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tv   Headline News  RT  November 18, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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tain security of easier sharing the deadly plane crash in tatarstan with the jet nose diving and bursting into flames. was on stand by the victims' relatives are being treated by psychologists ahead of the start of the identification of the bodies. also this hour british bed bugs a u.k. intelligence is revealed to have been monitoring the hotel trips of the top diplomats around the globe. the mistreated migrants amnesty international calls out. of the severe abuse towards foreign construction workers.
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international news live from moscow this is an aussie with me here thanks for joining us our c.n.n. has obtained dramatic video of the final terrifying moments of tatarstan flight three six three which crashed killing all fifty on board and let's now get more from. he joins us now live from on high that you take is through excuse me what this new footage reveals. well the new footage shows the actual moments of the plane crash and indeed it's quite different from the initial versions which suggested that the plane first sort of skidded on the runway and then exploded while the new footage shows its nose diving into the ground almost vertically and then turning into a huge bore fire and although it provides a clear
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a visual picture of what happened it actually raises even more questions of how that could have happened and it's largely hoped that these answers would be given by the information from the flight recorders which have been found but they have been damaged so severely in this crash in this explosion that there have been taken to moscow now it's going to take some time to go through that data. and of course is a day of mourning. how do people cope with the tragedy that. of course. all of the relatives of the victims are still in shock from what happened pretty much this tragedy has affected the whole city since this was a very popular flight and so a lot of people who i've been talking to here they have been saying that they do realize that they could have been on that flight and this tragedy could have happened to them and. there were fifty people on the plane all of them
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died and well let's listen to one woman who lost her son in this tragedy. he was such a good boy healthy and handsome he had a good family his son is only three years old he made many plans for the future. well shock is going to pass it's not clear how long it's going to take for these emotional scars to heal or if they're going to heal at all but today for the relatives of the victims it was also the day when they had to start dealing with the consequences and talking about identifying the bodies which as we've heard from specialists were damaged quite badly in fact they were just saying that they there are fragments of these bodies and d.n.a. tests are needed so some relatives already began giving blood blood samples now
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also throughout the internet there's been an outpouring of. grief and emotions for instance one. t.v. sport commentator a lost his wife. and step daughter in this tragedy and in his twitter account he just typed this question how to live after this and also russia's president putin expressed his condolences to the families of all the victims he spoke to the president of the republic of that our son whose older son also was on board the plane and died and he just got made recently and he actually talked his. pregnant wife out of taking this flight so theoretically she could have also been on board of that plane. right now as he's you corpus going over the line on
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her thank you very much indeed for that. so it was a gust igniting when the plane went down winds were pretty strong about nine meters per second the chant crashed as a descended a second time after pilots aboard that france landing attempt it's not clear as to why passengers who traveled on the same plane from cousin to moscow early in the day said the landing was also made high winds and was frightening its pilots but instead. the flight itself when quite smoothly but just before the landing the plane started vibrating fiercely the plane was shaking it was dragged from side to side linda to now first attempt but it was a really bad landing and they felt like the plane was going to roll off the runway . and civil aviation consultant mark vi sees to fly the same type of plane involved in the cousin disaster his says there's always
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a combination of factors behind the crunch that was a poor repair that led to fatigue and obviously structural failure but all of these factors are going to be looked at normally in or emergency you want to get the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have caused. first attempt was whether a factor was crew fatigue who almost there are going to be so many things that have to be looked at keeping in mind that accidents generally don't have been from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to a catastrophe like this. stay with me for objects as developments happen and get across more detail in the air tragedy online at aussie dot com. guess who's been checking up on diplomats who checked into big hotels gas british
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intelligence has been secret service in the rooms of foreign v.i.p.'s at top three hundred fifty hotels a worldwide according to revelations and germany's news magazine from news leaked by edward snowden the program's called concierge and has been in use since twenty turned it into reservation confirmations when they're sent to government addresses from monitored hotels the agency can then quote prepare their rooms for detailed surveillance meaning bank fires and computers british intelligence will want to comment on the revelations which come at a bad time for the u.k. which already has some explaining to do in embassies germany is holding a special parliamentary session on spying now and let's now get more details from peter all of us live from a high that peter so quite an extraordinary topic is being discussed right now
