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well welcome to our newsroom i'm nice and now it tonight media is all over the military casuals in ukraine and ignore a growing humanitarian crisis and mystery controversy and intrigue not sure this could be said about builder bourbons group gathering since we all know when where and pretty much through all the kids in custody palestinian children in israeli custody all over picking cherries and it's that there's a guardian your the now. kid says one of its helicopters has been shot down during an all out military operation
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in ukraine's east yet the scene of some of the most intense fighting so far which has left dozens of rebel fighters dead fourteen soldiers dead reports of a helicopter being shot down in the east of the country and we hear there are deaths we begin with breaking news out of ukraine claims that a military helicopter has been shot down by militants fighting in the east of the country that's one side of the story sky news was one of the only networks to touch the other. gun so i crackles through the streets who don't yet because it's terrified inhabitants flee their homes in search of safety. and just barely mentioning civilians before the army the separatist soldiers and so on the military operation against so-called terrorists has been intensifying since monday and it's pretty much all you hear about in mainstream media only it's not all that's
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happening. because when you let me you know you try to say that i see fears in the right what do you think it was that i want that we speculate on like you know you might be right just like you i was right because i was local not you did but. if you go should there should you watch. residential area was hit in at least ninety people have been injured there among them a four year old child in the same area and all tuileries shell was thrown onto the roof of a school there was a break between classes at the time it hit and no one was injured but children and teachers from the school along with the nearby kindergarten had to take cover in a basement. is additional given to us from going to oakland zero in those just because you're going to show you what you thought. it was these are the things you'd lose your home is how did you find it she just gave it when you said it wouldn't you say are you going to watch this if you could just. get their shit in
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the come on the only ones that he could have a dish that we could have been invisible to the international film is the best of them since the shoes used in the dishes to dad and his notions to. just to be clear of the ukrainian army is behind those shellings we've just shown you footage of and there's been no one humanitarian corridor created for civilians let's talk about that joining us in the now is on the event then is the political commentator reporter for the brussels based reporter magazine thanks for joining us straight to it why hasn't he have set up a humanitarian corridor for civilians for women children if they're going to bomb residential areas. while i'm afraid that we are witnessing the birth of dictator poroshenko he has not been inaugurated yet as a president but he wants to show to everybody that he is a very tough guy and he is not going to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor
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who was really very tolerant so i mean that it's logical for a new revolution because my dad revolution is not different from many others because it's untied democratic it means that now there will be a dictatorship unfortunately poroshenko is not is not you can experienced our states man so he wants to show first of all to his environment and to outside world that he's a strong guy and he will keep the power in his hands and nobody can stand between him and his power he's the guy to decide is it really fair fair to put all the blame on him when so many other countries colleagues you can call them now are completely silent about what we're seeing in eastern ukraine on the civilian side. well if you mean the european union that of course they are living a very difficult moment because they are in the end of a political cycle so one team is leaving and the other is not yet in place but also we shouldn't forget that there is egg on their face because the current situation
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in ukraine is a miscarriage of eastern policy of the european institutions because they were pushing so hard president to sign the bill. agreement because he wanted to report success on the the initial reason that caused all this dramatic sequence of events that we see now at the country as at the brink of the civil war many people say it's already in civil war the intensification of military operation in the east many and scores of them really have suffered great losses this week some reports say that there were russian bodies who were found they will be flown back they provided passports they'll be flown back across the border for burial listen to this report and then i'll have you comment on it. we were told now by a series of separatist officials that amongst the did it seem to be a lot more than previously thought that all thirty three russian citizens people of
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russian citizenship who come from russia into ukraine to fight alongside the ukrainian separatists militant movement. according to c.n.n. thirty three russian citizens were among those killed in military operations in eastern ukraine scores killed how likely is it that these were volunteers from russia. well first of all i would like to have a policy and objective assessment of the situation because i can't judge upon one report of a foreigner who is not most probably very well acquainted with the situation or he even doesn't speak ukrainian language so first of all we should rely on a genuine civil suit information but i'm very much afraid that if he looks like a provocation first of all the families of the day has a right to bury them according to to their wishes so i mean it's again it's a very hostile gesture of the regime and it shows that we we hamann seen the
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president are i'm afraid that we'll never see a president because already addicted very bloody dictator is born just to be clear i'm talking about the accusation that there's russian citizens volunteers crossing the border to go into ukraine that they've been killed and are now being sent to moscow about that accusation how likely is it that those are russian citizens who volunteered to go and fight in ukraine. well first of all i repeat it it's it should be an objective proof that they are russian citizens and what was the purpose of their stay because so far it's a very it's a very provocative statements and let's not forget that there was so many atrocities before so are what happened for example in a death cell we still don't know because it's very contradictory so i think the only right answer is to have international observers that would really take care
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and they would lead an international investigation of what happened and the guns with the dead and i mean that's with all the dead because it's not only isolated case we're still don't know what happened with with the murder of my done by snipers with still don't know what happened so i mean that's it's an urgent need to establish. an international education and the words which are which will be quality they will give us an objective information about what happens on the ground i'm afraid that the moment we can try to lie all these reports the way they sound they have a very provocative or just briefly because you mention observers how do observers work in ukraine when. they are ready. the so-called independent republic of donetsk has has admitted that they've taken observers they accuse them of being spies how do you invite observers how do they do their work if this is happening and on both sides of course. well i think about it's
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a matter of creating an atmosphere of confidence because it doesn't mean that observers should really are take that back on the situation because it's their job to work like always see they have to work under difficult conditions so it's up to them to establish this confidence i think that they can launch their groups they should really are double the efforts you can say that if it's difficulty of the lack of confidence they have every reason not to trust are the people who are coming because there are many provocations there are many provocations so we have to understand the fragility of people who are on the ground because they are killed every day so what i want to save out its time that the international organization boise and also european union stepped in and they stopped these talks to initiate the negotiations we call president poroshenko to engage in
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a dialogue with the people of the east because the citizens of ukraine and by the way russians as nobody else is interested to keep multicultural and multinational ukraine because the fascist state of their border would be a true disaster for russia and for the europe identity political commentator reporter for a brussel base e.u. reporter magazine thanks so much for being in the now. welcome welcome well sorry to get stuck on c.n.n. today but i just could not share this with you take a look. only the footage the most trusted name in news was shot in syria and not ukraine c.n.n. did say it was unconfirmed but all they have to do to confirm it was look around.
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yeah. i guess that happens when you take everything they could have tried to sell as fact. now people who talk about this are usually brushed off as conspiracy theorists or just plain crazy but we do know the builder berggruen exist that they meet and that some pretty big names have been there names that have enormous influence on global policy. about the build of a group yes a really useful group actually i remember going back to that in one thousand nine hundred three and we it's a great way to from people in different parts of the world to get together so it's been good today is the opening day of the influential three day builder burke summit and it's also the sixtieth anniversary of the group's first meeting which took place in holland in one thousand nine hundred fifty four. attendees are believed to include henry kissinger bill clinton david rockefeller tony blair peter
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jennings and an endless list of princes chancellors ambassadors and media magnate the venue for this here is the marriott hotel in copenhagen denmark joining us from there in the now is paul joseph watson he's the editor at large of in four wars dot com he's been trying to get into this secretive gathering but haven't had much luck i understand paul every year journalists like you try to break the silence the secrecy and get into this elite meeting what's the point you never get in barely get and i should say and you never get any concrete information. well we've often got concrete information and you can take two thousand and six for example when the leaked intelligence build a big meeting and also a candidate was that they were positioning themselves financially for a global economic collapse they were also positioning themselves for the popping of the housing bubble a year later the housing bubble popped in two thousand and seven across the economic collapse in two thousand and eight so that's just one of many concrete
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examples where this global elite prepared the consensus for and enact the policies that caused the. earthquake volcanic political eruption whereas the people are left unaware that the victim so we do get intel and not advance and you know if we got more intel about where the world was heading what the elite was planning for us perhaps we could live our lives more successfully and with more prosperity why do you think that people like you are brushed off as conspiracy theorists because it's an easy ad hominem pejorative term to slap on to and it's very late is the on behalf of the mainstream media i mean today there were two representatives from danish media no b.b.c. no c.n.n. and you've got one hundred twenty of the world's global power brokers these people set the consensus they are admit themselves that this is more influential than dab yet you've got a hundred journalists or more at davos balli any mainstream media journalists here so it's easy to see me a rose because basically where doing their job for them and that's why they do it
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because if they treat it with any seriousness which it should be treated then they would have to go there and cover it but because many of the media are actually build of the members communicate with them on the regular basis that's one of the reasons why they're not there and we are i just want to share our audience a little clip of luke redoubts keys work what happens you're in it as well when you try to find something out about building burg. can't afford any time soon ok if you don't want to film i don't want you to walk outside you will stay here and you know he can't put your hands on me this is number one you can't put your hands up i can't put my hands on you no no if we're right we're in public property of the police can't put their hands on me the police can't even put their hands on me here unless i commit a crime if you if you don't want me to film i will walk outside please sir those are my camera in front of him a billboard over and over decades milissa don't put your hands on you know this and so do not use your everything no no i do not want you you know i do not you want my
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private property you know your rights but i don't know you or i have a right until we don't have the right to check what you know you do not you know you do not because we're in a public common area of private listen i know my rights yes you know and you know not have preyed on my rights where the secrecy of course very evident there is part who exactly are these elites and why are they so protect it. well it was i said it's people irishmen of google it's lobbyist basically it's people like knights secretary general rasmussen it's the supremely like commander of europe philip breedlove so this really is the elite of the elite so protected in because this is actually where they set the policy behind closed doors many of. them killed at least into the seem to have lost sound from paul unfortunately talking to us from copenhagen on this bill there burke's tried many times to get in and reveal information i same there some very interesting comments but thank you
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anyway for that i'll be back after a short break stay in the now. choose your language. we can we don't.
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choose the consensus you. choose to use the great to. choose the stories but if you. choose. to. israeli policeman solving crime and detaining highly dangerous criminals for palestinians all girls that's right age from eleven to fourteen they were on their way back from school police and military vehicles with highly armed security personnel surrounded them took them in to the police station what did they do you might be asking they pick some cherries from an israeli settlers garden although they say they didn't even do that but i guess that suggests that then the
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end oh yeah i mean they must let you go a little and i know that if yes how the. hell of it. all and that it's not that much that i know that he did. not deny you know i don't know that it is now that i laugh i don't just not as much but of course is nothing compared to palestinians being mistreated for sixty six years of course hamas and fatah trying to solve solidify a unity deal that would share power in gaza and the west bank although many people skeptical that will actually help the situation. american exceptionalism is alive and well i believe in american exceptionalism with every fiber of my being but what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout
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international norms and the rule of law it is our willingness to upon them. the idea that we americans have a god given right to do what we want when we want where we want and how we want president obama made clear in his recent speech at west point that our exceptionalism will just get more and more exceptional there's going to each account in washington. president obama's message to the world the u.s. is the one indispensable nation on earth and must intervene where every ten america must always lead on the world stage if we don't. know one well it's well. the united states well use military force unilaterally if necessary when our core interests demand that. making some wonder whether the u.s. recognizes other nations right to do the same president obama has named country
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switching his view challenge to international law russia china iran although he spoke persistently about the u.s. is right to use military force unilaterally the us president admitted not every problem as a military solution just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail. president obama's major foreign policy crisis was far from home both because of america's efforts because of american diplomacy and foreign assistance as well as the sacrifices of our military. more people live under elected governments today than at any time in human history washington takes pride in bringing democracy to iraq. the. train. these countries are in chaos. empires typically you know the romans talk about the defeated emperor of divide and
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rule. if you could cause chaos you could more easily rule president obama was also speaking to some of his opponents here who say he hasn't intervened i know he was the fans but his speech indicated that moving forward u.s. foreign policy is going to be as interventionist as ever in washington i'm going to check on our team. i want to focus closer on libya the u.s. bombed it and stalled a puppet government it was overthrown u.s. ambassador and diplomats were killed it's total chaos there and now washington says americans who are in libya should leave the country immediately it's just too dangerous also with us is near libya's shore with one thousand marines on board in a measure to quote unquote address the unrest there well it's washington its nato friends thought twice before sending their fighter jets to destroy the state americans there would be in danger not to mention libyans who suffer the most.
