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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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broadway debut in the romantic comedy first state for now have a great night. wealthy british style. time right. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. show there i marinated in this is boom box and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up iran is open for business at least slightly and at
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least for the next six months we'll tell you about the groundbreaking deal designed to curb iran's nuclear program and the implications it sobbing on the markets and also trying predict are gerald celente joins me later on in the show discussing iran and policy war pretty much anything else you can think of will have it all and finally in today's big deal rachel courteous and i discuss life and death and everything in between it's a loaded one for sure and you won't want to miss that and it all starts right now. our lead story today iran now a landmark agreement between iran and six other world powers was reached over the
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weekend in geneva the deal is designed to curb iran's nukes. their program while staving off harsh new trade sanctions for the country now the in term six month deal temporarily freezes iran's nuclear weapons production however u.s. secretary of state john kerry acknowledged that enforcing the agreement may be more difficult than it was to reach it in the first place a groundbreaking deal halts iran's most sensitive nuclear activities while providing some relief to the country's crippling trade sanctions however it does not allow the opec member to boost oil sales for six months the deal prompted oil prices to fall and world equity markets to rise on monday as investors priced in an easing of mideast political tensions and the lift that those could provide to the global economy elsewhere a measure that would have gone further than any other developed nation to limit the compensation of banking executives was rejected by voters in switzerland over the weekend now the proposal to limit executive pay to twelve times that of
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a junior employee was opposed by sixty five percent of swiss voters now switzerland a traditionally pro business country is home to five of europe's top paid c.e.o.'s however opposition to excessive executive pay increase after the government bailed out u.b.s. switzerland's largest bank in two thousand and eight in march swiss voters approved the so-called fat cat initiative that gave company shareholders a binding vote on managers' pay and blocked severance packages. and finally a money spent on one's education is always a solid investment so why not use some of those also returns you've been seeing on your bitcoins speculation and pay for college well now you can seriously sobers university and now is the big point is now an acceptable form of to wish in payment and not only will the country's largest university accept the virtual money it also is offering a master's degree in digital currency now the senior vice rector at the university
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said quote while digital currency is a relatively new concept currency is one of the oldest human inventions after needing a bailout from the european union cypriot economy is still recovering and the university is encouraging its government to turn the country into a big coin hub well there you have it but we're tracking these stories and keeping you posted on all the latest. now as we mentioned before the nuclear agreement reached with iran this past week and gives the country relief from certain sanctions this relief includes an easy on a variety of rules but the deal has a larger implications for geopolitics and foreign relations here to discuss is none other than cheryl the trend forecaster and publisher of the trends journal jerrold
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thank you for being with us here today now to start what are your thoughts on this nuclear deal with iran and how do you see it playing out. well my thoughts are that this is probably the biggest achievement of the obama administration i mean it's great for it's great for the economy and it's wonderful for peace what took me erin is that as i'm watching this sun fold is going through the media and looking at the type of coverage it's gotten i think it's a huge deal but if you pick up the new york times today it's over on the right hand column and it's very nebulous long term deal with iran faces big challenge if you go on the websites and you go to usa today for example by mid day it wasn't even listed among the top stories if you go to yahoo the same thing so it's being downplayed in america and i believe it's being downplayed because if you read
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between the law i is going to be a lot of challenges coming from congress to derail this plan also i believe it's great for the economy it's a very positive development for the obama administration particularly in light of the disaster is obama cayle launch and the other failures before him but it doesn't seem to be playing that big even look at the stock market in the states in ended just about flat today now even that big deal does not allow iran to biggest oil sales first six months do you see this drastically changing the energy landscape in the months to come. absolutely because you could see the softness in oil prices just over the last several months and there's more supply than demand in a lot of that supply has been held up coming out of iran and also that could also be one of the major reasons why you have to talk about saudi arabia
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a widening with israel to stop iran from doing this this peace deal be. because it may mean more pressure on the opec states in terms of low oil prices but what's interesting to me about this is is the geo politically quezon is the economic part of it and you know it's all about the bottom wall and i think that's why despite the pressure coming out of israel with prime minister netanyahu going on endlessly about what a bad deal this is making the rounds on american media at will talking down this deal the pressure coming from congress on obama not to go through with this deal it really comes down to money and it's a money issue in the sense that the money that's going into oil into your gas tank is not going into retailers scarce registers and the economy in the united
