for all the food in the city people because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. incredibly heavy bombing. it was a direct hit on the very shelter and everyone was buried underneath. all of them. welcome back to the kaiser report imax kaiser time now turned author and gold bug dominic frisby out with this new book a life after the state ballot welcome back to
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the kaiser report thank you very much max a pleasure to be here all right dominic frisby life after the state your book is that people come by tell us about the book it kind of was one of these books that kind of just happened but basically it is a very gentle attack on the large state model that we currently operate that we currently live by in the west and people don't know this but we've only really had this model for one hundred years and this is a well known historian called a j.p. tale and he was writing about nine hundred fourteen in his book the origins of war and the opening sentence of his book reads until nine hundred fourteen a sensible law abiding englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state beyond the post office and the policeman that kind of when i read that kind of made me kind of sit up and listen a bit and. if you think in the turn of the say at the turn of the twentieth century we didn't pay income tax health care was provided provided by the state education
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had only just become compulsory and provided by the state welfare wasn't provided by the state money wasn't provided by the state and it was a much more libertarian and responsible existence and that all changed and. the big change was really world war one when we came off the gold standard and suddenly money was provided by the state and we've now been living by the state model for one hundred years and want to add another here to push it well yeah i mean if the big this state has been able to grow so big partly because of its control of money and partly because of taxation which has become ever more insidious an invasive and growing in everything else but the big kind of spurts in state growth where one nine hundred forty when we came off the gold standard again one hundred forty five at bretton woods and again one nine hundred seventy one and there's this kind of change in state size that is that is correlated to our system of money but here is the u.k. after world war two things like the n.h.s. and the other state run institutions we came they came into existence although it
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actually began with the national insurance act or the beginning the twenty century it's about the n.h.s. this is an amazing people defend the n.h.s. very passionately because the n.h.s. was put into existence by the state to reduce the health gap and so you cannot argue with the the intentions behind the n.h.s. but one of the kind of amazing truths that i encountered is that the health gap just like the wealth gap and just like every other gap has actually increased since the since the existence of the n.h.s. it's actually grown so in that regard and you measure the you measure health by life expectancy in the life except specter see if the richest in society against the life expectancy of the poorest has actually increased just as the wealth gap and every other gap. the n.h.s. has to be considered a failure and that will upset a lot of people i know that's not the end. the book but it's the end of those exam the first idea because another word just on what the health gap in the wealth gap
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there's another entity in this mix you talk about the state you talk about the economy and the society that was before the dominant nation of the state but now we know there's another there's a third rail if you will which is the corporation or the corps poxy let me just you know a little bit about here because you say life after the state we already live in a life after the state some might argue because we live in a core part or see in many ways looking at for example these new treaties or talking about taft and t. p.p. and other traded deals are live and in other words all these deals that are going on with corporations to become transnational trans global corporations and they have they have captured the state a lot of ways they get the camera and all of our government is run by consultants and run by corporations they're not they're not run by democracy is not democracy here that i corporation it is the fact as a factor as a third entity air as a factor and if you look at the the the wealth gap for example in the anger that's currently raging over that and rightly so and i was guy it's the fault of
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capitalism all these greedy corporations they take it's not the full two capitalisms as you i'm sure would agree is the fault of crony capitalism now what is the difference from crony capitalism in capitalist in a capitalist society everyone is equal there is no there are no special rules that favor one particular group in a capitalist society if you will selling something and i want to buy it you can sell it to me without in any kind of intervention or anything else from anyone else but in a crony capitalist society you know the the man who runs the corner shop on the court has one set of rules but the supermarket gets a tax break a tax break or another set of rules you know if i go bust i go bust and i'm bankrupt if a bank goes bust it gets bailed out now that is crony capitalism i want to prove. i mean we're both going in the same thing a club darwinistic when you have a state of business merge you know going back to. thirty's as was called fascism at that time yeah well you see if you are most of all of it now but let's shoot
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contributed to the wealth divide in the country because rather something a lot less explore a little bit more here because the recent hugo fall shows that a large majority the population in the united kingdom want the more state they want the state to run health care they want to run energy they run up to one rail because they've seen all these privatizations games fail yet actually because they that one point the government said you know what we don't want the state going back to the thatcher period we don't want the state running health care we don't want the state running these institutions we want the efficiency of corporations and to run these institutions so what do you go back to the words what were the oars if you go paul wrong word that people are really missing here we're going to go back to what are they missing i think everyone is pretty much agreed that society in the west as it is now functioning is not working it's creating a lot of inequality but all the kind of anger is calling it this is the kind of irony is calling on the government to do more and even the you know the whole russell brand thing he wants the government to to tax this bloke or do this and
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they're calling on the government to redress the imbalance and the big theme of my book is that the one thing government needs to do is relax and now if i kind of liken mine count kind to this kind of huge train it's a massive train it's going incredibly fast it's incredibly heavy nobody can stop it nobody can know and you know obama came to power promised the most powerful man in the world promised always change you know where was the change exactly and nobody can stop this train and he's going to where it's going but what we can do is just change the points on the railway so i can get rid of the n.h.s. i can't get rid of educator can't do these things i just don't people just say well you can change the points on the railway and so you can just read to wreck the train and gradually everything else will fall into place and the points on the railway how you change the points is reform to our system of money because martial law the money is down for folks i i think. sanderson in other words if you go a long journey if you adjust your course by just one or two degrees by the time you
