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tv   Headline News  RT  August 29, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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breaking news on r t poland refuses to let the plane of russia's defense minister parts through its airspace ok it was forced to turn back and land in. the russian president warns like making a grave mistake after ukraine reportedly rejects from often evacuated fighters surrounded by actually government militias. the u.n. says at least thirty six people like children averaging ukraine every day party reports from the scene of the latest devastating attack in the resistance stronghold of. britain raises its terror threat level
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from substantial to severe in response to the conflicts in iraq and syria and the threat of radicalized muslims coming back to the u.k. . the desire to international we're going to go straight into our breaking news story that has blocked the plane of the russian defense minister sergei show from passing through its airspace live now to andrew farmer who's got more on this story for us andrew what more do we know well yes the plane of the russian defense minister was forced to turn around after it was denied access to space mr shaw was on his way back to moscow after attending the anniversary of the uprising when the pilot was told that the plane did not have access to polish airspace and as a result he was forced to land in bratislava where the plane currently is at the
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moment and negotiations are ongoing to see whether the plane can in fact head back to moscow or maybe go through. but at the moment to pay is the. this plane was told it did not have access to polish airspace it's had to turn around and he's currently in bratislava. and also today you've been following president creators q. when they add an annual russian to this forum where he spoke a lot about the current situation in ukraine well what more can you tell us from that he did he used the opportunity really to go over again his concerns about the ukrainian crisis he said it was a situation that was a common tragedy for both nations and everything should be done to stop it early mr putin it actually asked antigovernment forces to allow a humanitarian corridor to be opened up in the east of ukraine to allow ukrainian forces. a peaceful exit where they're currently trapped at the moment in the east of ukraine that was accepted by the anti government forces on the condition that
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these ukrainian troops surrendered their heavy weapons but mr putin said at the forum he was attending it's unfortunate that military chiefs in kiev decided to reject. the cording to the latest information ukraine's army leaders have taken a decision not to let people out of those willing turn into government forces are trying to broaden the humanitarian corridor for them to leave the area without a fight i think is a colossal mystery could lead to many human lives being lost. well mr posen said he also hoped the west would put pressure on kiev to force it to enter some sort of meaningful dialogue with the rest of regions in the east become three he described the situation there is reminiscent of world war two mainly because of the government shelling of civilian areas he also said the anti-government forces that have launched this counter offensive operation that actually described that as
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a humanitarian mission simply because they wanted to push government forces away from densely populated areas it was a question and answer session and during this it was also asked about russia's nuclear capability mr putin said that russia would continue to strengthen its nuclear deterrent although he did stress russia was not seeking to enter into any international conflict and would not be the aggressor although it would certainly defend itself if necessary. and the farmer there in moscow will be of course are watching those developments with the russian defense minister the airplane we'll give you more as we get it. as we've just heard from andrew the lion's share of other questions during that q. and a where the president did concern ukraine where at least thirty six people are killed on a daily basis that's according to u.n. human rights watch stock pile of their fathers report from the site of the latest devastating attack. what was a small market. because you can see the rocket has hit the whole flight the whole
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facade of the building people that were killed when he came in at the local bus station he got up looked at a little bit of the. water looked a little tough he looked a little if. you look here. sir you can't get a look at if you had one person last night has been covered with his sheeting. and then throws it in the distance so what happened to you know it was the duty of a double speak up for this report of course this is to be understood by the doctor says a woman lying on the ground here she's being killed she was the worst care and full speech store she was hit by the impact of the rockets and the loss. of bodies being blown away and we're waiting now for the ambulance to come and take me to the mill. workers no one and this is what this is one of the residential
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buildings that has been hit people are coming back now to clean up their apartments and to see what mains this is a bomb shelter of the fear which is top of by a door knob nobody is inside at the moment she felt immediately off to the rockets way and people can tell me what's going through her girders merger be serious the earth as large as. it is now the sound of incoming artillery so we're going to get out of here what some people are telling us is that there's an army barracks in the vicinity and they think that the ukrainian army was aiming for that rather than these residential buildings points here on t.v. downtown donates. meanwhile the latest monthly report by u.n. humanitarian monitors also say the number of casualties and has more than doubled in the past month while condemning alleged human rights offenses. by the anti government militias the document also suggests there have been multiple reports of abuse coming from ukraine's army forces on the human rights watch says the special