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states is very weak so this is a bonus for the economy and i think that's why the administration put this head of israel's concerns that's an interesting take now in this year is that your edition of the winter trends journal you focus heavily on the potential for war in two thousand and thirteen this very year now in in this edition of the journal you write quote i want to read this out loud i provide an original derren impractical peace plan that will not only bring peace but also help put the us on the path to prosperity now is this agreement the ironic. a step towards peace can you expand on your peace plan. well yes in the sense that look you know the jazz fan you listen to these old jazz songs during the one nine hundred forty s. you know we're going to get these dirty little jabs and you. listen to the ones
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about hitler and and on and on and now who are our biggest allies i grew up during the vietnam war look what's going on with trade between the united states and vietnam so why this hatred that keeps going on between the united states and iran you know people only have a one dimensional view you know quickly this is how i became a trend forecaster and a political atheist is to be in washington and jimmy carter came back on new year's eve from the day after new years do years day after spending new year's eve with the shah and his wife and he announced to the american people that the shah was the island of stability in the middle east and of course that's when i started investing in gold in oil because i looked at the implications but americans only remember the hostage take over they have no concept of america and the and the u.k. overthrowing the democratically elected government of most the degen one nine
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hundred fifty three what i'm saying aaron is if this is history it's past it wasn't a lot of blood shed over this one it's time to move on and as i said the business of the world is business it's all about the bottom line and the iranian deal is a great bottom line deal for america which isn't doing so great economically now speaking of america i'd like to talk to you about your upcoming trends journal coming out in december next month what's your outlook for two thousand and fourteen and what is your next big prediction. the big one is with tapering and that is we believe they're going to have to do it at some point you just can't keep pumping this money into the system and they going to wait till after the christmas holidays they're not going to jeopardize their going crazy stock market just before the biggest retail season of the year i believe they're going to do it in january when they do it interest rates are going to go up despite they're trying to do
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everything to keep them down look at the data just coming out in the last few days new home sales pending home sales are way off they have to keep interest rates low this is that interest rate recovery if they start to taper interest rates go up the economy goes down and when interest rates go up the bond bubble explodes that's what we're concerned about the most and we're looking again there are wild card see can never of forecast this directly because again iran right now is the wildcard that may be an economic boost or absent of some big boost we see some very bad times economically coming around march. now i want to pivot a little here you mentioned the jazz age before and then your most recent journal you draw a lot of parallels between twenty thirteen and the one nine hundred thirty s. in terms of an uplifted mood and you have the crash of twenty nine which was followed by the one nine hundred thirty s.
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great depression followed by currency wars then trade wars then world war two and you wrote quote actually back then no matter what their leaders said or promised the public felt in their bones that the economy would not soon proven that a war was on the horizon in the mood for uplift they turned to swing and dance their troubles away now i got to ask you mr sunday do you honestly think of the majority of americans are doing that today kind of dancing their troubles away oh no no this is. you know i just let this past weekend i went to see the new orleans preservation of wall jazz it up here in woodstock. and i remember the old days when you went to woodstock and you could go out at night after the after the band play it's pig patrols everywhere you can't go anywhere without being watched there's no fun ville there you cannot have a good time anymore if you're if you're life simply that is why it is out if you
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didn't put your signal on if you going seven miles over the limit they are clamping down on the people at levels like i've never seen before i wanted to go out if this seeing this great jazz band you would stop was closed down so no they're not swinging their lives away but what we're saying is trend forecast is it's the end to tame industry had that much of sensibility and sensitivity this is what they would be producing instead of these bieber is in. my wrist miley cyrus sticking her tongue out very get out they were in sharon jerrold i'm sorry we have to go to a quick break but stick with us because i want to hear more about this and i actually agree about the miley cyrus part now coming up think too big to fail banks should be broken up well how about too big to fail countries with jurong about why
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the us might just be too big to govern and also. what can divorce rates tell us about the economy even more than you might expect rachel and i discussed marriage and moment as an economic indicator in today's big deal and as we head to a quick break here's a look at some of today's closing numbers come back. lives they lead very hard to make a pledge to get along here there's a clock that salim's up her. live
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play. lists live.
