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tv   Worlds Apart With Oksana Boyko  RT  November 16, 2013 9:29pm-10:01pm EST

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twenty three days. through to my number two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp a torch relay. on our t.v. archie dot com close. one of the marginalized. face. legal. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today.
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we speak your language. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. news a little tonnage of angles to these stories. you hear. it all to spanish to find out more visit. hello welcome from worlds apart just a few years ago revolution to be think of the past they're called war era for the epitomized resistance to be imperialist all the things. but with the onset of the
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arab spring revolutions seem to be back in fashion again nowadays often supported and aided by washington and its allies how to distinguish a genuine revolution from an orchestrated well to discuss that i'm knowledge joined by based on the world's greatest living revolutionary del dia as well i thank you very much for your time sir now in the beginning of both the libyan and syrian uprising many of the organizers try to style the revolutions after the cuban one the moment that your father was famously called the july twenty six moment so in libya the revolution was called in a similar fashion february seventeenth revolution in syria they called it march fifteenth revolution do you think these events of the same nature can they all be called revolutions are they similar sometimes is the words are used in a way that has different meanings. i think that when
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you want to single out something that is happening concerning the big change or something you put the word revolution against. something could be allusion the other one can be rebuilt. but i will not. go into the details if if all the seven human name are really a revolution henri's is part of it and it is a social movement the vindicating their rights in the in a country that has a region that has their own it's own cultural and historical approach if you want to give some. concrete idea of what's happening the most important thing is not to name it one way or another but going to this thing well the reason why i ask. because i wanted to show you something i was in libya not so long ago and many of
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the revolution there is they are they actually quote your father and che guevara and just want to show you that many of them are styling themselves as leaders of the cuban revolution and you see the pictures of che guevara they are all the time with the how we can all be like to give on fighting for peace and freedom around the world. and saying that we all want to be like vajra but obviously the political ideology that that revolution is serving is very different from around the one that was implemented in your country. that is one point that this may be if you remember the. what happened in the in for in france in one thousand sixty eight just a little time after the death of chick about it in bolivia the they started to to use the name of tell you about i said the story of figure which inspired
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a youth and that is i think it's a good thing that many people find inspiration in some political leader which does not mean that there are die any direct dates between who you are inspired by i mean by degree. or what happened in the in the path of the dead are mostly lost and the king your needs and what it does makes me at the end of the twenty first century. you know what i mean. you have to be careful when you when you sing that people around the world maybe those seeking just justice and wanting to have a better life and then they go through history and get inspired in the different figures now if i can back for shortly to libya i think that one one more similarity with cuba was that many libyan fighters are now
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traveling to syria to fight and maybe to some other countries and i know that your father was obviously a very strong supporter of. paralysed movement in africa in asia and latin america do you think in principle is it a good idea to help your brother is a common rights abroad or should it be left to the people of the country to deal of it issues i don't want to call to either state that some people are doing the right or doing wrong going elsewhere to fight but this is has been in the ideal of many people in the world through the history along of people in your own country you had solidarity for many countries when you had to fight against fascism and the second world war or russia put his solidarity to spain when it was defending against the lenient hitler so the idea.
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of going to fight what. in different countries from cuba many came also to spain because they had their own ideas but at the same time some of the people of the ideal looks of the of the west they tried to put the the word in the right way in the wrong position so then i remembered the sixty's i was ever young men than were more a boy. and it was very efficient to say they were expert of revolution i says this was a pair of shoes or a tie that you can export but nowadays they try to use the same word and the same condition to name different facts but you can not mix really in the people with some condition that you have in the twenty century to the first center where people are going to fight in different countries because of different reasons but can i
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ask you how do you really differentiate between base idealistic people i. know it's idealistic people because if you take for example the jihadist movement they all saw believe that they are doing a revolution of sorts because they are fighting against an imperialist policy itself in many western countries they genuinely many of them genuinely and passionately believe in what they do they're ready to die for that cause and sometimes they're ready to kill other people for that cause how do you really make a difference whatever war is going on now has to do not only with national thing it has to do also with the international context and in that international context you have a lot of. people and government who are interested in one side or the other hijacking their opposition or maybe to give them money or to give resources because you're defending one thing or defending another you name many times thing in i think what
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happened in libya many people regret. the loss of life and although you can be against them maybe many were against what could have been the way the solution came up was buried it was not a good example of going on i think people are still being killed and there's still a strap and there that's why then you have. now is a new model the new model is to use after iraq no the same resume for a step forward the situation you create the conditions you say some country has. it weapons of mass destruction in the case of iraq it's already well established that this was a big lie but that americans also came up with another reason. democracy people wanting to be liberated people wanting to be free of each is also you know part of the nothing they are abolition so now that you can name whatever you want
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in the way it's convenient for your political strategy and call it everybody but what the noun is a very strange thing you say that's finished in with the chemical weapons we are against kuwait against chemical nuclear whatever biological but it's a pita to use it to the states and they're not an example of not having chemical weapons or none having the biological weapons or not having nuclear weapons fifty forty years ago or thirty five years ago we had the case of vietnam. were the orange agents that they say a chemical weapon was used against the people now you mentioned chemical weapons and i know that you know one country that has been a lot and they had lines in relation to get nickel weapons in syria and your father just recently published an article saying that he is supporting the new proposal by
