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tv   Headline News  RT  November 28, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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europe whites the hey which why ukraine will finally turn over the deal while in kiev tens of thousands continue to push for the government to look west also. the sound of a gun made using a three d. printer but there are fears it could lead to a deadly revolution in homemade firearms in the states and when so she where everything is ready and just about set to go does the limping village pass the president putin test will tell you she'll.
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broadcasting twenty four seven live from moscow you're watching. the e.u. eastern recruits begin their summit shortly with ukraine's president firmly in the spotlight as he hesitates over signing up to closer ties with brussels meanwhile pro euro pain demonstrations in kiev are into their fifth day now with hundreds of people besieging the parliament building day and night. is in kiev there will be staying here at least until the end of friday and the protests are continuing day and night despite it's getting very very cold. right now probably about ten or twelve thousand at the independence square in kiev and the idea here is that they're still hopeful that the euro cieszyn deal will be signed in vilnius despite some very serious assurances coming from the ukrainian government that the deal will not be signed right now it's very peaceful it's been peaceful for the last two days but this might well be calm before the storm because we've already heard from
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several opposition leaders that they will be taking people into the streets if the deal will not be sign. friday promising a national wide strike and even what they describe as inciting a euro revolution we still don't know what that means but the korean government has been assuring the deal would not be signed looking at the numbers and figures economically how country may be damaged from taking this leap of faith from signing the free trade zone agreement its economy is already ailing with one hundred thirty six billion dollars debt and you know modernizing the factories alone for the year you standards would have cost one hundred billion euros even more than that so different it's a risk which the great government would not want to take we know that unocal which travels to vilnius to attend this summit and just as it always is with ukrainian politics it's a roller coaster ride you can never expect anything for sure the deal may still be signed my colleague both got his now into this when you covered on the summit that
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was meant to see the formalities completed and ukraine is signed to join the e.u. but last week's decision from kiev to postpone preparations on signing that association agreement cause shock amongst many after years of negotiations just to get to this point but the ukrainian president viktor yanukovych says that the terms of the deal was simply not agreeable for his country in time now he said the financial package being offered by the european union and the international monetary fund left feeling humiliated those are his words and he said that any deal would only be signed on what he described as normal terms and he says that the six hundred million euros on offer to ukraine to modernize was simply inadequate now another large stumbling block of course was the future of former prime minister and jailed opposition leader. yulia tymoshenko now she is in prison at the moment needs medical treatment on a the e.u. say that it was a precondition that she goes to get medical treatment in germany before that trade deal would have been struck but that money was blocked by ukraine's parliament now
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there could be an interesting atmosphere here in vilnius over the next couple of days or so which. prime minister david david cameron german chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande are expected to meet on the fringes of this summit to discuss their next move in dealing with ukraine the e.u. offer does remain on the table under president going to cobra charge until the eleventh hour to change his mind but with the e.u. apparently unwilling to budge from their stance i say that prospect looks very unlikely. and while the european union waits fakey have next move on the trade and association deal the country's interim interest in to gratian into the twenty eight nation bloc would not be welcomed by all member states that's what we've been hearing at least from paul nat'l from the u.k. independence party they told know a lot about the problems that you're up how does look european union wants create ukraine to eventually join in a while but any to join they will say have you to join me they even want to take
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you to join your ninety five percent of turkey isn't even in europe i mean this is an expansionist organization really in britain certainly don't want ukraine to join the european union because if they join that means our borders will be opened up to forty six million ukrainians and in ukraine the average wage is around three hundred euro zone for me you know if they do join a lot of them will cold western at the moment we have twenty two percent youth unemployment here in britain and we can saturate out all market any further with any more people. since the start we've been following the unrest in ukraine over leaders in decisiveness about being closer to europe r.t. dot com all our comprehensive coverage. and one of the summit in lithuania is
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a bank to look at the possibility of closer ties with ukraine some european leaders are pushing another agenda they want to. migrant benefits and the loudest calls are coming from britain france and germany peter oliver reports well in a little over a month's time on january the first rumanians and bulgarians will have the right to move within the european union and seek employment now we saw david cameron the british prime minister say he wants to see limits put on the amount of benefits that those type of migrants would be able to receive those calls have been echoed by anglo-american here in germany and france who are land in france and it does seem that there is this movement between this split between the the west in the east in the e.u. those in the west are concerned that there's going to be a huge influx of migrants moving their way now in backing up mr cameron's mr cameron's words we heard from angela merkel saying that migrants poverty migration
