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sick of all the banker beggars harassing us every time we pass one of their toll booth cones like this famous one hey i'm jimmy done oh look i found out your broken system going to phone trash on the ground before me through dollars. trillion one another julia more trillions give it to me give me. your take on the. branch and give it to me give it to jamie your real system your healthcare education system give it to me give it to me you want it all gimme gimme gimme your poses do drippers is an. africa loser. it's all jamie has to say jamie jamie jamie. well max yes i thought of this fact that here in the u.k. the councils wrote to the government and asked them for greater policing powers to stop that the influx of beggars they say from romania and bulgaria the headline reads council's call for tougher laws to police aggressive beggars council across
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britain have controversially called for new measures to deal with anti-social behavior as they prepare for an influx of romania and bulgaria migrants now of course one of the cons that they're talking about is when they throw the gold ring on the ground and they say it's a fake gold ring and they say look i found this gold ring when you give me twenty quid or fifty quid for and you know you turned it turns out that it's fake well this is what i thought why are we not calling for and i said social behavior orders against bankers when they throw the dow down on the ground or the footsie down on the ground and they throw it down and they say look you're economy is crashing give us some money and we'll make a better have a good point there the crashes are not driven by. foreseen market activity the crashes are engineered to. put in place this wealth confiscation that we seen so the two thousand and eight crash was engineered for this purpose the incredible engineering of the poor in the
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u.k. being disenfranchised that's not by accident that's engineers austerity engineer poverty that's the government colluding with banks to disenfranchise an entire population for the purpose of what you might call an economic or financial hole the cost that's their purpose in life that's what i was born and cameron and mark carney are there to do i'll show you some aggressive bagging in this little tweet here from convert bond ten trillion dollars u.s. bank deposits are earning three percent less than they did in two thousand and eight that's three hundred billion a year of lost interest income so apply this across all of the savers and pensioners in the world here we had the bankers begging for money begging begging begging going to the fed bad bad bad give us a zero percent give us the zero percent james creamer was on c. and b. c. saying you don't understand your academic give us some. three hundred billion
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dollars stolen from pensioners and savers for the benefit of the kleptocrats running the banking system cameron gets on t.v. he says we need to do this to stimulate the economy and yet the debt in the u.k. it's new all time on every single month so clearly his idea is failing. unless you look at it as a world confiscations game then it's succeeding magnificently and of course when the real estate bubble pops most assuredly will then a whole new generation of brits will find themselves sinking in the thames instead of corrupt or crabs i think we could come up with a new word of beggar kratz they're the beggar crack class they beg and beg and beg and shake us down and people give them money because they just are so violent and aggressive with their begging the holding hostage of congress back in two thousand and eight by hank paulson on their behalf was one of the most remarkable aggressive
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behaviors of begging and yet we've never brought in nobody has suggested we bring in as oppose to stop this sort of aggressive behavior shaking us down constantly well you have a great example of it here in the britain you've got the big six energy companies that are gal getting customers and like the banks stealing money so the government in response as decided to give the poor president fifty dollar fifty break on their energy bills just shut them up this is what it's all about just showed up you frickin ugly brit i'm disgusted that i have to lead you your country here number ten downing street you were told me you're george osborne you know basically get a chance he would just line everybody up in britain and whip them because he's a psychopathic masochist but he'll throw them fifty quid and say as long as you don't bother me here's fifty quid shut up you stupid british idiot well let's look at some other aggressive behavior by the bagging class the beggar kratz and this is from ian fraser a tweet from him you have twenty four hours r.b.s.
