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tv   Headline News  RT  December 28, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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arabic. visit arabic. high level corruption scandal in turkey triggered street violence as police break up crowds demanding the government's resignation. issue can a federal judge rules it's legal for the n.s.a. to collect the telephone records of millions of americans as it helps to counter terrorism while american and british media are slammed for failing to challenge their governments. are all is not to be adversaries their role is to be loyal spokespeople journalist glenn greenwald scolds his colleagues for unquestioningly serving those in power as he addresses an international hackers congress. and this year winds down we look back at some of the most significant stories of twenty thirty hunger striking detainees at guantanamo force fed in response to their
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protest against indefinite detention. centers just after midnight here in moscow a very good morning for me then kevin oh it's good to have you with us the top story this morning a massive anti-government demonstration in istanbul central square has been violently dispersed by police in the last twenty four hours the rallies were sparked by a high level corruption investigation that's led to a major company reshuffle in the arrests of several top officials demonstrators are now demanding the country's prime minister the one step down but leaders self-support of the corruption allegations are smear campaign security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to push the protesters in istanbul now to prove they are got caught up in the prayers. all right. thanks that's just the way the facts
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being the people being trying to push them back you say as a candidate the people will be in fear for the face of. this is. something that we . began feeling to spend six months ago. we think maybe since we. take a look at. the state. the past year but the first thing we see the prime minister facing a challenge from the people. from within. a minute we'll let you leave it to you. to take us. leaving some of the briefing to get back.
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to us where you can be some of the faces. of the scenes telling us that space because they say. for his part series progresses but addressing crowds of supporters in the country's western city but he vowed to put up a fight refusing to give in to the protesters demands freedoms journalist and blogger i was a good brother was a few stumbles taksim square last march told me a deep divides emerged within the society. but it was not just the crash it's just one of the recent explosives that that kind of came upon are the one and its leadership you have a big reference people who are against a ruling party and against the are no i'm but then there are still a considerable amount of people they so concerned about a very charismatic leader and they still believe in everything that he says so whenever he goes on on camera as in my nice hour everywhere else that he's been in
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the past week ever since the corruption case i represent and he's been saying that you know this is a conspiracy theory that this is the work of israel or the us or our group and woman itself people do believe. we speak to the widow of a russian resuscitated in the wake of a conflict with mikhail khodorkovsky for oil company so the sushi thing was behind a husband is murder coming up a bit later in the program. but not before one of the other city's most a tourist surveillance techniques it's sweeping phone tapping program has been ruled legal a federal judge said it's crucial for security because it collects everything that's of course despite another federal judge concluded quote the bulk phone records collection was likely unconstitutional artie's one important eyes got the story. a federal judge in new york william of pauli ruled friday that protections under the fourth amendment do not apply to records held by third parties like phone
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companies the n.s.a.'s indiscriminate and systematic collection and storage of phone records belonging to all americans while that's lawful now the a.c.l.u. has expressed disappointment and says it plans to appeal that decision two weeks ago federal judge in washington d.c. said the n.s.a.'s metadata program most likely violated the fourth amendment as part of that ruling a judge richard leon ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs who brought the case against the u.s. government now u.s. officials have for many years asked americans to sacrifice some of their privacy in the name of security but so far no top u.s. official can mention any danger imminent danger that's been thwarted through the collection of everyone's personal information. revelations from when they say whistleblower edward snowden to the mainstream media for turning
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a blind alley to go by lay should. come from germany oh peter all of those in the international. perhaps the most anticipated speech of this year's calles communication conference was the keynote address by journalist and political commentator glenn greenwald he delivered his keynote speech by videophone to a packed out auditorium here in albuquerque and which he praised edward snowden for the work that he's done and also called on those governments that have shown indignation at the revelations of how much their citizens are being spied on by america and its allies to do more than just show that indignation that they should do more to help the man who has sacrificed much in order to bring them the truth and we also address the u.s. and british governments accusing them of team leader lying to their citizens and speaking about the press in those countries said that they were complicit in
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allowing the governments to do that lie you to understand just how the american and british media function or goal is not to be adversaries your role is to be people all those actions they pretend to exercise over say the role of the us media and their british counterparts is to be voices for bose with the greatest power and to protect their interests and serve them but this conference isn't just about the speakers it's also a bone workshops and we spoke to some of the organizers who are telling us just how with a little base of knowledge you can help try and protect yourself all the line with things like encrypted emails now to the likes of me who are borderline computer illiterate and also quite frightening however they sold me with just a small amount of knowledge you can make sure that what you want to stay private states private be too quick to parties fair we invite interested people to learn about cryptography since a long while and we noticed since the summer that there's
