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tv   News Weekly  RT  November 17, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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eighteen years in prison. for a crime i did not do. breaking news to start this hour on i see a boeing seven three seven passenger jets crashed in russia city of cars will attempt thing to land it's killed all fifty on board including two children investigators looking at whether pilot error technical problems or weather conditions caused the crash. hi there very good evening chief thanks for joining us sir you normally watching the weekly late sunday night early monday morning here in moscow but tonight we're only bringing you fifteen minutes of that was starting the program with tragedy in central russia earlier on tonight a boeing seven three seven crashed while trying to landing because the capital of
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the tatarstan republic sadly all fifty on board are now dead the jet was finishing its journey from moscow when the tragedy struck these are the latest pictures from the site they started to come through nowhere that airliner crashed and caught fire apparently while trying to make a second landing attent on board that stricken plane forty four passengers including two children as i said and six crew members the search and rescue operation ended about three hours after that crash happened artes to beaumont ses across the latest developments there's been many coming in this evening on the tablet take us through how this evening is unfolded. world tatarstan airlines boeing seven three seven carrying fifty people in the forty four forty six or forty four planes in just minutes as well as a six a crew members were on board that plane that crashed while it was trying to land but earlier on we caught up with two eyewitnesses who were on the the same plane
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today leaving from moscow from cannes on to moscow moscow to cousin and here's what they had to say about the very same airline that they were in it take a listen. yes you would need a new almost seem to understand airplane from because santa mask early on sunday afternoon the flight itself one quite smoothly but just before the landing you the plane started my breathing. initially i thought it was the word for it when we got out of the plane it turned out the weather was quite nice the plane was shaking it was direct from side to side linton our first attempt at it was a really bad landing and i felt like the plane was going to along the runway that usually will slowly. i was on board the same plane but flying from cars on a flight earlier in the day technically the plane seemed completely out of order the air conditioning didn't work the extraction system didn't seem to be operating
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tables were broken the seige didn't recline. well certainly the twist of fate if not a lucky escape for those two eyewitnesses that we spoke to as of now we know that one of the casualties on that plane was and none other than the president of russia's republic of tatarstan is our son of the twenty three year old elected mina god of and he's one of the elders of the president's children he was on that plane and he too has perished among the fifty passengers on that plane were also two children who also died in that fatal crash information that we've been getting in is still being trying to be deciphered what we do know so far is that there could have been three factors they could've affected what had happened today with this crash one is that the weather could have been a factor the other thing it could be have been a technical error or it could have been
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a pilot error and now of course all of this is still yet to be confirmed by authorities who are have open an investigation and it's still ongoing we know that the airport is closed it will be ok. been to more often it's been close since the crash was reported an emergency rescue operation has not finished after recovering all of the bodies from that crash and the other thing that we do know is that they commission has been. sort of started to help the families of the victims who have been affected by this thought so much with them to annoy the from your friends of all those who've died over loved ones of them. talked about the plane earlier on we heard those passengers of course it's very difficult to decipher whether what they experienced earlier on even though it was the same flight that anything to do with what happened here although the authorities are saying they probably think it was in the weather it wasn't too bad at the time what we know about this plane it wasn't exactly a new plane it was a couple of decades old with no. this particular plane that actually question day
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is actually twenty three years old now that my seem like a lot of years to some people but in the aviation industry as long as the plane is maintained and it keeps up its maintenance it should be ok but it had gone through a couple of other hand the different countries have had this plane at some point it was in mexico where it was stored there and it's moved around a lot but that doesn't necessarily mean that that is one of the factors that have actually caused it caused the crash today now we're talking about a boeing seven three seven this is one of the most popular passenger airlines in the world it's also been called or the the sort of the air force of the air space because so many companies around the world do use that it's only had around one hundred and seventy fatalities in its inception since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and in terms of education in the russia we know that in two thousand and eleven this particular one today is the second since the two thousand and
