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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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ukrainian opposition leaders called on protesters to storm government buildings as they rebuild barricades after an overnight attempt by police to remove the roadblocks paralyzing the capital. and the west stands with the protesters as top diplomats criticize the police move as a crackdown high level u.s. representative is seen at the protest camps handing out food. or is the u.s. turning its back on the syrian rebels that says washington suspends aid to the country's north which has been flooded with extremist factions. crushing the thousands of students break through parts of london's biggest university before amassing outside parliament as they march against us.
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from our studio center here in moscow which just turned ten pm this is international. roadblocks rise again in the ukrainian capital rebuilt and strengthened by protesters while police regroup and celta security forces try to move the activists from the city center to allow traffic through his pool scots with the latest. but thousands have a gathered in independence square behind me following calls from the opposition for a show of defiance following last night's events the police dismantled and removed barricades that had been set up and built by the protesters the boy right side police on protesters did show restraint so violent clashes did break out this morning events where we saw the police try and retake the city administrative building here in the center of kiev which is being used by the opposition as
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a makeshift had cooled says over the last few days and weeks now the police were greeted a met by fish resistance from the protesters who have used the police down with water cannons and when you've got temperatures as freezing and as cold as they are in kiev right now that was quite an effective response now authorities had earlier given the protesters until tuesday to remove themselves from the site metallica to go high profile figure in the opposition movement has tweeted saying that we called to make a compromise with thugs and dictators we should get rid of them the number one issue now is the resignation of president victory on the coach and his putrid administration's what american and european diplomats have been in kiev throughout the course of wednesday having that say u.s. assistant secretary of state victoria nuland are saying what she calls the crackdown was unacceptable for a european democratic state now those comments came after
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a meeting with president yannick of it's going to hold that she was seen out and about mingling with the protesters behind me handing out some which is a hot drinks to buy the protesters and the police meanwhile the e.u.'s foreign policy chief catherine ashton has also been in kiev and she says that last night's events make dialogue a lot more difficult but she does say the president on the coach has reassured her that he does still want to sign the a you association agreement now this is one of the barricades that was dismantled and removed. by the police on tuesday evening as you can see the opposition calls for a show of defiance have been met not only have the barricades be rebuilt they've been rebuilt bigger and stronger than they were before and if you take a look over here you can see they're being fortified by a lot of sound backs filled with snow because the protesters have spent all day shoveling the snow and filling the sandbags to fortify the defenses. and
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with the opposition calls for more and more people to descend on independence square and the defenses being fortified it's interesting to see what the or thirty's response will be will they simply come and try and dismantle and remove the barricade as they did on tuesday evening in a peaceful manner or will they try and change tactic. pull scottland ukraine's prime minister says he's asked the for twenty billion euros of aid if kiev was to accept the trade deal the rejection of which brought the protesters out in the first place and then as chris we for i spoke to molly his senior partner at the consulting firm advisory has told me that the ukraine is just desperate to survive its financial crisis ukraine is economy is in recession this year next year the country needs to find at least ten billion dollars to repay debt now it doesn't have that money it cannot continue to muddle through it needs
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to get an injection of cash it needs that cash from somebody and i think what you're hearing from the prime minister today essentially is saying look if you don't want us to talk to moscow if you don't want to take a deal from russia then you're going to have to come up with all this money. you know and obviously the ukraine government would like that directly from the e.u. itself without having to deal with the i.m.f. because it simply doesn't want to have to agree to these fairly onerous terms that the i.m.f. has been talking about such as you know fairly sharp currency devaluation an end to fuel subsidies and of course massive austerity measures. the west has already expressed outrage at the actions of the ukrainian authorities when the us secretary of state among those giving their strong worded opinions on he's going to church can report on what's being said. it's not often that you hear the word discuss that from a diplomat it's usually reserved for some horrendous events while john kerry just
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used it to describe the decision of the ukrainian leadership to dismantle protestors barricades in the center of kiev and here's what he said the united states expresses its disgust with the decision of ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest in queues my down square with riot police bulldozers and baton is rather then with respect for democratic rights and human dignity of course secretary kerry speaks so it sounds like he speaks from a position that the u.s. would never do anything like that but apparently completely forgot how two years ago riot police in the us dismantled tens in the arrested hundreds of occupy protesters across the country citing local anti camping laws already forgot how aggressively riot police dispersed the protesting clinton for example with regard to ukraine washington made no secret that it wanted this deal to happen of free trade agreement between ukraine and the e.u. could later fit into a much larger free trade agreement that is now being negotiated between the e.u.