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please tell us more. all right what we're seeing right now is a special session a special sitting of the ball in the stand the reason that's necessary is because while there still isn't a coalition government here in germany almost two months after the general election they still haven't ironed out all the wrinkles in just going to be in charge of the government of the country for the coming years so the have to hold this special session and the topic that is being discussed is the ongoing revelations about the n.s.a. spying saga no germany it seems had been particularly targeted by the n.s.a. and by other spying organization she told by a b g c h q right then we heard about the british and american embassies appear in berlin apparently having spying nests on their roofs of recent in recent times so that all of these things are being discussed at the moment in parliament to try and find out just huge knew what about what was going on now it's worth noting this
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isn't the full poll of entry inquiry the opposition politicians here in germany have had called for particularly the left party on the greens they wanted a full inquiry this isn't it but they have what we have heard calls from senior parliamentarians here. from the government to put all of their cards on the table about just what was going on in terms of foreign spying here in germany so peace why do you think germany is such a popular guy target for its ally. well what we have seen is huge outrage here because of just how close the relationship was perceived to have been between the the german people and their allies like the united kingdom like the united states it caused real outrage to move seen being voiced by demonstrations on the streets all throughout the summer here as well as
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states senior parliamentarians coming forward and saying look we need to find out just how involved germany was in any kind of spying activities taking place on its own people so all of this is trying what we're going to see over the coming few hours is being discussed in parliament here in berlin as they try to get to the bottom and questions are asked of just how involved germany was who knew what about what time was going on. on of the line from berlin peter thank you very much indeed for that and in its probe into the alleged toppling of angela merkel's phone burning is seeking assistance of edward snowden and john gets a german investigative journalist and that him in moscow last month as he was accompanying a german and. that's one of the things that's being discussed is the question of how to get input from of the person who actually knows the most about the documents right now all of the documents are being kind of read and reported on by
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journalists who of course you know are doing their best are doing the best job they can but these are complicated things and it would make sense to get expertise i mean from the person that knows the system and the n.s.a. from the inside as a matter of fact i mean the interior minister and other leading people in the german government have acknowledged the importance of snowden's allegations i mean the fact that uncle americal actually called president obama about. the story about her cell phone was not just the basis of a newspaper story it was that basically the german authorities had found out that this was true. one of the arctic sunrise greenpeace gathering is going nowhere just yet he's cassidy's been extended by and not a free months his defense is already promising to appeal in a few minutes report from outside the court where they will recreate track
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herring's the way. france wound down from its tough stance in the next round of talks over iran's nuclear project that was the message of support to prime minister netanyahu as france on land visited israel meanwhile a british newspaper claims israel may join forces with saudi arabia in a military campaign against iran if they don't approve of what have i told make a grim and has reached in another development russia's president putin has spoken to iran's leader and had a wednesday's global tools let's not cross live to aussies point by that so. what can you tell us about the details of that conversation. well as you say the russian president vladimir putin held a telephone conversation with his iranian counterpart rouhani and in that conversation pushed and told him that there was
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a real chance that the international standoff over iran's nuclear program could ultimately be solved now this comes just two days ahead of slater talks that will take place in geneva between the six global powers and iran and if any kind of indication is accurate that there will be some kind of deal reached this will happen then potentially this week and at the same time what we're hearing from the british newspaper the sunday times is that if a deal is reached this puts the option of a military strike by israel and saudi arabia back on the table now it's no surprise that these two countries reportedly have been working behind the scenes to try and think about how to strike iran in the eventuality of any kind of deal both of them are worried that the deal would see international sanctions against iran lifted while the country continues with its nuclear enrichment program according to the sunday times riyadh is offering tel aviv tactical support in the form of allowing
