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tv   Headline News  RT  November 27, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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a day before the e.u. summit to eastern european partners public fury in ukraine refuses to dive down with the go over the government's wavering in signing up to trade deals. a crackdown on terror in the heart of the russian capital where police say they've arrested a group of heavily armed islamic extremists and i ordered the arrest of two prominent activists who spearheaded regime change in twenty eleven as police chase anyone defying the new law which restricts public gatherings.
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forecasting twenty four seven live from moscow you're watching our take now there's an eastern european economic get together starting on thursday but there's one country in the wings which is having trouble making up its mind days of protests and violence in ukraine demanding that their president gets on with signing up to closer ties with the u. even though he knows he's being hasty could be costly. skis following the protests . protesters still continue in kiev they lost it overnight despite temperatures dropping well below zero and right now several thousand people are besieging the government building in central kiev and there's been a warning coming from the authorities for the general public to abstain from any kind of provocations because they had information that some provocative groups were preparing some royals and even and the possible attempt to take over the government building that's why you can see there's heavy police presence riot police are all over the place i when i walked here to the government building i saw literally
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hundreds of riot police all over the place they're securing every governmental building the parliament of the government building and the administration of president building and judging by the fact that these people have ten counts across the city they're not willing to go anywhere until friday until the summit and they're still clinging to this last hope of signing your association deal during the eastern partnership summit even though there are serious assurances coming from the government that this deal will not be signed and it's not so difficult to see why judging by the numbers and figures that may cause a serious collapse of the ukrainian economy let me break down some of these because for you the u. turn may have standard few people but it's no surprise to those who've looked at the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering one hundred thirty six billion dollars it would have cost over one hundred billion dollars to modernize factories not all can so closures would trigger massive unemployment and risky of cannot afford especially since the e.u.
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made it clear no immediate compensation then a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone ukraine's decision has also started a political street fight between brussels and moscow as the two traded accusations of pressuring. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements. do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us. the fear is that with the free trade agreement already placed with key of the russian market could be flooded with european goods that could destroy entire industries and see tens of thousands of people out of work. but those camping out in key of central square are adamant about becoming part of europe despite the risks to their own country's economic health. but
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a legacy theme in the thick of the ongoing public unrest in care from day one follow r.t. on instagram for his images from the very heart of the demonstrations. ukraine's dire economic conditions are being cited as the main reason lawmakers backed away from the e.u. deal are berlin correspondent has been hearing reaction in europe with some believing it can't afford to accommodate kiev. ukraine's decision not to push for closer association with the e.u. could turn out to be a blessing for those european countries there was going to have to be some two hundred thousand pieces of regulation that would have had to have been changed to allow ukraine to fit into this new partnership all of which would have had to it being paid for by the european countries now these pieces of regulation range from quite big issues right down to things like the type of screws used on road signs and the gauge of railway tracks and those are things that really european countries
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can't afford to be paying for right now we're seeing eighty four million people on the brink of poverty across the european union this is according to euro star the european union's own statistics organization youth unemployment is endemic across most of europe all of these things are leading europeans here in berlin to tell me that well europe should look to put its own financial problems correct before it starts taking on the debts of others. so it's not the e.u. already has plenty of problems in its own right at the moment for example bulgaria will be joining soon i will only create more problems if you know we have one say yes this will be expensive we have not realized it yet but we just have to wait and see what being a gibbs can do it's hard to say there are plenty of problems in ukraine in any case if we take them it should be done under different conditions. so it seems europe
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may have dodged something of a financial bullet following ukraine's decision not to push for those closer ties. russian police say they have arrested fifteen members of an al qaeda linked terrorist cell in moscow the suspects were reportedly caught red handed with a cache of guns and explosives artie's medina. that comes after russian security forces detained an other member of the same group at the beginning of november now the man who was allegedly involved in recruiting young women to join the organization now all of those members so all of those people that i did teen now are thought to be members so for an extremist islam a very good musician and were involved in a number of for criminal activities to fund it now this is it is ation is described as a you magics of terrorist cells which inspired some of the tactics and methods. now
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that even his ation that was created back at the beginning of seventy's and egypt however a leader of the country's authorities there and it and back even twenty russia also bound its activities. and egyptian prosecutor has ordered the arrest of two leading activists known for their major role in toppling longstanding dictator hosni mubarak twenty eleven the news comes after police broke off several protests in cairo under a new law that bans demonstrations of more than ten people without permission true reports from the capital and we expect protesters to once again return to the streets against this very oppressive law which security forces basically enforced on choose day as those mass public outrage at the behavior of the police towards protesters who were just standing peacefully for a few minutes and that's all the time they were given demonstrating now just before midnight on tuesday we had reports from fifteen prominent activists female
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activists that he had been sexually assaulted beaten and dumped in the desert after being part of those who were arrested on tuesday for this demonstration this sparked broad across the country egypt's committee of fifty supposed to be drafting egypt's constitution suspended its session and many of the political parties called for the draft law to be revised saying that this was a return to the days of hosni mubarak where. protests were basically. emergency law the situation in egypt has obviously been deteriorating in the last few months but this new protest will effectively restrict demonstrations in some cases criminalizing protesters not allowing people to even gather for a few minutes on the streets in numbers above ten. and when there is news from egypt the first place to find it is all my twitter feed so i stay up to date on all the developments following our correspondent on the line. william picked torch odyssey across russia is far from over while those raring to compete at sochi
