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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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he. was was. was was. i. was was to get to the not and event was a. good surreal kind of intimidation since many years we were in the year old when our first ranging from sin to french french which was my country was this was my belief game so i'll give them everything
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they need and as opposed to let me set because i'm going all day in the face. of the brave but it kind polish man gave us a few hours so that we could escape from ukraine and that was that they could have sent us to prison on that day but they released us and we knew that we had to escape right away the besides the child he was i'm sure and was in twenty four hours we left. that about a passion. that was . thank god was i missed the second take i guess. we'll just did that one have candles as well. that was a grand party see i phone's all over the place this one was already here someone forgot it. we've been living here for two weeks already yes.
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well you can see what condition it's in. the east and yet my ideal of we live exactly where we train so we spend the nights behind shutters on mattresses we hang our clothes on chairs and we have a shower cap and. use just from any normal perspective these conditions are far from perfect to say the least well we reassure ourselves that anything's better than spending time in prison he needs to be a. pretty good guy. in the. court. documents if. you've heard it as something of a crush which was. very. legitimate
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. for me to throw in your building one of those. in the trunk or back to the moments when. i'm a conspirator and i don't want to say anything about myself my name is youngish donovan i'm twenty five years old. he's new to initially there were three of us and i got so alexandra shift and me. in the form of alexandra recruited people she handled always p.r. she worked with the girls a toilet training center. i worked as i were artist. photographs pictures impressions our overall appearance.
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the word the for the first three years who just put on performances at sound point it became clear there wasn't very fresh and we needed something bigger so let's take off our clothes. if. we fight against particular party are called features dictatorship to tell a tarion isn't macho man in politics we protest against the sex industry and the church we're generally against any religion whatever it is. really just. trying. can a guy answer that question later i don't want to answer.
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that you feel when the girls went ahead and cut down the cross because they really let themselves down for good yes there's no i think that if they wanted to go to the west they matter cut down that cross your legs. that. one would come down the cross in what country it was one of the one of the first time when people could be having the discussion about religion and when the. church as a part of what was the site are not here to be numbed by some sometimes of course they say you are great ships war you are i don't know like which is what will burn you.
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up. for a long time we've held no protests or demonstrations in which we could see the reactions of ordinary people. around you but the demo under the slogan one mom one dad there were people from the radical organization save it to those who actually attacked us please. it. was. for me. for most but.
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eventually. i mean i think that i need. to go. a. seminar hysterical and anti-christian their actions go totally unpunished they'd be prosecuted for what they do in any other country they entered a sacred place they did intolerable things but one of them was already got political asylum. the french government supports them completely it's absolutely scandalous so just going to. mention kids smoking
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was. to do a fight in yes in the us ucas just moved to brooklyn. he pleaded guilty in the execution of this and i was there you think i'm going to have your solution with me to what you wanted. to tell. you since you said so was the one the one some of the. few one of those were the words you know we had different ideas that pretty simply climbed the fence and entered the building it was better to get in legally though. but i do know that he. didn't leave that would have been a lot more beautiful and easier to do she's dealing. triplane enough excess money that there's a russian coming out of the. it's
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a very complex section but the scheme takes more preparation and serious self-control we need to prepare the activists and the plan of action was he. like with can't tell you everything. with economic down in the final month they belong to the old shanghai and the rest they meet will be if we.
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if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your heads but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. look right on the scene. first rick. and i were being butchered. on our reporters' twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the know. on the odd. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea and outer space. a leg or a tree left. on r t r g dot com. this is a media lead us so we lead the media by the same motion security place your party has a goal. which is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers
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from. politics only on our team. yes when would they come to talk. ok why. what do
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you want to. be a good. fun. fun. fun. good home. for. to make sure there's a good chance we should put him in the soup was a bit but that's what he did. man you didn't
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point out the magic. in that yet oh. ah yes ah ah. well in the show they founded this movement as a response to feminists actions. i decided to infiltrate their group to be in a position to contract to what femen suggested. the tools and infiltration. it was necessary for us to get insight into how he might end up with such ultimately extreme methods of protest movement that has been what's behind them what do they have to suggest. a very quickly it became quite clear to me who they are. members of the from just a group of girls. who do music they have no phone deshaun that you could call an ideology is
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a bone discussed such nonsense just as. most of all this impressed me actually from in-session was that it was dedicated to the subject of burning dissatisfied flag. and so to weeks after that action they were discussing whether know if they had chosen the right flag. to. put. their studious emulator. teaching you're able to meet tyler sparked controversy in march by posting topless pictures of herself online and investigating magistrate is also considering pressing the charge of disapproving a cemetery which in tunisia could be punished by up to two years in prison.