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a huge group in requests for those trips to parties that's a party where we meet for like two or three hours and people who know how to encrypt emails how to encrypt your chat how to browse on the mislead in the internet teach this. to other people you actually asked people when they came why do i why are you here and people told us i learned that if we are spied on and i want to protect myself now the conference always draws a good crowd this is the thirtieth year that it's been running however this year following those revelations from edward snowden it seems that more and more people are wanting to find out how they could look after their personal information online they've been coming here to try to find out how peter all of our reporting let's talk more about the notorious snooping programs and the leaks and changing the world with daniel gathers executive director of the wrong points to have peace and prosperity joining us live on the line now wanting to thank spoke on r.t. this is congress that is on the way now berger seeking isn't it raise awareness of encryption in previous c course when used to thinking of hackers. kind of bad
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people doing something illegal but their status is kind of changing to heroes these days isn't it. one when the government is doing things illegal it takes formally or legal things like characters to try to protect us the only worry is are these all legitimate hackers are someone still traded so it's the whole lot of encryption is also somewhat. concerning as well julie sounds appeared on a video line didn't they called on hackers to fight back against the spy agencies is their job any easier these days after all these revelations of the last eighteen months two years well i think there has been an enormous increase in awareness of what the government is doing what's interesting is the just ruling by judge holy on friday. the a.c.l.u. doesn't have the right to challenge this collection of metadata because it was going illegally because of the revelations by snowden are you surprised by that
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ruling. i think well the washington post called it kafka esque and i think that's right. she pointed out one of their journalists pointed out that because congress meant for section two fifteen of the patriot act to be secret orders under that section to be secret the a.c.l.u. had no right to challenge it with the implications are incredible if you think about it it means that if the government were illegally using two fifteen in something we would object if we say as an illegal way use of two fifteen we could never challenge it because we weren't supposed to know that they were doing it and it really is like kafka it's it's absolutely chilling i mean is that the public mood in america are americans somehow easier with the fact they're being spied on or not well i think americans are very irritated the n.s.a. is really become a four letter word in the u.s.
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people that had never thought about it before and as a matter of fact someone like peter king who's the chairman of homeland security committee said he was yesterday he's glad about this ruling because americans maybe will now stop being so mean and so angry with the n.s.a. how much i got me wrong looking back how much damage do you think snowden's revelations is cause to america's image over the last say two years and. well i don't think a lot of the revelations about foreign spying should have been a surprise to anyone i mean and i'm and obviously those are of some concern but i think americans are are more concerned with the n.s.a. getting out of control in its in this morning turning up american citizens i think that's where the outrages here in the u.s. and you find out that this bulk collection of everything is fine and dandy because as that as judge poly pointed out this was the government's counterpunch against al qaeda although they can't tell us one single success they've had with all of this
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monitoring or communications we're hearing over the next twelve months from various sources snowden assad's eccentric cetera the journalists that have the information that more revelations will be coming out but nonetheless you know the country the been affected by this most notably brazil we hear a brazilian spied on by the n.s.a. well they have got to really turn around and take on america over it or not well i think it's a subtle process that takes place over time i think as the image of america has decreased in the eyes of the world if you look at polling data over the last decade i think the thing is like the attack on iraq that was obviously based on lies the disastrous invasion of afghanistan the us manipulating elections manipulating governments throughout the world most recently we see in africa and south sudan i had another one of their adventures gone wrong i think this is a process and it is showing the rest of the world more and more that us interventionism is certainly not
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a force for good at least in this state age and we have those who could leave it there executive director for the rome paul institute of peace and prosperity thanks for taking the time this festive time to speak to us give us a couple minutes you reshape it and. now with the new year then just around the corner we continue our look at the big events twenty thirteen will be remembered for. one of the biggest stories of the year was the hunger strike in mates a growing time a bay detention center despite repeated promises from the u.s. to shut the infamous facility it remains operational and continues to spark public outrage and r.t. crew went behind the barbed wire to see what life's really like for the inmates there. transparency is a word repeated by u.s. officials working at guantanamo like a mantra by those few who are comfortable speaking on camera you see the conditions under which the detainees and you get to talk to the people who are responsible for