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joining me in the now tonight is a son bruno he has worked for the united nations in libya and specializes in the mid east african and south american affairs thanks so much for being with us is it really more dangerous in libya now than it was say a week ago there. i think it's more dangerous now than it was. forty years ago when gadhafi was in power i don't think that is the u.s. immediately right now expressing this morning and danger for their citizens in the country well the the the new civil war has intensified in the past week with the general have star who i think will be or is posing to be the next duffy. and the elected government or the so-called elected government in tripoli
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which is biting by the way internally on its own over the succession the prime minister because our prime minister resigned outside me to the millionaire much peak back by the muslim brotherhood and there is an in fighting going on in the parliament as well. there's a battleship just off the shore of libya to protect us staff reportedly obama he can't really make the same mistake again and see another american die in libya candy this is really important for him. this is important for him but i really don't think the u.s. will get involved in libya this is being a major. case in washington where hillary clinton had come on there are a lot of fire and presumably she may run for office or presidential office next election so we don't certainly don't want more bad news about libya i think. this time it may be you know eventually forced to evacuate americans in tripoli if
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need be but i also think there is a quiet support in washington for general have stuck now they can't they certainly cannot go out and claim that support but they don't have there are certainly enjoys backing. from egypt and his allies the same time militia. mostly burgard. in western libya it's probably backed by algeria because neither one of these two countries have been very pleased by the rise of islamic militias and the spread of weapons. resulting from that in libya is it becoming a trend in north africa and the middle east one dictator out and we put a dictator that we quietly support in that would suit us better i mean you have mubarak out now you have fifty in africa dappy out now you think this general could
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be the next approved dictator also and still not out is this something that's going to keep repeating across the continent. this region that you raise another important question is the arab spring really bring in the first place and how does viable. libya i think let's not even get into syria but let's reminding in libya i think it is the shining example of the problem. no democracy made too premature a solution for. north african political problems we've seen time and again. that was meant. there and it's not. the total government for example in algeria president bush at least one four star president and he is they. believe over eighty now and algerians have shown no sign of revolting because
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they've had enough they have their own to quote bring in the one nine hundred ninety s. when the west was actually backing. the more dictatorial government they have chosen a different path but libya has shown the limits of the democracy i don't think anybody had calculated what how the tribes and the various groups in libya would react to more freedom they haven't reacted with anything that brought to that country. going up oil production has dropped to almost a tenth of what it used to be under gadhafi oil companies have led investment has disappeared the country's been an absolute mess i think libyans would welcome the return of at least order. general have who may or may not take over power i think maybe they'll come up with some kind of arrangement sort of like speech he did with morsi after the his ouster last july. and actually i would say that
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what general have started doing is what the government in tripoli should have done mediately upon taking power are there not i don't know i'm going to have to interrupt you there are some very interesting comments on libya of course i was under bruno from two political monitor dot com he's a contributor for that thanks so much for being in the know the president elect sent of the gun for the syrians abroad. look at those lines mainstream media might find it hard to explain why thousands tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of syrians a broad one it are trying to cast their ballot in this election which is being
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dubbed as completely illegitimate the presidential election in sign syria is next tuesday in the now we'll be keeping a close eye on the vote in the war torn country so next week i mean it's now and this is in the now seems to. have an abortion before this creature looks like the baby. here is going pretty well at the moment i've got a lodging in tearing partner who understands my situation. in japanese in the right time.
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i need to think about it. this is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places an. old legends of chemicals make many people afraid to travel here but they're going to put us on the menu that europeans have been here for less than a hundred years. people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. killed in a group of shamans a russian plane one of the biggest in the world flies a couple in the guineas wild mountains for the very first time. villages have never even seen a come. what will they make of this huge steel bug. told. truths and myths. your friend
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this is our senior national coming to live from moscow with me welcome to the program now calls from opposition leaders to maintain a truce was a riot police have failed to prevent protesters in kiev from building new barricades and burning tires on battled independence square. what's happening is basically the. deal position might be the opposition in the eyes of what seems anyway in the ice of the european union in the eyes of the united states the world to get them t.v. but whether they've come out and schooled these guys and said no everybody be peaceful they've all gone. to you.
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hello hello hello let's now cross live to our correspondent author oliver who's following closely developments there peter do you tell us what's happening where you are at the moment what's the atmosphere in the city but what we're seeing right now is the continuation of the rebuilding. barricades reinforcing of arcades that were already there the building of new barricades and some positions and who are you all seeing a steady stream of people arriving here just behind me is independence square is continuing to have speeches being delivered to a crowd over where the main flash point is they needed the numbers stadium we were just over there before i was talking to you and the barricades are still being reinforced as much as they can the still more room will tell you is arriving we are hearing from the opposition that they're trying to convince people to get back on board with a truce to have talks but really the reaction it's getting from a holiday line of riots is that they are not paying much attention to that they don't really want to see this any kind of trees one of the things that we have see
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what would be going around the barricades is a lot of of pre-made. well it's called tales that are ready to be throwed it seems in some cases people all really wanting to to those one of the most disturbing things though we have. just recently comes from the authorities here which they all egg getting ready and they're prepared because of some information that they've received that they could be an attempt by khalid lying groups. to perform some kind of retaliation killing to retaliate for the deaths of rice's demonstrators here in kiev so that's o.c. very worrying news and we'll be keeping an eye on not as we get more information although it's ok. i did not come to this town that still is after me and. i don't want that i mean you know rush i could go either way it could be very tense
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all very very. happy people getting to be getting help. they. have been given up on the top. to take. one thing you know one. will come. to the place. like you did you just keep getting. zapped. imperfection. he said to. make. a plea. it is not appropriate. you have explained to me.
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when we think we. now look better than i looked when i got it. that'll help. says a lot of people i didn't expect technology exports to make so many people in the winter. i'm thinking let's just pull everything one tight shot like. nothing else like. it you know what i'm doing
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a package so i want to make me someone we can feed that is. a science textbook happy because that's my feeling today keep. em down by. love just to get it but it's all. a million dollars that you can't. plug just about. the world when technology comes concept they say. it's all about gadgets it's all it's a. little cold up. a lot in de lima's it wouldn't be fulfilled without all smartphones as well as that computing now i didn't think make it in moscow they're trying to get you to meet the creators of all these amazing gadgets that we live in in our world the technology behind it and also taking you to places beyond your dreams. so this is meant to carry out how many kilograms expect the top to bottom
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but never promise me away what he ate it. i read on the way back in march that to. such a well put on to get him to say you know climb up and that i have my my get some experience and i'll just say i'm not a shot if you drop the face of it all i haven't faced a bad lot. i'm just a my russian and sure i don't think i'm a writer so such as must be x. lad lead on this is not a rescue situation but let's just say that there was a situation a way somebody was stuck somewhere in the snow to become the spy it's winter right now in russia and they needed to be this coming to cause the united such a. fantastic thank you sets up that you didn't love if you did very well you can get good good
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mad and they added if you're just not somewhere in the forest in the middle of nowhere. his team will probably have one of these to give you a rescue that it. doesn't get a shot right yeah. i am afraid i have heard myself i just pray something like well i think i might. taking a lot of it. is always a bit of commotion when you do like an action movement especially with gadgets and i think i might have hurt myself a little bit. here we got the shots but my fingers amount. to a nobody got time for that you gotta keep moving. her . lose. her year too. but you
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know it well this is a little bit rougher of windsor little bit. so i would think things are busy things are good it's been a bit here. like the best part so for me to get a meeting a fellow correspondent i love that part what do you think so far has been the most like difficult part the most challenging for you being an american i feel like i have to prove myself twice as hard as you would because i'm an american looking british no there's no they get off yeah now i feel like i really do i feel like i work really hard to prove that i miss gets you guys every day think that's what one wants to do you tell you all do i'm going to have to prove that i was because you. secretly struggle. so private there's competition in this sport you know it's true that when i default i watched
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your coverage of the terrorist attacks on the metro watch them maybe twenty times in moscow. to pair for. actually what i was doing was watching the tape over and over and then i watched lindsey francis take over and over at the suicide i'm a butterfly well i think those sort of stories the best. and the most important thing is that you cannot report about anything that may cause spread panic or distribute the wrong information so if you're not sure about something you should just say it's different general stuff will show completely sure about. maybe repeated if you need to but you know you feel sad like i have three days after covering a story and i felt i wanted you want more yeah it's a bad feeling at the same time because it's so horrible story.
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still so this is key and. the bay for right now at. fault not the only board of flight. see if we don't end up here again. this problem isn't going anywhere to go to be not that frustrating thing is that leaving here with. what a sage he feels like a job. he's took plenty. of . desperately looking for just clean pumps and simply. ration fifty. it's been interesting it's been very busy very good time seo see what's been going on hasn't been fun for everybody all that big good story unfortunately we don't get to see the end of this but i think this is
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the fifth that's the nature of this type of situation is something that isn't going to result quickly good look to the bio to fight and a peaceful place. playing back to get back home to mum bill's going to pay my rent then it's paris. some more demonstrations of i'll see what comes. out of. the show we have the reputation of the filth east of dressing appropriately for cool. it is pretty good. like you said. that. meant so much time see for you to see tearing yourself. he's
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a serial murder. her. her. pledge was terrible they weren't very hard to make other plans against a long career disciplined life that never had sex with her make their lives let's listen. listen listen listen listen listen. this little legs. let's.
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listen. to the. these numbers and indexes whether it's the dow jones index or the footsie one hundred index or some other oil based index they are completely fungible all on a month to month basis based on the need of the banking kleptocracy in league with governments to project an economic tablo. one to have an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. and i career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a long interning partner who understands my situation.
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indefinitely and is in the right time. i need something about it. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories of others who refuse to notice. faces change the world writes now. on food picture of today's leaves my own dishes from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. that's part of the idea of printing out early name head it is the same like
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something out of stock track but it actually is possible you work with. you have one of the. banks and you're. listening to michael jackson a political thing and so forth and a lot of headlines that i'm definitely getting like definitely want to take not if you were not on the plane ticket if you tell me get yes i will i did your wife smile no i didn't go there. but i did. ok can i do a smile on let's meet ok. nothing feels as besides being. by get out during iraq. although nothing is touching me say that all burchill which is really interesting. you don't really feel a bit like a guy like me are out. and it's pretty simple machine for me they pick on me have
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a machine here so what they do is they'll take bought it and they can only do it in their factory so will go into the back because that's the point that whole you know the whole thing and then we'll see if i look the way i look at. people that make me look good. or. like you i don't like this is played by the story of it's a little bit we just let. home sweet home. base for a little while but you get a quick turnaround. today i need to get those bills paid and need to put money into much of an account migration account which i can only do physically. you know so i have to get that so i just you know keep the things of. life outside
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of covering stories around the place keep not taking over and then get everything packed but go ahead of the pirates. all the even they want to put it you're good with egypt if not you will have all of didn't have you guys some of the do's these are added. more a c. or c. is named after morrissey because he's a. little quick phonies allowed in the quite open office at times but deep down you really love him. every tell you that of the. mall and roll in will actually just see. the output report from what we did. if. i was on telly a lot. yeah as you can see. just away
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for two weeks. sick sick we do first try to have a little spruce included around before. before the hearth push on the show every time i catch myself. these jeans that fit with the smoke of the. day is the it's just good for the bar kids over there have been there. do you feel like it's hard to ask about a person like i feel like i'm mine like with my with my boyfriend i feel like i'm constantly apologizing for some reason and i don't know why i don't if it's because i don't like have anything left to contribute i feel like my contribution is sorely lacking. from where experience required to actually have normal relationships with people who are really. romantic relationships because it's really hard to explain to a person why you're being cold at four am you have to go up and go somewhere close
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to weeks you know a west they work in the industry but that also doesn't usually work oh. yeah so it's really. the wife yeah it's true some of the cheers. i do go on a lot of work in our health plan look at me. and my camera man. because. i can operate this thing. called up one better way to get something that is fun to tell yourself that you can use the transport but also that is eco friendly i mean we live in moscow lots of cars but nothing beats having something so simple and i'm glad i noticed that a limbo not in a lot of other but i do think. you know i know i come up that
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way wait wait wait. wait hold on hold on. but it was kind of like. ok patty like that. ok i'm getting ahead of this thing now because i want one of the. if i may have a. little touch up. to that. we have to get the ultimate set up we have the ultimate gadget i mean i love. now being at a gas is all about testing all the gadgets and this one is one of my favorite
2:52 pm
safelights hold the equal mobility i think it's one of those gadgets that anyone not noble person can use running around town getting it air in and the best thing about it is that it's equal frankly it looks very. calm i got that one nearly killed me i'm like can you not see i'm one of the like move people i didn't read it like come on. you just found out that the woman will die. and that means. the higher. level. so to it it's a wrap yeah. it's fast it's cool it's urgent it's like let's get in they all right it looks like it's a wrap what's in there. ms produce that we had done. so
2:53 pm
we just finished shooting at the picnic and. the thing about stories where you don't have control is that you never know what you're going to get when you get that you have an idea of what you want. and you kind of putting a story in your head before that i wrote before i got to the expose thinking oh it's just going to be about gadgets some stuff to be playing around with like new technology how to do that like some quiet you know smartphones a whatever and then you get there you realize that there's a strike. so you then you have to start adjusting the story as you go along because you're picking up different things and you see different things. and then you side kind of holding the story as you go so it's just part of the world we live in you just have to adjust with what you get. it's been a long day i'm tired i'm hungry. and. and i still have to go to work to make sure that all my packages are ready for the next couple of days
2:54 pm
because i'm not going to be in town and it's a saturday everybody else is going out having a great time and i'm still on the clock and i could just let it go and let somebody else take care of it but then i wake up the next day freaking out about what i see on telly so it's better that i do it because i can have a good night's sleep if i know that everything that i need is well done the way i want. all of the days of autonomy as well as my friend say a workaholic. even though it's only a fleeting visit home it is nice to be cool but it's also quite surge the house really be cold. for us no. girlfriend big here it is one of those every state. hundreds of years of european history i mean we've literally just crossed from east to west the pitch the building just in the military cemetery
2:55 pm
you know. what it was really taking off and all getting stuff so i've been since the beginning i have seen the shuttle change a lot really. over those years. just about everything with them and it's they've given me a chance to really develop as a journalist you know tom says that probably i might not have gotten the channel that it being established for a lot of years so as far as my own development goals it's been well invaluable the time that i've spent it all because they give me the chance to kind of cool all right if you think you can do it's own up to. acme.
