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coming up on our t.v. in eastern ukraine government forces clash with anti-government activists reports of calm in of ukraine military helicopters bearing the united nations insignia the latest on that just ahead. and in the u.s. military there's been a rise in the use of synthetic marijuana for soldiers wanting to avoid drug testing a look at how it could change the nature of treating addiction in the armed forces coming up. and in the run up to the world cup in brazil a group of activists established the people's cup prompting a visit from the country's president more of the movement against the skyrocketing rents which protesters blamed on the world's most watched sporting event later in the show.
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it's wednesday may fourteenth five pm in washington d.c. ana winds in france are watching our team america. the u.n. is examining reports of government forces in ukraine using helicopters bearing the organization's insignia and military operations in the east of the country the helicopters were seen during heavy fighting near the city of kramatorsk where several paratroopers were killed with casualties also reported among anti-government activists marches are going to go is in the region with more. there is a video that was filmed by the crew off the life news channel which allegedly shows one of the three helicopters involved in the incident around kramatorsk and there's a un insignia party has contacted the united nations for comment and have gotten a response now according to their going to zation the country that has the equipment that has the u.n. insignia on it is supposed to strip it after the equipment is no longer involved in the official u.n. mission more over using the u.n.
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identifiers is only allowed on such mission and the crackdown in ukraine isn't and now the life crew that has filmed the helicopters earlier came under attack from the national guard and the ukrainian army troops they were caught in the gunfire seemingly when the fighting was over luckily no one was hurt in that incident and we have contacted the life news correspondent. gone we tried to enter the village to see if there were casualties among the locals and if anyone needed help when we got close we came across. with a ukrainian flag and. people dressed in black we were in a calm. but they started shooting in our direction and we turned around and drove to safety in order to. become home many took shelter in the basements of their home it was indiscriminate shooting and many bullets hit windows so it was impossible to hide from them in the house itself this is far from
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being the first incident involving a journalist working in eastern ukraine unfortunately a journalist working for our his own. crossfire just last week. a storming. off the police headquarters he was wearing a bulletproof vest however the journalist believes that there was absolutely no way that people have been taken for granted nevertheless he was shot and gave authorities would not allow a medical evacuation plane to. land in order to transport him for treatment for three days r.t. has sounded the alarm with international journalism watchdogs over the situation in ukraine which becomes increasingly more dangerous for journalists european a federation of journalists has issued their condemnation saying that the absolutely no violence a should be used against people who are only armed with cameras and that reinforces a previous statement made in relation to the situation with journalists in ukraine
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we are gravely concerned that journalists have become targets for the principal factions in the current crisis in ukraine journalist representing outlets from various countries including the united states and russia have been detained or denied entry visas while others have been threatened and beaten reports is for international outlets a treaty is in treaty and even ukrainian journalists are abused as traces or commodities and kidnap for profits. now even though the self-defense troops have already said that they're ready to lay down arms if ukrainian army leaves the region however kiev authorities are insisting that what's happening here is an anti-terrorism operation in half so far refused to withdraw their troops that is artillery. asuna vice president joe biden has joined the board of directors of ukraine's the largest private gas producer hunter biden now leads the company's
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legal unit and as our explains this can be a bit more than a coincidence. since the start of the crisis in ukraine washington has provided on wavering moral and financial support to anti-government protesters particularly those who spearheaded the uprising over the past months steve has received special visit from the cia director the secretary of state his assistant senators and most recently u.s. vice president joe biden who recently crossed the atlantic to assure your premium that america's involvement in their crisis is sincere we are going to stay with you all the in the preview in time democracy can be delivered to the ukrainian people it is not just. a foreign policy judgment is a personal emotional commitment as well by millions of americans. and as you attempt to pursue energy security well as it turns out joe biden's
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youngest son will be conveniently playing on a major role in ukraine's pursuit of energy independence hunter bided has been appointed head of legal affairs out for response holdings ukraine's largest private gas producer the us vice president's son will also join the company's board of directors consulting on matters related to international expansion and policies surrounding the country's economy critics say this is typical washington politics exploiting a foreign crisis for personal gain of course when the united states gets involved most that every other country on earth if they get involved in some foreign adventures they try to portray the most altruistic and platonic. sashing possible. however it's very difficult to disentangle business interests from national interests vice president biden has repeatedly accused moscow of meddling in ukraine's affairs also insisting that america will help reduce its dependency on
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russia's energy mr. biden just didn't mention that his own son and the u.s. would be better if it is in the interim reporting from new york arena for nigh on r.t. . in an unprecedented move by the pentagon the soldier sentenced to thirty five years in prison for seven classified military documents to wiki leaks could be moved from military prison to federal prison to receive treatment for her gender disorder private chelsea manning formerly bradley manning has asked for the hormone therapy required to begin the transition to living as a woman the d.o.d. refuses to provide such treatment though its doctors can diagnose the need for it and have an mannix case and though the don't ask don't tell law has been repealed transgender people are still barred from military service defense secretary chuck hagel gives his reasons for that. the issue transgender is a bit more complicated because it. has. a medical component
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to it i do think it continually should be reviewed i'm open to that by the way. at the same time legal experts have said that keeping a transgender soldier in a men's prison without treatment could amount to cruel and unusual punishment this is where the federal bureau of prisons comes in which does provide treatment prompting hagel to greenlight discussions of a possible transfer plan which was kept under wraps until two pentagon officials leaked the information to the associated press pentagon press secretary rear admiral admiral john kirby said no decision to transfer private manning to a civilian detention facility has been made and any such decision will of course properly balance the soldier's medical needs with our obligation to ensure she remains behind bars ensuring she remains behind bars is one thing ensuring she's safe behind bars while receiving treatment has quite another concern for manning's attorney who was has weighed in saying the legal team was never notified that such
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a transfer was even on the cards in fact he released a statement claiming the pentagon strategically leaked the information in an attempt to pressure manning to drop the treatment request forcing her to choose between personal safety at fort leavenworth and medical treatment at a federal prison he blames the d a d for not taking proper responsibility for its military members saying the military's refusal to provide necessary medical treatment to chelsea is flat out transphobia rather than deal with the reality that transgender persons are currently serving in the military the military would seek to pawn off any responsibility for those individuals to other entities. transfers are normally done only when the appeals process has failed and manning's case it's only just begun the soldier has been diagnosed by military doctors multiple times with gender dysphoria the sense of being a woman inside a man's body manning submitted a complaint in march over the delay in proper treatment. u.s.
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military members looking to get high i might have one less option to them researchers studying addictive behavior at the university of washington found that synthetic marijuana sometimes called spice has come in pretty handy for soldiers wanting their extracurricular activities to go undetected by drug tests but it can also lead to more chemical dependency causing the military to possibly switch gears and how to test for and treat drug use arches making lopez has more. and the university of washington study has discovered that an increasing number of current service members are turning to synthetic canal the noise in order to get a high synthetic kind of a noise are also known as spice cake two or synthetic marijuana essentially they are a lab created drugs that are meant to mimic the effect the psycho active ingredient in candidate also known and the defense department founded the study which monitors three hundred sixty eight soldiers at the joint base lewis mccord in
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washington state it was supposed to focus on the ways that the military could help encourage troops with all types of substance abuse problems to seek treatment however during the course of the study researchers found that synthetic can nab annoyance were brought up so frequently that they had to change their report in order to account for the drug not only did they have an increased number of soldiers using the drug but also increased rates of dependency by their estimates troops were two and a half times more likely to develop dependence than other types of drug users now researchers also discovered that narcotics using the soldiers were twice as likely to try spice than to try real marijuana now the biggest factor researchers found as to why synthetic canal benoit's are becoming more popular is the fact that they are very hard to detect in a normal your analysis test the military has banned the use of all synthetic
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substances but until recently it has not specifically tested for these types of drugs commanders are now receiving training on synthetic canal benoit and how to identify of the user the military is also modifying its tests to search for site joint base lewis mcchord reported in one thousand nine hundred thirty positive tests in two thousand and eleven and only one thousand one one hundred. three in twenty thirteen however the true number of users might be much higher than current test suggests because those tests don't have a very high success rate one major reason why the military and researchers are so concerned over the use of this drug by soldiers has to do with precondition health care providers believes that people who are suffering from mental illness are at a much higher risk of having a negative reaction to the drugs than other people who are using it they believe that spice can trigger the onset of psychosis they can have psychological effects
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including anxiety including depression confusion and memory issues as well as physical effects like trouble breathing now because an increasing number of current and former returning soldiers are suffering from psychological conditions such as p.t.s.d. this group could be particularly vulnerable to having negative reactions to this drug a troubling example of this is the case of a nineteen year old a wall soldier named a koto wolf who was using spice when he actually stabbed a woman to death outside of her apartment in two thousand and eleven he was sentenced to twenty years in prison so it looks like the military and health care providers are trying to get ahead of this problem before it becomes a more serious but with troops constantly trying to disguise their addictions to keep their jobs the battle still has a long road ahead of it in front of the pentagon meghan lopez r.t.
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. the white house is trying to save face at the united nations ever since documents released by edward snowden revealed rampant spying on foreign diplomats by the national security agency and its partners in fact last october as part of an internal review prompted by the snowden disclosures the white house announced plans to curb its un spying activities but the documents released this week by journalist glenn greenwald give more insight into the lengths the n.s.a. went to give us diplomats an advantage at the u.n. or to some sex has more. implicated in the latest n.s.a. document released to susan rice president obama's national security adviser back in two thousand and ten she was the ambassador to the united nations trying to secure passage of a new iran sanctions resolution in the u.n. security council as internal n.s.a. documents show she reached out to the spy agency requesting intelligence on certain u.n. security council members so that she could develop a strategy in a series of blarney team moved into action and working with partner telecoms secure
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new intelligence orders against security council members to bone uganda nigeria and bosnia a different document shows that in the run up to the iran sanctions vote usa was also spying on france japan mexico and brazil all security council members as well eventually the white house got their year on sanctions resolution through the security council and told to vote in the n.s.a. praise itself noting intelligence was key in keeping u.s. diplomats informed of how others on the u.n. security council would vote on all this a spy tools were trained primarily on nonpermanent members of the u.n. security council the purpose of the spying was actually to gain intelligence on the permanent members of the security council china the u.k. russia and france u.s. diplomats told the n.s.a. that intelligence quote helped thin know when other permanent representatives were telling the truth revealed their real position on sanctions gave us an upper hand in negotiations and provided information on various countries redlines now spying
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on the un is nothing new with you it's revealed in two thousand and ten that u.s. diplomats were instructed to spy on u.n. leaders and other u.n. members including the u.k. israel even cyprus and morocco have been accused of committing espionage against the u.n. after all it's the prime target to extract useful diplomatic intelligence and one can argue that diplomatic leadership is one of the few legitimate spy targets as opposed to entire populations unfortunately for the united. states they got caught not just spying on adversarial nations they would expect such spying but spying on friendly nations as well in washington d.c. sam sachs r t. you may not realize it but you might have a right to be forgotten according to a top european court artist sarah first tells us how one man from spain angry at being unable to delete an auction notice on his property from the web beat google
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in the personal information game. well the european court of justice to interpret the law has handed down a somewhat surprising to some ruling now spaniards maria hysterical as well as has complained that when you searched for his name online you discover an article from more than a decade ago that mentioned that his home had being repossessed now he was annoyed that this embarrassing part of his past was still available online and he wanted that listing and search engine to be removed and the court rules that search engines must listen to people when they complain about what their searches turn up and in some cases comply with the requests to have that personal information removed from the search results and now there was the exception if the data concerns people who are in the public eye or public interest information good news for the european commission because they've been pushing for new data protection
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rules that would give people this so-called right to be forgotten now google has said that this is a disappointing ruling to search engines and online publishes in general and they're going to be analyzing the implications now there are concerns that this could open the floodgates to countless requests for information to be removed from the search engine listings full of us see that a google themselves and everyone knows that they did it and perhaps see something that they don't like it's certainly going to have implications perhaps putting the power back into people's hands about what people potentially can find out about xi and potentially giving people much more control about what people can search in the future so it's going to be interesting implications around i think to see how this one plays out. that was our correspondent sara for us with the world cup a little under a month away the citizens of brazil are feeling the pinch as rental prices
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skyrocket in the run up to the games in sao paulo locals have moved in to an empty lot near the four hundred forty five million dollar gleaming new football stadium settling in with plastic tents calling the site the people's cup protest settlement has drawn thousands and prompted a visit by brazilian president dilma rousseff to address the issue i was joined earlier by freelance journalist ben taverner i first asked him what the people in the tents want from the government. might be four kilometers from the stadium but when i went to the camp last week. in their mind they might well be coming right outside the front door because they feel that the world cup and the speculation that come along with us has just driven up prices to such an extent in the surrounding for neighborhoods that they just can't afford to live in apartments around there anymore because rents are that expensive in the in the east part of the city it's not the center it's not exactly one of the most glamorous parts of
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the city but now they've got as you say a million dollar many million dollar stadium right next door to it you know the prices have gone up some people say the rent is actually traveled and that's meant that some to two thousand five hundred families have now made their way to this patient encampment some four kilometers away from the stadium but the stadium is within view of the camp and they are remote they are reminded every every every day every member of the day that they are there because of the world cup what they want from the government is help basically they don't want free houses they told me they said that they want to be able to pay at least something towards new apartments they don't mind where it is they can be on the plots of land or it could be somewhere else or they'd like is the government to stump up some money and help them with subs that i've counted housing now this protest referred to as the people's cop as it's ground and there's a lot of protest going on over the entire nation about issues related to these