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get to the end of that journey you're in a radically different place than where you started from you're saying that the place that the economy and politicians need to get to that is not that different of place but over ten or twenty or fifteen twenty five years it would be radically different and you're suggesting that that place where that little shift is made isn't money and how we define money absolutely what money is what money is legal how we tax money but fundamentally we governments and banks have a monopoly or duopoly more specifically on money and things like big coin are challenging that you openly and that is why things out because even go are a huge revolutionary force and can actually save the world ok really idea when they're going to so we really want change that entered world war one was the first unit job and getting completely out of a society in a political system that was more responsive to the needs of society this is a one fact address in the book max and it's kind of blew my mind when i thought
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about this is that you know when you have gold it's independent you can print gold either only spend as much gold you have if governments and this is the german government the french come the english government had stayed on the gold standard at the beginning of world war one it couldn't have gone on for as long as it did to anything like the extent it did because there wasn't the gold to pay for it but they came of the gold standard printed the money they need and it was left to the future to pay off and bear the consequences how do we stayed on the gold standard and in other words government activity would have been limited by the amount of gold they had the war really would have been over by christmas and think of what we wanted to the world to change the course of history and destroy the industrial west or industry europe at least transfer power to the united states the united states the united states as a vietnam war and done it they had to get up the ad and shut the gold window to continue to vietnam or for other ten years or so and thousands of u.s. troops dead needlessly every war in history. as never being fought on a cash basis if the government's fukuda cut castrations they couldn't exist now let
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me ask you very much in question which is that the criticism from let's say the russell brand of the world is that the current system of g.d.p. is that it encourages quote unquote infinite growth and you can't have infinite growth in a society in a world like planet earth that is fine at resources wouldn't be so that if i'm russell brand or i'm an ecologist or i'm george moby and who's an ecological here are you ok for the people of course as i say i know a lot doesn't yeah george monbiot he's a he's a writer for the guardian is there true that one of the greatest allies these ecologists and people on checks and balances on corporations isn't is the truth that they would be the loudest most vocal advocates of gold and gold standard they should be because even though gold mining isn't sociate and with environmental damage and was actually limits what people can do and above all it limits waste and the biggest offender in the destruction of the environment whether it's
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pollution or old the depletion of the resources is waste on a gold standard it limits what and the biggest offender within the world the way state governments and a gold standard limits what they're capable of doing so bizarrely the gold standard is in factually environmentally gold mining itself it is an odious admin in many places absolutely activity there's a lot of leeching as you cyanide leasing instead of this environmentally it's horrible there's exploitation of the work market but we at have to stack it up against what damage the dollar the u.s. dollar does as one of the current say seven hundred trillion dollars in derivatives and banks that are completely out of control and the core pocker see that's just putting people to prison for profit i mean the roads get built to nowhere by governments empty cities get built by chinese government says crazy ok finally got about a minute left last time you're on the show dominic we discussed bitcoin and according to my notes here you weren't so sure. about it have you given us some some you know words were educate a lot of folks basically what was your thought of becoming bill cohen he's the
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drake greatest tragedy to pay for my life in the everyone was telling me to buy it when it was doled out in two thousand and on i want to go to two dollars i'm going i'm not buying that stop. two dollars what is it now two hundred eighty don't push you got to four hundred a couple days ago now it's pulled back to three twenty well i mean it is amazing it is fantastic but the reason is a stateless currency as relates to gold as you listen to your paradigm in a post that the life after the state is of that is this book should it be a big chapter in this book about. chapter about bit coy other is ok well there you go as so i think it is a problem solver is a massive problem solver and it is a wonderful thing and i think i would be careful because it's going up so much right as a trade but as it. is as fulfilling the need of a currency to be limited because it's limited supply it's stateless so you're not empowering the state and it's providing economics of scale because it's virtually frictionless transaction it is fantastic can i buy this book using but going you can't have made it available you can because you have two books on my website
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rather than barama some democrats are thanks much bring on the kaiser report my pleasure max thank you all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy her i'd like to thank our guest on the first day it's like at times tweet us a kaiser report until next time ask either side by a. zesty what happened i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime or did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people concerned the police officers don't beat people anymore but it just doesn't happen really are you going to courts would target. why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are
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more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. we speak your language anything about the will not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little eternity of angles stories. for you here. in troy the spanish find out more visit. all tito it's comb.
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is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ had against them. this is the one that i want to go with but once again it's the feel of. women definitely a target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when the killing money but if somebody would you would just prefer. i know to say more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed. made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest.
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one town in my face is a rising tide of opposition is the facility marks twelve years of scandal and scrutiny and it's very easy to end one ton about. the release the man. you're not prosecuting but the boy times is unswayed saying due process is a luxury can do with detaining these men. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long we'll be down here in this mission we report from inside guantanamo bay on the future of one of the world's most maligned prisons plus. a visit yemen the homeland of more than off the remaining inmates we focus on plans to build guantanamo bay successive there and high detainees relatives view this situation. and.


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