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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 6:00am-6:31am EST

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olympic torch relay. on march. the president speaks of largely a preacher says russia is not seeking to dominate the globe but will stand fun to protect its national values. washington says is considering sanctions against ukraine pushing its way to behind antigovernment protesters will look at those who are rallying to defend the official. silent elian's israeli and saudi intelligence have reportedly been having secret meetings after a breakthrough nuclear deal with iran left both countries frustrated.
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this is asking international hello and welcome to the crocker. president vladimir putin has sees his state of the nation address to different russia's traditional values and insisted an increasing number of people around while support had a wide range of issues that his speech. is kind of has now live from the kremlin so you go this here is speech was focusing a lot about russia's role in the wild please tell us more about that or perhaps one of the main points made by the president in his address was his view of russia's role in the world and he says moscow is all looking at dominating anyone but it is going to continue protecting traditional values since clearly there is rising international demand for that. matter
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with in many countries today public morals are being reconsidered national traditions and differences are being demolished we know that there are even more people around the globe who support our position in terms of ensuring traditional values which have been the spiritual and moral base of civilization for all nations for centuries. diplomacy is another issue touched upon by the president specifically the recent diplomatic breakthroughs with the syrian chemical weapons deal and the iranian nuclear program basically mr putin said that these should be views viewed as examples that diplomacy can work and that the united nations should be viewed as one of the main forces in that regard now this brings us to the missile defense system an issue which has been one of the key stumbling blocks in the relations between moscow and washington for years with the u.s. giving this theoretical threat from iran as one of the main reasons behind the system's construction and now the russian president since there is progress with
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the iranian nuclear program perhaps there is no more reason to build that shield which moscow does see as a threat to its national security and one of the way. to protect security is to further develop the military sector and for further develop the army in general the president spoke on that as well. you know when you look at what you do here in a city that was merciless that no country should harbor illusions of achieving military dominance over russia we will never let it happen russia is ready to meet those challenges both political and technological we've got all the potential needed our military doctrine as well as our military equipment allow us without a doubt to ensure russia's security which now finally the president also spoke about russia's relationship with the europe and its former soviet allies or the c.i.s. now of course he said that moscow isn't
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a looking at backing down from its. plans but it's also not going to stand against the desire of its allies to move closer with europe but if it's not done with a hot head but through negotiation and working together. this can offer reporting there live from the kremlin that thank you very much and as he mentioned in the his address and also touched upon the situation in ukraine saying russia is open for dialogue and also has poles called isn't care for us and he's falling and the protests right now how the polls so are there any signs that the process that are dying down. while the mood amongst the protesters behind me is in fact as defiant as ever on the barricades in the blockades around independence square laws as ever they've been fortified by sandbox filled with. barbed wire and benches not just by the fact that the situation in kiev is actually quite calm at the moment
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the threat of sanctions is hanging over ukraine u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that america was america was disgusted by the events on tuesday evening when the police began to dismantling the protesters barricades. washington now says that it could consider starting sions if violence returns to the streets of kiev. are strong message was on the grounds of policy options including sanctions are on the table in our view but obviously that still is being waited. meanwhile the eighty's foreign policy chief catherine ashton has reiterated the president on a code which doesn't tend to sign the e.u. association agreement forging closer ties with europe in fact he sent a delegation to brussels to try to negotiate a deal if course initially postpone plans to sign the agreement because he says that in its current form it would have been damaging to the ukrainian economy now whether this is enough to appease the protestors on the opposition movement remains
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to be seen with some members of the opposition reiterating that their number one key demands remains the resignation of the president who sees polls quote live from kiev paul thank you very much indeed. ukraine has always phrased a divide between west and these to as you can see on this mob where it's literally it's believed in hard the country's west has historically been closer to europe the majority of the population speaks ukrainian weiland these ties with russia have traditionally been stronger and he is the man on his rino going to kotex at the tatt side of the country is demonstrating about. it's new it's heavy it's exciting oh it's the revolution and like moths to a flame the bright lights of rebellion are drawing in western politicians political has beings to even homegrown rock stars all keen to breathe the air of change to
