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thousands of police scour the city of volgograd after it was struck by two terror attacks as medics fight for the lives of the wounded we report on some of the youngest victims of the attack. opens its doors to romania and bulgaria immigrants lifting seven year old restrictions and causing many and britain to worry about a possible influx. and fun and games lead to serious injury and death with us police dealing with a spread of random attacks on members of the public reportedly as part of gang initiation. eleven pm in moscow i met très
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a very good to have you with us our top story this hour thousands of security officers flooded the russian city of volgograd following two terror attacks in as many days they're trying to find those responsible and stop a possible third act of terror from taking place this suicide bombings claimed the lives of thirty four people and left dozens wounded doctors still fighting to save the lives of two critically wounded young girls who were brought to moscow for more special care are. reports. their russian children's clinical hospital it's one of the best such hospitals in the country and the girls are both being treated here now the nine year old received her injuries during the first blast that took place in volgograd on the twenty ninth of december both the girl and her mother have sustained injuries and that's terror attack this second terror attack which had less than twenty four hours later on december thirtieth that she placed on the trolley bus where both the mother and the grandmother of the three month old baby were killed the girl was said and that is the report according to
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some of the doctors the girl was saved by a blanket in which she was wrapped which prevented her from receiving life threatening injuries from the debris that went flying regarding the state of health of both girls the doctors are remaining cautiously optimistic because their injuries are serious and so is their condition overall eighteen people have been brought into law school for treatment of these are some of the more serious cases out of the more than forty people who have sustained injuries thirty four people have been killed in the two terror attacks in volgograd traditionally new year's is one of the biggest holidays in the country but this year obviously the facilities have been seriously dampened by the horrific attacks of all grad in fact of the first three days of the year are declared days of mourning in the volgograd region there is also at alerts a fifteen day long alert for heightened terror. danger in the region as well and
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the mood is also exacerbated by the fact that there are thousands of police who have been brought in from other regions as well as internal troops who are literally calming the city of all grab and the region looking for possible clues and also of course to prevent any other terror attacks from happening again so obviously a very desperate kind of trying time for the volgograd region at the moment. on the attack some russian m.p.'s have called for the toughest of responses to terrorism and want to bring back the death penalty for anyone responsible opponents say the current laws are enough for a closer look at that debate in fighting on our web site r.t. dot com. he u.s. lifted a seven year migration restriction on both garia and romania but authorities in the deported two poorest states deny this will lead to any massive influx but it's been the subject of much scaremongering in the british press a recent poll showing that a quarter of britons want drastic action taken to curb the number of migrants are
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poly boyko takes a look leading up to the new year the british government hadn't released any estimates about the number of remain ians ambled carians that they expected to arrive in britain now this immigration restrictions have been lifted for them that sounds since he hasn't done much to allay the fears that the british public. and although romanians and bulgarians now have every right to live and work freely anywhere within the european union skepticism and public concern say the mass immigration a written all time high what are you currently doing to stop the influx of skilled workers in from the e.u. and upon him to do we've made absolutely sure that it's not possible for people to
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come here simply to claim benefits to a putting a brace very tough measures in controls for the latest report by the institute of public policy research dismissed these as symbolic gestures saying the person can cope with very maybe an ample garion migration according to the paper instead of alarming the public the government may need to implement some minor contingency measures in order to help schools and housing stretch this deadline has been known about for precisely seven years so the idea that we should be rushing around panicking about it now it's completely absurd it's quite important for politicians to step back and explain that this is not the end of the world but on the whole immigration and indeed free movement within european union been quite beneficial to the u.k. economy remaining in diplomats to say that their citizens are deeply offended by that portrayal as scroungers and criminals in the u.k.
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press they point out that most of their citizens are hardworking and will contribute to british society something that economists had a happy to back up be a real believer this is the migration to britain has made it positive both in terms of cultural and richmond and economic investment we have to remember that one point six million britons british nationals are working through the. enjoy the benefits of that so if we start setting up you shouldn't draw benefits for migrants they we can expect a quick cool cool despite the politicians tough talk in the tabloid headlines phase of a lot of migrants have been dismissed as nonsense and according to remain in officials most of that country men would prefer to live in spain or italy anyway. judging by the weather. you can blame them. i see. you. get some perspective on this from paul not deputy head of the u.k.
