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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EST

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if you care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the. historic milestone or historic mistake president obama struggles to find the right words to appease both israel and capitol hill hawks while admitting iran's right to peaceful energy. police and protesters fired tear gas at each other in the ukrainian capital during a second day of unrest over the government pulling back from an e.u. deal. and between oil industry propaganda and environmental panic it's hard to get a grip on fracking so decide for yourself later when we hear from a former oil executive and those forced to abandon their homes because of the controversial fuel extraction.
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broadcasting twenty four seven live from moscow you're watching r.t. . now russia says that reaching a compromise on iran's nuclear program should eliminate any reason for the u.s. to construct an anti missile defense system in eastern europe the american led plan has been a longstanding bone of contention between washington and moscow which sees the shield as a threat to its national security while the u.s. has maintained that it is needed to protect europe from so-called rogue states like iran that could now be a chance for this to speak to be finally resolved with a deal to bring to ron's atomic program under control reports. it's a deal that saluted diplomats for a decade. and as the crucial make or break iran letelier talks continued into the night details of how they were going were leading the journalists camped out in
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geneva so we waited and waited and waited while diplomats from six world powers and iran inched their way closer to an historic breakthrough than after sixteen hours a tweet from the e.u.'s top diplomat a deal had been done. just that the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy business including its right to enrichment under the condition that this program is placed under strict control by the i.a.e.a. the issue. as we received word of the agreement we got details to iran had agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent use u.s. centrifuges while halting construction of a new reactor near the town of iraq. throughout this long list of concessions iran's foreign minister still had a smile on his face and which hand he won for his country
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a partial easing of sanctions allowing tarantula gain control of billions of dollars worth of much needed funds in foreign banks we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a car branch of agreement others have stressed that it wasn't the stress of more punitive measures but diplomacy that won the day over the night in the case of these talks the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there is no evidence that iran's nuclear program is anything but peaceful is something that has been ignored by the western media and western governments but this despite all that iran's real civilians has forced these countries to take steps. in. richmond and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role the geneva accord was the result of the goodwill shown by the six nations iran and the european union and the hard work of the negotiation
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teams iran's new president hassan rouhani is also seen as having played a crucial role in making the deal possible he came to power less than three months ago pledging to improve iran's relations with the west but i don't think that sanctions flayed as much of a role as the recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential this is a.b.c. and the interior remit in the six months time well its powers and do iran are set to return to the negotiating table but after years of failed. the deal signed here in the middle of the night is a game changer what people here can see to me that. whoever it looks like the deal has made life more difficult for president obama while defending the
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administration's yes t.v. concessions he now has to calm down israel as well as hawkish lawmakers who didn't miss their chance to criticize the motion is our washington correspondent jani. today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was cute in geneva. last night in small is sort of agreement. it's a story in state. it's not new a safer place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must
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accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation. mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying curators it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio call the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and quote i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that
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this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already working not too late it's survived the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the coffers it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out we want to run is expected to report to seven billion dollars from the easing of economic sanctions it's a prediction that help global stocks jumped to their best level since two thousand and eight so well to around going north and is sacrifices as a result of the geneva accord katie pilbeam from venture capital goes through the numbers. the country can now get a hold of around seven billion dollars worth of commodities and financial assets we know that sanctions have crippled the country since their introduction so let's