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russia and the united states to hand over those weapons to the international community but i'd like to ask you how engaged how informed he still is on being issues of global politics because he's pretty well informed as you can. not by my words but piece own words here is a person that has been there with the two policy many years he says well informed by many. political leaders it has commiseration when he writes something he has the knowledge and becoming. was his writing in. certainly the the kind of are proposing that was done by russia in the name of the president putin and the minister for himself a fair lover of in the recent times has been very impacting the situation that
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could be happening. as far as i understand the aggression was stopped postponed. is one way of stopping. now let me ask you a personal question one of the issues that was often brought up in libya in syria was the use of family ties and politics the assad family to get off the family now in cuba have the cost for a family leading cuba for over fifty years and i know that your uncle and the current president roller coaster is not going to run for the next term but i wonder if that means that the family politics in cuba will come to an end do you yourself have any political ambitions the the castro family you're talking about to stand in customs levy they were fighting for more than sixty years together that's nothing to do with the castro family because of family as all families is
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that it one body of person can grow marry the people different people with different visions different path and in the could be understanding the way the two fighters that were together in the l'arche bath room dealy have been having the responsibility of leading the country indeed evolution that is that is something very common in the west. you have the even the american presidents. the bush father and bush son i don't know if they're the bush family or the kennedy family that's a little or you can go to all the countries and you have a lot of families and what about the americans don't have any problem dynasties political dynasties at home but they often have problems with the line if abroad especially one that ties with the countries and also friendly but coming back to
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the same question do you have any political ambitions once i was this question maybe because of my name or will i look like i was present in those i was not supposed to be some signal that i have political ambition but though my politico my career has been a scientist and i have said many times and they don't regret to say. they don't have any political ambition they have to take a very short break now when we come back they see on march the sixtieth anniversary this is the start of the cuban revolution but do its goal still resonate with the cuban people more than two thirds of whom were born after the revolution that's coming up in a few moments on one of the part. of
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. a. very. quick break here. to the.
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country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even when and then each one finds itself either the odd man out leaving alone or leading from behind in a muddle is the us simply out of touch or it's history in the region nearly. welcome back to worlds apart where we are discussing the past present and possibly future of the global revolutionary movement with it have cost our son and problem of the cuban scientists fidel castro. just before we went to break we were talking about the revolutionary experience of different countries and more often these days you use you hear the phrase regime change that was arguably the case in libya syria meet maybe some other countries and we know historically that the united states attempted several several times to talk to the regime change in your country do you
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think washington is still plotting the overthrow of government in cuba well first of all the scientists say what they want to put in in right place the terms this were rigged. they say that the people who are in the oversight that their beliefs they don't talk about the washington do you they can talk about the washington consensus. more they don't talk about the english but they only talk about the regime when they don't like that something is going on in the they is. in if you want to understand how life you can understand if you don't take into account the the publics of the public support of the people in any of the cases we mentioned before you mention different places i don't want to mention again when something goes very wrong things happen in there in
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a way that everybody knows we can say with some. sense of reality that the in cuba in all this years of the revolution you don't have any considerable break the only way you can do it now is to know that is really what's happening but the main thing is that if they have their own the over. the next me go and read what president obama signed this year he signed to extend one year more the we did the embargo that is blockade we call the book a because that thing that is can been ishii year by a hundred and eighty five countries one hundred eighty eight now i know that the. current president our own custer instituted a serious self social and economic reforms and again from the west we often hear criticism that those reforms are too slow and of course western economists often prescribe very fast their radical reforms in developing countries that could lead
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to social unrest that led to social unrest in the past but at the same time if you progress too slowly people may become disenchanted what do you think is the right path but. i think the right pace of view is the base that its own people can arrange and we'll decide which is the base we're used to receive recept from outside. when you see is something is not in place then it should remain place if it's in place then it's not enough if it's enough it's not so fast blotto said you you have your own path if you go from that bus on it's only a part only so i think the right way of changing things is the way the cuban people are going to decide to make now and september the wall street journal published an article titled cuba studies pretty nice my for survival tips and for them pj's my
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something definitely negative they defined it as a bland elf quote authoritarian political control and crony capitalism but i wonder if the cuban leadership or cuban people indeed study or pay any attention to the changes happening in russia as a mobile along with their reforms if somebody is right something in a newspaper like question the pose for a new earth time what about it well it was well. maintained no but i'm asking you whether indeed you you think that cuba cuban leadership pays any attention to russia and the way russia decided to change that is another question besides the what it's read in in your time or washington post certainly we have traditional dates we have met a lot of relations in the past after a difficult period in our relation are booming again in cuba always has said that
