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but you. just send over a discussion of the ukrainian prime minister the times to reason would be parliamentary opposition drowned out by charles for the cabinets resignation. the division of ukraine become more visible with people in these to make it clear they're not as eager to move closer to the because on the streets of kiev. also this hour for you the editor told a british newspaper that exposed world wide surveillance is called in for a terra hearing after threats of raids and pleas for help to stop the paper's expose eight. thousand while some e.u.
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states struggle under the budget of a steri c we'll look at how iceland's decision to forgive people's debts. live from moscow you're watching our scene to national with me. and welcome to the program sounds of firsts as in the ukrainian capital are marching on the presidential administration this scene a rising on sunday that left about two hundred people wounded there demanding the president does bonds the country's cabinet to a no confidence that was rejected by parliament she's a rino going to has more now on the fire recession that. well true to form a can you create a problem has started off essentially with a brawl albeit this time there were no blows thrown around which they're actually known for it was merely the verbal skirmish and when when the prime minister eyes
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are of to get the stage to speak you could hardly hear him from behind all that all the yelling and the screaming coming from resignation the office the government coming from the rada and gets to the prime minister has tried to appeal to the protesters and to the opposition's logic you were one of those who would cite you to the cabinet ministers are absolutely reckless irresponsible people the ministry of finance is in this building the ministry responsible for paying wages of ukraine stop and think teachers salaries doctors pay margins the service is the will depend on the continued functioning of this government. the prime ministers also added that the government as was ukraine itself are not thinking about swaying off the course towards a getting closer towards the european union and he's also called on the protesters who are still out on the streets in huge numbers to keep it civil and to abstain
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from violence but his words were met with discontent from the opposition who still insist on calling them traitors those words were voiced by one of those problems ukrainian politicians as well as you can say media persons with alec each core and to the sentiments expressed by the opposition leaders are actually supported by those who are out on the streets we have tens of thousands of people pouring in to the central independence square throughout the day but the problem of with the ukrainian situation at this point is that what we've been hearing and seeing largely is the reaction of people in here for well for the integration or closer situation to the european union however this is not the case in the entire country and this is what my report is about the european union flag. burning trash bins get to teenagers and the world revolution passed around like a football this is key but what about other parts of ukraine where people have
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a different opinion about what's good for the country and what isn't. how many revolutions did we have in ukraine seven and what did that bring us. together people and students and used them so unpleasant i don't even want to talk about it right now the opposition is trying to sell the drive for e.u. integration as the choice of all but recent polls show that there's an equal split between the pro european west of the country and the east and south which are historically much more pro russian people want to live like they do in europe they must work like they do in europe they should not work for the sake of being out on the street. to be in the e.u. we must meet certain criteria and that the moment we are simply not up to par to the european standards in the way we produce things. so far do you claim your leadership has shown no sign of giving in quite the opposite the president the
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parliament and the cabinet remain firmly in place so perhaps the forecasts of an impending doom could be premature it is a god r t. and let's now take another look at the split between the demands a western and eastern ukraine thousands have taken to the streets in the east to voice support for the authorities and their decision to suspend the trade deal with the recent polls show the country is sharply divided on the more than seventy percent of those living in the west of ukraine in favor they deal with the european union compared to less than thirty percent in the east and the let's not get some analysis on the situation from historian and the boy said mr mollett welcome to altie so when now the prime minister was brewed at the beginning of his speech in parliament for speaking russian and said are we cranium that's how divided this country remains is there any chance of the two sides reconciling.
