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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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it's. not. an e.u. commissioner tweets that integration talks with ukraine have been put on hold but he had once official confirmation while there are still thousands of pro and anti-government protesters on the streets of the ukrainian capital. the american people would want to react. to support the people of ukraine and u.s. senator john mccain joins other american and e.u. politicians who are putting their full support behind ukrainian opposition. also this week syria is shaken by another wave of atrocities islamist rebel forces are said to have massacred dozens of civilians in the latest in a series of attacks. and desire to exit its three year long bailout program the prime minister thanks citizens for their resilience but warns the
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economic situation won't change overnight. i welcome you watching the weekly here on r.t. international now a senior official has tweeted that trade dealing with ukraine have been frozen because demands are unrealistic but ukraine wants official confirmation of that message sent by and large commissioner stephan fuel. has more. well we have a statement by one of the european officials who is responsible for the enlargement of the european union particularly doing eastern direction with the staff and feel able to weed out more on his official account that i quoted words and deeds over the kremlin president and government regarding association agreement with european
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union are further and further apart their arguments have no grounds and the global list of uli also went on to say that several days ago in brussels when he was meeting a delegation of ukraine's government he had warned that any further discussion about the association deal this condition. by the greatest side of the deal i did not know they were going on signing this deal has been put on hold because the green side had no uncertain that this latest statement by the european official also puts huge pressure on the coverage because he has been saying all along continuously during press corps this is a meetings with the european officials and the opposition that the train would not step down from the euro integration. he was fully expecting to sign your association deal in the year is the future meanwhile the protests are continuing and everywhere across a brain more than definitely more than one hundred thousand people are now in the central square of the iranian capital and we're watching the situation to see how
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the latest statements by european officials lay may or may not anger the protesters even more. ukrainian president think of each told u.s. senators john mccain and chris murphy that his country still on course towards even see gratian so let's take a look at what that could mean for you crane and the possible reasons why nothing has been signed yet a senior aide diplomat says that kiev is demanding too much cash from brussels to pay its debts and kickstarted struggling economy sign the deal would also mean huge bills for ukraine to modernize itself to european standards and values could run so over twenty billion dollars a year the foreign affairs editor of chronicles magazine. told us that the news often is designed only to geo political aspirations. be you all heard very dubious agreement which would have zero.
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to west european industrial products without the possibility of your creative ministry thanks for coming to the east and the longer the e.u. will doesn't exist as a group and we're looking at. all. the german or central europe which is germany austria benelux. pounce and they have. geopolitical interests in ukraine all along with varying numbers of pro e.u. demonstrators is still on the streets of kiev but the opposition leaders will debate whether or not to continue protesting on monday supporters of president also actually in force coming to kiev from all over the country for the weekend. and u.s. politicians have meanwhile made it clear they are aligned with the opposition american senators john mccain and chris murphy then that mccain says the u.s.
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could take action against the ukrainian government we do not want to impose sanctions it is not our desire to do show but obviously the american people would want to react. to support the people of ukraine in violence and that's just what we have done you know other cases throughout the world. well before mccain and murphy's arrival assistant u.s. secretary of state victoria nuland handed out snacks on kiev central square on wednesday what are high profile american and european politicians doing there among the protesters legal experts and blogger alexander mccord has told us why he thinks these officials are constantly turning up in the ukrainian capital. but the reason they are there is bluntly because i think these people want to detach the ukraine from russia as they see it and they think that by supporting the protesters and here they might actually achieve that the problem with that strategy is that it's
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simply not working the bonds between the ukraine and russia economically and culturally ethnically and simply too strong and i think for american politicians and indeed european politicians to go to the ukraine and to try to do that is actually very unwise and very dangerous and he simply exacerbating making worse the differences the divisions in the ukraine which are already very great spent to mourn how the situation unfolding in ukraine on our website r.t. dot com has also got a live updates timeline which gives a thorough breakdown of everything that is happening across the country so do take a look at that. now in syria government forces attempted to reclaim the town of address on
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a damascus this week that says al qaeda linked fighters have reportedly carried out a series of massacres there our sister channel r.t. arabic filed this report. r t sources in the military say radical islamist fighters and toward the town of address and massacred local civilians according to the latest figures at least eighty people were killed in the districts which the syrian army has now liberated entire families were killed other families were kidnapped and are being used as human shields in the battle against government forces. that are out. militants from jabhat al nusra and the army of his lawyers seize control of all the streets and cross roads very quickly and snipers took positions on the roofs and houses they carried out the massacre the first reports said twenty had been killed but today we're dated figures it's a horrifying situation and a scene of murder atrocities and fear r t sources in the military also say that