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eleven fatality in the country and we all remember that killing of forty four including the entire of the hockey team in two thousand and eleven that's just some of the examples of these sort of crash they do happen every asian industry in russia is improving it's getting better but it's always airlines that. small planes are sometimes can get into a position that we are in here today but for now we need to tell everybody that they investigate is still ongoing they still need to find those two black boxes those data boxes that are at the back of the plane that could really give us the clear idea of what really happened on that flight that left from moscow domodedovo towards cousin ok thanks for the. well i spoke earlier today with more beautiful british pilot really studying crushes operations and safety editor for global magazine he explains with. but it is which can be ruled out trying to get to the
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real cause one of the most useful things you can do when you don't know very much is to work out what it probably was not what the cause was probably not for example whether it's always the first thing that i have a look at whether in the vicinity but actually although it wasn't a lucky day the visibility was the cloud base was not particularly low the wind was not high it wasn't freezing temperatures that was well above freezing so i don't think the weather was a factor in this one now the fact that the pilots were trying to make a second approach indicates that on the first approach there was something that they weren't happy with now i suspect that the or for a t s have already spoken to air traffic control to find out why they didn't continue with the first approach so you know we're looking here at the possibility of some kind of a technical problem with the airplane which the true is not happy with it's two
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boxes one of them records all of the communications on the flight deck that's what the pilots say to each other what the pilots say on the radio all the incoming voice messages from air traffic control and also you can even hear things like the engine noise if there was an explosion on board you would hear that then the other box is is i suppose you could say the main one but they're both very important in their own way is the flight data recorder which records basically the health of the airplane it records what the engines are doing it records the profile of the aircraft speed it's ass it's huge it records all sorts of parameters of the airlines you know what the airline is doing from minute to minute and there will be at least half an hour of recording of this and it may be more before the time that the action accident actually happened so your therapist will have a great deal of information to work with. david lim on the flight in the national weather man of another development over the past few bringing a time to stand on
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a boeing seven three seven jet crashed while landing at cousin airport in central russia earlier this evening it killed all fifty onboard there were forty four passengers and six crew and all bodies have now been recovered emergency officials say there was an explosion as flight three six three four moscow's domodedovo airport at six o'clock this evening that's when it left moscow tried to land that journey should have taken about an hour forty minutes you saw the plane started losing altitude. and the jets nose apparently hit the ground during touched investigators suspect pilot error to be the main cause of the crash possibly technical problems with the jet to the jet itself a twenty three year old boeing seven three seven five hundred it's been used since nine hundred ninety only operated by tatarstan since two thousand and eight pictures you're seeing on the screen there now the debris first i'm seeing that. pictures of the crash site not a lot to see there we did earlier on see the first stills that came through what
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appeared to be a fuselage although they say there was a fire that we saw didn't look to be small of a charcoaled in any way you can see the damage there i think we only actually saw what must be just a part of it there are some fire crews around it and some foam and fire engine but they're not much of what you can see of a plane at all really shards of metal on the minium a lot of debris on the floor there and we're hearing already even after just three hours after that crash the recovery and rescue services have recovered all bodies of all fifty passengers and crew on board that stricken playing tonight when i spoke just after the crash happened about three hours ago or so when we first started to get the news soon after i was a guess to russian aviation expert yuri carroll she explained to us what could have gone so badly wrong here with flight three six three. have to know why did the crew decide to go. for the because of technical malfunction was
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because the weather conditions or the something else maybe couldn't. possible reason well how will we have to know for sure why did it have to change. flight path or if it was a technical one of most function what kind of a commo function was it was that the mechanical malfunction of. something happened to the litigation agreement though the aircraft and providing that. most airlines do exercise. now the model for the automatic landing that maybe. the litigation equipment didn't lead to the crash. well with weather conditions and they are seemingly good enough that's what the authorities are saying anyway i asked you a carriage whether kansan airport itself is difficult to land and it's the international hub of tatarstan anyway. well i wouldn't cause the relay difficult
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airport as far as i know. in this airport meaning that they could exercise almost zero reason landing. craft. as a fully automatic landing but. part of the flight where when actually the aircraft levels up just before the landing. when a craft is about the length the crew has to want to very carefully. indications all the. indication locally should immediately exercise the boy on procedure otherwise they will crash land. if just joined this it's twelve commit to thirty minutes past midnight now a reminder of the developments over the past few hours a tide of starting a boeing seven three seven jets crashed while landing at cannes an airport in