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and the us but of course in its statements the u.s. state department focuses on the rights and aspirations of ukrainian protesters that support comes not just in words but also in actions the state department is the ploy of the assistant secretary of state hillary and only to the streets of kiev to cheer up the protesters as well as told meetings with the opposition and government officials in order to push this deal forward and it seems the stakes are high for washington in ukraine at the moment. the united states embassy to ukraine has boosted its handed out more than two hundred rooms and reason is to various political organizations some of which are protesting right now on independence square but major brazoria he's senior fellow at the foreign policy research institute and former u.s. ambassador to the jet republic and said the new altieri motive to the u.s. presence there. we are in favor of peaceful demonstrations and peaceful expressions of popular views that is the way democracy gradually grows from the grassroots from listening to the voices of the people we are certainly not
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preaching and advocating revolution. to victoria nuland tory nuland in the crowds if there were violence and she would certainly be discouraging any form of violence you're saying you are keen to see peaceful demonstrations but what about the so-called peaceful demonstrations but the occupy movement in the states being handled in many respects brutally by the police pepper spraying peaceful protesters i would watching to react if kremlin supporters were amongst the occupy protesters that. there were there were i'm sure there were plenty of observers russian another observers moving around in that period and there was this i strongly disagree with you call it brutality at a certain processors were permitted to camp out. in lower manhattan for weeks at a time and eventually they were moved out but they were moved out peacefully there are no injuries there was no brutality there was no confrontation and we certainly
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would hope not to see any such confrontation or brutality or bloodshed in kieve. ukraine's prime minister says the protests are preventing keep payments from being made to keep society running found out how the government struggling to keep the economy afloat at all to. students in the u.k. have protested in their thousands against police violence they defied authorities to march through london university and along the city's streets recent pictures of an officer punching a young man in the face during a confrontation sparked the latest in a week of demonstrations. reports now from the middle of today's action.
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you know all across london indeed. a. couple of. days last week there would be. another nothing. like the breakup of the fleet and the fact that there was a red light. what can you. say. there's a multitude of reasons why they. called. the film what we. love we. actually find the police say that people with the use of the seat. remain the same and those are private like they should message they be
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. within the end of it like. that thank. you. that's. all they want. the money they pay for a fat. head cook not. books to work with. the light of the room a day. to keep them safe and still be a result of the full. facts of the day as they are. and if you're not worn out by all this protesting we've got on the rest of a different car coming up for you stores around sart or breaks down in argentina as police refuse to go back. job until their pay them all ends a matter. still to come and also most goals on the rod in the wall piles to play by
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the rules to make a euclid deal because a russian delegation of lives in the islamic state has some more after a short break. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason there were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through her new guinea epic screaming grenade. they exploded blew him will run his back. and it was all over all. we know that our comrades on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. you're
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getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends. have been friendly smiles and handshakes as top russian and iranian diplomats met in tehran both have shown a seeing eye to eye when it comes to political challenges in the middle east the ongoing civil standoff in syria is one of them is in iran's capital. after an hour long meeting both russian and a rat in ministers appeared in front of media smiling in a very good mood and cried cruelly to old friends they've started to move home the
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agreements reached only in geneva in the van but at the breakthrough talks over iran's nuclear program run tehran agreed to either free or curb parts of it the pope back when i was limited to move from the international sanctions the country has been suffering from in the last decades and the message minister library for ministers a roof sent here today in tehran was a now it is important that the sides keep their hands of the deal. to go to. iran must hold up its side of the bargain and the p five plus one countries must do the same story especially those which fly past the un security council's unity leveling sanctions if iran reports those ministers have also discussed of course situation around syria that. i wear catastrophe or human tragedy in just a month's time. permits had back to switzerland to take part in the geneva to see
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where peace talks and today here in tehran mr library has sent this message again saying that first sunni crisis should be resolved peacefully and second iran has to be part of the solution and has to take part in the geneva two peace talks. solution i've heard reports that some international think it would be more effective to use force instead of dialogue but these reports were not confirmed. the initiative will be successful and any attempt to undermine it will be a blatant violation of the international will cemented in the u.n. security council resolution butterfly my friends i do have well i was so and for size that it's up to syrian people to decide their country's future bet the international community has to help them and encourage them and support. forces battling government troops in syria's north of lost a huge slice of the foreign aid the u.s. is lethal assistance there. explains why. well the u.s.