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and territorial battalions also known as the national guard operating under kids command have allegedly been abducting and torturing people the body also call for kids to enforce more control on the fourth well that's not a view fully shared by a u.s. president who once again blamed russia for the rising violence in eastern ukraine we agree if there was ever any doubt that russia is responsible for the violence in eastern ukraine. the accusations came hot on the heels of an emergency session of the un security council where russia is the envoy batali today in once again strongly refuted any allegation of moscow's heavy machinery or troops on ukraine just just even before that the us ambassador presented her case to the council members backing a fiery response. to the crisis in ukraine one of the separatist leaders that
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russia has armed and backed said openly the three or four thousand russian soldiers have joined their cause he was quick to clarify that these soldiers were on vacation but a russian soldier who chooses to fight in ukraine on his summer break is still a russian soldier yet still according to the russian government the soldiers were never there to great in the years no one is hiding the fact that they are russian volunteers is going to frame we would like to see similar transparency shown by other countries maybe our american colleagues can tell us what doesn't the very guys are doing is building up ukraine's security council or how many so-called mercenaries from their so-called military enterprises that worries you know more of kilometers away from their laying on the periphery where did the ukrainian security forces get the cutting edge american weapons. we're now joined live by vero the former state secretary of the minister of defense in germany and some of vice
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president of a deal with c e s.m.b. we're just going to stead some light on the top story this hour right sir let's get back to this story we've been covering right now we just got news on what kind of reaction to such a move can we expect from brussels and other e.u. nations. i think that. at least when it comes to. nato membership. i think we all know what the german chancellor. angela merkel said few days ago in her famous summer interview that. this question is not on the international agenda and not. of nato and therefore. had been. in two thousand and six when there was a famous nato summit in riga where they all saw.
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the ukraine and georgia as members of nato or i think your pin countries have a strong interest not to get. danger of a hostile situation in any part of our common continent and therefore i think the german population are well aware. of our chance law and they are breaking hosts only this story dominating today's news is of course ukraine made to achieve restless and has said that the bloc setting up the trust funds to fine is ukraine's army this sounds like a big commitment to a country that's not even part of nato how does this work exactly. the german population is all all polls show. totally against the polish of the nato general i know that it's not to spur some opinion it
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is by at least governments like the government involving the government in london and us as a vote so what he is proposing is to be a party in an internal conflict which is unfortunately in one of our neighboring countries and nato or never should be in such a situation and therefore he is leading us to war as many german saying is speaking about nato restless and also said ukraine is free to join nato or to odds for nato membership the country is in a civil war right now why was it that made to achieve even make such a statement. that is something nobody understands and he is not in a position to bring us as a country in a difficult situation as i think when we understand the situation in the
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ukraine quick the need to do you will be in you in the head being a party in the conflict zones of value beginning. to against the russian language and in the days when they have sent milliken mercenaries into the east part of the ukraine it was clear that we are not in a valuable and situation when it comes to the ukraine and therefore. so i don't have. a polish and the ball does it if you would of nato because we don't think that nato enter your pin you indian. being in favor of peace and stability on the continent and this is in the german population germany has said it's against further east sex pension do you think that this is still the cause of nato will
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fall or. as i mentioned earlier that was seen. at the mocks of our chancellor. she made if you would do the goals that this question is not on the agenda and it is impossible to set an agenda because it is against any kind of corporation on the you will confront in i think he is every country has. asked for membership in another organization but there's a scene of all the as i'm sure helps their own opinion whether this fits into was the start of peace and stability or not and what is going on you claim and in this moment is hostility is war is shooting killing and ever thing adds and i think nato should be a veil of these members who are don't think stability on their own territory and it
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is against our idea of having a common continent which has of ossian's the germans of french and british in the same way as the poles and. and i think we should avoid any split of the continent and we are not interested in having a new eye on. at this time organized by the united states going down on the continent we then met from a state secretary of the minister of defense in germany and vice president of the always assembly thank you very much for being with us here on r.t. . good luck. britain has raised its terror threat level to severe in response to the conflict in iraq and syria prime minister david cameron has been outlined a new measures to stem the tide of people wanting to head abroad and join the
