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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 1:00am-1:31am EST

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tensions with the police to my left and the protesters to my rights are clearly very high in ukraine's capital push protesters back from government offices dismantling barricades that have power lies with the opposition has pledged it will stand its ground. the jailed pussy riot members on the greenpeace arctic thirty could be among those set to benefit under a new amnesty bill drafted by russia's president we'll have details with a live report in just a couple of minutes. and plans for a multi-trillion dollar free trade zone across the asia pacific struggles to overcome fears that some countries could fall prey to ravenous corporations looking to take advantage.
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of area warmer welcome to you from a very chilly moscow it's r.t. international with me roll received this hour's top headlines for you it has been a nervous a night in ukraine's capital where hundreds of troops and riot police have been deployed around protest sites and they have been fears their presence was a signal that force was about to be unleashed but so far police have moved in only to dismantle barricades blocking government buildings while leaving demonstrators on kiev's main square in peace now let's show you some video here on r t international police here are not cracking down on protests protesters they are pushing them back from walkways and civil offices where work has been paralyzed for days the opposition leaders however say they will stand their. intentions are being
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stoked by the fact that some protesters armed with sticks are behaving aggressively there have been some incidents of tear gas being used against the police. scott was there with this report. or tensions have been on the increase all day ever since the riot police surrounded independence square which is about two hundred yards to my left hand side you can see the right place full in the blockade to my right hand side whereas to my left hand side other protesters there's a meeting of troian a covert support is taking place not far from here which these protesters think explain and justify the current police presence. when a further one hundred fifty yards down the street and you come to another standoff between the police and the protesters now the police have surrounded one of the protesters camps meaning it's impossible for them to get in and out it seems that both sides are keeping calm neither side want to antagonize the situation here
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although tensions with the police to my left and the protesters to my right are clearly very high. who are now the one thing i've noticed as we continue our walk around the governmental quarters of kiev is actually how peaceful everything is when life does carry on as normal for example just there you've got the standoff between the police and protesters here the shop is open is normal well as we conclude our walk through the administrative hearts of kiev we've arrived here at a rally that is in support of president. what has really struck me throughout the course of the evening is how civil the situation has been we've been able to walk through blockades established by the police by pro-government supporters and by anti government supporters and we've been able to pass freely through the mall maybe different would clearly journalists has something to do with it plus it's quite a civil situation and i think the hope is on all sides that situation will extend. well there are tensions that do continue to boil in the ukrainian capital so to the
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divisions across the country the demonstrators in crimea took to the streets to demand the government ends opposition protests in kiev a political analyst and explain what causes such a clash of opinion when it comes to e.u. integration. this is a cultural clash more than an economic or political one this is a clash between people who believe in the perception of the west such as europe or the united states and the people who are trying to make their future based on actual numbers based on actual work based on actual laws that help people feed their families and live their lives every day i think there are serious historical and cultural and even religious rifts in the territory of present day ukraine and on one side are the people who are trying to join this globalist transnational union of governments where there will be no nationalism but there will be the super nationalists bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all and
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then there are people who want their national states to run whichever way they decide by do they want the choice to remain theirs. and we will bring you much more expert opinion and analysis of the events in ukraine as well as the live updates from the capital throughout the day also alleges developments always available for you. so. good to have you with us today for the program tens of thousands of prisoners could soon walk free in russia after a new amnesty bill was sent to parliament on monday as some headline making cases may be dropped including the one against thirty members of greenpeace arrested in the arctic. is going off now and joining us with more on who's likely to be pardoned you go to and who is likely to have to wait a bit longer what do you know about this sweeping amnesty bill well this may be
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quite a large amnesty we're talking about up to twenty five thousand people who could be affected by it one of the groups of prisoners are those who could go free are those who were found guilty of hooliganism so. this gives hope to the supporters of the right the so-called arctic thirty the group of greenpeace activists who got into this whole situation with the gas from oil rig in the north and group of protesters who were arrested during a mass protest rally in moscow which turned into ended up in crisis between some of the protesters and the police the amnesty however does not include the heavy crimes so it isn't expected that. he should be freed from jail and now this draft is still set to be approved by the parliament while the president himself is
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expected to meet with human rights groups later today and we'll be bringing you all the details on that are an r.t.c. a good place going off live right in front of the kremlin thank you. well let's take a closer look at who falls under this new amnesty bill included of people who committed nonviolent crimes and were given a sentence of up to five years some of the most vulnerable categories of people will also be pardoned that includes pregnant women pensioners and the disabled military personnel will walk free as well along with those charged with google who can ism all taking part in that of mass disorder where you are watching r t international thank you for joining us officials from twelve countries surrounding the pacific rim and now in singapore with the aim of striking a free trade a mega deal that could form a twenty trillion dollar market and while the growth potential is proving a temptation weaker economies could find themselves at the mercy of foreign
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corporate giants as artie's guy nature can reports. the transpacific partnership treaty if and when agreed upon would establish a free trade zone stretching from vietnam to truly in composting eight hundred million people producing about forty percent of global g.d.p. negotiations are happening behind closed doors in secrecy the treaty will be designed to remove all so-called barriers to trade including regulations such as those protecting agriculture food safety and be their privacy i'm joined by lori wallach public citizens global trade watch thank you so much for coming my pleasure why this secrecy as i understand there are six hundred corporate advisors having access to these negotiations but for some reason not the public why well unfortunately we've actually heard directly from the u.s. trade representative he notes that the last time the u.s. public actually got to see when the disagreements they quickly sign it now it's new
