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tv   Headline News  RT  August 30, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the fruit. conflicting reports that emerge over the fate of ukrainian troops encircled in east ukraine while r t r european fighting alongside and the government forces why they decided to join the conflict. britain's prime minister is set to unveil a new measures to tackle islamic state department amid a growing threat from britain's returning radicalised from pointing in the middle. of town in south wales and he is right that an attack may be planned on the nature of some of the day as protesters walk to the holy cities ahead of a summit held by the military alliance. and british member of parliament in our
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t.v. show host george galloway and sob in the hospital after a vicious daytime attack in the capital. city of mean to you live from moscow this is r.t. international. self-proclaimed authorities in donetsk deny claims from kiev that ukrainian soldiers who have been cycled by anti government militias in eastern ukraine for a week leaving through a humanitarian corridor or ukraine's oneself or internal affairs claim that the first fighters had made it out and rejoined other troops policy is in the region. earlier the russian president vladimir putin urged the antigovernment fighters to allow the soldiers who are trapped in the battleground to make their way out he
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pointed out that they were not there because of their own initiatives that were merely following orders the government fighters agreed on one condition that these ukrainian soldiers lay down their heavy weapons now on fire day russian president putin did say that the military chiefs in kids had turned down this offer and had instead ordered the troops to fight their way out and president putin called this a tragic mistake later however the ukrainian president petro poroshenko and the anti-government fighters reached agreement and from the reports we are now receiving the soldiers are making their way out this comes as downtown donetsk continues to be shelled there was a railway station that was hit it was a building a car and a bus that were completely burnt there have fortunately however be no reports of civilian deaths at the same time the anti government fighters continue to make advances they are being propped up by foreign volunteers and we met with one such
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group. or words everybody is war every european the war. and more and more overseas fighters are signing up for joining the anti queue of troops in eastern ukraine the war is slowly advancing into jeannette's city center this used to be a hardware store but like a growing number of soft targets around the city it has been reduced to rubble a growing number of europeans are saying enough is enough and are backing their words up with action twenty five year old niccolo was a professional soldier with the elite french mountain troops for five years now he's pushing his skills to good use in ukraine alongside a contingent of other foreign volunteers he's training and government forces in urban guerrilla warfare. upon military. these are people. militias these are not mercenaries or professional soldiers so they need instruction they really have the motivation whereas the kiev army which is
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a kind of puppet of nato they don't have any motivation whatsoever and they do not really know why they are fighting and against whom they are fighting so that is our main strength. the aid is also symbolic. for many of these people from the west it's the first time to come defend what is considered by western governments bad cards or the bad guys cards so it's very important to show the people from the west are distinct from their governments and they are ready to come and fight and risk their lives to defend another world it's not just finance volunteers from serbia spain germany poland israel and the united kingdom are internet scum the front line . we believe that ukrainian army will not be able to sustain a word or even fall because it's huge the day goes by they lose money davis motivation to lose manpower they. lose so each day that goes by they grow weaker we grow stronger europe now finds itself in between a rock and
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a hard place what to do is move its young men sign up to fight against its ally. and on this isn't put at all legally we don't see what the french government can do to us because first of all we're not paid so we're not mercenaries we're not terrorists we're not jihad this and of course it's a mission of information it's a political mission it's a mission of soft power a mission that's growing stronger as a brigade of western volunteers is put together under the name of the united continent they're showing just how disunited europe is on the question of ukraine policy r.t. donates eastern ukraine. russia's deputy defense minister has said kids accusations that moscow is supplying arms to anti-government forces are simply incorrect he made the comments to slovakia media earlier on that day. greenaway just you so it can save ukraine was part of the soviet union and there were many arms depots