2:56 pm
that one day off i took a close up to the saloon link to. see themselves. in the. right. place at. the gig think nick didn't give us the full picture of what three d. getting greedy does so i've been invited to actually visit one of the standing said to see in moscow and i want to check it out what they actually do so come with me. do you figure it of me feels any of something like this. like a little off and all except it's going to be me.
2:57 pm
quite. a merry making. me look at all to thank the small like they just discovered tabby ought to thank them for the i.q. ologist like trying to find a way maybe he did like his tools and brush isn't. very. cool. so we're going to let she do the puttering and then i'm going to see the final. touch. very exciting to see myself it was like being reborn from like geese.
2:58 pm
getting into a molding machine and then coming out just as and i'll just hold you i'm not to expect that some will see how it looks like optimus. and the moment of truth thank you very much sir. so she's petite stylish and smart but enough about me let's talk about her i think they did a fantastic job. so from three d. tabby and me to yvonne with a body in moscow we're going to put this. this
2:59 pm
is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world. old legends of cannibals make many people afraid to travel here. europeans have been here for less than a hundred years few people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. they said a bunch of cannibals killed and ate a group of shamans a russian plane one of the biggest in the world flies as a pup when they get these wild mountains for the very first time. villages have never even seen a car. what will they make of this huge steel. european workers who told. the truth. right on the street. first street. and i think the church.
3:00 pm
doors. can still. be in. ukraine's military says one of its helicopters has been shot down with the general on board continues to batter the country's east with shells and rockets despite mounting casualties among civilians. russia gathers its regional allies together to set up a new center of economic power potentially the biggest ever in the post soviet space. germany gives up on its investigation into n.s.a. spying saying there's not enough proof ignoring the vast amounts of reports in the washington snooping.
3:01 pm
live from our studio central moscow this is art international with you twenty four hours a day ukraine's army says one of its helicopters has been shot down during an all out military operation in the country's east now you're seeing the latest footage from the region the acting president confirmed the news saying it was carrying fourteen officers including a general there were no survivors eyewitnesses describe the scene. at eleven am local time i went to the police where an explosion had been reported that i shall hear a private house its owner and old man was hiding in the basement and survived but you scouse was absolutely destroyed on the way there i saw the black smoke rising i stopped the car and got out there was a man on the road he told me to get seen a helicopter there before now i have heard the report that
3:02 pm
a helicopter was shot down i tried to go to where the smoke was coming from but the shooting started and then i saw a military plane above maybe it was trying to get out you of the side of the accident. i heard the sound of a helicopter flying then there was noise like that of a rocket launcher then a blast in mosul smoke earlier this morning i saw a military helicopter flying low over the houses i heard the shooting around it was engaged in with self-defense groups i guess it was shot down when returning to its base. while the military crackdown is now focused around slavyansk and kramatorsk with local media claiming the me is now using heavy weapons and cover well to pull rocket launches are reportedly employed in the operational the military officials deny their use and residential areas being hit in the latest attack at least nine people have been injured among them a four year old child. i just want to let
3:03 pm
me. know. what that was like you know i like to see my god. there's a slope i'm not. going to go should there should. also in the same area an artillery shell landed on the roof of a school and it was a break between classes at the time it hit and no one was injured children and teachers from the school along with a nearby kindergarten had to take cover in the basement. those who ran with the first year children. they heard loud bangs just very scared. everyone was screaming and we didn't know where to run. the city my son was crying and he had a panic attack it's awful that children are being put through this how could they sell the city without making sure there were no children there the regional capital of the nets because being besieged by the army for days now people there say the
3:04 pm
military's grip is so tight it will be impossible to get out if shelling resumes as this report. there's a lot of concern here in the city of donetsk talking to residents many of them are very fearful that the military operation by the kiev government will resume and resume with force the streets by and large are a lot quieter than they usually are and particularly in the late afternoon when you usually expect to see the outdoor cafes and the parks full with people now they're practically empty there has been pamphlets distributed in some neighborhoods outlining where are the closest bomb shelters and giving people instructions in terms of what to do if they go to the shelters there has as of yet still been no official evacuation but talking to people here in the city many of them are keeping this as an option saying that they are considering possibly going to the city's outskirts should the situation deteriorate now there was a mad scramble at the supermarkets earlier in the week particularly after monday's
3:05 pm
massacre of some one hundred people people earlier in the week worse stocking up with cereals with tinned food with bottles of water there is a curfew that was put in place from yesterday so from eight o'clock in the evening until six o'clock in the morning every day there is now a curfew in place and that is to try and stabilize the situation in the evenings certainly a lot of concern here in the city of donetsk people are afraid. there is in the very heart of the unrest in eastern ukraine you can keep up to date with the latest . twitter feed in besieged some hospitals are said to be short of food and much needed supplies for land proposed. has been helping out the injured in ukraine's east and here's what she told us. well they're not shooting of doctors so far we brought here the medicine surgical tools everything the doctors asked for there are all sorts of wounds caused by bullets mines and explosives doctors are well qualified they work in three shifts i have not seen any injured children at
3:06 pm
the hospital there are orphans who were transferred from other hospitals for safety reasons doctors here do not choose who to help they just help everyone who is wounded you just can't get used to this doctors are very concerned because it's unclear what happens next. russia has secured another huge economic deal by bringing together some of its neighbors to create the largest common market in post soviet territory the new union with but a recent public star will compete with the economic powerhouses of the e.u. and united states or it could be building has been following the talks the russian president said the signs agreement has learned a stark importance amongst other things now the ex soviet neighbors will now enjoy the free movement of goods capital and services as well as the free movement of people one hundred seventy million people in total and trade is said to accelerate
3:07 pm
in industries such as energy industry agriculture and transport now i spoke to david gray from p w c three his reaction to this deal. i'm very positive about the prospects for russia and for the other members of the purchase well i think. if you look at the for example i think the reduction in trade barriers with you had a significant impact in terms of making it easier to do business which does encourage investment and i'm looking for to similar results in terms of the euro should do now over the last three years trade within the customs union has increased by nearly fifty percent and the group is set to get even bigger with armenia and kyrgyzstan expected to join the union later on in the year it geographically where these countries sit and how close they are will it makes economic sense for them to do business together and this arrangement comes the same of the russians trade with china has accelerated to a historic level of this in shanghai we had the four hundred billion dollars i
3:08 pm
guess still signed and the president while he spoke of further future deals as well he mentioned a second gas pipeline to china so opening new doors with the east and sitting to dish more times with x. soviet states patrick young an expert in global financial markets told me earlier that the new deal gives russia a huge economic advantage and sends a wake up call to europe and the us. think about it this way i mean amongst these three countries alone in the customs union they've had over the last few years they've increased their trade between themselves by the equivalent of mind of the entirety of russia's trade with the united states of america so russia and the rest of the world have alternatives and why they trade just because you happen to be on the eastern fringes of the european union it doesn't automatically mean that you're going to try and fight your way into the european union as currently is why not go with something like this eurasian union where you've got affectively all the
3:09 pm
benefits of the first stage of the european economic community i.e. free trade but you don't have to worry about the silly regulation all of those sorts of problems let's face it europe was never going to be the only union in the world just in the same way that nafta in america was never going to be the only trade agreement there germany is planning to abandon its investigation into n.s.a. snooping on the country it blames a lack of evidence as it was denied access to key documents and witnesses and that's despite revelations even chancellor merkel's phone was tapped of these people of a has the details. the federal prosecutor said the reason for this isn't that they can't get the evidence they say that they they can't contact edward snowden. to speak to him in person this is despite edward snowden having been looking for months for a way to try and speak to german investigators also the fact that well the media doesn't seem to have had any problem finding mr snowden many an interview be it in
3:10 pm
newspapers news magazines or on t.v. have all come out with him among some of the documents that were leaked by edward snowden was direct reference by name to the head of the b n d the german secret service that he was more than compliant with the n.s.a. when it came to looking into german citizens it does seem that all of this has been brushed under the carpet now but what this is all left though is those this work in data protection here in germany a ghast they've greeted this news with bewilderment is their own words they say that that the federal prosecutor the federal investigators can cancel this investigation well it reduces their work trying to protect the data of german citizens too well. while german authorities try to stifle the n.s.a. scandal one of the figures behind the leaks promises new dramatic revelations length is planning to release the names of americans spied on by the national security agency details on that just a click away at r.t.
3:11 pm
dot com. egypt's former army general abilify to r.c.c. is expected to become the country's new president and early results suggest to receive more than ninety two percent of the vote however turnout was extremely low when the country remains in a political crisis bill true reports on the fears the new president won't be able to maintain order and deliver on his promises. well certainly those voting in support of general abdul fatah sisi told me at the polling stations where they held parties and song and dance in the streets he was the only man for the job they said they needed a military leader to take egypt through this very difficult time you see a spike in terror attacks which is negatively affected the economy however there has been some issues of turnouts for the last few days the egyptian government has panix that the turnout might be as little as ten percent so they've extended the voting by an extra day which technically bens electoral law the prime minister announced that people might be fined seventy dollars if they didn't vote so this was definitely an issue that they were talking about because egypt is a t.c.
3:12 pm
needs that's a stumper just to mislead the nation the high turnout would give their approval for his candidacy and also the last ten months of a crackdown on his opponents more than forty thousand people have reportedly been arrested and hundreds killed in the last ten months and the missing brotherhood's saying that this is an intimate poll and they are boycotting is the elections in addition to other secular youth groups who have come under the crackdown of the security forces they say that sisi will not still live or the freedoms that they demanded in january two thousand and eleven and in fact will just continue a military rule we'll have to see how the nation goes in the next few months to see how sisi does run the country and whether he delivers the promises of freedoms and also improvement in the economy and security. and in another country where the fruits of the arab spring have turned so more to. sending warships to the shores of libya where a renegade general is leading a new coup. a country. into turmoil. and
3:13 pm
we bring you a breath taking more of a soyuz carrier to the international space station and what's in store for the new three man crew after the successful dock at the. secret laboratory was able to build a new most sophisticated robot. fortunately. found anything tim's mission to teach music creation and why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion security. policy visible. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics
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only on our team. to have an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. and a career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a loving and caring partner who understands my situation. indefinitely he's in the right time.
