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tv   Sport  RT  January 13, 2014 3:29pm-4:01pm EST

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thesis swiftly added a decision on timing has not yet been taken while president sepp blatter also defended brazil's preparations for this summer's event despite failing to meet their deadlines we will be ready i am sure that in in march called a stadium be ready and we have time enough to make somebody herzl's there in this modern stadia i'm sure they will respond to the expectation of the spectators but also of the actors which are the players. moving on to basketball where russian side luck a massive car bomb lost their second straight top sixteen game in the maiden season in the year and make the president onside travel to israel for the group that encounter what went down eighty five points to seventy five maccabi tel living week cameroonian son says somebody spots him to sign twenty thousand points during his fifteen minutes on court his former russian coach david plotz did the home side to
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go six straight nearly victory and third win this season overlocker would see travel to the star moment week to play gala tusker on. staying with the top sixteen with tesco moscow made it two wins from two author a convincing seventy seven points to sixty two win at home to lithuanian sides ya get this in a match up rich inside that history rich example reports. it was and still is one of the great rivalries in european basketball since come oscar versus shall garry's well the club from the if you win your second city dominated in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. it's beyond him and enjoyed more success than of the last decade bush all grist won the year only trying to win ninety nine thousand nine hundred since fallen hard times and have experienced financial troubles but are now looking to bounce back with a mix of belief you going in veterans like south and jesse came because and robert has yet to talk us as well as some emerging talents under the guidance of forty
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year old former national hero sali a stronger us group f. meeting would say the sky was the second game for both sides in the euro league's top sixteen shall get is and suffered a disappointing eighteen point loss at home to buy muting. the argument and won their first game it fell a russian side look at matty cross the dark with a tory messina's side targeting the first you're really trying to listen to two thousand and eight and they got off to a fantastic starts racing into a twelve to three lead and visitors never managed to recover. despite a brief comeback in the third quarter. of a lead below double digits for the first time since the very start of the game but say it's covered by strong performances from sunday wins the tally for it so on i mean last year dos each stepped up again and eventually eased to seven to seven points to six two big. glad to get the good start but during the second quarter they got the little. comeback to six points and second start again the
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well against their performance and third quarter was for us a game was a done but with this team you cannot really make a lot of three point shots and this is this is their hope to change the game. i mean we have you know really really good team really good child a team from top to bottom so we know we're at our best we're playing you know team basketball you know we have you know everybody on the court which i would say. you know everybody that came out of the court which we played well. from start by saying scott who and i chew and i were in the top sixteen or shall greece are rooted to the bottom of the group but two straight losses not a great start for a club but one of the oldest and you're really aiming to regain this form of glories rich of a whole fleet hottie moscow. well meanwhile former n.b.a. star dennis rodman sang happy birthday to north korean leader kim jong un before
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hitting a squad of former n.b.a. players in a friendly game against north korea is to young the hall of fame of dedicated the game to his best friend kim who turns thirty one on january the. year old man has become a p.r. tool for most korea's government forty thousand people one by two most north stars forty seven years to the tune on and off the tunes were mixed up with this. thanks it's not above money is not. when doing this right it's to us that is what you want to enjoy life unless your parachute over the years you know. people come in and say hey go korea it's not enough but. you know the more she was actually trying to change this country. while jumping on a wall in the n.b.a. last thursday two time defending champions miami stumbled to the first of two straight defeats in new york going down one hundred two points to ninety two at the
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knicks of the rome james scored thirty two in the hundreds career game drawing white added twenty three as the feat led by five points at the halfway stage yet anthony's twenty nine help to the spot and next fight back to the home side running out ten point win is next day miami also lost to the uniform drew carey that spoiled the knicks and now for a match winning streak. now to a different kind of hate self to tennis world number one serena williams said she wasn't afraid of the thirty five degree temperatures at the australian open as the american five time champion prepared to open against seventeen year old local wildcard actually bhatti. i've been training my whole life in the heat something i think i'm pretty used to or mean obviously the military is just completely different than any other he did so. it's ok and you just got to be rated player in any circumstances. and on the men's side for time as defending champion what about