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conflict with more hear from arenacross joining us now from london worried that give us more details of what david cameron said. salute the british prime minister so they posed a deeper and greater threat of the right than the country has known before he also highlights of the fact that they are seeking to establish and then violently expand their own terrorists. that the root of the problem lies in the poisonous ideology that is the source of muslim extremism and he said the decision to raise the threat level to the second highest position was made by the joint terrorism analysis center and that was in relation to developments in iraq and syria where it is shallow terrorist groups are planning that strikes against the west as you know it's a sphere of around five hundred letters the hardest to fight a broad with around half of them suspected here in the planning attacks on the home
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soil have inside the home secretary said that there is no intelligence to suggest that there isn't in the end of this was triggered to ensure public safety now david cameron said that the government is planning legislation to prevent brits from going so far it's abroad alongside extremists but he will be making those plans public on monday he said the part of the idea is to confiscate passports probably hear more about what he has done in the mix when. we're in a course of our reporting from london no thank you we'll have more analysis on this story coming up soon and now. coming up after this short break we'll have more news stories as well as analysis of on the today story stay with us. different leaders in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have
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gone to syria in recent months has a. clear message. which is diddy's telling you can. still be peace to syria is going to be such a. drama as the truth be ignored. stories others use in those. places change the world right now. to picture. from around the globe. doctor.
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and we're back with one of our top stories this hour britain has raised its terror threat level to sylvia in response to the conflicts in iraq and syria let's get more now on the cell from of the head of the islamic human rights commission must soon. thanks very much for joining us as a diary is this a fly in the government's panicking that security isn't as good as it could be. well it is a bit confusing i mean if we mean that there is more of a security in the world because of the policies of syria on air up yes indeed that is the case and i'm not but you know i think there is no i suggest sitting threat but it is an admission that the policies of the west in iraq and in syria has created
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a grave in the stability not just us in iraq and syria but now in the west you know the reality is that these extremists have been funded they've been there giving equipment and there are driving around with four wheel drives that united states has deliberate pace and they're creating havoc everywhere and government is sort of address sitting there miss policy in this region and indeed in the whole of middle east they're just increasing the tread and indeed increasing there is some a full week sort of policies of you know hard the ports and airports are being watched and so forth and so on let me ask you this how did things get to such a die if they'd been domestically. well it is a combination of many things i mean i think it's a combination of the foreign policy it's a combination of alienating the majority of the muslim community here you know
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miss this guy that policy in the middle east is being implemented and then the blame is being put on the mosque muslim community in britain and the reality is that the muslim community and the mosque in britain did not create a foreign policy which lead to invasion of iraq and and what is happening in syria it was the british government and the american government involved in those policies and the arms that has been pouring into syria which has trickled down to this so called the strongest state it is been done true the policies of britain the united states but at the eleventh hour everything is being blamed on the ideology of the muslim community here and i've traveled myself two days ago coming back from holiday with my family from turkey after ten days of holiday and i was faced with integration officers questioning me in
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a very drugget to the un and you know. it's very obvious that what is being implemented in the ports and airports is not profiling terrorist profiling on its neck and religious basis i'm sixty two year old gone for ten days to north of turkey that is not the profile of a terrorist but i was being abused and questioned and mistreated which is the reason one of the reason the majority of british muslims are becoming innate it day by day they'll say oh so what you're saying is that foreign policy is to blame for the situation they'll say that the current situation they want to make sure that today's who are suspected of trying to be terror. so taking on terror activities can be found but on the other hand you're saying innocent muslims could be targeted and hunted so how do you resolve this deadlock well i think you know the muslim community is