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garner we make it is transparent as possible and those preferring to remain on identifiable but the majority of officials we were permitted to speak to every week we get media like yourself international media local media whatever and they're welcome to come you know we tell them what we have any journalists workflow at guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules the so-called operation security briefing the material that you guys are gathering to make sure that it abides by our policy here even though transparency is a word brought out by all the personnel we talked to on the ground we as journalists access to detainees aside are asked to be very careful about the shots we filmed all the backdrops and at the end of each day videos are reviewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because palm trees are not too controversial remind you of any frowned upon seaward like censorship it's in this series the program established to her car program accomplished
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with her very late sorry old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cell phones are banned from camps we're not supposed to anything on facebook or anything like that or you know even worry about talking about it over the you know anything over the phone the said purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of getting the operations the detainees you're going to get their vision so we try to photograph them to take down we are warned violations of media ground rules may result in restricted access denial of future visits and or removal from guantanamo bay if people just kind of mislabeled it and have a call to get for be just not leading. giving the true picture i mean the only people who knows what goes on get more is os and the detainees and getting the detainees side of what goes on and get most apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of
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detainee face time we get a total of one minute and five seconds short dark glass window the reason we're given out of respect for them and not using them is as you know. you know. making them some kind of curiosity you know on film a thing like that we don't want to do that despite our requests to not even film but at least witness more real prison or life a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is to to see you know. given the amount of time that you have here to to see it we are as transparent as possible after one minute glimpse at one detainee our schedule is in fact all booked up i think i mean they they were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things were on their wilsons were not really being allowed to close to the detainees this might be the closest glimpse of their life we might be
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getting today we're being told that these are the meals that they're offered on a daily basis. we're also taken to the only local radio station all made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base do you do any news related to the tension can you give. that to public media because. you know there's enough journalists over there covering that music sports and talk radio pure infotainment rains here. and so we learn there we're not the only ones simply being treated to a show and party one town in the bay cuba. well we've been keeping track of the hunger strike one time the most since it began in february just a click away on our website we've got the full timeline of events surrounding the tourist facility and for more stories that shape the abell bringing you all further uphold so why twenty thirty years right here on out.
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a full supreme council here braving the elements in order to stand on to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have jobs the gulag of our times. is an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines. oh it's a. busy street interesting. strategic mission to try to push. an undercover team
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of journalists trying to release wiki leaks documents about how the united states is trying. more pro-american they encounter fear ignorance and pressure. country blocks the way to information freedom. media stuff on our t.v. . they don't want to tell us all the honor of except this is our planet and that we have the right to run it but they're very very concerned that they don't think we're good stewards of our planet. we're not we're cutting clear cutting our forests and we're losing our rivers and lakes and we're dumping sewage in the oceans we're doing all sorts of things which are not what good stewards of their homes should be doing and they don't like that and they've made it very clear as a matter of fact they have given us
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a warning. twenty past midnight here in moscow. riding the wave of media hype these days with germans across the globe seeking to interview the former high profile prisoner but important questions about his company's controversial actions back in the nine hundred ninety s. ago and such as how it was you cause connected or not to the murder of a mayor in the city where they all joined was registered. spoke to the mayor's widow. and the despite the fact that hunter kosky has escaped responsibility on those counts i'm convinced he's behind my husband's murder. my youth the hoof was shot dead on his way to work but the whole worker yes reporter pollock but he walked to work and he usually did paul and was shot he died from the last shot in the temple. it just
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was the if you got his money every game tightly wound with one of the most notorious legal sagas of russia you can skip from nineteen eighty five you were junkies feasting you can dance he paid taxes to the city and the region if they're combining you guys was registered then so when it came to tax revenues it was answering to the mayor next to your guns with the hope they depended on him and that was the only reason why he even mattered how did they insist her late husband as a mayor of the town this was registered was approached by top managers of the company . i. first offered to reach an agreement they called it optimization of taxes back then production reached about seventy million tons of oil a year they said there was too much but the and seven eight million tonnes would be more than enough. to hope for a few so striking deals moreover he went on hunger strike demanding an
