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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EST

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this is why you should care only. ukraine opposition is finding the flames of discontent unhappy with the government's move to crowd integration. president putin made while denies allegations it was russia that blackmailed ukraine into giving up its blonde . instead claiming it's europe that's been applying the pressure. on london rules it's ok to sell weapons to gulf regimes despite the poor human rights records as long as you try hard enough to sell the deals to the public.
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international news live from moscow this is me thanks for joining us. the ukrainian opposition is bearing teeth thrashing present week c.n.n. college with impeachment and falling to bring tens of thousands of people onto the streets by the end of this week all the heart out of the government suspended walk towards a free trade deal with the e.u. and russia joins us now live alex say hi nice to see you so what's going on the way you are as far as we know that the opposition is absolutely furious about the government's move that. indeed some part of the ukrainian society have had a very bitter reaction to the news that the country would not be signing the u.s. or sation deal next week protests have been taking place all over ukraine since last night you're now witnessing one of them a deal of central independence square the place where the orange revolution started exactly nine years ago at some point during last night there are more than three
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thousand people over here right now we can see maybe several hundred but we're expecting the numbers to multiply as working hours finish in kiev but that's of course nowhere near to what i saw nine years ago here at independence square during the orange revolution where literally this whole space behind me was filled with people several hundred thousand here in any case we understand that the protesters they are planning to stage their rallies at least until sunday when the country will officially mark the anniversary of the orange revolution that's when we're expecting more than seventy thousand people to hit the streets no one knows whether those protests will be completely peaceful or may turn violent you would not rule this out in ukraine's case but they also there is a rumor that they're planning to stage protests up until the eastern partnership summit in vilnius on thursday next week that's when ukraine was supposed to sign the association agreement so this is one part of the society infuriated by unocal which is decision the other part which also includes prominent political analysts and speakers in the political sphere they have been saying that ukraine by not
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signing this agreement and. we have in fact dodged a bullet some of these statements some of these comments and emotions i've compiled in my report let's have a look at that. but two months ago it was talented as a done deal on thursday ukraine's government all but completely ruled out that an association agreement with the e.u. would be signed next week instead regarding trade ties with russia and c.i.s. was made the priority in. some stage of ascending to the top and the weather is unfavorable. the one hundred eighty degree turn around comes after months of openly voiced concerns that ukraine's economy would simply collapse if it forms a free trade zone with the e.u. which in turn promised no compensations on potential losses think it is a lucky escape really because i think that this deal was bad news for the ukraine it would be like somebody today going back in time to nine hundred twelve and buying a ticket for the titanic it would have been a national suicide for the ukrainian government to sign this just
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a few days before the move moody's downgraded ukraine's economic index to a breeder fault level that led the government to openly admitting that the already ailing economy was not ready for a leap of faith. we haven't gotten the clear signal from our european neighbors that the losses which we had suffered in the last four months will be compensated by entry new markets and european markets will need to hold the work of a dozen or more enterprises but our country can't afford firing tens of thousands of workers alexy russia ski r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine. are i then and who is a blackmailing who president of lied to me period has addressed and i gave shows that russia forced ukraine into a u.-turn of its integration plans with the. content of has been listening to what the russian leader had to say so hi there lucy claims and counterclaims was indeed did putin have to say that. certainly
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a war of words here in st petersburg now we're actually here to cover the high level economic meeting between turkey and russia the turkish prime minister erdogan is here meeting with president putin they had a joint press conference where the ukraine issued actually did come up in one of the questions mr putin was actually asked about allegations that came out in reports earlier on friday suggesting that the ukrainian president had spoken to his counterpart his lithuanian counterpart in a phone call in a which he brought a moscow pressure on the ukraine to scrap plans for participation in this trade pact here's a mr putin responded to a question about that let's take a listen. i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian counterpart maybe we should all scar american friends about it but they haven't told us anything. now he was of course joking but what he was referencing
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there is the u.s. national security agency spy scandal where the agency had been accused of wiretapping the phone calls of various e.u. leaders on a more serious note however mr putin lashed out at the european union suggesting that it's the e.u. in fact that's blackmailing and pressuring ukraine in regards to this deal let's take a listen. to this it's when i. found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. he wants to review everything. all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure. now mr putin also reiterated russia's readiness to hold a three way talks with the e.u. ukraine over trade on the economy but sticking with the ukraine and the european union mr putin had actually referenced turkey's