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was the cause of considerable social problems in certain cities in germany no she didn't mention those cities but it was almost understood that she meant both along the eastern border of germany and the former the former east germany. no what she said is that it's as she was announcing her coalition government that she wanted i am totally. restrictions that would not allow migrants to just move here without a job and sign on for social benefits for housing benefits and the like that they would only be allowed to do so for limited periods of time now all in france france warland were saying similar things he said that this type of migration was a threat to the social fabric of france and that something must be done to try and curb these type of large scale migration from east to west from those who are not just from east to west but really from the poorer countries in europe to those that
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. have weathered the storm much better than others those in the high echelons of the european parliament of being concerned by these comments coming out but it hasn't stopped leaders in britain in france and here in germany saying they want restrictions on migrant. a three point six magnitude earthquake has struck an area in north texas it's the strongest tremor there in five years no damage or injuries are reported at the moment but locals have been left emotionally shaken and not everyone is blaming mother nature some scientists say that the drilling in nearby fracking wells is actually setting off the quakes the area's been hit by more than a dozen tremors this month alone and it's seen more earthquakes since fracking began there in two thousand and eight than during the previous four decades combined. but let's take a closer look at the controversial process of fracking a well it's drilled to over one thousand meters underground in a mix of water sand as well as tons of toxins called fracking fluids are pumped
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into the well creating fissures that release the natural gas deposits but the harmful chemicals used for fracking accumulate in this solar lamb result in the contamination of water the toxins also evaporate and cause air pollution there is a growing movement to ban the process of the energy industries latest fad to tap into lucrative fossil fuel deposits. revolutionary three d. printing technology has sparked the guns in america after a workable firearm was successfully created philadelphia has become the first u.s. city to ban the unlicensed printing of guns reapportion are now looks at how anyone could soon manufacture weapons at home. rhett's shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with gun enthusiasm. today the difference is that these men are firing rounds with
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a do it yourself firearm the world's first three d. printed metal gun we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do and what a better way than find something that can withstand a bunch of heat tolerance and accuracy all wrapped into one which in america everybody knows which is a par. eric much later is a project coordinator at solid concepts company specializing in three d. printing young prints are in the arts he was granted an exclusive tour of their austin facility which boasts ten three d. industrial printers and a glimpse of our technological future these are all the three d. printed parts that went into making this car after getting a federal firearms license the company used a process called direct metal laser centering to produce this browning nine hundred eleven pistol takes about twenty five to thirty five hours depending on the machine we put it on and what materials were grown in.
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this three d. printing metal gun has fired over one thousand rounds in the meantime solid concepts has manufactured its second ninety nine eleven firearm we plan on making a few more prototypes for additional testing. and we don't we don't plan on going into full production on these we can afford to sell them. at the price of be required to get our money back while the prices of many three d. printers have fallen below one thousand dollars solid concepts insists the stainless steel firearm they've introduced to the world can't be replicated by hobbyists these machines start at six hundred thousand and go up to a million dollars they need to be in. industrial environments they require more electricity than is available in residential areas and they require inert gases in the chamber that are just not commonly available so it's stuff only an industrial
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commercial type process and it will be years before metal printers become available on the consumer market if at all not exactly the world's first mini metal maker has already been created it prints using precious metal clay and with laser centering patton is set to expire in february it's predicted that metal desktop printers will hit the consumer market before you know it five years you know small this is going to do it maybe five years after that you starts a whole workshops and and you know having one on your desktop at home so we are going there there's a technology exists the price will come down. as the world has learned the convenience of technology has a downside we all love to the internet cell phones e-mail and social media before finding out that our beloved data is being monitored and stored by the n.s.a. . the astonishing capabilities of three d. metal printers is no longer a secret. so when they become
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a part of our household tap alongside the microwave and flat screen t.v. . what people choose to physically create in the privacy of their home. will be beyond the control of the u.s. government growing up or nyah r.t. texas well plastic guns are already cheaper to produce the first one was printed in may but so far they've proven to be too unreliable to use but as marina said in her report that metal printers are becoming more affordable making it possible to stamp working replicas of proper firearms one expert in this field told us that the biggest danger is that three d. printed guns can be easily disguised. it's a very universal kind of technology that can be used in lhasa different ways some some good some not so good but but it is alarming that people have started printing guns i would say the most dangerous thing is let's say a gun that doesn't look like a gun but looks like