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break down some of these figures as they were a large proportion of these numbers are going to be coming from so the country can resume trade in gold petro chemicals and auto exports and of course this will equate to around one and a half billion dollars although the countries earnings will still be greatly improved to rand's earnings will still be thirty billion dollars less than before the embargoes were originally introduced regarding the financial sector just over four billion dollars worth of offshore funds will be frozen now this is still a tiny fraction of the one hundred billion dollars that will still be inaccessible to iran but it does mean that the country can finally relented the global banking system once again long term or the hope is that the country can drag itself out of recession seventy five million people the iranians are struggling on a daily basis because products are so expensive there we know inflation is at forty
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percent long term twenty thirty years it's all about investment investment into the country has been pretty much nonexistent we know in anticipation of this deal there's already been conversations going on with the global energy companies the european u.s. ones orning to get back into the country where they've been out of it for around thirty years now really make use of those oil assets. well the latest thaw in america's relations with iran hasn't stopped g q magazine from putting the u.s. president in the list of the world's twenty five least influential people the latest edition of crosstalk discusses barack obama's shaky popularity on this program we ask is obama serving bush's fourth term history is not going to judge the presidency of barack obama and george bush in the same light whatsoever i think obama is way worse than bush and i am not a big fan of george w. bush there is no compare and contrast between either president whatsoever this
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side's having a spending problem politico just ran a poll showing forty six percent approval for president bush or you have thirty seven percent for president obama it's quite an irony at this point. i'm arrest is into its second day in ukraine with occasional scuffles breaking out between protesters and police ballance first broke out on sunday but people in kiev have been rallying nonstop since thursday over the government suspending a deal which would give it closer ties with the election is in the ukrainian capital. protesters appear to have set up down camps at european square suggesting that they may still have more time and it's not always as amusing as it is here right now we see clashes between them and the police corruption from time to time with both sides of the police and the protesters using tear gas against each other
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the people here they are strongly opposing the decision by the government to not sign the trade agreement with europe at the moment there are others of course that believe this was a rather problematic decision and rather well decision looking at potential damages which are great but have suffered here since signing this agreement it's easy to see why first of all modernizing the structures at the country would have cost the boat a lot more than one hundred billion dollars something the country cannot afford at the moment but it's a modernized would have led to these factories being closed and tens of thousands finding themselves in the streets not such a good outcome for the country to eat as well as raising the sheriff for electricity heating and gas something the government had to do because to comply with europeans that it's also a very big problem for ukraine at the moment not taking all that into consideration and the fact that europe would not offer any kind of financial compensation but what the actual damages the government decided not to sign especially after the i.m.f. said it would not provide ukraine with another step wise they should loan which would have helped the prime minister of the country in fact said that the country
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doesn't need a help like that one its economy is in danger of completely collapsing the protests continue its hard to say how long that will continue but another interesting twist here is the blackmail like ization in the week some politicians in europe have said that russia blackmailed ukraine out of signing this deal the russian president hit back saying that it is the fact europe which blackmailed ukraine in the course of negotiations standoff continues very interesting to see where it goes and we here in kiev follow all the details and all the developments. of the european commission on the european council have released a joint statement saying the proposal to you crying still stands i think any keys mosco of pressuring he have to signing but as an international cooperation experts say many believe russia's position needs to be hurt it. the european union is paralyzed. some voices in the european union are saying that we don't want to talk
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to russia at the open there are other voices in the germany for example which are saying well the european union should from the very beginning and involve russia in the stocks i think that this is a trilateral agreement between russia the european union crame all kinds of talks starting from zero three to more of an. energy will be key for that over the next couple of weeks and months. and to discover more on why kiev chose to freeze the deal to go to r.t. dot com and there we've got a list of all the financial hurdle standing in the way of the green mint. head for you in the program encouraging figures from the u.k. raise hopes of an economic turnaround but diet is safe falling living standards and wiping inequality mean there's more trouble down the road than a former afghan m.p. explains to the math he is running keeping president karzai strong through his
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final months in office these stories are coming up after a quick break. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand years people came here twenty years ago to reestablish last a life on this island. and people feel the love of christ working. people so you can. come to something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on. right to see. the first strike. and i think that you're.
