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we want you to know. this is our t. breaking news this hour a boeing seven three seven passenger jet has crashed in russia's city of cazan tonight it's killed all fifty two on board it was trying to land burst into flames . over a good evening to its nine pm here in moscow normally would be showing the weekly or rather but the big stories of the last seven days but in the last hour we've broken into programming to pretty continuing coverage of some very bad news coming through from central russia tonight we're hearing that a boeing seven three seven from moscow to cosign in central russia has crashed earlier on a few hours ago all fifty two people on board it's feared dead our correspondent up
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and not say joins me now live. the details be coming through thick and fast now although still sketchy some details are still not confirmed but if you could wrap up for us what's been coming through in the last hour. well indeed eight tatarstan airlines a boeing c seven three seven has a crash landed in cars and from moscow the passenger airline had actually forty four passengers all forty six passengers in it rather and a with six crew members so there was fifty two people on board that plane they were all now been confirmed to have died upon a bed like crash landing we know that emergency officials said there was a fire that adds actually. only explosion that i was actually heard and seen from the you nine three six three airline now emergency services have also gone on are on scene at the moment trying to get that fire our airport has now been shut down
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and no flies are coming in or going out at this point because an airport of course . we know that the. information that we got initially was that there was a technical error as the plane actually tried to land three times going around the landing strip but then it would usually now we're getting the information that it was the cockpit true error that actually made that claim to the crash so information is still coming through and we know of fishes are still giving out information as they get it to the rest of the media and to the rest of us and we're hoping to bring it to all of us as we get it. from what we think the flight took off for the year on his flight number you know nine three six three we think of took off from moscow airport. eighteen hundred moscow time earlier almost six in the evening of course it should have landed at nineteen forty moscow time so about
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an hour and forty minutes or so to get eight hundred kilometers from moscow over to an airport in stanley's about twenty five kilometers southeast of. city back in one thousand seven hundred. refer bushed for the millennium celebrations in two thousand and five it handles a lot of people nearly a million passengers a year early. the company itself a tatarstan air company is the national air carrier of the republic of tire the star on it was flying tonight on this flight that sounded so badly a boeing seven three seven short to medium range twin engined western airliner jet. as i'm speaking sure we're hearing that it is thought initially at least that it isn't the weather that has been at fault here we're hearing preliminary reports that it could be. a crew issue we're also hearing reports that
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there may have been an explosion but again that. just on landing but no that could have just been confused with an explosion as it landed so badly ross aviation the ross aviation servicing weather was not a critical factor here for plane landings the saving in khazan so maybe ruling that we heard earlier on for years the aviation expert the russian aviation experts saying that. the airport they should be able to cope with a category three landing my understanding of that may be wrong but my understanding of that is that it's. a very safe airport to land i e it's got the latest equipment that can talk to a boeing three three seven three seven like this a western plane and it can basically land itself automatically of course the pilots are in control they can override this but it's a very good aid in case there is bad weather so planes managed to land at heathrow
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other airports around the world of course in for albeit at a slower pace the tatarstan air company itself is the national air carrier going to court to talk to chris this the minute he's an aviation expert he's going to come on the line in a second it's been going for quite a while no it's established back in one thousand nine hundred ninety. operates churchill passenger service in russia from moscow bergen to countries in the c.i.s. . also back. yet a van tashkent it also flies to istanbul and it flies to prague and tell of eve. the air company tatarstan operated between twenty ten and twenty eleven the latest figures they're publishing forty routes. in twenty eleven it carried eight hundred twenty four thousand people the main base is the international carriers an airport so it was flying into its main base tonight it's got a fleet of twelve aircraft apparently its fleet comprises to pull of one five for
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the old. it's considered to be the old it depends who you're talking to this considered to be the old soviet era planes the top of one five for that large have been phased out now it has to be said most companies flying here in russia also a yet a low forty two to pull off one of three four which is a smaller version of the top of one five four and crucially boeing seven three seven three hundred four hundred five hundred series ok let's talk to chris yeah he's on the line now is an aviation expert chris it's unfortunately i never get to talk to you when something's going so very badly wrong here as it appears to have done tonight thanks for being with us first of all of course our thoughts with the family friends loved ones of the we think fifty two people who perished here tonight on this plane this. boeing seven three seven we don't know what series it was maybe that's too technical maybe it doesn't even matter all does it doesn't matter all the boeing seven three seven is these days to be in the sky because they're getting pretty long on the turf as well all the way. elizabeth you
