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see that's just a minute we've also got the euro zone we could be embracing negative interest rates what exactly does this mean and what exactly are we talking diamonds paintings metals coins and my psychic research on thomas he'll be out there later in the us to get through but. the u.s. e.u. trade deal is worth an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars for both parties but these huge profits could come at a cost the average consumer and there are plenty of stumbling blocks holding up the deal since cars are what each side wants so the u.s. is asking for e.u. restrictions on genetically modified crops and chlorine washed poultry to be caught to maintain intellectual secrecy for more access for u.s. service providers the e.u. wants the beef ban which was first introduced because of the mad cow disease to be lifted or reduction of terrorists on items such as cheese on the free flow of information is now let's dive deeper into the consequences of the deal with rodney
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shakespeare he's a professor of economics and he's based in london today this do one involve limiting health and environmental regulations to boost growth the question is how will this affect the average consumer that. it will not limit health and environmental considerations it will wreck them. this agreement is of roughly half of the world trade and it's connected with the transpacific partnership so whatever is in this is going round a large part of the world economy. so secret tribunals in which there will be no defense. and there will be no openness and in which the big corporations can do what they like and the example at the minute at the moment is in ecuador where chevron is pouring billions of poisons into the amazonian eco
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system which i think it's perhaps the largest in the world and no one will be able to do anything about it so you can forget health and environment it's all going out of the window in order to serve the interests of a small group largely of american corporations so are you saying that the average consumer will be exposed to harmful chemicals that is that what we're talking about hair there will be no way of stopping that exposure in the child being a was there is the doctrine of expected profits and i as a corporation can pick any figure out of the sky and then say that you as an individual or you as a government are stopping my expected profits therefore anything that i do which is harmful or not be able to stop b.p.
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start and indeed anything you do to try to stop it will result in you as individuals being fined or jailed and as a government a limited fines all of which ultimately will go back on your population so if these big corporations can take on governments does that mean that a country would be at risk of losing its sovereignty. not risk they will actually lose it for stop you see the power of the real power is the economical financial power and these corporations include the global banks and the big companies and the power will have shifted into tribunals who are only serving the interests of those global banks companies national sovereignty will effectively no longer have any meaning and we will have gone under a centrally a global fascist system and it's not happening so very very fast people got to wake
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up about this this system is setting in a financial control putting everybody into debt increasing rich poor division exporting jobs you name it it is happening rather like the frog being boiled to it doesn't realize it's being killed that is going on and this agreement and the associated agreement for the pacific will put the whole world under the control of the big corporations ok we'll leave it there mr shakespeare thank you have a similar for your perspective on the matter. on the biggest trade deal in history could get even bigger if ukraine were to join kiev is set to sign a free trade agreement with the e.u. at the end of the month providing it has met a strict set of conditions which include electoral reform and improving infrastructure but this with the west has resulted in a tug of war with russia president putin wants ukraine to join the russia led
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customs union instead and warns of economic disaster for kiev if the european deal is sealed we're going to have full analysis of the outcome of the e.'s decision in next week be sure to join me for that one. the eurozone has been dealt a plethora of disappointing days every silly the biggest economy in the zone germany grew just not point three percent in the last quarter and for. it's initially the bronx next biggest economy is based off the small contractions so it was stagnation and joblessness posing huge problems to the region the european central bank is now considering introducing a negative interest rate to stimulate growth is this year out so let's spend a penny from. brenda can you tell me what risks would they pose to the year i say. i would think negative interest rates are something that could be considered by the e.c.b. it might be in an effort to spur inflation and obviously we are seeing disinflation
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in the euro zone as a whole what it could actually mean though is that we will see some negativity on buying profits because if you reduce the deposit rate which is currently at zero for the banks to place their money with the e.c.b. it will obviously impact their profitability as a whole might not necessarily be good for the eurozone in the medium term nevertheless you also have the conservative wing of the c.p. who fear that negative interest rates could spur proper inflation like hyperinflation and that is something that has been tried to be avoided in terms of price stability over the last number of years what about bubbles brenda should we be worried about bubbles. i think we definitely should be worried about bubbles i think if you look at the janet yellen testimony where she was kind of darkly stated that asset prices were not in a bubble particularly the equity market and then the equity market continued to push to record highs in the us i think it pretty much negates any feeding that what has been helping with liquidity and cheap money over the last number of years has