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twenty fourteen a sweating it out to get in shape for the winter games fleets with disabilities are also getting trained and psyched up for their moment to shine with the winter paralympics now just one hundred days away. isn't such a throw at the media center this is where the media will be house during the olympics and it's in the beautiful mountains class even though it's raining today but we kicking up that one hundred days before the para lympics went to games the paralympics meta game will start from that the seventh of march till the twenty the sixteenth of march now that's almost ten days a little quick excitement as well as sportsmanship now russia has been taking a very important steps in making sure that those with disabilities are being cared for one of them is a wretched find a un convention on the rights of persons with disabilities our we've seen how the transport infrastructure the restaurants the
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a little bit stadium as well as at the hotels have adapted for people with disabilities and that not only for the athletes who are coming to compete out here but also for the spectators now when we talk about doing talking about the sports we have a large seven disciplines with the paralympics as well as five sports and newly added on the list is the para snowboarding which has had everybody quite excited out now in terms of our the relay for the paralympics we know that the a live picture which has been going around the country going to places as far as outer space too late by car and the torture for the paralympics will kick off on the twenty sixth of february and i'm sure it'll be just as exciting so we'll definitely be keeping out of the rain hopefully a little from now but we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. a recent study suggests britain is drifting into a color coded society with the u.k.'s whites and ethnic minorities choosing to live
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apart the result is what's known as comfort zone segregation which is food could lead to hatred and intolerance among communities it's even led to have the country's long time figurehead on racial equality to say that britons have been in denial on the issue for far too long so referred explains all that warnings that could be drifting towards becoming a color coded society coming from the former head of the equalities and human rights commission trevor phillips now mr phillips is being leading some research with think tank demos and the university of london and what they've done is stated from between the two thousand and one census and the two thousand and eleven census and what they found is during that time more than one hundred thousand people from ethnic minority groups had moved out of london but instead of moving to areas considered predominantly white have preferred instead to move to so-called mixed areas where there are already established minority groups here in sheffield the
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local community has hit the headlines over recent weeks the concerns raised over community tensions between the roma population and other ethnic groups in that community but what this research is saying is that this could be a pattern that we see played out across the u.k. the segregation really needs to be trashed and acknowledged because of course it does have very serious implications for community relations. and it's estimated around six hundred thousand white britons left london in the last decade to settle in other parts of the country that are predominantly white politics professor eric kaufman from the university of london believes they are driven by the need to stay in the majority. one of the negative consequences is that you are getting white british people avoiding very diverse areas so it's not because they dislike anyone group but they just want to be in a comfortable but you can get
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a situation where like in parts of east london or parts of south london. each census there are fewer and fewer white british there and it is possible that there will be areas that have very few not know but very few white british people living there we see the same trend in the united states there are sections of the diverse cities like houston and los angeles where you are there are very few white people living there and that could be a concern for integration so it's just that inability to attract or retain white british population in some of these areas that are maybe not so close to central london but are not far enough away to be sort of leafy and green so it's that where you might get this effect edward snowden saying cruising down the streets of the u.s. capital well imposed a full many way ahead we look at a prominent ad campaign to support the whistleblower as activist. they've had enough of being spied on also coming up this is no. this really is red square at
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the moment. but it's. divided as to whether. it's in a couple of minutes. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've. covered. they did indeed with these economic ups and downs in the final months day of the london deal sang i and the rest because i was going meet casey will be everything
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we can all say. for probably the most complex. do. you. think the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the
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invention of gunpowder. a bunch of people don't know what the trouble is they're really us people. reading. this some of them shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it is because it was night times four in the morning even the best even the bausch shoulders. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and order. and camaraderie in this said it was in this context it has absolutely no place. again now the syrian government has reiterated its commitment to taking part in the geneva peace conference in january but in the rebel camp there's a fresh drive to boycott the summit regardless the armed wing of the main
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opposition the free syria army is now refusing to recognize the international pay seth that the group's commander says his forces will keep taking the pres the fight to president assad's government meanwhile radical rebel factions have formed an alliance called these fronts inside bag over the shari'a law in syria some analysts say any agreements reached at the geneva summit will have no effect on the ground. the government is one of the only two for. actions who can claim two percent if actually part of the series in the movie of the priorities of the opposition which you can claim to have such illegitimacy if you're a christian representing another group of syrian syrians but if the syrian government for example goes to geneva in the suits with all the politicians who have this edition on the ground the difference is going to be agreed upon this isn't going to stick because anybody on the ground can actually do. a quick look at
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some other news now demonstrations in bangkok have entered a fourth day forcing the evacuation of thailand's top crime fighting agency protesters are demanding the government steps down and are surrounding state buildings cutting off electricity or more to supplies the government has pledged not to use force against the crowds but is seeking the arrest of a key protest leader the rallies were sparked by an amnesty bill that could see xcel former premier tanks and shinawatra return to thailand he fled into guys in the date and made corruption charges. the german chancellor is christian democrat party has reached a coalition deal with the center left social democrats under the agreement angler merkel's christian democrats insisted on no tax increases while the s.p.d. . a minimum wage and a lower retirement age many s.p.d. supporters are wary of the deal though after being dominated by the main party during a previous grand coalition good ones but china says it's monitoring the size of two
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american big fifty two bombers flew over disputed islands in the east china sea on tuesday in defiance of a newly declared defense zone beijing announced the air space boundaries on saturday and threatened action against any aircraft in the area that failed to identify themselves the incident is being seen as a direct challenge from washington i'm part of president obama's asia pivot policy of containing china's growing clanked. police in iraq discovered the corpses of thirteen men in two separate locations around baghdad they are believed to have been executed by sectarian hit squads that all been shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs later on wednesday further bloodshed saw five people die in separate attacks in the capital twenty thirteen has been or acts most deadly year since two thousand and eight we have an online project of the human tragedy called a year of carnage at r.t.