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green with it so bad that they can't sign it if we see ads and we're the ones going to live with that they shouldn't sign it as i understand the treaty will establish a secret accord where corporations can bring their cases against governments when they don't get their way where does this leave the public what is the danger for the public basically two big sense laws that we rely on would be attacked in foreign tribunals in secret and undone if you want any of those basic rights that democracy normally would ensure that you can pass your laws in this is a direct threat to you now t p p is a much more expansive for instance that your nafta the north american free trade agreements three countries and largely have fortunately the u.s. has been the one who's companies are suing everyone else apart from the transpacific partnership agreement another giant agreement is now being negotiated between the e.u. and the q west and the u.s. congress has already made it clear that any agreement must reduce e.u. restrictions on genetically modified crops for example chlorinated chicken and
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hormone treated. what does this mean for your. this it would be a race to the bottom in their standards so there has been since nineteen ninety eight an attempt by the biggest u.s. and european corporations to use that sort of negotiations to roll back the strongest food safety environmental financial regulations things they could not get undone at home and so now it's a supreme being launched their. thinking finally will get rid of the dmo rules while many say these agreements will be passed the for agreed upon leave people completely to the mercy of corporations lori wallach with me today and i'm going to check out our team. on the whistle blowing website wiki leaks has published a chapter from the agreement outlining how corporations could abuse the treaty the director of an organization which lobbies for medicine to be freely available to
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wall told us here at r.t. international that he fears destructive monopolies in this new market. it's called trade agreement but really this is a secretive rule making against public health and it would lead to preventable suffering and death in asia and latin america while binding us consumers to high drug prices bad rules here at home there are a number of bad proposals that have been advanced by big pharma as clues incredibly patents on surgical methods only the methods that doctors are actually using on patients or their treatment practices anything that's not what the doctors bare hands potentially patentable monopolise there are only two countries in the world that at that recognize that recognize these patents one is the united states the other is australia which actually opposes the u.s. proposal in the text eighty countries have banned these procedures outright is an outrageous violation of medical ethics. still to come here on the program the end
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of a centuries old tradition of secrecy. from switzerland face a deadline to decide whether to hand over information on their clients accounts to washington all of the risk of undermining for trust also. leaving in this cage of the house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't haven't come true trapped in tiny makeshift camps fukushima refugees lose hope of returning to a life they sold washed away. the interview.
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we speak your language. news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you. a little turn to angles stories. so you hear. the spanish find out more visit. they look like bound to. enjoy the sun and the ocean.
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years ago. these people are suffering the consequences. how much more poison. around. behind this there is what we call the bank on which there was a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion of radio nuclides despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten metres down. a never ending legacy. the lady is a cleaner who's in love with the waitress on stage managing that there's an audience used to take drugs and drink like a. the police told me about the circus but i was such
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a punk i was like what circus. circus of coolie it's gonna. break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged. it's already international live from moscow abby martin joins us now the days of the super rich hiding their money in switzerland may be out and valiant bank has become the first swiss institution to hand over personal client data to u.s. authorities washington's putting pressure on around three hundred companies to help in the hunt for americans who are evading taxes through hidden offshore accounts investment banking eco nevada felt from the foreign finance group says it's smaller
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banks who are under the most pressure. the u.s. does have an awful lot of clout. able to throw its weight around and feels justified to do so but clearly a lot of other people feel it's there isn't there is injustice in this so suppose a justice system perhaps some of the smaller banks could be affected because the the defines the worst of them could be very onerous on them because for them it's virtually impossible i think to really go through the whole exercise and end up proving that they've done nothing wrong but in the meantime of course the millions of dollars and we have much more for you on line right now including an unexpected discovery u.s. astronomers are left more than a little bit puzzled over the appearance of a recently discovered planet that is in the entirely wrong part of space. also online for the n.s.a. spy scandal reaching russian officials the country's lawmakers now considering
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a ban on the use of foreign smartphones dot com we tell you what could happen to replace i phones and other android devices. right to see. first rate. and i think that your. orders. can still. be in the. we're not far off. for now they're on the program when japan was hit by a giant tsunami in twenty eleven hundreds of thousands forced to flee literally saw their lives washed away promises were made it would only be a short matter of time before their homes were rebuilt but as. new reports they are
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still waiting. this woman can only fit me and my cameraman into her new home she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew inside she's one of recent lawyers from the fukushima area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty eleven nuclear disaster. when the tsunami hit we were told to back only necessary things and run away they said it would be only for two three days now living in this cage of the house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't come true well being fed with a promise of a bigger house but that's as far as it gets its promises. this is just one of the quickly erected residential areas where fukushima exiles have relocated to there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people all of the four hundred three settlers living in this particular area used to have a large houses before the focus accident now they are forced to live in this thirty
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square meter dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure but it seems in their case the old saying there's nothing more permanent than temporary suits very well. the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments they are jobless just as surprisingly many of their younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture now he barely makes an smi long crucial he. had a one hundred thousand dollar a year business producing honey so now it's destroyed forever just like my life on top of all that i'm offered neither financial compensation nor any job that's why i'm taking tepco to call. the government says it's working on proven conditions for reset but with the fukushima clear up draining billions of dollars out of the state budget it could take years maybe even a decade to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark again. the
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government says it is building bigger houses but will finish it in no sooner than two years and not all of these people will be able to live in those that's as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government fukushima means a happy island in japanese but that's the last word these people will describe to their lives which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with a government that meeting the area around the nuclear site might never again be suitable to live in. reporting from japan. dealing with the aftermath of nuclear disaster but is there an alternative to atomic energy which poses less of a risk to the world one of the subjects being a sport today and having martin's break in the set a preview for now coming up in about nine minutes here on r.t. international.