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been and things to do with underlying fundamentals and if you look perhaps say the mining sector the the the the indices themselves there is a massive divergence on the demand for commodities such as base metals like copper have been out of a huge low recently sold business in fact proves that the growth is not there to support what is happening in the stock markets and one will have to me. the other and i fear it may be the stock market that makes a return to the down side rather than the other way round bridge that's really interesting because it seems like there's a route disparity between the stock markets and the real economy we've got historical highs in the markets and yet historical unemployment writes it just doesn't make sense does it by men. it really does and if you compare the u.s. indices to the european counterparts there is certainly a degree of under-performance over here in europe and obviously this is coming down to the fact that we've seen lesser growth we've also seen a pullback in momentum of the likes of germany just over the last week and then of
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course we saw france entering contraction there in the last quarter so we might have seen spain pull out a to an extent out of a long term recession but by point one percent growth in the last quarter i don't think the eurozone is any way able to say that the crisis has been fixed and if anything i think that they actually there is no doubt there are within your the euro zone are very apparent on this one came i suppose with the e.c.b. cutting rates just very recently on the fact is we could actually see some more interest rate cuts over the coming quarters if growth doesn't get back to where it should be and of course as long as inflation remains below the key two percent mark ok brenda kelly talking to us from london really appreciate your thoughts there all right time so. let's go for it so it is kind of the russian kamarck it is excel or a saying in during a full of eight percent in october compared with a year ago in september the drop was five cents. donald trump is searching for
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a russian partner to build most of his fifty eight story trump tower in new york this week the third time that the american billionaire will lead the russian market and this is all for russian stew giant so they sent to a bank has ruled it needs to be done as well. the ruble bonds by machel are said to be. useful as the company's forty percent drop in value on the stock markets. are now talking to metals someone who had a person experience with the metals market as mrs shawn thomas it was a night matthew was just a month nightmare of a meltdown if you will. let the guy. say that i'm out of it because they really did take a beating this we didn't bury absolutely but what about your portfolio now because we've got a bit of gas problem could have been a big question how did you get on with the bad news is gas problem was down one
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percent so i lost seventy seven dollars with gazprom but some funky news. so. you know some folks there because big point up twenty five percent it's up twenty four percent against the u.s. dollar when i first made the decision i walked out of the studio and i was devastated because i heard the crash in fact we've got some comments about that but it rallied through the week i made a five hundred dollars total even though gazprom was down meaning my grand total is nine thousand eight hundred nineteen dollars so i'm about as happy as you can possibly be if you're nearly the actually going to sit with and then i'm going to presume indeed because if i get about that ten thousand i'm going to buy you that budget to keep airline down to ever you choose to go but you know lucky lady i can see if i can make somebody and finally do this thing right ok do i get food on the plane of course indeed what i've really learned from
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a dollars or something but will make it happen how i like about all right mr schoen thomas well done congratulations but let's get you over the next week with a bit a bit coin that this week that i see expensive diamond in history with a mystery buyer the pink stuff as it's called it is the size of a golf ball on the snapped off at eighty three point two million dollars smashing the previous record have. forty six million dollars which was for another pink sparkly i mean the position is a bright orange rock it was sold for thirty six million dollars by i do not paint once i must say now it's not just diamonds at a breaking records but it's paintings to this francis bacon masterpiece the three studies of lease in florida has just been sold for record one hundred forty two million dollars now these record prices are not necessarily because diamonds and paintings are more expensive now war or more sought after is also because the value of money is decreasing which is the same reason why there are in our record number
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of billionaires in the world so if we were to count rate inflation to order this would actually be six paintings which fetch more than auctions days have featured in that you've got a cost so to creating paula you know all the great masterpieces as you can imagine now this zon masterpiece would be the most expensive of all it was purchased in twenty eleven for one hundred and forty million dollars there we go which today would equate to countermand inflation one hundred and sixty two million dollars that are a. little bit out of my price range just so that we are that spent for today and i mentioned earlier on the crane and e.u. trade deal that's what we're focusing on next week of course some have lost more of course thank you but it's not doing there really appreciate our.
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president obama despite being king liberal loves to fly out of the troops he loves . courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but he doesn't love are there expensive injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three times more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates and a retired army colonel with a family currently paid four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama's actually planning
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while he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they don't support the troops well to the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion. marty dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to
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know. horrors of thanksgiving and america as a white future minority coming up far and away the most massive genocide in the history of the world. the lowest life expectancy in the west. and the years the us will turn needed. but you know nothing's giving as an ounce of actress you know as the best the law is my teacher told me the idea of your bring civil as a.


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