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djokovic used last argentine as one minako seventy five six won in an exhibition match in melbourne before kicking off his title defense against slovak lukash let's go to a good match was joining the other hot from rockefeller dot andy murray and roger federer the serbian six time grand slam champion is targeting his fists ground down on the back now with well we're going to boris becker as his new coach. it's great to be back a i love australia i love coming back here i missed it also. you know last couple of couple weeks i've been spending a lot of time of course on the court with my team and off the court in the gym and doing everything necessary to get ready for a start of the season and of course the first grand slam. and on the eve of the australian open the bitch once again how about chocolates to journalists at the pre-tournament press conference something that's becoming a bit of a tradition while the women is defending champion victoria azarenka of belarus
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hopes they can also maintain their winning ways at melbourne park as the twenty four year old targets her third straight title. i think you know she was she was joking and said like it's became a tradition you know do this every year this. year is trying our hardest to make sure we do this every year but you know it's been fun the last two years hopefully thinking. next year might not be fun for the world's highest paid baseball player alex rodriguez is set to lose around twenty two million dollars after the new york yankees third baseman was banned until the end of the season following a don't think scandal a rod suspension was actually cut from a would be record of two hundred eleven to one hundred sixty two games but will still keep him out of the postseason matches the thirty eight year old plans to contest the ban in federal court. now into winter sports and the canadian
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ice hockey team will soon head to sochi aiming to defend their olympic title while one former all star player is already in the east helping out the latest team to join the k h l council chamber top of court with mentor shack captain jonathan cheechoo here in moscow. right winger johnson she sure has been always cheesing his ice hockey dream born into a native crease settlement called moose factory in the canadian province so from tyra she too made his community proud by making his way into the san jose sharks where he set the club record in gold and walked away with the morris rocket reshot raunchy in two thousand and six after the fifties seagull season but after a few injury field complains he struggled to earn a sports in a managerial roast and decided just walk north america second tier a for europe's top division with a cage becoming a welcome addition to its newest addition gratian side medalist shark biggest obstacle was coming over and just basically put an n.h.l.
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on a hole like i had last three years and try to make it back and you know it just wasn't right fits for me. but over here i wanted to come play this is probably the first to go so the n.h.l. so for me i wanted to you know i had a high level still and coming over here i think prior to that opportunity it's been a long and rocky road a majority of that brought cheechoo it was not great women to shock i'm making the occasional debut in their fifty fourth year while thirty three year old cheechoo became the team's captain and made history by scoring the first time occasional goal and fun time in madison and great fans over there and it was great for them. for me to be able to experience skin that first ball and how loud it got and how excited they were. just been having a lot of fun. i like the fans over here they really get into it you know pretty much every rink is a noisy rink and i go. there are some places where you know maybe the
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fans are know as much about hockey as. it's a do over here i think pretty much everybody over here knows and i was a game i spent around the game is kind of like playing in canada i see. legs behind football in the sport lobbing contrail. mcmahon wish jock a very poor fuel or it's home and have earned many admirers in russia is due to the attractive for an attacking style with just eleven games to go in their maiden regular season of the capital side a comfortably in the frame for the playoffs and almost sent for their debut in the knockout stages i think our job is just to get to the playoffs and then you know once you get to the playoffs anything can happen and it doesn't matter where you're seated i think we've seen in every every league a lot of times here an eight seed when said you know like where it's just getting hot at the right time i think that's the key for us is the pitch at the right time . if you can do that and you get the goaltending behind you anything's possible
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however the biggest guys hold on to this season will take place in saatchi as the ball drops at the winter olympics on february the twelfth and with the rose through is being announced a month before the games start to choose expecting in memorable tournament. there's some solid looking teams. like. the u.s. russia sweden. they all look pretty so you can never count the fans out they always come out and compete hard so. it's looking to be a. really high intensity and i think it's going to be a great olympics washing with his old injury wounds from the n.h.l. now well behind him cheechoo is determined to lead his new team to glory and ensure the twilight of his career sees the success in creation that he dreamed off back in canada. archie. and all that brings us with me to half time but we'll be back with a pot scene packed with all build up to the winter olympics say changing the short
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break. her. legs it was terrible they come up very hard to take a plunge again a little longer there's a plug in that had sex with the perfect there's no lens let's look up a little. list of the m lists lists a bit. of
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a. we're here listen fierce. bright nation at injustice that's what makes me move when i feel in my in my heart you know fire in my heart about the situation i can't do something. not one of the western media and politicians told us al qaeda was defeated or at the very least on its last legs the same media and politicians today tell us a very different story indeed across many countries of the middle east al qaeda is betrayed is a deadly minutes we ask what is al qaeda today who supports it and who benefits from it when you are followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom.