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a part of the solution rather than part of the problem the reality is i know that overwhelming majority of muslim organization scholars and mosques are advising people not to get involved in this don't go to syria the youngsters are being discounted all in but the problem is is that you know this is in carriage man for you know syria being just you war was something which was promoted by the beatles government and you know the reality is that mis guided information which is coming out of the british government on one side they believe everything needs to be. pressure as a supporting and funding and the other side they're saying part of them are terrorists so it is a mis information coming out and the reality is that we all need to have policies we do not need to increase. terrorism and be it for the people in syria or
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iraq or beautiful people in the west the reality is that our policy has created instability in iraq and syria and terrorism in britain parties in the u.k. have been saying that to this could be multiculturalism going wrong how do you explain the highway to alba young people wanting to go to these holy war then how do you expect the british police then she deal with this. well i think i think that as i said he needs to be part of the shipping muslim community and everyone else seen the muslim community as a as a as a cause for the muslim communities actually could be their dissolution but also i think you know a month of racism which is and back riding on this so-called antiterrorism is actually the cause of alienation of this group of us i mean really this face it there are four million muslims yet and most there is a suggestion that
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a few hundreds of being misguided that does not prove the muslim community involvement or illusion in this that actually proves that the muslim community itself is not part of this and they need indeed could be part of the solution and that should be celebrated rather than you know just blaming the muslim community for misguided policies and foreign policy of british government and u.s. right we'll have to leave it right there thank you very much to you had obviously i'm a human rights commission that massoud darry for sharing your thoughts with us on the story. it's not just the governments who are tracking your every move it seems a sports way giants also have the potential to keep tabs on consumers for example best selling additives jersey of the german national football team two million have been sold already thanks to the slight success at the world cup but some fans like getting more than they bargained for let's take
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a closer look to be i'm the one to bug customers are i knowingly taking with them this device is a radio frequency identification chip which is used to transfer data automatically through electromagnetic fields they usually use for logistics but can see my products are also being equipped with them the chips are barely noticeable and added as deny as they can track individuals but consumer privacy experts liz macintyre's says the potential uses are worrying unfortunately the consortium of major corporations around the world and even governments are very interested in tracking people and it's all about profit they figure if they can know everything about somebody where they go their habits who they know then they can make money off of that when these tags go home with consumers on the things they wearing carry these consumers can be tracked these these are if i do tags have
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unique identification numbers and the plan is for every item on the planet at one at some point to have one of these numbers in it and if you think about it well it's just a number there are lots of things that are just numbers for example social security numbers are just numbers bank account numbers are just numbers but we have the sense not to put them on our t. shirt and walk around with those because people could abuse that information about us and so it's a very invasive technology and let me say this is just. the beginning. a reminder of our breaking news story here on our team poland has blocks of the plane of the russian defense minister sergei showing go from possible through the country's air space the minister was on his way back to moscow from slovakia as a result the aircraft had to turn back and land in bratislava we're following this and other stories here on our t.v. international. up next
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a look at some of the most important advances in science and technology on the planet don't go away. no a famous politician is tweeting that a foreign government is using excessive force against protesting citizens does this mean we're going to see yet another intervention to democratise their government into the dirt like in iraq or libya wait wait nothing is going to happen because that politician is russian but why is this so why can the police beat up or terrorize protesters in some countries but in others if you lift one finger you're going to get a nato lesson in human rights well the answer is simple this tweet any attempts to intervene from do a member of what happened because unlike what they tell you in school might does it make right for you young ones out there old grandpa kirby remembers the cold war
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and back when there were two great powers they had to at least behave well to woo people into believing that one side were the good guys now that's all gone the problem is they model polar world that we live in heck if the us still had to deal with soviet or some other propaganda we would never see as much footage of flagrant police misconduct that we do now absolute power corrupts absolutely and the geo political monopoly that we all live in really isn't good for the average person in or outside of america especially if they want to protest but that's just my opinion . america tax goes to the pentagon goes defense budget to start these wars of convenience to continue the american empire around the world that warren buffett apart doesn't want to have to pay for those wars so easily to canada these are
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financial. cowards. hello and welcome to technology update coming up on today's show. this is a face lift. science flourishes in home.


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