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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. hello and welcome to worlds apart we here of israel has used the villager and rhetoric over tammy's to justify its own military actions a policy that was recently dealt a blow when iran switch from accusations to negotiations securing a lot of market nuclear deal isn't it time for hamas and other sworn enemy of israel to do the same in hopes of kicking these really palestinian conflict out of its right well to discuss that i'm now joined by the spokeswoman of the palestinian
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government in gaza. miss almost all of you really appreciate your being here on the show i know that you were appointed as the first female spokesperson for the palestinian government in gaza just a few months ago as part of a major a p.r. make over how much do you see your gender played into that decision well actually it's a really positive. step. forward the palestinian issues and for the government to. this position we are trying to send a message from the ground of gaza from the reality and the facts which screaming. people and the issues and what's going on. in media and foreign media in general now before we started this program you made a point that you represent not the hamas but the policy. government which is
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primarily now comprised of hamas representatives and when people in europe or the united states think about gaza and when they think about how much as they usually have this image of a scare a looking bearded man with rifle sole one that negative stereotype is countered by somebody like you or young agitated independent woman i think that certainly helps to challenge the the western narrative not only about gaza but also about how mosque as a terrorist organization isn't that ultimately the main part of your job to challenge that negative image associated with the gaza strip and associated with hamas well actually yes we are front of it and there is really media and approach cast which opposite english truth which not turning the people and the facts we do care about about what's going on from all kind of on proficient on
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a more a legal way for a palestinian issues and the will to show the opposite actually. to show the people. the real face of the palestinian for the refugees for the new military so that human language which we all share to govern what it is really doing it's an collective punishment for all the people it's not just for hamas a government of the palestinian government to gaza so it's very clear that we are here to speak by our sounds our voices of faces to the peace of it all when you say we i gather that you speak not only on your own personal behalf i know that your the team that you work with is comprised of fairly young individuals people who are you know good english speakers who actually use social media like twitter or facebook so it really seems that the palestinian government in gaza is now taking.
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a lot of effort to change the way it communicates with the world and in particular with the west but while the means of that communication has changed the rhetoric still stayed the same many of the representatives of the government do not distinguish between jews and zionists for example it is still unclear what is the position of the hamas led government on the two state solution within the nine hundred sixty seven borders so don't you think that it is now time to change not only the means of communication but possibly the tone of that communication and maybe even the last it will if we are we going to talk about changes. from the israeli occupation side the end of the sion and the changes of giving and allowing. in this area of the humanity needs for the palestinian people actually yes we do believe that speech is needed to
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change. one side one way for the human it's a languages when we talk about gaza it's not the same way of feeling and presenting the issue when you are there with the life knaves and when you hear with under the reality of suffering actually to make sure of your professional way of presenting and sending this message you need to understand the way we are living here under those prices and humanitarian crisis so it's different it's complicated i hear i sit in the air here your passion and i've been to gaza i seen people suffering there but my point is that israeli policies have been very very controversial to say the least but you know blaming israel has been a preferred route for many many years if. decades and this is what people in gaza
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did for many years years and this is what it's. absolutely by blaming here i'm not here to judge i'm talking about i'm talking about riots took about a human being one point a million guns and lots of them in with bank jerusalem and four to a land i'm talking about even in syria lebanon refugees and camps i'm talking about a palestinian all over the word this is something that the world has known about for many decades and unfortunately didn't take much action to correct my point is though a little bit different look at the iranian experience iranians just had elections earlier this year and the basic tenets of the rain and theocracy haven't really changed the way israel or the world treat iran didn't change that much but that little change of tone from. you. already produced a major consequence a major breakthrough in the talks and that breakthrough may actually lead to some
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ease of sanctions and improvements in the lives of the iranian people simply got gazans could also benefit from having some relief and the lives that after having suffered for that long so do you think that you as a representative of the gazan government in general could achieve that easing off live for the palestinian people through the way they communicate through the way they present themselves to the world to communicate treated with respect to a from all of kind of governments would recognize this government which recollected a from the people actually and presented it from the palestinian people themselves respect our choices respect our believes our needs our rights recognize our rights first and then we cannot compare and we can. and all situation between the.
