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in africa is to build stuff and the strategy of america in africa is to bomb stuff so i think the africans are thinking and i think we go with the build stuff rather than the bomb stuff and the u.s. is running out of bombs you know that they're there are supply lines of bombs to various countries that they're bombing iraq libya. afghanistan gaza you know all these bombs that the u.s. is supplying they can't get them to the to the spot fast enough so that could be again the american empire on the edges of the fraying fart. yes well i mean by the way the u.s. doesn't have any ports around infrastructure and you know that themselves they don't even have it for themselves so of course i'm not going to build it in africa because that would be communism that they would be delivering there and they would say or think so the article also points out that the u.s. has a right to be concerned because they have good reason to be concerned china's trade with africa routes to two hundred billion dollars last year largely made up of
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beijing's imports of oil and minerals and export of electronics and textiles more than double the u.s. and far ahead of the e.u. twenty years ago trade between china and africa was just six billion dollars down well the way this is a trend that is going to deed dollarization you know that's the buzz word of the year de dollar is ation russia china other countries are getting out of the dollar the dollar loses world reserve currency status and what that inflation in america doubles and triples so this is what paul krugman of the new york times and his people fail to inform people about is that once the dollar loses its world reserve status as we've been talking about here then it can't protect prices from tripling in the united states for food and energy and these other things they also note that essentially it seems like china is going to run their empire if this is what happens post american empire in a way similar to. to the empires of old america just bombs and doesn't build
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anything there well they mention that beijing influence has been greatly enhanced by the large numbers of chinese now living and working africa factory managers to traders and buy big construction projects that in rapidly transformed parts of the continent when decades of western aid was often directed to propping up authoritarian cold war allies not development so i mean you mentioned the u.s. bombs and of course you know speaking of quotes from great man about empires month to skew said that you know empires born out of war like america will have to maintain their empire through war the article points out that the u.s. is only seeking to bomb and fight terror in africa but and yet they couldn't find a single nation in africa willing to host their africa. is going to be more like them i'm sorry if china will be more like the united kingdom in terms of you know came about an empire which was just a huge bureaucracy around the world and they want to live in these places and they
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have this global empire as a result of a china seems to be tearing a page out of that book and creating a global empire where people of chinese people actually you know moving to these countries settling in and creating businesses it all feeds back to china yes now i mentioned that you mention the capehart at the opening and this is the center. at the center of empire role as it were and obama says corporate america has benefited from his policies the economist so he was interviewed in the economist magazine and he they noted that at the opening of his administration he had a tense relationship with wall street and c.e.o.'s of various big corporations and he had famously at the opening of his administration said i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street but lo and behold that's exactly what has happened of course he says if you. look at what's happened over the last four or
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five years the folks who don't have a right to complain are the folks at the top obama said in an interview conducted last week and posted on the magazine's website late on saturday right well yeah they lie still use this term folksy very folksy as they like you said last week that yeah america bombed some folks he said we torturers tell you merica tortured some folks you know it's all very folksy tortures people and he did exactly what he said he was going to do he plays kerry curry favor with the bankers and they've made out like bandits during the housing got to do it for it i'm still not see how that works so well here is the part of corruption here's a center of the corruption is collapsing in the center as well as at the edges here you have in africa none of these nations that are visited obama in the white house this past week none of them believed in america anymore because they see the fact that all of the aid over the past few decades is part of the american empire and all went to corruption in africa and all went to propping up authoritarian
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dictators and went to building nothing for them giving them nothing and then now they're seeing in comparison they're seeing china and china as giving them ports records roads schools all sorts of stuff and they're like wow this is this is what we could have had all these decades being you know with under the thumb of america and here in the center of america we find out that here the president doesn't care at all about running the government or the country for the people there either so they have no real words they have no nothing but the top one percent have zero point zero one percent have done amazingly well because of his policies because he allows what his department of justice never went after the banking criminals his you know his central bank printed more and more and more more money and handed it to the bankers he made the conscious decision to give those trillions of dollars to the bankers rather than to the population. and just like so they all the american
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population are like the african population in terms of getting nothing for all of the chaos war and empire. i still don't see the connection to kate farts i mean when i think of take for it so i'm thinking of a video that was online a couple years ago of a woman and her take farting which became a viral sensation and a huge industry for that woman i think it's maybe if i can connect the dots sara connect the frosting is we're talking about kind of a winner take all mentality where you've got one woman who's got all the cake four dollars and everyone else is out there trying to fart on cakes and they're they've got nothing to show for it and here you've got barack obama who's been trying to bomb us way to prosperity and curry favor with the bankers it's not working is one of the cake for losers where is china is a cake far winner there out there they've got their brilliant display of courting