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american citizens. text messages you know. the calls text messages so you just see everything without my knowledge basically and there's no legal absolutely yes when you bareback with the internet your bare back with other. good lumber. to build the world's most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation and why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. welcome back to part two of the sports show now with the clock ticking down to the
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sochi olympics sports fans have been planning their journeys to get to the black sea resort but one russian will be doing it the hardest way. explains. in the thirty one day run up to the twenty fourteen winter olympics there's still bags of time for you to get to sochi from moscow you could actually fly there and back a whopping one hundred eighty times you could drive there and back thirty six times or even take the train thirty times but one man has decided to take a more grass roots form of transportation that will give him only one realistic chance of making it to the opening ceremony on the seventh of february and that is by running and while the idea of traveling seven hundred kilometers on foot might sound crazy the man attempting to do it isn't dimitri yet often is a seasoned runner of twenty two marathons and fifteen all theresa is including the grueling marathon the sablon a two hundred fifty kilometer run through the sahara desert but for this epic trek on home soil it often has one simple aim for the desert the main goal is just to
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complete the run i wanted to experience what it would be like to run such a distance seven hundred kilometers in thirty days i've run shorter distances in the past and i joined them but now i want to test myself against a four digit distance the idea for the most to decide to run came when you know can realize that one of the world's biggest sporting events was about to take place in his country and he couldn't take part in it so we decided to run over fifty five kilometers a day for thirty days in order to reach the black sea resort in time for the opening ceremony on february the seventh while hoping to raise awareness of a debilitating condition that's the second leading cause of death worldwide but the . another main goal of my run is to support the fight against stroke that fact that you can reduce the risk of having strokes by run in is one of the main reasons behind this which is also why it is a charity run while you can is supporting the russian fight against stroke fund the
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run him self will also have backup on route. as his formidable olympic journey and the course he's hoping to promote have prompted others to run some of it by side. with a brick when i first heard of the idea it inspired me and when i heard that me too it was running cologne over to help him realize his dream so i'll be following his every step and making sure he gets there in the open but also. i wanted to support me three by writing with him at least at the beginning because i believe this is very important at such a moment for our country when the whole world will be watching us to be able to take part in these grand to vand in some ways and i hope it will stay in people's hearts for a long time to come it often will be posting photos via instagram on the runs official website throughout the journey and so the nation and the rest of the world can give the support to this intrepid runner on his multi marathon journey to
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ensure he gets to the games on time but has janko r.t. moscow. and when those such a games get underway russia will be looking to take some medals in short track speed skating and rubber that on end tells us who and why. russia is still far from being a monk short tracks powerhouses but when it comes to speed skating everything may be changing fast last january the two thousand and thirteen european championships in sweden so the russians claim their first ever by thousand meter relay gold with one of the team's leaders are going to be good if also if any of these two thousand and twelve success and clinching his second wife hundred metre continental build a year on there is a huge opportunity to make it to the next level and home ice at the two thousand and fourteen olympic games in sochi. because i think for me it's not about extra
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pressure at all like home fan support can only encourage and boost my performance when it comes to the olympic games you always want to win when you feel the crowd is behind you that is something special it's a save bad the games will be really special for one of the most degraded athletes of the sport victor on this return olympic champion of cyrene two thousand and six for south korea was forced to leave his former team and country due to a conflict with the korean skating union vice president coach after missing the two thousand and ten games in vancouver and receiving russian citizenship twenty eight year old looking forward to his olympic comeback in sochi. along with his younger teammates to merely destroy others and all believe. already tasted the flavor of the games in two thousand and clean the time to shine has finally come.