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across the soviet union and when russia and ukraine became separate states millions of automatic rifles mines and artillery systems were left on ukraine's territory so there were warehouses with arms on the territory where kiev is now conducting its punitive action against its own people and these warehouses came under control of anti government forces people who took up arms to defend their rights so to speak about russia supplying arms to dennet school lugansk is simply wrong just look at what ukraine's army is fighting with its fighting with russian arms soviet arms to be correct meanwhile european leaders are at a summit in brussels and joining them ukraine's president petro poroshenko has gone a step further in his like ization is against russia so was and so the foreign troops and hundreds of the foreign tanks. on the territory of ukraine has a very high risk not only for the peace and stability for ukraine but for the whole
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piece is the ability in europe. these are images presented by nato which the alliance and claim prove russia's self-propelled tillery units are moving through east ukraine other images allegedly show activity in russia near the ukrainian border something nato says as part of moscow's destabilizing strategy moscow has rebuffed the allegations saying the pictures only taint the alliance's international reputation. and they are doesn't want a confrontation but it's prepared to toughen sanctions on moscow that's according to the president of the european commission jose manuel barroso as he addressed the media alongside the ukrainian leader the head of russia's lower house of parliament says any measures will also punish ordinary europeans so again i. spoke exclusively to r.t. . while sanctions politics spiral more and more diplomats are
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expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the strategy they see very clearly that it's their citizens who have to pay for the decisions made under this policy in reality by implementing these restrictions european nations have sent the bill to their own people and their own businesses they're making people pay for their political mistakes and even using these sanctions is impossible to isolate russia from the world most can brussels of agree that ukraine will have to pay the gas bills it still owes to russia ensuring the say transit of russian gas supplies through ukraine is vital for the e.u. and that dependence on russian gas will remain at least for another decade according to the fitch rating agency has predicted that other suppliers won't be ready to meet the demands europe's not ready to rework the current infrastructure or shift to using other sources of energy like shale gas ukraine also get the gas
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from russia but it's moscow more than five billion dollars the state coffers are running empty and out of the country's largest pulp land has now had a gas cut off but after using it too much people are now being encouraged to cut down their energy usage as well as out is really a patron reports. it looks like ukraine's capital is in for another sunny week although throughout the hot summer a key of was not lining up for air conditioners but rather elektra's boilers as the government saving gas for the winter which people have been left with cold showers in the summer the country is preparing for december way in advance like in this school where kids will now have classes on saturdays to avoid the deep freezes of christmas with two months of holiday but some think the public's efforts shouldn't end there wasn't just the theater i'm watching you could you know the jewel in the evening we can leave the lights off and our houses we can just light candles he
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will create a romantic vibe and lift your mood i think such light is much better than those bright lamps. energy efficiency campaigns are running wild but they do need a bigger deal to you know put it isn't that here but if you took great but then one of the biggest in the beginning because of the set. while some are looking for offbeat solutions others seem to be more obsessed with politics here's a set of stickers being promoted online so leave your bedroom lights off and you're a patriot but plug in a computer or a laptop and your this area of the trend go r t human rights watch has again called in kenya for information on a russian photojournalist who went missing in ukraine at the start of this month washed off deputy director for europe and central ages that the rights of media
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workers are being infringed any a crane both by militias and the army she also said authorities had a track record of detaining russian journalists here says it has no information about the veteran photo reporter. the u.k. prime minister will hold talks over the weekend on new measures to tackle islamic jihad as a government is worried about the growing tide of britons travelling to the middle east to fight what they see as a holy war a country threat level was also raised to sylvia which means an attack on british soil is highly likely the new plans could make it easier to revote hard for some of those looking to travel abroad up to two hundred fifty jihadists are thought to have returned to the u.k. already from the middle east the british government has for years given the tiriel before to you what it calls moderate rebels fighting the assad regime in syria.