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sorts of things president rousseff is supposed to be dropping by tomorrow what are people expecting her to do. well she's being slightly willing in the parks to engage with people including the homeless because movement being common but she met with the leader last week. that suspended to some extent some of the protest but another week has now gone by tomorrow we're expecting at least six and will tiniest . protest in some pollo as many as fifty across the country and some of the fifteen around the world including places like germany so that very much hoping that she will reengage with the movement she has said and she stressed that the government has got housing programs up and running she said that just in some part of a hundred thousand people are registered on on housing programs but of course there's no magic wand and these people are going to have to register and wait that
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she's been fed before the same time she has tried to meet them somewhere near the middle. now protests as you've said are going to going to be taking place across the country to miles that people have taken to the streets of brazil numerous times in recent months about this do you think that the world cup is offering them the sort of world stage to air their grievances on this or if they didn't have the sort of world stage when these protests really be going on. well brazil is a country that like the protests there are protests happening every day and not just protests we have a lot of strikes going on teachers are on strike today we saw five to seven thousand teachers out in the middle of some power yesterday has been power lines for a second day today and of course why the reason that the happening now is because they have this leverage which is given by the father the wild stuff is. really starting in on the thirty days in the polls the glare of the world's media is there for the stage but i do think i would be out in protest anyway but of course it's a probably drive more people on the streets knowing that knowing that the media
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said but having said that we're not seeing the kind of protests we saw last year during the consideration comes during in june two thousand and thirteen last year when we saw up to million people in over three hundred cities across brazil when we're talking about the last. protest in some power for example which was dedicated as an anti world cup protests or any around since i hundred thousand people is a hardcore of a hard core group of people that still want protests and i'm sure the numbers could grow as we as we head towards the world cup which is no show which i think will sound tough and is it for argument's sake is it fair to blame the world cup or is this more of a brazilian government problem that was there long before fee for granted the world cup to that country. probably a question to address to the brazilians but they are undoubtedly blaming the government government more than the five feet of becomes the target when it turns around and criticizes brazil when it turns around and says look you're doing well
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enough because the brazilians are very very well aware of how much money is going into there whether it's in the form of government money. loans or you know some people think the money is just going to go and be forgotten about when the for granted brazil the world cup the country was edging its way towards an economic boom in two thousand and ten the country the country saw g.d.p. growth of seven point five percent so it was a different time than. what the government here now has a very difficult task ahead because. a lot of these protests aunt just level the fee for the time most of them are level the president zuma the sassy at her party p.t. and the government at large and say they've got this part right now because they put general elections coming up in october and we still we still have to see whether they're going to even try and use the well copy and many like there was
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already late especially with the accusations of corruption and mismanagement and things like that it'll be interesting to see how this plays out especially the thousand elections coming up thank you very much for joining me freelance journalist that tab an hour and before we go to africa to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is hip hop artist and rapper pusha t. here's a part of what's to come what indicates an excess of an album record sales radio play reviews what do you view as an album success that. i've new album success i can tell an album success by my torn and that's how i look at it touring yeah i used to you know the game has changed so much because of i would say because of social media and you know so everything this sells the most isn't always critically acclaimed or hailed and you know you have you have guys that don't sell as much but everybody all the tastemakers and hipsters think they have
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the best album and you can see that when you're performing at every festival in the u.s. and overseas. some tune in at nine pm tonight right here or to america. that does occur now i'm lindsey france stay with us at eight o'clock pm we'll bring in mourning.
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the company that makes it right the important crap like post it notes and scotch tape three m. just secured its one hundred thousand patent just let that sink did a hundred thousand patents because three of them think it is einstein because there's so many brilliant ideas. but new jersey based company has a product line that includes medical tape reflective traffic signs and films for l.c.d. displays and all of these incredibly important things are patented so no one else had better think about making as much as a dime off of anything postage related because three m. owns it our corporations are obsessed with owning the stupidest stuff if it means another dollar in their pocket amazon just patented taking a picture of something on a white background real they were just awarded the intellectual right to taking
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pictures of the white background the patent application filled with five pages with dense text diagrams and flowcharts all to explain the innovation of taking pictures of things on a white background it's disgusting that they would even try to do the. but it's even more disgusting that our system actually approved the request nike was awarded five hundred forty patents just last year the number of patents that mikey gets every year has risen an average of fourteen percent since the year two thousand era he scored another hundred thirty five this year too for stuff like shoes that change color and devices that heat golf balls they're proud to say they own more patents than any other in the shoe apparel and equipment industry there is so proud that they only so much craft there's also a company called personal audio that's claiming to own the patent on podcasting so
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now of course they're suing podcasters fox c.b.s. and n.b.c. saying they're all infringing on their intellectual property of god has taken pag as white backgrounds shoes sift change color there are so many stupid patents out there that even successful business people like mark cuban are donating to the electronic frontier foundation to help them pursue hadn't performed because this mine mine mine mentality of our corporations has gotten way out of control it's grinding our innovation end of the ability to express ourselves to a painful halt and with the transpacific partnership agreement looming it's bound to get even worse pretty soon we won't be able to go outside anymore and look at the sun because someone will have patented that too pretty soon all that'll be left for us to do is to stay inside as servant the corporations that own our lives
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patently tonight talk about that by following me on twitter at the resident. this was in the washington well it's a miss that is being suggested to the list of numbers of the. candidates for the prophecy of current issues that are actually tied to a need doesn't do too much for our revenue line tech our culture giant takes on a seventy six year old american farmer based in india fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a person has the largest economy in the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of breaking the set is mostly about alternatives to the status quo
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but one might get real alternatives points to working toward the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the real causes a problem. i would bet that this a society. i think corporation kind of can. do and the banks try to get all that all about money and vasily fix for a politician write the laws and regulations that bankers coming up. there is just too much is a society. that. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle in the wake of referenda demanding self-determination ukraine as a sovereign state continues down the path of disintegration the western backed regime in camp is adamant it will not talk to so-called terrorists meanwhile protesters in the east and south of ukraine are voting with their feet. to cross talk ukraine i'm joined by my guest mark mccall in london he's a specialist on international affairs at the university of london in new york we have michael hudson he's an author and an economics professor at the university of missouri kansas city and in boston we cross to daniel welsh he is a writer and political and also a gentleman cross-talk rosenfeld and you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it martin if i go to you first in london well the referendum passed
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there will no one was surprised about by that i'm no one is surprised that washington can't don't recognize them no surprise there and russia is staying on the sidelines as it has during this entire crisis here this seems to me an opportunity or we're going to step into greater tragedy we have legitimacy we have a democratic process and in ukraine people do have agency they do have opinions they they are expressing their ideas they don't like the regime in care of what they what they think about russia that's still one clear here this is an opportunity right now but it's probably not going to be taken well it. is a very interesting state of a first because in the one thousand nine hundred one period period it has never occurred before yes new republic of the soviet union has in fact changes border returned to changes borders with the exception perhaps of george. so there's a new situation and everyone is getting used to it the interesting thing is that the referred to the head in donetsk who hunts hopeless but it didn't go ahead in
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hockey or blissed hockey majority the population ukraine in the last census two thousand and one seventy percent and that surprises me in the must be some reason for that. the situation is really very very confused because as the german foreign minister said in kiev today. ukraine needs a president to waiting for the election thirty fifth of may and hopefully a president would be elected that he can begin to go shooting with the separatists well you don't want the marring to martin that would be would depend would be really nice if everyone had a fair chance to vote here michael if i can go to you i mean this is this is farcical if they only had a president well they did have a president and he was elected for all of his failings you know code which was a legitimately elected president of ukraine and all ukrainians participated there's ample amount of evidence that when this poll was held not all ukrainians will vote
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and we don't even know the level of coersion at the ballot box so this is farcical it tells me the european union has no idea what it's doing and because you knew and it continues to go from one stumble to the next i think the does know what it's doing i think what's happening in ukraine is just a replay of what happened and shelly london was overthrown by pinochet that you have an identical case of a coup d'etat a military coup being backed by the united states the first thing they did in the ukraine as they did in chile was attack the labor union leaders you can see that in odessa when the labor union building was burned down and i think if you look at the reap at the how the chilean unfolded over the weekend the german press reported they brought in blackwater assassin. nation squads just like the u.s. brought in assassination squads and shelly so what there is an attempt to do is to
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impose a government. and last month george soros wrote an article in the new york review of books saying the objective is to encourage the companies in the ukraine that is the kleptocrats to sell out to their european partners to take the europe european partners info and then have the i.m.f. come in impose austerity for the population and squeeze out more of a surplus for the foreign investors while waiting the foreign investors buy in to the industry and the agriculture largely but micro there in iowa where you see a lot of it there's one problem with that and i'd like to go to dan in boston the people in east and south ukraine aren't going along with it that's the difference. right right i think. i think that the thousands of people who were disappeared by pinochet and you know thrown out of planes actually contributed to the terror on the ground that kept people in their place but i would when you when you started
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peter you said that no one is surprised by this i have to admit to confess actually to an ongoing sense of surprise particularly for the reason you just pointed out i have been inspired. brought to tears astounded actually by the day to day resistance of the people in you give us talk all across every single day i wake up and i said this in an article i wrote recently glad to be alive because i'm glad they're still alive each time when putin said you know maybe we should hold off on this recommend on this referendum and they said you know this really isn't about you and i had sources in slovyansk saying this isn't going to work i mean how are we going to do this in four days the cities and in shambles and they stood up the block by block around these thousands of people standing in line and doing this against all odds i think is is making the white astounding it's inspirational it's
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it is also go ahead keep going it's also beyond belief actually i mean i think that we're trying to put this into paradigms that we have here to for understood what the u.s. has done through black water these are all perfectly great analyses and i share them but i think that we're being surprised all the time by what's going on on the ground and that's what i think is both dangerous and exciting and inspiring like you said. i just. i'm on the edge of my seat you know why we all are that's why we keep continue to do this topic cross talk here mark and i think if we have a really interesting here is that if i look at the western echo chamber the way they cover ukraine. it's always about pro russian separatists are pro russian this progress in that they like to be part of the occasion and that it's that it's anti to share in the type of regime that has been installed in camp this is completely
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alien to these people i celebrated victory day may ninth and i saw how we celebrated in eastern and south ukraine they celebrated in a way that is completely alien to the narrative that is being played out in kiev this is very very important because we now have a situation where. the. people's republic of crimea want to separate from russia from ukraine crimea has really separate but the do not speak republic if it doesn't join russia it's economically viable so therefore it has to negotiate some type of deal with kyo kiev has to negotiate a deal with them to keep them within the republic of ukraine so therefore that is to come and it's very very important that the russians there feel that they're equal citizens of ukraine and they can you better learn with the markets i mean martin let me ask you a question do you have any evidence your money i'll go let me just finish up with a question mark do you have any evidence that the regime in kiev has any respect
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for these people because here's a government that's killing its own people does that ring a bell i hear that all the time in washington in london there is a government that is killing its people and they are i don't see that as a partnership literary dennison let me finish up on that point go ahead. that good to go back to this point it's a question of sovereignty and legitimacy the government in kiev believes itself to be sovereign and legitimate and therefore it sees donetsk people's republic of the attempt to break away from ukraine which they see as legitimate illegitimate and therefore they want to keep the state together and they feel they have the right to use force the problem is you can't really use force in eastern ukraine anymore because it's self-defeating and if you look at the pictures of the people there want. the police the police and soldiers coming in from the rest of ukraine in several cities several towns the police have changed sides yeah the new longer
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defending the ukrainian republic they see themselves as belonging to some other entity perhaps the people's republic of donetsk and then they're waiting many of them awaiting say they prefer to be part of russia many ethnic russians are saying no we want to be we don't want to join russia we want to be separate in some way well they definitely want to be separate but then i definitely want to be separate from the gang that's running kiev and being supported by washington michael you want to jump in godhead. yes one reason i don't expect to acknowledge the eastern ukraine is the effect on european politics of all of this i think the united states is telling you have to keep the hard line in order to do the saber rattling to promote the pro-us parity of polish parties in the coming european elections you saw on sunday the effect of lithuania election
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where the pro austerity prime minister was reelected and her popularity in the polls went way up as a result of this using the fear of russia to panic the nationalistic parties whether it's in latvia or lithuania or estonia all to support austerity and that's really the problem how do you get parties for the last twenty years in the baltics for instance to support austerity you say well the alternative is to be pro russian because the russian speaking parties are joined with the social democrats so all this is a move to fight against social democracy to impose austerity on all the rest of europe that's what this ukraine is the effect of the ukraine fights in the key of intolerance is promoting in germany in france and of course the result turns as you point out to be the opposite it's leading to huge demonstrations in germany really against the u.s. aggression and trying to turn nato instead of
5:43 pm
a protective alliance into an aggressive ally ok let me go to dan here before we go to the break dan oh my goodness i didn't know russia was so powerful that. putin is the high of everything i think he helped lead this morning this is one thing that i want to get back to that mean that you said i think it's really really important in ukraine because of the long history of in sympathy but the pro. pro russian separatists progress in terrorists they can't they can't be pro russian if they're russian this is what's. if they are i can i'd like to refer to them as pro self humans and their pro self but this morning i'm going to be pro me and it's that no matter how much crap you throw on the mean you cannot make it look like something other than what it is they had to go on t.v. on ukrainian t.v. which is a cartoon like before this and suzanne knight that they say now knowing that i am are you dan hold that thought we're going to go to
5:44 pm
a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on ukraine stay with r.t. . her facebook. gives her a. very hard to take on i. want to get along here. by that fact that her record not. only.