3:15 pm
i need to think about it. i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but if i desired my other commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from my take. off. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on here. at our teenagers we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny
3:16 pm
i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. you guys sort of jokes well hand of fate assess that. the u.s. is urging all of its citizens to leave libya as the situation there becomes increasingly unstable washington has also sent its warships to the country where a cia linked rogue general has launched an uprising against the elected government . has the story the united states together with the international community is committed to the libyan people. you have won your revolution three years after the so-called liberation of libya. moving towards libya's coast a warship carrying some one thousand marines and several helicopters ready to
3:17 pm
evacuate u.s. diplomatic missions on a moment's notice that was a step that was taken to be prepared to protect u.s. personnel and facilities and u.s. installations in north africa the country gravely destabilized allow the militants to expand exponentially as the nation's military and police forces remain for the. day to live a safe good at destroying nations but never good at making good democracies. however concern over the chaos has spiked after dissident general khalifa haftar launched assaults against the libyan parliament and islamic factions some of the worst violence that country has seen since the overthrow of moammar gadhafi and islamic militant group based in benghazi has accused washington of backing dissidents and fueling unrest. while western
3:18 pm
forces sold their two thousand and eleven bombing campaign as a humanitarian mission some critics say instability was the end goal peaceful you don't steve start work in their use of the function they are actually not. my main point is to break up and it is a receiver any kind of missions to how are you going to raise sole source and worst of all the past three years have shown very few of the democratic reforms that were promised when western forces celebrated libya's liberation marina port nine r.t. . let's look at the military leader behind this new wave of violence and here he is general to have to once a close ally of colonel gadhafi but not for long he then defected to the united states with the cia's help for two decades general have to report in a live within walking distance of the cia's main headquarters is thought he received training that he became a u.s. citizen. he's now returned to his homeland at the time of the uprising against his
3:19 pm
old friend and in february this year he already tried to carry out a coup against the new government but failed this months or a new attempt but now he's supported by air power units and a public relations campaign. on our website at the moment the great ice wall sounds familiar to fans of the hugely popular game of thrones series this is not keeping r.c. monsters a babe it is the latest idea to stop the radiation spreading from the crippled fukushima plant in japan and you can read all about it. plus bahrain is facing some tough words from human rights watch as the organization issues a damning indictment of the country's justice system you can learn why online. rushing into military action is not always the solution to the problem and may end up a costly mistake president obama made the statement during his latest foreign policy speech and i was going to report it seems the white house couldn't be further from
3:20 pm
giving up its policy of intervention. president obama's message to the world the u.s. is the one indispensable nation on earth and must intervene wherever it can america must always lead on the world stage if we don't. know one well it's well. united states well use military force you know what if necessary when our core interests demand it. making some wonder whether the u.s. recognizes other nations right to say president obama has named countries which in his view challenge to international law russia china iran although he spoke persistently about the us the right to use military force unilaterally the u.s. president admitted not every part as a military solution because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail. president obama's major foreign policy crisis is far from home bill because
3:21 pm
of america's efforts because of american diplomacy and foreign assistance as well as the sacrifices of our military. more people live under elected governments today than that any time in human history washington takes pride in bringing democracy to iraq. and now ukraine. these countries are in chaos. empires typically the romans talk about the emperor of divide and rule. if you could cause chaos you could more easily rule president obama was also speaking to some of his opponents here who say he hasn't intervened in the wall but fails but his speech indicated that moving forward u.s. foreign policy is going to be as interventionist as ever in washington i'm kind of shaky on our team. the president also said the u.s.
3:22 pm
is prepared to act with force you know naturally if america comes on the right threat. picks through that another point of the speech and breaking this program and you can watch the latest episode online and here's a brief preview fully. every single time you chose to kill human beings with drones it is because americans faced an imminent threat and also somebody sends drones to kill only when there is a near certainty you have no civilian casualties it really means by that if you're simply of military age in the vicinity of a strike well then you're just another dead terrorist not worthy of due process the oft repeated no civilian casualties line gets or more civilians dead are stacked up . vestige of journalism up to five thousand two hundred sixty one people died by way of drones thus far and also according to your investigative journalism the vast majority of drone strikes target domestic homes in pakistan over sixty percent in fact all this criminal on accountability is ok because of one supreme
3:23 pm
notion. of the. let's have a quick look now at some other world news in brief an oil tanker that exploded off the southwestern coast of japan earlier on thursday is now sunk seven people were rescued there for them that suffered severe burns one crew member the tank is captain is still unaccounted for report says spot from a grinding tool be used to clean one of the empty fuel tanks from rust could have caused the fire that led to the blast. thailand's military has sealed up one of the busiest intersections in the capital bangkok to prevent any possible anti coup protests on wednesday scuffles erupted between security forces and those who defied a military ban on public gatherings military staged a coup last week to stop a months long deadly anti-government uprising the army said it will not hold on to power but wouldn't name a date for new elections. in paris thousands of protest against the picture the far
3:24 pm
right front national party the national party in sunday's european elections demonstrators were angered at the group's anti immigration slogans especially against muslims argue such policies threaten french values of tolerance and social justice so baseball's a significant rise in the popularity of far right and euro skeptic parties. also the world update this demonstration against the demolition of a social center based on the squatters term violence of the third night in a row in the spanish city proximity of the twenty five people were arrested after attacking police vans and setting rubbish bins on protest respond to monday when boss alleges authorities closed the social center for the been occupied by squatters the seventeen years. a soyuz capsule has successfully docked with the international space station bringing with it three new crew members and they just technology on the i assess and they carry a rocket made this a particularly speedy ride taking only six hours instead of two days the reports on
3:25 pm
what's in store for the crew during their mission. these days it's easy to lose sight of the fact there's a constant human presence in outer space but it should be moments like this that remind everybody of the heights that we can achieve when we all work together. this is the expedition up to the international space station led by commander maxim sariah from russia and he's joined by flight engineers reed wiseman from the united states and alexander gerth from germany while up there that they're going to be conducting three space walks and experiments experiments running a wide range for example ones with obvious commercial potential for example working with fishing trawlers to locate new fishing grounds also conducting more technical and scientific experiments like the effects of electro magnetic levitation on different materials and effects of his zero gravity environment and certain cells
3:26 pm
of viruses and bacteria. about more news for instead of half an hour from now in the meantime max and stacy debate the latest headlines from the world of finance is off the international live in moscow that's coming away after the break. to have an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. and a career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a lodging in tearing partner who understands my situation. indefinitely isn't the right time.
3:27 pm
i need something about it. this is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world. old legends of cannibals make many people afraid to travel here are they going to put us on the menu that europeans have been here for less than a hundred years few people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. they said a bunch of cannibals killed and ate a group of shamans a russian plane one of the biggest in the world flies a couple of guineas wild mountains for the very first time. villagers have never even seen a car. what will they make of this huge steel bird. european workers are told never to venture out alone. truths and myths on r.t. .
3:28 pm
because the tried to. pull it out of. your life for sure thing every minute. dummy the law oh well. my a lot like the cat. was sitting on. the excuses to eat lunch. sometimes for nothing the i just saw me. look just keep still we can still be shot if you see a stage eight look you be. the teacher was.
3:29 pm
the lead the the. welcome to the kaiser report i max kaiser dravid a that g.d. pay. renzi you better watch your speed travel. but you know your economy just started a line of things on thursday max it's all going higher for italy came sales to boost the talian g.d.p. in boon for budget italy will include prostitution illegal drug sales and the gross domestic product calculation this year a boost for its chronically stagnant economy and prime minister my tail renzi efforts to meet deficit targets ok so adelies going to include cocaine sales and
3:30 pm
prostitution but this is of course a trend that makes sense given the context the way the economy's been going the past thirty or forty years. and this is going to of course spread to other economies as well if it does that then of course colombia mexico and afghanistan will be like jump leap up the league tables of global g.d.p. and of course during the financial crisis it is true indeed that the italian mafia did keep liquidity in the global financial system that had seized up there was no liquidity other than their money and mexican drug lord money that's true also the the numbers that are used to report the economy whether its g.d.p. or its c.p.i. or productivity or unemployment these numbers are fungible all these numbers and indexes whether it's the dow jones index or the puts you one hundred index or some other oil based and they are completely fungible on
3:31 pm
a month to month basis based on the need of the banking kleptocracy in league with governments to project an economic tablo that accomplishes two goals number one keep interest rates near zero and number two. look as if there is a little inflation but the fact is that interest rates at zero. in turn facilitate. cocaine and heroin use in terms of its impact on the economy and that course that spreads to the global geo political situation where. countries like america and up invading afghanistan taking control of the poppy crop which has never been higher which supports the heroin use around the world and then they're going to include that in g.d.p. so they get a ged people who's from the militarization of afghanistan from the heroin use from
3:32 pm
people strung out on smack from the degradation effects of prostitution and gambling this all contributes to g.d.p. according to this new world paradigm well according to this new world paradigm of how one calculates c.d.p. in fact silvio berlusconi apparently is the number six the biggest economy in the world by himself with all his bunga bunga it i mean i'm resisting the temptation to take the low road on this asset or i did. you know cocaine is now included in g.d.p. . because. it is remarkable destructive to society as a whole prostitution and drug use and cocaine use are considered and it's all fueled again by this extraordinarily cheap money that comes out of these central banks so when they say it's a victimless crime that the bank of england mark carney keeps rates near zero well it feels the heroin and the prostitution that and that and they in the
3:33 pm
codification of this in the indexes and statistics that the say the office of national statistics are in the u.k. is as responsible for the deaths and destruction perpetrated by this economy as any other element so any way you know italy is competing against the u.s. which has the u.s. dollar and wall street and that is by many measures all fraud and they get to count that in their g.d.p. numbers london we have all the laundering of money into the house prices from crooks and thieves around the world gets a lot. on to their money here so in a way it's fair enough that italy gets to count this in their figures but also you know it also shows the hoax that is any government statistics show that they promote any of it as we know is embedded with grains and granule of cocaine something like over ninety five percent of all the paper money has coke traces of cocaine than h.s.b.c. the bank in the u.k. relies extraordinarily on laundering cocaine money they were busted for laundering
3:34 pm
the mexican this mean they're going to repeal the h.s.b.c. no longer have to pay the fine for laundering mexican drug money because now they're considering drug use as part of the g.d.p. so it'll be another bailout for a just basic exactly so let's go back to what i was going to say about the hoax that is the government statistics because when z. thirty nine is committed to narrowing italy's deficit to two point six percent of g.d.p. this year a task that's easier if output is boosted by portions of the underground economy that previously went uncounted even if the impact is hard to quantify it's obvious that it will have a positive effect on g.d.p. says seppi dieter on so therefore renzi will have a greater margin this year to spend without breaching the deficit limit to borrow another arts area of debts in italy ours zooming higher just like the debts in the u.k. and never been higher they're close to two trillion pounds out of the national government the deficit is relatively flat but the indebtedness of the country is now continuing you know george osborne assaf added five hundred billion pounds in debt
3:35 pm
since coming to office same thing with united states the debt has reached over seventeen trillion dollars approaching eighteen trillion dollars so to make that debt number look less scary you say well as a percentage of g.d.p. it's not so bad so let's recalculate and we come up with g.d.p. we're going to include cocaine and prostitution you put those two in the mix and suddenly g.d.p. is higher so the ratio of debt to g.d.p. is not so bad meanwhile the debt continues to skyrocket if you use the same calculation for debts did. b. that you used twenty years ago and italy and europe and the u.k. then the debt to g.d.p. in the u.k. would be way all over one hundred percent in america it would be well over one hundred percent but by statistically trying to make that fact go away you open the door toward continuation of a bifurcation of society interest rate apartheid and basically scapegoating of the
3:36 pm
poor setting them up for extermination well speaking of prostitutes wall street finds new subprime with one hundred twenty five percent business loans john made us made a fortune selling a mortgage company to do it's a bank months before the u.s. housing market collapse now he's found a way to profit from loans to business owners with bad credit from an office near new york's times square people trained by a veteran of jordan belforest boiler room call truck drivers contractors and florist across the country pitching loans with annual interest rates as high as one hundred twenty five percent when borrowers can't pay nate is this world business lenders seizes their vehicles and assets sometimes sending them into bankruptcy right well why shouldn't the apostles of the wolf of wall street committing fraud learn their trick from oz born cameron pank paulson. obama you know they they've learned how to rape and pillage on a global basis so why not just do it on a small scale recreating all the excess remember bradford and bingley and northern
3:37 pm
rock there are one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five percent loan to equity that they were putting out there here in the u.k. just before the two thousand and eight two thousand and eight bust so there was no reform there was no attempt to rein in the fraudsters so they've repeated the exact same fraud again on a much wider scale and the result will be a much bigger crash so that's the best the problem when you have no deterrent for committing financial crimes so in fact wall street banks are helping the industry expand. by lending originators money they're starting to package loans into securities that can be sold to investors just as they did for subprime mortgage lenders now the amount being loaned is more than three billion dollars which is twice the volume of small loans by the small business administration so the government include who it's with perhaps google and goldman sachs who are two of the big players in this field lending money to these belfour at like four firms the subprime where do they get the money from they don't have that comes from the
3:38 pm
central bank yet that's where the money goes yes carney says that they're within the central bank has no responsibility to raise interest rates to rein in the housing bubble he's also saying they have no responsibility to rein in drug laundering to reign and this type of fraud misselling you know all this stuff because it includes our g.d.p. exactly how the guy like mark carney who's been so brain damaged pocky pox to his brain by being a goalie there yale university who comes out and says such nonsensical statements to the b.b.c. and there's nobody to give him any kind of pushback whatsoever so what you're saying is a bald faced lie dark arnie and as a result of your lies you just republicans are so low you're fueling the biggest crime wave in history you need to either commit ceremonial sucker or step down those are your two choices but stop abusing that you could put away that you are what is i say we looked at the guy for mad men so all the british women in their big three hundred lives are wobbling down sheffield's ways to say what condi couldn't do we should be out there protesting yes but here we have
3:39 pm
a situation of not only does it get to flatter g.d.p. and therefore the government can borrow more to commit more wars abroad to keep the flow of heroin and cocaine coming but also on the other hand you have a situation of a smash and grab here they're aiding and abetting a smash and grabbing of the assets of a small and medium sized enterprises across the united states across the united kingdom and the s. i mean these are where all the jobs are so they're destabilizing the economy that's relying on a situation where you. no more illegal activity will have to thrive as the central bankers condone prostitution but they are aiding and abetting it and what they condone it they're saying is good for g.d.p. yes it's good for g.d.p. it's not a plot of their families their daughter of their wives yes but let's look at this situation here in the united states so they have these new subprime business loans and one of the costs here is that our industry is absolutely crazy said stephen delgado. last year to become an independent loan broker there's lots of people who
3:40 pm
have been banned from brokerage there's no license you need to file for is pretty much on regulated but just like with the subprime crisis and all those crimes that happened what happened is goldman sachs j.p. morgan all the if it big too big to fail banks bank of america citi group they were able to claim deniability you know they didn't have any responsibility for the crimes because they didn't actually do all the crimes they lent to these small pop up firms plausible deniability possible deniability that over norse scenario that's right so they outsourced our fraud just like a global banks outsource their fraud to london london that outsources those fraud to the bank of england the bank of england basically condones prostitution and warmongering and drug use as the g.d.p. boosting element to make the debt of the u.k. look smaller the air with all the hair with the cocaine if you put a cocaine down the the mal be vertu in trafalgar square in buckingham palace six feet high two feet wide of pure cocaine and you lined up sixty million brits with
3:41 pm
straws and they. way they store their way from trafalgar square to buckingham palace with a mountain of cocaine that marconi was a you say i'm making the economy improve. the b.b.c. would be all over it saying wow that's fantastic look at all those strong out heroin addicts in the u.k. that must mean we're doing well thank you mark carney drug pushing addict well you know i guess that we have something to look forward to would imagine even the queen's cory's will be out there starting to ok to help the g.d.p. and made little baby the little baby royal little baby royal in the amal snorting cocaine how did you see hope to g.d.p. baby baby little what does it say george baby george what a loser all right thanks so much i once again for being here stacy get ready for the subprime business loan crisis. and stay tuned for the second half of the show a lot more.
