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is that the the media and certainly congress is over so this. protests against the hold of the trade talks rage on in ukraine while of russia's president calls on brussels to tone down its criticism of moscow saying it's about business not politics plus. iowan force a new law that restricts protests amid fears the country sliding back to an authoritarian regime. and a ticket to ride n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden appears on posters on washington bosses as campaigners urge americans to follow his lead and reject government surveillance.
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starting coming to life in moscow with me marina joshie welcome to the program a thousands have rallied for a third day in ukraine's capital kiev were demonstrations continue over the government's decision to turn down an association agreement with the european union that has a president wouldn't call them to stop their criticism of russia over ukraine decision european bloc has accused moscow of pressuring key if out of signing the deal. was of the protests. we can see probably about twenty twenty five thousand people at the european square pretty much the same amount as last night and so far it's been piece of what we can never rule out that it may turn violent last night a minor provocation a minor incident led to a rather big brawl with the police with tear gas being used that was the thick of it i took pictures and videos with my with my camera indeed the prime minister reaffirmed that any association agreement with you would not be signed and it's easy to see why the economy is ailing and i will break down some of the figures and
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numbers of how things stand for ukraine do you turn may have started a few people but it's no surprise to those who looked at the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering two hundred thirty six billion dollars it would have cost of one hundred billion dollars to modernize factories not all can so closures would trigger massive unemployment at risk if can not afford especially since the e.u. made it clear no immediate compensation then a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone ukraine's decision has also started a political street fight between brussels and moscow as they do trade accusations of pressuring kiev. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us. the
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fear is that with the free trade agreement already in place with key of the russian market could be flooded with european goods that could destroy the entire industries and see tens of thousands of people out of work. but those camping out in key of central square are adamant about becoming part of europe despite the risks to their own country's economic health. problem latest updates from the ukrainian capital you can follow our. our correspondence instagram and his god food ridge from the scene plus pictures from the heart of the demonstrations. you were banned ukraine were expected to sign a political association agreement as well as a free trade pact at an ego summit in lithuania later this week ukraine's president has said he will attend the meeting to explain why he have turned down the deal are
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just being all over explains why some believe u.-turn is saving europe a lot of trouble. ukraine's decision not to push for closer association with the e.u. could turn out to be a blessing for those european countries there was going to have to be some two hundred thousand pieces of regulation that would have to be changed to allow ukraine to fit into this new partnership all of which would have had to it being paid for by the european countries now these pieces of regulation range from quite big issues right down to things like the type of screws used on road signs and the gauge of railway tracks and those are things that really european countries can't afford to be paying for right now we're seeing eighty four million people on the brink of poverty across the european union this is according to euro star the european union's own statistics organization youth unemployment is endemic across most of europe all of these things are leading europeans here in berlin to tell me
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that well europe should look to put its own financial problems correct before it starts taking on the debts of others. so it's not the e.u. already has plenty of problems in its own right at the moment for example bulgaria will be joining soon i will only create more problems if you know we have. yes this will be expensive we have not realized it yet but we just have to wait and see. it's hard to say there are plenty of problems in ukraine in any case if we take them it should be done under different conditions. it seems year it may have dodged something of a financial bullet following ukraine's decision not to push for those closer ties. one reason ukraine shelved the e.u. deal was the international monetary fund severe terms for an aid package including the freezing of salaries and additional harsh budget cuts but got more analysis on the story plus all the latest updates had to r.t.