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a flower vase or something else and so this is this ability to make things in any shape and for really defies a lot of the conventional thinking around regulating guns around detecting them and so forth and i think that sort of it's a whole new world when it comes to controlling these kinds of things that coming up we'll take you to the lympics city of sochi at that time plenty more stories after a quick break. it was recently revealed that jamie diamond rented out blocking him palace in order to entertain his close friend tony blair the dinner took place only days before jamie dive in and agreed to give the us department of justice a very small. mortgage fraud and oh how the peasants outside buckingham palace gates rejoiced at the impossibly large number of thirteen billion
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dollars jamie. all over jamie don't you think your. pleasure to have you with us here today i'm sure. again i drones are not toys the message from the russian president to the gathering
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devoted to the country's defense industry in sochi it has been a busy few days for bloody me at the scene in the city that will host the winter olympics in just over two months time would say is that for us for the tubby what more can you tell us about the latest stage of the president's visit. well at the presidential residence the president has had a very busy day sorry for talking to numerous heads of his up palm and now he went on to talk a little bit about of the defense and aviation industry particularly about the drone technology let's listen to what he had to say. drones are finding an increasingly wide use all over the world but we are not going to operate them as other countries do it's not a video game however it's absolutely clear that unmanned systems have a big future. because
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of the drone so your knowledge of the president also talked about boosting military and aviation in terms of technology investment as well as training but let's not forget that the reason that all the heads are out here is to also speak about the upcoming olympics that will be high said here at the black sea resort now the president earlier on the talked about how sochi is ready and that russia is also ready to welcome the rest of the world he urged the russians to take it's take it's already on fail at the moment particularly the paralympics said tickets because we want to support the home team now in terms of the infrastructure the buildings the olympic stadiums they've all been tested by international game for the last couple of months in terms of the transport system two hundred buses as well as the cars will be available for the athletes as well as the guests out here in the olympic city in terms of what the broadcasting of the olympics everyone will be excited to get a view of that and of course ninety channels will be able to pool cost around one
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hundred countries around the world for the olympics so it's a thumbs up here from a city that's going to hasty so she lympics but it's also making sure that the final touches i've been nailed on to welcome those coming out for the games. thank you. twelve the athletes the approaching winter means getting to the top of their game with the paralympics now less than a hundred days away they see kavanaugh of join some of russia's medal hopefuls in training i use hockey as it should be intense fierce determined and. like you. just with two sticks one in each hand with extra risks. before you miss them you're constantly flying around at high speeds collisions and everything for me it's all crazy i can't tireless commitment we're just. we're
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here training all the time morning to night every day these seventeen paralympic athletes are in the twenty fourteen russia sledge hockey team and thirty six year old buddy i'm so you can is their captain he was injured in two thousand and two while serving in the russian military in chechnya a little filled with before the age of twenty five i used to have a completely different life were also for both but after the injury i turned to sports to realize my potential. he went from swimming to taking up a chance to join russia's brand new sledge hockey squad. for the worker your no one is going to bring you things on a silver platter you've got here we had an opportunity to work for it since two thousand and nine when we were told we were going to participate in the second paralympics it's been a driving force in a country that struggled to accommodate people's disabilities russia's paralympic coach says the team is helping to change perceptions in the demo so we're putting
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in the second huge new world more of these guys managed to prove to themselves their relatives and the entire society that they're not people with disabilities but people with limited abilities. he has been a part of paralympic since one thousand nine hundred four but this is the first year that russia will compete this board only came here four years ago his body and remembers before the we were just staring at one. another not really knowing what to do first of all proposal let me show you what it's like here is the sledge what this is the blade and this small area is the seat. which means it's terribly unsteady so just imagine you have to keep your balance and simultaneously carry the puck you keep falling down and it takes a lot of time to get back up but now we're skilled at it. these search party players there was really just so she hasn't been easy it's taken an immense amount of hard work personal sacrifice and dedication but the payoff is that it's just on
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the ice that was a possible bolt after this experience i believe that people who have survived a car crash or a plane crash will look at us and realize that even with an injury like that you can live on if you can set your own goal and achieve. this a captain of our team to the region russia. you with r.t. now cultivating life on other planets might sound like science fiction but a breakthrough could be on its way as you can find out is r.t. dot com scientists are just a couple of years away from sowing the first plant seeds on the surface of the moon i don't mind the details of that story also there a welshman buries a fortune in a landfill site on our web site find out over seven thousand koreans ended up deep under a sea of garbage. accordance in petersburg was granted to the