3:42 pm
of the. lead it was a. very hard take on a plan to get along here a plug that he ever had sex with her rick perry nuns let's play. a. little. let's. listen. to the.
3:43 pm
do you think dad. continues to face sanctions. put. in these. sanctions are going to be. in the. other countries because of because of the. extensive. investment. with.
3:44 pm
yeah i'm mad sties or this is the kaiser report back here we are trying to go down under and speak with das author of extreme money das welcome back to the kaiser report nice to be with you max write us you write about titles debt problem where is the problem specifically with governments banks individuals etc. well it's mainly governments and banks and to a large extent corporations but it's pretty even across the board and the problem in china is i can't really separate the government from the banks or from the corporations because they want a more smashed the only thing that's very clear to me is the dead levels are now
3:45 pm
somewhere between two hundred to two fifty percent of g.d.p. and there are four indicator of debt stress the first is any country which has increased it to g.d.p. by roughly thirty percent in a five year time horizon tends to have problems the sickening what is we call the credit gap which is the rate of credit increased relative to g.d.p. if that's much higher that tends to create problems china's currently seventy percent is you now need somewhere around six to eight dollars of debt to create one dollar of g.d.p. that ain't good a lot of the debt is now recycling existing assets that ain't good and the debt service ratio in other words the amount of money in terms of g.d.p. that's going to servicing debt is that twenty percent that ain't good so all in all it's not looking good is the best where to put it but at the moment the chinese have a bit of time on their hands being a pretty closed economy but one senses the did newmont to this crisis as the french would say is coming at some stage and it's in the not too distant future well
3:46 pm
economic growth in china has to have been by two factors one of course is their ability to finance their growth and this is coming under some constraints another problem is that the growth in china. has caused an ecological holocaust in china so the soil is on you is a ball the air is on break the ball this is also a constraint on growth and it's time to their monetary policy in other words make all that free easy available all they've created a ecological holocaust in their cooking under their own stupidity one point is the ecological holocaust in china basically finished their economy because now they're scrambling madly for food overseas they can't feed themselves and they've backed themselves into a poisonous corner thus well i think there are two issues that you're talking about but they quite interesting one is the ecological disaster is certainly true and if you just extra plate that say a billion people want to have west and living standards in china the actual
3:47 pm
overload of the environment would be catastrophic the chinese themselves have admitted that and you're quite correct discrete basis constraints on grades because they have to import food and other things but i think the subtler issue here is the fact that everything they doing is to accelerate growth whether it's dead or environment and that points to a critical thing in chinese politics because the given the of the chinese communist party in terms of politico dominance is built around economic growth so they're willing to sacrifice everything to get economic growth and that is also creating problems in the reform process because as you will no doubt know at the recent plenum and recent announcements from china they're all talking about reform but the problem is the reform inevitably leads to a question about growth so good bacteria ecological issues one of the ways to cut
3:48 pm
down all the toxic air and i mean the air in beijing is fairly toxic and i have to say twenty years ago when they were burning charcoal thirty years ago when they were burning charcoal it was much better but the crucial thing here is you turn off a lot of the coal fired. power plants which they keep building but if you do that then there is a huge problem of growth that is also a huge problem in terms of the fact that these coal mines and the pa generators have borrowed bucket loads of money from chinese banks and delta fold which will have other problems so only spoke in extra complete linked and the question is the chinese gods i don't think have multiple limbs like india and gods so i don't keep all these bills in the air at the moment to be honest this struggling well does he mention the chinese will do any sacrifice anything for growth isn't this part of the global problem of market fundamentalism that western economies are engaged in a certain form of market jihadism there are extremists in the west down wall street
3:49 pm
bankers are committing suicide for this growth bankers are killing other bankers for the insurance money we find out now from j.p. morgan others to achieve this growth so in other words it's a suicide mission there's no there's no economic underlying assumptions that make any economic sense these are just fundamentalist suicide bankers doing what they can to kill themselves and their country for what they define as growth which i guess means virgins in heaven or some other crazy philosophy that they pursue but it's not economic status let's be clear about it it's not economics your thoughts. i think fundamentally you're right this obsession with growth is at the heart of this problem but i don't necessarily agree with you it's a problem of bank is because everybody wants a living said it's to improve they want more things to buy they want greater prosperity so growth in those two things have gotten linked dela to us your outlook your good outline specifically how every single facet of the economies can become
3:50 pm
financial eyes and that are you leaving but bankers everything is for collateralized debt spawn resold repackaged we've all become financier's there's no underlying economy to the economy it's all. debt repackaging as your book explains so in china they do the exact same thing and that's a philosophy of self destruction so explain how that doesn't work with your book that you in your book explain splay zero words actually you're right i think you're chicken and excitement there but look you're absolutely correct the bank is essentially the dealers which served up the heroin for this whole mess but coming back to the issue of growth it would have be the environmentalists once remarked that mindless growth is the ideology of a cancer cell and that's the problem we have but there's a second interesting process underlying that which is equally dangerous if you look at the two things you mentioned one is date and the other is the environment they actually have
3:51 pm
a very common theme which is you enjoy the consumption today you enjoy the grapes today and you defer the problems whether it's of payment or environmental catastrophe down the track and that is fundamentally something that we have actually not only embraced but we keep increasing because if you look at all the strategies the central bank is and everybody else and now following this idea of kicking the can down the road is exactly that so until we actually address this fundamental obsession with growth the fundamental obsession with financial is ation and this fundamental of deferred basic paid and accelerated again it is not going to work and but i can't see any consensus anywhere in the world to change that i mean people vote in elections now to perpetuate the system so it's not actually changing fundamentally and i don't know what will make it change i want to talk about one other thing you mentioned which is the debt and how debt relates to china and how much debt they can absorb it is the debt level at
3:52 pm
a threshold now that would curtail growth etc because it's a question that comes up in other economies it could be the u.k. economy which is the most indebted economy in the world right now japanese economy which is obviously played with debt to two to three times. g.d.p. i wanted to rector attention to a story that came out last week about how belgian is suddenly taking on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt and so my question is is it possible that when the federal reserve engages in their tapering by cutting their quantitative easing by half over the past few months isn't it possible in today's connected world as you explain your book how all these things are connected that the european central bank can be assisting in america's quantitative easing through their proxy in belgium by simply buying hundreds of billions of dollars of the u.s. treasury debt in other words isn't the e.c.b. now simply going to expand their balance sheet the same way the fed has done in these past years so that there is no real tapering the tapering is
3:53 pm
a canard that's my point and i want to know what you think about that you're absolutely correct that tapering is a canard and let me explain why the tapering is actually unwinding the q.e. which really did nothing for the real economy anyway and if you look at what it was doing it was doing two things the major one it was financing the government and as you know the government deficit in the united states has come down to read about five hundred six hundred billion dollars so they can actually afford to taper they bump it says because there's actually less on office that's number one and number two they were doing it to devalued the u.s. dollar which is a way of gaining competitiveness but also reducing the actual wealth a foreign holders of treasuries and you're quite correct that over rule when you look at the actual systems we're going to see japan probably do further quantitative easing down the track and the europeans will not probably to peel quantitative easing but they will actually provide excess liquidity so overall the
3:54 pm
cup is going to be very very full and the critical thing here is the actual currency was because the japanese a cage trying to devalued the u.s. had been trying to devalue and now that you hearing from the europeans that they think the euro is a valued in the. want to push it down but the point is that everybody can have the cheapest currency so the tapering is actually more about the currency wars now and but overall do i expect the liquid conditions to say liquid for the foreseeable future so we are going to see these accommodative conditions for a very very long period of time and the point is as you said to me before it's a ponzi game and you've got to keep increasing the actual base because otherwise the whole ponzi game comes to an end and we're going to see that going on how this ends i don't really know because we've never beat here before right but i guess like my question is and you're alluding to the answer i just want some clarification there is a possible all or do we see through the dark market or through the shadow banking system some collusion going on between central bankers so that when the federal
3:55 pm
reserve bank can say we are tapering they are in fact simply passing the buck over to europe or belgian who suddenly bought two hundred billion worth of u.s. treasuries are almost equivalent to something very near their g.d.p. and i mean it's an astronomical amount so do we see some behind the scenes collusion i think that would be anything to the global audience to kind of dwell on this for a second that these banks globally kind of work together to keep this debt burden continuing to grow so terms like taper are completely meaningless. i think fundamentally if you look at the way the global economic system is run all the central bank is meet together at the b i it's very regularly about once a month or about six weeks a party they have very good wines and the meals are absolutely scrumptious in the back of our national settlements just have a clip that's right the back of it's national settlements so clearly they say things to name it it's a kept it's like a secret cabal basically that meat so whether or not they collude they certainly
3:56 pm
very very very much aware of what other people are doing so under this circumstances the policies perhaps more coordinated than would first appear. because obviously they know what each other is thinking and what they doing but i'll give you an. insight into exactly this in a sort of mind a way which is that china as you know it china everybody is going on and on about the shadow banking system how dangerous it is and what they have to do about it and you hear the people's bank of china which is the central bank making all these noises about controlling the shadow banking system what the analyst analysts among the investment banks don't seem to understand is the reason the shadow bank exists is because of the actual structure of the chinese banking system and it's grown up like anything in china we the approval tacit or implied explicit off the chinese central bank and of course the chinese communist party. it's not off there
3:57 pm
because they're out of time but we will follow up with a shadow banking system in china next time thanks for being on the kaiser report good to be with you max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy herbert i like to thank our guest das author of extreme money if you like the end times tweet us the kaiser reports and i started by a. piece of trying to get. people. to think everybody. me. oh well. you know like.
3:58 pm
sitting on. skis is. sometimes for nothing. this. is not just a story will be just if you see a stage eight look to be with but each other's. eyes. have an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. and a career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a lodging in tearing partner who understands my situation.