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israeli warplanes to use its airspace in any kind of possible military strike and at the same time allowing the israelis to use saudi tanker planes drones as well as helicopters these salvias are reportedly furious over any kind of possible deal in the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has repeatedly said that he will do everything it takes to make sure that his country is secure particularly as regards iran tell us how hard it will be for world powers to reach a deal with iran this time around. well the last time the world power was mit to discuss the iranian nuclear program was back on november the tenth and at that stage no agreement was reached and one of the major critics was the french and right now you have the french president francois hollande visiting israel and palestine he's here on a three day visit and he's already made with the israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu and later today he's slated to give an address to the israeli parliament the israeli knesset now netanyahu has urged him to keep up the pressure against iran and western allies francois hollande by what indications is going to do this earlier he did say that they will fall conditions that if indeed any kind of deal with iran is to be brokered in these conditions are that all the rainy and nuclear installations need to be put under international supervision immediately that enrichment needs to be suspended to the twenty percent level that the existing stock needs to be reduced and that iran needs to hold construction on the a rocket plant that on yahoo has praised the french president for his position viz of iran and its nuclear program. paula live from jerusalem paula thank you very much indeed for that update. under we also spoke to
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a former iranian diplomat who's represented to iran in talks with the u.n. nuclear watchdog and he pointed to a major contradictions in france's position over iran. france has a block peaceful because of israeli claims i think this is a historical mistake france is making the i. five thousand man inspection of a nuclear program and frequently has announced the reason no evidence of diversion toward that end is asian this is clear but i really doubt the real concern of france is a nuclear bomb because france has a strategic relations with israel is not a member of n.p.t. and possess about four hundred nuclear bombs therefore france should not be concerned about nuclear bomb france help israel to master nuclear bomb france held
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in the two master nuclear bomb therefore france has a very very bad record. coming your way after a very short break stay with us. wealthy british style. was the only. market. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cons a report. on the new world. bank in the face i don't like people.
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like you to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. this is on c welcome back migrant construction walk is in contact suffering from a systematic human rights abuse according to a new published report from the same to national golf kingdom's drawn international cyclists as it prepares to host the twenty twenty two football world cup testimonies from waka say that being treated like cattle was honest to indicating
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that some abuses amount to forced labor violations include unpaid wages harsh and dangerous conditions as well as of a crowded signage for housing the report highlights how the exploitation is happening in one of the walls of richest countries we had more of the report from honesty's head of refugee and migrant rights right now. what we found was that there are systemic problems we'd be my guest workers encounter many of them are subjected to dave or expect asian for example we found people who were deceived about the baby getting caught or some people have been deceived about the kind of work they were doing taught there we found many workers who had not been paid. for a long time and. some of them had not been paid for months at a time we found the workers who had been stuck in the country trying to leave their desperate in some cases the side of trying to be you've done able to because they
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would not get them exit permit which is required to undercut the result in some circumstances that with people who are in conditions that amount to paper. a german filmmaker went to investigate the situation but he said he saw in his camera man were detained and interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spark a riot by talking to walk is and mystic easily told us what ham covered about the problems migrant workers face upon arrival in count. four of them they haven't got paid for seven months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find
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his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm he's working for the cup ration . and that sponsor has to take care of. legally medically but most of the sponsors obviously take the passports away from the migrant workers and that puts all numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. once upon a time the planet mars was just like us apparently now scientists want to know what went wrong nasa sun top a new all of us had to study the red planet skies to discuss about why it became uninhabitable billions of years ago details of the mission are now website. and europe's most active volcano puts on a show in the sky above sicily enjoy a breathtaking view of the erupting asner in-house heat of columns in motion a section. australian greenpeace activists called and
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russell will remain in a pretrial detention in russia for another three months it's today's fast ruling by one of two cause in st petersburg russia deciding whether to extend the custody of a group of protesters who are trying to board a russian oil rig. has more. looks like at least one greenpeace activist a member of the so-called arctic sunrise group thirty detainees will have to spend three more months in russia's jail fifty nine year old men from a stroll and that's after the cooled remorse because here in central israel decided to hold russia's investigative committee application that the investigators applied for the extension saying they need more time to complete the probe we know that the hearings over five other applications are at this moment undergo in three more skilled court and kalinski called here in st petersburg they want you can see behind me and we know that here they jog examines the cases of the two members of