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stick shares in a fashion the message the foreign media is having a blast to the chest is here feel they're fighting for the future of the country pro european protesters clashing with police they saw these agreements as a chance to open ukraine up to european business ideas rule of law standards here in my don has received a mass amounts of airtime in mass media both at home and abroad but the simple fact is the opinion of people here is not necessarily representative of the opinion in all of ukraine in fact it's just the opposite but you wouldn't know it just by watching the news but here's the other side of ukraine's protests by invisible one they may go unnoticed by the media but thousands of people are rallying them in the cities you have either and i'm afraid to join the e.u. and opposition instead of taking students and school children to the square and sit down at the negotiation table and help find the best solution for our country. and
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we've gathered to say no to the already strange buildings brought the work of the government is unacceptable home was a repeat see of a procession the mess just doesn't fit the pretty picture of a trying to revolution. its democracy and revolution in that it's a nationalistic coup they instigate able to break the law they want to grab the house and get their ukraine a part a state that you. don't like the people yelling ukraine is europe in capitals independence square these people have been looking at the possible consequences of the trade deal with europe stephen is imaginary and i'm done i want to. the utility payments are to rise and mansions and salaries rose and. we only need us for cheap labor to buy their products unlike the protests in kiev these rallies aren't marred by the presence of masked men ultra radical slogans or tumbling monuments and because for the media if it bleeds it leads only to tell the genic revolution gets
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a chance to be heard and seen. it in english told r.t. . it's not uncommon to see european and american politicians at opposition rallies in kiev the u.s. assistant secretary of state a victorian newland once again joining the crowds this time offering snacks to the protesters and police and for more on that head on the line to take a call. we're showing uses a minor increase in economic growth to boost its foreign aid budget. it's irresponsible of the british government at a time when money is very tight for everyone for families on the government to be sending more and more times payers money abroad. why you so keen to send cash elsewhere and risk upsetting those to. doso they
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should probably coals to code fracking in taxes. which has put in place the front door restricting the industry more stories coming out. of the. lead it was a. very hard to take a. long. have you ever had sex with her there's no.
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little of a bubble. this is our senior national coming to you live from moscow welcome back to saudi arabia and israel are reportedly forming an unlikely team in response to washington's middle east policies representatives from the country's intelligence services
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apparently met for talks in jerusalem they are united in their does day and for america's reversal on intervention in syria followed by the agreement over historic nuclear deal with iran are she is gay and that she can take solo. the two countries saudi arabia and israel found themselves in one but in their frustration over washington israel and saudi arabia hate the nuclear deal that the u. was not the world power struck with iran and israel is very vocal about it the saudis are a little bit more restrained but the saudi intelligence chief said there would be a major shift in dealings with the us saudi arabia wanted the us to go all in on syria the us instead went along with russia's proposal and cut a deal with the syrian leadership to get rid of chemical weapons there saudi arabia and israel are very suspicious of each other the saudis oppose the creation of the jewish state they support the palestinian cause so it's too early to speak of friendship but washington definitely brought them closer together at least in their
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desire to threaten war saudi arabia is now reportedly working with israel on a plan to attack iran it reportedly gave israel the green light to use its airspace in the case of a strike and pledged assistance here in washington these were the lobby is fighting what they describe as a tendency in the u.s. to disengage from the middle east the apac meeting was all about it they talked about how war fatigue in the u.s. could be a reason for washington to want to be less involved in regional affairs they saw the nomination of chuck hagel as defense secretary as a signal pointing in that direction of course the obama administration quickly reassured everybody that the u.s. will not stop interfering in the affairs of the region but israel and saudi arabia are not so sure at this point or they don't see the kind of interference that they would want to see i'm going to shut down in washington. and then they were supposed to sound a prince. and he believes the u.s.
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is ready to jeopardize ties with its closest allies to preserve its interests in the middle east. yes i'm a bit lazy about it but i believe the main reason for the change in america's alliances in the middle east is the issue of the iranian nuclear program and that's a shift in the u.s. approach to iran from one of confrontation to one of containment if this is the main reason even if it does come at the expense of america's strategic allies like saudi arabia and israel it is of utmost importance to the u.s. i'm just interested in the middle east date u.s. foreign policy takes care of its own interests but our strategic alliances with israel under a nonpermanent alliances like with saudi arabia with american interests are much more important to washington than alliances and let's not forget that saudi arabia and israel always need washington support militarily and on the intelligence level as well as many other aspects they need the usa and they realize that. former u.s.