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bullies firm of chemists disgraceful behavior from a bailed out banks so r.b.s. royal bank of scotland is a bailed out bank it's eighty two percent owned by the u.k. taxpayer and they have basically given a company called tri health which is a pharmacy into bankruptcy through this misselling of interest rate swaps of course was drained one point two million pounds out of the chemist bank account and then g r g of course global restructuring group. the thug section of r.b.s. shut them down and shaking them down there's a video or audio recording of it but i think i have a better interpretation of it basically r.b.s. calls this this chemist and the chemist trying to tell him well you're the one that bankrupted me through these this misselling of these interest rate swaps and then i got twenty four hours come up with the money come of the plan give us the money give us the money now there's obviously a good example you know b.s. is there and they got this chemist and they give them the garage and they go oh you're going to kill you kill you this is my impression of r.v.'s doing business
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with one of their customers. so they're the chemist these are the british people they're being strangled to death using financial terrorism by royal bank of scotland is owned by the very chemist so the very chemist is being killed strangled to death by his mother it's a it's unfair to side they're killing their kids it's like bears eating the young and that's what r.b.s. is doing they stalk the british landscape like a goliath looking for suckers the raptor new sharon to go because they're. out of control serial killers royal bank of scotland who put this he's out of his misery well wolf george osborne nobody goes full dancing though the globe of the race and the globe look to your book look at bible the. turnover at this chemist has dropped by seventy percent because of course they have these disgusting gross
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aggressive beggars outside the shop every day these goons saying you know give us their money give us some more money give us some more money shaking down let's look at how much they've shaken down this just this one firm in three years under g r g the global restructuring group the company claims have paid one hundred thirty thousand pounds in fees to georgi and clearing a thousand pounds monthly charge seventy thousand pounds an invoice financing fifty thousand pounds for an outside turnaround adviser. twelve thousand pounds in valuation fees and forty thousand pounds in additional interest payments has an outstanding interest rate hedging product that has so far cost about seven hundred thousand pounds so this is the aggressive begging the bag-o. crap class like the start of the show we were talking about the councils who are trying to outlaw ban and have more aggressive policing powers against aggressive beggars and yet here this state owned bank is allowed to aggressively beg and shake down every single s.m. me across the country or call r.b.s.
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the phone customer service and building living alone r.b.s. . what are the rodeos regulate their money their breakers their leg breakers they're tony soprano they're the godfather they're the limo of the coastal strip they're not real so they're make the people down in pomona italy look like frickin mother theresa well a lot of those aggressive beggars at the councils are looking for more powers against are actually organized they're organized bagging gangs so you talk about r.b.s. and this is part of this organized begging gangs here in the banking system now we go to japan where they have a similar story coming out in this headline japan's year koos a mobster's becoming goldman sachs with guns is there are they quibbling over the global restructuring group at r.b.s. experts say the are branching far outside their traditional business into everything from insider trading to funding business startups insider trading has
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become huge you can make much more money mean the leading stocks in extorting businesses says jake edelstein a crime writer whose bestselling memoir tokyo vice is set to become a hollywood movie and he calls the biggest one of the year which is yamaguchi gumi he calls them the goldman sachs with guns. to get all those cool. all over their body well you'd like to see george just more. on his moves man boobs and as long. pink and it i think it is a little you know it goes there after after hours you know like to see him get those full body do's and see how that goes over with sarah as wife i'm sure she loved it in fact they point out that because they make so much more money acting like goldman sachs that they're actually getting rid of their tattoos and their donning suits and they're not cutting off their pinky so much about a tattoo that looks like a suit and you just go to a board meeting and get a full to do looks like a shakedown people i think that's what they do in r.b.s. but you know obviously the point being that the the gangsters at r.b.s.
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are putting the mafia out of business so the mafia in order to compete they've had to adapt the practices of bank of scotland goldman sachs j.p. morgan by manipulating markets shaking down people using extortion and all those types of techniques so that there's one thing that america has exported to the rest of the world is banking mafia techniques well they also point out something that is is kind of absurd here in a way because listen to this unlike their foreign counterparts you know cusa are legal groups with offices and major japanese cities and they have historically been tolerated by authorities although there are periodic clampdowns on some of their less savory activities r.b.s. has offices right here and the government the authorities operate the bag so what are they saying that unlike all their counterparts across the world here these are also official we're becoming more like the i say i say rather than the other way around you saying we inspired them but i think we've taken a page out of their block and we're opening offices for our own you kusa well many
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times you hear people on mainstream media say well what the banks doing is legal. exactly right it's right because they make crime legal just because they made the law open to committing extortion and that remember everything it lawyer did was legal everything george osborne does is legal whatever the results are catastrophic i don't think that's a good enough reason for the people to sit back and let themselves be financially violated. well to conclude with the top of the show here we have aggressive begging gangs operating at the bottom at the middle at the upper middle at the top at the very top so we have aggressive begging gangs around the world and i think we should put a stop to. whether they're goldman sachs with guns or some guy throwing a fake golden ring on the ground we are putting a stop to it with something called big coin which has come from the future to save us from the presence. of well read time on that note so thanks so much. you
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stay tune for the second half old. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago it's very established as to life on the silence. and people feel the love of christ of working. people so you can. come to something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only see.