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certainly said it's getting a bit longer than two thirds depends on the inversion of the sudden thirty eastern of course in so much as it is still flying and continue to refine the aircraft type and indeed. some of the later variants are more much more robust of them that were built. the beginning of the life of the seven three seven type i heard you mention earlier that this is a workhorse of the skies because the need is operated by most airlines around the world for those short journeys short to medium haul really. you know. it's supposed to regularly with those islands. you know end of the day again i'm not an expert on these i'm sure you can fill phyllis in if a plane like this even if it is maybe up to twenty years old if it's maintained
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regularly it shouldn't necessarily be a problem. no it didn't. you know there in lies the question are we talking about a maintenance issue we talked about something else and we. were the cause. is it is new to the. from operating certain of the approach by its fleets. from european skies. this is where all the boeing some thirty seven is not the type that has been banned but you know if there is a ban in place that implies that there might well being some sort of maintenance issue that the european authorities particularly are concerned about it's a really bad line chris will stay with it we really appreciate your input if you do lose your morphy sorry it's just jumping around a little bit apologies to our viewers as well but hope you can bear with us you
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talking there about the fact that a company tatarstan has had some flights bound over european airspace yet we're here does fly to i think what was i mentioned earlier on tell of even the somewhere else as well to prague as well so it does fly into europe what you're saying it's the more solvent era planes that have not been allowed but a plane like this is seven three seven either the three or four the five hundred series there would have been allowed to fly into europe yeah. well indeed. it was but it took care of. the precinct of the last people in the fleet that have been banned from european airspace but of course you know you talk a little bit of. a way to get out of a bit of by going round. robin going through because you know you've been talking chris as a sailor details are coming through thick and fast now we've got two lines through media reports that's not say it's confirmed or not but media reports say in the
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pilot was only assigned to this plane not long ago and i don't know whether that means that maybe he was not had the proper training on this or hasn't done that many hours on the plane like this in seven three seven or maybe it just wasn't a pilot to be flying it tonight you may have come in the last minute don't quite know what that means but we are also hearing as well that this very plane again this is going to be verified as well this very plane had the crash landed previously at this very airport only a year ago and the russian media are reporting that now this line that's come out now obviously puts a very different perspective on it because ok could a crash landed and been perfectly healthy in the past for clearance to fly again or it could have sustained some damage maybe are just surmising it's not often that a plane crash lands and then is allowed to fly again or is it. and the. type of crash i mean we're talking about whether the aircraft.
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but not serious. the aircraft actually. is what is a possibility and we wait to see. as you say many of these reports coming out of the movement. of this information has to be very forward because we can actually pin our on something and say this is the problem. this is the this this is the issue. in that part of the world is toast and while you're on the load again let's hope this link this line stays with us because there's such a lot i want to ask him so it's a bit ropey the connection i hope our viewers thanks for bearing with us as well the home. the russian aviation industry generally has had bad press if you're in the west it's got press if you're here it doesn't as much but i eat the old city subway or a plains we're talking about those topalov won five for the one three falls
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previously that have been the work force of the skies here they as they got older every time there was a crash everyone would say oh an old fashioned salvi a plane but what is the safety like what is the safety culture like in russia these days in twenty thirty ugliest as tight as everywhere else isn't it surely. that it's the toy tools everywhere else but it depends you know it's going to lie if we were talking about. necessarily grown. men tending the airplanes properly if i'm talking about this what legislation is there that sort of makes your head here companies do this so when it's not a two bit airline this is the national carrier for the republic of tatarstan. but you know it might well be. brought up very much to.
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be the appropriate authorities and. the proper checks and balances on the on the line itself to make sure that they are. the maintenance required that was put in the. direction of the yeah ok i'm just getting some more information actually through no let's see what we're saying here than so alone just round up for our view is there no chris thanks for now if you maybe stay on the line will maybe come back she will bit later we'll try to get a better connection to you because i know you always go a lot that you can help us with here when this kind of story happens sadly it does happen from time to time you can always give us a lot more information and help fill in some of the blank spots for me and of us we'll try to reconnect with you a bit later chris thanks for now all right well the breaking news if you just joined us it's just a little after thirty minutes past nine at night we're not bringing you a weekly roundup of the big stories of the week we've broken into that coverage so far to really rolling coverage of the unfortunate story extremely unfortunate story
