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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 29, 2014 4:00am-4:15am EDT

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today's top stories and a review of the week and nervous peace is extended in the east of ukraine with both army and anti fighters vowing to abide by a cease fire until monday. a recorded conversation catches unembarrassed polish foreign minister dismissing his country's ties with the u.s. in less than diplomatic language. syria's embattled rebels line up for a five hundred million dollar handout of u.s. military aid despite some american hardware already ending up in the hands of jihadists.
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welcome thanks for joining us once again my name is neil harvey and you're watching r.t. international. the true sports relative calm to ukraine this week as the army and self defense fighters in the east agreed to hold fire until monday sporadic attacks however are still happening the cease fire plan involved a lot of blame atic efforts and was supported by key countries including russia last friday the week long truce was declared in the east it was followed by talks between kiev and the self-proclaimed republics for the first time since the conflict started the republics found to recognize the ceasefire in the presence of russian and international monitors on wednesday the presidents of ukraine and russia as well as the french and german leaders discussed the peace process over the phone in the same day the legal permission for the use of russia's military force in ukraine. needed was cancelled president putin's request for this friday
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the truce was extended for three more days with anti-government forces promising to abide by it the peace effort also saw o.s.c. monitors who were detained in the don't yet screen released civilians tired of the military operation support the political drive for peace. but might. begin to look for you right now when you know we don't actually look. from. my eyes even if you. visit more if you know. that national. congress what. do you think. the declared ceasefire however has occasionally been broken in by
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both sides people in the city of kramatorsk claim their city was shelled several times throughout the week the village of. spike of violence with one woman there reportedly killed. the woman and her twenty six year old son were killed in army shelling outside the embattled city self-defense forces took control of a military controlled checkpoint unconfirmed reports claim that the army then launched an attack to take back to seize positions and lost twenty of its own soldiers and shelling close to the russian border sora checkpoint with a mortar shell and the armed standoff has affected the most vulnerable the hardest for national reports now from an orphanage where newborn babies and children up to three years old are being cared for. these care home for abandoned special needs children on the outskirts of lugansk aims to be an oasis of calm and
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tranquility children here have food toys but most importantly love. there are eighty six children they scare house although younger than three years old it's been a home and cozy home you have who are all of them that once war reached its walls it's no longer safe. mines and shells blend just a couple of kilometers away. and while the youngster had no concept of the danger for the adults it's a different story my son did it as a lordship but honest the it's so hard to actually see more than half of our kids cannot know yet that they're either to small or the have more problems some have cerebral palsy they need special care and even if we want to have a q.a. them the a very special place just like ours it's very hard to just. go she was atlanta a mother herself tries to remain positive but it's no easy matter no i can say how
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dangerous it becomes when they start firing here and internet compelling saved and boss kids was launched to draw attention to this particular case as well as many other often injures and care homes that have suddenly found themselves on the front line and where the sounds of shelling and firing have increasingly replaced gentle lullabies. lugansk in eastern ukraine. the funeral of a russian journalist killed in a military attack in eastern ukraine two weeks ago has been held in moscow the crew was filming the evacuation of civilians by self-defense fighters from a dangerous area when a mortar shell landed next to them friends family and colleagues said their final farewells to twenty six year old anton was a sound engineer for the rest c a one t.v. channel he died instantly our reporter eager to call in
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a nuke died later in hospital. and this is the last video filmed by the cameraman who was the sole survivor of that attack russian prosecutors say the leader of a national guard squad was involved the divisions were formed to assist the regular army in the east but senior lecturer in international relations at moscow state university marks the border says they largely operate on their own. the government such as it is in kiev has very limited control it depends to a large extent still on these nationalist paramilitary groups for its survival it's called on power in kiev and it has been afraid to challenge them we saw a trade union meeting in kiev attacked by an arm of the right sector market it was completed q we have seen this repeatedly that they are the individuals
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groups building churches throughout the country and the government does nothing to rein them in and this holds true on the battlefield as well. fleeing from the conflict in the east the tens of thousands of ukrainian refugees the u.n. estimates more than one hundred thousand people have crossed the border with russia since the beginning of the military operation but the u.s. is once again expressed doubts about those numbers saying in their opinion the source isn't credible. since the start of two thousand and fourteen one hundred and ten thousand ukrainians have arrived in russia we just have seen no evidence to support that we don't believe they're credible we're watching we just don't think that the hundreds of thousands number is credible we don't have anything to cooperate this is the this isn't the russians saying you know national team there is this is an agency telling you guys give millions and millions of danger in there now. we don't have anything to back up that number. ukraine and the
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e.u. signed a deal in brussels to bring them closer together but it's the same agreement that ignited the ongoing armed conflict in the east of the country we've got a story coming up for you later in the album. before the vote secretly recorded comments were released this week in which poland's foreign minister can bend his country's subservience to washington and he did so in vogue a sexual language according to a leak by a polish online magazine writers love sikorsky described poland's alliance with america as worthless although he resorted to somewhat simpler sexual metaphors to explain exactly how he felt about relations between the two but it's not just the u.s. he's not satisfied with he pulled absolutely no punches when talking about the u.k. prime minister's dealing with the euro skeptics sikorsky suggested that david cameron should have used stronger tactics and if that wasn't enough of course he went on to remember other times he believes cameron messed up saying the prime
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minister isn't likely to change and itis discourse of the european center of geo political analysis says it's not just sikorsky who feels that way. let me start which is obvious far for everyone here in poland for most of the analysts as does voiced the opinion which is shared by most of the population here i would like also to add to that because king also what he's talking about because for a long time he has been preparing. america i hope that the progress of. france in germany and will at least now that the polish politicians understand the real natural relations between us and poland dresser's said it believes that the polish minister's comments were grounded in political realism the former comments took was most likely a response to earlier statements by a u.s. official so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n.