5:45 pm
with. the people. live. to.
5:46 pm
the mayor the police. officer. welcome back to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle we're discussing the crisis in ukraine. ok dan i'd like to go back to you making a point here it's really interesting when you think about ukrainian history if you know anything about it identity is really the big dividing line what you are who you are who you relate to again the washington crowd thinks of ukraine is this unitary thing maybe they're not too bright and we can get them to go against russia i mean i think that's the kind of simple formula ok and of call it hasn't work so go ahead do it is pretty condescending and i think it may be that it's the
5:47 pm
washington crowd that isn't very bright or that doesn't know anything about history but the demonization that's happening and being promoted by the west but also happening indigenously in kiev you know this teaching children to sing told me scotch and talk more skull you know whoever doesn't jump is a russian and to have an art exhibit with people in a cage and saying don't feed them they're not human and they have russian flags and st george ribbons there is it is a it is is pure racism in any in any form that you can imagine and you see the ethnic tensions being exploited it's not again you can say that the western ukrainians are not all fascist the west and koreans want what they want a lot of the people involved in my done want to democracy wanted an end to corruption and oligarchy but you have to then acknowledge that nobody from the east
5:48 pm
is massing on kiev no one from. kharkov is marching into love of and murdering people that's not happening that way it is an anti russian campaign and it's a very it's a very sick thing that's happening in the dehumanization is a central element of it martin it's very interesting what dan just said because. alternately and i don't know how we're going to get there but ultimately russia is a very big part of the solution to the crisis in ukraine but if you listen to the ball horns of propaganda in foggy bottom and. i want to say that i had a chance ok let's lay department there you know russia is never going to be brought on board though if you have been watching very carefully over the last few weeks and months russia has proposed deescalation time and again and it still is that washington can't hear it won't hear it you know how do we get from where we
5:49 pm
are now to where we need to be. no i think that russia is part of the solution you can't solve the ukrainian problem of the ongoing problems which you see in the east you can't solve that without russian participation the must be russian diplomatic involvement and what will act probably happen is after the election of a president on the twenty fifth of may and remember that the ukrainian population now dominates on likely that any any candidate who's pro russian will be elected so let's assume that approach he you a pro western president is an elected then washington and the e.u. will then say to him you have to now deal with these two have to deal with moscow you have to come to some deal one remembers now the i.m.f. has promised ukraine seventeen billion dollars and others are talking about twenty seven billion dollars in the pipeline and that will only be
5:50 pm
a while before coming if a solution is found to the present problem on the words you're dropping that money into deep black hole so it's up to the new president and he will have to come to some rapprochement with moscow with he obviously not deal with president putin directly would have to do with sergei lavrov and find some solution which is acceptable to those in donetsk is that we don't accept the debts people's republic you'd be the let's problem blissed and so on and we have to come to some agreement that may mean that it's a kind of federation that there's a lot of autonomy there for the people the ethnic russians in the huns and donetsk and then if that model that works it's possible that other areas if they kharkiv how to keep it surprised me how hockey if city and hockey for blissed has a majority ukrainian population something seventy percent but they're not
5:51 pm
participating in a people's republic now with a. then say well whatever donetsk and luhansk gets we would like to get the top of it all the way and then you look at the procedure and you look you can go right round ukraine you go down to the distance on the danger here for ukraine is that it will be left with kiev and the west these kids would be in one part of the country really run by western koreans and the rest of the country would in many ways. now economically that's not sustainable because ukraine in ukraine is in fact the basket case economically present that's. very weak and if you look at the destruction which is going on they're destroying the economy and so therefore there's a desperate need for key of these doing that's going to once leaders to come together and find some solution michel because often i'm going to go to my you know you're being posed to be followed through this crisis i don't see any sanity coming
5:52 pm
out of kiev on a on anything at all i mean what they're cutting off the water to crimea i mean don't they have better things to do you agree ok that one of the interesting thing here is a number of the e.u. and go ahead jump in the you and the united states have explained how russia can solve the crisis it can solve the crisis by not charging ukraine for gas can solve the crisis by a ridiculous thing at a price for gas and subsidizing that would national soul destroying just by letting the factories the fact the idea is very explicit the factories that are now expert exporting goods and services to russia can stop exporting to russia especially stop exporting to a military that many of their factories don't begin exporting to the west and let your brain import goods and send into russia so that all tariff free that's the solution that russia is being offered by the you in the united states you know it works for you and you said the word russia out of her being offered i'd like to how
5:53 pm
you put it there you know dan this is really what it's all. that's to me because for some reason i don't know what was in newlands cookies i don't know maybe she put in extreme greed and i don't know ok but there was this is sumption that russia would do not want anyone during all this would do nothing this is a major miscalculation here because it's very interesting is that in a different way the russian has done very very little it is watch ukraine disintegrate and it didn't have to be that way i mean look at ukraine back in november of last year it wasn't doing great but it wasn't falling apart and they weren't killing each other now russia is going to continue to watch ok and it's very possible if we see more referenda that these independent republics if they want to call themselves of course they won't be recognized but they may join russia's custom union that would be a red line for a lot of people. yes i think that that mean it's there's no question that there's
5:54 pm
no part of ukraine that isn't is more viable in separation than it is in unity but it's not viable in unity either they need to ally in containing continue the alliances that they've had with russia and with europe in varying degrees so i don't think there's any question of them trying to make it on their own you know it's not going to be endora or you know just statelet they're going to be allied very closely to russia but i also i think it's very important to note i think we're talking a couple weeks ago here i think that the ship has sailed on federalization i really do i don't think like you said first of all there's no sanity nothing at all no sanity there's no partner to talk to there's no sanity coming out of either the junta or their puppet masters and the danger is that as events progress they get away from you which is what i think is exciting what they should think is
5:55 pm
alarming the citizens of and this includes a desk and carcass and put a watch in all of the other elements of the entire what could be called noble c.-a they just haven't got there yet that's all that's the only thing that is stopping them they didn't have enough strength i've seen means floating with. course got a small little with a separate flag and it says that's right it's almost our turn you know they are all waiting in the wings and there is no there is no way after odessa and after mother to paul both massacres that were supported and even to some extent planned by the way that they're going to put the genie back in the bottle they have decided that they're on they're not listening to putin they're not listening to you is there they are like i said self pro self humans are the only michael they don't have michael let's look at your crystal ball you know. a lot about a stereo in the i.m.f. here let's say for example there is
5:56 pm
a pro european pro american president after this election not all the people in the east participate ok they're probably going to get around that but i could not spell and i could well imagine within weeks months certainly a year or so when austerity kicks in we will have another my done ok all over again and they're very good at doing that ok because i cannot see under these conditions where ukraine is going to everyone's going to be happy to live even poorer and it's a poor country i know it very well well right now you're having almost a gandhian type passive resistance on the part of the ukrainians all they can do is say we're going to have a vote we know there's no constitution but we don't want a part of the kleptocracy and of course they say what's coming from the i.m.f. the i.m.f. will make ukraine look like italy or ireland or greece ireland and greece have lost twenty percent of their population as a result of austerity you'll have
5:57 pm
a flight of ukrainian plumbers into europe or into russia or wherever they can go what they're saying is we want to stop the kleptocracy and that's the only thing and the interesting thing is the other item in today's newspaper in america was christine legarde the head of the i.m.f. was invited to smith college in america to give the a commencement address the students rose up just like the ukrainians to oppose her and not let her come to smith because of they oppose the i.m.f. this was applauded in the u.s. but when the ukrainians oppose the i.m.f. it's created as terrorism that a terrorist is an attack on democracy so you have an orwellian world in which democracy means pro-american. or a dictatorship or a penalty or the other backers you were living in an orwellian world after all of this and all they can do is resist it and say there must be an alternate. well i guess i can say on the good note there is democracy in action in ukraine will grow
5:58 pm
but we've run out of time gentlemen many thanks to my guests in london new york and in boston and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember. you know what are you believe. is a. big plus for. the would like. to do you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy shred allmers. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
5:59 pm
our government and our crowd several we've been hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have october ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. what's
6:00 pm
up guys i'm at a martin and this is breaking the set so this whole crisis in ukraine it seems that you know country and war support of a version change and the us according to u.s. officials their support of the revolution in term government has nothing to do with imperialism resource grabs or kids new willingness to accept i.m.f. loans yes i am sure that obama vice president biden and secretary kerry are all motivated by pure altruism in fact take a look at biden iterating the west's commitment to the country. it is not just. a foreign policy judgment is a personal it's an emotional commitment as well. oh i was so excited to deliver
6:01 pm
democracy to the ukrainian people but he's moved beyond foreign policy interests how noble turns out joe biden is so personally invested in the development that he's sacrificing his youngest son hunter to sit on the board of directors of ukraine's premier oil company for sima holdings even though it seems that the story is obviously exposing d.c.'s agenda and establishing an economic partner resource beneficiary apparently the state department isn't worried at all about how this will be perceived. by wondering if there are concerns she just building about the perception. about how the russians and or the ukrainians we perceive the involvement of the son vice president united states especially given the situation no there are not. look but as it turns out that blatant corruption isn't something to be ashamed of anymore so if you're sick of empires using democracy as a smokescreen to grab resources while throwing self-determination under the bus and
6:02 pm
join me and let's break the set. of the. please. please. please very hard to take a. look. at her back with that her right there. in theory the us patent system was created to protect entrepreneurs from having the
6:03 pm
. ideas and original products stolen by competing companies and designers but over the last couple decades the patent system in this country has completely fallen apart and led to outrageous intellectual property claims on behalf of multinationals take for instance amazon last week the leader in online shopping was granted one of the most absurd patents in recent history thanks to the u.s. patent and trademark office amazon now owns the rights to taking pictures of people or objects against a white backdrop yes you heard me right amazon just patented one of the most common photographic techniques ever submitting a diagram of specific measurements and the lighting design is so now every time a modeling company or ad agency wants to use a simple white backdrop for their photo shoot maybe a better be prepared to go head to head with amazon's legal department but i guess this type of ridiculousness is to be expected from the same company that also patented one click shopping yes all the way back in one thousand nine hundred nine
6:04 pm
amazon was granted sole ownership of the concept of clicking one button to complete an online shopping order this patent is estimated to be worth billions of dollars and other online retailers such as apple now actually have to license one click shopping from amazon of course for the rest of the start of businesses out there who want to make online shopping as easy as possible for their customers you better make sure that it takes at least two clicks to make a purchase unless you want to be delivered a season desist letter from an amazon drone but of course apple is just as guilty of abusing the system as amazon and two thousand and twelve apple was granted exclusive rights to a geometric shape. a rectangle specifically a rectangle with rounded corners you know the shape of pretty much every one of their tablets and smartphones not to mention their apps apple's use this patent to sue samsung for also creating smartphones and apps with rounded corners although thankfully the company lost its suit against the korean electronics giant last year
6:05 pm
speaking of perhaps no patent claim is more baffling than the one granted a game designer king dot com seeking dot com is the maker of the wildly popular app candy crush and earlier this year the company actually trademarked applied to trademark the word candy which unbelievably was approved by the u.s. patent office yes companies are now resorting to try and own every day words in the trademark applied not just to online games but also educational services and clothing now thankfully the company with the drew their application after fierce backlash from other game designers so luckily if you're a stripper name candy you don't have to hide those engraved booty shorts with your name on it but perhaps no patent is more dangerous to the freedom of speech than the one granted to the pseudo company personal audio see personal audio was given a patent in two thousand and twelve for quote a system for disseminating media content representing episodes in
6:06 pm
a serialized sequence yes this ridiculously broad sounding patent is now being used to go after media companies that create podcasts. despite the fact that podcasting is one of the most popular forms of media in the world right now personal audio claims that anyone who podcasts is violating the rights the company has even sued the likes of how stuff works and comedian adam carolla and even though the company claims to be a legitimate operation personal audio pretty much makes all of its revenue from patent trolling in this is a technique where fake companies are set up soley to establish as many partners as possible and then go after companies that infringe on their intellectual property the practice becomes so widespread that patent lawsuits have seen an exponential rise in the last decade due entirely to patent trolling so yet again an agency that was established to protect the little guy has become completely corrupted and usurped by monopolies corporate interests and the corporatocracy the only thing
6:07 pm
that apparently can't be trademarked yet are our souls at least for now. i. charter schools are relatively new concept in the us but over the last two decades their popularity has grown by leaps and bounds these schools operate with a mix of private and public funding is a way to test out innovative approaches to education without the burden of strict government regulations but a new report released earlier this month by the center for popular democracy and integrity and education paints a picture of a charter school system beset by fraud mismanagement and abuse according to reports over one hundred million dollars appropriated to the charter system has been
