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tv   Headline News  RT  November 29, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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european lenders failed to reveal there were rumors of an agreement with the ukrainian president refuses to revive the talks. the rest spirals in egypt as one student is killed and police one down on protesters who are outraged at the jail sentences slapped on a group of women for a peaceful demonstration. with a black friday shop with someone about to kick off and the you as we look at the wild buying spree of the federal reserve and wade's taking the american economy.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is all she international with me you. are very welcome to the program ukraine will not be reviving its plans for signing a part with the e.u. after the blank failed to convince president unocal which during the eastern partnership summit the gathering is underway in lithuania and poland to get behind the scenes look at the event for. since kiev announced that they would not be signing that association agreement with the e.u. one of the interesting questions has been how would european leaders responded last night we got a little insight we saw european leaders and heads of state arrive on the red carpet for an informal dinner on thursday evening and cameras were allowed in to capture those those meetings the first meetings really between european leaders and
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president of the code which now he was clearly coming under pressure you can hear the lithuanian president say if you sign the agreement we'll just keep going to tell you which we expected more we being the european union going to cave which then can be just about her to defend to justify his decision to mark the economic situation in ukraine is very difficult we are facing serious threats not appears to be one of the main stumbling blocks and one of the reasons that you know the coverage is standing so far on the six hundred million euros that are on offer from the e.u. and the international monetary fund as part of this deal is just in adequate for ukraine so says president this moment he says that offer and that figure left his country feeling humiliated well of course the precondition of allowing jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko to germany for medical treatment was something that was never likely to be approved by the ukrainian government meanwhile in kiev
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mass demonstrations are being station against the government's decision to shell the trade pacts with here that's now crossed life's a cave and our correspondent. is that for us right now how that looks a so what's the mood in kids today as wary as far as when to stand by ukraine is not going to sign any deal today. well the protest is still continuing here literally several thousand people right now at independence square there were obviously be more during the day as the decision of ukrainian government not to sign the euro sation deal with brussels is getting more and more obvious getting more imminent we even heard from the opposition leaders that they were planning to take people into the streets for a national strike and even doing side what they describe as a euro revolution in case the other which fails to side the agreement which is increasingly looking like to be the case at the moment we also heard about the gentian of the people of the protesters to form a human chain from kiev from central square in kiev to the border with poland to
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the basically the border with the european union that would take half a million people to do that we don't know whether they will actually pull it off but we had about plans like that so obviously they're still clinging to the hope that a deal will be signed will be signed but the assurances coming from the ukrainian government that it won't decide at the moment are very very solid because of the demo just an economic issue of the damages to economy and possible threats to the country's stability and we talked to the former to have finance minister of the country i just assumed love who told us that this was a rather good decision because right now the ukrainian economy could not handle taking this leap of faith let's have a listen. to this and of course neither the ukrainian businesses nor the government have this amount of money or will have any time soon that's why ukraine is not ready to take responsibilities he's not capable of fulfilling. obviously we're expecting more protests in the evening after working hours finished
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the biggest question of course the school believing these protests because all opposition politicians of ukraine are now in vilnius with that with the governmental group still waiting for the deal to be signed and probably they will be meeting european officials there to convince them that ukrainians to sign this deal. has can live from camp and say thank you very much indeed weapon it. e.u. leaders are now saying an agreement could be possible when a new president comes into power in ukraine however journalist and broadcaster neil clark believes both e.u. and ukraine are better off without each other e.u. doesn't need the ukraine really i mean the e.u. is is close to bankruptcy itself a lot of the country the if you're a bankrupt or very close to it and you think the e.u. will be concentrating on trying to sell the form of its products in portugal great to spain but it is going to get added to right to west of the e.u. fanatics to sit there in brussels or london to say ukraine should join the e.u. treaty so on this trade deal putting things in practical terms would be
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a disaster for the ukrainian people it would be gas prices going up the prices going up unemployment going up the industrialisation so i think you have a choice. and peter and his guys debate ukraine's rejects it easy your bed and just how attractive the deal was for cave in the first place that's in today's crosstalk . the european union doesn't have money to hand out ukraine needs an awful lot of money and everyone knows that the european union and its member states are broke they have debt up to their eyeballs and they can't afford to pay their own bills let alone other peoples both russia and the european union like integration with ukraine but unocal richard to the end of the day just said it's not a good enough deal i think the yanacocha of government trying to probe and see where that the european union would be able to provide some financial assistance and also whether it would be willing to nudge the i.m.f.
