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so it could have happened. take like to keep you on the line if i can for a minute i know we're just pushing facts around a lot of this is still unknown but we can actually. still for a few weeks that are just joining us we're trying to get some more information as well about what's out in the seven three seven inherently we've called it the work horse of the skies but it really is near i mean it any one time there are at least twelve hundred of these planes in the sky most of any of us of the travel that any time have probably been on one there is extremely safe planes aren't they. absolutely absolutely. you know with it it is very clear and very wearable aircraft you know we're actually getting some details in just keeping across the news lines here we're hearing preliminary version of what could have gone wrong here because we were hearing that there was some sort of data
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malfunction in the cockpit we're also hearing that there was some technical problem but now we're hearing that a preliminary version of what has happened here could be that it was a crew mistake and i guess even it's very early days and we don't know this for sure but that's the preliminary thought at the moment from the investigating teams because even the best trained pilots copilots sometimes when they're faced with circumstances they hadn't planned for it can catch them out can't it no matter where they are in the world no matter how well trained they are. absolutely according to the rules that the sticks fifty percent. of the aircraft incident happened because of the human error in russia it raises up to eighty percent once in a while sometimes it's well. you have to understand that there is no such thing as my genius russian situation. airline aeroflot which is
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a mark. fifty safest airline in the route that the restaurants are which is also very good. there is seven and then there are dozens if not hundreds of small airlines and nobody knows how well do they maintain their fuel is russian surely the russian aviation authorities we know they've got strict controls in place these these airlines are monitored surely not i mean toughest on airlines it is a very well known airline well it's a whole raft of them are fortunately. there was. some mistake made by my colleagues do you know talking in the past as we're looking the pictures we've got very few pictures coming through europe please stay with us if you would just looking at the picture on the screen now the first we've gone through we're seeing what appears to be in the darkness there i think it's a little bit of the fuselage of the plane it doesn't look like again from the
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little bit i can see and. you're seeing what i'm seeing it doesn't look like this been a severe fire but i may be very wrong that might just be a part of it that separated the way you say the fire crews there you're seeing foam on what i think is the runway we don't even know if it's crash landed on the runway of it off it. again looking at those pictures. what could have been done do you think there's anything that the rescue teams could have been done when you're faced with something like that there's very little you can do and the day you're is there when a plane crashes ok they can come in to put the fire as quickly as possible but it's all down to if there are any survivors on a plane it's all down to getting them off as quickly as possible i suppose that's when the rescue the fire crews really swing into action isn't it absolutely and that's what well as far as i can see there will not. be crying or explorer and board the aircraft although when there is
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a fuel spillage you know we always assume that there will be fire but i think what apparently it was not the case is the seven percent which crashed in cars that although unfortunately it wouldn't it would not really make any difference because all onboard anyway we're saying that forty six crew forty six passengers the six crew of course the only time i need saving grace here and it is a very small saving grace is that of course there were no more passengers on the because a boeing seven three seven could take one hundred or more passengers couldn't it if it's full course it really depends on the modification example for boeing seven three seven modifications could accommodate up to two hundred passengers. so i don't know these are the most at rams. like. having us mortals of. seven three seven so i don't think that time airlines operate at
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such words or. so it was probably somewhere in between maybe it was an aircraft designed to carry around twenty one forty ports around one hundred twenty or one hundred forty passengers not more you're ever secretes with you coming on the line sort of in his seat or speech when there's a disaster happening as appears to be unfolding tonight in carson airport thank you very much you're a carriage aviation expert. you're watching r t thanks for your company but i stride round what we know now what's come out in the last hour or so about this boeing seven three seven that crashed in central russia new reports suggest that fifty two on board all of them we're hearing of been killed our correspondents have been mazzei joins me now live. hi there. you've been hearing what i've been hearing you've been across the news was as well as the details of. rounded up what we know . kevin what we do know is that the seven three
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seven. on the airlines was heading from a moscow to cazan. was it going to run the airspace for parity trying to land three times before it landed we don't know if it actually landed on the top of the actual landing. internationally. this seemed to be some conflicting information that was coming through the area on saying that it could have been a technical error and now we're hearing that it could have been a crew arrow we know that people were on board that flight forty six of them were the passengers and we know the six of them was the crew on board the. scene from. looking at is that we know that emergency services is at right now they're trying to. take this all was a while. the actual plane crash and we don't know if that plane the fire was the cause of the crash landing that happened or it was another extension of what