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of course this time around it is a different story first of all we're much better prepared now in terms of training staff equipment and medical service plus i've grown up again the limbic experience and confidence i don't feel any hyper pressure from media or friends of mine the games are coming soon but i sleep pretty well you know. i don't feel nervous ahead of the games we all feel like we've done so much to make it to the impact team especially within the last season and it paid off the finish line is on the horizon we just need to show our best and such in russia head coach frenchman sebastiaan cross it scotius in his olympic predictions but one can suspect he's expectations straight smushed rather than his words we keep the same target for me to come back with at least one man down. because olympics is completely different competition so we can surely know what i watch and bring ship but it's different completely different so. even each maybe we can do more if we can come back with one with only
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it would be already a really really good the final pre-owned big test the two thousand and fourteen european championships will take place in dresden germany at the end of january. robert reich see mosca region. moving on to i saw he and alexander ovechkin backed fellow n.h.l. star puddled out super to become the russian captain of the boats were named on the twenty five man allen pick squad they have get him out in goaltender valma off also made the cut after the first choice keeper saw charges of domestic violence against him dropped last month last time russia won an olympic gold was back in one nine hundred ninety two as part of the unified team but says he must first focus on his washington capitals told before giving his all for his country. i don't think about sochi a lot because if i'm going to concentrate in sochi i'm going to be kind of certain
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my game and here. you know i give a hundred percent of what i can to help her win you know some of the. point i was game before i began going to come straight into such a game. well there's been a big blow for the american team after star skier lindsey vonn pulled out of sorts because of a nagging knee injury the twenty nine year old claims of the downhill gold in vancouver four years ago and says she's devastated not to be able to defend her title and could be set for more surgery on her right knee. and with the sochi games now less than four weeks away let's take a look at five top russians to watch and their chances of an olympic medal michael graf genco reports. that's animals rod and max in turn called all the favorites to win the pairs ties
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with. the russians of the current world and european champions and hold the record buying total short program and free skate board however the jewel face stiff competition from germany four time world champions aiyana soft and. scored the first ten ever awarded on the new judging system and this week's european championships should provide a thrilling test head of the olympics. i learned as a bias in my has rediscovered have form in time to shine in tsotsi after first tasting a surprise victory in the parallel giant slalom at the twenty eleven world championships the twenty four year old has since overcome injury and won both the powell and giant slalom at last year's russian championships while husband american born vic wild is also targeting the podium for his adopted country after winning gold at the
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russian nationals as well as bronze at last year's world championships. veteran bobsled alexander who called will be competing at his fifth winter olympics he took silver in the format event after him in two thousand and six and bronze in the two manhattan good thirty nine year old has also won six medals at the world championships including gold in the german resort of clinics in twenty eleven and has won before man world cup three times but gold at his home olympics would crown a glittering career. exam the pledge of course is the first ever russian to be crowned skeleton world champion twenty eight year old. in competing since two thousand and four and is improving every year he won the overall scale to the world cup in two thousand and nine forward by bronze at the world championships two years later he took world
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silver in this p.g.a. just the right time winning the world title last year. who were critical to grauman's in sochi he's off to gold. even school but it will turn thirty one on the first day of competition at his home olympics after models showing at the two thousand and six games the speed skater was a russian revelation in vancouver taking bronze in the five thousand meters as well as silver in the ten thousand the following year he was crowned european and world around champion and is the host nation's big hopes for gold and aims to have a birthday which will live long in his and russia's memory of genco r.t. . and finally with exactly a month to go before those games such as main media center opens next to the olympic park in the coastal cluster the brand new building will provide workspace
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for thousands of journalists and will operate twenty four seven from next week on another media center is due to open also next week for those covering the events in the mountain cluster and one dutch volunteer can't wait for the sporting spectacle to begin. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in an event this big and i really like. sochi is great it is sunny and it has the mountains. and that's all the sport i found there. it. looks like you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across difficult we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once will just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem tracks rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by bill ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. tremendously peacekeepers for a program out of concerns with monitoring p c o's again that post conflict environment nowadays there are increasingly asked to operate in a high risk of violence while believe bibles are still illegal all we need to stay
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. motionless with these people who have caused over almost twenty years four million people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped tens of thousands of children and recruited those soldiers who were slaves no . one in the new cultural phenomena law should be making news all. face i describe you. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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when you're followed around when you are being investigated because of the whim of someone this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. to eunice a new teen lee intercept american citizens'. text message use you know. where the calls text messages so you just. see everything without my knowledge thankfully basically and that's all legal absolutely legal yes when you're back with the internet you're back but there are other. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each day. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetic anymore the right products are pretty cool.
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there is no. evidence that there is any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the mousetrap i don't think that. is profit that. these golden rice.
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coming up on our team for the fifth straight day thousands of residents in west virginia are banned from drinking the water state officials are still testing for water toxicity while the investigation into the spill eats up we'll have a report from west virginia straight ahead. and what's for dinner a virus is killing pigs across the country so is pork safe for your dinner table find out coming up. and is it b. and broadcast t.v. networks aereo an internet startup is airing the signals of the biggest broadcasters for free online the networks are turning to the supreme court to try and stop the so is free broadcast t.v. about to fade to black i know.


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