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suspended all non lethal assistance into northern syria after islamic front forces seized headquarters and warehouses belonging to the opposition's supreme military council the incident happened friday evening at the. crossing on syria's normal north western border with turkey what's unclear is why the islamic front had seize the premises and if any stock has gone missing also on knowledge of whether the islamic front was working with her had any quatrain or affiliation with the islamic state of iraq in syria known as isis all. those two groups as terrorist organizations by the united states. u.s. senators maybe are calling u.s. president barack obama to say. just several u.s. representatives have publicly war in the obama administration against supporting
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the syrian opposition predicting that american weapons will likely fall into the hands of terror groups also arguing that providing aid to the rebels equates to finding al qaeda now some critics say that washington so-called suspension of non-lethal aid to northern syria doesn't necessarily mean that u.s. weapons won't continue to flow to other parts of the country nonetheless this development is being seen as a big blow to the military council and the syrian army opposition that the obama administration has been championing champion for the biggest problem of for the obama administration what it now faces is figuring out how to walk great and work with the newly formed islamic front in syria that claims to be fighting with the opposition but is clearly playing by its own rules. despite his overwhelming support for the syrian rebels the us refrain from direct involvement in the conflict back in september this decision preceded by an avalanche of warmongering
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in washington was made after the syrian government agreed to destroy its toxic arsenal reports efforts to rid the entire middle east of chemical weapons being held up by israel and egypt refusal to toe the line. this could soon be a thing of the past israelis queuing for gas masks in the pipeline a recommendation to the cabinet to stop manufacturing them for civilians so is dismantling of its chemical weapons also well seems to have lifted the edge of israeli fears of a chemical strike well as a few months ago kids were spilling into the streets today the paranoia has died down. it comes after syria destroyed all of its chemical weapons production facilities the country is on track to eliminate its entire stock power by the middle of next year the chemical weapons are among the most or of weapons ever known to man and we remain friends of the world had agreed to abandon that
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weaponry a long time ago only two countries in the middle east haven't come on board egypt and israel television actually signed but not ratified the chemical weapons convention that outlaws the production stockpiling and use of chemical weapons the reason that one there is still some chemical weapons in the region and also does not want again from reasons of deterrence to our reveal and to discover its capabilities tel aviv has always been vague on the topic of chemical weapons according to foreign media reports israel has a stockpile of various weapons but is ready publics always shied away from asking too many questions the same reason all the time if it's security issue we don't have to deal with the differences stablished the nor the doing we don't have to do
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anything about it but with syria out of the picture israel's argument is weaker and the organization that controls chemical weapons is keeping up the pressure we regularly as i said to send letters to the non-state parties including israel and encourage you to join join without. conventional means the o.p.c. w. has no legal mandate to undertake verification activities to verify the compliance but as another chemical weapons arsenal in the middle east is dismantled with the power of diplomacy the israeli government is facing growing international pressure to come on board policy r.t. tel aviv when in israel's neighboring region some gulf countries have stepped up their defenses coming up six states lose their military cooperation those left out of it they will be oppressed by the emerging talent. the first losing in violence of eleven people dead across argentina as police continue
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a nationwide strike for better pay authorities blame the ransacking on agitators who they say are trying to disrupt the thirtieth anniversary of the country's return to democracy party spanish correspondent ignacio hula reports now from one of ours. looting is spreading across the country as people take advantage of a police strike to smash their way into shops and steal whatever they can they've been seen making up with all sorts of goods like mobile phones much receipts and even beer some people are locking themselves in their homes and businesses and trying to keep out of the street others are arming themselves for there are security forces have been sent into some areas where violence has broken out and the government blames the situation on the looters he says they're trying to cause chaos before the thirtieth anniversary of argentina's return to democracy on tuesday this all started a week ago when police went on strike in the city of color the vibe in the center of the country the violence broke out as mobs attacked stores and businesses the