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diplomat john graham thinks frustration with america's foreign policy is a first for common ground for israel and saudi arabia both countries israel and saudi arabia are very annoyed right right now because of american policy toward iraq what's happened to annoy you right both of them is that first of all bob i actually called to talk on the telephone it was counterpart suffering an american president had done for decades and second meeting in geneva actually produced an agreement which groups like iran would make significant changes in its nuclear policy in exchange for a lessening of sanctions trade keep to the agreement then we would definitely be let's rethink sanctions and this is driving israel and saudi arabian nights. on screen and online as well and here's a look at what's waiting for you at home today lost in translation the centuries old to find that entire percent from nelson mandela's memorial service here in tell
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it turns out was making out with plain language as he went along had to offer. dot com to find out how the trickster was unmasked. a case dismissed a six year old boy is suspended from school after kissing the hand of a classmate he likes on our street are called find out how a show of affection led to claims of sexual harassment. now the u.k. has managed to squeeze out a little more growth than expected it's increasing their foreign aid budget the treasury chief is about to approve a one billion pound increase what was most people yet to feel the benefits of economic recovery menacing the aid is going the wrong way laura smith reports. britain's economy is growing better than expected so more money in our pockets to relieve some of the misery of people out of poverty help them pay their heating
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bills but controversially and despite cops and hardship home the more positive figures will also mean increasing the amount the u.k. sends abroad in foreign aid not because there's more suffering in the world but to meet an arbitrary target not point seven percent of national income the british government seems set on increasing amount of money it's sending overseas for the sake of meeting a particular target not. target driven policy which is the worst kind of way to set policy but we think it's irresponsible of the british government of the time with money it's very tight for everyone for families from the government to be sending more and more typos money particularly when a lot of the current is not being spent very well money gets lost through fraud money's being spent in countries british even have their own aid programs to other countries it means sending
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a billion pounds more over the next five years and where's that money going well over the last five years nigeria has received more than a billion pounds from the british taxpayer it's got its own space program and is mired in corruption an estimated several billion pounds are stolen from the states every year by corrupt officials and politicians and india also trying to push a man in space they get two hundred eighteen million pounds a year from britain and they've got their foreign aid program worth one point three billion dollars the g.a.c. accountability report shows the u.k. already spends more percentage wise on foreign aid than any of the g eight country and the greatest irony britain. still borrowing billions of pounds every month and now growth is on the up it will be borrowing more than it has to just to give us
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a way. look at some other global news this hour. in japan violence between wise policeman for islam and shooters involved a second university in cairo security forces fired tear gas to disperse crowds many of whom were rallied in support of the ex-president morsi since sunday the country hosting widespread scuffles between students and police and over twenty people have been detained. in germany a plane crashed into a supermarket killing one person and injuring at least find others rescue is struggling to calm through the wreckage as other parts of it were also thought to be at risk of collapse the reason for the accident is still being investigated. the un has condemned a zero for demolishing palestinian homes in the occupied was buying after dozens more properties were destroyed to move displaced families for the second time in
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two weeks israel is trying to expand its own settlements a process which is strongly criticized even by its close ally its power and restarting of the peace process between tel aviv and remodeler over three hundred palestinians have been displaced half of them children. to brazil now where torrential rain in the state of rio de janeiro unleashed floods and landslides causing traffic drowns closing airports and halting commuter trains no casualties have been reported yet but at least one person is missing after falling into a swollen river over the weekend heavy rains in the northeastern brazilian state over here after the least sixteen people died and one person missing. this is a council in dallas texas. introduced a new law putting the brakes on the fracking industry is essentially moves that treating a well wells far from residential areas this comes after texas voiced major concerns
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that a shale gas drilling is pushing them into their homes a christian state was shaken by a string of us quake several weeks ago but scientists adjusting nearby a trading might have caused this seismic activity environmentalist you mccord was a become also meeting and agrees fracking should not take place anywhere near population centers. they weren't drilling in our densely populated urban areas they were drilling out in remote areas with low population where they weren't doing any damage or destruction to anything when you start coming into an area with that dense a population bringing in all that truck traffic all those chemicals to be exposed into the air and the water in the soil where people are harmed and where traffic accidents are prevalent where spills of chemicals are dangerous that becomes a whole different deal other cities are looking to what we're doing they're already
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tightening up their ordinance and other places are looking to tighten up ordinances so yeah this probably will set a precedent and it's probably a pretty major one as the u.k. edges closer to a possible referendum on the future of its membership prime minister david cameron is making plans for the renegotiation of bridging the science with brussels and he wants to use the notoriously pro european foreign office to lead the talks at the risk of in few racing the us skeptic m.p.'s of the zone posse however as silly reports now they were negotiations alone could be enough to open pandora's box. where does the u.k. stand or want to step in the e.u. well there are two possible scenarios one it stays in the union with a really good position everybody is happy with or to an outright exit the european union is standing.