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choose your language. killing spree killer though in financial literacy there is still so much. to choose good music it can sense you can. choose the opinions that degrade to. choose to stories that impact your life choose me access to your office or. the like to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a cynical we've been hijacked why a handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding
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fathers once told just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try to fix rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing or not define them or feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm going to turn to ned mailer lend of quilter. manners read their welcome back to the kaiser reform thank you max all right so talk to us about this german verse to gave in to the alleged manipulation of gold and so over benchmark what's going well it's been
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a while since we've discussed the story max i think it's both e.f.c.a. in london and bath in germany to look into this initially the the story in the mainstream media was about looking at the fix. what is the fix for the fix is a twice daily setting of the of the price point at the london bullion market association who are there are a bunch of bullion banks which are the main mainstream large banks but i think the thing that's really interesting is that it will hopefully lead into other areas when they talk about benchmarks you've got the go forward rate you've got. recently canned but also i think from there once people become more aware of the issue of lack of transparency in the fixes and in these in these self certifying. markets then hopefully it will lead to the bigger issue of gold obligations the fractional reserve banking system the broader subjects are discussed what are the what is the
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point of the fix what purpose does it serve. well it serves to provide a benchmark against which transactions can be can be set in these labor are not like the stock market up the closing price and then the next day they'll say the stock closed at such and such a price in the gold market they use this fixed price they get together and they fix the price well they just go to a system where they use the closing price why do they have to get together and obviously reg the price because like lab or regular forex trading with turned out or energy price reading that london prize gold price is fixed rate it's not fix it's rate what they call the law of the london reg price what i think is interesting i think the german seems to be bill bit stronger on this and they seem pretty clear that that's exactly what the problem is. and that things should be a lot more open than they are but i think at this point feeds into a broader discussion which the c.f.d. see of brought recently which has to do with the fact that the us and the european
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slash london markets have different processes for dealing with the collateralized collateralize ation of the of the of the swap market in the physical market in gold and silver as well. so. what you want well let's talk about the see have to see for a second because they just whelmed up look and two so her price manipulation up and up are children. is their stalking horse the guy who would go on the media outlets and say we're looking into a price fixing and so over in price manipulation and summer we've got the smoking gun you have andrew mcguire who provided them with concrete irrefutable evidence that this manipulation was going on and then they just missed the investigation by our children left as we as i predicted he would after he fulfilled his role as poster boy or a pin up girl or whatever is stalking horse boy whatever is role is supposed to be and life goes on so none of the regulars in the library or the golden solver or for
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axe. there's no justice to these folks they simply continue doing as they're doing so why do you believe that the germans are going to take this seriously because they've asked for their gold to be delivered to them perhaps and the banks in the us in the u.k. and elsewhere have told them that they can't have their gold are they getting more serious about gold well i think that that relates to it i think it's clear the germans are taking it seriously has to relate so they can see f.t.c. situation is a very interesting one you know you've had three out of five commissioners lead the head of enforcement leave that enforcer left the week after that investigation that you referred to was closed and i think it does relate to what is. really what's come up come up with in the banking system recently and in fact the banks are even considering suing the c. f.t.c. about this max is this issue of. where where they're booking trades so they might well be doing trades in the u.s.
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but they're booking them through london this brings up this whole issue of hypothecation which you've discussed previously which is that what they're doing is they're trading in the u.s. they're booking their trade jury because there are no rules and hypothecation of the underlying collateral within the london system just like you know there are a lot of issues that are coming together here and the first step for me is the fact that. there is a discussion over investigating the fix so i think that's that's the first stage towards raveling of what is a broader problem. hypothecation a real hypothecation talked about in the show in london unlike other financial jurisdictions it's possible to lend the same security infinite number of times call that collateral to be the basis of some other derivative trade you can do a trade in a derivative that in itself has no intrinsic value really it's just mathematical gobbledygook and you collateralized it with something that's already been sold ten times over again so this is really this is reminds me of the pappa see where
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they're trying to count the. angels on the head of a pin i mean there's nothing there and yet they can see they've got the city of london held hostage what is their leverage are they still in the city of london and the regulators the fake regulators here in the city are they still claiming that unless you give us all this free money we're going to blow up a system they're doing the old suicide banker trick is that still the case or are they they've got some new tricks up their sleeve well i think relating to the precious metals market i think that this issue to do with the c.f. t. c. and the cross border policies is not just about precious metals it's to do with the broader derivatives market too but there's a degree to which they're now threatening the c.f.d. see themselves saying you can't make us prove collateral in a different marketplace but clearly it is a relevant discussion because global markets are international and the fact that they are able to effectively use the london dustbin for trades they're doing in the us in london dustbin well you might want to describe is that if there's if their
