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brown on a journey for the soul. only. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from. president. pointing the finger at russia of ukraine's decision to call for an integration deal with the e.u. . this is probably european anger erupts for a third day across ukraine well economists say the deal with only a day put kids economic troubles plus. damaging. to many people into scotland life would be better outside the u.k. readying the ground for next year's independence vote and. this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place it will make our partners in the region safer israel
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sticks to its guns and sends a top security aide now to washington to get on the nuclear deal with iran as world powers applaud the diplomatic effort made in geneva. good morning if you just joined us it's kevin owen here just after midnight now in moscow this is r.t. international russia's president to surge two european politicians to avoid blaming moscow for ukraine's reluctance to move closer to the e.u. the president spoke to reporters alongside the italian prime minister interest you can offer is listening. president putin is on an official visit to italy accompanied by a massive delegation eleven ministers five airplanes certain so on but it wasn't only bilateral ties and joint economic projects that the two sides were discussing but also ukraine's recent days recent decision to put on a halt its plans for
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a free trade zone with europe and that decision did cause and spark accusations from europe that it was made under pressure from russia and the president did comment on the situation in his own as usual straightforward unique style it was that. if we keep our free trade with kiev and this deal comes through we have every reason to believe that goods from the e.u. will go directly into the russian market but via ukraine evolution european made or marked as ukrainian and that poses a huge threat to our economy that's why i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us salute the president also added that unemployment in some grouping in countries has reached forty percent while in russia the average level is just over five percent
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so ukraine joining the free trade zone with the european union could have potentially severe consequences for the russian economy at the same time mr putin asked to start over the sizing the whole issue and supported the idea of voiced previously by the ukrainian leader to hold negotiations which would include all three sides of the european union ukraine and russia. meanwhile ukraine's parliament building remains besieged by protesters angry at their leaders rejection of the so-called association agreement with the european union. for r.t. if it's protesting again we could see it probably about twenty twenty five thousand people at the european square pretty much the same amount as last night and so far it's. been peaceful but we can never rule out that it may turn violent last night a minor provocation a minor incident led to a rather big brawl with the police with tear gas being used that was the thick of it i took pictures and videos with my with my camera store fire has been peaceful we'll have to see where it goes from here because in
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a roller coaster ride which is ukrainian politics we can never rule out anything violent in even you cannot rule out the fact that ukraine may still sign the association agreement with the e.u. on friday in vilnius it pretty much is still an uncertain story despite the assurances by the government the prime minister today reaffirmed that it would not be signed and it's easy to see why the economy is ailing the u. turn may have stunned a few people but it's no surprise to some of those that the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering one hundred thirty six billion dollars it would have cost at least another hundred billion dollars to modernize factories to e.u. standards not all can so closures would see tens of thousands of people unemployed it risky it cannot afford especially since the e.u. made it clear no immediate compensation then a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone ukraine is no affording it economy the
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g.d.p. . is down one point five percent in interest and thirteen destro production is down five percent the interest rate suctioning investment so what we are looking at is a real recession for the country when you think get the opinion but if. there's a medical term fatal trauma that's what signing this deal would become for ukraine it's not a political for the state to function normally it would lead to the closing of tens of thousands of factories and businesses millions of jobs would be cut this deal would send the ukrainian economy spiraling into total collapse. it would effectively paralyze the state so the fact that there are ten camps right now at european square suggests that protesters will stay here for a while probably it until the end of this summit in vilnius of course we watching the situation will update our viewers with all the latest details as we get there.