6:08 pm
squandered in the fifteen major cities that the study examined so where's all the money going and just how broken is the system want to discuss just that i'm joined now by a carpenter journalist for the nation who just wrote an article titled despite shocking reports of fraud at charter schools lawmakers missed opportunity to increase oversight thank you so much for coming on again zoe so start by outlining some of those agreed just examples of fraud in this new report sure it's there are lots of examples some of the most shocking are the ones where charter executives used the taxpayer money for personal gain buying cars buying houses throwing dollars at strippers going on cruises and then there are more examples of fraud in terms of increasing the funding for the schools they get from the federal government so pretending that students are enrolled and actually aren't old because they get extra funding per student or then there are cases of just mismanagement that put students at risk in terms of safety regulations properly vetting faculty
6:09 pm
and staff. proper services for special needs students so the range of uses is quite broad and but it really is endemic throughout the system in just fifteen states one hundred million dollars is a huge amount of money it really is and last week the house passed a bill called a success an opportunity through quality charter schools a very long name what was contained in that bill so that bill bradley was meant to support and expand the charter school networks across the country increased federal fine. from two hundred fifty million dollars a year to three hundred million dollars a year so that's a significant percentage increase it streamlined some federal programs for charters and it encouraged expansion of existing charter networks even in states that have been more unwelcoming to charters it did have some provisions that charter critics were supportive of for example allowing schools to we the admissions for special needs students and english language learners to give them an extra leg up in the admissions process and as i understand the bill was quite watered down from its
6:10 pm
original bill its counter component that emerged kind of failed on a lot of a lot of sides in a lot of fronts wide talk about how it failed and also why did it have such enormous bipartisan support it didn't actually address everything that needed to be sure so the missed opportunity was in a series of amendments that was offered by democratic representatives to increase oversight and transparency accountability measures that can stop some of this fraud and abuse that we're seeing unfortunately most of those amendments all except one i believe were voted down and there really wasn't much democratic support for those amendments which is troubling for those of us on the left who who would like to see accountability here. and i think the bill had such wide support because charters are broadly popular there's a lot of money behind them from wall street from silicon valley and from the democratic side the president and the education secretary arnie duncan have been big proponents of the charter movement and so some of the sources that i talked to within the party say that that has made it more difficult for democrats to speak
6:11 pm
out and really question whether we should be privatizing our public education system why do you think the democratic party has taken such a lead in to cement in this notion of privatizing standardization i think that's a really good question obviously there's a close relationship between a certain faction of democratic party and wall street and the silicon valley some of the people who are putting money behind the charter movement and i think there is sincere concern about our public education system which is warranted you know the public. system is in dire straits that's just an honest fact but if you look at the reasons for that it's a clear resources problem and we have a crazy tax system where schools are getting most of their funding from the local tast tax base you have a system where schools and poor districts are going to have a hard time educating their students and so it's it's i think democrats when they're trying to be pro education charters are an appealing alternative but at this point there isn't really good evidence to suggest that creating two parallel
6:12 pm
education systems is really going to get better for everyone what the studies that have kind of said that standardization actually you know tests higher charter schools rate so those reports are very mixed because you have to look at the kinds of students that are entering charter schools and there's a lot of evidence that charter schools have a much lower percentage of special needs students and a lower percentage of english language learners and that's one thing good thing about this bill that it could start to help rebalance that there's also been anecdotal evidence evidence of charter schools pushing out students who are failing to meet their standards before the testing happens and so it's really not a very equitable test if you're just looking at test scores isn't. the whole problem standardization and in the long run is that you're just looking at numbers about really looking at the individual bases i mean what needs to be done to reform the charter school system and how can we actually completely eliminate this fraud why the mismanaged taxpayer dollars here well accountability and oversight that's that's a big a big thing and it's you can advocate for those things that actually engaging in
6:13 pm
the arguments about charters versus traditional public schools any industry and charters are industry they're publicly funded in part but they're privately managed any industry need some regulation and some oversight particularly when what's at stake is the education of america's children and. common sense things like having open board meetings requiring financial disclosures you can actually see where taxpayer money or money is going. conflicts of interest requirements and then allocating some of the federal funding that's going to charters to some of those oversight activities so that states actually have the resources to do the public auditing and then the whole there's another argument once you get into the bigger debate about whether we should have a two tiered system and i think that needs to be a debate that's engaged more seriously by the media and by lawmakers about whether we really want to prioritize our public education system or have private companies being responsible for that definitely does need to be discussed more thank you so much larry card and earlier for sure come on thank you for coming up i'll talk
6:14 pm
about a stunning new report that outlines how rampant torture is around a world stage and very shocking. little. the washington. is being sued they're scared of the latest numbers in the media to hand them off or so you cover an issue that actually to me doesn't do too much to add revenue my own culture journey and teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer in the studio how much fallout do you think
6:15 pm
this is going to the create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a great return for so long to the world it's also the largest debtor nation to breaking the set is mostly about alternatives to the status quo but want to give real alternatives to the working poor the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers information. so wake up and start talking about the real cause of. it's the year two thousand and fourteen and humanity has evolved pretty fantastically i mean just look at what we've done as a collective species over the last fifty thousand years let alone the last three decades so one could only assume that humanity is also evolving ethically and
6:16 pm
morally the same rate it is technologically right well not exactly in fact some could argue that it is stagnated at a moral level despite the montreux that every human being is deserving of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness torture is still alive and well in one hundred forty one countries around the world according to amnesty international the stark reality exists a whole sixty six years after the un adopted the declaration of human rights against the barbaric practice which said that quote no one shall be subjected to porch or order cruel inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment the unacceptable notion of torture was further cemented in one thousand nine hundred seven when the un adopted the convention against torture basically every international body and human rights organization in the world has absolutely create an all out ban on torture under any circumstance and could in war but these laws don't seem to hold much water in today's reality according to amnesty international's two thousand and
6:17 pm
fourteen torture report torture is not restricted to tyrants and dictators governments across the political spectrum and from every continent still kowloon in this ultimate corruption of humanity using torture to extract information forced confessions silent to sent or simply as cruel punishment now the most common torture methods against detainees today include beating electric shocks stress positions water boarding. and sensor or sleep deprivation burning rape or threat of rape among many many others amnesty's report also found that a startling forty four percent of people around the world are terrified of being tortured by authorities if they're arrested in the borders of their own country here in the u.s. that number is thirty two percent which isn't too surprising given this nation's trigger happy militarized police force that regularly brutalizes its people or the fact that america has twenty five percent of the world's prisoners many of which spend decades in solitary confinement which has also been defined as torture by the
6:18 pm
un the fact that the bush administration employed a top down torture program that conducted some of the most inhumane methods on that list including sexual humiliation and waterboarding ghraib and guantanamo bay and given that none of the torture perpetrators in the u.s. were ever held accountable and are still justifying their horrendous crimes is it any wonder that the rest of the world considers torture ok and continues to employ the tactic and fact of the former un special rapporteur on torture paul al-jazeera that the u.s. quote that many countries have followed the u.s. is lead and cited national security interests as a rationale to justify the use of any means necessary to extract information from suspected terror suspects and the u.s. isn't just paving the way for the codification of torture but also give some of those brutal regimes hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid every year as
6:19 pm
a matter of fact the top ten the ends of aid sponsored by u.s. tax dollars are all regimes that regularly torture their citizens which stands in direct violation of a u.s. law called the foreign assistance act like i said laws are outweighed by the empire's desire to host puppet regimes that black sites and drone base is according to congressional research service for two thousand and fourteen the u.s. gives uganda for. a hundred fifty six million dollars in aid then there's tanzania which will get a hefty five hundred and fifty three million dollars and the same goes for one man which is set to receive a whopping five hundred sixty four million dollars in aid this year and there's iraq which has been under brutal military assault from the west for decades it will get five hundred seventy three million dollars jordan is set to get six hundred
6:20 pm
seventy one million dollars in aid a country where you can't even criticize the king perhaps no other nation rivals nigeria and it's horrendous human rights abuses which is going to get a hefty check of six hundred ninety three million dollars this year in addition to the widespread use of torture nearly a thousand people died in military custody in just the first six months of two thousand and thirteen nextstep pakistan set to get one point two billion dollars in aid but the country practices extra judicial killings and disappears its citizens regularly moving on to egypt a country that still receives one point six billion dollars in aid from the u.s. despite why'd spread sentencing of thousands of people at a time to death for simply being members of the muslim brotherhood according to daily news egypt at least thirteen hundred protesters have outright massacred since the coup afghanistan is next currently under u.s.
6:21 pm
occupation sees a flow of two point two billion dollars in annual aid and sit in a high number one is the us is biggest ally in the middle east israel see israel gets a cool three point one billion dollars from this government despite a tight in itself is the strongest democracy in the region it's an apartheid state that regularly tortures palestinians including children a recent report by the public committee against torture in. israel described how deep and children suspected of minor crimes have been sexually assaulted and kept an outdoor cages during winter. so maybe instead of squabbling about unemployment benefits and food stamps eating your paycheck we should be demanding that the flow of aid is cut off until these countries going to buy basic human rights dignity and international law and the first country that needs to step up to the plate to do just that is this one.
6:22 pm
so last friday obama headed to walmart of all places to talk about private sector energy and fish and sea and what better green company to tout than wal-mart a corporation is carbon emissions have increased by fourteen percent over the last eight years according to a two thousand and thirteen report by local self reliance of course based on the company's environmental sustainability campaign you would think because retail giant was a leader and renewable energy and of course it's not just wal-mart that has launched a p.r. campaign to brand themselves as green or efficient and misleading the public in such a way as outrage an environmentalist who have quoting this type of corporate scheming as something called green washing so joining me now to break down some infamous cases of corporate greenwashing from b.p. and nascar i'm joined by activist and comedian lisa campos of the moment of clarity web series what is a new day how are you doing what's going on and so let's start with general
6:23 pm
electric's eco imagination campaign let's lift look this is ridiculous example greenwashing first we have a kid who's trying to catch air in a jar with their commercials i don't know if we have that cute but it's hilarious i mean why is this so ridiculously oh it's amazing. john do we have it yet. but it's you know eco imagination they created a word for that it's very important that we're really to build monopolise because they're you know they'll put all this money into drilling and fracking and everything and meanwhile they're trying to stop wind power so they're trying to stop the other things that could be out there everywhere because they can't monopolize those as easily so they've you know they'll put all this money into deep sea drilling and they will put it tipped of a turd into solar power wind because they want to hang on to it be there at the point they actually attempt to monopolize the wind industry they're hurting wind turbine sails making it real hard for other people to actually develop when energy
6:24 pm
but you know as long as you can just catch one in a jar you can really get those machines going and going and going that commercial means. as much as a kitten playing with an easter egg you could have just shown that and you would be like look it's green day so of course arguments why not talk about exxon mobil which was named get this the greenest company of the year from four forms of a surprise in two thousand and nine absurdity you're saying that's not. real you couldn't find anything else forbes like i don't know ambridge him palace wasn't slightly greener than exxon but no i want to read this quote from forbes they said the engineering solution of the matter of carbon in the atmosphere causing global warming drill for natural gas which methane releases forty fifty percent less carbon dioxide than coal in a coalition petroleum so they're saying replacing all coal would cut c o two emissions by one billion tons a year they leave out something methane trapped eighty six times as much heat as carbon dioxide so there i mean that's like saying well you've got to ration your
6:25 pm
hand chop off the hands solve the problem great solution exxon i'm going to rain and you have b.p. kind of trying to greenwash themselves of this campaign beyond petroleum now we don't care about what our what our entire corporation is based on which is petroleum british petroleum we're going to go beyond petroleum it's moved us beyond i think you misunderstand they want to go beyond petroleum but using it all up that's how they'll get there if they're trying to go beyond petroleum once i ordered eight hundred boxes of girl scout cookies and i had to get beyond girl scout cookies by eating them all one thing we call the oil i guess once they w.y.l. the entire planet then they have to go beyond. oh no you always have to remember with things like the gulf of mexico oil spill they're trying to be green by covering it up so it's green for you and me we don't see the dolphin carcasses so they're doing a lot of work and working hard to cover up that they were in the middle of the night they'd like take away dolphin carcasses so that we didn't see them and you know that's that's a caring move i remember a great palace telling me that b.p.