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some of the kidnapped families have been transferred to areas south of the town they're now being held in strategically important zones which the rebels have been using as a base of operations in these places are heavily fortified sources also say the total death toll in an address may in fact increase because the syrian army has not yet liberated the entire town international affairs and defense analysts not just says they believe that without american support these this one day the leading elements in the resistance movement. well it's important to to first realize that the east let me strudels they don't want peace they don't want. to be settlement with us you don't want them don't want to take over syria by force if necessary if the government doesn't surrender for a sunday the damascus is not going to surrender so we have a situation we united states great britain it were favoring their peace talks in
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geneva two if they were not so the. tree is syrian army but that doesn't include according to them these let me say none the less in my opinion in the u.s. government and they would like if not to bring down the moment in syria at least to destroy the country so i would say that if the americans don't support the slightest these let me just are you going to be the leading elemental the resistance of the rebels. meanwhile according to the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights in the syrian city of aleppo has become a target of a strikes which have claimed at least thirty six lines fifteen of the kings are said to be children stay with october the latest update from the whole tone country . now in the wake of violence bailout exit the country's prime minister
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has made a televised address to the nation and which he thanked citizens for that patience and resilience it does send out a powerful signal internationally that ireland is fighting back but the spirit of our people is a strong as ever. and they can he also stated the government will now focus on creating jobs and making sure the country never returns to a culture of speculation and greed but he also warned the economic situation isn't going to change overnight syria explains why. the people know that in that decision they endured the three years of very very deep you had salaries going down and you had their benefits of being slashed a lot of deep spending cuts so what the government really is trying to do is say that this today is symbolically stepping out of what they call the shackles of the court the hoping that this will really give that morale boost to the people whoever
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they are there is no illusion here that there are still high unemployment that have to be tackled as well as the very high number of people skilled young workers leaving the country moving to countries like australia or canada to pursue better opportunities some of the businesses here construction businesses starting all over again here in dublin however when you go just one hour out of the capital the story is really different and has come through the worst of the crisis but we shouldn't underestimate the size of the crisis it's because of the enormous holes in the banking sector which in turn resulted from very cavalier lending by the banking system irish st mary citizens and taxpayers have had to pick up the bill for the mess the very thing system the government had already said that austerity policies are actually going to be continuing so if this is to be seen as a success it's going to be a psychological or. success in terms of exiting again more closely monitoring of the troika economically there's still
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a long long way to go for our lead to really be calling itself a success. nice still to come in the program a protest about protests. a campaign against a draw floor that would impose tough fines for an authorized demonstrations than it is people accuse it of attacking democracy we got the story plus twenty more than a couple of its.
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basic. economic ups and downs in the final months days belong to the old saying i and the rest because i was going to be taking baby every week. hello again now russia's president made it clear this week he is ready to defend traditional values during his state of the nation address that i'm
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a poet and also said the country does not aspire to be a superpower or to lecture others on how to conduct their affairs but is ready to defend itself when that a necessary evil piece going off as the details it's traditionally become the place to be to find out the president's vision of the present and his plans for the future every year russia stop politicians businessmen economists and elites gather at the kremlin to listen to his annual address first head of just returned from there as well and here are some of the key points why they were important had to make russia isn't looking at dominating the rule but that doesn't mean it has to stop protecting its sovereignty and traditional values. because we know that there are even more people around the globe who support our position in terms of ensuring traditional values these are the values of traditional family and the value of human life including religious life that is not only material life but also spiritual of course this is a conservative position but the point of conservatism is not that it hinders the
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movement forward and upward but that it precludes the movement backwards downwards back towards chaos and a barbaric state. diplomacy was another point in the president's speech or specifically recent breakthroughs with syrian chemical weapons and the rain in your programming many animals to greet these are examples that diplomacy still works by the time when russia. suggested. the process of chemical disarmament stars in syria. very few countries in the world were kin to support the so-called obama option which would have been yet another bombing of the at another country so i think this is a very important lesson. lesson on how the crisis of this type should be sold u.s. plans to build an anti missile defense system in europe one of the biggest sticking points in moscow's relationship with washington was of course also talked about the
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president's message was simple without a threat from iran what's the point of building it. moscow does see the shield as a threat to its national security and putin says powering up russia's military is one of the ways to protect against it did. you know when you look at you do see it unless it was more sinister that it's no country should harbor illusions of achieving military dominance over russia we will never let it happen russia is ready to meet those challenges both political and technological that we've got all the potential needed our military doctrine as well as our military equipment allow us without a doubt to ensure russia's security finally it referring to the current situation in ukraine which you said moscow respects the desire of those partners who want to be closer to the e.u. as long as decisions aren't made by hotheads and are based on dialogue you've got to get off r.t. moscow. and other nice ties and have staged a violent protest in madrid defending their fury over a draft law that couldn't force tough action against unsanctioned rallies.