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fortunately we can. simulate a debate or war games organized by the think europe is but it taste of how difficult possibly painful any process could be now while differences abound everybody was in agreement. this is across the continent even saying that it is more of a euro phobia that with real life in britain the wheels have been churning one of the most sensitive topics related to the of immigration pointing out what they say is an exploitation of the british welfare system which brussels says is not backed by any concrete evidence the u.k. is adamant that it is not cherry picking what it wants from renegotiation is essential if not possible exit. britain's just cherry picking it simply isn't the case we recognise that the european union is actually failing on the grounds that it's losing track in the globally competitive marketplace we've
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a long tradition of democracy we can't leave people feeling completely. all about i think britain is heading towards the exit a key question coming out of that simulation is what exactly does the u.k. want and ask for europe how much is are willing to give to keep the u.k. happy if at all. and up next an aussie international a fresh restrictions on buying schools frustration on wall street be knocking takes a closer look at bestand operation is in great effect.
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as we all know the holidays are a great time for families to get together and sometimes on the l. call gets flowing they're also a great time for us to argue about everything from politics to religion with the ones we love but if you happen to be an n.s.a. agent then the government has an official list of talking points that way you can win those family arguments for sure yeah that's right the government is not giving n.s.a. agents lists a very corny talking points going to firedoglake so that way they could convince their relatives over the holidays of just how awesome effective and necessary the national security agency truly is the spite all those little revelation thinks of mass spying by snowden trust me talking points exist for a reason political social and religious organizations and use them so that when their members who may not be the best debaters on the planet can defend the positions of the organization and i would have no problem with the n.s.a. gave this list ages they could answer questions from journalists but when the government wants you to propagandize your friends and family over christmas and thanksgiving it all seems kind of cultish to me but that's just my opinion.
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i'm adding martin and it's just breaking the facts did you hear yesterday the people. and a huge victory against big banks as the bank regulators signed off on the volcker rule a measure that would prohibit commercial banks from engaging in proprietary trading what this means in layman's terms of that banks can no longer use people's deposits for many types of risky investments which in part is what's led us to the two thousand and eight financial collapse but don't pop the champagne bottles just yet if we can expect a government sponsored by wall street to not sweep the deal with some nice perks for the banks stearns see under the volcker rule banks will still be able to hide behind something called market making which is when
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a bank buys and sells securities like stocks and bonds on behalf of clients the rule as it's written now leaves an enormous gray area in determining what is proprietary trading and what's market market making rather furthermore one of the most egregious parts of the law makes banks managers themselves responsible for testing but their banks are complying with the rules absolutely genius because banks policing themselves worked out so well for the american people back in two thousand and eight so while i applaud the attempt at reform here and let's not forget that we're living in a corporatocracy and as long as corporations ultimately dictate these laws i'll be breaking the set. of the little it's a. very hard to answer. that or how to act when the terror threat there.
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was. a. little. bit. today in new york court rejected a bid to grant personhood to chimpanzees in the state and freedom from captivity if i authorize that would have been a first of its kind legal victory for animal rights and us the group to push for the loss to the non human rights project believes that animals deserve all the legal rights that humans do as does my next guest area franchise and animal abolitionist lawyer and professor rocker's university he was the first person to ever teach an animal rights theory class that has been changing the conversation
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about sentient creatures ever since gary joined me earlier and i first asked him to explain to me what animal abolition of. animal evolution is the theory that we ought not to be focusing on the treatment of animals that the fundamental moral question is can we justify using animals at all however humanely we treat them i mean i think that we have to confront the fact that because animals are chattel property and they have no inherent or intrinsic value they want the extrinsic an xterm value the standard of animal welfare is actually very low so even if you if you take the most humane places in terms of the way animals are treated it's still really horrible and so basically the the i'm trying to change the conversation away from treatment and over to use search yes the fundamental question why are we eating wearing or using animals at all particularly when we don't have to so that
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would sort of be the answer nutshell what's the response of the concept that humans are cognitively different than other animals. you know i mean it we're the only animals who use symbolic communication so you know what goes on in our heads basically is very very much connected with this thing called language and these concepts that we get from from the language that we use so i have no doubt that animals are caught. natively different from us but the question is so what i mean even you know yes they're going to be different but they're sentient they're perceptual aware they're subjectively aware so why do we think that the cognitive differences matter morally and we can see this when we're talking about human beings i mean you can say well you know you've got somebody who's who's mentally disabled and somebody who's brilliant are they different yes are the differences relevant they maybe but but it depends what question you're asking if the question is you know you're going to hire somebody to be a math professor you problem.


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