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what kind of country would an independent scotland become if its citizens were to say yes to breaking away from the u.k. in a referendum next september big question well the scottish government's trying to answer that of the so-called white paper released to suicide has been trolling through the nearly seven hundred page document. this white paper answers some six hundred fifty questions and the details here really are key there are two main categories here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another of those will be made if an independent scottish government is indeed formed they promise indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue to listen to a bit of what they said that today we would also call a halt to damaging which mr policies are pushing soo many people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the speed keep peace with the course of living going in to this white paper there were a lot of sticking points that were debated heatedly by both sides those pro and
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against the independence first of all there's a question of currency scotland wants to keep the sterling pound and form a union a currency union with the u.k. but westminster has been adamant that this is not guaranteed and in fact is highly unlikely and another issue is that of taxes today alex salmond had insisted that there won't be need to raise taxes and that first of all scotland will be in a better fiscal position at the u.k. but this is against one of the new studies that have come out there saying that there will be a long term fiscal difficulty for scotland if it becomes independent and there's also the question of who is going to be controlling the oil reserves there is definitely bound to be dispute between westminster and scotland if it does become independent again alex salmond insisting that he doesn't want any of the nuclear weapons programs in the country they will maintain some of the more conventional defenses and now the list goes on but i think the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be
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presenting the plan b. because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in negotiation what if the part of the bag of england that the british government or even new member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has has been proposing but he said that he is confident that everything that's contained in six hundred seventy pages will be addressing every single question if anything at this white paper is going to be a springboard for even more debates in the months to come. but despite all the scottish national party m.p. angus macneil told me the white paper sends a very positive message to the nation it really is an amazing amount of information that has been put in that and yes i think people do have the information to make the choice people are being inspired in scotland the reaction is that there are people already who has felt that they were on the fence or perhaps siding towards no who've had the positive messages to do judy have seen or know that there's a level of detail there that i was level of detail that is accessible to them and
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there's of course we know that people who who do have some back and informational independents are more likely to support it no this white paper is only going to increase the movement in the gap in the polls is only nine percent at the moment that's less than a five percent swing referendums of this kind o. usually have bigger swings towards the end and we're very very optimistic on the usa that is the people of scotland will indeed make the right choice. for sunday's diplomatic breakthrough of the international nuclear negotiations with the rams failed to come the country's harshest critic israel's prime minister's a side of the center now his top security advisor to washington his job will be to persuade president obama not to agree to a final accord with to iran which could be sealed in six months time on his policy investigates next why israel isn't ready to crack open the champagne israel's leaders are lining up to lambaste the man nuclear deal taking a cue from the commander this first step could very well be the last the country's
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foreign minister val's the world is now closer to a nuclear arms race while the economic chief warns a nuclear suitcase could detonate in new york or madrid five years from now the supreme and has moved the world a much more dangerous place. but that world is hating the deal with iran as historic it will make our partners in the region safer. it will make our ally israel safer while television threatening to isolate itself even further so the euro is not bob by this very valley it retains the white to act and yet for all the frustration there is one more hope for israeli politicians to use the next six months before a final deal is drafted to their advantage i suspect they're going to be continuously saying that iran is not keeping its commitments i'm sure they're going to be in close touch with. united states friends than anybody
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any of the countries continuously pressing israel's demands for what should be in that final agreement but with the pressure on israel it's the only country in the middle east that has not and does not intend to sign a nuclear nonproliferation treaty if you want to avoid. a nuclear weapon for iran we have to be part of a nuclear free zone that's very simple even iran's president hassan rouhani has called on israel to join the treaty positioning himself as a major peacekeeper in the attempt to denuclearize the region never threaten israel with nuclear weapons on the contrary. a third iran military outcome can be. if a nuclear free middle east initiative was ever to work it's estimated israel would need to get rid of anywhere between seventy five and four hundred nuclear warheads israel is not going to agree even to talk about the iranian bomb in the context of
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day nuclearization that's the last thing that israel wants to have in the equation . and for a country that has never officially admitted to possessing nuclear arms getting her to destroy them might be the most difficult deal the world has yet to secure policy r.t. television. now the israeli prime minister's assistance to this country doesn't have to go along with this deals got short shrift from britain's top diplomat william hague has won by the minute no against undermining what was achieved in geneva of course we would discourage anybody in the world including israel from taking any steps that would undermine this agreement and we will make that very clear to all concerned it's also very important to explain to them to ask them what the alternative to this agreement would be because the alternatives would involve getting into nuclear weapons threshold capability or having a nuclear weapon or a conflict with iran or all of those. hardline stance on the run would he get much
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support at home his refusal to budge reactions in israel's media is take a look some commentators suggest his harsh words were prompted by a sense of personal failure in the international arena the city was behaving badly at the international arena the liberal newspaper question the prime minister's diplomacy as well calling it in your face bellyache perspective on this now from put in an activist from the international action center he joins us live from new york other colors. that seem desperate to prevent this deal from materializing get an agreement was reached what is next step now than you think what we're seeing is israel playing the role it's always played israel was created in one nine hundred forty eight after the second world war when many countries throughout the middle east were establishing national liberation and and independence independent economic development and at that time israel was created
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as an outpost of western colonialism and imperialism to prevent countries in the middle east for i'm a stab wishing their independence and so their hostility toward iran is based on the fact that iran has set out since nine hundred seventy nine since it's heroic revolution has set out on a course of independent economic development not relying on the western bankers and imperialists but really a path of self-reliance serving the people of iran that's not the bankers on wall street and that's the path that they have played in this hostility this fear mongering from iran this fear mongering from russia from from israel this is this is disgusting i mean iran has made clear they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons whatsoever they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons but yet they get this fear mongering this talk of you know the words coming out of netanyahu they're very frightening and it shows that unlike the people of the world the israeli government is not committed to peace with relations between about. how much an uphill struggle it is not you know going to have trying to convince washington not to endorse some sort of deal in six months time to think.