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independence party which aims to limit immigration thank you for joining us here on r t just from watching your facial expressions as you were listening to paula's report it seems as though you found some of what she was going on there kind of amusing let me throw some numbers at you here some there we've got two polls here that show a wide divergence there is an ipsos poll that shows that seventy two percent of the britons that they polled would welcome migrants from romania and bulgaria and then there was a survey ssion poll that said about the same number would agree that britain should prevent them from working in the u.k. why do you think such a divergence because the poll is obviously a rogue poll i mean i would suggest that public opinion is so make closer to the savation poll people are worried people are fed all of the limits of massive immigration into this country simply because we're in the middle of a recession a million of our own young people between eighteen to twenty four come and get a job and what we want to do when you can this book this is people phased let's get
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our own people back in some way and saturating the employment market even further by opening boulders to potentially twenty million people from bulgaria and romania well i want to have you listen to some voices of people on the street here that we talk to because no matter which poll you prefer to put stock in it it's clear that a huge number of the population doesn't see them as such a threat just take a listen here for a second. so ok a little tackle video and you need people to keep the economy vibrant and working and all that so i think people are overreacting a slake this and but we see the best thing to do is put the british people to find a job that's the problem and their jobs i don't really mind space coming we don't want to do. it as a job for them i'm quite happy with coming over the best but i think it's a real hype thing if that means back in that fancy fine of a problem with it. so what would you say to those people well i would say quite
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frankly they're wrong in their not representative of britain as a whole i mean opinion polls over the past ten years have shown that people quite frankly affects all with mass on limited immigration what we should have is a point system like australia has like canada. in this country yes come here and work but if we don't need your skills then quite frankly we don't really need you to come here and i will put it to you that it will be better football gary and rumanians the majority will come here will be qualified will be young people for them to stay in their own countries sort out their own economies so how corruption in those countries rather than coming here to england and trust me the streets of london are paved with gold and they will come here and they will end up working in bars and restaurants and picking fruit and whatnot it would be better for them to stay in their own countries so why the u.k. is seeming to be so vocal about especially people in your position seeming so vocal
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against immigration when there is other e.u. countries other you countries that are arguably on a better footing for example germany that they could also go to and not so much of a fuss getting kicked up over there. well i think there is a force in germany actually i think if you you listen to a number of politicians in germany. they aren't happy about on limits of the immigration and the reason to put the arguments about that the majority of people from the main here in bulgaria would go to italy and spain and what not well who would want to go to italy and spain their economies are in a terrible state and spain for example has fifty percent youth unemployment they're not going to go to italy they're not going to go to spain and what is critical here is that they can come here from april affairs not january the first and claim benefits from that day's and it's a noncontributory system so quite frankly they can con here and they can claim from welfare but are ever putting into the system i think that is fundamentally wrong and it makes britain a soft touch report from the center for economics and business research says that
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immigration is a key factor in boosting our country's economy so did you think that they could actually say that again was the response they were they was they well they were they represent big business i mean immigration is great for big companies because they can pay people on bottom wages isn't good for your work a man can mormon you know for example operate in liverpool that a good number of laborers and two who go out bricklayers and whatnot who've been driven off site by eastern european immigrants who've been able to undercut them quite frankly i want to see as be putting our own people face putting british where it is at the front of the queue and the decision to lift these restrictions or it didn't come overnight surely seven years before this went into effect aren't there people who have taken these things into account at this point able to. absorb the impact from this. that well look the reason why we're having to do it is because of
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the european union the freedom of movement of peoples as written into e.u. treaties which have been signed by labor governments and conservative governments so there's no point crying about it now the only way we can deal with this problem is by leaving the order and if people want to see points of protest and if people want to go out there and vote against the you can do so by voting for the party which wants to leave and that you can't on may the twenty second this year in the european elections good point that one of those people on the street said is that a lot of these immigrants are going to be doing the jobs if they come are going to be doing the jobs that the working man in the u.k. isn't necessarily so inclined to do on his own do you think that is the case or do you think that there are enough unemployed people in the u.k. that will pretty much be desperate to take any job and take these low paying jobs that otherwise might be filled by an immigrant we have a million of our own young people who are going to way have to say put it to you that that isn't good for any society what we need to be doing this but not only
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young people and quite frankly at how the north of this argument mainly used by left wing politicians that they come here to do the jobs that british people don't want to do quite frankly what we need to do is to sort out our welfare system let's have not welfare get our own people back into work place all right paul nuttall live from london u.k. independence party thanks very much for your time thank you immigration just one of the issues pushing people across the political extremes the financial crisis seeing the popularity of far right org across the region are now concerned about methods being used to push their policies forward. but first a new form of pastime could be spreading among some of america's gangs unsuspecting members of the public being targeted by random attacks for the fun of it artie's marina porton i reports on a dangerous game already being blamed for several deaths. you're walking down the
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street minding your own business and without warning police say they are investigating yet another knockout attack attackers mainly in their teens targeting victims at random it's called the knockout game the goal of this violent and twisted so called game is to knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch a feared phenomenon across the nation the ongoing brutality has claimed lives in at least three u.s. states here in new york city more than ten people have been randomly assaulted among the youngest a twelve year old student among the oldest seventy six year old woman was walking along warman avenue when a man struck her in the head this man too scared to show his face on camera says he was attacked last month while walking home from work surrounded me one of them as i tried to get away one of them stepped out towards me. and. with the clothes is hit me in the face in some cases suspects have been arrested and charged