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to be more lenient and maybe have thoughts to preconditions for unlocking the loans however the european union made it very clear that they're not going to make any concessions. and on our web site all gathered expert opinion on the e.u. ukrainian association deal so to find out more on what's behind it had a line to. in egypt meantime a student demonstrator has been killed it as cairo university has become the latest battleground of anti-government protest against a bertold police squad down i believe it's gone sure he gets up and fine tear gas to disperse the crowds who were chanting down
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with military rule and nineteen year old students died in this counsel's office a stating fatal but shouting during every test this theory has been rocking the country in a new government a law banning more than ten people gathering without permission or pulse now from cairo. students were angered that harsh jail sentences given to twenty one young women are not exam to who were arrested in october for protesting in suppose that islam is president mohamed morsi was ousted in july by the military last fourteen of those women have to be given eleven years in jail for supposedly holding weapons and assaulting police officers seven of them are mine is that just fifteen years old sixteen years old their families say they were just protesting on the cornice of an exam to holding balloons handing out flyers now it's not just islam is protesters who have been cracked down on we've also got elected activists who have been arrested so the new protests by the government which was she did few days ago
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behave it's any protests have been without permission from the interior ministry the latest news this is a depiction blog a lot of good stuff there who is one of the key voices the donor to be part of a nation who's picked up the his wife beaten he was being summoned by the general prosecutor for inciting protests he is of course a liberal leftist activist showing that it's not just the islamists who would be talkative the question is whether the government can continue this has been massive opposition from a lot of the political factions including a comment. one of the maybe it will be just come visit but he's going to be presidential hopeful he tweeted austin the interim president to pardon these girls who've been sentenced and there's been no pressure concludes about this new protests the last name for it to be looked at again so the question remains whether this military led government will be able to continue this crackdown and continue issuing these very difficult noise on restricting freedoms. the day also the feast of the peak all day shopping seasons and knocking on the door on the
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right path while shoppers and they go as head down to stores to pick up the dog and deals with the federal reserve's wild bone buying i'm told so one of those behind the controversial policy is things here and of pledging to tocs had. ukraine a country divided its government's decision not to pursue integration with the european union and opt for russia instead as western politicians and media in an uproar brussels feel snubbed while moscow has a wait and see approach as ukrainian politics is anything but stable the so-called struggle for ukraine is far from over. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on
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the black sea coast for more than two thousand years and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer welcome to meet some of the people growing the grapes and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. plan. to my. hello again mrs international welcome back the holiday shopping season has kicked off in the uars and many retailers have even broken tradition by pushing their opening hours into thanksgiving night and said the waiting for their fish will start of black friday exactly five years ago the federal reserve announced its own
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unprecedented shopping spree but it's hardly been helping america's economy. while those behind experiment has things it all a big mistake. black friday the day after thanksgiving is america's busiest shopping day of the year millions standing in lines for hours or even days before stampeding into stores to snag door buster deals oddly enough the federal reserve bank has also used this pseudo holiday to launch its own on precedented spending spree otherwise known as want to teach it easy two thousand a financial crisis the fed began buying up massive pawns to drive down the cost of credit and experiment at helping main street as the program marks its five year anniversary the former fed official who helped spearhead the quantitative easing is publicly apologizing to all americans for the role he played his name is andrew use