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a longstanding bid for membership in the european union which hasn't been successful to date fifty year process he said he turned to to mr erdogan and jokingly basically said that he wanted to get mr erdogan input on this since the country had tried for so long to enter the european union mr aragon had entered that yes this is a fifty year old request in that he wanted to answer with his own request jokingly saying asking for a russia to take shirky into the shanghai organization for cooperation pardon me that's of course the six party. cooperation agency that russia is a part of with several other countries essentially jokingly making a statement about turkey as an inability so far to join the e.u. . and of just did some great reporting by lisa thank you very much indeed we appreciate it. and to talk more on the way ukraine now find themselves after putting their brakes on integration and trying to live my john locke island
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from the institute of democracy and cooperation mr la plante it's great to see so the european foreign policy chief catherine ashton says ukraine's u.-turn is indeed a major disappointment who's the biggest loser here ukraine or the. oh the biggest loser is the e.u. because the e.u. has conceived this association agreement like all the other agreements that it tries to sign with european states as a geo political project very important to understand that in the midst of all these are accusations against russia it's actually the e.u. which sees is for the expansion as a little girl and indeed an ideological project if we saw this back in september when armenia which of course in comparison to ukraine is a tiny country and therefore is most people's real. signed up for the customs union with russia and the other members of the customs union of the of the customs union
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between russia kazakhstan and so on and immediately brussel said that says that any any possibility of it signing an association agreement with the e.u. was off the table so he. made it clear that you either have to sign it you agreement or you have to sign the russian one if you want to stand up when you will be a large one and that's because it has been pursuing now for twenty years. a as i say geopolitical or ideological project of ever for that description and that's what has just hit the rocks today you had better or do you make of president putin statements that state easier blackmailed and pressured ukraine over the trade pact a pact to spell check. if i show you right all the western press are cute linking a male but he's absolutely right what i just about our media he told our media that all chance of signing an agreement with that was off the table as soon as their side of the customs agreement and that message was obviously meant for ukraine we
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have to see this in the context of geopolitical projects it's no coincidence that all of the e.u.'s chief envoys ambassadors and rapporteurs on this ukrainian issue have been polled they have been polish citizens the former president of poland alexander kwasniewski was the special envoy of the e.u. ambassador to kiev is polish this is an old geopolitical dream of poems which is always regarded ukraine as its backyard and you know there's no other way to see this it didn't need to be like this however because this is after all only a trade agreement and where i think ukraine has been very clever and i think one has to give credit to covert chambliss is that he has offered a three way talk a three way discussion a tripartite discussion between the e.u. crain and russia his government has always said it wants to be a bridge between the e.u. and russia and that eminently reasonable proposal has been angry rejected by the e.u. because precisely the geopolitical project consists in forcing russia as far out of
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european affairs as possible yeah and very briefly if it had what this trade deal with the how the ukraine is economy which is of course experiencing hard times right now it would've finished it off it would have been the could give us to an economy which is already very weak and i'm not just saying that out of political reasons anybody who has followed the sad story very sad in some cases catastrophic story of the eastern europe economy economies as i have in the one nine hundred ninety s. and two thousand so i'm thinking especially of countries in the balkans we could countries like bulgaria and romania but now are also countries like greece and cyprus anyone who's followed the history of those countries over the last fifteen or twenty. yes can see how the signature of these agreements and indeed the operation for the signature of them is absolutely catastrophic for an economy because the industries can't stand up to the garbage because even regulation is too costly for these weaker economies and because the actual market is quite simply or
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at least in particular with russia so it would have been something of suicide note ok all right and john laughlin from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris mr naca thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. i report from british m.p.'s has concluded that saudi arabia is not torricelli a bad human rights record is no reason to stop sending billions of dollars in weapons to the kingdom campaigners have accused the government of pandering to a despotic regimes in return for profit laura smith has more now on the controversy of the report. it points out the ethical dilemma of the u.k. having this close relationship with bahrain and saudi arabia who obviously have such poor human rights records but it is the most important thing is that the government finds new ways of selling that relationship to the public essentially explaining its approach to the british public and not necessarily doing anything about those concerns and issues so for example the committee says that there's
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there are concerns about juggling human rights with these lucrative trade deals. recognizes that saudi arabia's role as a key purchaser of arms from the u.k. is quote controversial but it says it all balance there's no point in ending that relationship it wouldn't serve any purpose at all now the campaign against the arms trade is not impressed with that it accuses the foreign affairs committee of providing cover basically for the government says it continues to pander to despicable regimes in the service of arms contracts particularly for the arms manufacturer so basically what this report is doing is recognizing the hypocrisy but not doing anything about it. and the response from the campaign against arms trade. to the groups and media coordinator ok you