6:26 pm
had invested given an absurd amount of money to fund these scientists who were saying that there was just algae in the gulf that would eat all the oil we don't write about great oil and. and kevin costner's magic going up machinery that they had going what greg palast did the numbers and you know kevin machine would have cleaned up about this much oil is a lot of running for six weeks or less just trust me on patrol and it's either going to a really good job of course exxon's also funding norman and climate change as studies really absurd there when you look at that dow chemical as another one element element campaign of course we're talking about an insanely egregious chemical company that's responsible for the bhopal disaster leaving nearly three thousand people dead just disgusting this is a complete sham and the ad revenue i'm sorry the advertisements are just insulting the human element you know i get i actually give the most accurate one because they're viewing humans as an element and what do you do with elements you. know you combine with other elements to see what happens we're
6:27 pm
a giant science experiment so they are actually being quite honest the human element we're going to see what happens. but it's actually really funny i don't know. about you know the shows like kids' faces with like you know you on it and of course the class action lawsuit in midland michigan said that ruled the dow contaminated their properties with dioxin which resulted in the impairment of the immune system nervous system andrew's seen system reproductive functions according to the world health organization so i don't really know they've. i don't think elements consume them so that's why they believe humans are so them so that you know you don't know them and there's a little legally above kind of ability there but greenwashing also happens with sports as well nascar this is absolutely hysterical featured al gore as its keynote speaker amazing ten minutes basically just green washing some of telling people to label their brands better nascar said that every they said that they were going to have a tree planting ceremony for every every circle the course of. this one so first of
6:28 pm
all the idea of just bringing it out going to go is just a mascot that we just shipped in who knows what do do you. it the thing you know maybe it's good maybe is bad doesn't matter we just put his face out there are good looking to both of us that we must be doing good things outdoors here is one of those car was a loon geysers go i guess you're like oh it's pretty amazing there's so much and we can really appreciate coming on. that's our show you guys are going tomorrow to break that all over again.
6:29 pm
well. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future of coverage. i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial commentary interviews and much much. only on the bus and only.
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the. news today and made signs of more trade for a worthless piece to. anybody. else's right square. piece of paper molds of the small scale. sold.
6:31 pm
international news and call in july for most valuable she also international was made you know tshabalala hello and welcome to the program. police in the ukrainian capital out forcing anti government to rioters to abandon that barricades that has violence in central kiev rolls into its fourth day running and. is that for us. guys at the news room want me to find something new today. some new details and something more interesting in the last couple days is like. i don't think i can invent anything you i mean if i see something it's like a groan the whole day with ukraine most of the fight so that once the thing starts it's pretty pretty much the same all the time and it's getting very cold and the
6:32 pm
snow was just. wrenching the third day. god knows how many more days will have. easy chairs that will be entering a thirty. thirty third day in the month from the. there's nothing you. the only thing new is that it's now quieter. you can actually hear ourselves talking there's no this metal clanging thing anymore. a lot of people. there setting up another barricade you see. it may suggest that. they're here to stay for some time although may suggest that the police may actually. make another attempt to disperse them soon but this really looks like another barricade look the burned carcasses of the cars so we might be
6:33 pm
here for a long spell that. we have the national receiver. if i don't move i don't. know just. play a clip. i have come downtown to the noise of the governmental corps in kiev but it's still far from settled only a few meters are separating the police lines and the line of the protesters of the rioters and still there are sometimes exchanging project hours at each other over the night we saw an attempt by the police to push the protesters off this particular place here the failed attempt when the protesters started charging with the widest and charging of the police the police had to withdraw and ever since then it's been like that the standoff continues on here it looks like yet another barricade with what remains of the police cars which were burned here on sunday
6:34 pm
night basically separating the line of the rioters and the police during the night we also saw something completely peculiar for ukraine cases of vigilantism where in the civil militia. groups basically organized a hundred safari for what they called pro-government provocateurs they took them to . a building which they described as the revolutionary headquarters organize something of a vigilante trial took him out into the square and them to apologize for supporting the government for doing what they did and this situation is still tense hundreds of injured are still in hospitals including more than one hundred policemen which is something unprecedented not only for ukraine but for many other countries in the world we're also hearing on the ground here that the authorities may consider implementing a state of emergency on thursday if things go on the same way as they do right now we should be monitoring how things unravel in kiev but as again as i said the tension is still far from dying down there certainly following all the developments
6:35 pm
in kiev will bring you the latest updates as we get them. we cover that basically what we did was filming. walk and talk with the new barricades i would say this is like something sensational and you would be compared to what we did yesterday in the day before yesterday it's relatively new. because the day before yesterday and yes. we couldn't get as close as we did now. simply because of all the project us lying around in the police actually responding with with firearms or with firearms of course with non-lethal weapons. this is. lots of work has been done we're getting. lots of people working just to do direct talks between so we know and the rebels it looks like it may be a long one tonight because we don't really know when they're going to hold the
6:36 pm
final conference and what's going to happen what to expect the rebels are say to me pull out of talks at any moment so for us that would be. breaking news probably it's a major story. i go shows how. nervous nerve wracking the negotiations are it was probably either. a nervous negotiator or a nervous correspondent during the life. you know you know you never know when nature what what's going on here. let's hope i don't slip on a thing like that and break my neck that would be. ironic if i just the first real steps. looks like the spoiling that we think. a lot of us. but we're not we don't know what's going on because there are these rumors that the
6:37 pm
talks have been postponed the syrian opposition is out. because they don't know yet but if they are then this whole meeting is just like screwed. my producers just called me and said i want to go outside. so there's going to be some sort of flosses representative is going to be assad's. at the wife positions always go there check it out is this really could be a way. that he could be used if they. they walk out of the whole thing that i don't know what that means. having to russia today. for thirty days which is south fighting can't wait spend seven weeks back any fear for mine and russia to help robert i've been together for
6:38 pm
a year. months. passed away last summer. not this man i'm just. relieved that. it's finally culminated in the next hour and three weeks i. think. this is new for me to be sent to. a he's the only person thing i can do this it's it's really trying to link up. it's actually bringing groceries to give a list of things i'm just dying where i can't get better i can't wait to spring for chars. bourbon to cut but i ballpark. mechanical feel just things that i lack that make me feel make me feel american
6:39 pm
have been that american food for traffic lights now. running out of here on here to take. i would kill for more multi-sport her dad think these are not cheeseburger and what they are thick they face a cheeseburger in english and a russian writing if i am so sorry that so i mean it goes loving way of saying i'm going to offend people i don't know what the hell that is but it's not cheap. and it just made a fair amount of money. to . schoolchildren as was a specialist literature at least these kids going to the movie deals go school you know put. a little bit of special suitably also those close to the show in addition
6:40 pm
to all of the food for the both of those what was that any more but the more. chase it is the feel they should put it in the middle of the good it doesn't it would still not been using in the new movie just that even though a good bunch of us knew we enjoyed it so was up to its little bit of the bush little bit with cope with the good good news movie it was it still shows for the little while shouting at the boys you can use well no but you. know what it looks like you could see when you feel i didn't stay true so i do space for my dog as it's a speech that was a joke with the kids last june. most movies to stop motion to go would go to those who would have audience. oh. ok so. let's go to the interview everybody spanking here right now because they don't know what's happening there the negotiations are continuing on they're not continuing because the parts of the opposition the left the belly there was this formal
6:41 pm
meeting that they had to greet each other and sit at the same table but the opposition refused so that didn't happen and we're going to be now we don't know what the schedule for today what to expect that's the situation right now. should be. why don't i mean for god's sake why don't we see and find out the on site distributed but why doesn't he just cool the opposition not step down and see whether he was one if not you push him to the u.k. hospice that could be doing to step down he would step down well in the u.k. we don't drop the momentum agency he killed people who used to do in the streets of a minute you know that i sold the new t.v. they didn't bring the show people don't. shoot people in syrian president assad and he'll positional this is going to. this is my. knowing you're never
6:42 pm
going to be waiting for the final press conference in the evening everybody is just being chaotic and you think these people there's no one knowing the understands like what's happening there and also a stampede stuff started running over not understanding anything that's happening. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is. to our democracy shred albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press several we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond
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been all about money and i think that's like that for a politician right the body. coming up. here just to plug pratt today's. that. let the kids read to me. if you. must believe you're either love it. this way or to like a troy it's sort of the you're in your large city states and since it's not likely he wants to be what he saw it on it's the traffic not i expected something else you think of know. in moscow you know the cold war and eastern bloc countries you were expecting it's become you know is there anything you want one seat i wanted to i was i was mostly rest where very crazy not that we would come out of the kremlin
6:45 pm
first. and see putin today i mean is there enough look she's going to have that i feel good about him or maybe going to get a list of the joy that you that you always see so much in moscow steve basques a master that comes to. hear. her lawyer like i was like i'm always taping and a great will to spend three ways to look around at. the football. and like oh my god and i thought. this was like no other for her. lover. it's true mantic fluid is beautiful that's. why a lot of history right here in this area here the russian words down to far easier
6:46 pm
if you've got the ads. you didn't voles the nine yeah and also i want to thank you. they're going to save up america when she first told me to go to moscow so of course i go no. chance of life to be a quote here and be a form for spawn. so i was proud of reiser yes i do a. hello. can you check my piece to camera please. ok so i. have to do the package. just around today. so. it's going to be. the end of the package so i'll say even though both the rebels. present here say they support. a solution only.
6:47 pm
last a. peace talks on syria have suffered a setback in geneva with the opposition refusing to sit at the same table with government representatives still hopes are high that the first direct negotiations will usher in some sort of a solution to the ongoing syrian crisis warned us now from your piskun off your so do tell us what happened there while the talks were supposed to officially start at eleven am with. the opposition sitting down at the same table and formally greeting each other with the u.n. special envoy on syria present as well and it was planned that after that he was going to hold meetings with both sides passing on information and making this dialogue possible but since the rebels refused to sit down at the same table with the formal talks haven't started informally they have been postponed but nevertheless mr brahimi will still be meeting with both sides separately and by the end of the day we're expecting
6:48 pm
a media conference hopefully will be able to find out if these meetings bring any results i will also know that the head of the syrian opposition their delegations. leaving. the rest are remaining and the syrian authorities their delegation is going to stay as well. said they're going to continue talking with mr brahimi one of the main sticking points is that the opposition continues pressing on. president assad to step down while the authorities are saying that first there. stop the violence. in the country and then hold nationwide elections with anyone willing. for the syrian people to decide the country's political future so clearly they're not on the same page when it comes to . the talks are going to continue at least with. the end of the day hopefully we'll find out if they'll bring any results. seem to be easy to find
6:49 pm
a common denominator there thank you for bringing us the latest from geneva. i don't how war activist brian becker believes the syrian rebels are not prepared to hold meaningful talks on peace and their country. might stay first on my space so. there you go. problem. for your lad i mean as. the saying. he would tell them what you need five hundred bucks if i was it.
6:50 pm
because. i thought it all fall. i'm hopeful. that. you got it well in arrests and the only paul three times i still very time see how the guard roll really like i'm one of that back. to bed by ten kids pass me out laughing at it but the. words i love did i would pay to see you do that if you. feel. you. were just listening to the point almost conference for today. this is the one sort of. way we could do it because i wasn't sure if the wiring.
6:51 pm
inside the hole or the bus kong was a small. just a couple of days ago. representatives of syria's government finally in the same room for the first time since the start of the country. they.
6:52 pm
say. are. also became clear that different participants off the talks have a different understanding. seem to be ready to talk about. syria as well and they seem to be ready to. discuss things like. talks or. frankly even having these people. in the same building may already be considered a diplomatic breakthrough. inside syria.