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help glue it and you know the e.u. putting the terror of human trafficking on to the big screen later this hour we'll meet a rights activist who is behind a movie that exposes the wave of refugee kidnappings in sinai and. also on the way for you going against the trend is fierce persist in the u.k. over an influx of roumanian in bulgaria migrants some brits are actually upping sticks and heading into. the rebels fighting the syrian president in line for a half billion dollar windfall from the u.s. president obama has asked congress to approve that money which will be used to equip and to train anti bashar al assad forces just a year ago washington approved non-lethal aid to the rebels although that was later suspended after some u.s. equipment was seized by jihadists however earlier this month washington admitted
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it's been covertly sending actual weapons to the opposition and to walk i'm paying a bribe back it says that poor in arms into the conflict has only one outcome. i think congress has been demanding a greater and greater military intervention by the obama administration into syria as if they haven't done enough after spending the last three years funding and fueling a civil war using proxy forces like turkey or saudi arabia or garth are or is the cia coordinating these same missions through jordan it shows the united states appears to have a schizo front in foreign policy they're seeing the demand unity in iraq behind the central government which is fighting what they call islamic extremist from ice or uses and at the same time they're funding these seemed armed groups in syria to take down an independent nationalist and sovereign government in syria what the us is doing and has been doing this finally in money guns and more occupation tools in a region that it considers to be vital because it's resource rich that's about it
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some u.s. hardware including several of these are being used by extremists in neighboring iraq they were captured after the harvest took control of iraqi army depots the extremists continued their advance on baghdad is fighting around two hundred fifty kilometers from the capital. there's also disturbing evidence as to who is being forced to join the militants ranks and as you can see right here in this video boys own two with automatic rifles are traveling in an isis convoy some children are also reportedly being used by jihadist snipers the ongoing violence in iraq case pushing the country to the brink as our correspondent lisa catherine off reports. despite the chaos spreading across the country and home in the kurdish capital the city is just sixty kilometers from the isis front line but it downtown erbil it was business as usual kurdistan has often felt like a separate country altogether even at the height of iraq's most violence and
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bloodiest moments now with the current crisis treading the country to pieces it's closer than ever to becoming one kurdish soldiers are now in control of territory that used to be disputed but no one here seems to think that just harvest would dare march on them. but i have full faith in forces we won let's anything happen. for some the prospect of a divided iraq was a welcome one do you think that iraq will remain one country as we know what's after this crisis may be said may be that iraq will have to be divided will have area and the sunnis and shias will have there is no one in kurdistan is more and we have oil we have a strong army. they may help or oil but fuel is running scarce for days now iraqi forces battled with isis for control of the country's largest oil refinery this is one of the first things you notice here in erbil these massive
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gas lines some of the cars have been here for hours since the morning many people in fact camped out overnight to try to get online so they can get gas frustrated residents line up to get their share authorities have limited each individual to thirty leaders that's less than what it takes to fill two tanks the people we've spoken to said there haven't been lines like this for fuel since the outbreak of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and although there are shortages here in erbil parts of northern iraq have run out of gas even on the black markets and so people are stocking up they say that they don't know what the future will bring the fear is that it will get a lot worse before it gets better that's a sentiment we heard from many here and it's not just a nice fleeing the violence we encountered shia refugees to october job or came here six days ago from baghdad and in baghdad the situation has gone from bad to worse as injured people.


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