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see a man is chairman welcome to our seed nice to see you one of the issues you organization in our house with a report is that the former u.k. ambassador to saudi arabia took part in this preparation why is that a problem. well witness report was or not this committee was a note we are very excited because these select committees of inquiry a very important in the british parliament they have hold the government to account on all sorts of political and economic issues they question all sorts of witnesses and they generally are very independent when you actually have as your special advisor. report on u.k. relations with saudi arabia appointing a former ambassador to saudi arabia inevitably compromises you you've got someone who is a cheerleader for the saudi arabian government on side and that's a huge problem but that isn't the only flora for example it was
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a secret public meeting between the committee some members of the committee and the representative systems who are by far and away the biggest supplier to the saudi arabian government from the u.k. side. the committee said they would have liked the evidence to be public b.h. said no we're not going to give you the surveillance of public so they hold a secret meeting that's just right of course the opinion of arms companies was taken into account here as the report was being prepared but what are any critical voices. yes there were a lot of critical voices campaign against arms trade amnesty international human rights watch all gave evidence home range of groups from bahrain human rights groups democracy groups from bahrain gave evidence because the report was also covering bahrain as well. and fortunately with saudi arabia it's very difficult for
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critics to actually openly criticize so i'm not sure there was very much evidence from there but we did with a range of academic and other experts who knew these countries very well and they gave some very critical evidence one of our problems was a lot of that evidence wasn't published two months and months later it was finally published around june this year but it was a long time after the first set of evidence. right at the committee says the bahraini and saudi monarchy is that making progress on human rights and that such progress must be recognised and encouraged is that at last. well i don't see very much progress in saudi arabia's human rights there may have been a few small things but on the other hand just this year there were people who were publicly executed the reports of torture women who want to just do something as simple and human as drive their own cars being stopped and being arrested and so
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on so i can't see any great human rights improvements there and as for bahrain there have been continuous repression in bahrain just doesn't make the news very much nowadays there are still demonstrations there are still reports of bird shot being fired at protesters killed gasp even used against protesters in football rain as well given the enormous amount of tear gas recently from countries like brazil and south korea so if there actually human rights improvements have been more than outweighed by steps backwards right ok stamina from the campaign against arms trade thank you very much indeed for sharing your perspective with us thank you. you were just doesn't know what to do with its. course between a public dead set against that is shale gas extraction and industry hell bent on it explore the options that are left to brussels that's coming up. and makes
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hopes for a breakthrough deal over iran's atomic and bear shuns as key talks and a third day with world leaders trying to overcome major stumbling blocks that after a very short break. good lumber jury was able to build the needs most sophisticated which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach me. the reason why you should care about you and. this is why you should care what you're only on the r.-g. dot com wealthy british style. but i'd like to go. to.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. this is all see welcome by feel like protesting at a frightening site while it will set you bought five thousand dollars if new us that just lation becomes it or they pay to protest a bill to sale the oil lobby has already been paul's by the house of
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representatives but that's just top of it more now with chicken and washington i hired a guy there so if we get it right so it rates really fine sounds and damas to hold a protest is a correct. right the house of representatives decided that first amendment does not apply wood or oil and gas industries are concerned they passed a bill this week that imposes a five thousand dollars fee for anyone wishing to file for an official protest against the proposed really project there are protests going on across the nation against hydraulic fracking for instance there have been over a thousand documented cases of water contamination next to areas of gas drilling so people are concerned so the same bill that establishes a fine for protesting against drilling would also allow for automatic approval of on shore drilling permits so the house of representatives is doing a huge favor to
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a powerful oil and gas industries here. right the government giving up we're going to. speak what's that about. they did not just pass one legislation they passed another bill this week that would put more authority of hydraulic fracking in the hands of states that way the department of interior would have no authority over what their companies disclose what chemicals they use in the fracking fluid what their water from frack wrecked wells is polluted or whether anyone can request public hearings were guarding fracking permits and permit application it's needless to say that the fracking industry is contributions into congressional campaigns have quadrupled since two thousand and four and these two bills still have to pass the democrat controlled senate even if they pass the president obama has indicated that he would veto the legislation should he get that for all right he's going to check on line from washington d.c.