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dot com. police in the egyptian capital cairo have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds protesting against a new law that restricts public gatherings. right the operation of the bill requires police approval for public protests of more than ten people critics say the law is a major blow to the market in egypt as artie's belcher reports. protesters today who took to the streets in defiance of his very oppressive new law they told me they felt like egypt could turn back time to the mubarak days when these kinds of rallies were swiftly moved from the streets by security forces who are in fact to be given a carte blanche to use violence to move people on so certainly feels like we've moved into a new era here in egypt people were fired on by tear gas and water cannons heavily
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beaten within moments of coming to the streets to protest in defiance of this particular new piece of legislation they were rounded up among those dozens that were arrested including sixteen women and very well known activists including one human rights lawyer now this sparked uproar across the country in egypt committee of fifty years in the last few days of drafting egypt's constitution had to suspend that session after over ten of its members walked out in anger over these arrests there's also been a lot of comments made by egypt's political faction saying this protest rule cannot continue so really it's yet to be seen what's going to happen but so many tips feeling like it's moving into a new era where people can demonstrate people do have a voice rights groups are saying freedoms are being really haven't cracked down on so it remains to be seen really whether the military backed government is going to be able to keep these very oppressive laws in place and keep restricting freedoms in this particular tumultuous political time and coming out on r t you would take
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a look at the latest images from the syrian civil war. that. is the story in golf the violence international mediators agree on a date to resume peace songs. by the rebels fighting the regime in syria. meantime britain is turning into a color coded society with the u.k.'s why it's an ethnic minorities choosing to live apart that's according to a new study that warns of comfort zone segregation which could lead to division and has still be between the communities are the sort of first has more on the worrying trend. all that warnings that person could be drifting towards becoming a color coded society coming from the former head of the equalities and human rights commission trevor phillips now mr phillips has been leading some research with think tank demos and the university of london and what they've done is absolutely stated from between the two thousand and one census and the two thousand
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and eleven census and what they found is during that time more than one hundred thousand people from ethnic minority groups had moved out of london but instead of moving to areas considered predominantly white have preferred instead to move to so-called mixed areas where there are already established minority groups here in the local community has hit the headlines recent weeks the concerns raised over community tensions between the population and other ethnic groups in that community but what this research is saying is that this could be a pattern that we see played out across the u.k. the segregation really needs to be dressed and acknowledged because of course it does have very serious implications for community relations across the way. it's estimated some six hundred thousand white britons left london between two thousand and one and twenty two i'm opting to move to areas with
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a high white population eric katzman professor of politics at the university of london says they're driven by the need to stay in a majority. one of the negative consequences is that you are getting white british people avoiding very diverse areas so it's not because they dislike anyone group but they just want to be in a comfortable bitch already so you can get a situation where like in parts of east london new him or in parts of south london . each census there are fewer and fewer white british there and it is possible that there will be areas that have very few to no not know but very few white british people living there we see the same trend in the united states there are sections of the diverse cities like houston and los angeles where you are there are very few white people living there and that could be a concern for integration so it's just that inability to attract or retain white british population in some of these areas that are maybe not so close to
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a central london but are not far enough away to be sort of leafy and green so it's that where you might get this effect. coming out later in the program on the way to such. the clock is ticking for the palin pick some twenty points even when it's a game join me to about with a yacht in the black sea resort as i bring you mole all the preparation of that town down to a hundred days before the paralympics. do you think humanity as a whole would benefit from living some parts of the world g.m.o. free just to play on the safe side view through biotechnology through research through genetic modification we can give those small holder farmers the opportunity
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to be able to deal with and survive all of those challenges and i believe they should have all of the tools. to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. the troy arabic to find out more visit our big. dog called. welcome back this is our team one of america's most wanted n.s.a. contractor turned whistleblower edward snowden has been spotted in washington d.c.