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apologies there not a lot of preview but she is coming in about eight minutes from now for the meantime the u.s. defense chief is in pakistan trying to smooth over the cracks between the two countries but despite warm hand perfectly for the cameras chuck hagel has taken a tough stance on the key area of the version of the deadly drone strikes he's warned that aid could be cut off if anti drone protests continue now unmanned attacks have killed nearly a thousand people in the last ten years and experts say the u.s. is unwilling to admit what's really happening that. i don't think anybody in the united states including the people members of congress really want to face up to the fact that the drone wars may be really unsuccessful and one of the problems with the drone strikes are they do kill people but they also kill. innocent pakistanis and that's why in the same is true in afghanistan and of course this is a problem that you may be creating more terrorists then you're create then you're
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killing tactically successful in killing some of the militants but they're strategically a disaster because they create more animosity and therefore generate more islamic terrorism not only for the united states but i think for other other parties involved as well or let's get some other global headlines for your brief we'll start with italy where a rally to them on tax cuts for small businesses ton mile and hundreds of protesters blocked the main train station in the old stones at the regional government h.q. the police resorted to tear gas to disperse the demonstrators similar protests also took place in several other cities including one of. the leader of egypt's muslim brotherhood mohamed by the remained defiant against charges of inciting violence as he appeared in court on monday it's all amid a fresh clashes between police and brotherhood supporters at the university about he's on trial alongside the ousted president mohamed morsy and other brotherhood
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figures accused of inciting the mode of protesters during an uprising back in june . the u.s. is sending transport planes to aid french and african union troops in the central african republic on monday the peacekeepers started to destroy rival militias were engaged in five fights with some still refusing to give up their weapons. on the african union send their troops off to the country's president was ousted in march at the governor's overthrow triggered confrontations between muslims and christians leaving about. four hundred dead. wife and i want to see international as promised abby martin taking a look at whether the world has a real alternative to atomic energy breaking the set is coming your way.
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i play is cleaner. love with a waitress on stage managing the there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish the police told me about the circus but i. such a punk i was like. circus. circus of hooligans. break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged.
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people suffering the consequences. how much more. behind this there is what we call the bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the. previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten metres down. a never ending legacy. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident
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because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through her screaming grenade. the explosion blew him all run his back toward us a little and it was all over all. we know that our call rats on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more if it's comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends.
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deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by georgians awesome people for sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp dick torch relay. on r t r two dot com. what's up everyone on abby martin this is breaking this that guy's health and worry about. in the literature children are beginning this country looks like the have of the very hungry caterpillar are so outdated i mean those are so two thousand and
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late which is why today i'm very excited about the release of ted cruz's brand new children's book because richest oracle narrative not only outlines his rise of the senate but it teaches america's children how to take their country back cruise style it's called ted cruz to the future but you're probably recalled ted cruz of the past because that's where this book is taking our kids one of the themes is the importance of religion when it comes to politics because it all separation of church and state thing was just a suggestion another of course is obamacare that suggests that it's worse than mass murder for profit because according to ted cruz providing health care to poor people is quote worse than any war but the best part the absolute best part about this is that it's a coloring book which means your children will get a unique chance to interact with cruz's ideology and film the texas senators hall the lifeless outline with color but surprisingly this isn't the first time that propaganda about the government has been made how to bowl for children who can forget the nine eleven commission reports dumbed down comic book version or what
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about the bin laden raid coloring book titled the kids book of freedom guys this trends go to and don't indoctrinate your kids with pre-established political beliefs before they can even read now let's break this that. it was a. very hard to. cut. lightly ever had sex with the target there. was. such.


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