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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 30, 2013 11:29am-12:01pm EST

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if the clinic refuses to provide you with the necessary documents the court all sign an enquiry. didn't it surprise you that they claim you could north a request from the roof yes it did i don't know why they didn't reply it's so strange i can't comment i don't know what happened if i had the opportunity i would have done it myself what are you going to do next week sure when i'm going to call the clinic and the local registry office i'll try to explain the situation because it's delaying the surgery.
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itself i told you it to think twice because there was an opportunity that she wouldn't be allowed on a plane with more than the police would detain her i told her to wear no make up tearing check again and on the plane she could have put it on later and not before customs a lot of women wear trousers now julip put on and travis high heeled shoes and make up anyway. she was looking for trouble because. of course they didn't want to load jewelry or through the customs because what they saw didn't conform to what her passport sat the ground they call for doctors to check because they saw a woman who according to the documents was a man. i
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am not recognized in russian law jazz nothing there about me or people tell me that anything which is not expressly forbidden must be allowed so i figured that nothing was for that and maybe there's no law saying to the seller of your can go through customs in a dress and high heels so i could do it and i did. hear . it when i didn't start a fight stand my feet or throw shoes at them i just looked at them smiled and waited till i saw your face. and you were so serious so concentrated.
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i'm convinced that all thoughts materialize your fifth your fright of something sooner or later you'll have to face it but there's no point hiding the why do that anyway i want to live openly and freely just live being transsexual is a temporary state i'm a woman and very happy about that since i have all my documents but possibly nothing more than three. ladies and gentlemen please give up your seats to elderly passengers mothers with children all pregnant ladies. but when you were ten when you were thirty you mom i didn't know anything then understand you had a family you were a normal person. i'm still a normal person i think it. living on your own that has brought it all about. and
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it's nothing that living alone could do i was born with it the doctors have already told you it's innate it's. why when you believe the experts there's no other way you can't catch it all about genes it's a combination of chromosomes and group life doesn't affect it in any way mum white . mom white quickly. go through ok let's take a blood test. from a vein yes give me our. most of the most of the crux of the issue is the removal of a penis causes your anation problems to be honest i can't even look at it yuck.
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don't seem so strange just a kind of really the studio organ. which is a it will be quite a long operation because we will have to remove part of some blood vessels and adjust your rethrow within the growing oh maybe we could start with removing the testicles and then decide yes then you'll have to decide look at you now you're so cheerful yes because your testicles still produce a little. yes once that is gone there will be no such happiness anymore. then we might need to insert physiologically female doses of the hormone to maintain this good mood. you need hormones not for general masculine ization or to make your beard grow will be needed as an effective anti stress agent to have a good mood this is the. root of it as early as the age of five i started to think it was wrong that they called me and treated me as
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a boy uppermost when i was aware that they were boys and girls wouldn't they put me with the former one that i knew i really belonged with the latter. but it came as a shock to me i tried to analyze myself and came to the conclusion that i couldn't change anything so i just withdrew into myself for the many years with the woman was one small but very great secret that i had to live with morning and what's right that. does occur still difference between you and me as a child at school i didn't consider why i was one of the children gave me a hard time to me didn't talk to me and inside. to me. i was an outcast but the story of my life is based on what was a great tragedy for my mother to sean she believed that she had to give birth to daughter so that there would be someone to look after her when she's old and
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already know if you call that was her life plan so when after labor the doctor told her it was a boy she got hysterical and she said take him away it's not my baby she was convinced the babies had been switched to yellow and i saw mom was suffering because of me because i wasn't born a girl i feel guilty for something that wasn't in fact my fault matias you were. this feeling to kreutz i was delighted to be a woman willing to i took interest in all aspects of my mother's life i tried to prove i was worthy of her love and if she could only feel love for a daughter i was determined to become that daughter for her.