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last of the thirty greenpeace activists detained in september for attempting to board an arctic oil rig or have been covered by the environmental group let's get more on this now from marty's and in a question of. what more can you tell us about the last man behind bars and what kmiec spec to happen next well good news sir continues to our greenpeace activists as the us and petersburg city corage has granted to belive to us truly a national call and russell who was the radio officer at the greenpeace a vessel arctic sunrise now mr collin was the only activist remaining in custody until recently and the court made the decision during an appeal that was filed by the activist lawyer so so far all the thirty activists including to join the list are freed on bail now just to remind you of the activists were arrested two months ago after the ski out of
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a period as warm there while platform and the arctic back in september now first they were charged with piracy however it leave these charges were soft until culligan is but still it can be punished by a maximum penalty of seven years and at the moment the activists are staying here in russia until the legal proceedings against them are over. all right thank you dana it's artie's movie in a question of a thank you. the british stiff upper lip is starting to quiver the u.k. is revealed to be europe's number one consumer of antidepressants and a lot of the blame is being put on doctors being too happy to dish out pills although the store smith reports struggling brits do have a lot more on their minds these days. feeling a bit under the weather the solution in britain go to the pharmacy here there are pills for everything. pills for indeed gesture in pills for
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a headache pills for a cold and if you've got a prescription from your doctor you can get your happy pills here too and it's increasingly likely you will have the organization of the european cooperation and development says the number of doses of antidepressants being prescribed in the u.k. has doubled in the last ten years britain now has the seventh highest prescribing rate in the western world for drugs like prozac higher than france germany and much of mainland europe some health experts put that down to overworked doctors prescribing drugs when therapy would be more effective some say we feel we don't have time to be depressed so we take drugs looking for a quick fix but the depression alliance reckons it's at least in part due to the effects of the economic downturn i think there are people that have come forward whose lives have been hit very badly by by losing jobs and not been able to get
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into jobs young people trying to get started and then finding that the financial pressures that they're under has meant that they just are not getting off the starting blocks that may need an economic recovery will mean a return to mental health too and until then the u.k. will keep on taking the pills just got time to look at a couple of other stories security has been raised across thailand because the country faces its large. antigovernment protests in three years prime minister yingluck shinawatra has been urging demonstrators to back down she survived a no confidence vote in parliament trains have been marching on state ministries in bangkok since sunday attempting to shut them down the latest target being the national police headquarters she is accused of acting as a proxy for her ex and brother the former prime minister who was ousted in a military coup seven years ago. and japan and south korea have flown military aircraft over
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a group of disputed islands in the east china sea in an apparent challenge to china's declaration of a new air defense zone and united states also refuses to recognize the new bank reason earlier flee to bombers through the area the dispute is threatening to overshadow u.s. vice president joe biden's trip to the region next week it could also aggravate tensions between beijing and its two eastern neighbors both of which host u.s. military bases. up next it's max and the kaiser report. i hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine
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hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self-proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and it's quite the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating there are now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their ex used to build up some infrastructure by i think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand a lympics in beijing yet china is really develop in the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think of the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some panned as that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i hate to say it but i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion.
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there's a so we leave the. oceans secure. there's an. issue is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only our team. max kaiser welcome to the kaiser report you know it was recently revealed that jamie diamond rented out blocking him palace and other to entertain his close friend tony blair the dinner took place only days before jamie diamond had agreed to give the us department of justice a very small cut of his ill gotten mortgage fraud gains and oh how the penniless
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peasants outside buckingham palace gates rejoiced at the impossibly large number of thirteen billion dollars jamie paid. all hail jamie dougherty and they cheered while the food stamps meeting bedroom tax paying part time working masses gaspin off the large songs of ill gotten gains falling out of the financial tyrant pockets the likes of jamie diamond and his close friend tony blair know that winter is coming and that when you play a game of thrones you win or your dog is that true stacy herbert apparently now you know everybody knows that we have this rise in wealth and income gap and the inequality gap the gini coefficient index around the world is rising but you know many people look at it and think that it's the poor that are going to rise up and that they're going to be be angry with how little they have.


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