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we differ in multilateral rather there was one powered the dating all over the world what should be happening in the queue when the government because the cuban public is very. interested in knowing what's happening in russia we have the situation not only of political tides. so we could. really but those and on the top of that i know that one of the reforms that was instituted birol custer is a relaxation of travel regulations and because of that the number of cubans traveling abroad has significantly increased more the double this year now. is there a danger that all this travel will make people question the goals of the revolution because back in the soviet union the iron curtain and one of the reasons why it fell was because people thought it comparing the standards of living inside the soviet union and outside is there a danger that it may. have rode the belief in the revolution
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seeing that in mother life is very difficult to exclude dangers in anything in the world you mean disarray in the economic in the lifetime lifespan you cannot exclude beings but that is a good question we don't have only people going on we have people coming in with it we have people queue in many cubans young un that have an opportunity more opportunity they had before but more opportunity to go and work abroad and come back so this is the way a bath and i thing this is barry waste political decision in the in the good way of confronting dangers many of the tourists and traveling cubans go to visit the country that is closest to the united states and i know that cuba and the united states haven't had any diplomatic ties
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for more than fifty years but most recently we can see some progress there there's been talks on the every seeming of direct mail service and i think you're also you're countries also ration agreement on helping each other during rescue operations what needs to happen for your two countries to have friendlier neighborly ties one of the scene of the truth have been that they they should finish the book eight they should understand the q will bear little country with. big power or something but it has dignity has history and he has the right to develop in the way he decided. so if if they say sometimes that the book aid is a kind of excuse of the cuban government why the cuban government is askin so so strongly and for so many years lift the embargo you will have then the position
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of coming a lot of american to cuba no the only country that doesn't can is not allowed to visit it against a constitutional right of the american people as cuba basically a lot of nineteenth seventeen to relation with the enemy they had wars for example in vietnam they lost fifty thousand people they have a lot of people also in korea no two to those countries they can go any american but the cuban don't because they cannot spend this is the main thing. the main thing is the they say let's put openness between both countries people to people relations let the people come lately americans come now the only judge what do in cuba with the cuban that go abroad led your own people to come i think that is democracy don't give lectures to the other and do the same for yourself you
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mentioned the trade embargo in one country that also suffered a great deal from the american sanctions is iran and those sanctions center around the countries intention to build its new claire at a g. and a stray and i know you are a nuclear physicist this may be an issue very close to your heart back in the eighty's i believe part on constructing its first nuclear plant but then your father said. you were no longer interested in new their industry gave think you may change is its mind on the use of peaceful nuclear energy. well it's a long question and i wanted to comment that my part they want to put an embargo to iran will be very wise to understand if why they don't put the embargo to israel which is the only two nuclear power in the in the region and the other thing. you know cut power plant program not because we are not the interest that is
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oversimplistic the statement we have rendered that because of the disappearance of the soviet union of the traditional died we have and the exchange any country there thirty countries in the world that have nuclear power plant less than five percent of them are on the developed so any underdeveloped country had to be in good tight with a first world. country that this willing to to attain old in many things have a very highly complex industry but cuba didn't abandon by one morning good work in and said that's leave this no no we had to do it because of all the changes in the world and there are difficulties with financing as well and financing in that but that we had also and i can tell you because i had some years dealings responsibility with that program we had
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a lot of pressure and the the the kind of statements word the same whatever a country has an independent statement independent police everything started in the same way why you need to go green what do you want to do to make it a nuclear bomb and this and that and that and that and then they started to contest . the day know you go skeel the relation with some special country and then i remember american saying that america was too close and that they could be a cuban channel bill and so on but they they tough times have changed do you thing may actually reconsider the session on that you don't. know where in the you has allowed the publication in i can say you with. conviction that kuwait's using a lot. of the human power did was. to simulate the peaceful uses of nuclear energy we have
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a lot of occasion in made the scene in the industry we had the main power in the frame of the program very high qualified people and what will happen in the future is very difficult to say the big the great big news board it is going to be a hundred years of these very of the atomic model said it's always difficult to predict mainly if the future so i'm not going to say what it's going to have been in the future and i have a crystal ball well i don't but you know much wiser man so that's why i thought you may have a solution but this is why i don't make any predictions i really appreciate your time please join us again same place same time here and a wealth of heights. if
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you are targeting only one scapegoat that would be responsible five with you say that you think the banks the commercial banks then what about the non banks what about the highly leveraged institutions nor responsible what about the fights so what about all the special so you see it's more. you know easy banks are the main reason bad banking system is the main reason that triggered the banks part of the whole. as responsibility including the us computing. counting who's. of course also a rating agency. of course you know the anti bank and non-banks and
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the naive belief that we where you know were real there was automatic correction of the market the theory of efficiency of markets was also paul all these. old. technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered. in the final. and the rest. will be.
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the headline of the world's chemical watchdog for the elimination of syria's chemical arsenal but what country will host the destruction of the. remains. during time. gets a decade behind bars for leaking private security documents but there are claims he was led to do so by the f.b.i. . may be no homecoming for. the authorities come under pressure to admit that the areas around the crippled nuclear plant may never be. but we will have more news in an hour's time here on our t.v. it's breaking the sad with martin stay with us. for the.


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