6:53 pm
first we didn't do anything for a few hours then went to do some easy stuff like he's drop and walk around alive or something but we're really looking after this whole situation within the most lesions and in the end we thought that it was just like that's it it was screwed up it was a disaster but then all of a sudden it all changed again to ron who had the skill at a moment when we didn't know who was doing the lives we had to do as lines just in case nobody knew what was going on my phone died and in the end everything just worked out well and i really did feel this in these situations you feel the. second energy burst or something and you just do this life and you feel like this is why you're here i have to report on this sort of stuff and i know i'm not in syria right now and i know i'm not definitely not. this is
6:54 pm
a really big part of the story and i'm really glad we did it i think it's a great day really satisfied with myself and the crew and i just hope that. now it all works out with these talks we have you know. just try to see if the if the fly is it's being lit again they haven't right now but it's a lot of people to look. at . is a little base. which
6:55 pm
the opposition should do and of course that. doesn't. it was issue a go offense to move this deadline is fast like twelve minutes ago so that's what we're waiting for basically to see what happens. god knows what happens on the opposition leaders. came to the crowd from the crowd and said about the latest rounds of negotiations with the president which brought nothing the only things that he promised to stop the violence from the police against the protesters and to release all those four detained they were like one of several people who talk. while they were saying that the crowds were booing at the opposition leaders and they were chanting liars liars. so this is just that the crowd no longer believes anyone of the president of the opposition there might be much of their own so again we're a month with a grenade. that's how it's. way. i'd call it something i need help with in
6:56 pm
the name of the city it's spelled all the people how i can. read you all wrong well no real problem we can go to our correspondent peter all of a he is also in the center of kiev and he's closely following the events as they're unfolding so let's get the latest from him oh yes what we see is proof so demonstrates is that riots is across ukraine trying to. occupy all demonstrate outside government buildings now in the in the city's old evolve. we have seen the. local ministration buildings being occupied no sir all day we saw a large numbers of people gathering in both places a large numbers on independence square now what they were doing is. they would rebuilding suring up and all being themselves on barricades at the entrances to today to the independence square there has be rumors going around here that perhaps
6:57 pm
there could be some no not particularly middle ground. just yet but that both sides were perhaps willing to to at least speak to each other to talk to each other will be expecting news from those discussions to come out as stephen progress is. a lot international staying in the thick of events there in the ukraine capital twenty four seven for you to keep you updated on of course the escalating crisis you can also keep up with what's happening at dot com. we welcome aaron nate and abby martin to have a terrific osan the our team at work. who must say it's going to give you a different perspective give you one star never i'll give you the information you
6:58 pm
make the decision to me about how breaking this the revolution of the mind it's ravishing ideas and consciousness and frustrated with the system yeah extremely you know politicians would be described as angry i think in a strong enough when you're single. i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from the mike think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. at our teen years we have a different price. because the news of the world just is not this funny
6:59 pm
i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys sort of jokes well handled stuff that i've got. live. live . live. stop rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
7:00 pm
think. the really going to do is go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck help us. will. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying a problem to try rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america imma go ready to join the movement then welcome the big take. a long time are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. more than two hundred girls remain in captivity tonight after the islamist terrorist group boko kidnapped them
7:01 pm
from the school in nigeria why were the girls kidnapped and what's ellerbee does the republican party here share with local iraq also on tuesday a federal judge struck down i doze gay marriage ban making the second state in a week to have its anti same sex marriage was overturned so is it time to everyone for everyone to just admit that liberals won the culture wars talk about that and more and tonight's lone liberal rumble and reports about a cover up at a phoenix arizona v.a. hospital have republicans clamoring for the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki but republicans really have any ground to stand on or comes to veterans issues explain why they don't and tonight still to take.
7:02 pm
a few days you know this hostage crisis in nigeria continues to on. fole officials in the nigerian government have signaled that they are willing to negotiate with boko the islamised terrorist group that kidnapped over two hundred girls from a school and shoe box nigeria earlier this month that announcement comes after the united states canada france and the united kingdom have already sent teams to nigeria to help secure the safe release of the girls like other islamist movement groups vocal herad believes that girls should not be educated as journalist nicholas kristoff points out over at the new york times as the extremists do they target educated girls their worst nightmare and why are fanatics so terrified of girls' education because there's no force more powerful to transform a society the greatest threat to extremism isn't from drones firing missiles but girls read books well like vocal in nigeria there's a group right here in america that's afraid of educated women and their potential
7:03 pm
to transform society a group is called the republican party and republican all republicans may now be kidnapping schoolgirls that kidnapping a woman's right to choose among other things as part of their never ending war on women yesterday republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina took the senate floor to push legislation that would initiate a nationwide twenty week abortion ban. my legislation would ban abortion at twenty week period. the fifth month based on the theory that the child can feel pain at that point in the pregnancy and that the standard of care for the medical community is you can operate on the unborn fetus at the twenty week period without it ministering anesthesia and the reason for that is ghost a child can feel pain they've been vigils born at the twenty week period that survived but the theory of the case is not. a medical. way to so
7:04 pm
a new theory i think makes and sense that the state has a compelling interest. the unborn child does stage of pregnancy and the senator graham's legislation which was introduced last november would restrict a woman's ability to make a deeply personal and private medical decision with her doctor it would make it illegal for doctors to provide constitutionally protected health care back doctors could face up to five years in prison for performing an abortion under graham's legislation the graham isn't the only republican in america trying to hijack a woman's right to choose a republican sponsored bill in wisconsin seeks to define legally personhood as the moment of conception and fertilization in alabama republican lawmaker clay scofield introduced a bill that would make all of the mandatory for all women seeking abortions and doctors who fail to provide those ultrasounds could face up to ten years in prison and a fifteen thousand dollars fine meanwhile in tennessee republicans of approved legislation that would allow almost side and assault charges to be filed against any woman who
7:05 pm
has a miscarriage during the first eight weeks of pregnancy and in kansas republicans have introduced a bill that would put a six point five percent sales tax on all abortion procedures additionally republicans worked in other ways to disempower women in america opposing the will lead better pay fair pay act cutting funny funding of family planning programs cutting funding to programs that help low income single mothers provide for their families and a host of other things or republicans may not be burning towns and kidnapping schoolgirls it's pretty clear that they're just as afraid of educated and powerful women as boko haram is and want america to continue to be massaging the stick and patriarchal society that's why bills are continuing to be introduced across the nation that are intended to restrict and limit a woman's ability to choose joining me now for more on the war on women in the latest attempts to take away a woman's right to choose is giuliana gone and director of drug governmental relations for the center for reproductive rights welcome thank you for having me
7:06 pm
thanks for joining us what do you have first of all what do you make of all of this legislation that lindsey graham is perfect proposing and and we played a fair amount of his speech a lot of his talking points just what out on the air about you know for the twenty weeks fetuses can feel pain all is going to how do you respond to those things. well opponents of abortion have been trying as you've mentioned for years to restrict access and they do it in a number of ways they sometimes directly harass women and providers doctors who are trying to perform the abortion services they try to restrict insurance coverage for women who need medical care to terminate a pregnancy they try to impose unnecessary and unwarranted restrictions on the provision of abortion services restrictions that are not imposed on any other kind of medical procedure and they try things like this twenty week and that are blatantly unconstitutional and that violate a woman's ability to make very personal medical decisions at critical points in her pregnancy this is a constitutional and as much as its. role as as roe v wade has defined what's
7:07 pm
constitutional. twenty four weeks of roe v wade says that a woman has the ability to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term up until the point of feel fetal viability and after that point a woman may also terminate a pregnancy if that pregnancy endangers her health or her life or viability is something that is left to the determination of the treating physician yeah and and lindsey graham was basically making the argument there that viability is arbitrarily at twenty weeks because there have been. births at that age or c. sections or whatever that have survived and therefore all fetuses are viable at that age is that is that a leap i mean is that bizarre science or has there been an incredible improvement in technology or what's the reality here maybe just make that up well i can't speak to the specific facts that he may have been referring to about i think he were furred to a set of twins but as i mentioned viability is something that has to be determined
7:08 pm
by the treating physician taking into account the health of the particular woman and the fetus that she's carrying so while it may be true that occasionally fetuses can survive at earlier times by ability is not something that can be determined at some arbitrary cutoff and what's important to note is. is that any policy that would create such an arbitrary cutoff completely ignores the unique personal circumstances that many women face around twenty weeks is when many women find out critical information about the health of the developing fetus other women have their own health conditions that could be threatened if they continue a pregnancy so policies like this that impose these arbitrary limits are very dangerous and they threaten the health and safety of many women there's been a dramatic increase in restrictions access to abortion in the united states since nine hundred eighty five in fact this chart this on the screen right now is showing the number of of these are actual was the go past an active
7:09 pm
and. i. was winstead old friend and she makes a joke about you know these people the they talk about how they want government to be you know small but they want it to be apparently small enough to fit my uterus or words to that effect you know of ages and it's like. worse the disconnect here it's you know is this about men wanting to control women or is it because it seems to me like there's an awful lot of male legislators promoting this just i don't know if it's necessarily just men trying to control women people obviously feel strongly about it about abortion but the reality is that women do have a constitutional right to make this decision up until the point of viability as your chart shows the number of restrictions on abortion has in fact increased dramatically in recent years and i think it's very important that your viewers in the rest of the american public realize this because we're getting to
7:10 pm
a point now where a woman's constitutional rights literally depend on her zip code because what's happening is these policymakers are pushing restrictions on the provision of abortion they've been unable to overturn roe versus wade because over and over the supreme court has in fact reaffirmed the holding of roe versus wade so instead they're try. these backdoor methods of getting rid of abortion while we may have the right on the books if they put so many restrictions on abortion that no providers can actually perform services and women have nowhere to go then the right is effectively hollowed out to what extent are these restrictions. is a measurable that we're going back to the situations that we had i'm old enough to remember i was in high school. you know one before roe v wade and i remember a girl who was in my i think freshman class maybe sure whatever who just one day vanished and it turned out that she had tried to do it abortion herself for the
7:11 pm
coathanger something like that and she bled out and died and i mean there's there are there are those of us who are old enough to remember those days are we coming back to that are there parts of this country where this is that's the only option and and were actually seen the recurrence of those kind of situations it really is important to remember situations like that there are many many of us who don't remember exactly what it was like before roe but we are seeing no where near as old as i once you never know. in certain parts of the country it is frightening that we may in fact be returning to those times there are now vast swaths of the state of texas where there is no abortion provider and the reality is as you point out with the story that you told getting rid of abortion providers does not get rid of abortion that women will always decide their own destinies and they need to make decisions about the reproductive of olives if you regulate good safe abortion
7:12 pm
providers out of existence it does not get rid of abortion it just makes it more dangerous more unsafe and more women will face situations unfortunately like your high school sound always the phrase back from the clinton days safe something where . the you know we and that's. safe legal safe legal and rare and safe and legal is exactly how it needs to be there truly on the thanks so much for being with us thank you very much for having me. coming up republicans like to wrap themselves in the flag and talk about how much they love the troops but as that's the troops the first the case why did their leader in the senate mitch mcconnell block a twenty one billion dollar bill to help fund the v.a. just a few months ago more on that tonight so long the rumble right after the break.
7:13 pm
the the lead it was a. very hard to take a. look at the long. life have you ever had sex with the perfect hair looking. like. one of the the people.
7:14 pm
this was in the washington. trees being suggested in the latest. news in the. prophecy. that actually back to you doesn't do too much for ad revenue line tech agriculture giant teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer based in india fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering the great facilities to but it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of breaking the set is mostly about turning the status quo but one night the real sense of the points and the working poor the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the real causes of poverty.