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i was in the frame for. seventy five. i saw a lot of things us a lot of us saw a lot of. us a lot of one single woman in. a new no answer that was like ok dying that was like the best thing that's going have. we decided to move to tunis because one of the world tunisian activist named i mean i was in jail. just but place and just to listen to you we did to stop this action a. very very very you know. you need team is missing i've been to us
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and you stay to one seen in a very difficult journey to do when you're feeling so easy james in the world thank you say that from tunisia it's not easy at all and we stayed cheerful nine months and one months after we've been released i mean a friend of fame in the shoe is with me. but what i decided to go through. decide it's i quit because. i'm going to new york she had so many dubs him in the but. i'm in the butt hole we take or decision but neither she can save him and she had so many. dubs that she decided to re we can accept those are we of course we felt to be betrayed many of them with the don't like kind of victory. they betrayed me. hiding stuff and doing stuff when i am in the jail like the actions of.
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the actions of a font of the embassy of the prairie and it's like just smushing me i was there like i'll smash. them both gone to me. listen over i am calling this the this is a production i wish you would not be she would not she would not be able to say such a stupid thinking to such important moment when she went out and went when she was already considered a huge symbol for women's liberation in that part of. it . and. we don't hold. it along. very well they. can because. she's.
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the. first. monday. in. the tradition of. eastern ukraine to do so because they think they're going into first and the new protocol took to twitter to do it because she was. you mean. he's good.
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for it. you'll see. how many tests.
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you oh my mother who works as a shop assistant many people went after her and sad we so i like sandra i do you know and she answered through clenched teeth of course how you know if i'm sure she's worried about me every time she asks have you found a french guy when will you get marriage. jackass out. of jail for a really real. bad out. so i'm telling you so we have it for the night we'll talk was all the way he would do it for the same day ok. so you do it for the four nights and we will try to really try you know as a journalist and me as a translator use it for you remember i do when you close it made.
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sure. i do you all are already in the press car in tokyo and all the way. down. there was. still ok did. she say that we discussed the action in the movie in madrid that's our spanish branch in russia so this is a didn't you will both go pulled over the yes there's got and you know it's a little more up serious with this because the bodies are of course. someone's main goal is to earn money. they make under. twenty thousand dollars in somebody's european capitals or sixty thousand in kiev and even forty thousand in some regional. that's the rate that's much more than what the media ever since we live and work in this world we have to find some way just sell our ideas i don't mean it so our actions not in that silly sense of we want salman to be in the ideological
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market like communism socialism or nationalism so we want famine as to be in that ideas marketplace. is always says ok actually we can. get. pretty good but if you just want to be a little bit but. it will do pretty much you could do it you could feel i don't want to change it and i don't feel no shame for anything and i want to come to. understand that the form can change the way i act and. act but i will continue to the moment i can. for the time being i see myself only as feminine i can't even imagine what could
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happen to make me quit. that we won't take up arms and unleash a war against patriarchy that would mean using its methods we certainly won't do that is just the new we're. going to bring more i can say that feminine form to me when the song is actually we change every year for the rest of the topless protest is getting outdated now. we need something new because the rights of men and we need new goals and objectives with said is that we need to be less strong. now for it to start shooting at anyone but as i do i think we'll come to a great revolution i mean female revolution is unavoidable good revolution without violence even more so in a patriarchal wall it can happen was our women being violent we want to see you all over you. know who die hard out us.
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really want to be. like a little bit of it. was . i. when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere and. empty clothes shoes become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. by working in a tobacco field or in
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a cafe or. they are the ones who come back home blasts. so kids games are just in their memories. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world writes never. so picture of today's lives. on designs from around the globe. up to. fifty. again if we you take out your personal example off the government topping your followers and you know you see them later on to me years later you know some governments cannot afford to do that
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not only you know prominent journalism so again some has a state i remember thinking at the time and i discovered all this if there were tapping my phone for this alternate inconsequential summation been tapping into but telephones. back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about what both have in common particularly liking poll numbers for us on this program we will bomb a serving bush's fourth term. please
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. look. please. please. i.
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a victory for diplomacy after days of tense negotiations tehran and six world powers clenched a breakthrough nuclear deal bringing an end to a decade long standoff but divisions remain iranian. enrichment program will continue this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrich but mixed messages what exactly did the sides agree on. this being the war has started. and it's going to be cooling for another six months experts warned that the deals that the language could see all sides interpret the details to suit themselves. in other news police in kiev who use tear gas on a crowd of protesters trying to.


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