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well the people of the world want peace they want they want cooperation between countries they don't want hostility and war and if netanyahu continues to be committed to this aggression to this hostility he's going to going to be further isolated around the world because what he wants is diametrically opposed to what the people the world are striving for at this time the flip side to this is is washington going to lose some of its grip some of its power when it comes to israeli palestinian negotiations and in the future do you think well the the israeli government has always represented the most right wing sections of western finance capital of bankers and imperialists and they will continue to do that and while we're seeing maybe you know while netanyahu has been making these statements you know he works for the west he works for the imperialists and he will always continue to do that that's what the role of the israeli government is always played it is an outpost of western colonialism attacking the people of the middle east and that's the role it plays in it it sees iran as
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a threat because of iran's independence its independent economic development its refusal to follow the orders of the western imperialists or about to run question that israel will quote defend itself with its own forces what does it mean by that is it actually capable of talking around in a meaningful way. well i mean these words coming from netanyahu are disgusting i mean really if flows from the fact the is really the israeli state i mean it it bases itself on the racist ideology of zionism which views the people the middle east the arab peoples as subhuman i mean this is outrageous when israel has stockpiles stockpiles of nuclear weapons yet they're afraid of iran developing peaceful nuclear energy i mean this is this hypocrisy that flows through everything is really really disgusting and it really shows the nature of the israeli regime. how does it go to affect its relations with the rest of the world the greater degree seals and suppose the great. annoyance is going to
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cause to other members of the world rather world especially of course if you think egypt's sinai peninsula will told syria is amiss millets and talking about the potential of it it's got a lot of enemies is what is going to get. well there are a whole network of countries all around the world with different religions different ideologies different economic systems but they're all pulling together to oppose the will of wall street and the domination by the financial centers in london and oppose the will of the western bankers in the imperialists and whether it you know it's china russia iran venezuela cuba these countries are coming together and standing against the power of western banking financial institutions standing against imperialism and this is a development that is a very much a threat to the order the old order of power where a few super rich countries dominate the world things are changing and i think the fact that that there isn't these negotiations are going on the fact that a deal has been reached is a positive sign it shows that the the old way of doing things is changing and that the world is being reset up in
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a way that while you're on the one just fifteen seconds your personal full support of this deal this radio deal well i think it's a step in the right direction it shows the people of the world want peace they want to go she ation they want trade between countries they want equality and if israel is opposed that shows what israel is really all about. the international action center thank you new york. the syrian opposition is making life difficult for those trying to find a diplomatic end to the conflict in the country we go to live in houses about that too right after this break. with. technology innovation. developments around. the future covered.
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with economic downturn in the final. days. and the rest. will be.
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in the libyan city of benghazi an islamist militias throwing to unleash a bloodbath in defense of sharia law the group came under attack from government troops at least nine people were killed dozens were wounded in the clashes it's the latest crackdown on militias which have been ordered to disband or join the army local journalist karim analogy reports from tripoli. over forty people were killed and more than two hundred injured at a rally last week in tripoli as protesters clashed with the militias a to control of a number of government buildings the gunmen gave into the demands of the libyan authorities and left tripoli but refused to lay down arms reportedly natives of the city of misrata they were among the first to seek to remove the gaddafi regime in general the security situation in libya remains unstable believe me as deputy intelligence chief more stuff i know are recently kidnapped outside tripoli's international airport. where the libyan government's been unable to control the militias who help propel it when they overthrew and killed while we get their food they're up to
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seven hundred armed groups active across the country with no central leadership or unified agenda meantime some four hundred arms depots have appeared through libya only a fraction of controlled by the government these caches contain some advanced weaponry thousands of anti aircraft missiles reportedly go missing cause in the wrong hands the worry is they could bring the larger aircraft including passenger planes some analysts say the libyan government lacks the means to deal with the mounting security threat. they can't seem to get them to disarm at all the militias are keeping their weapons and they're defying the government i mean let's let's look at the kidnapping of the prime minister that was a clear statement by the militias that they they can they can do as they want as well as the recent kidnapping case of the deputy chief of intelligence use of thought that intelligence at least would have had some information about this before it happened but obviously not there's nothing they can do about it because