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and definitely is in the right time. i need something about it. this is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world old legends of cannibals make many people afraid to travel here are they going to put us on the menu that europeans have been here for less than a hundred years few people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. they said a bunch of cannibals killed and ate a group of shamans a russian plane or one of the biggest in the world flies are the couple in the guineas wild mountains for the very first time. villagers have never even seen a car. what will they make of this huge steel bird. european workers are told never
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to venture out alone. truths and myths on r.t. . coming up on. r t n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden speaks for the first time on u.s. television did the interview help or hurt his case we'll have a panel to join us to discuss that just ahead and from books to major motion pictures people are cashing in on the snowden saga we'll tell you all about the big bucks in this industry coming up. and locals in northern california are pushing to secede from the state ruled conservative groups feel that they're being ignored by the government more on the push for a fifty first state later in the show. it's thursday may twenty ninth four pm in washington d.c.
4:01 pm
i'm in the david and you're watching r t america we begin today with the latest from former national security agency contractor edward snowden last night snowden sat down for an exclusive interview with n.b.c.'s brian williams in moscow it was snowden's first u.s. television appearance here is snowden telling williams how capable any well funded intelligence agency is at tapping into cell phones. the suit you turn it on it can be there and they can turn it into a microphone they can take pictures from it they can take the data off of it but it's important to understand that these things are typically done on a targeted basis right it's only done when people go this foam is suspicious but of course the government's definition of suspicion is open to interpretation to discuss last night's interview i want to bring in norman solomon executive director of the institute for public accuracy and here in our d.c.
4:02 pm
studio is just one rate actor director of national security and human rights at the government accountability project thank you guys for joining me to discuss this i want to start off by asking each of you to briefly talk about the one thing that struck you from this interview norman let's begin with you. well i think that edward snowden made very clear and underscored his independence he has the kind of integrity. is extraordinarily historic when it's combined with a willingness an opportunity to courageously speak out in this case against policies of his own government and i think his willingness to be measured in his criticism of the n.s.a. and yet not back down at all and also show that he's the pawn of no government and no idiology and he quite correctly criticize the russian and chinese governments as well for their intrusive policies in terms of surveillance and just what was your
4:03 pm
impression for me as a whistleblower attorney i was really good at clad that america was able to hear more about his background including being undercover at both the cia and the n.s.a. and also his attempts to go through channels internally facts that n.b.c. was able to get n.s.a. to admit to and so that argument about not going through proper channels has been. a thread throughout the debate over the last year or so i thought that was really significant that he talked about how his attempts have been thwarted and really amounted to nothing all right and we're bringing in another guest here attorney bruce fein bruce one of the things that became clear in this interview it was noted talking about how he tried to raise these issues from within the n.s.a. let's take a listen to what he had to say. the n.s.a. has records they have copies of emails right now to their office of general counsel
4:04 pm
to their oversight and compliance folks from me raising concerns about the n.s.a.'s interpretations of it looks legal authorities there's a for now right now to find out if this is in fact true but if it is legally does this help his case at all. well it certainly does it shows that he wasn't reckless and immediately went to hong kong and and disclose the information that he understood the rules of the game exhausted them without result and it gives credence to his rendition the narrative that he's not the first who is told the identical story tom drake who jesselyn knows very well basically confronted the same kind of problem and that's repeated throughout the whistleblower regime it is not the case that whistleblowers characteristically leap to go public without trying to work internally they're not reckless people they're conscientious and i
4:05 pm
can state that i think mr snowden's demeanor gives a special strength to his his narrative there's nothing that looks exaggerated frantic he doesn't use words that are. that display antipathy towards the united states or others and that strengthens the credibility of his entire story and just what do you think as an attorney yourself well actually one of those internal complaints recently surfaced minutes before we went on the air here and again you can kind of see we don't have the underlying e-mail but the response the first sentence of it makes sense that executive orders don't trump statutes but the second sentence is completely nonsensical that regulations may or may not be precedent for allowing that to happen it's completely opaque they don't spell the word precedent correctly and a lot of it is is redacted and we don't even have the e-mail chain that it's
4:06 pm
a part of so i think you're able to see the inside bureaucrat you know the bureaucracy that you're that you face a lot of vague language now throughout the interview snowden seemed very confident that the information he released had no real harm to individuals here or abroad but this week of course secretary kerry has been speaking about this let's take a listen to what he said. what he's done is hurt his country what he's done is is exposed for terrorists a lot of mechanisms which no affect operational security of those terrorists and make it harder for the united states to break up plots harder to protect our nation so according to carry this did hurt counterterrorism efforts a broad a lot of people would agree with that norm and i want to go to you i mean what's your response to that i mean do you think. that was exaggerated. for one thing there's no evidence that any harm has come from the revelations due to the work of
4:07 pm
snowden secondly the huge damage that is done by secrecy vastly overwhelms even the claims of damages that have come from top u.s. officials in the cases of edward snowden as well as bradley manning now chelsea manning i think we should also recall as a footnote that as a senator mr kerry voted for the invasion of iraq an invasion based on lies and if we'd had whistleblowers with the courage and positioned in a similar space inside the government as edward snowden then perhaps the invasion of iraq could have been avoided so i think one of the problems with the demagoguery we're getting from secular state kerry right now is that the real threats in terms of public information from the government to the well being and safety of americans and others around the world come from
4:08 pm
a feel your to disclose information to the public rather than the other way around if i get add there's some history here as well i remember during that the pentagon papers disclosures these were the forty seven classified volumes of the pentagon papers showing the government lies about vietnam it was a government went to try to enjoin the publication and it was said my gosh it will end diplomacy it'll be terrible to the interest of the united states it all turned out to be false all the post-mortem studies showed there wasn't any injury at all to the united states indeed then secretary of defense melvin laird refused to sign an affidavit saying the disclosure of the pentagon papers would be harmful and then more recently the sort of predecessor to the telephony metadata collection program to the near to fifteen of the patriot act was something called the terrorist surveillance program and this she did shortly after nine eleven didn't even have any form. intelligence surveillance court imprimatur and when the new york times disclosed the program in december of two thousand and five it was said and i gosh
4:09 pm
all the base of actions that al qaeda is undertaking is going to terror terrify the you know the people of the united states and called all sorts of injury and yet despite the disclosure there was never any showing that the new york times publication caused any harm to anyone now of course it's obviously almost impossible to disprove you know a statement that well there's evasive action taken well how do we know that it's just again you have to rely upon what the n.s.a. is saying and remember the n.s.a. is part of an intelligence community led by somebody who told the congress of the united states under oath in march two thousand and thirteen that the n.s.a. was not collecting data on millions of americans and we're supposed to rely upon their statements as proof of injury that's a joke. so as he was saying and you have to rely on what the n.s.a. is saying i mean should we take what they say at face value absolutely not throughout this whole narrative over the last year one person has been consistently
4:10 pm
telling the truth and that's edward snowden and a number of people have been consistently lying and those are people associated with n.s.a. and the intel communities moreover pretty much every whistleblower in this area is smeared with the idea that they have harmed national security that tom drake was going to have the blood of soldiers on as fans yet in chelsea manning scase for example when it came time to produce a damage assessment during the court martial the u.s. was unable to do so and if you care to fully parse the words that the u.s. uses when it talks about this damage usually they couch it in terms of it might cause some damage in the future and again it's impossible to prove a negative so by giving is saying these assertions without any evidence to back it up i don't take it at face value at all and norman i heard you not time then. yes i could unfortunately there's really one track record the track record of lying the
4:11 pm
truckload of lying is not just from n.s.a. and other intelligence agencies but unfortunately also from the u.s. department of justice before edward snowden stepped forward the justice department went to the supreme court and falsely asserted that the a.c.l.u. no standing because there was no reason to believe or evidence that they were being spied on and yet we now know that they those groups and millions of others of groups and individuals were being surveilled and yet at this moment the justice department has continued to fail to do their legal duty and go back to the u.s. supreme court and correct the record in a five four case that the obama administration won partly on the basis of their lies so what we have is a regime in washington the obama administration which consistently distorts and uses rhetoric to deceive the american people and that's our situation that
4:12 pm
fortunately edward snowden and other whistleblowers are courageously seeking to counteract now i want to actually hold not there are one or if i could add there are two other lies told to that same supreme court one that lied about the fact that it was not disclosing at that time to criminal defendants the fact that the prosecutor's evidence was derived from the n.s.a. warrantless surveillance dragnet surveillance program secondly it falsely stated that the only time it was intercepting the communications and e-mails of american citizens when they communicated as abroad was when the target of that communication was viewed as a suspect a terrorist when in fact they were intercepting any conversation from an american that mentioned the terrorist whether or not the target was somebody else and this is the united states supreme court which historically relies truthfulness upon. this to reach its decisions there's really no end to which these officials will
4:13 pm
stoop to deceive for old tarrier motives are i want to move on to the next point which is something that edward snowden has been accused of lying about perhaps snowden was asked whether he had been approached or contacted by any officials in the russian government his response of course was no but there are a lot of people that say it is just not possible to the former ambassador of russia said that it he's seen how russia operates and he knows that snowden was there is very likely that snowden had been approached i just wanted to get your take norman on why the american people should believe snowden on this well you know stood made very clear and i think credibly so that he entered the nation of russia with no documents whatsoever either on paper or digitally or on any of his computers or drives or anything else and i think he made a persuasive case that just for his own wellbeing he would have shed himself of any
4:14 pm
of that material and he gave it to journalists before he ever arrived into russia. i think also you have to ask you know motives what would benefit edward snowden if he gave and shared this information with the russians he clearly would like to leave he never had any intent to arrive there in any event the revocation of the passport in the blockage of any latin america country kept him there what's his motive to lie about what how does it benefit him and think on the contrary how much it benefits all his detractors to make up or throw these insinuations out there the fact is if mr mccaul has some evidence it's got to be more than speculation something like that would never be admitted in a court of law as is relevant to that determination of whether something had been handed over by mr snowden to the russian intelligence service all right well unfortunately we're running out of time here but snowden did make it clear that he would love to come back to the united states of course it's
4:15 pm
a difficult prospect but where do you think he's going to go next asylum is up in june next month just one i'll let you take that one i think most likely we would ask for that asylum to be extended or for him to be granted some sort of permanent residency we continue to have to go she shows with the u.s. but there's nothing approaching something solid and it really would have to be a negotiated settlement for him to come back because he's not going to come back to face espionage charges under which he cannot he cannot make his case as everybody cries all the time just come back when you are under prosecution for espionage you can't raise a public interest defense or that you're a whistleblower in fact your motive is completely irrelevant that you had no intent to harm us the benefit of you did say he can't face the music if the music is an
4:16 pm
unfair trial so we'll have to see what happens bruce fein norman solomon and just one great act thank you for joining us thank you you thank. and we learned from the snowden leaks that the n.s.a. was snooping inside germany government officials there were outraged over the leak but now the investigation into the n.s.a. snooping is coming to a close germany officials say they were denied access to key documents and witnesses despite revelations the n.s.a. was listening to german chancellor angela merkel some phone artie's peter oliver is in berlin with more the federal prosecutor has said the reason for this isn't that they can't get the evidence they say that they they can't contact edward snowden. to speak to him in person this is despite edward snowden having been looking for months for a way to try and speak to german investigators also the fact that well the media doesn't seem to have had any problem finding mr snowden many an interview be it in newspapers news magazines or on t.v.