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thank you very much indeed for that update which will be too late on that thank you . europe however has elected to go in the opposite direction when it comes to the furore aside from forcing fracking companies to file damage reports euro crisis looking at more ways to regulate the industry so why is there so much ill will toward fracking to understand that you've got to know how it works and first of the whole is drilled deep into the earth a cocktail of water and toxins and then punched in to literally dissolve rocks and release gas molecules that's where the trouble begins dangerous toxins some of which are raging are actually of often contaminated local water supplies up to seventy percent of fracking fluids also seep into the soil around the ball remaining hazard for decades there and above ground the process releases vast quantities of greenhouse gases that are all but impossible to keep in check and
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urging lovebird of people the ukase green party tells us subsidies for the fracking industry are a big part of the problem we're looking at governments who are very willing to subsidize fossil fuels to give tax breaks to for so fuels to nuclear energy in a way in which many of them are really reluctant to do that to renewables so i think the risk here is that we go in for something that we think is going to make us more energy self-sufficient but who fucked it's really for the benefit of the big companies for their profit for other people's use and we are still left them with a problem about every view self-sufficiency and we haven't had. to help people at the local level become more energy self-sufficient and to reduce the amount to that they use. the world's political elites have descended on geneva made cautious hopes a deal can be reached with iran over its uranium enrichment program optimism are
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the potential agreement is an evenly divided between the six countries participating in the talks which have now entered that day and also use point of boyko brings as the details right now so clearly is there a feeling a breakthrough can be reached this time around. well where do the negotiations stand right now we know that the top diplomat catherine ashton has said that her talks with her iranian counterpart gerard zarif have been going well the chemistry between them is good and we've had similar note of optimism from russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov he's going to be joining these talks shortly but at the same time we know that a number of stumbling blocks remain here these talks it's become apparent over the past two days now one significant issue is the fact that iran is said to be insisting that its right to enrich uranium is publicly recognized in the agreement
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by the world powers but that's not the only problem we know that these last negotiations that just wrapped up here over ten days ago they folded at the eleventh hour people were ready to put pen to paper everyone seemed to be happy with the times of the deal that had been hammered out but at the last minute fronts reportedly insisted on much tougher conditions to be set out for the arraign ians and that is wards both sides and the iranians are said to be grappling with now we know that one major bone of contention is the iraq heavy water reactor which france has been insisting can't go into operation and we're also aware that iran has been willing to commit to allow weapons inspectors to allow i apologised to allow inspectors from the international atomic agency into the country they've agreed to a vast swathes of the conditions set out for them by the e.u. and the u.s. but they don't seem to be the feeling according to reports that we're getting there
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and seem to be getting much in return for that we know that the u.s. and the e.u. aunt offering to ease sanctions particularly significantly or indeed immediately if a deal is struck the way things stand at the moment sanctions would only be east slightly and off to six months. so iran's wanting to see a bit of leeway on that said to be they want to see an easing of some of the very severe sanctions against that or oil trade and the banking sector moreover at the moment we're talking about potentially hammering out a deal about easing sanctions but over in the u.s. we've got hardliners in congress talking about piling on even more sanctions on iran so i think there's a feeling that they're not getting very much in return for the conditions that they're trying to meet and as i said last time it all fell apart at the eleventh hour because of these much tougher conditions we're going to try and see if they can reconcile them hey it doesn't look like anything's going to be concluded today in these talks look like they're stretching into the weekend now my point all we
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can do is just to wait and see how it's going to pan out that all right he's part of my goal line from geneva probably thank you. as the media puts iran and science once again to iran's deputy foreign minister was interviewed in all she's safe and coach to name at eighteenth century to have teeth about while an hour later weighs the possibility of a deal being struck in geneva this time. and coming out the latest in these matters and innovations they also used to call a trial date that's. our goal is our user is prove this. extra restriction. fix. your posts be aggressive like the straight. government.
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needs to go. do we speak your language anything about the will or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news that will turn it into angles stories. for you here to. enjoy the spanish find out more visit. tito it's calm.
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hello and welcome to technology updates on today's show we learn about the technology that keeps the moscow metro rolling. new serving a modern techniques make waves in the oil industry. and we take a peek through the innovation looking glass in this month's focal point. but first today's technology means that robotic help is no longer yesterday science fiction making many walks of life both easier and safer and this is especially true if this next robotic dream team. brain is overbroad. the world is a dangerous place so robots are frequently used to scout's hot areas and perform tasks to how to speak humans in addition to the classic humanoid design is often since a nature for inspiration this is resulted in myriad weird and wonderful creations but even if we have to go in harm's way a robots will put us back together again if things go wrong however building
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a machine capable of such precision in highly demanding environments still requires a human touch. set up in st petersburg twenty three years ago the occurrence employs around a thousand people it's forged a name for itself as a top supplier of high tech inspection and main. since robots for the nuclear and oil and gas industries the company ships around twenty thousand pieces of equipment to twenty three countries around the world but the applications of these products on just limited to earth day a concert even manufactured components for space ship docking mechanisms and electro mechanical fuel valves for launch vehicles we called so with the company's deputy director to find out more. mission is to ensure complete control over manufacturing processes and high tech product development because we have over three hundred engineers and specialists who from project scope document drafting process.


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