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what i would like to know is how could the how could they could tell honestly to me they both sound the same. but i think the ukrainian issue is. do you create an issue is thorny because. the opposition that's currently out in the streets is trying to go for a rerun of two thousand and four they're trying to go for a rerun of the orange revolution the orange revolution works because people didn't know what it was about at the time. nine years later things are a bit more clear all the promises that were made then. have been repeatedly broken the e.u. has run out of money to bribe people obviously it has enough to still pay the activists on its payroll otherwise there would have been these demonstrations but the cold harsh reality is as the prime minister recently argued from purely mathematical standpoint the deal with the e.u. would have completely bankrupted ukraine. demanded basically an unconditional
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surrender demanded a unilateral. dismantling of ukraine's rail networks full compliance with european regulations which there are hundreds of thousands of pages on from regulating the shape of cucumber to sales of cabbage this is incredibly mean this sort of thing is incredibly repressive through bureaucracy and nobody's beating you over the head with a stick but basically you are you breathing is in violation of fifteen different european laws right before breakfast so honestly. i believe from what i recall from his original explanation why he rejected the deal was this was simply bad math for ukraine now the protesters again i'm not sure what exactly they know about the e.u. if you ask them they might say oh this is civilisation this is europe this is our destiny. but the e.u. right now is greece it's spain it's ireland it's italy it's corruption it's poverty
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it's our banks toure's running out of control it's cyprus it's confiscation of private bank deposits i mean that's the e.u. right now that's the reality somehow it really sure that the people that are out in the street demanding to join the e.u. know this or are quite sure what that entails right but the family you politicians blame russia for the bank in kiev right now does also have a pot to play and narrow. well this is what we in the balkans call the era shippable faeces reversal or stop thief you basically accused the opposition of doing whatever you yourself are doing and while the opposition goes on the defensive in this case the russians if moscow has a need to say oh well that's not us we're not doing anything we're not trying to recreate the soviet union really trying to recreate the soviet union isn't the point nobody has been trying to do that ever it's you trying to replicate essentially nine hundred forty three that we're seeing here and that's the part of
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the problem that's the crux of the problem the accusations against moscow are simply a smokescreen in order to. the media window switch the narrative over to let's let's blame somebody else don't look at us nothing to see here move along storen new voice and knowledge live that mr mellish thank you very much indeed for sharing with with us your perspective thank you and we'll of course be bringing you more updates from ukraine and x. but opinion on this is haitian throughout the day but once you can always keep an eye on developments there by logging on to our website antti dot com where you will also find the most striking videos and photos from the process. the episode britain's guardian newspaper is being grilled by a special parliamentary committee over the publishing of stories exposing the scale
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of global surveillance which britain is no small part of the government says the paper is encouraging terrorism but others say that is just an excuse to intimidate the media to fast now is covering the hearing for as hot as sarah nice to see so they harry have started also expected to focus on exactly. well as a sort of the guardian newspaper alan rusbridger facing questions from m.p.'s right now at that home affairs select committee and he'll be questioned over the implications for national security in this country of the publications of his knees paper of some of the files from the leaks edward snowden documents now that questioning taking place at the moment earlier on at the beginning of last month we heard from some of the top spy chiefs in the cave their heads of m i five
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m i six then g c h q you gave an unprecedented public appearance and there we heard claims from the terrorist networks had been given a helping hand by some of the disclosures that we've seen and that al-qaeda were rubbing their hands with glee now alan rusbridger is always defended his these papers role in the disclosures saying that he's simply been part of sparking a debate around intelligence gathering to talk more about this on to him by technology journalist glenn thank you very much for joining us it's a debate indeed it sparked we've heard every awaiting and the prime minister being accused of making veiled threats we've got lawmakers we've got these parliamentary committees going on everyone it seems has an opinion what on earth is going on here well i think what we're seeing really is through sort of large extent in that the u.k. government is trying to present things in a certain way for appearances so drunk right of the beginning of this saga we saw
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some government people marching to the guardian and demanded computer hard to speed astroid with hammers drools this is despite the fact the guardian told them of the documents have been copied and more all around the world for the sake of theatre the government wanted them destroyed you mentioned that meeting before the committee a month ago which was the unprecedented. interrogation it was presented as well least. they told us how damaging some of these allegations we learn after this was they were told the questions beforehand it was pure see the theater there was no real interrogation going on and what we're seeing now is the naughty schoolboy alan rusbridger being hauled up before the headmaster to explain himself it's. obviously of course there is actually nothing lighthearted about this and internationally right now there's a lot of people watching say you know a u.k. defends the freedom of the press what is happening we damaging absolute of our education found that the government government is engaging in this theater for