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and we're back with more from trends forecaster gerald cilento now before the break we were discussing geopolitics the parallels between the one nine hundred thirty s. and today but now it's time to delve a little deeper into the fed now i got to start off by asking in general in this segment another pair all the parallel that has been made between the one nine hundred thirty s. and today is the fed's involvement in shaping the bubble now in the past you referred to the federal reserve as a banking cartel and with last week's appointment of janet yellen as chairwoman of the fed do you believe this changes anything at all and if so how serious is the thing is this a new face saving the same song with a different voice now i mean she says there is that you know following orders doing what they do you not going to see any changes at all they're really in a quandary they don't know what to do erin what's going on is on that day not only for the fed but for all of the central banks let's be honest about this and look at
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the facts the only reason china is going going through what it's going through is they're dumping trillions the yuan into their system to keep it going look what's going on now with the e.c.b. the european central bank they're going to get a negative interest rates you can't make this up look what the fed has done with quantitative easing who ever heard of this term before this is all uncharted territory the only people that's helping all the financial markets they cannot stop doing it if they don't do quantitative easing gary they will come up with a new scheme dreamed of that's going to be another way of juicing the economy with cheap money. now speaking of quantitative easing it's recently been reported that policymakers have discussed creating a program to buy short term treasury securities and in order to keep year old's low
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even after q e three taper do you see the possibility of a smooth exit plan for the fed from quantitative easing and basically how much longer can rates stay this low you know i'm sure you have an opinion on this one if they can't get out of it if the money doesn't flow into the system the system fails look again just look at what's going on with interest rates you heard ben bernanke the list weeks a year that people could buy automobiles there's like a car dealer now and i love it listen you want is zero percent interest rate to buy a car tell you why you don't even need any income verification you having trouble getting one answer one of those ads on t.v. that tell you they'll get you one even if you don't have a job it's another version of that housing bubble to thank cannot get out of this the economy should have declined back in two thousand and nine and two thousand and
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ten but they've been pumping tens of trillions of dollars into the system to keep it up and by the way this is not capitalism in capitalism they don't have four words too big to fail that doesn't exist in capitalism you know bodies too big to fail actually it's the merger of state and corporate power is better defined by someone who knew the term really well mussolini it's called fascism and that's what's going on it's a corporate takeover of the government it's in front of everyone's lives they cannot get out of this they're going to have to keep interest rates low they'll come up with any scheme they can but in the meantime it's devaluing the currency now speaking of holding interest. it's an arbitrary position the central bank has said that it will hold benchmark interest rates near zero at least as long as unemployment remains above six point five percent and the outlook for inflation is
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no more than two point five do you think that these are wires are just arbitrary numbers that the fed is targeting everything look go back to the fed minutes go back five years ago they're there for everybody to read every one of them called it wrong not one of them saw a recession coming you heard from ben bernanke is saying is that have been such a thing as the national real estate decline since the great depression he didn't see the mortgage problem as being one there is nothing they yellin or any of them called anything right of course these are guesses and by the way we can see low inflation you can see deflationary period but what's also happening is the currency is being devalued so it's inflation in a very different way that's what happened by the way during the great depression they made people turn in their gold the dollar was pegged to gold at twenty two
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dollars at that was twenty dollars and sixty two cents an ounce as to your they call the bank holiday you had to sell back your gold dollars back to gold after they stole everybody's gold will they sold it back to the fed at twenty dollars and sixty two cents an ounce what they did was they repaid the price of gold to thirty five dollars an ounce while inflation didn't go up but guess what your purchasing power would decline by about seventy percent so that's what you're seeing happening now a lot of economists and investors and trend predictors like yourself they're talking about present day currency wars can you tell us what your views are on the subject of currency wars. well that going on you know first you had which of that's the other issue by the way to tapering all of this cheap money that's what built the emerging markets up because the cheap money went to these hot markets where you had the currency trades so that's stopping it's the tapering stops all these emerging