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and this is turning out to be a major twenty first century winner it's a winner take all mentality in china is the winner they get all the cake now maybe this headline might make you think kate farts russell brand gaza sean hannity in crowdfunding and start showing at rusty rockets so this is slightly dixon and he's looking at the guardian has covered an article about this this conflict going on between sean hannity and russell brand their article is called also brand takes on sean hannity in gaza spat rao begins after british comedian and actor calls for fox news presenter terrorists over his interviewing style and they mention that. rusty rockets russell brand got the last word by referring to max kaiser's tweet about a crowdfunding campaign going on to fight this sort of concept of empire right that's right there's a crash landing campaign on star john sean fahy is creating some. billboards in los
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angeles or new york that say sean hannity is an idiot so it's a media war fox is proving to be media terrorist russell brand accused sean hannity of being a media terrorist i would agree with that now russell brand has taken him on and he's got over two point two million views on his video criticizing fox is fox news showing how many would get maybe one point nine million viewers of his show so here's russell brand in his flat with a camera and a you tube connection who's doing battle with rupert murdoch the guy who made fun of milly dowler his death here in the u.k. made a million dollars death suit he tried to capitalize on that quite spectacularly during the phone hacking scandal now he's in america was fox news trying to capitalize on media terrorism russell brand very correctly points out all out that we've got to start joint campaign it is sean hannity and it you know they're seeking some dollar contributions to put up these billboards in l.a. and new york all over the world so the media were as well on well ok so going back
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to tying this all together with the media this old media platform sort of model of fox news supports the empire they keep the empire going they keep the giant part that is empire going and here simon dixon is rightly pointing out that the crowd are the barbarians at this gate we don't necessary at the gate keepers by the way we don't need necessarily to become. a world run by a chinese empire we can become a world run by the crowd also interesting to see is how politics media and crowd funding are overlapping a quick search through starts when you will see how crowd funding is being used as a political tool for the people to have a voice and get featured in the media and he looks at script tonight who also she's going to gaza we've interviewed here she raised sixteen hundred pounds so far on start trying to do this so here again we. when you no longer need to ask caesar for permission to do. anything here we are actually taking back control of our contributions. and that shows relating to crab sunday and trip the currencies and
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what people like russell brand there's a new media world order states you've got to go thank you yeah. all right states and for the second half a whole lot more. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians. capturing people is this what do you do if they're innocent killing them easy we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time.
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looking for they come to. nothing will make these things are very. politicians. a new kind of power and this technology. is very tempting. to the try to. pull out of. your life or just as you're preaching everybody to. somehow make no law oh well. my own life would have.
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some say the molten plains fuses most elite blunt slaves sometimes from nothing which lead to sleep and it simple. to sleep just eat up the story is still being jobst everything you see a stage eight look to be. but speech was. plenty. of. blame to. put it on your whole life making new knowledge base your life you know a moment. plenty . of pleasure to have you with us here on t.v.
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today i roll researcher. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to turn to peter greenhill head of easy game in development for isle of man peter one of the guys to report like you're much all right so first tells peter what does each gaming and how much does it bring into your economy ok well electronic gaming. gaming on the internet currently accounts for just over ten percent of the whole economy on the right so it's pretty significant isle of man as from what i gather you've done a great job at identifying niche markets i think correct me if i'm wrong but there was something to do with f.a.a. license saying in this type of business where there was a regulatory. opening where folks who aren't interested in really tackling it
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because of all the regulations involved you guys are going to swoop in and said we'll do all this work and develop a business and it's really worked out well now you guys are moving in to crypto business correct but that's right we've done something that we've currencies that we've done with the going me in the post so we've recognized as you exactly you saw the nation the market but somewhere that we need to put proper controls over as well so as long as we do it that way we're comfortable and like in the business right so other territories around the world they're not sure whether they want to get in because you know they want to regulate or not regulated their wring their hands i'm not sure what's going on so i love man seems to be jumping in with both feet recognizing an opportunity and then pursuing it is that correct that's exactly what we're doing is going to balance roy recognizing the business opportunity but also knowing that we go to protect the consumer and also keep crime and also don't forget about balance right and we're ok right so a couple of countries and territories have been mentioned as being the crypto
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switzerland if you will you know the place where crypto has a home and switzerland has been mentioned as a possibility here in london has been mentioned as a possibility but it looks like i love matt is really emerging. as as that crypto valley if you well or silicon island. what is your projection where is this going to go its arms of business do you think it would say what other countries will do and how quickly they would do it the benefits we have on the on the man as i would to to move nimbly and swiftly when we see that opportunity we're not some strong with various things that happen for example with the with the e.u. holding back on regulation or taking a lot of time to get through so we are able to make trying to store existing laws and regulations to give us the right controls over cryptocurrency and that's what we all to die right and they're having a summit i guess coming out and before too long the krypto valley summit can you talk a little bit about that you know seventeenth and eighteenth of september we're getting