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that's coming through from central russia tonight a plane crash what we know then a tart a star company boeing seven three seven jet has crashed during landing at casm international airport in central russia a little earlier on we think it happened at around about half past seven moscow time of after taking off from donna but domodedovo airport one of moscow's big three airports at around six o'clock moscow time on that plane fifty two passengers and crew all of them we think of been killed there were forty six passengers and six crew mergence officials say there was an explosion of some kind of flight flight number you nine three six three in all read that again in case you're concerned about him. one who you know may have been on that flight heading that way it's you nine three six three tried to land reports say the plane started
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losing height rapidly as it came into la early indications suggested cockpit error was the main cause of the crash possibly technical problems of the jet but then other media reports suggesting the captain was only recently assigned to the aircraft as well that's another line through tonight and another report claiming the aircraft itself had been involved in an incident almost exactly a year ago at the same airport we think well obviously for now has an international airport has been closed but tatarstan air company is the national carrier of the republic of tatarstan a russian news agency says it's heard from a source that the jet of the already been involved has said another emergency landing in that same airport just a year ago that something the investigators even as early stage got to be looking very closely at what sort of damage it sustained was it just a small landing i don't know any details but this i'm sure will finish most of with it over the coming minutes and news team will and try and bring you more about what
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that crash was about you know was it at the time considered to be severe or was it something that was just maybe as chris was saying just no heavy landing the plane was checked over maybe even refer back to boeing for the specifications of what was a low ball isn't allowed with a heavy landing and then given the all clearance to fly again so there may be something it may be nothing and this boeing seven three seven is the best selling jet airliner in the history of aviation if you flown at all no doubt you've been on with yourself it's a rivals of course mainly the air bus planes the a three nineteen the slightly bigger a three twenty and above that the a three twenty one there the short to medium haul twin engine planes that rival this indeed boeing and airbus are who is fighting for orders every month. they sell about the same amount of planes incidentally every month or production of this model was launched by boeing back in one hundred sixty seven that was
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a very early one though the think i think there was called the boeing seven three seven one hundred series since that time at least one hundred seventy planes have been involved in fatal crashes we mustn't forget that of course these planes called the workhorses of the sky for one very good reason there are so many of them working all the time so if that looks like a high number we've got to get it in perspective as well although each and every instant total tragedy there are a lot of planes up there now in two thousand and four a boeing seven three seven fell into the sea in egypt hundred forty eight people died there and two years later another seven three seven crashed in brazil this is just a snapshot all hundred fifty five people on board were killed that time the worst crash here in russia are involved in this particular kind of jet a boeing seven three seven in the city of perm back in two thousand and eight eighty eight people died on that flight tonight though we think the death toll is fifty two passengers and crew on board for thoughts going out to their friends and
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family tonight as these details still coming through we don't know if anyone on the ground was affected we don't know if anyone was hit there we think the plane came in to land within the confines of the airport we don't know if it landed ended up on the runway or not or skidded off to one side i've only seen the pictures that you've seen so far news crews are trying to get across those feeds those media feeds social media feeds trying to see if anything else is coming through soon as we get it we're going to bring those pictures to you what we did see earlier on was a bit of fuse a large to me initially it didn't look like that but at least had been involved in a fight really hard to tell. as you were there were dark it was middle of dark there was that one fire engine there and a couple of fire crews around and some foam where the rest of the wreckage is i don't know and that will of course. come out in the coming hours as we get the pictures and build the picture of what went so badly wrong here tonight will russian aviation expert eureka rationally or shared his thoughts on what could have
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gone so badly wrong tonight with flight three sixty three. well first have to know why did the crew decide to go wrong or the cause of technical malfunction one of the because the weather conditions or the something else maybe could incapacitation well. probably the least possible reason well how will we have to know for sure why did it have to change. flight or if it was a technical one multifunction what kind of technical multifunction was it was it a mechanical malfunction or need something happened to the living each in agreement of the aircraft and providing that in our the most airlines do exercise. the model for the automatic landing that maybe. we live ignition equipment didn't lead to the crash. so
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a boeing seven three seven from moscow to cousin in central russia has crushed all fifty two on board believed to have perished tonight our correspondent ivan watson joins us now live. in. this rolling news the details keep coming through and our viewers continue to join us so apology if we're going over some of the folks you really know but we will continue to furnish you with more details of course as we get it but for now if you could start from scratch terribly this hour and tell us what we know what's happened go so badly wrong here tonight. kevin to talk just on the airlines at that point seven three seven as you said like you nine a six three three bondo from moscow domodedovo cars running into their side airport fifty people were on board that flight forty six of them away passengers and six of them with the crew who was on board up until now what do we do now.