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situation in gaza all the respect and the word some countries actually it's very sensitive situation here in gaza under a very special conditions and situations and cases and also we cannot go around with the with the crisis here in gaza until this pressure going on the palestinian government in gaza from the from that american policy analysts will from the israeli occupation and some of the countries around and this is all the responsibility. to listen this time and to respect the. lives of people we do want to. sexually and of course and immediately this is what honey is said in the last speech that we are here to be that nation one nation one power one hat again to end it so we
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cannot talk about movement of the. kind of siege on gaza and with me the. movement to from the people around the word please understand me correctly i am not putting all of the blame on gaza in the slightest but my point again is a little bit yes i think. these really prime minister if you look at his actions recently he did everything in his power to sabotage the rainin deal for example and many commentators concluded that he actually needs to have iran as an enemy to justify his own very controversial policies so my question to you is whether you think the same could be applied to the palestinian government in gaza to hamas that israeli authorities need those somewhat threatening somewhat aggressive sometimes belligerent statements coming from hamas representatives or the representatives of the policy. in government to justify what they've been doing for many many decades
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should you continue giving them these fiery rhetoric when some would argue this is all they need to justify all the very aggressive actions well actually it's the government and also resistance movement single policy. of defending and actually we can not to believe and trust this kind of movement from it in your home we are never. ways of agreement to from him and i do not have much information to give you this issue i do believe that under this very heated tarion a crisis in gaza and also more of a settlement in the photo and with bank specially we cannot talk about any with this man and what will we describe him as a criminal man ok can i draw your attention to some of the statements that was made
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by the leaders of your government. last year how much prime minister ismail funny told media that he actually very strongly disagrees with anti semitic slogans he said that hamas quote doesn't target jews and this was a statement that was a welcomed in many capitals around the world and yet a couple of months later and other high ranking government of official the deputy speaker of the parliament ahmad barr said the following following in their sermon which was aired on alexa t.v. he actually called on a lot to destroy the jews and their supporters and he sat quote all calmed down one by one killed them all without leaving a single one i wonder if you can really do your job as a communicator as this new face of the palestinian people affectively when you when you have to deal with their. diverse statements like that because you know one of
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them communicates one mass age but another one totally undermines the kind of job that you said you were doing what i can say about that yet is still a governmental speeches for the people here ignaz and so they're the most people who can understand the conditions much better than people and i do present. the issues here in gaza i recognize on those issues especially for other speeches on this side i have no comment miss amabel we have to take a short break now but when we come back the number of rockets fired from gaza into israel has dropped by over ninety percent this year isn't these different side of a real peace process taking place that's coming up in a few moments while the part. of
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. the world is probably the most complex. the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the tension of gunpowder. about the people there. their families their people. reading the film of. my brother the late night attention because of it because it was night or in the morning even the best even the best sold. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood and author.
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and camaraderie in the sense that was it in this context it has absolutely no place . washington so-called peace process to resolve israel palestine conflict has produced little if any results in fact the palestinians are experiencing excel in way to be legal and seizures is it time to accept a one state solution and or look to global institutions like the un to replace the current negotiating framework. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back the mere thought of it never crossed her mind . when the militants decided to try and break
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through her new guinea screaming grenade. explosions blow them all round his back. and it was all over all. we know that our call on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. who are both getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of his comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends. i play a street cleaner who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and
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drink like a fish called the police told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like what circus. or circus of clinton's benefit and would break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. welcome back to worlds apart to riyadh discussing the situation in the gaza strip with the spokeswoman of the palestinian government in gaza. compared
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to the rest of the middle is the situation in the gaza strip has been relatively peaceful this year and even israeli generals have noted that the number of rockets and mortar shells fired from gaza into israel has significantly decreased which is a very unusual statement for them to do they actually said that that decrease was from around one thousand rockets last year to fewer than forty rockets so far this year and i wonder if that is part of a cordon aided strategy by the government to actually reduce. the number of rockets reduce the violence or it just happened to be this way when actually we do not. you know care much about the numbers about. even the movement they are working on and this is a defending which is totally. the policy to defend and to be ready to protect
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our children and island but we totally know that this is defending with all the ranks we believe and while we are not talking about aggression or violence we actually are talking about what seems to be the palestinian authority is taking the first steps to ease that confrontation and i wonder if that is indeed . viewed from where you are that the palestinian government is trying to minimize the levels of aggression between the two sides. to true to face reality and to look to the ground during. a lot of talk about the humanitarian crisis actually. giving up lots of. singles especially for. children and so we do talk about allowing that with tricity to allowing the live stream
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to to the people and an actual life with independence freedom and justice would do color even if i've seen enough courage. to texas with the palestinian government here in gaza to stand for and one in front of. and we hold that to deal with this issue and to be inside without any pressures from outside i'm not sure i understood you correctly but just to clarify it there have been some reports also in the media that not only the level of weiland across the border has decreased by the hamas led government has been taking measures to step policing all of the territory and prevent other militant groups like for example islamic jihad from firing rockets into israel could you confirm or deny that when i
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actually believe in our rights coming back to talk always i'm doing all used to talk in this. subject of the rights and the rights and the right this is our right to lay to talk in that if we want to talk we'll talk about how much we are in front of retired colonial settlement in israel we would talk about that much of prisoners and men stripped of detention of all the prisoners in the israeli jails we talk about to pray sions violation preaching against humanity but we all and we all and. actually we cannot talk about it and it blames any compliment resistance movement we are here to do the movements we're here to return the lungs from those movements we're here. to stop the little i'm not disputing the rights of the palestinians to defend themselves but i think you would also agree with me that it is the right of the palestinian people to leave normally