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on our reporters'. instrument. panel. on. the un has confirmed that a new round of syrian peace talks will take place in the january v.a. mr hammer aims along elysee of pay steel between rebels and the government so cite something that will be discussed in the vatican today where the pope is preparing to host russia's president vladimir putin he will pay skin off isn't right a russian leaders have visited the vatican before but the heads of the vatican have
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never visited moscow since frankly relations have been frosty and perhaps one of the reasons behind all this commotion here now is there's a lot of speculation that the vatican wants to change that not meaning for the pope to go sightseeing to the russian capital but for the two countries to move closer to one another recently pope francis wrote a letter personally thanking president putin for his efforts to try to restore peace in syria russia and the vatican have been calling to protect the rights of christians in the middle east and northern africa following the arab spring so francis and president putin are on the same page on lots of issues they are set to meet later on monday and of course i'll be keeping you updated. well the pope and president putin also share an unusual bond their distaste for shale gas fracking his holiness recently posed with environmental activists reportedly expressing strong concern about u.s. oil giant chevron exploiting shale gas in south america we spoke to
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a formal oil field executive turned anti fracking campaigner who blames an industry bent on profits for pushing harmful technology this is a technology that basically has been proven not to work as the oil industry claims and it has resulted in contamination irrefutable evidence of contamination of water soil and the air and also significant negative health impacts on the population that live above the gas fields what it reflects is the fact that we are dealing with a cowboy industry that is driven by greed and little else and in fact i would simply implore that people do a bit of research for themselves and they look at the damage and the contamination that has been wreaked around the world and basically we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that this does not happen in the u.k. . well artie also spoke to another and the fracking activist who you were was forced to abandon her home when the resulting borehole at paid nearby she told us
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what it's like living near a drilling site i've learned about this industry the hard way i worked for industry first and then moved out to the country and bought my own place and then i experienced the environmental impacts all around me there's the possibility of water contamination water depletion many many horrible air impacts and the traffic in just a huge disturbance noise supply it's been a fitting a very few people the industry and a few large landowners and it's coming at great expense to the people who live on the land. westminster is turning the screws on the scottish independence movement as the date for a new breakaway scotland is a nine should the scots vote to say goodbye to the three hundred year old united kingdom the story is coming up. meanwhile there's hope in britain the
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country's turned a corner and is getting over one of its worst ever financial dramas is too early to start popping the champagne in some quarters there where critics say endemic decline has set in and more leave some struggling for generations nor smith explains so the bank of england's forecasts for economic growth is on the up unemployment down it sounds great but beyond those immediate fake is a darker picture that pretty much all the measures by which we track economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic essentials uniquely this generation of young people is worse educated than their parents and obesity female life expectancy and child mortality among the worst in europe third leading economics commentator jeremy warner says growth is
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good but warns it's unsustainable there's not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy now provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but at the moment it's very little sign and you say that these key indicators say living standards education health these are all on the decline i talked to me about that ever since the crisis began living standards. under a lot of pressure a real wages have been declining we probably see. a ten to fifteen percent erosion in living standards since the crisis because part of six years ago and now it's big it's never happened before. in modern history really. for the first time again in modern history we are seeing a situation where people leaving the workforce and retiring are better educated than the people joining the workforce and that's that is a very worrying phenomenon for the future because any modern economy depends on
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continued growth and learning new skills if your standards of education are declining then your relative income in future relative to the rest of the world is going to decline with it so it's a very worrying phenomenon what does it all adds up to then these underlying economic into cases i mean where are we going what i think. an extreme wakeup call really i mean britain has a lot of things going for it. it's still reckoned to be one of the most open economies in the world it has the biggest global financial center in the world so there are a lot of things going for the u.k. but these underlying trends are very worrying and something needs to be done about them very very urgently warner says the government's doing some of the right things but too gingerly and ultimately unless radical action is taken in those key areas britain's economy is living on borrowed time. in other news
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a planned security pact between the united states and afghanistan looks set to fail with president hamid karzai saying he refuses to sign until after elections next year and this despite afghan tribal elders recommending he ratify the green mint as soon as possible well the deal would allow up to fifteen thousand u.s. soldiers to stay in the country for ten more years they would be authorized to carry out anti terrorist operations and have the right to raid afghan homes and exceptional circumstances plus american forces would be immune to afghan law critics say that despite being challenged on all sides hamad karzai will stand firm until his last day in office half way through next year contrary to the popular belief that prevails in the west that they call a president in his last year or last few months as a live duck president those principles dog apply in