4:17 pm
have all come out with him among some of the documents that were leaked by edward snowden was direct reference by name to the head of the b. and d. the german secret service that he was more than compliant with the n.s.a. what it came to looking into german citizens it does seem that all of this has been brushed under the carpet no but what this is all left though is those this work in data protection here in germany against they've greeted this news with the will demand is their own words they say this that the federal prosecutor federal investigators can counsel this investigation well it reduces their work trying to protect the data of german citizens to well. now is our peter oliver while the government is still in damage control mode in the aftermath of the n.s.a. leaks and edward snowden's fate is far from certain but that hasn't stopped the high volume of people who are already beginning to cash in on the snowden saga
4:18 pm
artie's an associate you're going to has more on the burgeoning industry. action figures comic books of variety of hardcovers paperbacks and e-books and even hollywood blockbusters sony pictures purchased the book in order to make a film about it i'm thrilled about that as well all star in one figure who love him or hate him is already an icon edward snowden says he is in my view in the view of many others a hero who stood up for what was right is certainly more of a hero then all the super heroes like superman and batman who end up getting movies and all sorts of licensing deals and action figures. there was a lower who brought the mindblowing national security agency's surveillance programs to light for some he's an inspiration. for others he's their next business venture. if anything can be licensed or exploited in any
4:19 pm
way you can be absolutely certain that there will be business people who will try to do so stuck in moscow and facing espionage charges in the u.s. snowden is one person who doesn't seem to be cashing in on his name and where snowden is very bright and i think he probably does not care for this kind of nonsense the action figures the comics accept euro but there isn't much he can do about it the money making machine surrounding the former cia contractor could be viewed as conflicting with his goal of fighting against mass surveillance and an infringement of privacy rights by the n.s.a. the more you inject comic books and action figures into something the less serious then other people take it while some of the attention may be inane glenn greenwald the journalist who broke the snowden story says selling movie rights and releasing a book on the topic are all in an effort to spread the word on privacy issues in the u.s. even if he does make a buck i don't make any apologies at all for having written
4:20 pm
a book i've been working on surveillance issues for eight years i want to maximize every platform that i have. to go around the world and talking about why these surveillance policies are so dangerous the intentions of those capitalizing on snowden's name may vary some are working hard to spread the word on the state of surveillance in the u.s. while others are little more focused on the cash but while the money making industry using snowden's name is gathering steam so is his message because that's it you're going to artsy new york. and now the eastern ukraine where anti kiev separatists have shot down a military helicopter near slovyansk killing fourteen people ukrainian authorities say the rebels used anti-aircraft system to bring down the chopper and that an army general was among the dead the town of slovyansk has seen fierce fighting between separatists and government forces in recent weeks meanwhile in donetsk tensions are running high after ukrainian forces killed as many as fifty and you have separatists during a fight for control of
4:21 pm
a donetsk airport on monday artie's palace clear is on the ground with more. there's a lot of concern here in the city of donetsk talking to residents many of them are very fearful that the military operation by the kiev government will resume and resume with force the streets by and large are love quieter than they usually are and particularly in the late afternoon when you usually expect to see the outdoor cafes and the parks full with people now they practically empty there have been pamphlets distributed in some neighborhoods outlining where all the close is bomb shelters and giving people instructions in terms of what to do if they go to the shelters there has as of yet still been no official evacuation but talking to people here in the city many of them are keeping this as an option saying that they are considering possibly going to the city's outskirts should the situation deteriorate now there was a mad scramble at the supermarket earlier in the week particularly off to monday's massacre of some one hundred people people earlier in the week wolf stocking up
4:22 pm
with cereals with tin food with bottles of water there is a curfew that was put in place from yesterday sort of eight o'clock in the evening until six o'clock in the morning every day there is now a curfew in place and that is to try and stabilize the situation in the evenings certainly a lot of concern here in the city of donetsk people are afraid. of policy where. an out of the detention center at guantanamo bay a government parole board has cleared for release another so-called forever prisoner thirty five year old nasir al behind me has been held without charges since he was captured by the u.s. as a taliban foot soldier back in two thousand and one album jaime says that he wants to live an ordinary life and get a fresh start in a country outside of his native yemen the parole board recommended he be resettled in a nation where he can get the appropriate support including adequate medical care right now one ton of mail has one hundred fifty four detainees forty three of them are
4:23 pm
now considered indefinite prisoners and seventy eight have been cleared for release the state department has come under fire in recent years for lagging in its efforts to negotiate the transfers of those who have been clear and yesterday president obama spoke to n.p.r. about why he thinks it's been so difficult. in some cases it's hard to return prisoners because the countries where they come from don't want to or can't provide us the surance is that they can control them it is a hard problem it's a legal problem it's a security problem it's those hurdles that the president will have to overcome if he wants of the film a promise he reiterated this week and in foreign policy speech at west point there he once again said the country needs to close the detention center. what if we had a fifty first state named jefferson it seems like a strange concept a year but residents in california are seeking to do just that two counties in the
4:24 pm
north where most constituents are politically conservative who have the chance to vote next week on breaking away from the state of california artie's mega lopez has that story. california is known for its ground shaking earthquakes but another force could soon it's what the state among more than its phone lines only this one is man made voters in the northern county of del norte say and also into hama will vote next week to join a multi county effort to split california into two states and that fifty first state they want to be called jefferson so far officials in that glen and mo doc and you buy into this kind of use counties have already voted to join the movement the county will vote on the measure on june tenth so here is a rough idea of what california and the newly formed jefferson state would look like believe it or not just the seven counties that have already voted for the measure of this month how they come buying that land mass that is twice the size of
4:25 pm
the state of new hampshire in all the counties currently considering the idea make up over one quarter of california's land mass the current measure is only advisory so a fifty first state isn't going to happen in the near future but the main reason residents of northern california say that they are considering this idea is because they feel unrepresented residents of los angeles have twelve senators representing their interests in the state legislature but the eleven northern counties that share a single senator and the residents of these counties tend to be among the poorest in the state but a split might not change any of that these counties are heavily dependent on california for funding on everything from schools to infrastructure to health care that's not to mention the multitude of problems and trying to determine which state controls the water supply or the electricity or the gas or a host of other shared entity now if the idea of california breaking apart sounds
4:26 pm
familiar that's because there are two opposing views on how a split should look the second is an effort by a silicon valley venture capitalist named tim draper who wants to split telephone. in to get this six states here are the reasons mr draper recently gave to r.t. for such a dramatic move california has failed the system is not working we've had great people governing california and for some reason it has not worked and i think it's just too big too unwieldy and we're just a closed door government anymore and this is what the split would look like six separate states including one called silicon valley so you can imagine what that state would look like and how prosperous it would be compared to its neighbors but any sort of break up is extremely unlikely to this day that's because the measure must first get the approval of the california state legislature and then the u.s.
4:27 pm
congress neither legislative body has expressed any interest in supporting the idea so it looks like for now anyway earthquakes are the best chance for residents of northern california to get any type of split reporting in washington meghan lopez r t boom bust is coming up next year on our air and he joins us for a quick preview higher and higher thank you know coming up on boom bust u.s. g.d.p. numbers came out today and they aren't as blissful as anticipated we're looking at the numbers what caused them and where they're headed and in today's big deal edward harrison and i are looking at privatized data surveillance and what the private companies that engage in it know about you it's pretty scary stuff you definitely don't want to miss it so stay tuned very scary all right thanks erin and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com for america check out our website r t dot com for usa and follow me on twitter at a mirror david stay tuned boom bust is next.
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i have an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. my career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a lobbying and tearing partner who understands my situation. for. indefinite isn't the right time. i need something about it. or you like me and want your comedy news with some t.v. once a comedy news to be
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a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. but the truth vampire quieting into the necks of the corporate elite the billionaire freaks while they're going. out so that's what you get with my new show redacted tonight. science technology innovation all the latest i'm elements from around russia we've
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got the future are covered. there i marinate it this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up in the u.s. g.d.p. numbers came out thursday and they aren't as blissful as anticipated now we're taking a look at the numbers what caused them and where they're headed coming right up then we have a live interview via art and was the studio with steven rosenberg rosenberg is the founder and c.e.o. of bray stone and company and he's sitting down with more watch today to discuss fannie freddie and the overall mortgage market and its tech thursday i will sectors that is so in today's big deal edward harris and i are looking at privatized data valence and what these like companies that engage in it know about you it's super scary stuff you can't miss this one and you want to miss any of the show look at.
4:31 pm
the first story we're looking at today u.s. g.d.p. numbers the u.s. economy contract at a pace of one percent in the first quarter of two thousand and fourteen and while this is a serious stumble and reflects a pattern of sluggishness that we've seen over the past five years many believe that the downturn was likely weather driven and you know how i feel about that whether claimed now there is a the commerce department said the gross domestic product the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy contract it at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of one percent in the first three months of this
4:32 pm
year now severe weather conditions had a deeper impact on q one economic. even anticipated last month government economists estimated g.d.p. growth slowing to a rate of zero point one percent in the first quarter as harsh winter weather disrupted work sites curtailed foot traffic to retail stores and disrupted transportation networks across much of the united states now the revision to the contraction was expected but the one percent contraction figure released today was much worse than expected however while severe weather has had a deeper impact on q one activity may believe that the weakness will likely result in pent up demand for goods and services and should reverse in the second quarter this year that some economists predict that the u.s. will bounce back in the second quarter though it is unclear just how strong of a rebound it will be measures of industrial production retail sales and durable goods all posted solid gains in february and march before weakening again in april
4:33 pm
also on our radar today pretty big news the eurasian economic and trade union now as russia's relationship with the west continues to unravel over the conflict in ukraine russia's president vladimir putin reinforced his nation's ties with former soviet republics couldn't met with his counterparts from kazakhstan and belarus on thursday to initiate the formation of the eurasian economic union the union aims to reunite some of the former soviet republics as a counterweight to what russia sees as the west's growing influence in the area the new union is scheduled for launch on january first twenty fifteen and will give citizens of member states equal employment and education opportunities across all three nations now the three presidents also said that the deal would involve collaborative policies in sectors such as technology energy transportation and agriculture this union is twenty years in the making and brings to life putin's dream of uniting like minded countries in the hopes of relative economic and
4:34 pm
political stability now putin noted that kazakhstan and russia accounted for one fifth of the world's. natural gas and fifteen percent of its oil reserves although bellerose a struggling economy does look like it could be somewhat of a burden for kazakhstan and russia after the fall of ukrainian premier viktor yushchenko bit earlier this year ukraine opted against membership other states in the commonwealth of independent states have also elected not to join at this time. the housing market in the us there's a huge role in the health of our economy and the subprime mortgage market played a huge part in our near financial collapse in two thousand and eight since then we've seen a return of the froth in this area but the mortgage market might change as well now
4:35 pm
the senate banking committee passed a bill a couple weeks ago that would dismantle fannie mae and freddie mac. which could ultimately change the mortgage landscape as we know it today to get a sense of what's going on in this mortgage and housing market world right now we're joined by steven rosenberg the c.e.o. greystone at greystone works in lending as well as managing and developing multifamily properties so first and foremost i want to say welcome steve and we're really happy to have you here now your company greystone is the nation's largest originator of multifamily loans insured by the u.s. department of housing and urban development i want to ask you how is your business changed since the financial crisis. actually there's been a huge rush towards agency financing both. f.h.a. the department of housing and urban development agency as you said as well as to fannie mae and freddie mac. as the as a result of the financial crisis the wall street conduits stopped lending banks
4:36 pm
absolutely stopped lending and although we're seeing them coming back now i think it was the government agencies that actually kept the market alive during the recession i don't think there's any doubt about that now i want to ask you your company deals a lot with bridge lending so can you talk about bridge lending and how it's changed and develop since the financial crisis. absolutely. most people would say that a government insured hud loan for both multifamily properties and health care properties is probably the best long term loan that a borrower can achieve in the market the problem is sometimes it takes the agency especially hud sometimes six months or nine months to process that loan but when someone is acquiring a property or needs to refinance a property in the next month or two they oftentimes need a bridge loan in order to to get the refinancing done and wait for the either the
4:37 pm
six months or the nine months that it takes for a hug to close additionally what we're also saying is that we're using a lot of interim lending right now for properties that can be repositioned taking property that is let's call it a b. property and turning it to an a property and during that repositioning process lots of borrowers are turning to bridge loans with the ultimate goal of doing a fannie mae freddie mac. or. so a lot of use of interim financing it sounds like it now i want to ask because clearly financing markets are cheap and liquid however in many major u.s. cities housing prices are not and continue to escalate with basically no relief in sight for the lower and middle class and so when i ask you what are the biggest hurdles from a policy perspective towards affordable housing in the u.s. and i'm talking about examples like zoning regulations you know they increase prices and civilization creates this to tear
4:38 pm
a market so so what is the policy prescriptions of this. well i think one thing that's certainly happening is that while zoning does remain a problem and it's hard to identify properties that you can build affordable housing on the agencies themselves have gone out of their way to be much more aggressive in terms of financing affordable properties has and agencies around the country are also being a lot more user friendly in terms of issuing tax credits for borrowers to develop affordable housing and so i think that notwithstanding some of the difficulties in doing that business in affordable housing developer has great financing available to him or her they've got great equity by virtue of the low income housing tax credits available to them and so i think a lot of developers are still doing their best to get as much affordable housing
4:39 pm
done in the country and as i said the agencies are really going to bat for affordable housing now can you discuss some recent accusations we've been hearing a lot about the private equity firms firms gigantic firms like blackstone are becoming slumlords now i mean how warranted are these claims. frankly i don't think they're warranted at all i think. most of the. high quality private equity firms. are looking at these real estate acquisitions as investments long term investments you know the one the one characteristic of a slumlord is that they don't do anything to maintain the property private equity firms just can't work that way once they invest money ultimately that what they've got to do is they've got to be thinking about an exit strategy and no one who's thinking bad an exit strategy does not try to maintain the property so i really
4:40 pm
from my perspective i don't see any. any believability or credibility to that rumor that private equity firms are handling properties in that sort of negative way now stephen i want to ask you about this the head of the federal housing finance agency an overseer of fannie and freddie mr melvin why he made the following announcement at the brookings institute on tuesday and every this you are overriding objective is to ensure that there is broad liquidity in the housing finance market and to do so in a way that is safe and sound now fannie and freddie are now now today profitable institutions since being fully taken over by the federal government during the financial crisis but here's the question should they become broader instruments of government housing policy or should they go through their portfolios and allow the private markets to take over what do you think. well i think the private markets do a great job on their own of doing what they want to do clearly since the crisis the
4:41 pm
banks have definitely come back into the market at least with regard to multi-family lending commercial real estate lending and in addition to the banks a century so has wall street wall street conduits have come roaring back and are being very aggressive and are frankly competing with the agencies and so i think what the agencies are doing now is that they are representing broader government policy and the agencies are saying is that is that we want we invite the competition but we also want to do is we want to serve broader government policy so they are being much more aggressive with respect to affordable housing areas that many of banks and wall street do not go into their being much more aggressive with small balance loans to help borrowers around the country that are not the big name easy to underwrite. borrowers and so i think what the agencies are trying to do is they are absolutely trying to push housing policy they're trying to be there for the small guy they're trying to be there to provide affordable housing and so from
4:42 pm
my perspective during the recession i don't know what would have happened had the agencies not been there even now post recession with banks and conduit wall street conduits coming back in i still think they are trying to pick their spots and trying to do for the country what private industry may not do for them at the moment stephen i'm so sorry i have many more questions and you're giving me great answers but sadly we're out of times they have to promise to come back so we can continue this conversation and i'll come back as long as you invite me and that you're invited all right thank you so much stephen that was steven rosenberg founder and c.e.o. of greenstone. time now for a very quick break but stick around because when we return do you think that now economics well maybe you don't maybe i don't professor don baer dro of georgia. mason university has made it his daily ritual of correcting all of the mis economics that we believe today the big virtue i would think that in today's big
4:43 pm
deal edward harris and i are taking a peek at the private surveillance state and you might have a part of them but they certainly have heard and know all about you but before you go here are a look at some your fuzzy numbers of the bell sticker out. there you like me and want your comedy news with some ti want your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. but the truth vampire fighting into the necks of the corporate elite the billionaire freaks well they're going. well that's what you get with my new show projected in night.