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markets start going down so what are they being forced to do right now well in india they're in terrible shape but the rupee is going through the floor so now they're being forced to raise interest rates to protect their currency it's a currency war look what's going on in japan they're trying to devalue their currency the yen so their exports could sell more stuff go back to the depression it was a currency war that went on you heard it coming from men take the finance minister of brazil there's a currency war going on and again my greatest fear by the way is war when all else fails they take you to war people have a very short memory just what a couple of months ago president obama was bombs away over syria like that they're ready to go so if there's a false flag or real attack in the united states the whole game changes those yellow flags those yellow ribbons will be wrapped around everything that's not
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moving and all those made in china american flags will be flying again they'll go to war in an instant and that's how governments get people's minds off bad economic problems history tells us that over and over again carol thank you so much for your time that was gerald celente a publisher of the trends journal time now for today's big deal. rachel curtis is joins me now to discuss life and death and everything in between fun things like divorce. first up the cost of divorce and no i'm not just talking about the emotional cost or the physical costs both of which are in perfect display in the film but war oh but the roses check it out when i look at you lately i just
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want to smash your face and smash my feet. i want to divorce. you can't have one. when it comes to keeping score the winning is only degrees of losing i am the one who found this house i bought. with my money a lot of that is about you tony but you might not have a great enough for me so we take. does not look like fun but nothing like a little money to spice things up right now here we go ballpark figures for a straightforward divorce is at least five thousand dollars per person and that's mostly due to the cost of legal counsel however if child custody is involved in anyway then be cost per person doubles about ten thousand bucks apiece and if there's a business in the mix through the price it keeps going up now this is for so many couples in today's economy can we really afford
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a divorce rachel because of the expense could rising divorce rates potentially signal a kind of an economic recovery divorce rates go up the economy is doing better no i think it is a good economic indicator in the same way we're as we're seeing record numbers of children and not children excuse me twenty year olds seeking if their parents house shows that the economy isn't doing very well in the same ways we can imagine couples choosing to stay together even though they're not happy rather than you know establish their own. i think that that is a pretty good thing because i mean not only does it cost money every month for rent not only does it cost to have a lawyer or anything like that i mean imagine having to establish your own home you know. exactly and you don't have the wedding gifts to get the new blender you're going to need to buy it yourself but it also brings up the question of when when boom times are around people just get along better you know maybe and maybe yeah i mean i think that that's an that's an interesting point as well maybe there's more to fight about you know of a great philosopher of our time when said problem i'm not exactly sure if that
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works but i do think that people who are unhappy are more likely to stay together just because they can't actually deal with the divorce at the time and i think that that's a very good economic indicator you know this is crazy to check this out for those who want to take a different approach the i split divorce up five bucks for the let's couples divide and liabilities and there i was there i don't know maybe a more economical way to organize a divorce but it's. certainly doesn't take care of the major expenses think so do you see any market potential here for divorce products at least those that take and make the process cheaper which is usually good say the couple only has one i pad my parents split an i pad who would get the i pad and then be able to take over it was the choices so you know again if if a couple splitting up and losing everything i mean i think that apps like that are exciting for people because as we said the cost of legal counsel for divorce is
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sometimes prohibitive for couples but i think that they'd all just goes back to maybe you need to get a prenup i know it's in his little gauche but it's it helps in these times of need it's like people used to think that life insurance was tacky but guess what we all die and fifty percent of us get divorced too speaking of death this is a fun way to end this fun segment. on a dot info it's a social network site for the day just launched last month and the website is for relatives to report of preserve information of those who have passed away could this catch on do you think this site is it going to see this on facebook right people have memorial pages as well as a dead person's facebook often becomes a memorial to them so i think that this could already work i mean i looked at this site it's a little prettier and a little bit more community based right it's like the actual graveyard and you can visit the tombstone of your relative and it seems like others as well it's kind of more like a message board with better graphic this paperless post. exact nothing wrong with you but just a little more and all right well that i was going to talk about this for
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a long time but that's all the time we have for now however you can see all segments featured in today's show on you tube you tube dot com slash boom bust r.t. we also love hearing from you so please check out our facebook page at facebook dot com slash boom bust archie from all of us here at boom bust thank you for watching the x. time but i. play . play. play. play play. lead.
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