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there will be no political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so here is there is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition that we're facing in iraq now with isis is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before a new video has been circulating online showing a twenty one year old london now bragging of joining what he calls the golden era of jihad he's also calling on other young britons to follow his lead and to war activists brian becker gave us his thoughts on the rise of extremism in the middle east. the u.k. joined with the united states in carrying out a war against muslim countries in the middle east as it's perceived in them in the middle east and amongst muslims in the u.k. is that the u.k. government is part of a war against islam and this facilitates and plays into the hands of those who are
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who are promoting political islamics especially extremist elements who show yes this is a war against islam and yes we can build in recruiting organize on this basis but fundamentally it is the policy of the u.k. government in hand with the united states government that has created the conditions for this development i think behind the terror threat level is the real politics of what's going on the terror threat level is not really about perceived terror it's about preparing public opinion in the u.k. and in the united states for an escalating intervention by the united states in the u.k. in the middle east and they always have to do it on the pretext of protecting the domestic population against the threat of terrorism. but the how does thread has put the spotlight on security plans for the nato summit in cardiff and newport next week and the u.k. is going to great lengths to ensure the safety of the v.i.p.'s who will be attending that says hundreds of protesters are flocking to the cities where the meetings will be held terry fia as in newport for r t joins me live now harry you
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are they following what's going on give us a rundown of what's been happening in south wales. yes well over the last few hours are hundreds or even thousands organize a sale for testers have been flocking to newport to protest against nato and in general against warring the organizers expect that over the coming days ten to twenty thousand protesters will come to south wales in order to protest against nato as a policies in general and also the presence of the nato summit here at the end of this coming week on thursday and friday now around sixty heads of state and the foreign minister is a junior to arrive in newport and cardiff in the coming days and protesters here take exception to the presence of these leaders and the policies of
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nato in general they associate nato in their words we think kerry listen warring global inequality and austerity and we've seen a massive police operation in place in south wales to try and secure these nato meeting places as well as to facilitate these very significant demonstrations which are due only to escalate i'm here with one of the founders of the stop the war coalition john rees the police have their hands full don't they over the coming few days with these protests not with us we are peaceful protest movement we've held many many demonstrations over more than a decade they've been a huge demonstrations my opinion charlie peaceful what it said. by the leaders meeting here though is that people popular with the people around the very think they are popular throughout the globe i think they are popular here inside swells on their policies are being challenged on a very very wide scale. well the protesters here steadfast in that policy of
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being against nato just in the last while we've had military and police helicopters overhead and it's expected that in the coming days a handful of nato will ships will be positioned just tons of kilometers away from the police claim that they dealing with the sort of taishan of these peaceful protests as well as the securing of the nato sites i don't so significantly given the increased terror threat status level in the u.k. they say also that having to deal with this element to. perish in a new port authority thank you for the latest update. coming up from the beijing the ones it will move to prevent america spying on its naval fleets that's after china and is that an american and i mean plane close to one of its naval base and we look at how the tension happened in pricing please stay with us we'll do that.
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differently here in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months has said there are a lot more. we choose deedes time for you to go. to go. to syria is going to be a substitute. dramas that can't be ignored to. the. stories others use the notes. say since changing the world right now.
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to picture. from around the globe. local. british politician and brokaw so george galloway was taken to hospital after being attacked in broad daylight in central london the m.p. spokesman said his rib and joel may have been broken as marina kossovo with more on the incident. when he was posing for photographs with people in central london apparently a man started shouting something related to the holocaust and then he proceeded to partnership george galloway's suspect the suspects have suffered a broken jaw a broken rib severe bruising to his face and head now because that man was shot in something related to the holocaust it led the spokesperson to believe that this is
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related to george galloway's controversial statements about israel of course he's in the avapro palestine supporter and he has said that he doesn't recognize the state of israel and doesn't debate with israelis in fact this is not the first time has been attacked in two thousand and three he was accused of racism when he walked out of the university debate because he found out that his opponent was israeli then in two thousand and eight a man that was arrested after he threw a rubber stressful at him while george galloway was complaining and then in two thousand and twelve approach tried to pelt me and eggs so him being used is an understatement. george galloway's and show is airing today for our viewers in the u.k. don't miss it if you always time and as always it's also available for everyone at r.t. dot com. hard work will lead to success at least that's what part of what's known in the u.s. as the american dream but some six out of every ten third of them they now think
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the idea that time is the nation together is under threat and a summit is taking place in dallas to try and save it i just barely know portnoy looks that why so many american dream is now out of reach. in the lone star state of america hundreds of so-called free market champions gather for a summit aimed at defending the american dream the the american dream is considered the national ethos of the u.s. the idea that everyone has the opportunity to achieve success through hard work regardless of social class a good paying job financial security a better job. a better future better we and better wages and deafening medical my american dream is. to progress to make morning. here at home. i for my kids to have to