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together. c. level executives from various cryptocurrency organizations around the world will have one day old looking at the whole industry and how it's developing in the second i will then be dedicated to what we ought to bank can do to help those companies to stop an issue why do you think these other countries are reticent about getting into the crypt business i think some of it is not understanding some is not being able to change their laws and regulations quickly enough and you know the the standard problem with the you having to come at things from so many different angle was the regulations they just really don't fit for cryptocurrency at the moment and getting a huge regulation china is a very very long process right and what is exactly the relationship between isle of man and the u.k. because i think a lot of people confuse the two and they still need isle of man as part of the u.k. you know you know we don't part of the u.k. we are a dependency over the u.k. crown crown dependency i know the crowd means i go back to the queen that's it and
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so they expect a little bit on the detail if we look at one thing to look at she's the currency so if you look at the bank notes in the audubon that we show our so. the queen doesn't wear a crown on those banks so she's not the queen of the on this is remarkable very subtle so if you are saying that the let me look at my bank here now i said. this is all very fascinating here you've got a twenty. you like invoicing for another value. i see queen elizabeth they're looking at you know you know what you are quite young in the shot wearing a diamond so yeah well there we all is the equivalent oh my god look at that yes she's out her crown ok we're going to get some close up shots on this at some point so this is. this would not seem like a very. meaningful distinction but it's just giving you in a discussion ok we said all of our laws are in for the longest established and
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continuously running palm and anywhere in the world so we do like our own laws obviously we look across to the u.k. . for certain aspects we have a relationship with them on the v.o.t. so and so we shift but we're not part of the you and we don't respond to directly to the u.k. laws what do you yourself trade but calling i have some bitcoin just in the process of actually getting some more as we speak and. what do you think is the challenge what do you think is the threat if any to the established banking industry that bitcoin represents what i mean by this is a lot of people talk about bitcoin terms of the fact that to use a high tech term a distance or mediates the banking industry because the cost of processing is near zero sources standing money is there zero it's as a currency it has a lot of attributes some of the gold exciter up it is the way you see it number one
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and number two do you care in other words i love man it seems like their position is we just want to be the back office of bitcoin and while i don't think it's a real threat to the banks to die i mean if we went forward twenty thirty years who knows what that might be but i think the banks will themselves respond to digital currency perhaps not big cohen in the form it's in today but the whole concept of digital currency in my will move some way towards that in the future as they see it becoming as a as you rightly said it's a virtually instantaneous and virtually cost free method of moving moving value from one place to another so i think i will respond at some stage in the future how we'll have to say now i started off the set of you're making reference to the f.a.a. which i believe could have been a completely. red herring and make no sense in the context of this interview what i was trying to get at is the satellite business. ok and i see that at the end of my in my list here the satellite business as being an example of what the isle of man can do in terms of taking a business that's that was encumbered with
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a lot of regulated regulatory mismatches except as i understand it you guys came in and say wait a minute there's a great business here somewhere if we can just sort it all out can you give an idea what i'll be i can do ok let's split it a bit wider then so yes on the satellite saw and also own registration. shipping registration that's where the autobahn the so that so far it's doing an incredibly good job in controlling and helping those industries to move forward but that's exactly the same as we've done with the gaming and exactly what we will be doing in critic her and she as well i mean once again not to belabor the point but the idea is that we you guys specialize in seeming like and taking a bit industries where the profit margins to sort through all the regulations are not interesting for a lot of other players but you guys are like you know what we can do this and we can make a big business out of it how is the so the battle of baghdad itself has a population of what eighty four thousand so it's
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a five thousand and what's the it sounds like everybody's got a job there more or less a level of unemployment is incredibly low so two percent no crime right either very very low crime right indeed that's why a lot of people actually move to the art of man because of the quality of the education housing stock is a cheap. cheap is not the phrase that we know it's housing stock available and there's room to build more so the on and could grow from that eighty thousand people quite easily we got the space of either but we got the quality of countryside and quality of house building as well so if i'm a crypto entrepreneur i would look to not only do take my business there but move to i would certainly what we're seeing we've had so many visitors to the to the on in since the announcement that we might this probably forty fifty different companies have been looking at the oil and seeing how that's right for them and obviously we expect. more coming from the summit in september now on the a gaming front of course. in what is you know are we talk about gambling we're