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but unfortunately for authorities they're only on a bus advertisement human rights activists launched a campaign to credit the leaker and call on the public to stand against america's widespread surveillance program are just vanish hopped on the snowden bus. if things didn't weaken the us and civil liberties advocates are saying their thank you to edward snowden it's a crowd sourced campaign so people across the country have donated small and large amounts to get this message across. in the eyes of the government edward snowden is a traitor and civil rights advocates through campaigns like this one show there are many who don't think so there are millions of people across the united states that recognize that edward snowden is an american hero indeed he were to much to democracy worldwide so it's important it's important to combat the message of propaganda that's coming from the obama administration in leadership that are
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trying to demonize him when what he's done is a case of classic whistleblower but the united states government classified its evidence of its own criminal misconduct its its violations of the bill of rights and all that that mr snowden did was revealed the basic facts that the public is entitled to know there's several legislative initiatives right now all stemming from edward snowden's revelations to make sure that they're just leaders don't forget that edward snowden supporters plan on launching new bosses around january when congress is back in session in washington i'm going to check on our team. and snowden's portrait has also appeared at an art exhibition in berlin the project is called one of which and is focusing on personalities demonized by authorities meanwhile u.s. and u.k. intelligence fear snowden a storing a cache of highly classified data which will be released in case of his capture or
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death stephen called from the national whistleblowing center says snowden's mission was to expose violations and there should be a safe way to do it. in a sense snowden is a pioneer he exposed not just that there are violations of the constitution but that people who work in the intelligence agencies lack fundamental rights to blow the whistle safely and his case is like a poster child it's the poster for to say look congress do your job create lawful channels for whistleblowers it's important to get out to the people to raise your voice to put your opinions out there and let everybody know that you needed a whistleblower here you needed somebody to expose this misconduct if he didn't do it no one else was going to and the world and the american people would not have
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learned about systemic and massive violations of the u.s. constitution while the olympic torch continues its odyssey across russia its final destination in sochi the countdown to the winter paralympics is also on there's just one hundred days left before the games began are just a bomb would say is that a black sea resort for us. come rain or no sunshine at the olympics and the paralympics will go at. the paralympics they will begin here in sochi between the seventh and the sixteenth of march twenty fourth that's ten that's today's all the olympics as well as sportsmanship almost seven hundred athletes from forty five countries will take place in terms of the facilities everything has been prepared to cater for those with disabilities which will be above the transport themselves at the olympic stadium rems as well as live footage to make sure that they tend to
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be paid it will be a limp dick told to making its rounds around russia to some of the most exotic places like the two days of love. but the problem picture which is that race that we do will take place between the twenty six of february till the seventh of march and next day keeping up with that a limp experience in terms of the new sports that will be added for the paralympics for big is something that everybody is why they want to pull the paralympics up full time and now present blood to putin who will be here in sochi today will be following him around as you take a look at all the infrastructure and how far they've come and also you'll be talking more on security on the olympics so we're following the events and we will bring you more as soon as we get it. now is take a look at what our team has lined up for you on our website well even if ounce of
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swank accessories we find this to launch a gigantic. case has appeared in the middle of red square catching. by surprise i had to argue dot com and check out why it's there. the truth is stranger than fiction on our website you'll find a story of a hollywood. film director with found himself involved in a real life clandestine operation. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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but. i would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was proud to mco we've been a high dressed like a handful of friends dash all corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identify the problem
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try rational debate real discussion critical issues facing them but are you ready to join the movement then walk the. welcome back you were here with r t a bomb attack near the syrian capital damascus has left at least fifteen people dead including civilians and government troops this comes as further dramatic foods emerges from the war torn country and interviewer was talking to these children none of us. want to powerful blasts shook the street fortunately the children were on her own while the world powers have agreed that peace talks on the syrian conflict will resume in january next year in geneva the western backed free syrian army has denounced the
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talks saying it will continue its five a gasser regime of bashar assad curing video she asians syrian political activists amar cobb says the opposition could undermine any agreement. the good news is one of the only two factions who can claim to get to send if there should are this you've learned. do you think part of the opposition can claim to have such rigid to your presentation you're presenting another group of syrians but if the syrian government for example goes digital even the suits will be politicians who are new to this edition on the ground who differ is going to be agreed that this isn't going to be because anybody underground can actually go through. our brief look at some other stories from around the world the u.s. has reportedly flown to the fifty two bombers over disputed islands in the east china sea defying new chinese air to finance rules china expanded its here to fan zone on saturday threatening measures against aircraft that didn't identify