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central russia earlier on this evening it killed all fifty on board there were forty four passengers and six crew all bodies have now been recovered emergency officials say there was an explosion as flight three six three from moscow tried to land and it's thought the plane started losing altitude rapidly as it came in to land and the jets nose apparently hit the ground during touched the initial reports of the try to makes three attempts to land then we're hearing shortly afterwards it was on its second landing attempt investigators suspect pilot error to be the main cause of the crash or possibly some technical problems as well with jet the crucial flight voice and data recorders and yet to be retrieved the emergency services saying the jet itself reasonably old twenty three years old a boeing seven three seven series five hundred jet short to medium range jet very popular around the world of course and operated by the star since two thousand and eight this is r.t. from moscow will make sure you get the latest developments on this awful
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a disaster in central russia throughout the course of the coming hours and days in a few minutes that are bringing up to date on some of the week's maybe use around the world too. americans also came up with another reason to reach a democracy people wanting to be liberated people wanting to be free of which is also you know part of the message of their revolution is a new more. to use. the same. which you create the conditions you say some country has. the weapons of mass destruction. in the case of. this was a bit like. the
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. economic down in the final. day the. night in the red light. if we. know some of the stories that shape the last seven days in our news review the week in this week's interlude between the two rounds of crucial talks over iran's nuclear program sensibly mixed signals that on the one hand the u.n. watchdog declared that atomic projects a virtual been frozen since president rouhani came to power but then on the other u.s. lawmakers about insisting even more sanctions are placed on a random move that threatens therefore to derail the whole deal the white house is
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urging congress to give diplomacy a chance but the powerful israeli lobby is insisting on tougher penalties the previous round of negotiations failed to produce. any result reportedly because of france's surprise opposition francoise and his parts in israel now he's already assured that france will be tough and won't ease its pressure on iran during next week's nuclear talks i spoke to hussein was serving a bit early he's an iranian policy maker who used to be on iran's nuclear program during negotiations with. he told me france's behavior shows double standards. france has a block to peaceful because of israeli claims i think this is a historical mistake france is making the i.a.e.a. has had about five thousand. inspections. nuclear program and frequently has announced the reason no evidence of day version toward
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the position this is clear but i really doubt the real concern of france is a nuclear bomb because france has a strategy to relations with israel way israel is not a member of n.p.t. and possess about four hundred nuclear bombs therefore france should not be concerned about nuclear bomb france help israel to master nuclear bomb france held in the two master nuclear bomb therefore france has a very very bad record. well should the talks result in something israel isn't happy with it's reportedly ready now to join forces with a former sworn enemy for a possible strike on iran britain's sunday times newspaper suggests saudi arabia is closely working with israel's mossad on a military campaign if the rands nuclear program isn't by any agreement in geneva under this reported plan of saudi arabia is understood to be allowing israel use of its airspace it would also assist israel in deploying combat drones helicopters and
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tanker planes in fact the saudis apparently are furious and they're willing to give israel all the help it needs that's what anonymous source allegedly told the newspaper the sunni muslim gulf kingdoms alarm the dominated iran could get a nuclear weapon at some point that's a concern of course shared by israel two iranian political analysts said mohammad marandi thinks that if the saudi israel plan does play out there's been no winners here. well we don't know if these reports are true but the saudis and the israelis are moving closer and closer to one another however it's highly unlikely that the saudis or the israelis would really want to attack iran because they both would be losers they would be seen grass around. obviously the iranians would retaliate the soviets would you know very one or they would create an economic catastrophe for the world and that would mobilize the whole middle east especially people on the streets in support of iran they would isolate israel after all the americans with
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all their firepower. failed in their attempt to bring about packing on syria because world public opinion and american public opinion simply would not accept it . but if such plans do exist the might come to life even if next week's geneva nuclear talks ended any kind of agreement we're asking you tonight if you think a deal can be reached let's bring up that graph should we see what you're telling us more than half of you who voted thanks for voting if you have so far think israel's opposition will prevent any deal as you see them out there fifty three percent but a third if you believe there is a chance here but only if the west recognizes iran's right to nuclear energy that's it thirty percent is just a laundry third little over ten percent if you are pessimistic saying that neither side needs a deal so badly that they rush into it and the remaining five percent there say iran will agree to a deal only after sanctions leave it with no other choice you can change that through the course of the evening at home.