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the sunrise arctic sunrise ship crew a doctor a russian citizen. from canada and russia as photo journalist this week marks two months since thirteen men and women from nineteen different countries greenpeace activists journalists and crew members were detained in just a little bit of background here to remind you what happened in september the arctic sunrise greenpeace ship approached as long or sure all drilling platform in russia's bid to northern premature i see it's owned by russia's energy giant gazprom and the team of activists attempted to hold themselves on the platform but they were arrested by russia's coast guard we know now that. greenpeace international has already said that they would appeal the extension around the world now for some more international headlines police and friends are conducting
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a helicopter search for a suspected hostage taking gunman he reportedly opened fire with a hunting rifle at the offices of the liberal newspaper wounding a photographer in the chest and before fleeing to hours later gunfire was also heard in the western business district later there were reports of a hostage situation on the shelves and they say. but it's unclear if the same person was involved in all three incidents. acute revocable much talk has rocked a government building northwest of damascus killing at least thirty one troops an opposition group which is part of the western backed free syrian army says it carried out that sign and posted this video on the web they're sold comes despite efforts brokered by russia and the u.s. to bring the rival signs in the civil conflict to the negotiation table. upright a freight train under many of us have collided in egypt at least twenty four people are dead and many more are injured it happened at
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a level crossing south of cairo and also involved several other vehicles it's old that's all the barriers to the trucks were closed cars were still crossing as the train approached most of the casualties were reportedly members of the same family returning from a wedding. indonesia has recalled its ambassador to australia in an angry response to alleged spying it stems from league spot edward snowden revealing that australia had been listening in to the indonesian president's phone calls it's not the fast as spanish tension between them indonesia had summoned a straight as ambassador over reports that its embassy in jakarta was used as part of a u.s. led surveillance network in asia and will back with more news in half an hour next though kate partridge has the sports rhonda.
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so we may be. pushing your. body there is an. issue is that no one is asking with the gas that you deserve answers from. pick your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even iran and then each washington finds itself either the odd man out leaving alone or leading from behind in a muddled path is the us simply out of touch or is history in the region merely being on. we speak your language as i think about the war another day in. the music programs in documentaries and spanish more matters to you. a little eternity of angola's stories. here.
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try to call to the spanish to find out more visit. hello welcome to the all t. sport show twenty seven minutes of top sport from russia and around the globe with me. here all the top stories. arabian nights russia held to a one one draw by serbia in a friendly in dubai as fabio capello's men kick start their preparations for next year's world cup. while the red bulls flying as for me no one champion sebastian vettel made a record eight wins in a row russian teenager at danielle that drives the sister team toro rosso for the first time. and short track to sochi korean born speed skater
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picked on a wins gold for russia in the last quarter of flying events before the winter olympics. but first a football and fabio capello's russia began the can down to next year's world cup with a one one draw against serbia in dubai in the first of two international friendlies in five days doesn't budge up off. russia will be heading to their first world cup finals in twelve years after winning their qualifying group with seven wins out of ten but coach fabio capello isn't resting on his laurels ahead of the tournament in brazil however the italian did the rest most of his regular starters in the friendly against serbia including former ski but you get a diesel and the injured strike ali signed the contract off and tested several backup players which gave him food for thought. this is good for me doing this then that the players. played. with the
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national team and. we have been because i can see something new and this is. the target for me to do costs. in contra serbia have just missed out on their first world cup in twelve years but with legendary defender simitian we follow each in the dugout and plenty of up and coming players on the bench the national side i steal a serious threat for any opponent but it was a russia who took the lead on the half hour mark when i'm sure all of strike was buried by lightly mistakenly and we know alexandre simon a bounced on the rebound however just two minutes later forward philip georgevitch head hitting the quizes capellas man up the pace in the second half and striker looks on the court in only joined the squad the day before after losing his passport nice to good scoring opportunities and want only to finish. the.


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