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themselves japan but also claims to the islands dismissed the new instructions as invalid. israeli security forces have killed three suspected palestinian militants in the west bank israel claims those killed were linked to al qaida and were planning assaults in the coming days against israeli targets the palestinian authority has denied any links to terrorist groups and accused israel of killing innocent people. in hindu or as thousands of students have clashed with police in the country's capital during a protest against presidential election results officers fired tear gas to disperse the crowds they call for a recount of the weekend's vote which appears to have retained the governing candidates who are now on this. the rescue operation is underway after a boat carrying haitian migrants capsized off the bahamas leaving at least thirty
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to at around one hundred survivors are clinging to the wreckage u.s. coast guard is of the scene such incidents are common in the area with hundreds losing their lives every year. in germany angola merkel christian democratic party reached a coalition deal with the center left social democratic party local city fell just short of an hour right when jordi at last month's polls when it's liberal partner one no seats many asked me do supporters are aware do you after the party suffered in merkel shadow during the previous grand coalition. scotland has taken another stab in its campaign for in a pan inspire releasing a white paper doll by the country's first minister as a mission statement for the nation's future a six hundred seventy page blueprint outlined scottish plans to cut corporation tax expand free childcare and raise the minimum wage document comes ahead of next
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september's referendum when the scots will be asked simple yes or no question whether their nation should separate. from the rest of the u.k. one has strongly opposed the idea of clashing with endora on the issues of currency oil reserves membership but despite all the uncertainty scottish national party feels as the white paper sends a very positive message on it to the nation it really is an amazing amount of information that has been put it that and yes i think people do have the information to make the choice people are being inspired in scotland the reaction is that there are people already who felt that they were all on the fence of put up siding towards know who had the positive message did you do you have seen or knew that there's a level of detail there on this level of detail that is accessible to them and there's of course we knew that people who who could have been from missional independents are more likely to support it you know that's why people are only going to increase the movement in the polls with
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a nine percent at the moment that's less than a five percent swing referendums of this kind of you should have bigger swings towards the end and we're very very optimistic on the u.s. side that the people of scotland will indeed make the right choice. and coming up a chilling look at child labor in europe a special report is next. idealist been struck well they'd least some kind of deal there can be no doubt this first step agreement between iran and the great powers is of historic significance it could become the foundation for far reaching geopolitical ships in the region but have no illusions the naysayers are intent on scuttling the deal and the use of force we're told for me on the table. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred
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top two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. a little fake torch relay. on r t r g dot com. the speaker is used to working with under-age boys he makes no secret of it. sees easy yes yes it's true that there are so many asking me for work at least ten or twelve a week they say they like the work they say it's a fine professional well it's true that it's a fine job but it's also tough when a president of such a freighter doesn't consider himself a child exploiting this boss of a small family business feels that the current crisis leaves him with no choice
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over the day got him i used to have three employees then little by little because of the rise in taxes an increase in fuel prices i ran into difficulties and had to let them all go. all the bad enough. course one of the advantages of having these boys working here is that i save a bit on expenses. but i have to say i'm still the one who ends up working the most since my sales are plummeting i'm forced to count on the kids. but i'm telling you if sales increased i'd immediately get a qualified worker who could lighten my load a little. here you are senora have a great day. how many italian small business owners are taking advantage of this cheap labor force. according to recent estimates there are sixty thousand kids working in the naples region today. the state what's the italian
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government doing about it. this is the headquarters of the labor inspection agency for companion. the director doesn't know the camera is already running he admits straight away but he's powerless. you see my figures on the control of under age workers are pathetic figures should reflect what we're doing about it but they're too weak look here in two thousand and eleven we only did controls on forty eight miners so you're going to tell us all about it now. you know i don't want to talk about it. i do want to talk about is the phenomenon of child labor in general in this city. you know about our activity in the region in general but i don't want to give statistic. why. because on the inspection level you don't have to explain to my minister who watched the interview why i've only done forty eight checks on minors. i mean in
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a city like naples forty checks last year that hardly any and this year to have only been nineteen you know every asking which districts there is children working you know where. basically we know them all. of the zone around the one six seven roads also piano. so if you know them and it wasn't hard for me to find them what are you waiting for i have only two hundred days a year of inspection per inspector multiplied by a hundred inspectors that's only twenty thousand days of inspections per year bearing that in mind you can see i can't just focus on only one problem twenty thousand days a year in a region with twelve million inhabitants in naples the labor inspection agency doesn't have the means to make the fight against child labor it's priority. at the university of.


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