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carry on tabio. i think we look may have lost a larger than our major carrier we can still hear yes curry all. right kevin so those fifty two passengers have now all been confirmed to have been killed in that crash there was a big explosion that happens once or that the plane landed crash landed in there that is true but the airport has now been closed for further investigation and for the emergency treat you were able to come through and assess or be what has just happened there we know that bodies have already also been found on that tom we're also getting information that the d. crew could have been the era that could have been the people who were involved behind the air of this early on of course we really could have been a technical error because of that explosion that happened and now we're getting information that the actual pilot was also newly assigned to for. like to fly in
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this flight these are the details that are coming through as are we getting them by the minute all bringing them to us the more information we get and the more will give to our viewers as well and of course the days you might think have family members or anyone on that flight you in ninety six we see can also try to find information from the airport and call the emergency line or ok terry thanks for the know will know who the emergency ministry is saying fifty bodies have been recovered at the site we believe there were fifty two passengers and crew on board that plane will be coming back to you later let you get across more details yourselves just quoting the aviation safety network website now. i was telling it all bit earlier on that the company runs a number of planes in its fleet that what some people consider the old soviet designed to pull up on five fords plus a smaller top one three four you do see less of them around these days after say none of the main airlines in russia really use them anymore but the boeing the rest of the fleet consists of boeing seven three seven aircraft the twin engine arrow
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body planes the three hundred series the ford series the five hundred series i do believe i'm right in saying that the new with the series the new with the plane however looking at what aviation safety network website is publishing tonight i can't corroborate this but i'm just bringing you what they're saying is happening here they're saying it's a boeing seven three seven five hundred series. it departed from. it was flights three six three departing from moscow's domodedovo airport at eight hundred twenty local time on a shared your passenger flight to international airport looking at the grim statistics and afraid we always do in this sort of event because it's a timely moment to remind ourselves of it of this type of plane three hundred ninety were built if the seventh hole loss like this the seven complete loss and apparently but i can't cooperate that at that moment the worst accident of this
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type of plane a seven three seven five hundred we've also got some more details here. probably not significant at all but it's not exactly what you would call a new play in this plane apparently involved tonight the registration the plane v.q. b.b.n. was recently older believe twenty three years five months old it was built back in . the eighteenth of june ninety ninety. that's what we know about the plane so far but really that's irrelevant when you consider the personal tragedy that some here sought to say with a fifty two passages and crew on board no earlier on russian aviation expert yuri carroll spoke to me he told me whether the airport in khazan is difficult to land in shared his thoughts about the line operating the plane that crashed wouldn't cause airport. airplane category three if this airport meaning that they could exercise almost zero vision landing. craft.
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exercise a fully automatic landing i'm not really familiar with the airlines. just knowing it or going seven hundred seven is not enough to make all the technical helpful this airline. the seven three seven. has been manufactured. sixteenth century so if. the seven hundred seventy doesn't mean a brand new paragraph. or maybe even twenty year old aircraft and nobody knows how it was maintained. and that's of course something that the investigators will be poring over tonight and over the coming days as that investigation into what's gone so horribly wrong here tonight continues we're also hearing now whether
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officials again backing up what we heard earlier on from ross aviation i believe whether official saying whether it was normal for that kind of plane that kind of plane coming into that kind of airport in advance plane coming into an advanced airport because an international airport with we believe what they call category three landing capability that i believe i'm not an expert is one of the best you can get it think it means you can land the plane basically automatically in focal poor visibility conditions but if we believe that wasn't a problem tonight the russian aviation expert your crush earlier shared his thoughts on what could possibly have gone so badly wrong here tonight with flight three six three. grow a bit have to know why did they go wrong what did they call the pickle malfunction what because the weather condition or the something else maybe crew incapacitation well. probably but it was possible. well how we have the local
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sure well why did it have to change it right. if it was that one more option what kind of technical malfunction was that order to mechanical malfunction or lead thing happened to the litigation agreement or the aircraft and providing. more air while. out of my article would automatically landing maybe a problem in the litigation equipment didn't lead to the crash. we went to the sheriff's thoughts as well because an international airport we think is about twenty five well i know it's about twenty five kilometers from the city because on itself the good news is i don't think it's in a built up area particularly when we think the plane landed in the confines of the airport. how difficult or easy it would have been normally to land because an airport is we have to say well i wouldn't cause really difficult airport as far as
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i know airplanes could lend category three in this airport meaning that they can exercise almost zero vision landing. craft. as a fully automatic landing i'm not really familiar with the winds. just knowing it or going seven hundred seventy is not enough to make an assessment of all the technical help of this airline because as we know the seven three seven. has been manufactured since the need sixty think every so if it operates. airlines operate the seven hundred seventy doesn't mean a brand new paragraph. maybe even twenty year old aircraft and nobody knows how it was maintained. well that's the question is when i was talking to.
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aviation expert there just last we didn't know the details we do now think the plane was twenty three years old and in fact five months we even know when this plane was made believe according to the aviation safety network website it was made back in nineteen ninety days we think tonight that we're reporting on the third worst accident of a plane of this type a boeing seven three seven five hundred operated by tatarstan airlines that's crashed near russia it was flight number three six three that departed from moscow's domodedovo airport the codes on the d.m. me at eighteen twenty local time it was a shuttle passenger flight to land in cousin international airport code sign k zed and if you're worried about anyone that may have been on that flight that flight number was flight you nine three six three you're watching out international we're bringing you continuing coverage of the very sad news that comes through from.


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