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are and he joins me now andrew what is so bad about quantitative easing that you felt you had to publicly apologize to the entire country i believe we have a very big wake up call with the financial crisis five years ago we had a we realize we have this economy that was over we were lying on wall street where the banks have become too big and too too concentrated for the larger economy and what i feel quality quantitative easing all to me has done is to reinforce. that structure in the u.s. economy and a lot of the benefits of q.e. have ultimately gone to the banks rather to to to main street america so if we see that over the course of five years those that have benefited from q e have been the richest people in the united states of the richest companies the richest banks in the majority of americans are not benefiting from this and why is still continuing
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the problem is. the fed at this point is the only one doing something and so it feels like it keeps on having to do something to help mild the argument is what it's doing is it not only helping. but it may actually be hurting far for much about the u.s. economy and let's not look beyond god to thousand and eight when the feds unveiled its largest stimulus package in u.s. history banks were lending too many mortgages out and not getting their money back and as financial troubles plagued boras while the federal reserve than comes to rescue i'm launches a program of massive bond purchases printing more cash and buying the bad loans from the eighteen banks by pouring more money into the banks they intended to how the average joe driving down the costs of credit so that more americans could survive the financial meltdown but it turned out to be a big win for wall street and not for tonks pads and with boras increasingly
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missing that credit payments it means interest rates about to go through the roof the publisher of trans journal leonti ones of grave consequences. the only reason there is any recovery going on in the united states or for that matter the europeans own is that interest rates are at record lows so as i mentioned you could buy an automobile with zero percent and what they go it was going to happen when interest rates go up the housing market again collapses the auto market collapses and worse than that the bond market collapses and so you're going to start seeing a decline again in it people paying mortgages more foreclosures happening and that's when interest rates go up because when interest rates go up this phony recovery we have in the housing market is going to stop and a lot of the new people that got into the market are going to have trouble paying
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off their mortgages. and our website has lined up plenty of stories for you on our website including the black hole in russia in fact it's a brand new submarine which has been dubbed with this name for being virtually undetectable if submerged noble to call for more details and pictures of this impressive machine. and the u.s. war against intellectual property perhaps it doesn't look so effective now it's been revealed washington has its own face in these different stories just a click away for you on our website. a shocking video allegedly showing an execution carried out by radical islamists in syria has emerged online the footage is said to show. militants publicly killing members of a rival rebel group the amateur footage posted by the syrian observatory for human
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rights couldn't be independently verified we'll have to warn you of its graphic nature this seven. on this media are believed to be members of the moderate group it's claimed they're being shot dead by members of the islamic state of and live band radical organizations affiliated with al qaida the terrorist cells been pressing for more control in rebel held area against the more moderate elements of the opposition and for more balance and the prospects of peace and see where let's not talk to each other from the center for middle east studies mr job out welcome to r.c. is good to talk to you now so what does this through to age tell you about the situation on the ground in syria. as you know several groups are fighting in syria started by. the group so we don't often clearly like
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and die and other islamic groups who are not officially belong to there are a lot of you know crimes making and by those groups against people in syria and. when they fight the syrian regime. of course they. and that's kind of. the civilians. now you see. me. you know between. groups that is really. fighting. very strategic and important.