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the central government cannot rule beyond the hotel lobby room hotel lobby that the prime minister stays in. the armed wing of the syrian opposition will not respect the upcoming international talks to end the conflict in the country as according to the commander of the free syrian army you said his forces will continue their campaign to oust president assad even during january peace conference in geneva let's get some reaction now from syrian political activism a worker for joining us on the line evening to you and the radical opposition factions have already shown the geneva pace talks now even the more moderate forces said they'll do the same so who will the rebel diplomats be representing in geneva . i don't think there is going to be much you know representation of the fighting groups on the ground and that will render or that would render the geneva conference if it ever takes place really a useless or a no no and no go in a sense it's a bit of a complex situation and in order to understand it we need to consider the concept
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of the shooting mysie that comes from representation now the government is one of the only two factions who can claim to represent if part of the syrian people there are millions of syrians who stuck with the government and the who are both doing their business from a daily basis and they don't show any signs of backing down the only other party of the opposition actually you can claim to have. such illegitimacy fear representation of fear representing another group of syrian syrians are the fighting groups on the ground who have an islamic agenda not an extreme islamic agenda probably was an islamic agenda and those people are controlled unfortunately by the saudis who are feeling nowadays that the circle is becoming ever so tight around them with iran having agreed and with the western feeling the way for even a larger agreement so it seems that the saudis are digging their heels somewhat and
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they are supporting these fighting groups these fighting groups are making unification movements in between them their figures seem to be slowly but surely you know becoming coming on the media they are trying to take political matters into their own hands and it seems that even the politicians who are really running around trying to put their names on the geneva that and then the lists are not going to have any legitimacy at all so these talks scuppered before they've even started according to what you say where russia and the us have gone to great lengths to bring about this peace conference those efforts waste time then yeah it's not completely wasted because the saudis can be convinced i mean we don't know they seem to be very stubborn about it they've even shunned the united in of the united nations security council seat for each just to make the point that they're not happy with whatever is happening in a sense around them but this is not only about the saudis and their part in the
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region this is also about the americans and the russians being able to sit with each other i want to eyeball and say you know you've made an agreement and you didn't stick to it even worse you couldn't stick to it so the americans have to do something to convince the saudis probably a change of leadership is needed you know the current leadership is eighty ninety years old some more pragmatic approach needs to be made with the saudis your situation is not really tenable anymore and it's only going to destabilize the region and we're not going to let it happen. and that's the only way where the saudis can't back down from backing the islamic groups the fighting groups on the ground who lead people you know that the the statement that we've had today from general the breeze general of greece isn't actually in turkey doesn't enjoy much legitimacy on the ground the fighting group commanders do live among the people and they can influence and this is actually an opportunity because these people are the only ones with whom you can strike a deal and with whom you can actually say ok let's agree on certain terms and we
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know you can stick to the deal and you can implemented deal but if the syrian government for example goes to geneva and sits with all the politicians who have no representation on the ground whatever is going to be agreed upon is not going to stick because anybody on the ground can actually overrule your thoughts political activist i'm a wacko from a long way from london thank you very much the police in egypt making full use of a new law banning public gatherings of more than ten people without special authorization watercolors with crowds of anti-government activists in cairo dozens of arrests have been made they say from our correspondent now bell true. well is this. an end to the protests in egypt that we've come to know then or not. well definitely speaking to protesters today who took to the streets in defiance of this very oppressive new law they told me they felt like egypt had turned back time to the mubarak days when these kinds of rallies were swiftly moved from the streets
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by security forces who would like to be given carte blanche to use violence to move people on so certainly feels like we've moved into a new era here in egypt people were fired on by tear gas and water cannons heavily beaten within moments of coming to the streets to protest in defiance of this particular piece of legislation they were rounded up among those dozens that were arrested including sixteen women and very well known activists including one human rights lawyer now this sparked across the country egypt committee of fifty years in the last few days of drafting egypt's constitution had to suspend that session after over ten of its members walked out in anger over these arrests there's also been a lot of comments made by egypt's political faction saying this protest will cannot continue so really it's yet to be seen what's going to happen but certainly egypt's feeling like it's moving into a new era where people can demonstrate people do have a voice rights groups are saying freedoms are being really haven't cracked down on
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so it remains to be seen really whether the military backed government is going to be able to keep these very oppressive laws in place and keep restricting freedoms in this particularly tumultuous political time. true reporter move from cairo thank you. thank you for being with us as well. for here in about thirty two minutes time we cover though don't forget for news twenty four seven when you wanted to when we brought you to sit back and relax for half an hour with a glass or two of russian wine.
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