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political purposes and is ignoring the real issues here and therefore it's beginning to look really quite absurd to the outside world so instead of addressing the fact that juicy h.q. with the n.s.a. are actually spying on everything we do online twenty four hours a day and storing large amounts of that they're starting to say well never mind about that sort of you know look there's a squirrel we're going to talk about security numbers don't address that problematic issue that is really interesting so there is a t. debate serious and there is the issue over the surveillance and the scope of that you know what these people are doing in the name of national security and then of course you've got the issue of the freedom of the press going on right now we shocked by the revelations that you'd seen in the guardian newspaper mean are they public interest is it really stuff that we need it's like i have been a computer jones for thirty years and i thought i was pretty cynical but i was taken aback by what's been going on i knew this was technically possible but i did not believe anybody would actually do it to actually effectively download the
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internet in real time and analyze it because i thought given that we fought off things like the communications datable where they were talking about story just a small amount we actually fought off but in the meantime they've been doing this on a far larger scale so i was very shocked why such a high profile campaign while facing the prime minister commenting on this why are we seeing the editor of one of the main newspapers in the u.k. being quizzed by m.p.'s right now well as i say i think it's they're trying to think it's theater for. for internal consumption i think david cameron wants to sort of play the tough guy you want to show a really strong really tough on terrorism on the going to put i was journalist leaking on national secrets for the rest of the world to say well hang on the serious debate that needs to be held here president obama has said you're right there is a debate we need to hold but david cameron say well no forget about the debate we're just going to talk about security because that's the really serious thing so he has was really troubling is that he won't address the central issue ok thank you very much to do list for the media technology journalists and of course that debate does continue the editor of the guardian newspaper facing the questioning from the
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home affairs select committee right now. live from london sam many thanks indeed for that to you and your guests as well and lots of our local how much pressure the guardian has phrased these last months the paper began publishing revelations of surveillance this summer soon after police came knocking on the door demanding the paper hand over all the information it had and that didn't work so the paper was threatened with legal action reportedly by figures close to david cameron the paper refused to yield in august the partner of a guardian columnist for the taint and to terror laws allegedly for carrying more incriminating data and later that month the paper was forced to destroy the hard drives containing sensitive data although that too failed to stop more revelations and here we are now talking about the editor of the guardian going before the piece that. after
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a very short break for you. has challenged any dasa with russia's bolshoi ballet will spend the next six years behind bars team lost among four months to mining a brutal acid that's hot on the companies of our record set. lists. the for. the media leave also we leave them to be part of the scene motions to truly play your party there's a good. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from solong politicking only on our t.v. .
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dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights never. grow. old picture of today's leaves no longer than a month from around the globe the brooklyn. you're watching our scene to national welcome back while many european states are struggling to make ends meet after a financial crisis back in two thousand and eight iceland is leading the way having successfully got its finances back on track and in the latest move it announced a major rideout of mortgages case
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a pilgrim explained to my colleague what research what that means. the icelandic government they're going to inject one and a quarter billion u.s. dollars to help people that are really struggling with higher costs of living so what they're going to do is they're going to get this money it's going to be half in mortgage pay downs another half in tax exemptions it's going to help one hundred thousand people which probably doesn't sound a great deal but that's actually a third of the population of iceland some people say that since two thousand and eight iceland has actually come rather a long way it has done very much so we rewind the clock it was pretty much a disaster the first domino to fall in the whole financial crash and we had international debt six times higher than the country's g.d.p. which is pretty startling stock market plunged ninety percent inflation surged eighteen percent we had unemployment rising nine fall that's just to give you an idea of what happened so the government they stepped up and this is what they did
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so they decided to go against what the rest of europe was doing so they paid off consumer loans first of all that's a person they desired to do they forgave mortgages as well so again they helped out the people that were struggling they burned bondholders instead of using taxpayers' money again the opposite of a lot of what the european union decide is they aren't interested in me enough they put some of the bankers in prison. they did indeed so they did go against it and also want to remind you that they've paid their i.m.f. loans back ok they're still in germany session there's a long way to go but if we consider the situation they were in in two thousand and eight it's quite a comeback. and. professor of economics and finance of the university of iceland joins me now live for more mr wall fell so welcome to our see is a fair to say that people of iceland didn't feel the worst of the konami crisis due
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to the way the government of iceland dealt with it. it's fair to say that. the measures that have been taken have been the effect but it's not fair to say that people haven't felt the effect but this measure which is being undertaken was announced last week and. how it's to restore the financial help for the financial health of the middle income families and is. and is funded by taxing the estates of the collapsed banks so it's a wealth transfer from the collect from the collapsed banks into into the middle income family and it over though it's not an excessive measure it's a measure that matters and will help people to continue the payments and. it is actually an also an equity in jackson into into into into the average household so