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have a better life than me in the aftermath of a financial crisis housing bust and great recession the american dream has morphed into a fantasy for most an analysis by usa today shows that living the dream would cost the average family of four one hundred thirty thousand dollars a year only one in eight less than thirteen percent earned that much in two thousand and thirteen are you living the american dream now i'm not living the american dream. itself it's been tough for a little live serve in bouncing around jobs we have a union boys who we struggle because when you go on the table it was paid for them political buddies to give you more money they don't want to give you the money will be what they make you the money but they don't want to pay the workers recent polls show sixty percent of americans feel the dream however defined is impossible to reach even more americans believe their kids will be worse off than their parents
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the good jobs that provided the american dream or made the american dream a reality for many americans have just disappeared been outsourced and what has replaced it are low pay low skill jobs with no job. security no benefits no pension so people are spending all their time working these crazy hours and the hours required to survive are getting crazier a new gallup poll finds that economically stressed americans are working an average of forty seven hours per week with a growing number clocking sixty or more an increasing lack of security or stability in the us workforce has even been acknowledged by america's leader but average wages have barely budged inequality has deepened upward mobility has stalled the cold hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery too many americans are working more than ever just to get by let alone to get ahead. in
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germany still our work at all but many critics say the government is to blame for leaving the american dream in tatters because. we live in what is not a free market economy we live in a fascist economy we live in a corporate state where you have huge government huge corporations connected to the government big banks especially but the cream of the crowd they're living the dream according to reports corporate profits are at their highest level in at least eighty five years however employee compensation well it's at the lowest level in sixty five years for most citizens the american dream needs to be rebuilt because simply defending the status quo may mean working for survival instead of security marina port r.t. . beijing has called on washington to limit its aerial surveillance of china some
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naval officers are even pushing for fighter pilots to intercept spy planes and go a spark last week when a chinese fighter jet intercepted a u.s. made up of satan and two submarine a cropped the american plane was flying close to china's naval bases on his islands in the south american officials claim the chinese jet performed a barrel roll at one point coming within ten meters of the airplane beijing says it was keeping a safe distance and that american spy missions pose a threat to its core security interest and could be considered as a hostile act every year the u.s. files about five hundred missions around china as well as monitoring from the sea and from satellites and k.p. a china specialist says beijing could take serious actions if it feels it's being threatened. i think that this part of that require a wry rate between america and china especially over the south china sea which to china of course is a and the social and critical. channel for us
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a part of our energy as well as trade but also as a conduit for charters and they will force us into the great the pacific particularly a lot of the chinese top class and nuclear armed submarines are based entirely on eyes ukraine on submarines it's part of. a kind of a symmetric was there because china is no match with america as far as care as a concern and indeed and most of the pop edge. military hardware in terms of the heart of island is a very very sensitive as to china so china is going to take a very tough stand on this coming up next with every match and it will be without breaking the set i will see you soon thank you for chiming in.
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gender trump it symbolizes gender madness in swedish or did you hear because i found this. project foreigners with seventy thousand euro to investigate the trunk from a gender perspective. we think of why we think there are good. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. it all right. well i didn't do a search you did get all wilderness. choose
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your language. of choice because we know if the federal sent us a still so much excited i'm lazy besides i choose to use the consensus. choose the opinions that you think are great to. choose the stories that impact your life choose me access to opportunity. what's happening guys i'm happy martin and this is breaking the set so over the past few weeks many detroit residents have gone thursday after the city decided to shut off water services for more than fifteen thousand people due to delinquent
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bills but just sixty miles south of detroit the city of toledo ohio is dealing with its own water crisis for entirely different reasons see over the weekend five hundred thousand people were warned not to drink their tap water thanks to an enormous talks like algae bloom in lake erie the main source of toledo's drinking water while this type of algae growth is naturally occurring the scope and size of this particular bloom could almost certainly be blamed on human activity see algae feeds on phosphorus and nitrogen which is heavily president agricultural runoff from farms and sewage considering that the great lakes alliance as they made tens of billions of gallons of untreated sewage flows into the great lakes every year it's certainly no surprise that we're now seeing these mass algae blooms cover large swathes of lake erie but not to worry just today the mayor of toledo michael collins declared that the water is safe to drink. very thirsty right.
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out of. your suit so you know i did a great job. but despite columns welling is to drink the water this is a problem that won't be going away anytime soon considering it's only the beginning of algae bloom season so unless we start heavily invested in sewage treatment infrastructure and drastically restructure the operating procedures of factory farms then we're likely to see this discussed in toxic problem bloom up again and again. the pizza place it was terrible they come up very hard to take a. chance against the long club that you never had sex with that her hair plugs let's live up to the little woman.


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