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own and if there isn't transparency on the on the collateral on the laws so long as they don't it's in london london to go into a toxic debt heap well i think it's clear that a lot of the big problems that we've seen in the last five years have been run through london subsidiaries and this is an issue the c.f. trying to deal with here where they really meaning to deal with it max or not i think is a different question but the thing that is being brought up by gary gensler he's also leaving the end of the year is that they will be requiring the big swap deal is the big banks to prove collateral in london in europe against trades which they're doing in the us and i think it's a very interesting subject which isn't well understood or probably covered that much in the media net so you're in the business so this has a direct impact on your business so you're not you're not saying you're not you know whistleblower you're not being over overly critical of the situation
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so much as you are trying to draw awareness to it because this is your bread. but i mean this is what you deal with every single day for better or worse the industry is the industry so how do you deal with clients i mean you're dealing with clients all day long and yet it's an open secret that there are these shoes problems so on a pragmatic basis how do you approach that well i think it's a difficult one but i think that was so long as people understand the gold and silver to a degree the denominator of money and i think the issues of what what money is. playing into this to people becoming more aware of this i think a lot of people are on sunday to understand that there are big problems there i think a lot of it is just about communication and making people understand that the goal is a huge the liquid global marketplace i say is the denominator for what we call money nowadays but really is there an incentive by players agents in the market to artificially keep the price of gold and silver cheaper than they would ordinarily
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be if they were not present manipulating these indexes well that's the point i'm trying to make which is that yes the gold silver or the denominators of the sterling the dollar. of course subsidy but that's long been the case this is not a new thing i mean that's always been we've talked about this for a long time and the point is ours from those who watch these shows thing that well the resources of the bank of england and others it's infinite they can they can sell paper contracts into infinity there's real propagation we just mentioned that you know they can use the same collateral to collateralize a naked short sale of a gold or silver future to the moon what point or how do we know or is there any way that the jig is finally up what will indicate that they have run out of air strip and they continue this fraud any longer what i think that's always been a question that had to be answered in paper come back paper currencies which is there comes a point to which the public become aware of the nature of what they're using as
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money. and this is where the issue of questions it all comes in being rational being gresham's law being bad money which is money you should be using purchasing power drives good money out of circulation but the public is benefiting from a house price bubble and a stock market bubble not the entire public there is a small percentage of the public that is benefiting certainly the people of the world court and in the media benefiting there's a huge swathe of people who are being the victimized by this who are being suffering austerity for no apparent reason other than to keep this fraud going but there is this privileged class that's benefiting from the fraud so they're not going to blow the whistle on it they're perfectly happy to continue to live in this bubble world so they're not going to they're not complaining there are cashing in a way that's probably been on scene ever in the history of modern finance we never seen as much money fraudulently deposited into the hands of crooks these are the
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the central banks ever before in history is that it was out of unfair characterization or i wouldn't say it was unfair it's all night so the i think the you make a fair point but i would also say that clearly that is only a small proportion of the probably most people are eating substantially higher rates of real loss of purchasing to you of course but you know what inflation because of how people look at that and they look at c.p.i. and r.p.i. which of course are government produced numbers but i think the loss of purchasing power is something that people understand well most people are losing purchasing power year on year and they're aware that there is a divergence between what they're being told and what they're seeing in the law it's been i think the there is a growing realisation of these these problems gold and silver hasn't reflected in terms of their price denominated in dollars in the last two years but again that's a little bit like the mid seventy's where we were pitched between seventy four and seventy six this this inflationary environment we had the world's biggest monetary experiment in one hundred seventy one where we came of the effects of the backing of the dollar thirty five dollars an ounce the biggest experiment in monetary
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history and for three years people. panicked about it and the gold price went up and then for two years the banking system convinced everyone that it was no problem anymore and there was a disinflationary bias and things were ok if. experts on the show recently and they said that you can sell that the money printing is out of control if you look at things like the art market art market trading at a store because prices izumi out of control and that's where all this money is going it's like going into a loan just like going into small medium enterprises it's going into speculation and art obviously house prices in london and elsewhere so that's really the real inflation and as you point out it's loss of purchasing power ultimately because at the end of the day wages are stagnant and you've got. all of this loss of purchasing power which results and on the retail level portions of items and stores are shrinking in the shrinkage problem so we've got about thirty seconds left you mentioned big point earlier as i said you're on the front line you're dealing with
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customers you on one hand you want them to be in some money you want them to be in galt's over mining stocks look cheap and at the same time you've got this quandary going on where there's the total regulatory disconnect our customers coming to you asking about bitcoin no i wouldn't say so i think it's still quite say and narrow market at the moment i think they're all barriers to entry in terms of understanding but it's possible that will happen in the future so that there leyland thanks so much for being on the kaiser for a pleasure months all right that's going to do it for this edition of the cars a report with me max kaiser stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guest ned nader leyland if you'd like to get in touch tweet us kaiser report intellect on mass kind of thing but you know. what defines a country's success. base was bigger is that they can only grow the. standard
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