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both of the goals. and you were arguing when we were choosing this t. shirt i was afraid it would be too big for me. to be in fact to size up would have been better if i told you that you needed a bigger and with a look to the song mommy knows best at least today after i do jewish hair she looks beautiful and usually an ugly one i don't do your hair that well you mean you're not as beautiful can't help crying just looking at it. juliet's come off it do something normal show how calm here at the top and you'll have a cool hairstyle that folliot my hair looks like a bush you have what you have to look the volume is so nice you sure from your lips to god's is. ungrateful pig go away.
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i think i've spent too much time get to where i want to live a comb life of my own and enjoy the high level i've managed to achieve. and i have one more thing to ask of you you don't undergo any surgery mom i am asking you were you a moment or dry to understand one simple thing my whole body has changed i'm a woman now and i can't have male organs i'm a woman as you try to understand it once and for all. you cut thirteen or it doesn't matter you have to admit a woman can't have male organs even if you come to the doctor to do this operation
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it's called to me term amy and what people call it it's cold castration but the organ remains anyway. that removing that is the second stay after a year i can remove absolutely everything is just much more expensive. when you buy you aware that you're not that young and i know do you realize that i could have died three years ago i tried to kill myself do you understand that that i have gained another three years of life the good woman asked for the suicide rate is almost ninety percent. are they all like that is that they are weak people there are no. very strong people my name is julia. i'm speechless because i've almost completely forgotten what i wanted to ask. after the break you'll meet the person who was always the closest man in julia's life to
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follow. what it is if they are if she can meet a serious said yes absolutely she hasn't seen him for ages will he even recognise him you can see for yourself after the break. right on the scene. first strike. and i think you're. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such
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a. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limp a torch relay. on r t r two dot com. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back. how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through her new guinea airport screening green a. go go forward base blow them blow them all run his back
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the reward was a loser and it was all over all. we know that our call moran's on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. there who are getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world writes now. i'll fill the picture of today steve's. andijon from around the globe.
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dropped. to fifty. julius i love you over sweat and love and respect myself by promise that i shall never cease working on myself and from this day on to be true to myself for better or for us richer for poorer in sickness and in health. i will love and accept myself until the day that i die i challenge myself to live in complete harmony with myself and to lead a happy life. good relations again on the day when you've accepted yourself. why did you do boys there was no other way. i could be neither
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father nor hospital i know that i'm a woman. which i'm not ok it was your first marriage what about the second that was immediately after the first war i don't know if it's still a mystery to me well you said to her my re i love you will you marry me i was trying. to fit in so yes i mean i tried to kill myself but i think it's actually easier to be a man i know with you it's physiological but if we're talking about living in a society a woman has a responsibility as. you have to live where make shave your legs polish our nails you can't just walk around in war now. you can do that it's creepy of course not but i wanted you that way to send a man can wear socks with holes in it too short and sweat pants and play.
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and who will complain clue in about what. he's in there good and bad well i'll tell you a secret i hope no one will hear me even with a dent like that he is a god with a huge belly with no interaction he believes he's a cool guy because he can drive a woman and find another one there always be someone who will be happy to have him always. there with you i had a number of sham marriages well one was official right another marriage another baby and still nothing more nothing changed about lee i was still the same person i had always been with quickly but most of all the divorced i supported my child my nan surely and helped as best as i could when we divorced she was eight or nine months maybe a year old. now she's twenty six. i guess i wouldn't recognise her
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if i met her on the street. who i spoke to on the phone and we had great to meet over. there the more i thought i could give myself a little treat and meet the person who has my own blood flowing through the day. to me of course. i was there in vain rina texted to say she couldn't make it and she had a lot of things to do she couldn't come which was a pity much and i feel so stupid and upset.
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i doubt a reader knew it was my birthday she couldn't mean it to be such an empty present the worst time for me was when i was forty five it was a tough this year of my life that year in may the best impressions i've ever had in my whole life i realized that it was too late i was way past the critical stage i was depressed it's a most dangerous suicidal state for a hit boiling point. after my second attempt to commit suicide failed which i decided there was not much point in trying again for a third time it was much better to see what would happen if i started taking hormones for going so that's what i did.