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happened we know is there the airport has been shot at the moment. and it's all right now trying to piece together the pieces of what really happened and it was indeed why they only people on that flight and when did they leave and the details of really what happened hopefully we'll get details from the black box within the pilot if they can recover that but it will keep up viewers as well as are you updated as we get information. data recorders of the world black boxes they're always vitally important there was near the tail of. the aircraft investigators are making some huge steps if they're in good enough condition. for running up what we know so far. well just to remind you of a tartar stan air company boeing seven three seven jet is crash landed early while
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making a third attempt to land it has an airport in central russia latest reports say that fifty two passengers and crew onboard have all been killed there were forty six passengers and six crew on board that flight that originated from moscow's dami dead of port earlier on emergency officials say there was an explosion as flight you know three six three from moscow tried to land and we don't know whether that was actually on impact or just as it was trying to land early indicators suggest there was some sort of cockpit error as possibly technical problems with that jet however we're also hearing preliminary reports saying that it could have been a crew mistake here as well as an airport has been shut down for now as tabby has been saying the plane is you seeing on your screens not an old soviet era plane in any shape or form but a modern design a boeing seven three seven we don't know the year of manufacture of this or me
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miles of the clock but of course the boeing seven three seven is the best selling jet airliner in the history of aviation production this model has been going on now since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven they call it the work also of the skies at any one time as least a thousand of those things up there most of us have trouble the one of course if we ever travel by air it's all the worst crash in russia involving this model jet happened in the city of perm back in two thousand and eight then all eighty eight on board died. so as we say it was a tiger stan airlines flight it was flight number you nine three six three i'm just repeating the details if you just joined us now you might be worried about anyone who may have been on that flight earlier on that originated from moscow will try to time find out the time of that flight one of the originated. we're hearing that preliminary reports now saying it was a crew mistake but you know the early reports that came through as well so said it
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could have been some sort of technical error or even an explosion of some kind as this plane came in to land on tatarstan airport we don't know if it ended up on the runway or off the runway we do know that tatarstan airport is around the both ten fifteen kilometers from the city hopefully no one there on the ground was injured here what we're seeing those early pictures we're seeing just a couple of crew this was the same urgency lights on trying to light up in the darkness. very difficult to say really what you're looking at there looks like a piece of fuselage doesn't look like there's been a huge major fire but that could of course only be part of what's going on on the ground again early reports saying there were two aborted landings but now we're hearing there could have been three aborted landings move that is obviously the case that raises questions about why that would have been what went wrong the first time what went wrong the second time indeed. what went so tragically wrong the
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third time if it was the third time this plane was coming into land. fifty two passengers a same crew on board there all of them killed forty six passengers six crew emergency officials saying. that there was some kind of explosion as flight new nine three six three and again that's still not been officially confirmed but we believe it's flight you nine three six three we think that was the flight number of the flight that was involved here that took off earlier on from dogma dead of watching r.t. it's now coming up to five minutes to nine o'clock let me update you on what we know here than about the tatarstan air company as well it's the national air carrier of the republic of. it was established back in one nine hundred ninety nine . it operates shuttle service in russia from moscow simply.
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to. better yet of tashkent asia and europe as well bad news coming through tonight stay with us if you can this is r.t. my name is kevin owen found cue for your company. on june sixteenth one thousand forty one we had a graduation party at school and the war broke out. the shops were always full of goods. in september leningrad was blocked. one day mom went and saw that all the shelves were have to. in november they bombed the diversity warehouses it was the main storage place
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for all the food in the city people eating the earth because it had small traces of sugar in it i tried to eat it as well but i couldn't. look at the it was incredibly heavy bombing and. it was a direct treetop that very shelter and everyone was buried underneath. all of them with dead. right on the seat. first for you and i think that you're. on a reformist twitter. instrument. to
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be in the middle. on. what has that is absolutely unacceptable. the fragility. absolutely. and if we were to never see that again we have to correct the whole because if you get on the one scapegoat then the older one i'll not correcting you do not get what you want which is much more.
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good laboratory. building a new. mission to teach me. why you should care only. dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to
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know. this is our breaking news this hour a boeing seven three seven passenger jet has crashed in russia's city of cazan tonight it's killed all fifty two board it was trying to land burst into flames. very good evening to its nine pm here in moscow normally would be showing of the weekly or rather by the big stories of the last seven days but in the last hour we've broken into that programming to continuing coverage of some very bad news coming through from central russia tonight we're hearing that a boeing seven three seven from moscow to khazan in central russia has crashed earlier on a few hours ago all fifty two people.


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