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governor gave beane and doubled police pay to almost two thousand dollars per month to get them back to work strikes then spread and now security forces in almost eighty percent of argentina's regions of the top prices of retail goods are rising rapidly by twenty five percent each year making it difficult for many people to make do on small salaries and this situation could get father out of control if strikes are spread from police to nurses or other groups employed by the government . agency but she says the authorities a brought this on themselves. we are seeing regular criminals so it would sure a whole lot just playing seeds are taking advantage of the fact that the police are not in the streets to do all the looting this is the result of thirty years of so-called democracy because it's basically a system whereby people who are supported by the money powers finally get into
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power and especially ten years of the curious government that have done everything possible to lower the educational of our basis of good people so that as you see we have people who are trying to wanted to get something for nothing they have become used to working in just living on government welfare and now that they are all police on the streets they take the opportunity to do all the looting and. the ruble gets a make over hundreds of thousands of people voted in the sun and a new symbol for the russian currency and this is the one that tweaks the russian are similar to an english clique and since some time at r.t. dot com for. both of them for joyce in parliament as your grammar a little relieved allies is marijuana but the city has put some noses out of joint . the gulf cooperation council is stepping up a gear decided to form a joint military command bahrain kuwait among qatar saudi arabia and the u.
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a we have also agreed on a unified police force to deter any threats to the region say the least he's a political analyst and a writer middle east affairs told me earlier that this raises a whole heap of concerns this is responding to the deeply entrenched fears in saudi arabia which has been the first front spearheading the counter revolution in those countries which have already sent its forces to invade and occupy back rain in order to crush. the popular uprising and they demand of the overwhelming majority of people back the other. go states the five countries are deeply suspicious they have serious misgivings and they have deeply entrenched he has about the demo and of saudi arabia which is by far the largest and have been seeking to dominate this region. time not have a look at what else is happening around the world this hour on our world update
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tensions in the streets of kiev have seeped into the georgian parliament where politicians have literally been trading blows and how to react to developments their final response when a member of the ruling georgian dream party reacted angrily for an opposition proposal to show support for pro protesters the parliamentary session was stopped with the speaker condemning the brawl. massive farda farmer's market in southern china has killed at least sixteen injured five the blaze broke out late at night and it took more than one hundred firefighters two hours to bring it under control or clear what caused the blaze but the local authorities are now planning safety checks at other markets. so that brings up today for them and i'll be back with a news team with more in just over half an hour from now on the meantime a look at the breathtaking stunts performed by youngsters in the circus that soft of the brain.
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nelson mandela he is almost universally considered one of the greatest individuals of our time he was a prisoner of conscience and a living symbol conquering versity however he was far more complex than most mainstream media are willing to admit mandela's legacy to so much more than merely being a figure of inspiration reconciliation. they look like bounty islands where the locals can enjoy the sun and the ocean. but that was buried here years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. how much more. poison lies on the base ground. behind this zone there is what we
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call the callet bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion of radio nuclides despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock and the coral reef about ten meters down. the attests a never ending legacy. right from the sea. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on mom. fellow. i'm seventeen and i
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live in the kitchen in the district of st petersburg this is my entrance. with hello. this is my district. a football field yes my old school in my nine story apartment block. so this is where i live. i used to take drugs and drink like a fish i skipped school and was a real hooligan i stayed out all night and well you know. listen to me watch superstar you come here sit down and have
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a chat all right guys i don't know what we can do about this he. hasn't come together yet and full of holes please let's rehearse the final scene. to my. right action. the concept is pretty simple we're circus a poorly constructed and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. also a circus is a modern circus stuff by socially disadvantaged kids. yeah
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just about five years. ago i did ok thank you. guys we need to buy cloths. when you two meet all the guests and think about their accommodation used everyone should be comfortable for channels then we should finish the staging and we heard the role it's a pity we don't have thirty six hours in a day then we'd have plenty of time for everything that fills. our with we're putting on be flying kids festival for the sixth time i thought we needed an event that would stir everyone up a bit of silver star or something to make people eager to work till midnight painting the building and solving administrative problems across a festival seemed a good idea so well but also it was for the fifty one.


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