7:15 pm
are you ready they're almost joining for that i'd say long liberal horoscope or conservative commentator and senior fellow the national center for public policy research and kevin martin member of the project twenty one like their shit network let's get started yesterday this last segment was about the republican war on women mr public and senator lindsey graham of south carolina took to the senate floor to push legislation that would ensue that would in the state a twenty nationwide twenty week abortion ban. there's been other bills to redefine personhood criminalize miscarriages sports ultrasounds and women republicans have opposed legislation helping single mothers closing the gender pay gap. i don't get it what's what's conservative about telling women what they can do or can't do with their bodies horse oh wait
7:16 pm
a second are you allowed to just go over to the store and say i've got an extra long i want to sell it sorry my mother would like to you want government you know there's some basic thing that a coercive exist but of course it doesn't there are fifty million people who are no longer around anymore because of the progressive onslaught of terror called the roe v wade law those people those who are pieces of gosh and the way by that logic should we should we go to the i mean you want to take this to the catholic argument that there's hundreds of take it to the galileans are people who do not believe this argument here is because i want entre section here's the point you guys when you made your argument progressives when you made your points you tried as hard as possible to try to get the constitution wrapped around it now guess what's happening in response what's happening in response is every attempt to whittle away at that by taxing it by regulating it by requiring new facilities all
7:17 pm
the kinds of things that you guys do on business generally and pretend you're doing it for everybody else we're admitted lee using those very same restrictions new wage hikes to make sure that the nurses are paid more we're going to come up with every single restriction that you guys place on the rest of commerce and put it on this because it'll put them out of business the same way it chuckles the rest of the contours is what i find fascinating is it seems that. liberals are concerned about public morality right do we have almost people among us do we have hungry people among us do we have are we educating our children and caring for them things like that conservatives seem obsessed with they're concerned about private morality who's having sex with whom and are they straight or not and in what position who might be pregnant or not pregnant and when these are these are
7:18 pm
shouldn't on time you know you were upset about a law that wells bill that says after twenty weeks you could not have an abortion ok now you said in your segment with the last person that if you operate on the fetus and you have to using a speech i didn't say that lives with it so that would definitely same date is true if a hospital it five months you have to use you on a feeding b. if you pull up outside the if you do operation if you do things like that. but on the flip side of that there may well be a reason for that may be that if you you know that at that point it's reacting to sensation and will wait a bit but what about you don't want to somehow milling around not hold it at all or but wait a minute but i thought it would be it's. one of if we work for the day to day little bit argument we can't have the definitely we can't have the gas cable because that's. how we can have the electric chair because that's cool and i'm
7:19 pm
going to nobody if you operate on a five month old fetus you say get out you say we're going to do it all it does philippe it's a bunch of sales it has brain spine thinkers at that point sexual reproduction organs ok the only thing it has a bit it's fully developed but if i take a needle it poke it upside it this fetus will cry in feel pain what are you about cool in the usual. i'm using your argument of cruel and unusual punishment that bret's will always say care guilty kevin first first of all abortions at this stage you proclaim see again you prove that why do you think if i say oh i've been here i mean i can prove that and i'm i'll concede that it's entirely possible. totally i'm what i'm saying is that these decisions these the as as you correctly point out there's a lot of emotion around this these are very personal intimate decisions as far as
7:20 pm
the liberals seem to be concerned about public morality and on the conservatives are obsessed with private morality these this is something that should be between a woman and doc you guys are not both between you that is as a legislator bogus and you guys who you guys want to assert the program lives want to regulate who every religious the moment i go to bed until the moment i get into my car change the subject know i'm not boma you guys you regulate the carpet strength you regulate the ability of the bedspread of whatever it could do if it got burned you wreck i have to have a tag on my actual bad itself you want to put if you had your way exit signs in emergencies so in case of a fire i don't know how you're doing everything you can do magnet to mandate smoke detectors when you are making my argument when you say to me that you were trying to do worse when you were trying to interfere in everyday lives of people you guys do it all the time when we enter ject and say
7:21 pm
a human life is at stake and we're going to have to weigh the cost of that and we're going to put life above some of the other alternatives that isn't the same chorus something i don't think either of you heard what i said. setting aside the abortion the specifics of the abortion debate you're right. liberals are about public morality what's the best thing for the public should there be exercise everybody can get out conservative seem obsessed with private morality i don't see that as a great thing not true i don't see why isn't a sunday about the exit sign and i just got bad idea and i examine them are you not where certain about public no i am concerned about public morality i actually think people can figure out we live in a nation of three hundred million and we're managing to get by without that new stupid law and you come up with the next one and the next one and the next one we come into the public square because we actually value the public morality of
7:22 pm
autonomy the public morality of choice of freedom that's a very very highly nice phrase or have an abortion what's that but not the choice because it's killing someone else. well that's killing someone else so no more so that i will let you go into someone's house because you're hungry and take what you want and that's that's and which takes us back to the supreme court and the decision that a doctor should be making about whether a fetus is viable as i said to say it's viable that you guys are doing in terms of regulating every other medical device tax the medical device tax to fund obamacare we are following that very well if we're talking ourselves as wanting it to that we're talking and we're not let me let me move on and move through and i know kevin you're going to want to get in on this from the g.o.p.'s war on women to their war on veterans according to a number of reports hospital administrators of the v.a. medical center in phoenix covered up information about long wait times at the
7:23 pm
facility wait times that spanned and maybe even hastened the deaths of roughly forty veterans actually republicans are outraged at the obama administration and veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki over it was just a little over three months ago that senate republicans under the leadership of mitch mcconnell filibustered and killed a bill that would a boost to the v.a. funding by twenty one billion dollars twenty one thousand million dollars expanded benefits to the v.a. and repealed a provision of the right and repealed a provision of the murray ryan budget deal that slashed military actions and republicans have filibustered countless other bills that would have helped america's veterans in fact we just go through some of the back in two thousand and twelve g.o.p. senators blocked a billion dollar job bill for veterans same year republicans oppose also a veterans compensation cause the living adjustment act would have kept veteran v.a. benefits up with up with inflation they they would have. to do with their wounded veteran job security act the veteran retraining act the homeless veterans
7:24 pm
reintegration program reauthorization act the disabled veterans on improvements structural grant increase and veterans business that are actually job creation through our producer backed this congress these republicans have been opposed to anything that would. for veterans and now they're running around going to the voters or oh you know we did we start we're so concerned it's you know we shouldn't we we're calling for the for mitch mcconnell to be to be fired. and all of a sudden you could serve but what about when democrats filibuster due to bush veterans hospital and veterans' care veterans giving the veterans there were no democratic follow of any look look at why did you stop and what to stop what did we go back to the get well go back to two thousand go back to the ninety nine when the democrats and bill clinton fight as well back in two thousand you went back to two thousand and eight for a reason because you're trying to i believe that i don't like the game you're playing with that you're trying to make this political and it really is not it was
7:25 pm
just it was it was just the second they came in and said you know what we're going to clean up your own system we're going to be make this accountable we're going to do all this we'll go do all this now live now and then they try to fund it three months a little congress and no let's not talk about three months away since second you've been in there for six years why has he all the so you can i just gave you a list of i know you think this is an excuse you i just wanted out of it we're not going to so filibusters make you think this is limited to phoenix i don't know a good filibuster don't you think this is limited to phoenix so no i don't i think we have a systemic problem in this country and this is the sec it needs to happen and that will answer it's a big question because i love that i don't talk of paying into the system i understand need to be and if you need you need to take some of that outrage and share it with mitch mcconnell who keeps shooting down bills to support that trims oh give me a day a break democrats have done it too so don't sit here that and feel like i was there that might be happening because they have i do not know of any legislation i think
7:26 pm
you can look to the record the dog is doing go back to balance of a particular take it back to two thousand take it back to the nine hundred ninety s. stop being a tell me tell me the arm of the legislation the democrats are continuing resolutions that funded government for. two thousand and six to two thousand and ten all of those included veterans' benefits the v.a. so love ational vadra when democrats said no we don't like the overall dollar amount they were doing the same thing now but no real knowledge that this point here ok thank you for a new precedent that time will have been read you realize that was going to do some crazy and stupid how much crap that bill had anything to do x. much more to do with that ninety percent of it had to do weird dream actors all this or the crap that little bit of movement in riders didn't like it not today add to it what a day of victory bill it was to get the real like bill so you and all of the so
7:27 pm
appropriations bill because they tried to make the popular support for veterans with all kinds of pork barrel politics and that has led to a conflict when you cut it too much the democrats get upset when you don't and when you put it up the republicans get upset but i've got a different observation you continually argue when you look at obamacare and the medicaid expansion and you tell me all the people who didn't get this how since they are dead on their harmed it's the republicans fault well mr obama's the president now v.a. hud v.a. has one by him how do you progressive spilt about killing at least forty people and however untold many more we're going to find out about. you know this is you know you're not here to be part of the public i rather like you know i you know i get it you know you guys love to brag about how do you know the road and government not on the following tuesday because i don't want when the on this show you turn in you
7:28 pm
say thank you republicans for killing people because you didn't expand the medications you were one of rabbits and then you're on the money with brad and with me now more on the right on the rubble after the great. nothing has been done this complex by the military since will. this is quite frankly in historical terms the berlin airlift in reverse. order some seven or seven go down a block from some load shifting on take off become stable you're talking really billions of dollars to move billions of dollars worth of equipment at what point is the false no longer worth you invest. a chance our force. sucks and the finish line up. on. top.
7:29 pm
and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. well
7:30 pm
back to that as long liberal rama with a horoscope or and kevin martin let's get to it i have to apologize i do get a little sick becomes a veteran polly because i know now because i already have not i'm a veteran and i don't like neither side point that's why i'm an independent but i don't like neither side playing politics with veterans because even the kids that go marching off to war with politicians and world leaders can agree and you can say what you want to about what war is diplomacy by any other me while this is this is the conversation we just had off here and if i can just push to share with our viewers the one comment that i think that we all agree on is that we would all like to see congress get back to passing individual bills that actually do what they say
7:31 pm
and have an honest debate about them rather than jamming sixteen things together that's right in your right washington used to be and we agreed on this too i've lived in washington all my life and i tell people when i was growing up watching you when you will congress the watching you had a single mission past five bills farm bill military spending rather nation infrastructure all these of the we did and all these images of rot come across with well you know mr moose sold so outstanding here's a bill for a day i'm in my community and this is widely built because dan rivers is going to benefit everybody ok congressman used to do that now we have the earmarks system where they add all these movements and riders these bills they pork him up this is the colleague would say and you would say and then you have ideology ideology fights over you know. it's it's a topic i'm sure somebody has written
7:32 pm
a good book on. that he was. speaking of you know lots of money at stake here we're talking billions the internet the f.c.c. has these new internet rules tom wheeler who used to be. a lobbyist for the cell phone companies and for the for the i guess for the telecommunications industry is now the head of the f.c.c. and he's saying let's have fast lanes and slow lines lots of government regulation and let's be able to micro manage all this stuff and i'm surprised that this has become a right left thing because when it was so open pipe it was the the progressives and the tea party joining together right and saying you know enough already this this should be the the internet should be considered common carrier status just like phone just like the telephone company is where the your internet service provider can listen in on your phone conversations like your telephone company can't listen to your phone conversation say oh he's talking to horace that's
7:33 pm
a business call we're going to charge you more for that then if he's you know he's talking to his wife asked out of business called and charge him less and that's the essence of this but it seems like it's becoming politicized and i don't understand why it's seems like to me that i'm sorry to interrupt but speak calmly but it seems like to me there bids right it's the go along i mean big it is it's like putting a monkey have a take and expect in a drawer get in there get a hole i mean this f.c.c. is getting a lot of blowback in a lot of the both sides your analogy is not at for the longest time businesses were required to pay higher prices for business lines and private homes were given a lower price your own private home and that's the case right now with the internet and that would be still the case it was common carriers status my point is there has been a recognition of the distinction now no no we didn't get my point in my point i don't know where your mouth is and you know it's not about listening it's not about the listening but as long as they use it's about the use netflix is something new
7:34 pm
we had a website for search engine and we had some interactivity websites for a while but to go from a basic search engine page to something like netflix is a world of. difference and the requirements in terms of data access and broadband utilization is worlds apart there is a reason that therefore if you go to night and you decide you want to watch house of cards and everybody else is watching house of cards it drax there's a reason for that what this is going to allow is if you really want to watch it and you want to watch it in crystal clear high def you pay. netflix will pay a premium in order to be able to provide that service and you know there's a reason for that people who don't want that don't have to have that thrown on them right now with our cable bill you get everything you get all one hundred channels
7:35 pm
even if you only want five they're doing the very same thing with broadband no what they're trying to do with broadband is they're trying to do the cable model because they're cable companies trying to say oh you want an assembly seat that's an extra five dollars a month oh you want you on e.s.p.n. has it you want h.b.o. or you and we right now and right away whether it's right able my i would not that is that absolute as the cable model or the f.c.c. i used to work telecom issues when i worked on the hill the f.c.c. has spent eons amount of energy you know why am i spending our extra money in order to have somebody say there are only a few premium categories i don't know why maybe because i managed to have an extra it should be that everything we see isn't valued enough for them to carry it but that's a different issue why do i pay extra money for h.b.o. their premium channels that's only or small there's no there's other one hundred channels there's only less than ten that are premium it's the opposite with cable everything is forced down your throat if you only want five channels you don't get that is an option this is actually moving in the direction of letting you if that's
7:36 pm
what you want you can get h.b.o. cinemax. non-agency packages i mean they were for all these things it's a. but and if they were going to label it as a com. carrier and you want to be able to to to watch house of cards in h.d. that that systems are already in place even as a common carrier was there you pay more for the band with you're consuming it's very simple all that's going to happen what that what what i'm opposed to and i don't understand why you're not is the company that is bringing that content into my house being able to look at the content that i'm watching and charge me or charge the company delivering it based on it now that they're not charging the company had any living at qana all they do is they measure every single american who has broadband there's a measure how much broadband access are you making available for yourself and if you use quote more than they would like for you to they slowly are
7:37 pm
a new day already and you're going to make that happen to everyone unless you say hey he doesn't really use a lot of it let him keep paying his basic rate this guy over there he uses a lot of data intensive activity maybe he'll get a plan that allows him we don't need to affect you why should you pay so my life for it doesn't go up and your for it doesn't go up but that's socialism that's not the free market. this just he just made don't you know sense the spin i don't know i don't understand what horses said kevin i'm going to school i'll tell you a little of it's almost like this ok watch a company with ten employees paying the same amount for broadband that a colleague of the longer deploy it doesn't know yes that's what you want to do then oh we have this week you visit what you say makes most of. our house charley by the amount of data you use what's not one single day charge by the amount of data you use that's common carrier not by where the data came from ok so here's the
7:38 pm
problem you're going to want to horace and let me say let me let me just make this clear what you're suggesting horace is that under these rules that the f.c.c. is coming up with if i decide that i want to watch. you know the glenn beck show you know my pm i decide we're a bunch of liberals we don't like glenn beck we're going to charge extra for that if you don't watch that streaming but if you want to watch house of cards that's going to be a lobbyist pete isn't charging him you are me anything yet glenn beck will have to pay i know that's the point because his product is data but he's tense a pain but right now data right now he's paying just the data charge right and anybody who up and he's not paying that he did and large and what you have seen wants to say is we're going to be able to clear it out of getting a free ride you don't watch when beck he and i watch glenn beck the three of us pay for the cost of being able to get glenn beck that's not
7:39 pm
a good deal for anybody and you know i can tell you know we upload data ourselves for our show we pay more for that upload capacity so i'm sure glenn beck does to i mean there's no way around it if your product but you are being given on all giving them a shipping these going is the ability to say this company is going to be faster this company is going to be slower because we said so yesterday like a right that makes a lot seems to me like a bad idea i just don't because you want to socialize everything that any. that is invested in so socialism i mean please i guess karl rove is making wild claims again according to the new york post's page six he had to do it audiences los angeles republicans last thursday hillary clinton's blood clot may have been more severe than we were told he said thirty days in oz bottle when she reappears she's wearing glasses that are only for people with traumatic brain injury you know what's up with that i means try to back away from his comments but you know it's hard to believe this in fact. this is how you do. it
7:40 pm
first of all the take away of this clip and tell me oh here this is the graphic what you know so did you hear that karl rove has a two inch penis i mean is this is true this guy has such a history during the two thousand camp presidential campaign when rove was working for bush the campaign quote featured a highly disseminated rumor that john mccain tortured as a prisoner of war in vietnam and betrayed his country under interrogation and render rendered mentally unfit for office in ninety four he floated this thing that south carolina cannot mark kennedy was a pedophile means bush running against richard for governor in texas the for circulating a rumor that she was a lesbian i mean this is just old stuff or should we be to. go for i think this is not. love your persistence with this have you stopped beating your wife now the facts are name me one new york times story that says because i'm a texan and i saw the stories claiming that she might have been
7:41 pm
a lesbian show me one story say karl rove did that all morning were documented in his book which is bring i read that book i laughed through out it because of his failure to document what it was that he was trying to claim ok while he was being johnny i'm out of the calling stories ok what's bush's wide range what i have with then you're doing no doubt what you're accusing him of what i am documenting is that hillary clinton was in the hospital for three days and karl rove just said thirty days she came out wearing glasses even the new york learns visually i mean things that i do not have bad on tape that was their interpretation of what he said and i saw him the very next morning and which he said i never said she was in the hospital for thirty days i said over a thirty day period she still hadn't recovered fully anough to be able to present at a hearing without wearing those glasses because of double vision now whether or not we doctors talking about her history. whether you know that's not what he said look
7:42 pm
the point here is so this is the legal basis here walking back karl roves walk into that cabin like this are you got thirty seconds it is it is for you that we liberals all upset because what he said about hillary clinton but you remember yo you say the same thing about robert reich he had also i was doing his presidency he didn't know what he was doing he was following it have you have you proven it there's no i mean i think the evidence of it at the end of the evidence of it was when he was deposed in the iran contra one hundred forty six times he said i don't remember the really regularly farewell hillary clinton during all of two candles wives on one of i don't recall i don't recall i don't recall this well before she fell now come on jay i wasn't president as days and that was about something i was forty years in advance and. actually it wasn't for the book of lines if you want to know what it was a little risky was on the program runs all that is likely even yours and you did that with john mccain two thousand he's too angry what about his health if he dies
7:43 pm
eldo be praised for a seat of your favorite fear thanks for joining me i think that there were nights. dramas that could be ignored. stories so there is still a few states in those. places changing the world right now. to picture the states leaves. from around the globe. don't.