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few days. step by step two. and. we have to expect. military operations from both sides and. this is. the. first. to keep away. from day to day. because. it's very difficult
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very large. step by step. the. division. division. brigade. by. different national defense and maybe i. did not start. now fighting beside the regime. has another duty is to for a bit. to go to ribbon on. yesterday. so you just came to. show we'll just like what you just mentioned is that what you mean how these atrocities can be prevented because obviously and very briefly if you can
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obviously these groups can be controlled by the official opposition they come to a participate in peace talks how can we prevent these atrocities. yes i think it's. the secretary general or does just that mr brahimi united nations. you know support the geneva two they have a lot of work and a next forty days in order to put the opposition on the table that. we're going to have in geneva table is one more nine members represent the regime and the other offices and nine members and in-between that is the secretary general or his assistant. regime doesn't have any problem he can nominate in five minutes. delegations the city an officer delegation but what we can do is we have several
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positions we have. we have. not accepted to be on the dime brenda the coalition we're still talking about the opposition outside we have the opposition political opposition inside what about the free syrian army who is going to be a representative second and the who are on the line we do estimate the number sixty thousand on that and if they are not the represented on joining if we cannot live. fire if they are how. they are on the terrorist list. thank you for your time thank you very much indeed for sharing you. had a sense of middle east studies thank. the u.k. now provides a roof to two thousand two hundred thousand roman migrants who move day in search
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of a better life but some brits are angry that few of newcomers are ready to change their cultural traditions and respect the rules of their new home in response locals have taken matters into their own hands setting up street patrols as reports. wrapping up against the cold this team is setting off on one of their regular nightly migrant patrols organized by the pakistan community association there beat is this small neighborhood in sheffield in the north of england known as paige all the trying to save a community tensions here and i know there are tensions in the area and people are angry because it's a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace houses people living on top of each other it doesn't take us long to see what some members of the local community is so concerned about even on a monday night in winter large groups of roma men congregated on this small high street i did you see saw. me see something look around this mass you sensed
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noise that night most of the roma here from the back here and they're eager to tell us that they don't want to cause any trouble for my friend you know my people talking speaking so if you have two million more of them you know for a drop you know problem here five thousand and nine pm curfew has been put in place here under sixteen can see the police thanks coming back here so they have what sort of significant presence in the area unless they've got a presence here from eight o'clock in the flame right the way through until then it's a very difficult thing to police the situation has gained national attention with some voicing concerns of a repeat of the race riots that blighted the north of the country to stave a decade ago it didn't concern me that it was going to happen what concerned me was how that would make very much population and the longstanding population feel that they're living in an area where tensions of perhaps not so hard either that might
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happen like all east citizens of roma have the right to move freely throughout the european union but so what is the most persecuted ethnic minority groups in europe the migrant patrol at. trying to aid integration here but with restrictions being removed next year allowing bulgarians and romanians to enter the u.k. sparking wide public concern it won't just be the patrol keeping a careful watch what plays out on the streets this is more local community come on so r.t. reporting from sheffield in the north of england as the olympic torch continues its momentous trip from the great us high stakes those raring to compete twenty fourteen are swearing it hours to get in shape for the winter games the host city has also been put through its paces ahead of the sporting spectacular. reports now
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from the centerpiece of the black sea resort. i'm standing inside of the fish the olympic stadium which will host the opening as well as the closing ceremonies for the olympic and paralympic of twenty four teams now president vladimir putin will be here a little bit later to tour the stadium itself we keeping everything under wraps we don't want to show you everything as a this is going to be the home of the olympic torch as well as for those opening closing ceremonies the finished a stadium is quite unique it is a shaped like a seashell and to myself that is be a black sea and to my left is the mountainous cluster where all the beautiful alpine ski resorts are being prepared for the athletes as well as the spectators are what's also quite unique about the stadium is the fact that it is made out of glass so while you're when it's sunny the sun is reflected up on it and you can really see why it was chosen to be the host stadium for the olympics and of course
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there will be no sporting activities happening here because it is kept for the opening and closing ceremonies and after the olympics it will be used for twenty eight feet for the world cup so we're here everything is almost ready and we're just waiting for the final nails and bowls to be put in on the fish a stadium and of course a president which has already stemmed russia ready to host the world insult she come twenty fourteen and up next us from as they are unhappy a love affair between care and brussels is a descent of debate and peace will of ours crosstalk stay with us.
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i hate to be a doubter by really think the olympics of last op. meaning and the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract at the nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self-proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to say and it's quite the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating there now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their acts used to build up some infrastructure by i think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand a lympics in beijing yet china is really developing the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i hate to say it i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just
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generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion. speak your language i mean some of the will not advance the. programs in documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too negative angle is stories. here. spanish find out more visit eye to eye. as. well.


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