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talking about gambling indeed so we have the biggest gambling companies in the world both operators are suppliers to the industry who had coaches the so if you look at poker stalls we look at mark regarding employee tech or headquartered only on is there going to be a play for online gaming that is to say gambling with tripped up yes that we're already hearing those those suggestions as well there's a few areas we're going to look at because you probably realize the on the money is very strong in protecting the player and everything that we do so we are at the forefront of that legislation so all players deposits into a gambling company all put to one saw it they ring fenced and if anything ever happen to that company the government can then control the pipes the player has got to make sure we can do the same thing with digital currencies as well and we will do so here in the u.k. there is a scheme for depositors' they have insurance i think it's up to eighty five thousand pounds on buying deposits that's for bank it posits does not apply to you guys a doesn't know it does for banking but not for digital currency is because that's
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not seen as currency as we know from so you guys are making however we'll protect those funds in these platforms or in these business and in the gaming business is legislation insists that players deposits all put to one saw them ring fence and not co-mingle would we use the company's own monies so we keep one saw it and we would do the same if that's a deposit in digital currency as there was a huge scandal last year in japan at that mt gox their funds were going funds are essentially were stolen yes to. is what happened. since that time there's been a lot of activity in the area of storage cold storage and sure storage in the center of bitcoin it this is one of the concerns people have about bitcoin seems as though these issues are being sought. volved and over at the isle of man it seems as you've made that a priority in terms of securing funds we want to work with those organizations to make sure that the right measures are in place to protect the consumer and i think
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lloyd's of london was getting in the into the insurance side of things for a bit and then they had maybe a second thought about getting into insuring bitcoin deposits but ultimately the block chain itself which is the beating heart of big coin is i think a lot of people are surprised that it's actually more transparent than anything else yes i mean people refer to sort of anonymity of big coins you know those are in around the business no that's not not the case it's not anonymous you can try to those transactions and of course if people are putting a deposit into a gaming company for example like i mean company would want to see and. checks on loads of those people and just really awesome are anti money laundry exactly so all those checks will be in place anyway all right great and so i think we're actually going to be at the event a coin summit max kaiser stacy arbor kaiser report we're going to cover a looking forward to it what are some of the local tips i should be aware of any
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good restaurants and there's few good restaurants in fact we would take you to some of those but the the local fish the local seafood the local produce in meat is absolutely superb so we'll take care of you and this is a help and i assume that refers to all of mathematics three legs fighting the release of the other man. it's true scallion it's anything that's on three legs as you well know is much more stable so whichever way you throw it landed or be sold it and stable ok fascinating stuff so we've got about twenty seconds left for the entrepreneur is out there crypto lab how do i get in touch a dial and what's the next step for them. if they contact us through our website if you look at where you can that's a reference back to the all of them what we do for companies where you can do various things all of my details are there but the details of getting touch with anybody in government you can fill in there all right fantastic thank so much for being on task report thank you. all right that's going to do it for this episode of the kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guest
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peter green hill if you'd like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report and select. the try to. be pulling out of. your life or if you're preaching everybody. no law no well. my own life would have to. take six of. these cases most elite. sometimes for nothing. this season and it's.
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still just you still could still be just if you could you see the stage eight look to be. the teacher of the. live. by maggie martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right other big story the extra headlines i'm talking as a reason they don't want to do now that are important. now let's break the set. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of war mongering politicians. capturing people is messy what do you do if the innocent
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killing them easy we were serve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. we can do that this weekend but they come to tremendous amounts of money makes these things every. politician. a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as international press advance in cost of what they are coming referendum in scotland but the response that they're hearing from the west is that what you're doing is illegitimate but what we've been doing is still full of life a measure of feelings and break into their still. love america does is right. as a nation for other people for centuries like russia or old countries like australia
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but whatever the america does is right because america does of. fish farms waters. the pond to me because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole will. drown zones in the fischel inquiry furthermore tells restriction. really knows what's inside the field. i marinate in the financial world. i mean not stock
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c.d.'s only take no demand for credit to get any economic benefit in life there are . no c.n.n. m s n b c news who have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth from the might think. it's because one full attention in the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on you. and our team news we have a different thread. with no because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not i.
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got a sense of the jokes well handled in the sense that i've got. as an entire family is wiped out in a bombing in eastern ukraine and we look at the methods being used by the army and its crackdown on the hub of antigovernment resistance. a growing number of ukrainian troops revolt against the way the government is handling the crisis there were naughty international we speak to some of the desert has to have sought refuge in russia. fragile cease fire holds into its final day in gaza but israel and hamas failed to agree on an extension and raising fears over a new bloodshed in a conflict that's already claimed almost two thousand lives. plus a pandemic from.


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