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where back exactly where we stopped last time i asked you for a document for any relevance so typical as that could prove that the clinic has a license can you present such documents are not i can't present such documents you've come to the hearing unprepared again what next what do you expect us to do take my word for it. of news but i believe in anything. that i want to do now. is. the case wouldn't matter anymore. if i meet him i will have nothing to say to him and i can't imagine. what i will do if we can i tell him i certainly want to say hello and i don't want to say hello
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julia either you or i could but i don't want to. bring i don't want to encourage him i'll never pat him on the shoulder in an operating room and say go on man if he feels that male member prevents him from having a happy life he's free to remove it and i won't come to the hospital with a banner saying no to julia sole of your i won't do that and he's never done me any wrong after he became a woman although he did me a lot of bad things before but it really puts me off that i have such a father anyway no matter how you look at it i feel ashamed that. kolo is going to do when i have children of my own i won't be able to tell them that this is their grandfather but i can't go for a walk with him or come to his place on saturday to drink beer and watch football
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to do all the simple things i would like to do. i did not fall in love with him but i felt it was pity you when i saw him for the first time he had the eyes of the beating dog thrown out on the street he's had this desolate look in his eyes all his life and had always felt he wanted to be me no woman i mean for example he would ask me to stand in front of the mirror and point out that our foreheads look alike and some other things. people were both in it when i was pregnant with terrible texaco's it's the first thing i wanted to know was whether it was a congenital disorder union and when i found out it wasn't i come down with it at least i will have a baby i thought you have to understand if after this operation you behave here you've got all these ten twenty thirty years that remain with whom would you let
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him do it if it will make life easier for him because in fact it seems self that he's struggling with and working don't disturb me why i don't just mean we should have thanked everyone he hold no grudge and forgive everyone would you start it's not too late for that even know you meant everything will work out for him or her. doing your job you're doing now is humiliating which is difficult no humiliating how is it demeaning i do my job properly but psychologically you're still a tease i need the money i'm just earning money i know i know humiliating but you
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can do it all your life i'm not going to i've already told you i'm leaving for moscow i've been offered a job that. smothered your positions for having examined the documents presented to the court records rule to dismiss the claim by hearing over there from making amendments and the birth certificate. that it's present project may be in accordance with the law numbers up on it but at.
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what do we do now mum would even name me i know how difficult it is federman it's very important for me don't be offended if you know i'm not my child can't you see that i'm definitely not going to answer to the name during trying to understand that and tell dad well use another name when you have one already have another name in all the medical statements you don't have it yet don't be offended mom you have to understand one very simple thing i love you and i want you to love me too i'm a clever woman i know what to do i've been loving you all my life i've lived my life for you. is the course there when i die i don't want to have the name your ear all the dogs on my tombstone or there were there when you're really sets my teeth on edge and i'm good i know i won't be able to make any decisions by then you know you're there
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you couldn't move you'll never even get to see it from arthur met the myth thoughts of it frustrates me if you're watching i really don't want that to be a man's name on my tombstone throw in which would be better not to have a drive at school. but he's your son you can anyone be closer to him than you knew costs i think most people both feel sorry for her. you heard his father saying that it would be easier for him if his son killed himself he moved on what i think his life is difficult for the reason i'm happy man any suffering over with but with all of that. my name is julia.
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this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people dream here twenty some years ago so you stablished me and i stick wife on the silent. and people feel the love of christ all working. people say you can. come but something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on antti. this immediately goes so we leave the need. for the sea potions to cure. play your part of the physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our team.
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live. live live. live
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. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russell it's probably
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not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which really can compete with the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. good lumber tour. to build the world's most sophisticated. mission to teach me. this is why you should.
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dozens wounded and arrested ukrainian police crackdown on protesters in kiev as tens of thousands keep up their demands for the country's leadership to resign after rejecting an e.u. association deal. with some guantanamo prisoners report a big read to spy for the u.s. in exchange for cash and freedom the more guilty you are may have been better for you critics condemned the cia tactics and dangerous suspects might go to innocent men. indefinitely. also reporting that already authorities believe the main opposition leader in jail despite him being eligible for release amnesty international says it's clear the monarchy isn't interested in justice.


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