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syria could be free of most of its chemical arsenal by the end of the year if another country turns up willing to take it on that's the key the ambitious deadline was set by the international chemical watchdog as part of a road map which also says all toxic stockpiles must be destroyed by the end of next june but the biggest problem now a lack of volunteers to take on this delicate task of eliminating more than a thousand tons of highly poisonous materials norway was first to give a very firm no then couple of days ago its refusal was mirrored by albania which saw a series of protests against the country being the destruction site for syria's arsenal political analyst chris bambery spoke to see says it should be europe's wealthiest nations who are stepping in here to implement this ambitious elimination plan my understanding is that they will go to france and i think it's really the onus is on britain or france in terms of the western european powers to deal with this because
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as i say they do have chemical weapons although we don't advertise the fact that britain and france have stockpiles of chemical weapons they do have the ability to do that the french and the british have the facilities word you can dismantle these things safely they have the expertise surely that's the better option has abided by this deal the west should really put its money where its mouth is here it's signed up to this deal it's sending ships in this case norwegian ships to deal with this but the norwegians call you mean they don't have the expertise to dismantle it you can see why chemical weapons see the will not to take them in and i think it kind of smacks i resent over the fact that really in the end this deal has come or actually putin brokered a deal. and no syria has abided by the agreements of it and i can't hear but feel there's a kind of resentment in european capitals that actually a deal has worked. well even without hosting syria's chemical weapons more generally the e.u. is big drug deeper and deeper into the conflict intelligence chiefs believe more
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than a thousand young european muslims join the islamists in the fighting in syria now it's thought that being recruited through social media the u.s. counterterrorism coordinator says the jihadists agenda goes further than simply toppling assad to it's actually a real threat to europe these days. we are in the process of trying to understand better the reason why so many europeans are going to syria where we start being concerned each switch and that's what we understand many of the mean the joining do you. really feel you to indicate up. in groups which not only wants to work through a sad but have the global jihad rhetoric and share fully the project of ok that and therefore we think i think would see that in the future but many of them will get back in europe much more radical the means by order recruit order or they meet for sob even directed more to attack in europe. and underground adoption
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markets been exposed in the united states is called private re homing in allows parents to get rid of their own once adopted kids by online now no background check so government scrutiny means children could end up with families that would never legally be allowed to adopt or indeed even end up with criminal criminals report i picks up the story. animal owners may be familiar with the term private re homey typically it refers to those seeking to give their pet away but today the practice is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away the child they adopted from overseas and no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted children through yahoo and facebook groups the lawless atmosphere allows internationally adopted orphans to be passed on to
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strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail as a result many of these children can end up in the custody of criminals sex offenders or abusive adults that would have never been allowed to legally adopt many of the children advertised online for private re homing range between the ages of six to fourteen and had been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia and ukraine poses huge risks right because some of the families into which these children home their probably perfectly good in the children are doing better perhaps and some of them are not as of this year u.s. citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since one nine hundred ninety one thousand russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american adoptive parents reporting from new york marine upper nile r.t. . well i want children to bring over toys for at least once
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a week to spoke to one young man who told us how his life to the for the worse when he was passed on to a new family dimitris stewart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow it would be a rocky road living with his adoptive american parents don't really feel. you know i was there when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewarts decided it was time to find him a new home and that's when they turned to the internet is that i got to grab groups where people want. to start over dog shins and stuff like that that's how dimitris parents found nicole isa in eastern advertiser self as an aspiring mother that ran a home school to meet you found out that this was far from the truth this is a little tiny basically. him he's serious
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it was clear that his new home was no home school there was an even desk there had to deal where he didn't even make you go to school and gave me the option to go to school and then we had a biological kid that was taken away from them from the stay so they want a lot to have any more kids and that's why they're doing this underground underground thing nicole had been married to a man who was a pedophile and that she could not get a homestudy due to their finances these days private adoptions are far more common it's unclear how many of them were facilitated on the internet where it's harder to regulate the transactions between family it's after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians in this quaint home in a nice suburban neighborhood you just never know who's going to. be out there looking for kids and there's six people out there everywhere in marietta georgia liz of all our. computer twenty seven minutes past midnight i have
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a moscow stay without more update some tragedy or misleading because an airport in a crash has cost fifty lives next to the week's moves in the business world we've created. well. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we. covered. wealthy british style stock. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy.
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for a no holds barred the global financial headlines kaiser report. secret laboratory was able to build most sophisticated robots which fortunately. dorna found anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. that was the french capital with me casey will be this week told three commands on the transatlantic trade deal we allies the risks that could. operate with she was just a minute we've also got the eurozone it could be embracing negative interest rates
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what exactly will this mean what exactly we're talking diamonds paintings metals because my psychic research on thomas will be out there later it's a lot to get through but. the u.s. e.u. trade deal is worth an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars for both parties but these huge profits could come at a cost to the average consumer and there are plenty of stumbling blocks holding up the deal since cars are what each side wants so the u.s. is asking for e.u. restrictions on genetically modified crops and chlorine water poultry to be cards to maintain intellectual secrecy for more access for u.s. service providers e u wants the beef ban which was first introduced because of the mad cow disease to be lifted a reduction of terrorists on items such as cheese on the free flow of information is now let's dive deeper into the consequences of the deal with rodney shakespeare he's a professor of economics and he's based in london today the.


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