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about two dozen people were injured and seven arrested when angry crowds attempted to surround the spanish parliament activists condemning the proposal which would impose hefty fines for offenses such as burning the national flag calling it an attack on democracy the bill is likely to pass into law with strong support from the conservatives see how a majority legislature. mahin southern spain a cave dwelling key mean it is also standing its ground hundreds of activists formed a human barricade this week to resist being forcibly moved from their homes the residents say the government wants them out to make way for a luxury resort you see come from north went to meet the defined ceteris. hammering out an existence on the outskirts of granada sprucing up
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a front yard with some of the best views in town it's an eclectic community that's literally burrowed into a mountain the residents of the hill of san miguel have converted dozens of caves into bona fide homes. we've been living here for two years not and the not a look community it's the kind of place when they brews help each other out. it may not be a life of luxury there's no running water or electricity but for residents like anna that's not a problem when it does that to live long enough lay their eggs that we've done nothing for them don't cover everything here. but those who have made their home here may have their days are numbered although they've lived here for years now the city council has been fighting to get them off the land. these are in proper houses and it is a residential area of the city that the caves are unsafe for any humans to let me
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know that they're going to collapse at any moment of it it's an argument this resident simply doesn't buy one tony opara has lived on the hill of san miguel for more than eight years he believes the city is over exaggerating the dangers in order to help developers get their hands on the land actually one of the first united fans here and that's why houses because he's already. said with the arcs to protect the roof. they need to be done even in a venue and he's willing to do everything to keep on living here and have a. big. house in the rebuttal given the city council wants to clean up the hill years ago developers announced plans to turn this area into a tourist attraction and we think that's what's really behind their vision. for now only eight caves are facing the risk of
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a vixen burma is one of the residents who could lose her home she too suspects and i'll tear your motive that would be like giving up the city council wants to shut down the killings but they don't want to of them that's why we think they really just want to. the land to use it for their own purposes another concern cited by the officials is sanitation the caves they say are dirty and the area has been described as a slum that sits above the city we made a very clean not so their residence the city council isn't likely to abandon its plans to evict the residents but for the people living in the caves of san miguel giving up is simply not an option reporting that we're not a spain for our team and the captain of my when you get a chance to take a look at our website we've got plenty of stories there too including saudi arabia delivers a severe punishment for a political activist who sentenced to four years in jail three hundred lashes and a travel ban after calling for
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a constitutional monarchy and criticizing the ruling family to head to r.t. dot com for that story also there following the hippie slogan make love not war can be punishable is an italian protester may end up in court after kissing a riot police officer on our website we've got all the details. now this week a delegation from saudi arabia allegedly visited israel to discuss mutual concerns over the recent iran euclide deal reports have long suggested that the two form of pulling closer together over disdain for u.s. policies in the middle east including a thaw in its relations with turkey on were earlier we spoke to the saudi prince who believes the u.s. put its own regional interests over those of its allies the. yeah let's have a bit later probably not but i believe the main reason for the change in america's alliances in the middle east is the issue of the reading nuclear program and that's
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a shift in the u.s. approach to iran from one of confrontation to one of containment this is the main reason even if it does come at the expense of america's strategic allies like saudi arabia and israel it is of the utmost importance to the u.s. and its interest in the middle east not us foreign policy takes care of its own interests but our strategic alliances with israel under nonpermanent alliances like with saudi arabia the american interests are much more important to washington than alliances let's not forget that saudi arabia and israel always need washington support militarily and on the intelligence level as well as many other aspects they need the usa and they rely on it. magazine yemen have called for a stop to u.s. drone strikes the nation's parliament passed a motion banning unmanned aerial attacks whenever it's not a binding vote and is just a recommendation to the government initiative comes days after one attack reportedly hit a wedding medicaid and killed civilians while earlier political activists. benjamin