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the benefits of it should be quite clear and just explain to us how why seeing all of debt can end up in economic recovery because they know that inflation jumped to more than twenty five percent that. well it means that. this is a measure which is aimed at the what you call the balance sheet of the family or or the assets and liabilities so what this. effect of this measure how to increase the assets and lower the liabilities. that means that it's easier for people to continue to pay on their. doso. liberalize the. the financial house of the of the middle income person helps them to. restore financial health. you know continue on with his lifestyle as you know. sell his house get anymore kitchen continue with with life and try to push to process
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a lot of growth and prosperity where did iceland feel the modest economic pain. it's the debt crisis which came after the financial crisis which inflicted the average household. and tailed with the delay in restructuring the financial system a lifting of couple of controls. but. the good thing about this measure is that it focuses on the on the key of the economy which is the average household yes and why didn't the rest of europe did the same thing and could other european countries do the same without feeling the call sequence. that's a very good question and within the economic literature there are those who have been proponents of not rescuing banks but rescuing household and the banks collapse so in that respect the icelandic model if we can talk about an icelandic model of
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handling the financial crisis will be very interesting to follow and see if that's even more successful than than having the public paid through through the debt and through the increase in taxes in order to safeguard the financial system so as we know us things continue to move on to develop. this will be one of the more interesting things to me to study if this is a better way to. counter financial crises not what we call the traditional way which is really ring fencing the. sale of all fellas a professor of economics and finance at the university of iceland mr ball fell thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. and they donna said the bolshoi and the defendants have been found guilty of a brutal acid at time called the russian companies say it's
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a direct says the court handed down prison sentences for all three also has an identical share reports now from moscow say it. a four hour sentence reading brought the curtain down on a month long trial and it has lost the ball so you feel better leaving saw lewis behind bars probably three cheney who has been given six years in prison and to his fellow defendants for and ten years accordingly now the judge has also given be relied to surrogate dylan so the lawsuit machain to a cost to free three point five million roubles in compensation now this case has tarnished the reputation of russia's balsa the theater that last year reopened three spectacular refurbishment but some of the light has been taking off a theater by the scandal and i've been looking back so this happened in russia's valley history let's have a look. the final act in a case as dark as anything to grace the famous stage an acid attack that exposed to
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the world that russia stop theater in reality as a battlefield where the struggle for glory when the curtains for the salt in the theaters artistic director is to give fill in that almost made him blind shocked the world leaving the question who was the mastermind behind it sort of selling was returning home after an evening at the theatre world gala to this apartment building a man concealing his identity with a scarf called out phyllis name and right after that threw some liquid in his face saying it was a greeting for him and their leader a court appearance for len described the pain as unbearable and terrifying he was left suffering in agony and the snow right outside this building it was late at night and it took him some time to get help and more than twenty operations before he showed his face in public again from the start of officials and investigators
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believe the solid had come from inside the bali community two months later. in the arrest of leading soloist bible dmitrichenko often in his career the on stage villain plain average thing from von rothbart and swan lake to iran the terrible he was accused of planning that attack and chord need to change to admit it he did want to rough up felon but sad he did not intend for acid to be thrown into his face i organized the state of crime but not on the scale that it turned out and your advantage rumors and sooner ations even violence the dark underbelly of the bolshoi place and the spotlight. it will take a while to reste or the last of this famous and situation i don't wish no artsy moscow. and the next it's
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a break in the set. you know wired magazine this week feature of the absurd creature of the week a tongue eating i suppose. this parasitic i suppose is the tongue of the rose snapper fish and replaces it with its own body providing the fish with a fully functioning tongue i know what you're thinking you're thinking that sounds a lot like jamie diamond and in a way you're right jamie who is normally seen nesting in the large intestine of the chairman of the federal reserve bank of course and his fellow financial parasites ever placed the organs of capital allocation a price discovery with their own slow the report parasitic toads throw.
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deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred top two cities of russia. really running fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand coming. in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com. for the. well thought out everyone i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set but if you guys heard a weird news drone delivery is only five years away from being a reality yes online retail giant amazon just announced its plan for
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a futurist delivery system that could get packages. from the store to your doorstep in the less than thirty minutes the new unmanned door to door service is called primary and according to amazon c.e.o. jeff bays those the future is now guided by g.p.s. alone and this future will consist of thousands if not millions of flying robots darting to the skies to deliver goods now look i'm not knocking the technology it's obviously going to be an incredible convenience for customers and it is a greener alternative to giant delivery trucks however does anyone else find this just slightly creepy other than the minority report turn this technology could take how can these things be ensured a safe and be prevented from crashing into each other let alone the people below and then there's the question of privacy and if safeguards aren't legislated now before the attack of the drones then we may never get them because once surveillance from above is as commonplace as pizza delivery no one is going to get government surveillance drones.


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