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dot com. now edward snowden may have prepared a so-called doomsday cache of top secret data for release in case he's captured or killed for his activities that's the fear of american and british officials who say the whistleblower probably hid the files online to make them accessible to his contacts meanwhile snowden has been cited prominently in washington although not in
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the flesh is gay and he explains. these things giving weaken the us a civil liberties advocates are saying there thank you to edward snowden it's a crowd sourced campaign so people across the country have donated small and large amounts to get this message across. in the eyes of the government edward snowden is a traitor and civil rights advocates through campaigns like this one show there are many who don't think there are millions of people across the united states that recognize that edward snowden is an american hero. to democracy worldwide so it's important it's important to combat the message of propaganda that's coming from the obama administration in leadership that are trying to demonize him when what he's done is a case of classic whistle blow which the united states government classified its evidence of its own criminal misconduct its violations of the bill of rights and
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all that that mr snowden did was revealed the basic facts that the public is entitled to know there's several legislative initiatives right now all stemming from edward snowden's revelations to make sure that they're just leaders don't forget that edward snowden supporters plan on launching new buses around january when congress is back in session in washington are to. war games against imaginary enemies are vital to training any army and cyber warfare units are no exception. of a defense exercise against mask award in one thousand hacking attacks and all this just a few kilometers from the russian border also online red faces at the world health organization offer an embarrassing blunder in a report on a. the
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. from victory parades to mass executions over the centuries moscow's red square has seen plenty of history changing events but a suitcase the size of an apartment block right in front of some bustles cathedral is a step too far for many people even if it was partly for charity artie's margaret how went to find out why the stunned stunned so many. standing here right in the middle of red square what do you expect to find here the kremlin of course linens mausoleum very sacred ground here in russia in addition to these major landmarks we
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now have this gigantic we have a ton box which is featured behind me now it stands thirty feet high it's a huge monstrosity of sorts and there's been a lot of social outcry about this box on twitter photo shop images have come up on line regarding this gigantic box now twitter of people online have been commenting that this sacred ground has since been turned into a commercial space members of the duma have come out in regards condemning it saying you know that it just doesn't belong here and the good department store has since decided to go ahead and remove this box now they're citing that it's not because of the outcry the public outcry but it's rather because it's just simply too big so we're going to see this major iluvatar in trunk being taken down in the coming days it was originally supposed to be here for six weeks now they're saying it will come down. well in the meantime the suitcase seems to have developed
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a persona of its own on twitter so let's quickly go this way to have a look at the messages that he posted against this removal and these are some of the. firstly that it says it's not just an object and threatens to pin itself to the ground rather like the artist if you remember that recently nailed his private parts to red square also claims to be symbolic parts of people's history well if you can don't miss your chance to see what's been causing so much public amazement before days finally removed next the young and exploited. because reality of child labor in europe. a deal has been struck well they believe some kind of deal that can be no doubt this first step agreement between iran and the great powers is of historic significance it could become the foundation for far reaching geopolitical ships in
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the region but have no illusions the naysayers are intent on scuttling the deal and the use of force we're told me on the table. torch is on an epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand eight hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp torch relay. m r t r g dot com. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which
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really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. person i. was. i have to get up at seven in the morning school i go to school go out easy do my homework in. my work and finish it eight o'clock and then i do the same thing the next day.
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as time goes by and we see the crisis getting worse those who have a job have to hang on to it. because it's not easy to find another. i don't think it's full of people my age of the responsibility of things like this . if i'm going to. like school. i'm not going to do well at school because i'm a bit tight. here in the countryside dreams do not come true very easily so i don't get my hopes up.
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belgariad endless greenfields people in traditional dress. the region of the day as a natural paradise where time seems to have stood still. people have always worked in the fields. as a family a mother a grandmother and two children. it's midday the sun is scorching more than thirty degrees. apart and it's getting her a little one. and his sister ellie nine to school today then they did here. the no one to see whether the situation is normal not. if these little children punishing them like this making them work so hard what life are they going to have. a future will they have a vote.


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