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welcome back now supply demand investment taxes exports imports we all think that we now know what else something about economics but our views based in social and economic theory that's the question now my next guest makes it his mission to help to bunk some popularly held economic misconceptions professor donald boudreau is an economist and senior fellow at george mason university s mark hottest center and he specializes in globalization trade law and economics and antitrust economics now i spoke with him about his efforts to teach economics through writing letters to the editor check it out. now john you're a contributor to the blog cafe where you post letters to the editor that you write on a daily basis now why have you decided to write these letters and one of the one of the about well my specialty is economic education and one of the things that has annoyed me for a long time is the level of economic ignorance in the general public and frankly in the mainstream media and so when i read newspapers or magazines or hear things on
4:45 pm
t.v. or radio a lot of the kluges really really bad economics and so my goal is to write short letters exposing some of the fallacies in a really short compass and it's fun to do and i also teach a lot of eighteen year olds a lot of young kids and so this is a way to for me to sort of polish my teaching skills now why do you think that is the mainstream media and just the general public have such a limited knowledge of economics do you think it's that mathematics is scary what do you think it is is that mathematics are all the konami yeah yeah yeah i would have no mathematics and just basic points like you know what trade is voluntary trade is mutually advantageous a lot of people don't get that they think that if the american trades with someone in china but if the chinese person gains the american must lose these basic fallacies or all around why they're so ubiquitous. i can't say but i do know they're out there and you're trying to combat them which is good now you have book out called hypocrites and halfwits a daily dose of sanity from café high and now this is drawn from your work at cafe
4:46 pm
high if you're not well it's a collection of some of my letters to the editor almost all of which are posted at the blog ok and any kind of years of the same thing that you're just educating people the general population about each workers is less than one page my goal is to make them easy to read so that someone who doesn't know economics has never had an economics course can read the letter hopefully they're entertaining hopefully their excessive will and they get a little nuggets of economic insight none of this stuff is was invented by me i didn't make the economics up. i'm not doing new research what i'm doing is just explaining to the public in the best way that i can some of things that economists have long known but to some reason have not made their way into the general public it's actually really valuable work because it is important that we all have some level of understanding about economics and i think so a lot of these guys did not do a good job writing it on a digestible level for mainstream know it and also a lot of people who call themselves economists or who are called economists by the
4:47 pm
mainstream media. don't do a very good job of explaining economics and many of them if they get their economics wrong right what do the numbers you know which is bad and the whole the whole parts of society are based on bad numbers which is scary and you have entered in a democracy if the if because everyone has a say in what would what goes on because they go to the polls and they vote the better for people who are economically hopefully you get better economic policies from that i don't think is the only thing in terms of policies but it surely has some effect it can't hurt. her and you know i want to ask you what does it take you and i how are you saying it well the book the book. and you know it well is that god is named after the nobel prize winning economist who is one of the most important figures in the social sciences in the twentieth century he dies a very old man twenty two years ago and he's my great hero and so by. blogger russ roberts and i named our blog after f a high of he's not a real any relation to the mexican. but in it he was his most famous book is called the road to serfdom
4:48 pm
a lot of people know that it was written one thousand nine hundred forty was a warning against the extreme centralization of political and economic power that was then under way in the western world in the middle part of the twentieth century and i want to pose dangers and i think his warning had some had some effect when margaret thatcher became prime minister of great britain one hundred seventy nine she explicitly mention high is a great influence on her and her policies regarding the british economy now globalization that's the title of a book that you wrote so was the pieces about what's going on there the thesis of that book was well that the purpose of the book was to explain the basics of globalization and trade to again an audience that's not. professional because it's not made up of professional contacts and my theme in that book is one that is widely accepted by the vast majority of economists it doesn't necessarily make it
4:49 pm
right although i think it's right and that is that free trade is good protectionism is harmful so i tried to explain in that book why free trade is good and into combat many of the myths that surround free trade that prevent pressures on government from pursuing trade policies that i think should be pursued secular talking what are some of the benefits of globalization and why do you think they are not recognized so much or as often in mainstream media. the latter question really difficult in the benefits of globalization it's trade if i agree to trade with you know what's forcing us to trade so if i agree to trade with you we're both made better off is nothing but a political border between us that would change that because if you live in canada and i live in the u.s. we trade with both made better off just as if we both live in the united states the same is true the world over another benefit. of globalization is that when you when you have a watch market you are able to tap into the creativity and the talents of literally
4:50 pm
billions of people from around the world you're not just confined to tapping into the talents and productive capacities of your fellow citizens you can tap into the talents of productive capacities of people the world over and they can tap into your productive tellus that makes you more productive and that means that what you get for you for your income when you spend it is of higher quality and lower price we have enormous amounts of evidence on this goes back two hundred or so years at least. in economics few propositions are as firmly established as the one that free trade is beneficial for the masses it increases their incomes it makes their lives in standard of living far higher than it would be other than it would be otherwise now how does the globalization and free trade work into free trade agreements and what do you think about how we look in my ideal world we would need free trade agreements in my ideal world each country would just say we're not interfering with our citizen's right to buy or to sell to whomever they wish to buy or sell only free trade truly truly free trade we don't have but politics being what it is we
4:51 pm
don't get that and so in order to move from where we are to freer trade i think that free trade agreements generally are a good method of doing so they're not my ideal look at a true free trade agreement would be most effective and thousands of pages brain of a true for greater trade agreement say i'm not going to interfere with my citizens of the freedom to treat period would be one of mine much less multi-volume but politicians need that the political pressure to protect domestic industries from foreign competition is too high and so for politicians need to enter into these agreements to get other countries to open up their markets in order to persuade our own politicians to open up our markets to foreign goods so here's the question do some free traders oppose free trade agreements. yes some of them some of them a true purist people don't. more free trade than i do my dad the vanity take my foreign make or break free trade. it's true to your ass to eat here but
4:52 pm
i'm in favor of anything that moves us from less free to more free trade ok and if i thought we could have pure free trade but that's what i want to move to but because i believe that most free trade agreements in general on the whole tend to move in that direction i'm in favor of them. that was john breaux joe. boudreau so good a friend professor of economics at george mason university time now for today's big deal. i love that thursday i'm joined by the one the only mr edward harrison and today we're discussing privatized surveillance yep it's scary stuff and it's basically where companies collect and store massive amounts of data about who you are what you do and what you like now have you ever noticed that internet ads seem to target
4:53 pm
you just a little bit too much because i certainly they know exactly where i like to shop but that's because these ads automatically respond to be collected tidbits or pieces of information that you've made public online now a new report by the federal trade commission shows that these companies have essentially created a picture of you based of based on your online life now according to time magazine these companies collect information on what clothes you buy what movies you like or what pets you own but also more private things and this is the creepy part things like charities that you give to the size of your home or what kind of over the counter drugs you take. spikes now you give me a little bit more information about how this is it's scary how this collecting of data is done well you know you. saw that for these companies. whatever it may be companies and you give them your data or actually when you saw it up there's a huge. limited agreement with them you don't read you know every click
4:54 pm
i accept those things and in those terms it says we're actually going to sell you information to third parties because obviously if you're not paying for the service then they have to get money from somewhere and so they're going to get it from selling. from serving up and obviously if the they can serve them out better they can target better if they collect the data and give that data to the advertisers so that's where the data is coming from and these data brokers actually. hoover up all this data from third parties and then sell them on to other people now this is bonkers to me and we talk about this a lot and we sit right next to each other when we work on the show and i'm always annoyed by how much they know about me and what they're saying and you know i've recently got married well it's almost two years now so not that recent but i remember they wanted me to have a baby right after and her ties are kept pushing out but it's kind of like i didn't let i didn't tell the internet i was getting married they just knew and they want
4:55 pm
to have a kid it's ridiculous but you have all of a crush on her what are some of the benefits that come from knowing your customer better let's play it let me. know when you know maybe in seventy percent of cases within the next two years after getting married people will have children and therefore they're more likely to to do that given example you know maybe at amazon dot com they know that you're going to have a vacation pretty soon from the data broker that gave them information as a result of that they could send you an. we're having a deal of the week in this particular category which is related to vacation we're going to get that deal instead of someone else it's crazy now to talk to me about risk mitigation what is the risk mitigation i'm not really actually familiar with that so i don't know what find out and what are you next time out there if you know this. president isn't you know what we're trying to do is find out. how all of this
4:56 pm
said no i don't i'm not going to return to us we'll find out next time because i for the benefits that there are there are some very serious problems and this is well and visit i'm not simply talking about the principle of just privacy alone but terms of being denied services because of you know the risk that you might pose to these companies you know mitigating their risk. let's say you have a bunch of friends who are did i don't know defaulted on car loan payments they know this about you because of internet facebook searches and connections you know everything's three degrees separation will they deny you a car loan as a result by to mitigate their risk well you know in germany for instance the privacy rules are much more stringent in the on the united states because the downside of actually having all this data flowing out there is actually that you could be put into a category that is considered negative in some great way shape or form that somehow they figure out. what you're doing or you know where you live or what your income is the size your house access to put you in
4:57 pm
a certain category which you know is more likely to do fault or whatever and so therefore they're going to push. lending on you as opposed to problem lending on someone else and those are the kinds of things that you could be likely to see and that in germany in particular they're very hard on and they don't allow these kind of activity could have to germany because that's not called that's all for now but you can see all segments featured in today's show on you tube you tube dot com slash come by starting please tweet at us at aaron aides at and word ad age and also make sure to tune in friday night eight pm eastern for the premiere of her dad did tonight it's artie's first ever comedy show when it's hosted by the wonderful mr it leaking out and we are giving out his hilarious take on the world around us it's definitely appointment t.v. so you'll want to be watching or setting your d.v.r. for a moment here a dream bus thank you for watching the next. it
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was the one. an abortion before this creature looks like a baby. and my career is going pretty well at the moment i've got a loving and caring partner who understands my situation. for. him definitely is in the right time. i need to think about it.
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these numbers and indexes whether it's the dow jones index or the footsie one hundred index or some other oil based index they are completely fungible on a month to month basis based on the needs of the banking kleptocracy in league with governments of projects and economic tablo.
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coming up on our t.v. and as a was a blower edward snowden speaks for the first time on us. vision to the interview would help or hurt his case we'll have a panel to join us and discuss that just ahead and from books of major motion pictures people are cashing in on the snowden saga we'll tell you all about the big bucks in this industry coming up. and some moral we'll see the premiere of the artsy comedy series redacted tonight one topic for some lance's friends agenda the service where women can rent men for services more on that with a member of the redacted to night t.v. later in the show.


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