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like air people in any other countries and one a you can't just view that one of the major factors contributing to the blockade of gaza is the decision by hamas government to continue or to. mention actually well i don't want to go in circles because you know this is this has been the main mode of discussing these really palestinian conflict for many many decades i'm much more interested in looking at possible solutions to that and my question to you is that i mean in the first part we were talking about a new kind of people coming to represent the face of the palestinian government people like yourself now there are also signs that the situation on the ground may be calming a little bit the the level of violence has subsided so it seems like a real momentum to actually. breaking of the siege but you seem to
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be read to rating the same type of masses that we heard from hamas government for many many many years and that is again putting the blame onto israel reach in reach you may be totally justified but what i'm asking you is whether you see any ways of breaking out of this ride in which your people have been for so many decades maybe it's worth not only changing again the means of communication or people who do the communication but actually what you communicate to the world well i told you it's a humanity language communicated i told you i have this believe in the people respect to wouldst and to understand even the right of defending the right of is standing by step firstness of the people it's not easy to talk about a very complicated situation in gaza strip they have all the rant to say yes the
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two to live normal and to have the needs of their lives and to have a proper equipments and health care and education and so we wrote and restrictions and everything actually a book we have no other choice we have all the pressure from not just one side from more than one side actually and this is how the issue going much more difficult we cannot just say one side or one face we have to we have to solve this we have to call the international community to call the government the standard is the rights of the people in palestine you say about the palestinians and the gazans in particular facing pressure from multiple sides i assume you're also talking about the station and the destruction of smuggling tunnels that used to provide up to thirty percent of goods for these trips population. they're now closed as far as i
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understand you've been talking about that they can all mixed in gas that is they're pretty difficult at the moment and all this leave the gas and people in the past faced enormous economic hardship but i wonder compared to previous years how dramatic situation really easy at the moment when actually. we face a new face a new. kind of. government and. students universities and houses and even hospitals so it's going difficult of the close donal's more than five percent. in gaza and we really suffer from lack of fuel and electricity cut towers and we really want to be for the government's attention to the bullets we can not to talk about any solution if the pressure goes on and continuous ok and
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you made a point earlier that you don't represent hamas but let me ask you a question about that i heard that because of these economic difficulties that you just mentioned enormous economic difficulties for the first time in her masses history the movement actually cancelled any celebrations time to the year anniversary of the twenty sixth anniversary does it mean. now accept its own responsibility for gas economic difficulties this fact of canceling celebrations doesn't mean that. may also consider its own policies in a different light also a parade of them they went already. members on the streets to remind people of their. fastness to thank them of their. strong.
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owned the both. two thousand and twelve november last one and they already went to north for this and actually. did new the new event for that it's going to go to the humanitarian projects and needs for poor people in gaza and to be off specially in gaza the whole world knows that much of the suffering that the palestinian people have incurred so far has been very unfair but let me ask you straight i mean if we talked about the responsibility of the world we talked about israel but de seeing the movement the hamas movement bears any responsibility for the economic hardship that the palestinian people have been subjected to because i mean the economic blockade that now exists in gaza one of the main reasons for that is ultimately the embrace of violent struggle of whether
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you like it or not so do you think that in order to alleviate the pains that the gazans have to go through do you think the hamas movement which is a major part of the palestinian government in gaza at the moment do you think it has to change the way the way it approaches politics what kind of ray you want them to change of this closed borders of asylum is a close actually just monday and then a very limited. kind of very limits gusto into what kind of wizened the borders are closed and of this moment yes they are responsible already this is the government in gaza which they take care of all of that to solve the problems are couldn't go outside on the moment we need this time to to make it clear for the people that the government is the people the people are the government actually the. this is what's going on is that it's
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a collective punishment there have to be another child says another one of the chances for the people actually under this pressure and this punishment we cannot talk about. in the office in addition to the unfortunate that we are out of time we have to leave it here but since you asked me in what way hamas could change its approach to politics i just gave it to you in the first part of the program and this is the reigning in experience when they shifted from accusing others to actually actively negotiating and that has already produced some substantial results but i really appreciate you being on the show and tell our viewers if you like the show please join us again same place same time here on while the part.
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of a lesson we teach to the world is that the best way to defend yourself is to get yourself a nuclear weapon and of course the biggest culprit of using nuclear weapons and producing nuclear weapons and weapons about structure is my birthday should the united states and i find it absolutely insane that we sit here and talk about your own suppose of nuclear weapons program when you know the united states is producing every kind of weapon under the sun is spending more than every other military on the planet combined and is involved in more war more death and more suffering than every other nation combined and yet it's sitting there on a pedestal talking about other nations developing weapons of mass destruction. that we even allow them to do this the first nation that needs to disarm without question is the united states. cleaner. love with a waitress. imagine that there's an audience. to take drugs and drink
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like if. the middle east told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like what circus. or a circus so clearly. we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds .
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tens of thousands stage mass protests capital the opposition hopes to force the president by government order that as the authorities investigate claims of an attempt to seize power. and. foreign politicians fanned the flames with statements for absolute porridge for the demonstrations some even travel to kiev to spur on the anti-government mood . us oil giant chevron resumes drilling near a village in romania furious locals have engaged in a bitter fight to end the fracking site they say will destroy their livelihoods. if you leave the boat the enigma.


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