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investigation into vehicles alleging their corruption scheme involved many regional officials several days later he was found murdered and used to get found his killing was ordered by the co owner of ucas but many don't agree with that finding they believe that the two halves murder wasn't connected to you chris and the alleged tax fraud scheme that of course he himself said if there was the need to avoid taxes then there were many other ways it could have been done the former head of security at the company received a life sentence for gauging from. the divorce why it is sure that the real mastermind has never been held to account. that only time will solve the mystery surrounding my husband's murder but i'd just like her to kake to confess and clear his conscience which. in those. with cover stories cannot eclipse on our website or call. pangs of conscience force
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the american professor to resign the story is that he's admitted that his revolutionary aids vaccine which brought him a multimillion dollar grant won't in fact bring relief to those suffering and read up more about that r.t. dot com and you can follow the ocean's most veracious predator on twitter find out what a strangely and scientists have come up with to keep swimmers from a very unwelcome shark encounter on our website. update next though about that russian ship has been called in the antarctic for christmas without a strain in a scientific expedition on board the latest is we've got to wait until sunday for help the vessel academic should got stuck in thick ice on tuesday to ice breakers a chinese ship on a french vessel before it of both failed in their rescue mission they had to turn back now all hopes of being pinned on a strangely unsure which apparently has got the best chance of reaching the stranded scientists this is the passengers and crew apparently are keeping their
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spirits up best they can they've got enough supplies and they're continuing the research to idle away the time despite the setback. more world news now in brief and first off in egypt we're in a second student has reportedly been killed after clashes with police in the universe through cairo say media says the violence was sparked when supporters of the muslim brotherhood set fire to campus buildings organizers deny the allegations saying the demonstrators only resisted the use of tear gas against them at least sixty students were arrested in the disturbance. in southern india fire on express trains killed at least twenty three passengers including two children more than sixty people were in that carriage at the time when a fire broke out early on saturday it's believed most of the victims suffocated officials say fix smoke camp and rescue efforts because of the blaze is still an. update for you want to story brought you earlier tube reports from bahrain now say that early solomon the problem leader of the main shia opposition blocks being
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released just hours after he was summoned for questioning security forces used tear gas to disperse supporters of the gathered outside his home demanding is immediate release someone was taken without explanation after an anti government speech which according to the sunni led government quote contained sectarian language to incite hatred keep abreast of all in all of our news twenty four seven a course at r.t. dot com up next on r.t. international it's a story the wiki leaks associate suva travel across central asia or in search of media outlets willing to publish leaked diplomatic cables meantime for watching us in the u.k. very good evening to you going on the ground with host afshin rattansi coming away right after this break.
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summer break a time when all students rejoice and most importantly relax but in russia summer break for males to. could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian citizens have to put a year into the armed forces but the ministry of defense thinks that they can make things easier by having students spend their summer breaks in the military this training would tie in with their future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering position now the question is does your summer break belong to you or another words of the government have the right to tell you what to do and make you serve in the army even if just for three summers during your college years i think the answer of this really depends on your culture in places which haven't been invaded countless times or have a strong individual ism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but if you come from a country that is less individualistic and has been attacked invaded by pretty much every country that possibly could like russia then having a draft makes more sense i think this program could work and if i was in college i
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would be pumped to spend my summer vacation with some heavy artillery but this is definitely not a universal idea for all countries i don't think liberals are libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so but that's just my opinion.
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does use it this scope of thumb this to quote an ego would have to define from a. movement movement view to see if it wants to prove. that he can use people in china temple. good luck to guantanamo. which is not a one of more than with what you looked. at when it didn't appear to be true and it was not me trying to close the deal a city needed to put up its pretty good but the best country. becomes a hospital spit. it would have to disagree with just its people that were there in the good of us of our reasons were for to be able. to provide information on the
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public to provide information on the but these residing in the front of the leg of the hundred twenty t.v. and some of the news that. proceeded to picket with. the person to close it. to provide information on a market of stocks and. stumbled like you only did it better. then it works then then it would it still regime. what makes it in the book i thought a minute she was the third most abusive one. but. rushing budgets cubits when you sign your. nose the more you know you're going to start actually. going with. their mood a little kinder get explicit in this look at us. i bet you know what. the good news is i mean.


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