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told r.t. that drone strikes which are claiming to be weakening al qaeda are actually pushing more people to join it. every time there's a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda and killing people in a wedding party i am sure that this will lead to not tens but probably a hundred people joining al qaeda and this guarantees the cycle of violence will go on in perpetual war the drone strikes actually are a support to al qaeda it doesn't get rid of al qaeda a quick look now at some other news an israeli soldier has been killed in a shooting along the northern border with lebanon he was treated died after being transported to a hospital israeli military says that the seven bullets were fired by a lebanese sniper following the incident the lebanese army was reported to be put on high alert in the area. in sweden violence erupted in
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a stock with anti fascist protesters clashing with supporters writers who old rocks bottles and firecrackers at least two people were injured and twenty eight arrests were made police say the suspects could face a maximum charge of attempted murder. if you. have grown. and in berlin hundreds of people have marched in solidarity with residents of a refugee camp the demonstration took place after it was revealed that eighteen people living there are facing eviction germany's currently the only country in the debating an initiative that would force asylum seekers to remain within the confines of the state that they are registered to. the u.k. economy has experienced better growth than projected but some of that money might end up abroad the treasury chief is considering approving a one billion pound increase to the foreign aid budget might come missed cold
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comfort to brits who are yet to feel the benefits of economic recovery and think the cash could be better spent as more smith reports. britain's economy is growing better than expected so more money in our pockets to relieve some of the misery of people out of poverty help them pay their heating bills but controversially and despite cops and hardship home the more positive figures will also mean increasing the amount the u.k. sends abroad in foreign aid not because there's more suffering in the world but to meet an arbitrary target not point seven percent of national income the british government seems set on increasing amount of money sending overseas aid merely for the sake of meeting a particular target not. target driven policy which is the worst kind of way to set policy but we think it's irresponsible of the british government of
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a time when money is very tight for everyone for families from the government to be sending more and more typos money abroad particularly when a lot of the current is not being spent very well money gets lost through fraud money's being spent in countries british even have their own aid programs to other countries it means sending a billion pounds more over the next five years and where's that money going well over the last five years nigeria has received more than a billion pounds from the british taxpayer it's got its own space program and is mired in corruption an estimated several billion pounds of stolen from the states every year by corrupt officials and politicians and india also trying to push a man in space they get two hundred eighteen million pounds a year from britain and they've got their foreign aid program worth one point three billion dollars the g.a.c. accountability report shows the u.k.
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already spends more percentage wise on foreign aid than any of the g eight country and the greatest irony britain. is still borrowing billions of pounds every month and now growth is on the up it will be borrowing more than it has to just to give us away. thanks for being with us today we're going to talk business next it's a venture capital with katie pilgrim. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the seat cushions
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see your. father your party years ago. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. . dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world writes now. the picture of today's my home to from around the globe. dropped to. fifty.
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a lot of well content kept with me take the pair way today we're going to be discussing greece because greek people who have been avoiding paying the tax will no longer be able to hide now the state is getting tough on tax evaders want to have access to their personal bank accounts so we question if this is the right way forward for the country or even if it's morally right in the first place now today is well big day for ireland because the country will cop the international bailout change the country will finance itself independently the question is is it ready plus ruble gets assigned j.p. morgan guys virtual homos gives his last in house trading techniques are going to be a little bit sad first of all let's get stuck in and talk about greece because as i was saying the greek authorities or now have the power to tap into people's bank accounts i haven't been paying money that they are you to the stays tough action
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has already been taken against people that have been avoiding their tax bills have already had two thousand arrests made over debts which which they oversee the stays as a consequence the stages managed to go over nine maybe in your eyes to state coffers so is greece right to come down on paper on paying their workers is just a step too far well we're going to all start to nick scratch because he's in all the economies an international lawyer he's joining me from athens just now hynix of first of all what you make of this move. well it's a little bit of a desperate measure desperate to arms everyone the desperately poor people hardest this is premier version but the troika has advocated the troika reports the operative word is of course search toward to turn. their former drug me away when push comes to shove will love this usually get their work.


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