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however exacerbating the problem these videos uploaded on you tube have been viewed by millions raising concerns about copycat attacks many knockouts have taken place in broad daylight as victims were walking through their own neighborhoods and as the n.y.p.d. a department of thirty four thousand officers continue struggling to curb the string of violence citizens are seeking alternatives to stay safe. former n.y.p.d. officer rabbi gary moskowitz and is offering his seventh degree black belt skills for free to knock out victims and others seeking protection we're going to someone who works worker you must learn how to be a where you're more for how to fight if some girls were timed to the knock out attackers are for him and for him ready to moskowitz believes are likely motivated by gang initiation something the and wipe. he hasn't officially acknowledged if
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ignored because we're going where the problem is they have to really try to curb where we're going from they can't do that for fear so a lot of times they don't want to put a name on something right away because if they put a name one of them they have to go where through arts he reached out to the n.y.p.d. to find out what america's most powerful police department is doing to combat the knockout epidemic our questions and interview requests were ignored it is not fair to ask any poor farm to be able to be assigned to everybody in the shrewd they can protect their morals from also new york city streets the big apple's mass surveillance system does actually allow officials to know where and when many of the crimes are occurring but so far filming the knockouts hasn't helped to prevent them marina. new york. stay with us here on r.t. international more to come later in the program as we take you on a ride would be to fill mountains of the caucasus a scene that will welcome those are taking a train for the olympic venues in sochi. britain's
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climbing community fears its good name has been tarnished after incidents of people in clown costume scaring members of the public the copy cat craze believed to have been started by a man known to facebook as the northampton clown involves people dressing as the circus characters to surprise passers by and public places i know what you're thinking you're thinking that sounds a whole lot like the terrifying clowns of westminster george osborne with his big red nose and floppy feet scaring citizens into taking on ever more debt for fear of missing out on the property ladder or the equally our fire stephen king like clowns of ben bernanke and mark carney wearing their big red frizzy wigs and staring menacingly in through your window at night pointing teeny tiny scored to the bankers.
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obviously we should be quite concerned about a lot of the recent revelations about spying and so forth the internet remains the most powerful tool for the spread of freedom in the world today. thanks for staying with us nineteen minutes past the hour now a mosque in the swedish capital has been targeted by vandals who spray painted nazi swastikas across the main entrance incidents like these happening across europe after the financial downfall of two thousand and eight launched a trend that could be difficult to reverse the far right gaining ground with the u.k. greece and france among those seeing the spread of nationalism artie's peter all of our reports. from the d.l. and the wolf to go to greece and the south far right groups are making their
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voices heard in europe. this financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they recruit greece has seen a marked increase in support of the far right. groups golden dawn and old the run i did by the critics is hooligans and thugs heralded by this support is as the savior of the greeks for the greeks and they systematic and the brits hate and cultivate. but they attack systematically immigrants present a golden dawn of made the most they have elected officials on their books including the current greek m p a law is the out us it's not only in politics that extreme right to accuse the permeating this goal celebration by the athens he ordered to
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stop the artists so the midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what the salute meant but the clearest indicator of the popularity of the far right will be when europeans go to the polls in may to vote in the e.u. parliamentary elections one of those parties on the rise and france's modi depends national front. european people are realizing that the use in empire the soviet union in fact is destroying their freedom despite insistence is that if they want to take part in the political discourse we've seen repeated violent clashes involving these groups even in some of the most stable nations like austria where around a third of people voted for parties that are considered the right wing in a recent election didn't care less and we saw the need to slow down immigration i
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have nothing against foreign us but enough is enough. to e.u. it is saying where the money should go to allow again poor countries on which of their own country and did he used to wouldn't be like. dictate everything. to us it used to be that party's interest spruced and the e.u. second now it's only. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more its people are seeking answers. the right. to be. on r t dot com is the fukushima nuclear disaster threat back plumes of a suspicious steam detected coming from a damaged reactor and plant operator tepco still won't say whether or not it's dangerous also a click away interview by the u.s. n.s.a. head of the most the most heated you tube video of twenty thirteen me thousands
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expressed their disapproval find out on our web site. twenty fourteen winter games a little more than a month away in those cities sochi getting the finishing touches before it welcomes thousands of spectators and athletes or teams to long months eight reports. there's a new olympic track down this one's not just for the. gun line has a new landmark status the andrea way station which will help seamlessly transport the tens of thousands of sports fans to the games come february fifteenth all them people will go through this terminal at the atlas going towards the coastal cluster where the olympic park is as well as in the mountainous cost of krasnaya polyana so let's take a look at how long it takes you from here to one of the venue. security is
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paramount but keeping people moving is really is also a priority especially when dealing with so many people who are you to the city. this is the hub that will give visitors where they need to be throughout the olympics and paralympics. mind you and your way in the new country can be daunting particularly if there's a new language that you haven't seen before now what source you as well as the administration have done is made things easy for you making all those signs in both english and russian so you never gave it is easy. as well as the games these chains will be getting then zipping around this year as well as world cup spectators come twenty eighteen. it's really really nice it's very new very spacious very comfortable. it's a pleasure well it's my second time on this train it's. very convenient.