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a poor country like afghanistan where everything is in the hands of the government the people of this country are completely hostage in the hands of a government that has the warlords the guns but mafia is the drug cartel and the corruption so i think governments in poor countries would. hold are never going to experience the same winning these are normal in the west. some international news in brief now clashes between libyan government troops and militiamen in the eastern coastal city of benghazi have left fourteen people dead and dozens more wounded witnesses say explosions could be heard in thick smoke billowed from where the fighting took place the army has declared a state of emergency in the city last week another group opened fire on a crowd in the capital tripoli killing forty protesters. more choppy waters
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between japan and china after tokyo denies beijing's recent expansion of its maritime defense prime minister. says it was an infant and in forcible and violates international law on saturday beijing issued a map of maritime territory which it considers its own including a set of islands in the east china sea disputes with japan. the scottish government has for the first time maine the day will become independent if citizens vote to leave the u.k. next year it's chosen the twenty fourth of march twenty sixth thing to make the perspective split official but the idea is strongly opposed by london which is warning it won't make it easy for scotland to break away tester syria has more. should scotland be an independent country it's a six word question that requires a simple yes or no but breaking a three hundred year old doing it could hardly be simple in the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will
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vote for independence a figure those of the yes camp hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper which a scottish national party says has the answers to all the questions about independence the prime minister david cameron that goes along to the no cabinets is that in the back of this is laden with risks and problems with warnings are just about everything taxes and debt suggests deeper stary and higher taxes e.u. membership london says scotland get forget about it it's. nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges on mobile phones if the split happens evill list goes on it's dubbed project fear by the yes camp and they accuse the government of scare mongering scots into voting no and they'd sist the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters cameron argued that an
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independent scotland will have to negotiate in the future for the things that it has right now a london is signaling that it won't be making it easy for the crux of the matter goes back to economics a recent poll found out that if independents made the five hundred pounds richer more than half the spots were growth rate reporting from london i'm tess are cilia . more news for me in about half an hour's time up next though it's quite with the sport. when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere. empty closed rooms become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. by working in a tobacco field or in a cafe. they are the ones who come back home blasts. so his games are just in their memories.
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but all told him a language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports to the players to the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say it's ok because all the talking. they do no more weasel words when you vade a direct question be prepared for a change when you have to punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech and a little down to freedom to cost. hello welcome to the all team sport show another half an hour of top sporting action from
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russia and around the globe with me kate partridge and here's just a taste. captain marvel skipper christiane iran although grabs a hat trick as portugal qualify for the world cup finals with a thrilling playoff win against locks on to the cheers sweden. while but next emperors fight as early bogdanoff and vitali like call of triumph in the u.f.c. and ballots through as russia looks to produce a new generation of m.m.a. stars. rolling in the deep the olympic flame plunges into the world's deepest lake baikal as the record long relay continues ahead of the soft cheese winter olympics. but let's get the ball rolling with football off to christiane hour now those hat trick eclipsed a brace by his lights on either him of it as portugal beat sweden three two in stockholm and four two one aggregate to qualify for next year's world cup in brazil
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portugal were one of the up after the home leg of the playoffs prior to see a late tomorrow strike and after a cagey first talk to the swedish capital the captain again broke the deadlock soon after the restart but opposing skipper abraham of it headed home the equaliser from a sixty seventh minute corner before blasting in a free kick just minutes later to get the capacity crowd on their feet yet we're now there responded with two more goals in as many minutes to send portugal to their full straight world cup finals as the twenty eight year old also equaled power that to his record of forty seven international goals well the rate of each was magnanimous in defeat. that was a bit too busy to. think we did of those things where they were we had over. and they were. well meanwhile former champions france became the first european team to overcome a two nil first leg deficit after beating ten minute crane's three nil in paris
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goes through to their fifth consecutive finals three two on aggregate mamadou sakho scored his first international goal midway through the first half before a side cut in ben's a not made it to know after certain four minutes then it was a second tough to forget for ukraine right after the break yet again pressure if you were sent off and the eighteen minutes to go on if you so netted an own goal to ensure it was world cup we have to be number four the ukraine. well meanwhile russia were already guaranteed their place in brazil after picking portugal to win the qualifying group and fabio capello's men are now looking ahead to next month's world cup draw as they unveiled their new kit fifty fish showpiece tournament is confident but out of reports on disobedient for the opening he go for it next summer's world cup finals in brazil is growing and as soon as the braves were over and all thirty two competing teams decided.


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