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i marinate joining me. for an impartial and financial reporting commentary interviews and much much. only on bombast and only.
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in spirit news leave fast food industry is the most unequipped industry in america in fact according to a recent report the average fast food c.e.o. takes home twenty three point eight million a year well the average fast food worker takes around nineteen thousand translates into a c.e.o. to work a pe ratio of around twelve hundred to one and is the culmination of a trend that's been going on for over a decade the c.e.o. to worker pay ratio in the fast food industry is about two hundred to one in two thousand the group of four by or four hundred seventy percent over the last twelve years but will mean ballooning to one thousand to one and then to twelve hundred to one it's a combination of low pay for fast food workers and high pay for. fast food c.e.o.'s led last year to an eruption of activism as thousands of fast food workers walked
7:46 pm
off their jobs in a series of strikes demanding a fifteen dollars minimum wage tomorrow that campaign will go global investors workers in over a dozen countries and six different continents hold another round of strikes with the same goal in mind to fight for fifteen joining me now from new york for more on this is jack temple policy analyst at the national employment law project jack welcome thanks so much thanks for joining us so why fifteen dollars. well fifteen an hour is really what we're talking about when we look at a living wage what it takes to actually make ends meet really anywhere in the country and mean the average fast food worker has a median hourly wage of around nine dollars an hour that's well under the poverty line for a family of three and it makes it impossible for any worker trying to support themselves or their family to make ends meet moreover this is an industry that's making two hundred billion dollars a year and so fifteen an hour is really just the bare minimum that workers deserve
7:47 pm
that this country deserves and that our economy needs in order to get moving again and that this industry can easily afford. you know i mean as you go ahead. now as you mentioned i mean this is one of the most unequal industries in the economy today fueled by really through the roof c.e.o. compensation and billions of dollars in profits every year and yet we have fast food workforce that's actually overwhelmingly the majority is relying on food stamps every year and this is a classic example of the wal-mart model gone nuts and national and now international in that model being basically we pay our workers just exactly the right lowest amount of wage that they will qualify for public assistance and so basically the public the taxpayers the everybody all the other workers there are going to support our workers and we will take on the billions of dollars in profits for our stockholders. that's right and the data show that that's actually an
7:48 pm
entirely fair description this is an industry whose business model is based on paying as little as they can get away with and then relying on the rest of us relying on taxpayers relying on the public to basically fill in the rest of the wages that it should be paying its own workforce and that it certainly can afford to be paying its own workforce given its annual profit so this is why we actually need to reform the industry as a whole that's why workers with really their backs up against the wall at this point in terms of year after year being paid poverty level wages even those costs continue to rise they recognize that this point there's really nothing left to lose and the only coordinated action only walking off the job is really what it's going to take in order to generate the kind of pressure needed to make a change in this industry how does this become a global. well i think you know this is a fast food industry is in many ways a global industry as well as bought in going global. right it has it's really
7:49 pm
a symptom of the kind of inequality the kind of runaway growth at the top that has certainly expanded significantly in the u.s. in recent years but you know we're seeing evidence of that across the country i think that's part of the reason why this message about fifteen dollars and union has its traction not just in the u.s. but for workers in six continents that we're likely to see tomorrow workers walking off the job you know roughly thirty three countries or so we're expecting you know workers to take action and to call for call for a fair wage it's remarkable what impact do you think these strikes will have on the congressional debate about the minimum wage. well the federal minimum wage is really just the floor on the u.s. economy you know right now the federal minimum wage is seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour it's been stuck there for nearly five years now and is well below the federal poverty line for a family of three and so president obama has called for raising the minimum wage to ten dollars in ten cents an hour that would give
7:50 pm
a raise to about twenty million workers in the u.s. which is stunning that actually a raise to really a low level like ten dollars in ten cents an hour would mean a raise for roughly twenty million workers this is amazing and it's also very you know fred to look at the c.e.o. of subway has come out in favor of the maisons to jack temple thanks so much for being with us jack thanks so much i appreciate it. the republican chaos strategy that i told you about last night working like a charm and now the g.o.p. is trying to make everyone forget who the real villains are when it comes to nine benefits to our veterans and the real villains despite what you might hear over at fox so-called news all the republican lawmakers who have repeatedly blocked bills
7:51 pm
that would have helped out american veterans and given more resources to the v.a. the reason i bring this up is that over the past few weeks we've learned some disturbing things about the goings on at one v.a. office medical center in phoenix arizona credo a number of reports the hospital's administrators covered up information about long wait lines the facility wait times that spanned and maybe even hastened the deaths of forty veterans the allegations of true or shocking and of led many lawmakers in washington to call for deeper investigations into the v.a. as well as the resignation of its secretary eric shinseki who is scheduled to testify about the controversy on capitol hill tomorrow taking his cue from the american legion republican texas senator john cornyn as lud the charge in trying to get shinseki to resign. i agree with the american legion that general shinseki has time as secretary of veterans affairs has come to an end and he needs to step down the president needs to find a new leader to lead this organization out of the wilderness and back to senate
7:52 pm
minority leader mitch mcconnell meanwhile mcconnell while not explicitly calling for shinseki to quit has said that a change in leadership might not might be a good idea. it's really a sad and tragic story and obviously a trained leadership might be a good step in the right direction probably already about what allegedly went on at the phoenix v.a. hospitals understandable and justified but what we're seeing for about organs like corn and mcconnell is just cynical manipulation of public opinion. republicans don't really care about veterans of the v.a. they just care about using this controversy to discredit the president and his democratic party there is an election coming up this year after all and is a twofer they want to discredit the idea of government run health care programs like the v.a. john mccain is even called for the v.a. to be privatized the hypocrisy here is astounding remember it was just
7:53 pm
a little under three months ago that senate republicans under the leadership of mitch mcconnell filibustered a bill that would have boosted v.a. funding by twenty one billion dollars expanded benefits to the v.a. and breaux peeled a provision of the murray ryan budget deal to slash military pensions it wasn't like those anti veteran republican filibuster was some radical break from the past either time and time again during the obama presidency republicans have either blocked or opposed bills that would have helped out the veterans they're now claiming to care so much about back in two thousand and twelve for example g.o.p. senators blocked a one billion dollars jobs bill that would have helped millions of unemployed veterans find work and that same year republican opposition also blocked a bill the so-called veterans compensation cost of living adjustment act that would have kept veterans benefits on par with rising expenses the list goes on and on before that g.o.p. lawmakers killed the wounded veteran job act job security at the veterans
7:54 pm
retraining and the homeless veterans reintegration program reauthorization act disabled veterans solve improvement structure alteration grant increase act than do that turns a business owner act of two thousand i have a job creation through out a partnership entrepreneurship act of two thousand and nine every single one of these bills would have helped veterans and every single one was killed exclusively by republican opposition so don't be surprised if i take the g.o.p.'s newfound obsession with veterans issues with a big grain of salt i mean is jon soltz a vote vote vets dot org pointed out during an appearance on m.s.m. b c this morning anybody should resign mitch mcconnell for blocking that twenty one billion dollars veterans benefit bill back in february. and what about senator mcconnell what about senator mcconnell that singlehandedly blocked a twenty one billion dollars veterans' bill that the american legion supported that would have given veterans the right to transfer the g.i. bill which would have given more money to the v.a. to lower the backlog where's the legion's calls to pass the twenty one billion
7:55 pm
dollars where's the legion's calls to ask him to resign where's the legion do it to hold him accountable in his election this year. there isn't one there tragically what we're really seeing here with the calls for veterans affairs secretary shinseki to resign and the bashing of the v.a. as a whole is one of the best recent examples of what i call the republican strategy republicans know that while most people know that barack obama is president and that he's a democrat the vast majority of americans sixty to seventy five percent by some estimates don't know which party is in charge of the house of representatives or who controls the senate or. and so when something like the phoenix v.a. hospital controversy comes along republicans know that they can use it to trash the administration and at the same time confuse the american people about who's really responsible for the problems plaguing the v.a. and our country oh they are not employed veteran who can't get a job and whose food stamp benefits have been cut well as being the fault of the
7:56 pm
obama administration you know you guys are all of the vets die out in arizona. when in fact it was entirely because of republican obstruction it would be one thing if we had a media that called republicans out for their shameless manipulation of tragedy but we don't instead of instead we have a media that is so obsessed with pumping out infotainment to keep production costs low and ratings high that it's willing to go along with the g.o.p. chaos strategy talking points even when they're flat out lies as they almost all are after all what's better for ratings that a good old fashioned scandal even if there's really no they are there if the allegations against the phoenix veterans affairs medical center are true and we should talk about how to improve our veterans medical facilities but that conversation won't happen as long as republicans stick to their chaos strategy instead we're going to media circus like we're having right now the media circus is more focused on creating tabloid personalities and scoring cheap political points
7:57 pm
then it isn't telling the truth the democrats have been really trying to help veterans and it's up point out the reality that republicans for six years have been relentlessly working to hurt veterans and then blame it on the obama story. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday may fourteenth twenty four. and don't forget democracy begins with you oh by the way there's a rally to save the internet thursday may fifteenth tomorrow nine nine nine in the morning till ten thirty over at the f.c.c. here in washington d.c. four forty five twelfth street northwest southwest this is me in d.c. a free press dot net has more information tag your it get out there get active occupy something like the f.c.c. tamil cinema.
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i marinate join me on thirteen get impartial and financial reporting commentary can for news and much much. only on bombast and on.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question lol. coming
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up on r t in eastern ukraine government forces clash with anti-government activists reports of calm in of ukraine military helicopters bearing the united nations insignia the latest on that just ahead. and in the u.s. military there's been a rise in the use of synthetic marijuana for soldiers wanting to avoid drug testing a look at how it could change the nature of treating addiction in the armed forces coming up. and in the run up to the world cup in brazil a group of activists established the people's cup prompting a visit from the country's president more on the movement against the skyrocketing rent which protesters blame on the world's most watched sporting event later in the show.


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