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connecting the area's peaks and valleys. the construction one of the international award for some tricky tonally through the environmentally sensitive lands. efforts which have paid off to give passengers a more pleasant ride fifteen minutes later we're just minutes from the subtopic or palm city of la and now. the beautiful mountains. thirty minutes later and we've finally made it to our final destination without a glance it's a little bit cold here. but so we're going to warm you up with more from the be on the olympics with me tom would say in the city obviously lympics so i will leave you with that a very warm welcome from. more
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reports from the winter games host city throughout the week so stay with us on r.t. international for the. of the twenty four teens living with this police line. is is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games should be the city's present and future life so it will bring it this is the moment that everybody from a very cold and snowy windy mountain is tough beyond lympics with the city. on our team. taking a look now at some other global news another bloody day in iraq where a suicide car bomb left nineteen dead thirty wounded after exploding in a commercial crowded commercial street northeast baghdad earlier another blast in the capital on a minibus claimed four lives in the north of the country three soldiers were killed when militants attacked their patrol. a car bomb
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blast shook a southern suburb of the lebanon the lebanese capital beirut known to be a stronghold of the shia militant group hezbollah five people dead twenty wounded there the explosion near the building of hezbollah's main t.v. station al menar incident follows last week's blast near parliament that killed five including a former finance minister. kaiser report coming your way after this short break stay with us. recently the federal reserve system celebrated its one hundredth birthday and the big con game that just a few years ago no one seemed to know about has been in place for one hundred years so let's celebrate the federal reserve by remembering all their accomplishments since nine hundred thirteen firstly they've managed to take the printing of money
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out of the hands of the u.s. government and thus out of the hands of u.s. voters i what it comes to money who needs to mock received representation anyways they also managed to whittle away the dollars tagging to gold until nixon finally said forget gold let's print our way out of vietnam and because there is no link between the dollar and gold the purchasing power of the dollar has reduced by at least twenty three times since the fed came into being lovely but what about the next hundred years well if the recent rounds of quantitative easing are any sign of things to come then we are going to be seeing a lot more inflation and big private bankers getting richer while we all get poorer bad people generally don't survive one hundred years but bad systems sadly can go on and on and on forever but that's just my opinion. choose your language. of choice we can with zero in the financial system some.
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choose to use the consensus to. choose to use the figure a couple. choose to stories but if you. choose to to access. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser britain's clowning community fears its good name has been tarnished after incidents of people in clown costume scaring members of the public the copy cat craze believed to have been started by a man known on facebook as the northampton clown involves people dressing as the circus characters to surprise passers by and public places i know what you're
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thinking you're thinking that sounds a whole lot like the terrifying clowns of westminster george osborne with his big red nose and floppy feet scaring citizens into taking on ever more debt for fear of quote missing out on the property ladder or the equally horrifying stephen king like clowns of ben bernanke m.r. carney wearing their big red frizzy wigs and staring menacingly in through your window at night pointing teeny tiny scored down to the bankers or plundering your bank accounts of the national wealth yes these horrid clowns are scaring people off clowns altogether oh what a tragedy stacy yes max in fact you mentioned the clown of westminster george osborne we have an image here from william bonzai he was staring in apparently into william bonds a seven's window over the new year but time magazine named him the briton of the year george osborne for his economic policies a very nice.


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